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Full text of "The Toronto City Directory 1904"

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.. S 



(1. fWf). 




_A A 



N ft .. BRITISH ftO ERO.NTILIt -CH . It 

T &. PNO 
AIM 11" 


Registered SO.hcitor 
o AT.NT 









a" uUdtn 

. ....",. 

uy the Canadia.n MAde Cash Re ister 

78..&0 Kin' Stre t East.. - TO.RO

UN . 




mSUB NO 00 P N 0 SOO'rL ND 

 1 . , 

...JD..T Aa!lNT . 

OI'PlO. T....PHO... MAUl .... 
Mr. Mu,,'" Ph.
" .... S
14 r. ttr. Ph..... øwtil1 


'm , 



.... 0 


n) '=' 

I'Pi 0 







Cht Cor onto 6

SHED Crusts eorporation 





Paid up Capital, 
Reserve Fund, 



The Corporation can render better services than a private 

(1) The ('orporation '\ el' dil'S. doe, nut ahscund nor ('hange it-. piaci of 
l'f.....i( lenc(' 

(2) hs Capital allll Rl..ern: aggl'egatinh 
l,:!UO,OoO afford detinitp <:.ecurity 
for tht' husinp
 , entrust(.( I to it. 
(3) Effectiyc management ('lh\ll'e
proI'Cl' admil1i
tratio\l and econ(Jm
(4) 1'lu CO\'l'oration eharg'f'" .U'C nu gTPatel' than are allmn.d an iJlfliyidual. 
(5) Tllf' pri\ate (',-eento}' ('ul1:mlts his 0\\ n ..ulieitol'. The Corporation em- 
pI 0\ 
 thl' olicitol' for the 'l\.

Th<> C ")l"pOl.tti, 

,"cut" lawful tru of e.. "rr ò"'!cripti,-.n. 

Ac' Adlllini '1'3' Æ, EJ<.. cutúl", Guardian. Rt'ceive1', As:"' ign Liquidator, Fis('t\] Agent, etl' 
\Yil. 11>1 11 Ülg tl. Curp -atiùn I1to1' ale 1'1 ceived for de u
tl)dy f1'
 of charge 
(', III pI rtm '1 1t in af. dppn it vault'" from Tim p f)..lla1'.... a ypar up'wards. 

OI'^FIC 15. RS 
JOHN HOSKIN, KC., L.L.D., President 
HON. S. C. WOOD, Vice-President W. H, BEATTY, Vice-President 
J W LANGMUIR Managing Director A, D. LANGMUIR, Assistant Manager 
A L. CROSSIN, Secretary 

n .

 North . 
 n lW 
5 u Ii d--r" 
, co7Ñf




Àre characteristic features n1arking the growth of the 


-\ttr.lcti\'e policy contLlcts, with the e'(ce]lent results 
obtained, and the absolute security uffered, 111ake the 
Ol11pany good and desirable both for the agent and the 

Vacancies f"or men of" character 
and ability to sell insurance 

"ortb ftl1JericAIJ life ftssUrAIJCf COI1JPAIJY 
Home Office, - Toronto, Onto 


PI{ ,IIJF,1 

.J. THOIUWRX, :\I,D" SIR w. R. :\1 EI{EJ)[TH, K.c 
\ [1'1 - PH :SIDE"T

\\' B T \ YLOR B.A,. LL H, L. <;OLD)L\S, A.LA., F.f' A, 
:-'. HlT\]{\ ;\1"
"..I". DII" 






Established 1817 -Incorporated by Act of' Parliament 

Capital all Paid up, $14,000,000 Reserve Fund, $10,000,000 
Undivided Profits, $373,988 

Head Office. 


A. T. Paterson, ESII_ Sir W, C McDonald, G.C.M.H. R. B. Angus, ESII. Edward B. c;reenshields, Esq. 
R. G. Reid, ES(I. James Itoss, Esq. lIon. Hobt. MacKay 
E. S. CLOeSTON, General Manager 
A. MACNIDI<:R, Chief Inspector 



Bran tfo rd 
Ft. William 
Otta wa 

TORONTO- Angus Kirkland. Manager 
Ontario-Con. Quebec-Con 
Paris l\f ontrt'al. Que.: 
Perth Point Sl. Charles 
Peterboro Quebec, Que. 
Picton Lower Provinces 

Stratford Chatham, N.n. 
Fredericton, N. B. 
St" Mary's M' 
Toronto _ oncton, N. B. 
Yonge and Front !-it, 
ohn, N.
Yonge and Queen Ar e
t, N Ñ ' g 
Wallaceburg (
ace ay. " 
Halifax, :'tì,S, 
ydney, N ,8, 
Montreal, Que. :_ Yarmouth, N.::;. 
St. .James Street Manitoba and N. W.T, 
St. Catherine Street c;retna, Man, 
Seigneurs Street Brandon. Man, 

New Denver 
New Westmlllster 
V croon 

Man. and N. W, T. -Con. 
Winnipeg, Man. 
Calgary, Alta. 
dmonton, Alta. 
Lethbridge, Alra. 
Raymond, Alta. 
Indian Head, Assa, 
Regina, AS8l\. 



o--.-....-. ........................ 


In Newfoundland: 
ST. JOHN'S. NFLD- Bank of MC)ntreal 

In Great Britain: 
LONDON-Bank of Montreal, 22 Abchurch Lane, E.C. 

In the United States: 
NEW YORK-R. Y Hebden and J. M_ Greats, Agents, j!} Wall Street 

CHICA(;o-Bsnk of Montreal 

The Pnion Bank of London The London and Westminster Bank 
The National I'rovincial Bank of England 
LnvRPooL-The Bank of Li,-elpool, Limited S"OTLAND -The British Linen Company Bank and Branches 

Lul'o[)o, -The Bank of England 



.NEW YORl<,-The National ('.ty Bank The Bank of Xew Yurk, N,B,A. BUHALo-The Maline Bank, Buffalo 
Be -The Merchant's 
ational Bank .J. B. Moors &. ('0. 
FR\ -The First National Hank The Anglo-Californian Bank 



. ...................................................... ......................


Tbe GAOAdiAO 8AOk of Gommerce 



Capital $8,700,000 

HO'li. GEO. E. cox. Prc<ielent 

JOH" H():i,,"I
. E<.... ".(', I.T. D. 

W. B. HA'III,TOX, t:<o. 
A hl)lIHIAX. F.

B. E. WALKER. General ;\l,.nager ALEXII.NDER LII.IRD. .\, r. G2n, :\lar1<lger 
A. H. [R
L.\. 'lO. Chief In"per or and ')l1pt. of HranchE''' 

)1. LF.ta: 4. T. E<t} 
Ho:S. L. \\,,1., I)I.JO/<. E8 

J. '\. FL,\' BI.I.E, E




ROBT. KILGOUR. Esq.. Vie'e Pr,,<ident 



( '1IU1 brook 
Green woo(l 


I cuh...nÜth 


New 'Vestruinhter 
Vallcou, cr 
E''"t Vaneou\er 
V ietoria 

( 'ollingwood 
Dunn\ illc 
I<'ort Franc, 

Gorlerieh S.Lrni" 
Gucll'h S,wlt 
tc. l\l11I'ie 
Hamilton Se..forth 
1\lontrcal 8Lratford 
Orange\ ille 
OUa wa Toronto (8 of1lee
P.u-i... Toronto Junction 
P.lI'khill "-alkerton 
Petcrbo1ough \\F.llkcl"ville 
Port Perry "-atcrloo 
Hainy 1C1'\ cr \\ïa l"t 011 
St. l'..tharine_ "ïnd<or 
\, oodstoek 


 Glanlh ie\. Ikd Deer 
C.U"n1l\n Inl\i
f",il Regina 
II.Ulphin ",[edicine Hi\t 
W.ul Rh'er 
I)..." :--011 1\luo
olllin Trehernc 
E,lrnonton Xeepa\\a \\'hite Hor.e 
ElKin PonokR. \\"ïnnip

EI....horn POI'tag-e In Prairie :'\orth "lIInipeg 
tElbert Plains I'rÎ1H'<' 


BridgC\\ ateI' 
Halif,L x 


:\e\\ G]..<
81. John 








LONDON. ENGLII.ND. 60 Lombard Street, E.C. 

8. (' .n[ErrO
 .\LE'\: \ "DER. :\I\NAGER 

Commercial Credits issued for use in Europe, the East and West Indies. China, Japan. 
South America, Australia and New Zealand 


Special attention &,iven to the Collection 0"- Commercial Paper throu&,hout Canada 
and all parts of the World 

· Savings Bank 


Deposits of $1.00 and upwards received 
and current rates of interest allowed 

UREAT ßIUTAI,,"-The B.ulk of England 
The B.ulk of ::;eotland 
1.loyrl< B,'lIk Limited 
The Cniou of f;,ollrlon and Smith..; 
B.lllk, Limited 
 Ua.nk Lilnitcd 
CIJ:-Crerlit L)onl1<li
. P.u'i< 
ì\lc:-;...r",. Laz.\1"cl tI'l'er,...... & Cie., Pa.ri
;IU.I '" ,,"Y -Deut.ehe lIank 
HI/LLA;'\ÓIJ-Di<collto M.-.t<ehal".ij. Hotter.loml 
lIELG[U:\I-l\1c "1'.. J. '\[a:lhicu & 1<'ib. Hrn'.,," 
UlqUC d'An\el o ",. \ntw
1\1 EX Il'l) - R,LIll'o tic LOlli 10 e- )' :\lexiPn 
WESr [
II[E" -B'Ulk of :\0\ , :->coha, Kill).(_tOIl, Janh.iea 
\I U
"'lIk .\nclllra.uvhe... 
X.\liollal B.\.nk of ("nh L all
1 BI'i\.lIch( 
BE Rl\Il- () o\-R.tll" of Bel'mlllla, I.imitl'Ll. IhLIIlllL1J1I 

80C rH A:\1 F.IUl'A -The Briti.h B.Lnk of 
 outh America. Limited 
["1m ,", CHI".\. JAP.," "I alii the PHILIPPIXE ISL \:'\D.,. 
Ch,u't",'c'll1 ulk ot [II,1i L, An_tmha ..nlll'hill,' 
Hong Kong and :'51h\.Il.5h.Li B
lnkillg COl"poration 
SOl' I'll AVRIl' \-The "tiln,I'u'.1 Bmk of South Africa, Limited 
I'he Ihll" of Aft ie.., I.imitcll. 
AL:HH \LI '" a!HI 
EW :7.1.; \1.\ "II 
The lrllion U ulk of 
\II...trnlh\.. l,Îrnit J 
The H.Lnk uf .\.u.;t r."la...irl 
The 'lathJlHtl B \Ilk of Au rctl.L..i. I..irllited 
IItion.LI B,lnk uf Hawllii 
Hl" 101' 
X E \\r Y( Jill{ -.\.n1C
ieill) 1-:\':('1. 1.Ilg't Xl'ltion...l Ba.nk 

'Oll rh '\:" LI Ìurutl Bailli 
CHit \110 -Fit'_l X.,tloll.LI Rallk 

o..thcrll 1'1"I1....t .'01l11)3.U)' 






.......................... ............... ................ ..... .............. 








Incorporated 18SS 

Paid-Up Capital, $3,000,000 Reserve Fund, $3,200,000 
Total Assets, over $25,000,000 


Head Office 


General Manager 
THOMAS A. BIRD. In$pector 

A$J$t. General Manager 

COLLECTIONS made on the best terms and remitted for on day of payment 
DRAFTS ISSUED available in Canada and throughout the world 
DEPOSITS RECEIVED and interest allowed thereon 


" Kivg & Bathurst CONDON EA
" Queev &'Spadina Av. MILLBROOK 


" Board of Trade 
. "Pt. St. Charles 
" St. Catherine & Guy Rts. 
" :\Iaisonnenve 




GItEAT BRITAIN-The London City and Midland 
Bank, Limited, London 
INDIA, CHINA AND JAPAN-The Chartered Bank 
of India, Australia and China 
NEW YORK--The National Bank of Commerce 
l'HICAGO-FirEt National Bank 

BUFFALo-Manufacturers and Traders National 
troit National Bank 


.........................o ..................................................


 '" '1@ 


: B.\
. -- . 
. . 
. . 



.................................................... ........................


Capital Authorized, $4,000,Oro 
Reserve Fund and Undivided Profits 

Capital (Paid-up) $3,000,000 


E. B. OSLER, M.P., President 
A. W. AlJ::;TIN, ES\ì. 
W. R. BROCK, ES\l., M.P. W. ISCE, ESQ. 
T. G. BROUGH, General Manager 

WILMOT D. MATTHEWS, Esq., Vice-President 

J. J. FOY, K.C., U.P.P. 
H. J. BETHUNE, Inspector 


IPT()ì\', Onto 
('OBOURG, Unto 
I, Onto 
(;RENFELL, Assa. 

IA DUC, Onto 

H .\. W A, Out. 
IAH, Onto 

TAN;-;TEAD, Que. 
l, Ont. 
WINNIPE(;, Man. 
\\ïXNIPE(:, North End 

TORONTO-Cor, King ami \ onge Stp. 
City Hall Bram;h, Cur. l,Iueen and 'fe- 
rauley :)t8. 
Bloor Hi., Cor. Bathurst 8t. 
l,Iueen Ht, W., Cor. Esther 8t. 
" Dundas St. 
Queen St. E., Cor, i'iherbourne St. 

larket Bran<:h. Cor. King & Janis St. 
i'ipadina A\e., Cor. College St. 
Y onge ami CottiuglMIll Sts. 


Commercial Credits Issued for Use in Europe and all Foreign Countries. 
Sterling Exchange Bought and Sold 


(;HEA'I' ß[{ITAIN--Thc Kltion.11 Bank of !Scutlan.l. 
Limited, allIl Branches 
atiunaICit) B.U1k 
TlIP XatlOnal P.\rk B,mk 
('HI(' .\.(;O-Culllllle..."ial Kational 
ßUFI"ALO -Bo\Ilk uf Bulfalo 

BOSTON -N.üional Exchange Bank 
DETROIT -Detroit National Back 
DI.,-.l-TH-Amcricltn Exd1o\nge Balik 
tcrn N,ttional Kmk 
PHILADELPHIA-Girard National Rmk 
l'ITT!'BUR(;H -
ecuilli Nationalll..nk 














D. R. WILKIE, General Manager 

E. HAY, Assistant General Manager 

Capital, $3,000,000 

Reserve Fund, 52,650,000 

D. R. WILKIE, Vice-President 

T. R. MERRITT, President 



AD<\-Bank of MontreaL 
GREAT BRITAIN-Lloyds Bank Limited 
Nlanchester .\ Liverpool District Banking Co., 

' and Mechanic' Nationsl 
Fourth St. Jli'ational BanI. 
Franklin National Bank 
St.. Paul-Second National Bank 

San Francisco- Wells, Fargo & Co's Rmk 
Portland, Oregon-Wells, Fargo & Co's Bank 
CHIKA AXil .J -\PAs-Hong Kong & Shanghai 
Hanling Corporation 
Union Bank of Australia 
SA:>'I>WIPU l"Lu....s- 
 Specie Bank 
nank of Hawaii, Limited 
SOl- rn At'RW 
 -Stallfbrd B mk of :-';outh Africa, 

cE-Credit LJommis 
USITED STATEr,,--New York; 
Bank of 
Bank of thlJ Manhattan Company 
Bank of Amel'ica 
Western ISationalllank 
Merchants Jli'ational Bank 
Bank of British Nort.h America 
Buffalo-Bank of Buffalo 
The Marine l\ ational Ban k 
Boston-National ShawlUut Bank 
Chicagu--First Xatiunal Bank 
Detroit-Old Detroit Jli'atiollal Bank 
Duluth -First 
ational Bank 





Head Office 


CAPITAL PAID UP $7,500,000 RESERVE FUND $500,000 


G. R. R. ('OCKBURX, ESQ., President 

DONALD MACK A Y, ESQ., Vice-President 

c. McGILL 

General Manager 

Jlgtnts for tht 60o
nt of Ontario 



:\10 XTREAL, Ql'E. 




Corner Wellington and Scott Sts. 
Corner Queen and Portland St8 
Corner Y onge and Richmond St8. 
Corner Y onge and Carlton Sts. 




LONDON, EnKland- 






D FII\',.\






1st Vice_President 
Managing Director: 

2nd Vice-President: 

W, D, 
C. H. nOODERHA:\l 
(a;OR(:E W. LEWIS 
UEO, F, UALT ì Winnipeg, 
R. T, RILEY' :\Ian. 
St. .Tohn, N.ll. 

Assistant General Manager: 


:\1 anager : 

Assistant M,mager: 


We invite the Deposit Accounts of Corporations, Firms, Trus- 
tees and other Individuals, Etc" in fact of all who desire an 
absolutely safe deposItory for their funds. 
are the most important factors in determining the strength of a 
financial institution. The solidity of this Corporation is based on 
the exceptionally large amount of its fully paid up Capital 
and . Reserve, 
a sum eClualled by only three of all the financial institutions of 
ONE DOLLAR and upwards received. Interest compounded 
twice a year at 


The Corporation issues Bonds, which are a favorite with the 
prudent investor. They are a 
and are accepted by the Canadian Government .as the deposits of 
Insurance Companies, Banks, Etc. They may be had in sums of 
and upwards, with coupons attached for interest half-yearly at 







Quebec Bank 

Incorporated A.D. 1822 
Founded 181R 

Paid-up Capital 



JOHN BREAKEY, Esq.. President JOHN T. ROSS, Esq., Vice. President 





C. C. SMITH, Manaa-er 

Montreal Ottawa Pemhroke 
Three Rivers Victoria,"ill.. 
St. Roch, Que. 

St. Henri St. (}eorge Beauce Thetford )Iines Thorold 
flhawenegan Falls, p.(r 
lontref\l-Ht. Cathal"ine Rtreet 
Upper Town, Quebl'c St. Romuald, P.IJ. 

AGENTS IN LONDON, ENG.-The Hank of Scotland. 
AGENTS IN NEW YORK-Bank of R K. Aml'rica ami Hano,oer National Bank 
ational B.LIlk of the Repuhlic 

 'Coronto Lif

Head Office, 245 Roncesvalles Ave. 




.......................... ..................................................


. . 


. . 


LOAN and Incorporated 





Corner Yonge and Richmond Streets 

JOSEPH PHILLIPS, President V. ROBIN, Treasurer 
A. T. HUNTER, Vice-President E. J. BURT, Supervisor 
R. H. SANDERSON, Building Inspector 


nX:\I I L TO 
 -Spectator Building 
DOX-8 Duffield Block 
\\TXNIPEG- 216 Portage Ave., Trust and Loan BInd" 
HALIFAX, N.B.-39 Saekville Street 
()TTA\\TA-l00 Bank Street 
'IOSTUEAL-Canada Life A
"uciation Builrling 
:J Innis of Court Buil(ling 
.B.-101 Prince \\Tilliam Street 

. . 
..................... ......................................................














Scottish Ontario and Manitoba Land 
Company, Limited 

Subscribed Capital, 
200,OOO stg. 

T HE company holds for sale at 1Il0deratc prices and on vel') ea>y and fa, Ol-able terms of payment, 'Ollle oubstantiall) built 
solid Brick Residences with modern improvements. in Ro<eda\", Bnchanan "treet and other good localilies in Toronto, 
also attractively situated Building l.ots in Rosedale. and choice Lot> on Markham :,itl'eet. Euclid A ,'enne, High Park 
Avenue and other Streets: also carefully selected Farming l.and, in the mo
t desirable district< of Manitoba. For further 
information appl)' to the COllllIli>sioners of the CompalJY ilJ Canada 
Al.EX. BAIX, 193 ::\Iain Street, Winnipeg 

Office 'for Ontario 

Room 18, 9 Toronto Street, TORONTO 

Houses. Shops. Factory Sites and Choice Building Lots "-or Sale in Toronto. Prices Low. Terms 0"- 
payment .asy. Loans mad. on Farm, City and Town Properties at Lowest Current Rates 


Telephone Main H81 



& Al

Esplanade Street, TORONTO 

Foot 0"- Berk.ley Street 


Marine Slip, Ship Carpentering, Etc. Pile Driving a Specialty 

.......... ................................................................. t 


A DY E Rn:-; E:\I J<

.................. ................................

tbe (Iurnep Toundrp Co., Cimittd 

Manuf'acturers of' 

Oxford Llne
 of Stove
. Range
 and HoJ/ow- Ware 

(From Smallest Domestic to Largest Hotelþ 





Steam and Hot Water Radiators 

 Stolle and Furnace Work.s Bnd Offlce.s. :;00 King St. W.. Toronto 
 Boller and Radiator Work.s. Toronto Junctlon 




!jotel Keepers', Brewers' 
ilnd Distillers' Supplies 

Canadian and 
t'f'ortign Ijops 

Sole Agent for the Oleveland Faucet Oompany's Oelebrated II OH A MPION " 
Hydraulic Lager Beer Pumps and Ale Lifts, for Hotels 

Corh Pullers, Lemon 
queezel's, Bottle Baskets, Corking "'\laehines, Bottle Filling 
)Iachines, Beer and 'Yine Faucets, Ice Boxes. 'Vork 
.Metal Polish, Etc., Etc. 

47 Colborne St. 

Tel. Main 108 

T oronto J Ont. 


IFG. ('0. 

Sta m ps 

Manufacturer of 

_ ",-. ::::IIi:- 


 \ jy\ \ 
---- ---


Key Checks 




- "I 




I .

æ -' 

I ! 
I . 







Phone Main 3760 - - 1 0 KING STREET WEST, TORONTO : 
. . 










Capital and Su rpl US , 

51 , 500 , 000 


OFFICES - 346 and 348 Broadway, New York City, U.S.A. 


IPANY gathers informatior. that reflects the financial condition and the controlling 
circumstances of e\"et"y seeker of mercantile credit. Its business may be definerl as of the merchants, by the merchants, 
for the merchants. In procuring. \'erifying and promulgating information no effort is spared, and no reasonable expense 
considered too great that the results may justify its claim as an authority on all matters affecting commercial affairs and 
mercantile credit. Its offices and connections have b"en steadily extended, and it fnrnishes information concerning 
mercantile persons throughout the cÏ\'ilized world. 
Subscriptions are baserl on the service furnished, and are available only by reputable wholesale, jobbing and manu- 
facturing concerns and hy responsible and worthy financial fiduciary and business corporations. Specific terms may be 
obtained by addressing the Company at any of its offices. 




THOS. C. IRVING, Gen. Man. Western Canada, Toronto 

Do You Send Out Circulars? 

If so, the MIGHT DIRECTORIES, Limited, 
59 Yonge Street, Toronto (Telephone Main 2229), 
is prepared to make a contract with you, to Address your em-elopes, 
Fold, Insert. and Seal your cirrulars, awl Mail them. 
Weare l'repar'ed to compile lists con'ring all trades and 1'1'0- 
feHsions throughout Canaùa amI the C nite(l 
tatps from the latest reli- 
ahle sources. 
Stock lists are valueless and we keep none on haIH 1. \\
 e are 
receivin rr Xcw Directories almost (laily. 

Before doing anything in this line see liS and we will satisfy you 
that we call sa ,-e you time, labor, ,-e'Xation aud money 
Our Directory Library is thc most complete in Canada: charge for 
consulting and copying moderate. Single references tree. 




/J ? 






VOL_ ::x:::x:rx_ 

Price. $7.50 

Price, $7.50 



A Complete Street Guide 








Entered according to Act of Parliament in the Office of the Minister of Agriculture in the )ear of 
Our Lord one thousand nine hundred and four. 


The 1904 Toronto City Directory, herewith presented to our 
patrons, shows that Toronto is still growing rapidly. 
The number of individual names in this volume, by actual 
count is 101,646 exclusi\'e of firms. corporations, etc., an 
increase of 4,.359 over 1903 issue. 
If we multipl) the number of individual names, 101.646, by 
 we find our estimate of the population of Toronto at the end 
of 1903 to be 279,526. 
The follO\\ing figures as to different branches of trade show 
how Toronto is doing in the lines mentioned. 

Following are the figures of the yearly clearings of the banks 
in the city, as given by the Toronto Clearing House, during the 
past five years :- 
1899. ............................. $504,872,846 
1900. . _.. .... . .....'. .............. 513,696,401 
1901. _.. . . .... . . . .. ...... ...... .... 625,228,306 
1002 - . . . . , .. . " . .... .... . . . . . . .... .... 809,078,559 
1903. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 808,748,260 

The following table, giving the actual number of real estate 
transiHs during the last se\ en years, shows that business in this 
line is increasing. 

Number of Transfers. 

1897 .... . .. . 
1898 . ... .. . . 
1899 . .. .. .. 
1900 ........ 
1901 .. .. .. .. 
190'2 .. . . . . .. 
1903.. ..... 

East. 'Vest. Land Titles. Total. 
687 728 1415 
831 865 1696 
1107 1417 2.39 2783 
1305 1507 284 3096 
1549 1839 392 3i80 
1726 2064 398 4188 
1850 2268 8.30 4968 

The following table gives the number of building permits 
granted and the value of the buildings erected during the past 
se"en years:- 
YeRr. No. of Permits. Value. 
1897. . . .. _ .............. 396 $951.130 
1898. .... .. . ... .. . . . . . ... 521 1,701,630 
1899. .............. .... ilO 2,01l,OOO 
1900........... 678 1,888.066 
1901. ... . .. .. . .. . .. ..... 981 3,568,883 
1002.. . .. . .. .. .... .. .. 1519 3,8.34,923 
1903.. .. . . . .. . .. . .. . . . ... 2022 4,356,457 

The total Assessment of the City of Toronto, as returned by 
the Assessment Commissioner for seven years, is as follows :- 
1897. . .. .. .. .. . .. . .. . . .. . . ... ........ $149,612,523 
1898. . . . . . . , . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . , . . . . . 1,,)0,3:!5,12"2 
1899.......................... ......, 148.958,240 
1900. ................. .............. 152,383,037 
1901.......... .................. ..... 160,513,871 
1902.. ................. ......... ...... 163,829,075 
1903........................... ...... 166,762,315 

It is estimated that the amount of fire insurance in force in 
the City of Toronto at the end of December, 1903, was over 

The Post )Iaster General's report of 1903, gives the follo\\ing 
figures for the year ending June 30, 1903, which show that the- 
business of the Toronto Post Office largely exceeds that of 
Montreal :- 

Gross Number of Xumbcr of 
Postal Money Orders Mone) .Orders 
Revenue. Is_ued. PaId. 
Toronto. ...... . . .. .8848,200 48 62,050 358,097 
MontreaL.......... 557,327 53 42,239 139,758 

In favor of Toronto .8"
90,872 95 

19,811 $218,239 

The Custom House returns for Toronto during the last six 
years show a very large increase. 
Year. Dutie
1903.... .......... .......... ............ $7,672,871 
1898. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . , , . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4,533,005 

Increase in five years................. ..... $3,139.866 

The volume of business done on the Toronto Stock Exchange 
is shown by the following figures :- 
Total sales of bank and miscellaneous stocks for the past ten 
1903.......No. 986,635 1898.......No. 
1902. .. .... .. 1,682,645 1897.... . 
1901....... 575,815 1896... 
1900....... 223,920 1895.... 
1899... ..... 258.913 1894... .... 
1903 Mining shares sold.... ........ . No. 
1902" .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . , . . . 
1903 Sale of Bonds................,.... 
190'2" ". . . . . .' ......... 



Gross receipts of Toronto Railway Co. during the month of 
December in the past seven years, are as follows:- 
December, 1897 . .. ... .. .. ... .. .... ... 899,336 55 
" 1898........................ 108,9'2465- 
1899 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 119,931 15 
1900 . . . . . . . . , , . . .. ......... 129,910 13 
1901 .. .. . . .. . . .. . . . . . . .. .. . . 146,615 50 
1002............ ..... ...... 170,OS2 13 
1903 ........................ 199,1l4 55 

The City Engineer's annual report for 1902 gives the 
following :- 
The area within the city limits. not including the portions of 
the city land covered by water, is 17.17 square miles. 
There are 259
 miles of streets and 84! miles of lanes, of 
which 194
 miles are paved and 65
 miles unpaved. 
There are 234
 miles of sewers and 264.46 miles of water 
mains, with 3,119 hydrants. The average quantity of water 
pumped in 24 hours during 1901 was 22,901,140 gallons. 
The electric street cars run over 9O.114 miles of tracks, amI 
more than 305 cars are in use. They carried 44,437,678 
passengers in 1903. 
In conclusion, we tender our sincere thanks to our patrons 
for their liberal support and encouragement. 

President and Managing DÜ'ectol". 

5.9 Y onge Street. 
J an uary. 1904. 

Oapital One Million Dollars (See Back Cover) Head Office. Temple Annex. Toronto 





Abbreviations..... .... ..... ........... 
Addenda ..... ... ." ... ... .,. ." 
Advertisements... ........ .........1 to 
Alphabetical list of names......2i9 to 
Banking and Flnanclal............2 to 
Business Classification...... .... .937 to 
index to Advertisers . .. 




introductory ..... ." .., 
Miscellaneous Directory.... . . . . . ..... 
Street Directory....... ............92 to 
Suburban Vlhlages.... .. ..........49 to 
Title page....... ...... ..... ........... 
Too late for regular Insertion........ 
Ward Boundaries.... .... .............. 


Bedford P
rk (See North Toronto).. 4
Bracondale.......... ...... ............. 49 
Cllester.......... ......... ........ ..... (,2 
Coleman (See East Toronto)......... 02 
DavisvilIe (See North Toronto)...... al 
Deer Park......... ....... .............. .,;s 
Doncaster (See Chester)...... ....... f>o 
East Toronto......... .................. 00 
Eglinton (See North TorontO)........ 60 
Humber Bay....... ..... ............... IìO 

Little York (See East Toronto)...... 61 
Mlmlco....... ... ...... ................. 61 

ew Toronto.......... ...... ......... 62 
North Dovercourt.... . .. .... .. ........ . tiJ 
Nortn Toronto...... ...... .............. ti:> 
Norway.......... ...... ...... ......... b9 
Swansea....... ......... ....... ........ 70 
Todmorden... ...... ..... ... ........... 71 
Toronto Junction...... ................ 72 
Wychwood Park (See Bracondale).... 91 


Page. Page. , Page. 
Ancient Order of d.lbernlans........ 1100' Foresters, Catho1ic Order of.......... lLw Ontario Government.... ............... 101U 
Ancient Order of United Workmen.. 11119 Foresters. Independent Order of...... 1106 Orange Association....... .... ...... llJ1! 
Asylums, Hospitals, etc....... ........ : German Benevolent Society.... ...... 110\! Osgoode Hall..................... ....... 

Bands....... ...... ...... ..... ......... 1113 Governor-General and Staff........... lObO Parks and Squares........ .... ....... 109
Benevolent, Fraternal and National Halls, Public Buildings. etc........... 1100 Police Department............ .......... 
Societies....... ......... ............... 11m Harbor Commissioners...... .......... 1009 Post Office.... ........ .................. l0õ9 
Blocks, Butl'dlngs, etc......... ......... 11fu Hospitals, Asylums and Homes...... 10\19 Prisons, etc..... ... ...... ............. 10el 
Cabinet Ministers........ .............. 1110O Industnal SchoOll'S..... ................ Iwoi Province of Ontario....... ..... ...... lOW 
Canadian Home Circles..... ........ 1106 Inland Revenue..... ..... ............ 1089 Public Buildings, Blocks, Hall, etc... llt)
Canadlan Temperance League........ 1111 Irish Catholic Benevolen t Society... lUll Public Schools...... ..... .............. 109'
Catholic Mutual Benefit Association. 110\! Irish Protestant Benevolent Society. 1110 Railroad Organizations.... ............ U13 

meteries....... .... ... .............. 111M Jewish Societies...... ......:... ...... 1l.1! l{oyal Arcanum....... ..... ........... 1109 
Chosen FrIends, Canadian Order.... llfu Judge<3 of Ontario Courts.. ........... 1M Royal Black Knights of Ireland..... li08 
Churches and Ministers............... 110\) Kmg and Royal Family................ 1M Royal Templars of Tempe
ance...... 1111 
City Government..... ..... ............. 1091 Knights of Ireland, Royal Black.... lil'} St. Andrew's Society...... ............ 111l 
Clubs.......... .... ........... .......... IlIa Knights of the 'Maccabees............ 1100 St. George's Society...... ............. 1110 
Collectors of Customs...... .......... l()1s1j Knights of Pythias.... ..............". 11
1 St. Vincent de Paul Society.... ...... llÍl 
Colleges and Universities.............. lO
t Knights of St. John and Malta...... '.Hl Schools, etc..... ..... ................. 1().
Collegiate Institutes.... ........ ..... 10
31 Knights of St. John (R C Union)..... 1107 Separate Schools.... ................... lOll! 
Companions of the Forest.... ........ llfu Knights of Sherwood Forest.... .... UIk> Societies....... .... ... ..............:. 1004 
Consuls........ ........... ........... .. lOW Knights Templars Masonry.... ...... Dot> Sons of (;anada Benevolent Assocla- 
Convents....... ...... .... ............ llU3 Labor Unions....... .................... lll2 tion...... ..... .... ...... ............ 1110 
County of York (Council. ete)........ 1091 Legal and Judiciary....... ............ io:lO Sons of England Benevolent Society. 1110 
Court House.... ...... ................ 111.'1 Legislative Assembly. Offices of...... l'yj" Sons of Ireland Protestant Assocla- 
Customs........ ..... ........ .......... l()1s1j L
hrarles...... ...... .......... ........ 1100 tion....... ...... ........... .. ......... 1110 
Daughters of Ireland Protestant Aß- I Licenses (liquor).... ............... .... lOW Sons of Scotland Benevolent A.8sn.... 1111 
BOclatlon...... ...... .................. 1111 
larkets......... ..... .................. 1 1 0 104 
 Sons of Temperance....... ... ......... 1111 
Daughters and Maids of England Masons, Order of..... ..... ............ l "UU Steamboat Inspection.......... ........ 1
Benevolent Society....... ............ 1110 :\Iedical Institutions.. ......... ...... wo 
Detectives (See po1lce Department) lW2 Meteorological Office.... ..... ........ 10!!9 Temperance Societies....... .......... 1111 
l>omlnlon A...ance....... .... ........ 1111 :\Illitary....... ..... ..................... 10ð:1 Trades and Labor Socletlell.... .... ..1112 
Dominion Government....... ......... lOö.:S Ministry The (of Canada)..... ...... lOt:! I U I It! t lWO 
Educational Institutions...... ........ 10
a Mlscellaneous Societies.... ............ lilt n vers ell, e c............ ............ 
Emerald Beneficial Association...... 1111
 M;sslons....... ...... ............ ....... 110: Water Works..... ...... ............... 1()9.! 
Executive Council of Qntarlo........ 1090, Missionary Training Schools.......... 1103 \Vomen.s Christian 
Fire Alarm Signal BQxes.............. 100J
, Oddfellows, Canadian Order of........ 110'1 I 
Fire Department....... ................ l00
, Oddfellows, Independent Order of.... llal Un on....... .... ............ ......... 1111 
F:>resters. Ancient Order of.......... li07 OddfellowlI, I.O.O.F.. Manchester Woodmen of the World. CanadIan 

resters, Canadian Order of......... 110ó I Unity......... ...... ........... ...... 11011 Order of..... .............. .......... 11011 

Delivered to all paNs of the City Offloe 43 ESPLANADE ST E 
and Suburbs all year round ' . . 
Phones Main 86 NOÑh 1062 JAS. FAIRHEAD, - Mana&,er 

North British & Mercantile Insurance Company 
LARGEST FIRE RESERVES Investments in Canada, .7,980,462.49 



Acheson W. E.... ... ... .. 10,4 
Acme Loan & Savings Co ..... ..... 
..... ... '" .,. .,. ...right bottom lines 
Adams Furniture Co, Ltd (The)..... 
..... ... ... ... ... ... ., ....l81 and 
Adams J G..... ... . . ..... ......... 
Adams W R...... .,. ... .., ... ... 
Aikenhead Hardware, Ltd ..... ... .. 
...... ... ... .,. ....right bottom lines 
Alexander Engraving Co.. ..284 and 
... ...... . ... ....... ..... . opposite 9H 
,1Uexander & SOil ..... ... right top lines 
,AIIL.nce Assurance Co ........ ... :!!So 
Amen can Coffee & Spice Co. ... ... 
........... ..... ... ...left top cor cards 
AmeI'lcan Hat Co ..... ... ... .,. 1009 
Am"ric.w Teut & Awning Co, Ltd 
..... ... ..... ..... ... 287, 944 and 
Ames A E & Co...... '" ... 
Ames J H..... ... ....... . ..... 
Ancient Order of Foresters ........ 
Anderson A J. Toronto Junction.... 
. Angus George ..... .. .. 
Anupitzky Metal Co... .... .... 
Ard"gh Arthur ... ... .....292 and 
,Armour & Mickle ..... .. . .. ...... 
Armstrong Fred.. ..... ...... ... ... 
Arnold T U... ..... ... 
ArnoldI & Nisbet .... ... 
AsUng & Doherty ..... . .. 
Atkinson Bros ...... '" ... 
Atkinson J L...... ... ... .. 
Auld John (Montr.eal) ..... 
Authors & Cox ..... ... ... 
,Azlz J & A..... ... ... '" 
Ba bcock & '\Vilcox..... ... 
Bach Sped3!ty Co.. ..... ... . . 
Badenach W & EA..... .... ..... 
........ ...... ..... .... ..left bottom lines 
Bain Book & Stationery Co ..... ... 300 
Baird James ...... '" ... ... ... .. 301 
Baird John (Tor Junction)... i3 
Banfield W H & Sons ... ... ..... 10
Bank of Montreal..... ..... ....... 4 
Bank of Toronto ...... ... ... 
Barber Henry & Co ..... ... ... .. 931 
Barchard & Co, Ltd ...... ....... 955 
Barnes Frederick ... ...... ..306 and 1008 
B,utlett "'m & Son '" ... .. ..... 9-!t 
Barwick. Aylesworth, Wright & Moss 309 
Batty SlO'oe and Hardware Co ... 310 
Beaton A H..... .., ... '" ... .... 312 
Beatty, Blackstock. Nisbett. Fas- 
ken & Riddell ..... ... ... ... '" 312 
Beaty. Snow & Na.smith ..... ". 3lJ 
Beaver Flin t Glass Co. Ltd ... ..... 1003 
Begg Herbert ...... ... '" ... ... 315 
Belle Ewart Ice Co ..... ... ., ,.. 1014 
BeUhouse, Dillon & Co ... ... ...... 964 
Benedlctiv.e Salve ...... ... ... .... 3lï 
Bennett & Wright Co. Ltd ..... 318 
Berry Wm. ...... ... ... ... '" ... 995 
Best D M & Co...... ... ... ...... 320 
Biggar & Burton...... ... .., ... 321 
 Petne ..... .., ... ... .... 321 
Bishop Strachan School..... ... '" 322 
Blachford H & C....... ... ... ..... 323 
;Blachford P S...... ........... 323 
Blackie W ........ .. ...... ... ..... 324 
;Blake, Lash & CassUs.... _.. ... _. 325 
Blakeslee W B..... ... ... ... ... .. 1060 
;Blight Arthur ...... ... ... ... ... 1035 
Bllght Walte:- H........ ... .., .,. 326 
Boake Manufacturing Co. Ltd...... 32. 
:BocQuet, Bloem & Co..... ... ... " 1020 
kh Bros & Co ..... ... ...... 327 
Boller Inspedlon & Ins Co ... ..... 328 
Bollard Arthur ...... ... ... ... .. 328 
Bolte Auguste ...... ... ... ... ..... 14 
Bolton Wm...... ... ... ........ ..... 328 
Bolus W J Co.. ....... .. .. .. ..... 329 
Bomenllour M..... ., .. ...... ...... 99G 
Bond & Smith ..... .., left top cor cards 
:Bongard C W & Co..... ... ... ... 989 
Booth Copper Co, Ltd ... '" .. . ... 976 
;Booth G & Son..... '" ... .330 and 1042 


Page. I Page. 
Bos,",ell A R...... ..... ... ... ..... 331 1 Carey Phlllp Mfg Co ..... ... .. .... 
Boulter & Stewart ...... ... . ... 331 .. ..... ..... right bottom corner cards 
Bowden FA......... ... ... ... ... 332 Carpet Cleaning Co (Too) .... ..... 371 
Bowman Thos & Son. Co. Ltd .... 332 
arree Charles A...... ... .., ..... 372 
Bradstreet Co. Ltd ...... .., ... '" 16 Carrie Robert ........ ... ... ... ." 312 
'ley & Co ...... ... ... .,. ..... 1020 Carter & Co ...... ... ... ... ..... 374 
Hl'pelrels & Matthews ... ... .. .... 1011 Carter-Crume Co, Ltd .... ...... . 374 
Brent Stanley....... . .... ........ 338 Case Egerton R..... ... .....front-cover 
Brent '\Vm C...... '" __. _.. .. .. 339 Case G A. ........ ... ... ... ... .. 374 
Briggs A W...... ..... ... ... ...... 340 
ashmore E J...... ... ...... ... . 1008 
Briggs Printing Co ................ 1054 Cassels, Cassels & Brock .... ....... 316 
Br;ghton Laundry Co ...... ... ... 3.j() Cl"sels & Standish...... ...... ........ 37:> 
Brilliant Sign Letters ..... .... .... 34Q Cattle Frederick ...... ... ... ..... 1042 
Brlmstin Geo Cu ...... ... .., " .. 3.j() Cavanagh F .T...... ... ... .., ..... 1049 
Brmstons, Ltd ...... ... ... ... '" 341 Cawthra & Cawthra..... ... .. .... 377 
Bristol. Bagly & Armour ... ...... 341 Cayley Frank " ....... .... . ...... 377 
rJrilish America A.ssce Co..right bot- Central Business College. ...... ..... 311 
10.1 .......................... tom lines Central Canada Loan & Savings 
lS; Britnell Albert ...... ... ...... 341 Co ........ ... ... ... ... ... ...opp 
2b, I Britnell John ........ . ....... . .. 341 Central Press Agency...... ... .. .. 
 .Broadway Fletcher PIano and MUSIC 
halkley R & Son ...... ... ... ... 
iJ School... ...... ...... ... ... ..... 1035 Chamberlin Weather Strip Co... ... 
10il Brock W R Co. Ltd ...... ... ...... 342 1 ...... ........ ... ... ... ...942 and 1084 
 Brvuse, MitoheIl & Co...... ... ... 344 Chandler S B Dental Depot... ... .. 
1O.! Brown Alexander Milling and Eleva- .......... ... . .., ..... ...379 and 981 
2 tor Co, Ltd ........ ... ... .,. ..... 344 Chaney & Co ...... ... ... ..... ... 1030 
3 Bro\\n Bros. Ltd ..... .,. .,. .....opp 345 Cheeseworth George ...... ..... ... 380 
1Q5\j Brown M A........ ... ... ... ... '" 341 City Storage, Ltd .. ........996 and 1013 
4 Brown 'IN J..... .... ... . . . ....... 961 CItizens' Gils Control Co..... ..... 382 
2!16 Brown & Cooper ...... ... ... .... 9i2 Clark A & Son ..... ... ... ....... 972 
6 Bryan Oeor&,6 M ...... ... ... ... .. 1002 Clarke A R & Co, Ltd ..... ... ... 1004 
\13, Bryant Press ...... ...... ....opp 350 Clarke. Bowes & Swalley..... ..... 386 
9" Llyers R i\1..... .. ........ .... .. .. lw:! Clarkson E R C..... .., .., ...387 and 943 
29, Buckland H G....... ...... ... ... .. 1068 Clarkson & Cross..... ..13. 387 and 937 
6 Bull J R (Tor Junction) .. ........ 75 Clay George..... ... ...

 ............. 1f.1 
S Burke & Horwood ..........left top lines Clute, Macdonald & Mac1ntosb...... 390 
298 Bully Charles ...... ..... ... .., 9i5 Coatsworth & Richardson.... ...... 390 
Burnett, Ormsby & Clapp .... 354 Codeling R J....... ........ .......... 391 
Burns E R Saw Co ..... 355 Coleman & Glover. Tor Junct........ 76 
Burns P & Co ...... ... ... ... 355 Cole George, Limited.. ............. 96a 
Burritt A P & Co...... ... '" ... 356 Colville Wm K....... .... ............ 3
Butchart & Watson ...... ... . ....... 357 Commercial UnIOn Assce Co Ltd of 
Butcher A H...... .... .... ...... ... 1013 London..... ..... ........left bottom lines 
B)re5 R M........ .................. .... lliW Confederation Lite AssocIation...... 
Cairns Bernard ........ ... .,. 15 left top lines, 395 and..., .......... 1017 
Caldwell C & Co...... ... ... ..... 360 Conger Coal Co.... ....... ....3913 and 966 
Cameron DO...... ... . ,........... 361 Con.'an Bros..... ............. ......... 3:16 
C.llJada Biscuit CO. Ltd .. .... 364 Constable George..... ..... ... ....... 3\111 
C.lUada CoverV1g Co .... 364 {"ook Thoma.s JR. 965, 1030 and.... .. 10 3 
Canada Crown Cork & Seal Co ... 3&1 Cook Wm..... .., ..... ... .......... ." 
Canada Foundr)' Co ...... ... ..... 365 Cook Bros Lumber Co of On1:11"lo., 
Canada Ice Co ...... ... ... ... ... 1014 Limited..... ..... ... ............... 1026 
Canada Life Assce Co ..... ... ... 365 Cooper George R..... ..... ........... 1062 
Canada Metal Co ...õack bone ot book Copeland & Fairbairn.... ..... ...... 1fu11 
Canada Paper Co, Ltd ..... .., ... 1044 Corticelli Silk Co Ltd.................. 404 
Canada Permanent Mortgage Corp.. 10 Cosgrave Brewery Co of Toronto. 
Canadian Bank of Comm.erce....6 and Ltd....... ...... .... .................. 404 
........... '" .,. ... ... ... ..opp 366 Coulter & C'lmpbell.. ._.... .......... 9,1 
Canadian Blrkbeck Investment Co.. 366 Cowan Lo Ltd.... .... .... .. ........ 411. 
Canadian Casualty & Boller Ins Co Coxhead Caesar (Mlmlco).. ., ....... 972 
..... ... ......left corner cards Crescent Concrete Paving Co, 411 and 975 
Canadian Detective Agency. .... 982 Croft Wm & Son.... .... .... ........ 412 
Canadian Feather & Mattress Co. Croftan Storage Battery Co.......... lu,;! 
Ltd ...... .... ...... .... .......... 1030 Crombie, Worreli & Gwynne.......... 413 
Canadian Fire Ins Co ..... .., ..... 366 Cross W G....... ........... ........... 414 
Canadian General Electric Co, Ltd 367 {"rossin Piano Mfg Co.... ........... 414 
Canadian Glove Mfg Co ..... . ...... 1004 Cummings J A & Co....left bottom lines 
Canadian Gunagathon Co. Ltd ." '" 367 Cummings M J & Co.... .. .. ........ 411 
Canadian Heine Safety Boller Co.. 367 Cunningham Madame..... ............ 910 
Canadian Kodak Co. Ltd ..... ..... 367 Curry J
mes......... .... ....... ..... 419 
Canadian Law List ..... ... ... ..... 968 rurry S G........rlght top lines and 942 
Canadian Legal Publishing Co ..... 968 Curry & Eyre....... ... ..... ........ 419 
Canadian Musical Bureau ... .., ... 1037 Dalton W J (Tor Junction)............ 76 
Canldian Otis Elevator Co ........ 991 Dancy Bros & Co..............421 and II,
Canadlnn Rubber Co (The) ..... ..... 368 Darling & Pearson...... ..... ......... 942 
Canadian Savings Loan and Bulld- Davenport G E..... '" ... .......... 9M' 
Ing Association .... ... .., ... ..... 368 Davis Charles & Co..... '" .......... l0ï2 
Canadian Securities, Ltd ..... ..... 368 Davis Samuel H........left tOll cor cards 
Canadian Specialty Co '" ... .. .. 31>8 Vavlsvllle & Ca",ton Brick Mfg Co.. 
CanadiRn Show Case Co..... .. .. .. 1006 Deacon G Prior....... ... ............. 421 
Canadian SUSþender & Mfg Co ..... 369 Denfender Photo Supply Co.... ..... L
Canadian Typewriter Co ... ... ... 1081 Delamere. Reesor & Ross...... ...... 
Cannon Granite Co, Ltd (The)...... 1034 Delaney Thos & Co....... ............. 976 
De Lapl1nte LA.... ...... .......... 1026 
Caplin & Stoddart ... ... ... ....... 1058 DPsbarats Advertising Agency........ 939 
Carey F W ...... '" ... ... ... .. 3'ì0 Dever W F & Co...... ....right top lines 




F. McEACHREN , Manager Phone Main 


143 Adelaide St. East Phone Main 2455 




Devins & Orr..... ..... ... ............ 
aZ Firstbrook Box Co Ltd, The......... 
 I Harr!s Litho Co ...... 532 
Diamond Jubilee 
ovelty Co.. ...... 1""g Fisher John....... .... ..... .......... 1008 I Harr!s W & Co...... ... 633 
DIll Harry J.... .... ................... bot Fisher Mark Sons 
 Co.... ......... 4'/2 Harrison J A......... ..... 

DiIlon-:\liÌIs S... ... .. l()J! Fit-Re'form Wardrobe.... 4.3 Harrison & Lewis ....... ... 
Dixon F E & Co..... .... ............ 102t }<'Ietcher Mfg Co..... ..... ........... 47:' Hart & Riddell ....... ...........opp 534 
Dixon Harry...... ............ ........ lU

 Fletcher R & Son ... ... .......... 4.5 :Hartney W P (Tor Junction) 79 Bros....... .... ................. f.>/ Follett Joseph J..... ....... ........... 4.7 Hartz J F Co, Ltd ...... ... 535 
Doherty & Winnett....... ..... ....... 
 Forbes Roofing Co..... ..... ... ..... 10,n Harvey John G ...... ..... 535 
Dominion Bank....... ...... .......... 7 }o'orbes Wm R..... ..... ..... lWO Hawes & Co........ 537 
Dominion Brewery Co Ltd............ 439 Forster Edward A....... .... ....... 4.
 Hawley John ... .. .... .......... 538 
L'ominlon Bridge Co......... ......... 439 Foundry Specialty Co ... .. .... .. :ilJib HeITron J J & Co....... .... 1030 
Dominion Cement, Paint & Roofing }<'oster George B............ ........... 00 Helghington J...... ." .. .. .. 541 
Co....... ......... ............ ........ 1061 Foster James...... ....... ... ......... !!;(J Heine Safety Boller Co..... 541 
Dominion Coat and Apron Mfg and Fountain Wm......left bottom cor cards Heintzman Gerhard Co ... ...__ Stl 
Supply Co Ltd.. ............9ti7 and !llS1 l"OX Wm & Co.... .... ........... ... 1()1
 Heintzman & Co ..... ... ..right top lines 
Dominion Curtain Cleaning Co....... 9M Fox & Ross......... ........ .......... 4

 Helpert Abraham ...... 1019 
Dominion Distributing Co.... ........ 9ð.! }<'oy & Kelly....... ....... ............ 4b
 Henderson David ..... 542 
[)Qminion Engraving Co.... .......... 9?! I Frankel Bros...... .... ..
'eft bottom lines Herman & Co...... .., 996 
Dominion Guarantee Co Ltd.......... 43:1 Freeland W & R...... .... ............ 4M Heward George C....... 646 
vO"llinion Line Ste3mships.... ...... 10.1 }<'reyseng Cork Co Ltd.......485 and 91M He
.es Thomas & Son ..... left bot- 
Dominion Livery & Boarding Stables 
_. Frooman Isidore....... ..... .......... 4hó .............. ......tom lines, 547 and 1034 
Dominion Motor and Machine Co.... 439 Frost Arthur J ..... ... ......opp 9!!S Hillock John & Co ...... ... 650 
Dominion of Canad3 Guarantee .'Y. Frost & Wood Co Ltd......... ...... 4
lj Hime H L & Co..... .... 550 
Accident Ins Co..... .... .......... 440 Galvin J P..... ..... .................. !

 Hobbs Charles E & Co ... 1085 
Dommion Plate üla
s Ins Co........ 440 G
mble C & H D......... ............. 4b9 HOdgins John ........ ... ... ... 98:1 
Dominion Securities Corpn............ !tU Gander John M...... ........ ..489 and IIJ.J_ HolTman-Corr Mfg Co...... left cor 
Dominion Chow Case Co.. .... ...... 1066 Gardiner Robert..... ..... ............. 91;;
 ........... ..... ... and 553 
Dominion Transport Co.... .......... 4"" G'lrdner G M....... ..... ............. 490 Hofmann John A..... ...... ... ... 553 
Don Va r 1ley Rendering & Fertilizing Garfunkel S & Son.... ................ 1011 Hogg M L Nursery Co..... ... .. .. 1038 



:..:.:::..:::..:::::::: I


g f 

:::::. ::::::::::..:::::::: 


r'p":..:':: :::..:::...... g
Vùnatt Bros............... .......... .. 100\) General Fire Equipment Co Ltd.... 49t Holmes ";lectrlc Protection Co....... 555 
Dorenwend Co of Toronto Ltd, The. 1
 George T H....... ..... ... ............ 49t Holmes Fred ..... ... ..972, 975 and 5 9 5 ' 6 9 
Dorrlen Phtlng & Mfg Co.... ...... GIbbs Malcolm....... ......... ........ 495 Holt, Renfrew & Co...... ... .. .. 
Douglas Bros....... ....... ............ lQt, 4 '
' Gibson A Cecil....... ........... ...... 490 :Home Charles M ..... .... 556 
Douglas D G & Co...... , ,- Gibson HOusP........ ....... .......... 4:16 Home Insurance Co..... ... 557 
Douglas, Lacey & Co.... .. ......... U3 Gibson J G Marble & Granite Co Home Life Assn....... ...... . ....... 657 
Douglas & RatcliIT...._..... 16U Ltd....... ....... .............. ...... 1034 Home Savings and Loan Co......... 
Douglass \>' A....... ............. 9 4 3 4 
 G;/)gon R J....... ....... ........ ..... 49lj .................. .....Ieft top cor cards 
Doust Joseph..... ..... ... ........... 
 Gibson Robert L.... ........ ......... 4
6 Hooper Co, Ltd....... .... .... .. . 657 
Dovercuurt Twine Mills.. .... ...... 4-t.! Gilchrist John C........: ............. 1001 Hope G & Son ... ...... . ........ 950 
Downer Pattern Works (J M Dow- Gilday Richard...... ........ ....... 1061 Hopkins Ed........ ... ... 558 
ner)..... ...... ....... ................ 1045 G'lle"pie Margaret.......... ... ...... 498 Hoskin. Ogden & HoskIn 500 
Downey Alex....... ............ ...... l
 Globe Printing Co....back cover and 601 Hoskins David ...... '" ...... 938 
Downs Morton B. . legt bottom cor cards GDld"mlths Stock Co Ltd.... ........ 503 Hotel Gladstone ...... . ......... 1012 
Drayton Philip H...... .... .......... 441>. GooC'.h F H........ ... ... ... ...... 503 Houlgrave Thomas ...... 997 
 P E & Co....... ..... ......... 1
0. Gooch & Evans ........ ... . 603 Housey E...... .. .... ... 1003 
Duthie G & Sons.... ....... ....... 1%1 1 Gordon, Mackay & Co, Ltd S05 Ho\\ard R H & Co........ 6.;1 
kes Philip......... ... ... .......... 4:>1 GQrdon & HelllwelL. .................. 9U Humphrey B D........ ... 5\;5 
J!:arly S M...... ............... ........ 900 Goulnlock George W.......rlght top lines Humphrey E J...... ... ... 566 
East & Co........... .... ......... 4.
 Goulding G & SOOns...... .... .......... 507 Hunt
r, Rose & Co.. ....__ 5lj7 

 T Corset Co......... ... ............ 4<.. Gourlay, Winter & LeemIng ... ... 1050 Hunter R J & Co..... ........ M7 
Eastmure Art,hur L....... ........... 453 Graham Allan ...... ... ... ... ..... S08 Hunter W E L...... ... ... ... 567 
Eastmure & Llghtbourne.......... .... Graham 
ermatolog!cal Inst __.... 509 Hurlbut Co, Ltd ...... ... ... ... 953 
................ .. ..left top lines and 4
.s Graham Thos & Sons...... ... .... 509 Hurst & Wilkins ....... ..opp 568 
E E astwo T od C J P d & T C h o...... .. I " f " ..... 4 d 03 Grainger E & Co...... ... . ......... 998 Hussey T A........ .. ... .......... 961 
a.t.on 0 Lt, e........ e t cor car s Grand Union Hotel (Ottawa) ..... 1012 Hynes Wm J...... .... ... ..... 1052 
Ec.lpse 'platln,g & Mfg Co.. .. ...... 4
4 Grant Laboratory ...... ... ... ..... 511 Imperial Bank of Canada .......... 8 
ll Fire Ins Co...... .. ...... -liit Gray J Wilson ..... ... ......512 and 9-12 Imperial Life Assce Co ..... ... 571 
Eddls W ('.......... ...... ............ 9?7 Gray Miss Sarah .. .. ... ... ..... 1039 Imperial Mfg Co ...... ... ... ... 571 
Edmunds J H & Co......... ......... lOi1.<! Great West Life Assce Co, rIght top ImperIal Mercantile A
enry ......... 
Edwards A J....... ..... .... ......... 40:' Green"hlelds. Ltd..... ... ... ... 514 .................. .Ieft bottom lines 
Edwards C !If & Co......... .......... 998 Greenwood Russell ..... ... ... .... 1069 ImpprÏ'11 Veneer Co. Ltd...... ....... ,,/1 
Ed\\ards, l\Iorga f n & t cO......;....... d . Greer John ...... ... ... .-.. ... .. 514 Imrie. Graham & Harrap ..... ...opp 571 
E d ..... d .... R ... b ... t r J on cover....... an 94 9;1.: Gregg & Gregg. .........rlght top lines I 0 Foresters ...... ... ... ... ..... 572 
war s 0 er ........ ... - Grenadier Ice & Coal Co ... ... . 1014 I 0 of Odd Fellows ...... ... .. 5.2 
Ed\\ardsburg Starçh Co.... .... .... 1070 GrevlIle & Co ...... ... ... .....:. 1072 International Mercantile Agency 1031 
E E l j d l ,er t R F obe d rt. C k arrlage Works Ltd.. 9I>
 Grierson D D...... ... ..... õ15 International MusIc Co ..... ... ... 1035 
gll!Ott 1I

 eé 'c ... ... ..... ........ 466 Grote Geo W ...... . . ... ......... 517 Im'estors Mercantile Agency... 
EII!Q C l\l 0.... ....... ..opp 1043 Guarantee Co of North America.. ........ .... ... ... ...rlght bottom lines 
gll!S P ,,:'&'ë" Lid .................. 45
 .................. ...left bottom line" Ironsldes Metallic Gas Mantle Co.. 1014 
sea H 0 .......... ....... 

 Guardian Assce Co ..... ... ...... 517 Irwin & JQnes ...... ... . . ........ 574 
1.: r h E 'fr Y l ët t' ... d" I 'hi b t Gullett F B & Sons ..... . ..518 and 1034 Jackes & Jackes ..... .... '" ... 575 
ng IS .. e op an r g 0 - 4<i0 Gunn Edmond ...... . . .... 938 James F T Co. Ltd ..... ..... 998 
is .


. C:

d 4tiO g

nrd g:Üd':::::":::':: 


iiJs"& 60.::::....:.. 

ErIe RlIlroad....... ............ 461 Gutta-Perrha Rubber Mfg Co Ltd 519 Jarvis Beaumont ...... 942 



 Haines Ed C...... ... ... ... :. 521 JeITe
le5 A K & Co.. . 579 
E 'tt J A 10., Hall F & Son ...... .... 1004 .Tf'nkms n M & T...., ..... ..... 1001 
veri ames .... ,,} _ , Hall James B ........ 1097 Jenkins & Hardy .... '.. .680 and 938 
Ewart James....... ...... .." Hall W H 523 Jewell Harry 982 

w:ng l 
ons...... 977 Hall & Pa
ë....:::::. .:' .:' .::.::::':: 523 Jew
1I J H & ë
::::.. 581 
}<;whn g W' up y..... ........... 1

 8 H,llam John ....... ... . 523 Johnston Ale'Cander ........ .... ... 1008 

 ey m.......... ..... ............ "" Hallworth ("ash Register ëo.:fr"öit't"cover Johnston 8 Sword ..... ... ... ..... 5S5 
'n Press......... ... '''''''' ..opp 4<>! Hamllto Motor W rk Q52 Johnston's Granite Marble Works.. Im4 
.l"alkmer Henry F jr...... .. ........ 1002 Hamllto
 'owder Coo s ...... .... 5"5 Jones Bros ...... ..... ..... 586 
Fancy Goods Co..... ... .... ......... itit Hamilt on W m ...... ... 5 ;;
 J()nes Bros & Co... ., . l0i\7 
FE I therbone Novelry :\lfg Co Ltd 4<;, - ........ ...... ... ... "" I 
Fe. EI. t C' Ltd' ... 999 Hamilton W B Shoe Co. Ltd .... 526 .T()nes F C L... .. ............ 586 
n om eya or 0 ........opp "Har('ourt George & Son 5
8, Jones John W... ... ...... .... 587 

on :\
ISS A L........ .......... 1030 Hardy Charles .... ... ... ':::529'änd 9M Jones. I.ponard & Gibson ..... 587 
ergu, on " H..:.. ..... ..... ....... 9d Harland Wm & Son 530 I .To"elln James S... .. 1046 
Ferg,usson & Blalkle....... .... ...... 
 Harling R Dawson...::'::: 10il Kay Alex Cycle C) ...... ... 949 
Ferner &. Co....... ..... ............. 469 H r p er Ge R 942 Kay John Son & Co Ltd 590 
Fl'therstonhaugh & Co........front cover a 0 ........ ." 
F,ddes J & A........... ....... 1()6
 Harris E Co, Ltd ...... 532 Kplth & Fitzsimons Co Ltd........... 531 
Fml,,'- Smilh & Co....... ... ........ 471 HarrIs Harry G ...... ... ... ...... 532, Kent Ambrose & Sons ..... ... '" 596 

Metallic Ceilings 

Metallic Roofing Co., Limited 
Phone Park 800 Cor. KING and DUFFERIN 818. 

eratícn 1ífe 



Canadian Company 

Kent B & H B...... ... '" 
Kerr, Bull & Shaw ...... ..... 
Kerr, Davidson, Paterson & Grant 
Kilby Wm H...... .., ... ... ..... 
Kilgour Bros ........ ... ... ... ... 
Kilmer & Irving ...... ... . .. ... .. 
Kingsmlll, Hellmuth, Saunders & 
Torrance ...... . .. . .. . .. .. . .. .. . 
Klngatone, Symons & Klngstone. . 
K:rbv Richard J....... ................ 
Kltchener James ..... ... ... ... .. 
Klees John ..... .... ... ... ". ... 
Knickerbocker Ice Co.... ............. 
La Beaute Toilet Co ..... ... ... 
Lacka wan a Railroad ..... .. . ... . 
Laidlaw, Kappele & Bicknell... .., 
Laidlaw R & Co...... ... ...606 and 
Lalley Charles E ...... ... '" ... 
lake John :-.I....... .... .............. 
Lake Shore Banquet & Refresh- 
ment Parlors ..... ... ... .., ..... 
Lake Simco.e Ice Supply and Cold 
Storage Co, Ltd, right bottom lines 
anil...... ...... ..... ... .., .. ..... 
Langley & Lan!';ley, front cover and 
La Patrie Publishing Co, Ltd ........ 
La Prel!l"e ........ ... ... . . ....... 
Lauiler D J........ ..... .... .. .... 
Lawrence GeorgI' .... . .. .... 
Lawson James F..... ..... ... ... .. 
Leadley E & Co...... ..... ... ..... 
Lee-Collins Co. .. ... . .. .. . . .. 
Lee Miss Lydia ...... .., ... ... 
LeI' & O'Donoghue ..... ... ... 
Ll'ldy E F...... ..... ... .., ... .... 
Lennox E J...... ... ... ..618 and 
Lennox Lunch...... ... ... ... .. .. 
Le Page Door Check Mfg Co. ..... .. 
Leslil' & Gundlack.... ........ ........ 
Levl'r Bros. Ltd ..... .... ... ... .. 
r John P........ ... 
Le Vesconte R C... ... 
Levins Miss Teresa.... 
Levy & Co...... ...... ... 
Limon E.... ........ ... ... ... ... .. 
Lindsey, Lawrence & Wadsworth.. 
Liverpool. London & Globe Ins Co.. 
Llovd W J & Co..... ... ... ... 
Lockwood & Co .... '''' .. ... 
Loftus John T...... ... ... .., ..... 
London Guarantpe & Accident Co.. 
London Mutual Flrf
 Ins Co ..... ... 
London & Lancashire Fire Ins Co.. 
Loretto Ahbey.__. ..... ............... 
LOl1!\,heed Robert J.. __. ........... 
Lovell Robert ...... ..... 
LOVondes Co. Ltd ...... '" .., ..... 
Lye Edward & Sons ..... . .... 
Lvman Bros & Co, Ltd ... .. .. 
Lyman. Knox & Clarkson, Ltil...... 
Lyon John R.... . ... ... ... ... ..' 
MrBrady & O'Connor ....... ....... 
McCarthy, Osler, Hoskin & Har- 
court ...... ..... ... ... ... ... ... 
McCau"1:md Robert, Ltd ..... ... ... 
McColl Bros & Co ...... .. . . .. opp 
McConkey Geo S..... ... ..640 and 
McCord Samuel ...... ... ... ... .. 
McDonald H Ruthven ... 
MrF.achren & Ritchie .........._ 
MeEarhren Cleaning, Dyeing & Re- 
palrin!\, Works,........ left bottom IInl's 
McFarlane George ..... ... ... .... 1020 
McGregor W Ernest ... ... ... ... 943 
McGregor & McIntyre. Ltil ...,. .,. 
....... ......... ..right top lines and 
MrGu!re W J & Co...... ............... 
McTntosh Granite & Marble Co, Ltil 
MrTntyre. Son & Co..... ... ... ... 
MrTntyre & Marshall ...__ 
McKay. Dods & Grant ..... ..651 and 
1-fcKay J A... ..... ... ... ... 
McLaren D K...... ... ... ... 
MeY.aren J (" Belting Co .... 
McLean Dr J C.... 
MeMlrhael A F....... 
MrMIII"n & Co..... ... 
Mc Milian & MaKUlre .... ... ... .. . 
MrMurrlch. Hodgins & McMurrlch 
MrNab Allan...... ..: ... ... ., ... 
McPherson Mrs G S..... .... .. ... 
M'lcArt.hur A D & Co..... ... ..... 
Macilonald. Cartwright & Garvey.. 
Macdonald John & Co..... 
Macilonald J Gordon & Co..... ... __ 

Page. I Page. 
596 Macdonald Mfg Co, Ltd ..... ... ..... 666 
597 Macdonald, Shepley, Middleton & 
 I M:r;

'r '&"ä
699 Macdonell & Boland .., ... ... ..... 666 
599 1 MacGregor Donald C ..... .... ..... 667 
MacGregor M...... ..... ... ... ..... 667 
601 W Mackay John & Co.... . ......938 and 1018 
1;01 MacKinnon W Wallace ... '" ...... 982 
97 ,MacMurchy, Denison & Henderson 670 
1042 I Macrae & Macrae..... ." ... ..... 983 
600 I Magann G P...... . .. .. . ... . .. .. 671 
1014 1 Mall Job Printing Co, Ltd... ..OPp 672 
970 Mallison Fred........ ........ ......... 9,
13tone. Malone & Holden.... ...... 6U 
606 Manchester Assurance Co.... ....... b"/4 
lanchester Ship Canal Co.... ....... 1011 
944 I Mann Coal Co...... ........... ....... 9b"7 
 !lfanufacturers' Life Ins Co............ 676 
Map & School Supply Co Ltd........ 10
963 Marchment S W....... ... ............ 

hrr John & Sons......... .... ....... 1/73 
Marsh & Co....... ...... .............. 1011 

farshall H A....... ... .............. 975 
Marshall & Jackson....... ........... 973 
M3rtJn H & Son....... ... ............ 973 

fartln N L & Co.... ....... ..944 and 9û

fashlnter W & Co...... ............. 680 
Masten. Starr & Spence....... ....... 681 
!\fatthews Art Gollery...... .......... 6.'i2 
Ma tthews Asa..... .., ................ l00'
Matthews Bros & Co.... ... ......... 682 

fatthews F W Co...................... 683 

Jaughan John & Son................. 6h3 

faxwell & Johnson......... '" ..... 61H 

feade George..... ..... ............... 685 

feakins & Sons...... 
................... &a 

fearns Frank B..... ... .............. bð5 
!\l..dler & Arno!..__. ..... .... ...... 13 

ff'hl' J & Son...... ..........686 and 1019 
!lfeistl'l'^hafl School.... ..... ......... 968 
Mendelssohn Piano Co........... ..... 1115i) 
!.\fenzies & Hayes............ .......... SS7 
Mercantile Fire Ins Co.... ...... ... 687 

rerchants. Pre"sing & Repolrlng Co. 688 

feredith, Cameron & Waldie.... ... 6&1 

rerrlck Foundry Supply Co...... .. 
:\ferson GO......... ....... ........... 938 
Metallic Roofing Co Ltd..... ........ 
..... ..... .......... .. right bottom lines 
:\fetropohtan Fire Ins Co.... ........ 689 

{eyer Bros...... ...... ................ 1022 
Meyer Mrs P V........ ......689 and !\6;j 
Meyercord Co..... ...... .............. 91<0 
!\1ichie & Co..... .............. .690 and 1084 

1ight Directories.... __.... ..... .opp 6:JO 
lIfmar & Fergu"on.......... .......... 691 
Millarli Alex...... ..... ........691 and 1000l 
.v!iller G :M & Co.... __.... ... ........ 

rills. Raney Anderson & Hale1l..... 
Milne John Co...............696 and 1111/ 
:\filnl's James H & Co...__...695 and 967 

finto Bros...... .... ............ ..... 611\i 

fitchell W & J.... ... .............. 10

fode<] Bakerv Co.. .... __..... ...... 69

fonorch Cash Mutual Fire Ins Co... 6
Montreal Gazette....... ... ............ 700 
!.\fontreal Stel'l Works Co Liil..b
ck cover 
'Jorrison H :-.I (Tor Junction)........ 84 

{orrlson J H....... ... ................ 9<;4 

f()rton Co Ltd...... __ __.706, 978 and IOf;[, 

 Chemical Co..... ..... ......... 941 

foss Wm...... ....... ............ ..... 973 
:\foQs & Lewis....... ... ... .......... 941 
l\{owat, Y;ang'lon & Maclennan........ 708 
Muloek, Mulock & Lee.... .... ...... 110 

fundl'rll)h & Co...... '" __. .......... 710 
:\funtz & Beatty................front cover 
Murra v B W.... ............ .......... 1017 
Murray Printing Co.. ... ...____.... 105& 
Murray 'lhoma1l..... ... .............. 976 
:\Jus!';rove Charles E.... ... 1036 
:\Jy Optician........ .14 
Nasmlth Co Ltd......... ...... ....... 716 
:-.13 tlonal Assce Co of Ireland........ 715 
::-latlonal Electrotype & Stereotne 
Co Ltd...... ...... ................... 71" 
::-latlonal Life <\;<sce Co....... ...... 715 
National Trust Co Ltd,rlght top cor cards 
:-.Ieff & Postlethwaite...... ... ........ 938 
Neild Ernl's!...... .... ...... .......... lO7'l 

rlMn H W & ("0 Ltd....__ ..__....__ III 
"'",:"on Jeremiah...... ..... ........... 996 
Nf'rlich & Co...... __... ........ ..opp 717 
"'ew Idea Pattern Co.... 718 
New Method Laundry.... .. __ ... .. 1023 




New York Central & Hudson River 
R lilroad..... ..... .................... 7lJ1 
New York Plate Glass Ins Co........ 1017 
Newsome & GUber!....... ..... ....... 719 
Newton & Treloar....... ... ........... 720 
Nichol W J & Co... ................. 720 
NIcholson George..... ..... .. ....... 9Td 
Nixon D C & Co.......... ............. 103li 
Noblps' Dominion Detective Agency 
......... ..right corner cards, 723 and 9b2 
Noel Theo........ ..... ....... ......... l05ij 
X,)rdhelmer Piano & Music Co Ltd 
.... ... ... .... ....... ..left top cor card.9 
.,"orth American Life Assce Co...... 
....... ... .... ..opp front paster and 10YI 
North British & Mercantile Ins Co 
. .... .. .. .. .. .... ............ ,eft top lines 
:-.Iorth of Scotland Canadian Mort- 
gage Co Ltd........ ...... ............. ..;6 
Norwich Union Fire Ins Society...... 7;.;J 
O'Connor Fred W....... .... ........ 7'1:1 
ar3 H & Co.... ... .... ..right top linea 
ef'fe Brewery Co Ltd.............. 7'-" 
Oak Hall....... ...... ........ ......... 731 
Office Specialty Mfg Co.. .............. 
....... '" ........ ...right bottom lines 
Office Toilet Supply Co Ltd.......... 1078 
Olde Curiosity Shoppe..... ............ 7
Ont3rlo Accident Ins Co....... ...... 733 
Ontario Banl!;....... ... ............... 9 
Ontario Compressed Air Dustless 
House Ueanlng Co Ltd..... ....... 961 
Ontario Institute of Osteopathy...... IOU 
Ontario Veterinary College.... ...... 7.>3 
0rmsby A B & Co.... ...... ......... 1062 
Ormsby C & Co........ ................ 1000 
Orr Bro!!..... ..Inside back cover and 97t 
Orr W H & Sons....... ............... 73t 
Osborne & Francis.... ....... .front cover 
Os!er & Hammond....... ...... ...... 735 
OtIS Elev3 tors.... ...... ............. WI 
Oxley A E...... ........ .............. 736 
Paisley James K (Ottawa)............ 1012 
Palmer Stanley J..... ................ 9.1/ 
P'lpernlck D....... ...... .... ......... 1019 
Parkdale Restaurant...... ............ 738 
Parke R J...... ............rlght top lines 
Parker R & Co.... .... ........739 ana 988 
Parker & Co'...... ........... ........... 1033 
Parsons-Irons Co.. ......... ...__...... 100. 
Paterson Mfg Co Ltd......... ........ 742 
P3ton James W....... ..... ........... 742 
P'ltrlck W G & Co.......... ......... 742 
Patterson Canily Co..... ..... ....... 970 
Payne W H & Co........ .............. 744 
Payne W R.......... ......... ........ 976 
Peacock D A..... ........ .. . .... . :.. 1()'u 
Pearcy Sanderson & Co................ 745 

ears James..... ..... .... ........... 966 
earson Bros..... ..... ................ 746 
Pe'lse J F Furnacf' Co..... ... ....... 747 
Pelham Nursery Co..... .... ......... 1038 
Pelican .'i.. British Life Ol'ftce.... .... 747 
Pember W T....... ... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 1008 
Perkins, Tnce & Co..... ..... ......... HII 
Perrin '\oVm R & Co....... ...... .... lObI 
Perry James A....... ...... .......... 7t1l 
Pfeiffer & Hough Bros..... .......... lib.! 
Phillips Eugene F Electrical Works 
Ltd....... ......... ................... 7õ2 
Phosphorex Co......rlght bottom cor cards 
Pike D Co Ltd.............. 764, 944 and 1076 
Pilkington Bros Ltd.... ...... ........ 754 
PinK M C & Co........ ...... .......... lOOt 
Pinkerton & Cooke....... .... ........ 755 
Polson Iron Works...__.. .... ........ "lb7 
Powell R P....... ... ..........760 and 961 
Power Bros............ ..... ........... 760 
Puddy George jr..... .............. 164 
Quebec Bank....... ...... ............. 11 
Quebec Fire AsscE' Co......... ...... 7M 
Queen City Livery... ...... . ......... 10;:" 
Queen City 011 Co Ltd........ front cover 
Queen Ci.ty Plate Gbss & Mirror Co. 7M 
Queen CIty Tent & AwnIng Co...... lOa 
Railway Passengl'rs Assce Co of 
London. Eng....... .... ............. 768 
Queen Y,aundry.... .... ................ 7f;T 
Ramsay Mrs WE..... ... .. ......... 1006 
Rathbone F W....... .......:........ 770 
I{a thbone George.. __. . __.. . ......... 770 
Rathhun Co......... ...... ......... 770 
Ra wllnson Llonel..... ........... 771 
Read & Read....... . ............ 772 
Re1dl' Edgar 5............... 772 
Rled .ToSf'ph B & Son.... 773 

Do You Wish Your Accounts Collected? 
 Collection No Charge. Phone Main 2979 

If 80 send 
a list to 
Satisfaction Guaranteed 

A.M.. Amer.lnst. RE' 1 52-53 Janes Buildin gs Toronto 
A.M.. Can. Soc. C.E. J 

L.D. TEL. 

Consulting Electrical Engineer 
Oesl&"n and Construction of' Long Distance Electrica' 
Power Transmissions. Munic,pal Lighting and 
power System.. Steam Plant Tests, Etc. 



Page. I Page. Page. 
Reed Dr J S..,... ....... .............. 9ðl l SmIth F :T & Co ...... ..... ... ..... Townsend S E............left bottom lines 
Reed & Hynes....... ...... ............ 1042 ..........rlght bottom and left top lines l'raders' FIre Ins Co..... ... ......... 8í1l 
Reeve Charles...... ..... ............. 1'.a Smith J W ........ ... '" '" ..... 1085 Tucker W M..... ....... ... .......... KII 
Reeve John T...... ............ ......... 773 SmIth Nathan........ ..... . ... .... 949 Turnbull Elevator Mfg Co..... ...... 

HeM George & Co....... ..... ........ 77f> Smith. Rae & Greer ... ........ ..... 832 Turner H W..... ... ... .............. l
ReM T W.... ........ ..... ........... 776 Smith Turnbull...... ... ... ... ..... 1012 T
rrell \Vm & <.;0..... ."t ..... ...... ISM 
Reid W B & Co...... .... ... ......... 776 SmIth Wm H, 12',2 Melinda ... ..... 834 Underfeed Stoker Co Lta.... .. ..... 99<1 
Reid & Co...... .... ........ .......... 776 Smith W H. 786 KIng w... ... ... 960 Underwood G B InspIrator Co........ 

Reinhardt & Co.......... ... ........... 776 SmIth & Carmichael..... ... ...... 834 Union Petrolt'um Co Ltd...... ...... 88ó 
Reliance Loan & SavIngs Co of Ont. 777 Smith & Gemmel ..... ... .,. .. .. 942 United ElectÌ'ic Co Ltd...... ......... 8&> 
Rennie Robert & Son....... ..... .... 1062 Solarlne Co...... ... ... ... .., .... 1032 United FactorIes Llmlted.... ...... I>8Ii 
Rice Lewis & Son Ltd..lnslde back cover Solway & Cohen .... ... ... ... .... 1064 US ]"dellty & Guaranty Co.......... 
Rice Dr \V S...... .... ............... 1080 So\'erelgn Life AsS"ce Co... ... ...... ........ ...... ... .... right top cor card!!! 
Richards BroS'..... ...... ............. 778 ......right top lines, back cover and 837 Pnlled Typewriter Co Ltd............ 
Riches Charles H....... ... .......... 104b SovereIgn Mfg Co. Ltd..... .... .... 837 ..... ..... ..... .......right tiottom lines 
Ridout John G....... ...... ........... 7!H Spanner W & Co..... ... ... ... ... 1085 Unwin. Murphy & Esten......886 and 101t 
Ridout, Strickland' & Co............. Speight & Van Nostrand ... ... ..... 1074 Van Camp & Co.......... .... ......... !jðl 
.... .... ... ..right top cor cards and 781 Sproat & Rolph ..... ... ... ... ..... 942 1 Vandervoort 1\1 B.................. .... 97t 
Ridout & Maybee Sproule R K..... .... ... ... ...... 840 Yansickler :Tames A................... &II 
....... .... ..rlght"iöp"ëör ;;

iid lWõ Stackhouse Miss L A..... .., .. .. 966 Vaughan 'Miss Tillie.... .... ..... ..... I/ðö 
Ringham Robert D......left bottom lines Stagg M G & Co... ... ... .., ...... 841 Yernoy Ð:oectro Medical SanatorIum. 990 
Ritchie John Plumbing & Heating Co Standard Fuel Co, Ltd .... 842 and 967 Verral Robert....... ... '" ........... 976 
Ltd........ ...... ............... ..... 7b
 Standard Life Assce Co ....Ieft top lines \Terral Storage Co...... ............... 1073 
Ritchie & Hamsay....... ...... ....... 782 Standard Mutual FIre Ins Co........ 842 \Tick & Co..... ..... ...... .......... 979 
Roberts Ointment Co..... ..... ...... 784 Star Life Assce Co..... ... ... ..... 843 Vickers W W..... ....:.... ... ...... 
Robertson Mrs Jane ... ..... ..... 785 Stark John & Co...... ........front COver \ Igeon & Hudson.... .... ............ roll 
Robertson J S Co..... ... ... ..... 785 Stauntons. LImited ..... ... .. ... 844 Wade Osler..... ... ..... .............. 944 
Robertson & Sons ..... .... ...... 955 Steele. Briggs Seed Co. Ltd ...... 844 \Yagner Charleg F............ 892 and 942 
Robinette & Godfrey..... ... ..... 786 Steinberger. Hendry Co, Ltd ... .. 8
5 Walker & BIackhalI..... ..... ........ 1WH 
RobIns F B........right bottom cor cards Stell George ...... ." '" .., ...... 9.4 Walsh :Tames J....... ..... .......... !!>>ti 
Robins & Burden ..... .... .., .... 786 Stevenson, B!ackader & Co... ... .. 846 V/.tlton & Locke....left top dInes and 897 
Robinson George (Tor :Tunctlon)...... 86 Stewart A :T. Ltd ..... ... ... ..... 970 Walker & Robertson........ .......... 976 
Roblrfson & Heath... ...956, 978 and 999 Stew"rt A M S & Co..........847 and 1059 \VardelI I & Son.... .... ............. 1013 
Rogers Chas & Sons Co, Ltd...... 790 
tewRrt 4o
n&.ë... ... ... '" ... 
 W'udell Wm..... -..... ................. 10la 
Rogers Elias Co. Ltd... ... ... ... t
wart I 0......... ... 850 ......... 1059 Warren :Tames J..... ....... '" ...... 899 
...............right comer cards and 790 StInSOn & Hol wey.... ......... anu ' \Varwick Bros & Rutter...... ....opp 8S9 
Rogers R A & Co..... ... ... ..... 976 Stone Daniel...... .., ... .. ... ..... 85 861 11 Warwick J H..... ..... ... .......... 8
Rolph. Brown & Hunter ... ...... 791 Stone WHarry ...... ... ... . .... I \Vatson. Smoke & Smith..... ........ !JI}l 
Rolph, Smith & Co ..... ... '" ..opp 79l Stow!' Dr F J..... ..... ........862 and 91S1 Watts, Henrj' H & Co....... ........ 9W 
Roper Fred .., ... ... ... ...792 and 9381 Strl
kll\nd W R...... ... ... ... ..... 853 WEbb Geo H (Tor Junction)........ 
Ross & Holmested ..... ... ... ... 794 SullIvan Edward ...... ... .., ..... 855 Webb Harry Co Ltd..........903 and 963 
Ros o en " ale BeltIng Co 
 t94 Sun Insurance Office.. . .. . . ...... 856 nr ebster A F 1071 
. u ..... ... ... ... , S LIII A C 856 .. ..... ... .... ............ 
OUge Liquor Store ... .... 795 1 SunIl tit S ssce 0 ..... .... . ...... 856 \\:e
ener A C....... '" ............... lOO'
Rothschild Bros & Co..... ... ..... 795 Surh gl dOîf "ici' ...... -... 856 \velr Specialty Co Ltd.. ..... ....... 994 
lI, ReId & Wood ... ... ...... 796 S U lf 
r C a h n & on C a ...... ... 954 \Ye!ch Albert....... .... .............. 905 
Ro}al School of DancIng ... ...... 980 w as 0........ ...... ... \Vells 'Mrs. BusIness ColIege...... .... 969 
Royce & Henderson ..... ....... 797 1 Sylvester S A. .... .., ..... .... ... 859 Wells Pattern & Model Works..opp 1046 
Royle Engraving Co, Ltd ...... 1046 Sym
ms & Rae... ..... ... ... ..... 859 Welton H R.............. .... ......... 006 
Rudd Harness Co ..... ... ..... 797 Tarlmg C & Co...... ... ... ... ... 1028 "'est Chemical Co............ ........ 1M 
man Robert ............. ., . 797 Tmbe [(, S,?n ....-... '" . - . 81;1 West Shore Railroad ...... .. ... 907 
!'Iadler & Haworth ..... ....... 801 Taylor DavId :T........ .... ....... 
 Weelern Business ColIege ... 969 
8t -\ndrew's ColIege ..... ... ..... 801, Taylor Henry A...... ..... .......... 86_ 
.estern Wilfrid l' ...... ... ::. ...:: 1030 
Sr M1rgaret.s ColIege ... ... ...... 968 I Ta
-Ior :Tohn & Co...... ... ... ..... 863 Westman & B1ker ..... .., .. .... 10M 
St lIIonica's School... ... ... ..... 9691 Taylor J & :T....... ... .. .. ....... 863 Weston F :T & Son 908 
SolI:- Julian Leather Goods Co Ltd 802 1 Tedd J D....... ...... ..... 955 Weston Stamp .., .............. 1070 


r 'ëo::: :::.. ':'.. ::. .:: 1


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id:....::: ... r.
Salvation Army...... ... ... ...opp 802 Theil Detective ServIce Co ... 866 Whitflelð :TÒhn Co..... .....:::..::::: 10
Samuel :T Hughes .. .... .. .. ..... 1039 Thoml)son :T & Son ..... ... 982 Whiting Wm..... .... ... ... ..... 912 
Sanderson Pearcy & Co.... ...... 803 I Thomson Bros ...... ..... 1034 Whltney:T W G... ... ...Ieft bottom' lines 
Saunders & Evans, Ltd ... 1069 Thomson EngravIng Co...... ...... 994 Wlckson A Frank 942 
Sawyer E L & Co..... ... ... __.. 805 I Thom
on ThOmas C........ -..... 871 Williams H H. íeft t
iici 917 
Scheuer Edmund ..right bottom cor ::ard" I Thomson. TllIey & :Tohnston ....... 871 WlIliamson J H..... ... '" ... ....... 919 
Schnaufer FrederIck ... ..... .. .. 1000 TIppet A P & Co..... ... ... .. .... 873 Williamson T G 938 
Schofield Richard ...... ... ... ... 1027 Tolhurst Wm ...... '" --. ... --.. 9
S WillIamson Wm::::: :':.. ..:....:.:.::: 974 
Schomberg Furniture Co..... ... .... !107 Tolton Harry...... ...... ...... 874 Willman & Smith 106M 
Sct.walm Frederick.... ................ SOl TompkIns HE.......:. ..... .... ... 1054 Wilson Andrew âör.:iun
;;)..... 90 
Score R & Son ..... ... . . ........ 9J8 Toronto Bolt & Forgmg Co........... 9óZ Wilson C & Son rIght tOl) cor cårcÏ9 
Scott :T P & Co..... ... ... ... ..... 1064 !oronto Brus Mfg CO'..rlght bottom IIne.s and ........ ..: ... ... ... ... ..... 106t 
Scott & Scott..... .... ... ... .. .. 810 roronto Cabinet Co......... .... ..... 9W "'lIson H1rold A Co 

cott & "ralmsley............edgeg of book Toronto Carpet CleanIng Co.... .... 962 Wilson James ' ........ 922 
Scottish Ontario & Manitoba Land :roronto Cold Storal';'e Co.... ......... f>,;3 WIlson Lytle 'Ë
õ "'Cò" Úci" W 
Co, Ltc!...... ..... ...... ... ...... 13 l'oronto CoHege of MusIc Ltd........ 10?
 Wlnn Ie W..:...... w '... .:' 3 
Seagram Arthur W...... ... ... ...._ 811 Toronto Conservatory of MusIc...... 10
6 WInsor & Woodl'ey . 10215 
!'Ipars J & Son........................... 1Il1 Toronto Furnace & Crematory Co Winston :Tohn C Co..... ... ... . .. 974 
S..burn T I...... ..... ... ... ...... 938 Ltð....... ...... ...... ................ 1""1 Woltz Mfg Co Ltd'" ... ..... .. 9211 
Sharpe I N (Tor :Tunctlon) .., .... 87 Toronto GenerRI Trusts Corporation Wood Philip B' ........ .. 1034 
Shea Thomas ...... ... ... ... ..... 9fiO ....... .... ..............Inslde front cover Woods:T H Ad"'Ä' ... ... ... ..... 927 
Shedden ForwardIng Co, Ltd ... .. 816 Toronto Grad",ate Nurses Registry.. 11>>0 Woolnough & oft gency.... -.... 939 
Sheppard Chris ...... ... ... .. ..... 1063 Toronto Hardware l\Ifg Co.......... 876 Wreyford & Co er ......... .... 1()i';8 
Sheppard Jacob ...... .. .. ....... 817 Toronto Humane SocIety.............. 876 ...... ... ... ... ... 930 
Sheppard Murray........ 9:!!1 'i'oronto Iron & Bra..s Bedstead Co. 9
S Wr!ght Henry ........ . . ..... '" 931 
Sherbourne Nurses Home .... ... .. 1009 Toronto :Tunctlon College of '\ruslc:. 103'; Wright :Tame!! ...... 1052 
SIbley E & Son ...... ... 9f;1 Toronto KnItting Mills Co............ 876 WrIght & Co..... ... ... ... 93Z 
Slml)l!On F & Sons ...... ... .. ... 1000 Toronto Laundry MachIne Co........ 10
ld, Darling Co, Ltc! 933 
SImpson :T M ...... .., . ............ 'j

 Toronto Life In"uran
e Cn_..._..... 11 Yeoman Geo E & Co 1000 
SImpson \Vm .... .... ...... ...... !123 Toronto Mortgage CC<.... ............ 876 ... ... ... 
SInger Mfg Co..... ... ... ... ..... 

4 Toronto PIcture Frame Mfg Co...... 1061 York County Loan & S Co..... ..... 12 
Skirt SpecIalty Co..... !1"
 Toronto hcket WIre Fence Co....... 9\11 York ManufacturIng Co Ltd... 1022 
Smallwood Bro!! ...... 975 Toronto Poultry & Produce Co...... 876 Young:Ta as W' 97 ' 
Smart MIss M H Toronto Safe DeposIt & Agency Co 877 m ......... ... .. 
S It h B ...... rn Toronto Sewer Pipe Co..... .. .....:: 877 Young :Tohn ...... 93ð 
m ros .... .... .... ....... 963 'l'oronto Vapor Bath Co.... ......... 10!,., Young John H.. 938 
Smith Charle!l A....... ......... 828 Toronto Wood Working Co........... 1
 Young Ralph E.. front cover and 933 
SmIth D L Electric Co (The).... -.. 8
S TovelI J A (Tor Junction)............ 1;9 Younger W 948 
Smith Madam ElIen...... ... 1020 Townsend Laundry Co lo-a I Y C G m C ....... ... . 1 " ...... 
.... .. ........ oung 0.......... ..... eft top lines 
Succe..ors to LIMITED Phones Main 1126, 1127 VISIBLE WRITINQ 

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ADDENDA-Too Late for Regular Insertion 

Adams Thomas, driver, I 261 Lippincott Breer ";m, chef Albany Club, rms 199 Clayton & Burns (AUred B Clayton. 
Addison "'m T, slslmn, I 296 Jarvis Church Charles Burns), restaurant 50 Jarvis 
Aikman Fred L. h 351 Jarvis Brennan "'m J, supt Reliance Knitting Clougherty Patrick J, county constable. 
Americ ,n Bead Co, Sieg Rosenberg mgr, Co Ltd, I 16 Baldwin h 9 \Vaterloo tel' 
I'm 401, 28 WellinJ:'ton w British Canadian Emplo) ment Agency. Coath Edward, plstr, h 209 Albany av, 
Amor Annie (wid Angus). h 492 Dufl'erln Wm Gordon mgr, I'm D Tor Arcade from I' 91 Barton av 
Amor Miss Catherine, artist 492 Dufl'erln Brothers Stephen, lab, h 143 Llsgar Colby Miss Elizabeth. drsmkr, I 86 Bath- 
Anderson Ann J (wid Alexander), h 31* Brown Alfred, barber 175 Spadina av, burst 
Hayter 149 Howland av Collins Reuben, carp, I 2:!l Bartlett av, 
Anderson Wm, I 14 West av Bro"n Harry, eng, b 372 Front w, from from 228 Hallam 
Andl ew George, lab. I 264 King e .5 Claremont Collins Thomas, carp. h 227 Bartlett avo 
Andrews Max" ell, pntr, h 158 First av Brown Marla (wid George), I 53 Churchill from h 228 Hallam 
Appleton Jennie (wid Fr
nk), drsmkr 848 a' enue Conley Harold, clk Jenkins & Hardy, I 35 
Yonge, from 67 Scollard Brown Samuel J. prtr, I 132 McGill Morse av 
Armstrong Mary A (wid .John), I 131 MII- B!,).an "'m H, tinner, h 249 Ontario Connelly .Tames, wks ElUott 1\lfg Co, rmS 
lleent Buchanan James, bkpr, h 491 Ontario, 
8 Adelaide W 
Armstrong Samuel, lab. h 129 Lansdowne from 373 Carlton Cook Kellie H (wid George Bi, h õ70 
avenue, from 13 Sully cres Bug'her Elnest, glass blo"er. I 187 Dov- B'lthurst 
Ashfield "m H, receiver W R Johnston prcourt I'd Cosgrove Eugene, elk Treasury Dept, I 
&. Co I Bulley Charles. Contractor and Build- 3 Baldwin 
Atkinson Earl. clk Kemp Mfg Co, I 00 er 16 Withrow av, h same (See carß Cotton \Valter, foreman Jont's & Moore 
Carlton c:assified Contractors) Electric Co, I 90 John 
Austin Benjamin G, plmbr 1006 Dund,,-s, 13ullough .Tohn, wtr, rms 359 King w Cozzens Christina M ("id Robert HJ, I 
 Margueretta I Burnaby Ralph ". E, genl mgr, h 236 101 Close av 
Austm Henry W, agt Perrin, Freres & Bloor e Crane Michael. wks Jones & Moore Elec- 
Cle, rms 76 Yonge Burnett Ormsby & Clapp (George G Bur- tric Co, I 108 Strachan av 
Bailey Cecil G T, Canadian mgr London nett john Y Ormsby Charles R Clapp) I Crawley James, lab. h 944 Bloor w 
& Paris Exchange Ltd, 34 Victoria Ins i WelUngton e ' . Creighton Ellen (wid Wm), I 28 Ord 
Baile) Charles H, ctr, ,h 97
 Yor;ge Burns Abraham, caretkr, h 263 King e Cur;nlngham Miss Myrtle, nurse Tor 
B"lley Matthew, clk King s Prmter, h 33 Burn" Ch"rles (Clayton & Burns), I 79 "estern, Hospital 
Bbmarck av, from 23 Balmuto Sherbourne Dalley Ehzabeth (Void Andrew), I 622 Os- 
Baird Josephine N (wid George A), rms Burns Frank driver I 263 King e I slngton av 
28 Gladstone av Burns Frede
ick, pls'hr Tor Plate Glass: Damp' John, H, trav, h Z73 St Clarens, 
Bank of Hamilton (Queen and Spadlna Imp Co I w s Shaw 1 n of CPR I from 3S6 Berkeley 
br), R F King mgr, 378 Queen w Burns John kevmkr i 263 King e D'Arcy Leonard, mach Jones & Moore James, driver City Dairy, I 6õ7 Burns Mr" Sa ra'h , 1':'1'0 263 King e, h same I Electric Co, I 191 SU,!,ach 
Ma:kham Burt-Jarvis CharlC", steward Zeta Psi Da,-Is & Co (WalkervIile, Ont), Wm M 
BarnbJe Wm, Imstr. h 875 Eastern av Club I 41 Ifjabella I Grant agt, mfg {:hemlsts 50 Bay 
Barthelmes Alexander A (A A Bar- Califo
nia Fru'it Agency, J W Brown- Dine "'ilbert , cond Tor Ry, I 689 Brock 
thelmes & Co), h 89 McKenzie cres, low agent æ Church avenue 
from 81 \YelJlngton avo Calmen John. lab, b 417 Perth av Dls!t Talking Machine Co, A F Tero mgr. 
Bartlett Ernest, opr, I 16 Saulter Cameron Miss Maud stenog Credit Forks '2:1. Yonge 
B rton .\rthur, Voks Ryrie Bros, rms 139 'Stone Co I 53'Æ, T
lnity sq Dixon Allan .J C, elk, I 34 Park I'd, from 

.huter CampbelJ isabelJa, I 47 St Clarens 31 Balsam av 
Brlstedo .,!oh!" mgr, h 631 Sherbourne, CampbelI Thomas. cal'J!, h 37 Munro Dixon Rev Hilliard C, diocesan mlsslon- 
from L" "Inchester Canadian HaJne
s and Carriage Journal ary. h 34 Park I'd, from 31 Balsam av 
Bastedo Melville W, elk. I 531 Sherbourne, (leather and buckles) (monthly) W J Dixon Wm E J, sec-treas GriffIths-Dixon 
from 122 "'Inchester Dyas publisher 15 Toronto ' Co Ltd. b 66 Bloor e, from 85 Isabella 
Bawtree J Rigby, I 40 Huntley Cann Miss Ella' G artist I 122 McGill Douglas Howard. slsmn W R Johnston & 
Baxter Miss Jessie, receiver W R Johns- from 1
 Symlngtón av ' , Co. I 241 Spadlna av 
t on & Co, I 12 Clarence sq Cann Miss Gertrude captain S AIm Douglas Alfred G, elk T Eaton Co, rms 
Beckett, h 170 Mill Í<.rcGiJI, from 112 Symington av ' .4-1 Bathurst 
Beckett S,lrah A (\'old James), 1 16 Wal- Cann Simpsdt! S, tchr, h 122 McGill, from D<cuglass Mrs Amelia, drsmkr 714 Bath- 
ton 11" Symington av urst 
Bedell Clayton, wks A:bert W Larter, h Car-ruthers Joseph, hIpI' J F Pease Fur- Dryden Hon James, Minister of Av.- 
636 Givens nace Co, I 146 Morse riculture, h 38 SI Vincent 
Beers Henry F, clk Kemp Mfg Co, I 420 Carter Miss Maggie, I 382 Brunswick av Du Maresq {,harles H, btchr, h 261 Llp- 
Sumach Caslar Luther, tlnner J F Pease Fur- pincoU. from 63 Darling av 
BelJ George, lab, I 238 Chestnut nace Co res Toronto .Junction Duncan '!\flss Lillian nurse Tor Western 
BelJmore Oliver. opr, I 2 Eastern av pi Cassiclv james. driver P Burns & Co, Hospltål . 
B l en,,';;,
n J Ed l "ard F, elk Kemp Mfg Co, ChSiPT,Ìe 1\1rs JulJa, I 76 Centre av Dundas George, clk Can Exp Co, h 570 
""" arv s Charlie Louie, Jndry, h 387 Spadlna av Ontario, from h 36 Smith 
ntley George W jr, wood wkr, 1 64 Chenery James P, app GTR, I 7 Baden Edwards James P, acct and law elk 
B ,lddsto l ne S av l Chesnut D George, acct Confederation Dept Pub "'orks, rms 257, from 
enzum n a em, moto Tor Ry, I U6 Life Association, h 84 Roxborough w. 493 Yonge 
Sherbourne . from 45 Gloucester ElJis Allen, ",ks Jones & Moore Electric 
Berthon MIss ClaIre S. stenog Pari Bldgs, Christie Miss Ellen, drsmkr, I 6 Lakevlew Co, I 397 King w 
I 37 St Mary avenue Emerson Frank, "Inder Jones & Moore 
Bllkey Paul E, rep, b 668 Spadlna av, from Christl.. Mary A (wid James), I 6 Lake- FI..ctric Co, I 96 Pëter 
h 106 Gerrard e vew av Estress Miss Sarah, Indrs, h 233 Borden, 
Birrell Arch, slsmn W R Johnston & Co, City Storage Limited R J Copeland from 6 Avondale pI 
Bi res I Y: I O c rk h M I llis I President H B Robinson Secretary- Fee Mls
 Margaret, nurse Tor Western 
sse ar es, t nner J F Pease Fur- ., C t 251 2."">3 Hospital 
nace Co, h 263 Queen w Tre,asurer, Storage and ar age, - Finlayson Duncan, wks Jones & Moore 
Bollngbroke Harry W, prtr, rms 43 Pears Col ege (S..e classified Express, a.lso Electric Co. I 57 Jarvis 
av, from h 20 Sullivan Storage) b Fo\\ler Mi"s Frances boxmkr Telfer Mfg 
Boniface Edward P, hipI' J F Pease Fur- CI
PP Charles. R (Burnett, Orms y & Co I I' 5z'Æ, Bellevúe av 
nace Co, b 31 Duchess C I.1PP), res Vi oodstock h sam e Franklin Robert porter Dom Exp Co I 
Bow Alexander, midI' James Morrison Clapp Wm, phY l'i1, King e, 142 Simcoe ' ' 
Brass Mfg Co, I 74 Foxley aV CI,l
ke Catherine (wId John), 1 37 Beaty Fry George, elect Jones & Moore Electric 
BOwman James W, mach, h 63 O'Hara ava' enue Co I 4
Boyle 'Vrn P, "ith City Dairy, 194 Major Clarke Charles, Clerk of the House, res Garvey Charles, B A, prln National Busl- 
c l e John, lab Conger Coal Co, rms 48 CI

12 e la
He s n 8 IEff

th nurse Tor Western ness College, Bank of Hamilton Bldg, 
ncess I ' Cor Queen wand Spadlna av 
Br. sbie W H. trav W R Johnston & CO, CF

;1 es P orter Kpm p Mfg Co I 199 Gaunt Robert (Gaunt & Rushby), b 2 
b Queen's Hotel I a em, 
 , Libert)'" 
Bra} Jame
, shoemkr, h 42 Gwynne av Carlton G t Joh 
Breen Thomas, wks Conger Coal Co, I 1' 1 Chyton Alfred B (Clayton & Burns), h Gaunt & Rushby (Robert aU J n, I n 
:J1 Coatsworth 79 Sherbourne, from 362 King w Rushby), clothes cleaners ft arv s 

Sheet Metal Worker and 
Roofer - 23-25 Edward St. 

Robert D. Ringham 



TEL MAIN 3724 

96 KING ST. W. 



Gearing & Foy (Thomas V Gearing, Lindsay Anson J, tray H W Petrie, b Muirhead Richard J, h 28 Howland rd. 
Augustine Foy), Builders and Contract- 56 Gould I from 659 Yonge 
ors 2 Leader la and 65
 Yonge (See Lowrie John, tray Wm Harland & Son, Mulhausen ""m, cond Tor Ry, I 12 Col- 
card classified Contractors) res Sarnla I umbus 
 James, lab GTR, h 14 Centre av McAllister James A, eng King Edward :\lullIgan Patrick, lab, h 86 Bellwoods av 
Gibbins John R millwright Jo & Hotel, h &I Shaftesbury av from 416" Fr o n t e . 
re Electric Co, I 39 Walton nes McCreath James, clk , I :300 Church I :\Iunshaw Sarah A (wid Wm), I 368 Shaw 
Gibbs Clara (wid Wm), opr T Eaton Co, McCrohan James, macho b 239 Franklin :\lurray Hughlna R (wid John W) I U 
b 20 Oak a venue Callendar . 
Good"ln Edward G, acct Kingsmlil, Hell- McCutc!,1eon Simon, elk Supt's dept GTR, Ke"combe Abram C, B A, regIstrar and 
muth, Saunders & Torrance, h 46 Dan- rm.j(), Union Station I secretary McMaster University h 70 
forth av, from Randolph av McDonald Ellen (wid John S), I 332 Bismarck av ' 
Gordon \\ m mgr, I;!TIs z.1ô Jarvis Crawford I Korthrop Automatic Scale <:0 Walter 
Go" Benjamin, drfll hd Jones & Moore McFal'quhar James, wd wkr Samuel May Northrop mgr, 16 Dalhousie ' 
Electric Co, I 276 Spadlna av & Co, h 57 Argyle Olh"er W Frank, elk Park, Blackwell 
Graydon John, app Jones & Moore Elec- :\lcG
e Frederick, clk, I 13 Cross & Co, I 698 Sherbourne 
tric Co, I 6ô Oxford McGill Percy, clk H J Rea, b 16õ Jarvis I Ostrom Charles, fruit 380 Queen .. 
Greene Richard H, mgr Gutta Percha McGrand Rev John J, asst St Helen's Ov;en Sarah (wid John), I 36 Taylor 
Co, h 42 Crescent I'd Ch, I 288 Lansdowne av I Paget Mrs Flrimy hsekpr 960 King w 
Greenv.ood Miss Ethel, asst hsekpr McGregor David M, tray W J Gage & 1 P,lterson Miss Marlon, nurse 88 Maitland 
Rothel'ham House Hospital, 54-58 Isa- Co, I 2 Cawthra av Peart Clara E (wid Geori:e) rms 009 
bella, I Bame McK'lY Margaret (wid John), I 18 Ontario Yonge ' 
Greenwood :\ollss Mabel, nurse Rother- place Penney Arthur, lab York Co Loan Co 
ham House Hospital, 640-68 Isabella McKenzie Miss Catherine. tchr, I:m h l' 683 Dufferln . 
Guilfoyle Frank, watchman, h 142 George Sp;ldln.a av, from MO Church I Porter Thirza (wid Seymour), I 69 Albany 
Gundy N .Fred, mfrs' agt 4 Richmond e, :\Ich.enzle Margaret (wid John K), h 28 avenue 
I 40 Cecil, from 33 Borden Milan Pudlfin &. Co, builders 675 Dufferm 
Harman Thomas, jr, I 6õ6 Palmers ton avo McKinnon Archibald E W, fur blocker I Ralston James, porter CPR, b 62 York 
from 276 Major Holt. Renfre" & Co, I 216 Sherbourne Reaily John H, plshr, h 1 Soho pi 
Head John C, cond Tor Ry, I 635 Yonge McI "an Miss Annie, elk, TInS 7 Anne Reesor Jennie (wid Thomas) wtrs New 
Hendel's .Tohn, mach, h 728 King w McMlilan James G, B A Sc, fellow In Carlton, rms 40 Albert ' 
Hendel's Newton, mach, I 728 King w 
ining Sch of Prac Scienc
, I 15 Gren-, Reid Mary A (wid Wm), I 17 Phoebe 
Henderson Mary (v.ld Rev Canon Wm), vllle Roberts Miss Lillian, tchr Lansdowne Av 
I 16 Gloucester McPherson Susan (wid John), I 16 Agnes Sch, b 11 Nassau from 21 Oxford 
Herbert Cla).ton, mnfr. h 345 Gladstone av lIIcQupsten Thomas B, sec, I 41 Isabella Robprtson Norman, messr G N W Tel 
Hewitt George F, bartndr New Carlton McQuillan Miss Cecilia, h U5 Mutual Co, I 8 Ashbury pi 
Hotel, h 146 Sorauren av Macdonald Robert J, elk T Eaton Co. I Robertson Wm F shipper Fairbanks Co 
Highley Wm, I 64i Shaw 16
 Wliliam, from 14 Saunders av b 84 Pape av ' . . 
Husted John W, organizer, I 191 Jarvis MacFarlane :Margaret (wid Frank), h 68 Rolston Thomas, mach, I 18 Liberty 
lIott Elizabeth N (wid Thomas). I 66 Grange av Rolston "'m, glass wkr I 18 Liberty 
Lucas lIIacLarpn Helen (wid John), I 380 Victoria Rowpll Herbert, slsmn B S McMurtry I 
Irv.ln Agnes, wks Tor Carpet Mfg Co :\lacIean Mrs Helena, I 31 Winchester 114í> Yonge ' 
1;; PriCe ' Maguire Edwin J, driver, I 166 Howland, Ruthven Henry, bkr, I H Cottingham 
Irwin :\lIss Susan, clk R Parker & Co from 4í> Teraulay Sandford Eliza (wid James), h 36õ Dela- 
13 Price ' Manary Miss Annie, stenog Marsh & ware av 
Jenkins Henry, roofer Douglas Bros h Marsh, I 8
 McGill Sangster Annie C (wid Robert) I 236 
I' 238 King e ' :\Iarks Albert, boxmkr, I 141 Dalhousie Delaware av ' 
Johnston A Sterling, h 35 Harbordhom :\Iarsh<lll Harvey O. trav, I 111 Delaware Scane Harry, cloth coverer Eckardt Cas- 
20t Davenport I'd !!-yenue ket Co, b 64 WelUngton av 
Johnston Emily (wid James) h 36 Elm :\Ipdland Richard (Medland Bros), I 7t6 Schoff Annie E (wid Denis) I 13 Baden 
Johnston Maria (wid ,Tames), 'h 489 Yonge Qupen w. from 228 Queen e Sexton Miss Annie, wks Tór Carpet Mfg 
Johnston Wm, carp, h 113 Argyle Medlmd Thomas J (Medland Bros), h Co, b 61 Wick
on av 
Jones Thomas B jr, tchr Tor College of 114 1 2 Sherbourne, from 228 Queen e Simpson Hermon E, elk, h 119 London 
Music, I 93 College Mel edlth Cathprlne (wid Wm H), I t72 Srh:lpy James A, pattern mkr, h on 
Keogh Mrs Elizabeth, cook T Eaton Co Dovercourt I'd Wardell 
I 16. University av . Meredith S"muel Y, app, I 472 Dover- Steele Lorne P, elect Holmes Electric 
hettle"ell \oVm jr, lab, I 76 Belmont court I'd Protection Co b 94 Bond 
Kno"les Edv.ard G, elk CPR, b 82 Ger- Meredith Wm S, draughtsman Can Stpln Frederick, prtr Copp, Clark Co, 1 
rard w Foundry Co, I 346 Jarvis 88 Cherry 
Lame John E, purser, I 81 Montrose av Mill1gan 1\IIss Maude, fnshr T Eaton Co, SulUvan Michael, I rot Berkeley 
Lambert l\Irs Helen. I 110 Havelock '? lOt McCaul Suter Harry, erector Can Otis Elev Co 
Lane Albert, Orauglltsman, rms IlT
 uer- Mitchell Richard A, contI' 263 palmers- I 3-50 Lippincott ' 
rard e ton av, h same Thomas Miss Annie, cook, h 21 Lindsey 
Lav.son .John E, clk, I 276 Davenport I'd Montgomery Mary (wid James), nurse 1 avenue 
Lawson Sarah (wid Edward) I 486 Euclid :'39 Bellwoods av, from 65 Leonard a
 Thompson .John M, butler, I 64 WelI1ngton 
avenue ' :\loore Rosa (wid Charles), h 7 Clara pi, from 31 Hayden 
Leary Frederick, cond Tor Ry I 126' Moss & Lewis, Wm Moss Frederick Thornton Harry, pckr Eby Blain Co 1 
Pearson aVO '.T Le"is prop
, Moss Chemical Co 15 113 Denison av ' , 
Leden Michael J, h 117 Borden Caliaw av ' Vollick George W, fireman GTR, I 29 
Lelcpster Alfred R, b ElUott House :\Ioylett Patrick .J (Moylett & Bailey), h Clarence sq 
Leitch Alfred, jwlr, I 169 Mutual 75 Sull1van Wark Thomas J, shipper Massey-Harris 
Le Maitre Eugene J H, tlr, I 688 Yonge Moylett & Bailey (P J Moylett, H T Co, I 233 Macdonel l av 
LpsUe James, elk, rms 19% Richmond w B ' I ) 
al ey, real estate 28 Victoria ,"Varr Isabella (wid Wm G, I 606 Clinton 

Might Directories, Limited, Weare 
prepared to furnish lists of names 
or to address envelopes or trade 
circulars for any city or line of 
business in Canada or U.S. Head 
Office 59 Y onge street 
Phone Main 2229 

Hi&h Grade Vault, School and Office Furniture 
Toronto, Onto (77 Bay St.) Factories: NEWMARKET,ONT. 







:st1 Rubber Stamps 



WARD No. I.-All that portion of the city of Toronto lying to the east- 
ward of the centre line of Cherry street produced southerly to the waters of the 
Bay j thence northerly along said production and along 'he centre line of 
Cherry street to the centre line of Eastern avenue; thence south-easterly along 
the centre line of Eastern a\-eime to the centre line of Sumach street; thence 
northerly along the centre line of Sumach street to the centre line of Wellesley 
street; thence easterly along the centre Jine of "Vellesley street, to the centre 
line of Park View avenue j thence northerly along the centre line of P:uk View 
avenue and Vrodu<:ti'Ün thereof to the north city limit, and including all the 
marsh lands and islands &Quth of the above-described point. 

WARD No. 2.-All that portion of the city lying to the westward of the 
west limit of Ward No.1, and to the eastward of the centre line of Jarvis 
street produced southerly to the Bay; thence northerly along said production 
and along the centre line of Jarvis street to the centre line of Bloor street j 
thence westerly along the centre line of Bloor street to the centre line of 
Y onge street j thence northerly along the centre line of Y onge street to the 
north city limit. 
WARD No. 3.-All that part of the city lying to the westward of the 
west limit of 'Yard No.2, Iilld to the eastward of the centre line of Simcoe 
street, produced southerly to the w
ters of the Bay; thence northerly along 
said production and along the centre line of Simcoe street to the centre line 
of Queen street; thence easterly along the centre line of Queen street to the 
centre line of Queen street avenue; thence northerly along the centre line of 
Queen street avenue and production thereof to the centre line of Avenue road j 
thence northerly along the centre line of Avenue road to the north city limit. 
WARD No. 4.-All that part {If the city lying to the westward of the west 
limit of Ward No.3, and to the eastward of the centre line of Bathurst street 
produced southerly to the waters of the Bay; thence northerly along said 
production and along the centre line of Bathurst street to the north city limit j 
together with the Fsland lying in front of said city. The Parliament buildings, 
Queen's Park, are also included in this ward. 

W AltD No. 5.-All that part of the city lying to the westward of the west 
limit of 'Yard No.4, and to the eastward of the centre line of Atlantic avenue 
produ.;ed southerly to the waters of Lake Ontario j thence northerly along said 
produ.ction and along the centre line of Atlantic avenue to the centre line of 
DoveTcourt road, thence northerly along the centre line of Dovercourt road to 
the I'\orth city limit. 
WARD No. 6.-Being all that part of the city of Toronto lying to the west- 
ward of the west limit of Ward No.5. 

THOMAS HEYS & SON I Reports on 
0" Ores 

Mining Locationsl Assay 
and Metals, and 
Amale-amation Tests 

H. O'HARA & CO., 

..3011I . 
Toronto St. 

Buy and Sell all kinds of 
Stocks for Clients. 






(See North Torontol (See Eaet Toronto) 
(See Chester) 
(See E
t Torontol 
 Bedford Park, 
(See North Toronto) HUMBER BAY Davie..-i\Ie and Eglinton) (See Bracondnlel 




Blnckwell & Co (Alfred T Blackwell), var- I 
nlsh mfre, w s Bathurst 
Bonke EII\\ood W, grader Boake )lfg Co. 
res Toronto ... 
Bonke Frederick C, foreman Boake Mfg 
Co. res Toronto 
Banke k' Wilfrid, pres Boake )lfg Co, h e B 
Ua thurst 
(FI..-e miles Xorthwest of P 0) I BOAKE MANUFACTURING CO. 
Allan Thomas, Inh, h s 9 St Albans av The, Limited, G Wilfrid BO
,kc Prcsldent. , 
Andrew JoseplI A, eng J E Eù\\ards & I!e..- Ad
m. U ,De Pencler, \ l.c

ons res Toronto I f,rank K Ebbltt Secretary. I hone north 
Andrews George W, lab, h s s Albert 
82, _ LumlJer Dealers and Planing Mill.., 
Angus John, carp, h 337 Ho\\land av 30.-315 Howland a,' (See card In Toronto) 
Angus Sarah (\\Id John) I 337 Howland av Boake Marie)' B, shipper Boake IIlfg Co. 
Arthurs Annie J (wid Ja'mes), h n s Daven- res Toronto 
port rd . Boakes Thomas, drher W Snowdon, I same 
Austin Albert W broker h n s Da\"enport Boggls )liss Rose, I E Boggis 
road " Boggis 1
1I"ln, with J E Edwards & Sons, 
Austin Miss Pearl, \\Ith J E Edwards & h e s St Clair av 
Sons res Toronto Ronnar Alexllnder, farmer. n B St Clair av 
Austl'; Susan (wid James), I A V; Austin BðÍÍnar Jal!1es, lab. I A Bonnar 
Bailey Frederick \V, btchr, h n s Va,'en- Botsfon] Xnthanlel f', tra\" BlackwE'll & 
port rd I Co, res Toronto llurne FrpdE'rlck, sto\ e mounter h \\ S 
Baird Annie (wid Robert), h B S Helena av Boyd TholUas, mkt gdnr w s Hilton av, 1:>haw 
Baird Da..-Id F, bkpr, I ?\Irs A Baird h same Rutt 
 Charles. lab. I "'m C Butt 
B.llrd John gdnr h n S Bridgman a,' I BracondalE' Post OfficE', Frank Turncr pOet- Rutt "'m C. hrklyr, h s s Albert 
Baird Robërt, eng, I )irs A Baird master. Da'
nport rd, s w cor Christie B)'ers Henr)'. pre,'entlve officE'r C H, he 9 
Baldwin Miss Octa..-Ia, with J E Edwards Bracondale .1 ubllc School, Matthew B Dufferln - 
& Sons I Wm Hillyer I Holmes prm. e s Bathurst B . W k t d D t d h 
B E ' d I G n. Brao}lev Frank J P lstr w B FrE'dE'rlck h )ers m, m g nr s e IIvenpor r. 
arnes . gUt, _ ,... Andrews I -.' , same 
Benr George, carp, I IIIre C Steel B ßa d m . e J h 1 ;, 1 F J B dl I Callicott Joseph, mkt gdnr s s Davenl>ort 
Bedford George E, tlr, h II ß Alcina av ra ey a n, au, ra e'S rd. h same 
Bedford Jnßon, eng, hils Alcina av Bra(]IE'Y I.e..-I. lab, h w B Brunswick av Campbell Donald A. forE'man Boake '\Ilg 
Redford ME'lvllle, clk, I J BE'dford I Broadway Frederick, plana mkr, I George Co. res Toronto 
Bedfor(] Secord S, presser, h n B Helena B Rel 1 H " kb d h B th t Carlile Charles, clk, h !! S Davpnport r<1 
avenue rom ey arr)', u n r. e B a urs Carmodv Henry B, gdnr, I Mrs. M Carmody 
Beeston Walter F. lab, h s B Davenport rd Brown Edward, h n s HE'lena av Carmody lIIatllda (wid Byron), h e BAl. 
Bell Elizabeth (\\Id Allan), h n s Alcina av Brown Edward, mkt gdnr e B Bathurst. h bany av 
Rt'nnett Re, J \Valter C, pastor Fairbank same. Carmody Wm J, lather, h e sAlhany av 
PresbytE'rlnn Church, h e s \ aughan rd Brown ?\Uss..LottIe E, tchr Bracondale Pub Carter \\m G, mkt gdnr e !! Dufferln. h 
Bertram \Vm George, plan('r Boake Mfg Co, Sch. res Toronto I Bame 
 Toronto BrycE' Peter H, phy n s St, Clair nv, h same Chappell 1I1i!!!! Elizabeth K. I J 0 Chap- 
Rlngham SvdnE'Y J, tmstr llollke )lfg Co, Bull Gremllle, gdnr. I N Bull I pell 
res Toron'to Bull 
elson, trustr, h e s ChrlBtle ChappE'll James O. leothpr mkr J E Ed- 
BIRckwell Alfred T (Blnchwell & Co), res Bull \\ m, h !! B St Clair av I wards & SOilS h n s Albert 
Toronto Burbidge Rohert. brkmkr, h B !! 8t Clair av Christie IIIlss ÀÏlce G, with J E Edwards 
Blackwell Bertrnm D, fOrel11RIl Blackwell Burke Pprch aI, with J E Edwards & Sons, & f'.ons. I J Christie 
& Co, res Toronto res Toronto Chrlstlp Charles, cattlE' dlr, II s Helena av 


(See Xorth Toronto) 


..) THE. é 
 fÍu A


 S.,. "'t' 


 ." ;.,' 

., ..

l' HEAD QrFIC.t: 

"'ORON-r O 



Tel. Main .e 

The Lake Simcoe ICE Supply Co. I C 0 A L ALL RAIL COAL 
43 ESPLANADE ST. E. Quality All Sizea 
"A" ..AIRHUD. Mer. Tel. Main ae 

North British & Mercantile Insurance Co. 26 Wellington St. E. 
GOOCH 8c. EVANS, Resident Agents Tel. Main 423 



Sl'ßl RßS. 

I;dwards \Ym II IJ E E(]wards & Sons), h lIan-ey Ernest, tm\", I Amos lIarvey 
e s Christie lIastlngs 
lIss Anna, mach 01'1', I Wm Hast. 
Ennis John, tinsmith, b Mrs C Young Ings 
Ennis Tlwmas, g(]nr. I Mrs C Young Ha
tlngs Miss Clal'll, mach 01'1', I "'m 
Etherington Gcorge, lab, h n s Victoria av Hastings 
1iss Amy", with J E E(]wards & Hastings Wm, g(]nr, h s s Dll\enport r(] 
Sons. I Mrs E l,'leld Heath Edward T. chemist, h s s 
t Albans 
Filton Frederick, dairy s s St Albans av, a\enUe 
h same Heath Ernest, h w 8 Christie 
'rederlck jr, lab, I F Fitton He Ith 
lIss E\ elyn E ma h 0 
FlcmlnJ( ltobert J. city assessment com- HpBth' , - . cpr, 
missioner, h St Clair av, cor Bathurst Heath 
I1ss Mildred, leather wkr 
ence Alexan(]er, carp, h w s Bruns- Heath ' 
wIck a... Hen(]erson Albcrt J. optician, I J Henderson 
Fontaine Fred('rlck, japanner, b '1' J Ham. Hen(]erson John, court crier. h n s St Clair 
II ton ay, ('or Fr,'derlCk 
Foord George. gdnr, h e s 1\Iurmy Hcnderson Walter J, stationer, I J Hen<1er- 
Foord Harry A. gdnr 1\1 E 
'oord, I same Bon 
Foord Marshall E, mkt gdnr e s Murray, Hell(]rlek 
lichael J, mkt gdnr n s St Clair 
TQRONTO, CAN. h same av, h same 
For(] Frederick V, sailor, h n s Alhert Hen<1rlek WIUo. mkt gdnr n S St Clair av, 
Fowler J Herbe
t L, cnrp. h w S Albany a... h same 
Fox !\Iiss Ella, In(]r
, I 
Irs III A Fox Heron Albert, with J E Edwards & Sons. 
Fox Fl'ederlck, g(]nr. h s St Clair av I '1' Heron 
Christie James, cattle dlr s s Helena a\', Fox 
1iss Jcnnle, In(]rs, I !\Irs M A Fox Heron lIliss 
Iaggle, with J E Edwanls & 
h same Fox 
Iary A (wid R<>bert) h e s Christie Sons, I THeron 
Christie Miss 
Iary E, clk. I J Christie Fraser John, with J E Edwar(]s & Sons. res Heron Thomas, carp, h n s Alcina av 
Christie Miss Minnie E, clk, I J Christie Toronto Heslo!? Jllmes, farmer n s Vnughan I'd 
Clark \Vm. slater, I Mrs \II Carmody Frost George C, lab, h e s Bathurst Heslop James jr, I James Heslop sr 
Clarke Enoch, mkt gdnr \\ sLake Ylew Frost 
I1ss Jessie, I Gl'<)rge C Frost Heslo!.! John H, farmer e s Vaughan I'd 
av, h same Froud Miss Florence, with J E Edwards &, Conn,lescent Home, :llIss Mar- 
Clarke "'m. gdnr E Clarkc, I same Sons, res Toronto gllret \\ atson supt, n e cor Da\'enport I'd 
Clarkson John, I C Webb Gnlloway John P, bkpr Blackwell & Co, res and Bathurst 
Clarkson \IIlss Mabel F, I C Webb Toronto Hoad Ernest A, whol btchr n s Helena av 
Coates Elizabeth (\\Id Wesley), I G Coates Garrett Joseph S, with J E Edwards & b Bame ' 
Coates George, mkt gdnr w s Hilton av, h Sons, h s s Alcina av Hollis Gcorge, florist w s Shaw h same 
same Garrett \Vm H, jnpanner, h s S Alcina av Holmes Ernest, lab, I R Holmes 
Cole Franklin \V, Ur, h s s St Albans av Ge T (] o d r e o s nt ' o :\'alter A, acet Roake Ml'g Co, res Holmes Matthew B, prln Bracondale Pub 
COoey Herbert, maeh, h e s Bathurst 
ch, res Toronto 
Cooey Joseph. foreman, h e S Bathurst GII
s James S, lab, h e S Vaughan I'd Holmes Reuben, Inh, h s S Albert 
Cook Ernest. lab, b R Holmes Giles IIIlss \IIary, I J Crang Humphrey }<'rancJs R, prtr, h w S Chrll,tle 
Cooper H Ernest, casemkr, h S S DaTen- Glover Adam, foreman, h s s St Clair av Ir'

 o h ron J t O o hn, hOstler Boake \lUg Co, rt>s 
port I'd Goad Herbert '1', wd turner, h e sHow. ... 
Coppin Edmund G, lab Boake \lUg Co, res land av In-Ine "'m, carp, h w S Howland av 
'l'olonto Godkin Charles H, carp, h w S Howland nv Jackson GeQrge, brklyr, h w S Brunbwiek 
Cotterill John, florist e s Bathurst, h same Goodchild Elizabeth (wid Charles W), h e a'"enUe 
Coulter A Alexander, plstr. h e s Christie s Christie Jackson George jr, appr, I Gl'<)rge Jackson 
Coulter 1\IIss Elsie, elk \V Snowden, I same Goodchild \IIlss Etta, I \III'S E Goodchild Jackson JoseI'll W, btchr, h 321 Howland 
Coy David S, shipper, h s s St Atbans av Goodl'hlld 'Ym, gdur, I \III'S E GoodchHd Ilvenue 
Crang Jethro. brklyr, h n s st Clair av Gooding Robert, lab, h e S Vaughan I'd Jl'ffery Edgar, mach, I Amos Harvey 
('ra"ford LaurieI', driver Boake J\Ug Co, Goodman E(]ward. bkr, h n s Alclnn nv Jesop Capt Dudley 
', h n s St Clair ay 
res Toronto Goodman John H, with J E Bdwal'lls & Johnson Churles G, bkr w S Bathurst, cor 
Curtis David, mkt gdnr e s Murray, h same Sons, I E Goodman Alclnn av 
DeacofJ John H, carp, h s s St Albans av Graham Bernar(], mkt gdnr w s Hllt?n Joll,nson Edward. mkt gdnr n S St Clair 
Deej(an James, h s s St Clair av a." h same a\", h same 
De Peneler Rev Adam U, curate St. James' Graham John, gdnr, I '1' Graham Jollnson. :llIss Rebecca. I E Johnson 
Cathedral, h n s Davenport I'd Graham \IIlss lIIagj(le, I '1' Graham Johnson Wm. gdnr, I E Johnson 
De Peneler Sarah (wid Peter '1'), I Rev A Graham Owen, mkt g(]nr w s Hilton av, h JQhnston C James, grocer Davenport I'll, s 
U D.. Penl'ler same w cor Christie 
Dever Wm, carp, h w S Markham Gb.a
::e Thomas, mkt gdnr e s Hilton nv, Johnston Frank, plmbr, I Mrs M Johnstoll 

emlah, mkt gdnr w s Munnlng Graham Thomas Jr. gdnr, I '1' Gmham J

on :llary A (wid Thomas), h s 8 VIt-- 
Dodds Thomas, planer Boake \lUg Co, res I C:raham 'Yalter, gdnr, I '1' Graham Johnston 
lIss Pauline, lIllI's M A Joh" 
Toronto (,raham \\ 18, florist, b \III'S C Young 610n 
Doles Harry helper Boake \lUg Co res To- Graham Wm, gdnr, I '1' Graham JONES BROS (Thomas. W Richard 
I'Onto ' 'Greensldes Wm, brk mfr s s St Clair av, an(] Ernest), Stove Brick \IInnufacturers. 
DOllery John, lab Blackwell & Co, res '1'0- G h sam Id e W A b k k h I'hm"" Christie st, north CPR Tmcks 
I'onto reens es m , I' m 'I', n S St Clair (See card In TorontO) 
Dones \llIss Gertrude, with J E Edwards & G ave k nue J h I b h B h JOnes Duncan, lab BOake J\lfg Co res '1'0- 
Sons, res Toronto rou eon, a. e I! at urst rOllto ' 
Douere Valeria (wid Frank N) h s S Hel.1 Grouke lIIary (wid John), h e s Bathurst Jones Ernest (Jones Bros), I Thomas JonC8 
ena av ' I Gro\es Albert, pileI' Boake \lUg Co, res Jones Thomas (Jones Bros), h w s Christie 
Dunn Miss Katie, with J E Edwards & Toronto Jones W Richard (Jones Bros), I Thomas 
Sons, I N Dovercourt (
rummltt Edmund. elk, I Wm GrummlU Jones 
Enston Robert gdnr b \III'S C Young (,rummltt Henr Y i bkr, I Wm Grummltt Jordan Albert E, gdnr, I H S Jordan 
Ebbltt Frank 'K, see Boake Ml'g Co, res Grummltt Miss na, stenog, I Wm Grum- Jordnn Horace S, gdnr, h w s Christie 
Toronto I mitt Jordan Walter, mkt gdnr w s Chrlstlp, b 
Edmunds Miss Pansy, with J E Edwards & I r
rummltt Miss \llIna, bkbndr, I Wm Grum- Bame 
Sons, I Wm Edmunds ,mitt Jorj(cnSf,n Gustav, lab, h w sAlhany aT 
Edmunds Wm lah h s S Albert (.rummltt Wm. mkt gllnr s s St Clnlr av, Joy Hudson. brbr, h w s Bathurst 
Edwards Arthur J: leather wkr J E E(]- h same Kcmp A Edwin, milch, I J E P Kcmp 
wards & Sons, h n s Alhert Half' Arthur E. I '1' W Hale Kemp 
lIss Georl';'lna, furrlcr, I J J.: I' 
Edwards Charles (J E Edwards & Sons), II,.lc '1' "'alter, car washer, It e s flath- I Kemp 
h w s Christie urst I Kemp J E Play tel', curl', h n s Da\"enp"rt 
Edwnrd Elizabeth J (wid John E) h e s Hl}ltord Frederick, cnrp, h s s St Clair av road 
Christie 'Hnt! Wm. lab, b R Burbridge I""lnp !\flss 
Iaudc. I J E l' Kcmp 
Edwards 1\IIss Emily, with J E Edwards & Hamilton George. mach, h s s Albert J-i:cmp 1II1ss P('nrl, fnrrler. I J ..
 P Kemp 
Sons. j 'II'!< E J Edwards Hnmllton James, luh, I '1' J Hamilton J-i:cmp Perch al. furrier, I J E P Kpmp 
Edwards \IIlss Fannie, \\lth J E Edward Hamilton John, enll:'. h n s Helena av Kl'nne(]y Dennis. lab, h c s Christie 
& Sons, I H G E(]wards Hamilton \IIlss Matilda. I '1' J Hnmllton Kenn..;v IIIlss \IIar
'. for('ldy. I D Kenney 
Edwards Henry G, harnps" mkr J E Ed. Hamilton Thomas J, Inh, h S S st Alhans Kl'rr Andrpw, hkr secor Davpnport I'll 
wards & Sons, h n " Alhert a\ cnue and ITowlnnd nv. h snme 
Edwards Jameq (J E Edwards & Sons), I Hamilton Wm, trunk mkr, I Wm Green, Kerrlsou Ellznheth (wid Thomas), Ilrsmkr 
Mrs. E J Fdwards sides e s Bntburst. h 
Edwards John (J E Edwards & Sonto), Hnmllton Wm J, bl(]r. h e 8 Markhum Kprrlson Frederick V. h.'nshmkr, I 1111's " 
W 8 Bathurst IInllcor-k Henry, with J E E<1wn.rds & Kcrrlson 
Edwards J E & Sons (John. Wm IT, Jam,-s SOns.....s Toronto Kcrrlson \\'m ')'. Inh. I 
Irs E K"l'I'lson 
Rnd (,hnrlps). harncss trlmmlnj(s nnd Hnn-c) Amos. Ilrl..-pr Ronke 
lfj( Co, h n q K,-ttl., .Tos.".h. .Irh 0>1'. h W S nr"n
t\'I('k ay 
tanc;v leather j!oodq. e II Christie TIrhll'prnnn av I'irlo)- 
liss Jlnzpl, clk, I \III'S S Klrhy 


AT $2 00 

Biggest Boot Value in' Canada for 
Men and Women, 




190 YONGE ST. 

E T 

E '1' 

w. & E. A. BADENACH 

Offices, Nos. 16-17 LEADER LAN!! 
Telephone Main 2288 
Re.., No. 116 ST. MARY ST. Telephone North ..8 


OF .. 

115-117 KINC ST. W., TORONTO 

.. The tone of the Heintzman & ('0. Piano i
delightful, the elasticity of action marvellouB. 
e\"ery note ringing out in clear, pearly and 
limpid quality, It excels any Piano I have 
ever used." 




 Susanna (wId NathanIel), h e s Bath- Meech Walter, clk, I J E Meech 
ll'redith 'liss Ellen, h e s Clll istIe 
Kingdon I,'r('derick E, plIer Boake Mfg Co, 
lhldleton Horace, lab, h w B Bathurst 
h n s Bridl:eman \1iles Alfred J, tmstr, h e s Howland av 
Lnke lie\" Frederick C, pastor Wychwood 
liles Miss Emma. I "A J MlIeB 
Church of ChrIst, h n s Helena av 
IIlIer Bernard, mkt gdnr w B ChrIstIe, h 
Laughton S Fl'IlnclB, mkt gdnr e s Duffer- Bame 
In, cor St ClaIr av, h same \liller Bernard W, gdnr, h e s Dufferln 
Llmren('e Da\ld, plIer lloake Mfg Co, reB \!iller Edwin T (
IIlIer & Sons), h w s Mur- 
Toronto rn
Lawrence JameB D, bkr, h w s Bathurst Miller FrederIck C (MlIIer & Sons), h w B 
Lawr('nce "r m , drher Boake 
lfg Co, res Murray 
Torouto IIlill('r n'ederick N (MlIIer & Sons), h VI" I! 
Le Cornu "-m, carp, h w s Bathurst Murra)- 
Lee Benjamin, yardman Boake Mfg Co, Miller & &mB (Frederick C, Frederick H 
rcs Toront" and Edwin '1'), tlorists, w s 
Legg MIss Mary, I P R Legg Minto John, \\hol tea w B Walmer I'd 
Legg l'hllip R. mkt gdnr e s Frederick, h IIUraie Charles, fir

an, 1 )<' Lowes 
same Monkbouse ArchIbald, macb hd Boake lit&' 
Legg Wm, I P R Legg Co. res Toronto 
LIndsay Mls's Annie, \\ Itb J E EdwardB & Monkhouse Frank. drl\"er Boake IIlfg Co. 
Sons. I J Lindsay res Toronto 
LIndsay James, earp, h n s Helena av Monkhouse Samnel, foreman Boake IIUg 
LIng Edward, pntr, h w s Howland av Co, res Toronto 
LInton Rlcharò N, eng, h w s Bathurst MorrIson Samuel B, gdnr, h s s VIctorIa av 
Llvo('k Catherine (wid Henry), h e s Mark- MulIrooney John, Japanner J E
ham & Sons. h w B Ossington av 
Llvock Joseph, lab, I Mrs C L1vock Mullrooney John jr, japanner J E Edwards 
LobIn Miss Elizabeth, b C W McMullcn & Sons, h n s Davenport I'd 
Lovitt Charles, mkt gdnr w s Lakev1ew Mullrooney Patrick, Japaneer J E Edwards 
av, h same & Sons. I J Mullrooney sr 
Low{'s Frederick W, vInegar mkr, h n s 1\Iullrooney Thomas, japanner J E Edwards 
Victoria ... Sons, I J lIInllrooney sr 
Lytle Miss Alice L, tchr Bracondale Pub 
lumford "'m R, btchr, h e s Bathurbt 
Seh. res Toronto Munro Da\'ld, tmotr, h e B ChristIe 

lcAJIIster James, plIer Boake Mfg Co, res Mnrphy James, tmstr, b e s HlIton av 
Toronto lIIurphy "m, lab, h w s Hilton av 
McBean Wm. steam fIr, h w s Albany ov l'oble 'rhomas, paver, h w s Howland av 
1\1 ('('a 1'1'011 John, drIver Boake Mfg Co, res 
oble Wm J. dliver, I Thomas l'oble 
Toronto l'ordhelmer Samuel, pIano mfr, h n B Dav- 

lc('artpn Thomas. tmstr. b 'I' Graham enport I'd 
\fcCarthy Edward, tmstr, b M Hendrick Norman Amaziah, COntI', h 325 Ho\\land av 
' Eugene, midI', I G J McCarthy l'orman Miss IBabella, t1rs, I 325 Howland 
!-fc('arthr Frank, mIdI', I G J McCarthy a\enue 
MI'('arthy George J. bkbndr, h e B Bath- Oborn 
s Annie, 1 H Oborn 
urst Oborn Harry, lab, h w s Bathurst 
'lcCarthy Joseph, plmbr, I G J McCarthy Orford Mary I" (\\Id James), I R J Flem- 

IcCarthy Louis. cik, I G J !\lcCarthy ing 
!\lcDonaj!h Robert, candy mkr, h s s Dav- Page :!:.!.lomas J, phy n s St Clair av, h 
e"port I'd same 

I('r.el' Mary (wid Wm), h w s Christie Parr)o Arthur J, electr, I J J Parry 
)lIcKE'nzle LewIs, pattern mkr, b J Ham- Parry John Jo'. I'lk, I J J Parry 
IIton l'arry John J, h w B Albany av 
M..Kerrlghan John, 1I0rist s B Davenport Perrin ""m, moto, h n B IIridgeman DV 
I'd, h snme l'erry Richard, mkt gdnr s s St Clair avo 
1IIcJ.aln Daniel. wtr, h e s Osslngton a\' h same 
!\1('J.ean George, hkpr, h s s Helena aT Peterman George, carp, h B B Helena av 
:llcLean Thomas, h n B St Clair av Peterman H('nry, blksmlth, I G Peterman 

lc'll\1an JameB, checker BoakE' IIIfg Co, res Peterman 
llss Jennie J<;, wIth J E Eù- 
Toronto wards & Sons, I G Peterman 
'lcMl\1an James, tray, I Mrs S 1IIc:lllll,m Peterman )lUss Mary E, mach opr, I G Pet- 
Mdll\1an John. clk. I 
Irs S 
llllnn erman 
:llc'll\1an Sarah (wid James), h n s Helena Philips George A, mkt gdnr n s Albert. h 
ßT('ßUP same 
!\lcMnllen Charles W, lab. h n s Alcina a\O Phillips George E, lab, h w s Howland av 

lcXah "'m D, phy e s Bathnrst. res same l'hilllps Uenben, mkt gdnr w s Mnrray, h 
'I('Quade Fdward, lah. h n s Brldgpman av same 
'lcWaters David A, tray Blackwell & Co, l'billip' Samh (wId Reuben). I R PhllllpB 
res Toronto PIckard John, bk mkr Jones Bros, I C Poyn- 
:llacnnmara Arthur. gdnr. I J 
Ial'namnra ton 
!\Ia('namara Donald. gdnr. I J Macnamara l'ickeWlg Da\ Id, mkt gdnr w s Lake\"lew 
'Iacnamara )<'rank, gdnr. I J 
Iacnamara fiV, h same 
!\Iacnamara John, mkt gdnr B S Davl'nport Pickles Jaml's H, cond, h w s Albany av 
I'd, h same Pierson James, drIver Boake IIUg Co, res 
Macnamara Patrick. mkt gdnr e B Shaw. Toronto 
h snmE' I Pollard Harr
', 1I0rlst, 1 'r WHale 
'la,liIaford John. ctr. h e s Chrlstlp Pooler Wm Jo'. lab Boake IIUg Co, h n B 
IIInl(('e Eleanor (wid Wm\. h w s Chrl<tle Vaughan I'd 
'lain "
m, lah. I !III'S (' Steel I'oslill St('phen J, carp, h w s BathurBt 

Iannpl 'flss AnniE'. with J E Edwardo & Pottcr George, bl;. 11I10.1' Jones Bros, res 
Sons, res Toronto Toronto 
'larks nporge L. gro s w 1'01' Da\enport I'd I'oynton Eilgar, pntr, h w B Christie 
an<1 Howland avo h same Price "-m E. hrklvr, h w s Howland av 
'larks neorge O. ml\1 hand. I G J, 
Iarks Puhllc Hall. n s Àlclna av 
'larks H('rman R. ell. G L 'f:Irks, I sam.. Punnett Dore H. gdnr w s Christie, h same 
'Iarrltt 1IIIss ('elpllna. tchr Bracondale Pllb f'unnett Ull'hard, mkt gdnr w B Christie, 
Sl'h. r"s Toronto Junction h Bame 
:llnssle Edward, electr, h s 0 H('lenn n\' Pllterh.lUgh Miss Aggl{'. \\lth J E Edwards 
'In ton Wm H. mkt gdnr n s St Clair a\', h & Sons" res XOrtb Dovercollrt 
same Reid Arthur L. h w s Christie 
\Intthews Archbold. asst tchr, I 'I )II 1IInt- Hl'ld (;eor/:e, lab. h n s Bridgeman av 
thpws Re
 nolds George !II, varnish mkr, h s 8 
'Iatthpws :llarmaduke F.. prln. I 
I )II 'Iat- Alcina av 
thpws Roh('rton lIIlss Alice, I J A Roberton 
\Iatthpws Marmadukp 'f. artist n s Da\-- 1I0h(,l'ton 1II1ss Agnes. I J A Roberton 
pnport rif, h snmE' 1I0h('rton Jnmes A. lIIessr. h e s Bathllrst 
'Ippd. "iss I'om. I J rnns(' I
 :lI,'pch IInl...rton .Iohn. messr. h w s Howlaml n\" 
V."ofAh .1.IIU('
 I:. l.urhpr "ò; (I l."ßr Du,-enport ßI11wrtnn 'YnUpf. Inh, 1 J A Roherton 
,,1 an.1 Bathurst, h same R..('k
 John H. lineman, h 341 Howland a'f 

I Uunham )llIss \"lolet, I F V FOrd 
Uunham "m D, lab, h w s Bathurst 
an Elizabeth (wid John), h w s Hilton 
Uy.1ll .\J,ary (wid John), I 0 Graham 
Seager Ualph A, carp, h w s Brunswick 
Semple James R, piano actIon mkr, h n jJ 
Alcina a\" 
Shnnley Henry. lab, I 'I Shanley 
Shanle)o John, lab, I 111 Shanley 
::>hanley :llIchael, lab, h e s Bathurst 
Sharpley t:harles, mkt gdnr w s Christie, 
Sharpley Herbert. gdnr, I J Sharpley 
Sheppard BenjamIn R, shoemkr, h e s Bath- 
Sheppard lIIatthew, mkt gdnr n s St ClaIr 
av, h same 
Sheppard Matthew J, gdnr, I 1\1 Sheppard 
ShuteI' Alhert W, mkt g<1nr s s Davenport 
rd. h same 
ShuteI' Harry R, mkt gdnr Davenport I'd, 
B e 
or Shaw 
Silman Thomas, ctr, h s s Alcina av 
Simpson Robert, stableman Boake Mfg Co, 
res Toron to 
Small George, tlorlst, b 1111's C Yonng 
Smith Andr('w G, stone ctr, h n s Alcina 
Smith _ Uo_bert, lab Boake IIlfg Co, res To". 
Smith Wro, gdnr, h s s St Clair aT 
Sll!ith '\"111. solderer, h s s Helena av 
Smithson George, htchr, h e s ChrIstie 
Snowden ',"esley, gro s B Davenport I'd, II. 
SouthwelI RIchard, carp, h e B Bathurst 
SplllE'r George, mkt gdnr e s BathurBt& b 
Spradbrow Charles, coachman Mrs A J Ar- 
Steel Charlotte (\\ itI Wm), h n s Helena av 
Stpphens John, mkt gdnr w s lIIurray, II 
StephenB John Jr. gdnr J Stephens. I same 
Stcphens ""m, mkt gdnr, II s s Davenport 
Steven" ""alter. carp, h e B Vanghan I'd 
Stronglthal'm George, lab, h n s Albert 
Stoutenhurg Charles, pntr. h e s Albany 
lIss_Sarah, I W R 
Summerfield Charles R. mach, h s s St 
Summerfield Joseph, trunk mkr, h n s St 
Clair av 
Swailes Charles, mkt gdnr s s Davenport 
rd. h same 
Inr:v (wId )llIchael), drsmkr, h 
'Irs C Young 
Thornton Walter. lab, h w s Bathurst 
IIss Amelia C. with J E Edward
& Sons, I C W Mc'lullen 
Till Gpor!!'p. carp, I Mrs V Douere 
Topping Edward, pulley bldr, h n s Da\- 
enport I'd 
Thrlst Thomas. carp. h s s Helena av 
Tucker Ha\"ld, lah, h W I! Howland av 
Tnl'ker "'m. mach, h 3
ï 1I0wland av 
Turner .Frank C E. postmaster, h n w cor 
tlp and Davenport I'd 
Turner P('J'{'lval, foreman Boake IIlfg Co 
res Toronto 
 Hall, w s ChristIe 
lIss Xelll
 with J E Edwarda &: 
Sons. lIllI's E J Edwards 
Yanc" Fn.derlck, clk. I J Summerlleld 
Verner John, h e s Vaughan I'd 
""all Alma. jwlr, h n s Alcina av 
Wnlsh JameB, lab Boake )lUg Co. res To- 
ron to 
Wanless John. jwlr, h n s Davenport I'd 
llss 'Iargaret, supt Hillcrest Con- 
valescE'nt Home, n e cor Dm'{'nport r' 
and TIathurst 
\\""bh Chrlstoph('r, /1:1'0 and post of lice, W 
Yauch:m rd. 1'01' St Alhans a\'o h same 
Wedd('rhurn George, carp, h 347 HOwlan' 
a '.enue 
"'plr Allnn, hrl.l
 1', h s s St Alhnns a.. 
Well' Allan Jr. st('am ftr. I A Well' 
"-..II,, Walter W, organ bldr, I Wm Wells 
Wello Wm. lah. h w " Christie 
"h('atev .John. with J E E,lwards & Sons. 
h w s 
Iannlng av . 
""hltp Gporge. gdllr. h n s St Clair aT 
I Whltp lIenry G. h C\>r Bathurst and Vaa- 
chan I'd 


Electro Toronto Brass Manufacturing Co. 
Plating 98-100 LOMBARD ST. PHONE MAIN 814 

:H 0 RWO 0 D







"'00<1 Charll's, brkl) 1', hI's Christie Cooper G,,,'ln, btchr, 1 '1' B Cooper 
"'00<1 Hugh, I:lh. h w s Bruns"ick av I Cooper G.lvln, \\ks H Talbot, res Toront!! 
V.ood James, carp, I Hugh "'ood Cooper Geürge, carp, h Don Mills I'd 
Wood John. I'arp, h 339 Howland av I Cooper John
ton, jwlr, I T B Cooper 
Woo<lle)' H('nQ G,_ midI', 11 I' S Bathurst Cooper Thomas B, lab, 11 Don Mills I'd 
W)'l'hwoo<l Cl1urch of Christ, Rev F C Corbett Ul'njalllln, sl1oemkr, I J 
Lake pastor, ('Or Heil'na av and Vaugh:ln Cousins 'L'hOllllls, brkmkr, 11 Don .\1I1Is 1'<1 
road Cuthbertson James R, Il'tter I'arrier, h Lo- 
"'Yl'hwo'ld 1'11'1' Hall. n s All'ina av, 1 w gan uv 
Bathurst Danforth Hall. Danforth av, 1'01' Ellerbel'k 
"'ychwood Park Post Offi('e, Christopher Dean Wm X, brkmkr, b J Munro 
'Vebo postmaster, w s Vaughan I'd, 1'01' De"e)' l.'rederiek, (]eeorntor, h Logan av 
St Alb:lns av Dickson \\'m, Imtr, b J Munro 
Young Andrew, lah John Y<!ung, I saIDI' DONCASTER POST OFFICE, 
 Catherine (wid 'Vrn), h w s Vaughan GeorgI' Brooks POstmaster, Don Mills r(] 

g G('orge, ,Irlver, h n s Bridgeman av DÇ>N V AL
Young James, drh'er John Youn/(, I same .. ertlllzer . \\, orks, James. \V Yo
Young James, pattern mkr, h J Hamilton 
rlet<?r, I:
?loQ lion \ alley (See card 
Young Jol1n dalrv s s Davenport I'd h ClassIfied lallo\\) 
Bame ' , , Fallo!, John, fireman, h Logan av 
Young Samuel, wks John Young, I same 
Iemmg Robert, so
p ctr, h John 
Y",,"nll:' Thomas, ,Irh-er John Young, I same F ors)t!,e James, h 6 Danforth av 
): oun,\( "'m, cond, hI's Howland av F
 \\ m, pntr, h Logun av 
Yonng "'m, wks John Young, I same qlllllore Albert, I H GHmor e 
Zion "ethodl.t Church, Rev Wallal'e Har- Gilmore lIa\ld, I H GIlmore 
ten pastor, s s St Clair ay Gilmore Henry, brkmkr, h John 
Gilmore Robert, lab, I H Gilmore 
Gilmore :llIss Samh, I H Gilmore 
Goo(]\\ln Edwin G, elk, h Randolph av 
Gough \Vm E. fiorist 1II0seow a\, h same 
Hall Da\'ld, dairy Logan ay, h same 
Hall John, lah, I R Hall 
1 e Hall lIIurgaret J (,,
 John), I R Hall 
Hall Robert. Ìlalry 
:lrah, h same 
Hall "'m, dairy Sarah, h same 
Hallett Agnl's (wid Vincent), nurse. I Mrs 
A Young 
Hallett Arthur E. shipper, I loll's A Young 
I'attle dlr Whitney av, :llIss J,'ssie M, elk, I MrB A Young 
llllllett :l1Iss Oli\-e, jwlr, I loll's A Young 
dr(l\'er J Armstrong. I Ham "'m H, supt, h Whitney av 
Harrigan Patrick, mkt gdnr Don :lllIIs I'd, 
h same 
Hdm Uobert, lab. h Ellerbeck 
Hern E(]mund, gdnr, h Pape av 
Hibbltt George, lab, h Pape av 
Hodge James, brkmkr, 1 T Bennett 
Hodgson Samuel H, bkr, I Mrs H Ingham 
Hos'kln John F, mkt gdnr Pape a\', h same 
House Henry, lab, h Don MIIlB I'd 
Hughes lIIrs Mary. h lion Mills I'd 
Ingham Harriet (wid Joshua), h Don Mills 
Ingham Joshua, btchr, h Don :llilIs I'd 
P Barrl- Ingham 
Iss Sarah A, I 1011's H Ingham 
Inward George, mkt g(]nr Pape av, h same 
Irving Wm, lab, I J WlIson 
Juckson Thomas, wks H Talbot, res To- 
Jamieson Duncan, driver J \V Young, res 
Jeffery Albert J B, stonemason, I J W 
Jeffery 8amuel. mach, h Snrah 
Johnston \\'m. tmstr, h Sarah 
Ki<1d \\'m, ßlkt gdnr Pape a\, h same 
Kirkpatrick Thomas, eng, h Don :llIlls I'd 
Latter Miss Hnrrlet, studt, I J Latter 
Latter Henl')' H, stu(]t, I J Latter 
Latter Joseph, prln CheBter pub sch, h Don 
MlIIs I'd 
Leech ""hn W. lab, h Sarah 
I,eman Cl1rlstopher J, lab, h Pape av 
head :\lIss Emma. tchr Chester I)(\b 
sch. res Toronto 
L,'ndon Herbert W. mach, I Mrs F L Sot- 
av :llcCormack :llartin. tmstr. h 8arah 
s Dan :llclntyre :\lIss :llaud. tchr Chester puh seh, 
r('s Toronto 
:llac<1onald neorgp. shipper, h Fulton nv 
:lladdafor<1 Samu('l. htchr. Don MIU
:lleacham Miss Ella 1'. I T Meacham 
:lleachpm 'I'homas, en
. h lion lI1i1ls 1'<1 
:\Ienagh Harrl('t L (wid ThomaB W), mus 
tchr, I Mrs F L SotherglU 
:lIergen :llatthew, I Wm Stott 
h some Milne Andrew, japanner, h Sarah 
res '1'0- :llunro Jam"s. .mnj!:r. h DOn Mills I'd 
:llunl'O :lllss Luella, I J :llunro 
Munro Wm, hrkmkr, I J Mnnro 

icholson John, lah. h 8.32 Danforth a\' 
orton John. blksmlth 2 Danforth av, res 
r.nss Ella, I J Constable O'Rafferly :llIehael, lah J W Young. res 
James, mkt gdnr Pape av, h Toronto 
Pestell Alfred, lab, h Don r.lIlls I'd 
Pestell Alfred W, jwlr, I A Pest ell 


(Four \lI1es 
ortheast of P.O.) 
Allatt Thomas, h n s Danforth a\', 
Anl1erson Yorke. potter, It John 
Anderton E(]wal'(I, lab, h :llosco\\" av 
Armstrong Frederick \\', drover J Arm- 
strong, I same 
Armstrong Jamps. 
Armstronll:' John, 
same _ 
Armstrong Robert J, (]rover J Armstrong, 
ArnoJd Albert, appro I G Arnold 
Arnold Gporge, paper mkr, h John 
Athersleh Will :II, mkt gdnr Randolph av, 
h same 
Athersich Wm :II Jr. gdnr, I \\'m :\1 Ather- 
Raptlst Mission, Don r.l1lls I'd 
Bennett Thomas, btchr. h Don MlIIs I'd 
BE'nnett Thoma
 Jr. "hol htehr Whltupy 
av, h SUllie 
BIrrell Jamps. h \\"liltne... av 
Black John R, lab J W iounll:', I 
B<11<1erson \\'m J. lab, h Pape av 
Braý John, carp, h Don 1o1l11s I'd 
Bray I("nn('th, fncy hox mkr, I J Bray 
Bray 8tallle)', htchr, I J Bray 
Brooks Albert F.. drlIIer, h Don r.l1lls td 
Brooks :llIss Amelia L. elk G Brooks. I same 
BROOKS GEORGE. Postmaster and 
Grocer. Don \llIIs 1'<1, h S8me 
Brooks Joseph. I'aretkr. h Don Mills I'd 
Brown FI'Illlk, clk, I J T Brown 
BrowlI H('nry F. con stahle, h 4 Danforth 
Brow.} John '1', ronstahle. h Don :llills I'd 
Bro\\n :lIiss UalJPI, elk, I J T Brown 

dt Thomas A, prcssman, h Don :lllIIs 

'gll James. ellg J W Young, res To- 
Caldwell John. pastor Don :l1l1!s \Ietho- 
dlst Church, h lion \llIIs I'd 
Carradus Geor!,:e H, carp. h Fulton 
Card" arillne Alfre(] R, mkt gdnr n 
forth av, 1 e Lo/(all. h same 
Castor Wm, gdnr, h lion r.lIlls I'd 
Cham hers Ellen (wid Wm), I J Chamhl'ps 
Chambers James, lineman, h Samh 
Chestpr,'terlan Church. Rl'v A L 
McFadyen pñstor. Don Mills I'd 
Chester Public School, Joseph Latter prln, 
Don Mills I'd 
Clark Jamps F, mkt gdnr Pape av, 
Comstock Peter, lab, J W Young 
Condie John, elk. h Pape av 
Condie "'m A. elk. I J Condie 
Constahle Alexander, mkt gdnr Fulton 
h sam I' 
tahle :llIss Jennie, I J Constable 
Cook Charles. htl'hr, b J Munro 

Pledger Walter, brkmkr, h Don r.lIlls r(] 
I'laskit Harry. c'arrlage mfr :! Danforth avo 
res Toron to 
PI.IHer AII",rt E (Play tel' Eros), It 40 Dan- 
forth av 
Pla)'ter Bros (Albert E alld \\'m E), mkt 
gllnrs, 40 IIII"forth a\' 
Play tel' John L, mkt g(]nr 132 Danforth av. 
h s,lme 
I"la)'ter Wm E (Pla)'ter Bros), h 40 Dan- 
forth av 
Proctor Ralph W, elk, h Ellerhpck 
Proctor Reginald, gdnr, I H W Proctor 
I'urchase Edwar(] G, lob, h Ellerbeck 
Purchase George E, locksmith, h Ellerbeek 
Purchase James H
 pntr, h Ellerhel'k 
l"urcl1use "om C, slloeetr, lEG Purchase 
Heed Frederick. lah, I Wm Heed 
Hee(] '\'m, h Logan av 
HeW Amelia (\\I(] James), h John 
Hei(] James, lab. h Don MlIIs I'd 
Heid Hohert, shipper, h Don MlIIs I'd 
HehI Wm, I loll's A Reid 
Hoberts Thomas, lab, h Pape 8v 
Hoblnson Harry M, designer, h 130 lIan- 
forth av 
Rodger Archibald, bkpr J W Young, n:s 
Holrey Alfred, pump mfr Samh, h same 
Rossan :llIs9 Lizzie, I P Rossan 
an Peter, trnsLr, h 1\loscow nv 
Hu<l<1 St..phen, mkt gdnr Pape av, h ame 
St Barnnbas' Churl'h (Anl!:lican). Ellerbeck 
Rnullders \\'m, h Don Mills I'd 
Scott Johll W, paper fnshr, h Sarah 
Shephnr(] Geor!,e, florist Lo!!all U', res To- 
Shephar(] Harry J, mkt gdnr Randolph av, 
h samp 
Slinker Mar)' (wid Martin), I Mrs M Hu
Smith Herbert, slsmall, h Don Mills I'd 
Smith John. stl'amftr, h Don :lllUs I'd 
Smith \\'111. 'wks J \V Young, r('s Toronto 
Somers Bernardo. Inh. I John Romers 
Somers John. mkt gdnr Leslie. h same 
Homers Rohert. lah, I John SonlPrs 
Sotherglll Fannie L (whl Thomas \\'). mus 
tl'hr DOli :llIlIs r(], J. same 
Sparrow Charles E, sort"r J W Y()UII
. res 
Ste,'enson John D, mngr. h Don :lliIls I'd 
Stokell Alfred, carp. h 1)011 Mills 1'<1 
Stott Wm, tmstr J W Y.Qung, h Don Mills 
Strollgltharm John. tmstr, h Don Mills I'd 
Strongitharm :llIss Lucy. I J Strongltharm 
Strongltharm '\'m, I J Rtron
Talbot Harry, cattll' dlr, I H Talbot 
Talbot Henry, whol ht<'l1r floll :llilIs 1'<1, It 
Talhot :llIss Ida, st('nog'. I 11 Talbot 
on John, lab. h Logan nv 
Turner Alhert C. lab. h Lo!,:an av 
'I'urner Jospph. tnu tl', h \\'hitney av 
Valiant (;<,ürge. h ItaIJdolph a\" 
 -!;eorj!:('.'. b 'I' Bennett 
Vincent neorj!:e :II. lah. h Pape av 
'\'ard \\'m, j!:<lnr, h Randolph av 
'\,('hster '\'11\ 
, h "'hltnl'Y av 
\\'pbsler \VIII X, trl1\'. h \\ hitney av 
\\"lj!:l!:ln Richard, d.)lry. 1-'uiton av. h BRme 
"'imams James, foreman J '" Y"un
, res 
"'lIson John. fireman, h ,Iohu 
Wilson :llIss :lI,.
gie. I J WII,on 
Wilson Miss Minnie, I J Wilson 
'Vlnterhottom Brlle\ nnnterhottom Bro
h L('sll" . 
""lnterbo!tom nl'OS (Harry a \HI Briley), 
mkt gdnrs L,,'lIe 
Wlnterhottom Harry (\\ïnterbottom BI'OS), 
h Leslll' 
Young Annie (wid .Tames), h non Mills 1'(1 
Younl!: nMrgp A. 
hlpp('r. I :III's A Young 
YOUNG JAMES W, Proprietor Don 
Valley Rcn<1erlllg al1ll Fl'rtlllzpr Works 
(Spe ('ar<1 I'lnssllle,l Ta 1I0w). It Don :lllIIs 
 :III"" X,ellle. I \Irs A YOlln


(Ree East Toronto) 

(See l\orth Toronto) 

Guarantee Company of North America 
MEDLAND A '"'ONES. Cell'l Agellts, Mail Building. Cor. Kin&, and Bay Tel. Main 1067 

ance fot" LESS money than any other policy. Permit us to prove t
e above to you by sending 
sample policy and rate at your age. Address 18 TORONTO ST., CIty. 


er Park 


lThr..e :\Iiles :'\orth of I" ()) 
Alwulin U.., Johu J \I, 8uv..rior 8t Ba
XO\ itiate, I"es sUllie 
Iis.s Elizël. 11 S s 
t Clair n \ 
on :\Ii,s Urae.., I :\Iis t:liza Addi
on UulJ
rl, lalJ H..
..nolr I"ark, res To- 
ArmSlruU!; Albert t;, mtrs' agt. h 8 Faru- 
halll aY 
trollg John E, htchr, h 8 So 8t Clair BV 
Anllstnillg' P 1Iau
bßn, elk, 1 Thomas Arlll
Arffi"trOn!;, Vh) \\ S Yonge, h salll" 
Arnold Ih'nry, plllllJr, h I1l'er I"Il'k Hol..1 
AUDEN HENRY W. Principal, 
Lppl'r Canada Colleg.., res same 
Haker :\Ir
 Harriet, unrse II, :\I)-er's 1100;- 
ll. h 
Id.\\ in John :\1. ph)-, I :\11'8 :\1 Bald\\ 'n 
Bahh,lu La\\rl'l1l'" A. lJarr, I Mrs :\1 Hald- 
Baldnin :\Irs :\I,lI'gar..t (\\id 'Ym AI, h w s 
A,enue rd 
Bar\\ell J,m",s. h W 8 Lawton a, 
Beaton J..IID, 1'1..", lII..t U)', r..s Yorh :\Illls 
BPlhun.. HenQ' J. inspector vom Hank. h 
" oS l'opldr Pia illS nl 
Blal'kwell John, h n , Farnham u, 
Blain Hugh. h n s 8chill..r a,' 
Blakeman Ai'thur ", mach :\Ias8ey Hanis 
Blak..mRn Fred..rick, clk, I G H Blakl'man 
Blakeman Ueorge H, coli London Life, h s s 
8t Ctlil' H\ 
Blakeman :\lIss :\h\bel A, clk, I G H make- 
Bland \liss, nurse Ill' :\I)'er's 
pital. 1 same 
Bland l"rank. mas
ne'e Ill' :\Ie)-er's Hos- 
IJihll. 1 8ilIne: 
Bolt 'Irs Winifred. cook IIr )Ieyer's Hos- 
Borrett J W;Ilter, h _ cor Heath aud Yunge 
Borrou I:d\\ard ß. h n s Glen a,' 
Bo\\ 1'1' Jost"ph C. earp, hI's Lawton a,- 
ltton John A, c.up, h 11 S Pleô.l
allt fiX 
Breunun JdIllP
. Inb, h " s SpcuJ.inn nl 
Brennan Patrick. lalJ, h w s 8p.ldln.1 I'd 
Britton (
f'orge C. Clllp, I
 I' S oYnge 
Hrltton H.Il'Q-. jwlr. I G C Britton 
Britton Johu E. jwlr, I G C Britton 
Hrittull ".11I. lllotU. h e oS YOl1
Brook... Harold J. I J B Caulfelld 
Broughall Frf'deriek "', lingI', h 3 Summer- 
hill 1'1 
Bro\\n Fred, tmstr. hI's Yonge 
fi. 0\\ n Wm, lineman 'let Ry, res Egllnton 
Bro\\ n Will E H, plstr, h n s Baker :l\ 
Burden Benauric.. K. lJrokpr, I H Burdl'n>1l HfI'ur,r. )mints, h s s 8t ('tlir ;1\ 
Rurkt' John. ,,,sessol', h s s St Clair a, 
Campllf'lI Hugh, I'ng 'let R)', res Bond's 
Cart'" IUchard. moto :\Ief Ry, res Da..-18- 
, IIi,. 
C'arr Waltf'r R. tchr, h n s St Clair 11\ 
Ii,s :\Ia
', h n s Clarence a..- 
Cartn rlJ:"ht James S, master in chamhers, 
h ;; Summ..rhill pi 
eott Frl'lleriek. lab, h n s GormRII
- av 
("athe.lrt 'Iiss MllrJ:"aret, nurse Dr :\Ip)-el"s 
Ho"pltal. I same 
f'.lUlfl'ild JnulPs B. elk, h :\1001'1' Park 
Charlton Frauk. tinsmith. I "'m ("harlton 
Charlton 'Ym, h n 
 Dugg-au a ,- 
('hrlst Churl'\l IAnglic,m\, Uf'''- Thomll" \Y 
Pntpr:'/.on rpctor. " s Yonge 
Clark Gr.I(-e (\\Id Charl..s F). h s s Olin' a\' 
CI.lrke James H, tchr r C C 
Clark... '''m H C. dk. h n s Rosl' Hili a..- 
C'lift Kathl..en. dom Dr :\I..
'er's Hospital 
Cophrant' Alb...rt L. drill s..rgt r C C 
COil" Chari.., H, I'ntr. h n s Pll' a" 
Cnsgroye 'Ym 'I. motorman :\If't H), I H 
CREAN PATRICK. Superintendent 

t \ll<-h....l's C"metery. h w s Yongp. 
l'N'r Park 
CI'ol'k..n 8idn..
-. asst SI'('t, h s " Clarf'nc.. 
C'ro<;kl'r !':i,hl\'
' jr. "hpr. I !': C'roek..r 
Culliton 'lI
s DI...,,- Urs. I :\Irs :\1 C'ulliton 
Cnlllton Fr...<I"rÌ<'k U. marhl.. dr. I :\11'< :\1 
Cnlllton :\lnl'Y (\\id PIltrll'k). h w s Yonge 
Cullltnn "'m P. plmhr. I \Irs )t C'ulllton 
Cundall Frl'd, btchr, h n s Pleasant av 

\1,1\ id Charles, tmstr )tount Pleasant Ceme- 
tl'r) , res York towll
D.I\ is Jobn L. freight a!;t :\Iet U
, res EI':- 
Da,is Jospph, btehr V C :\Iurray, I IIa,18- 
11;1\ Is '''m. gr.mite etr. h s s !':t Clair II' 
LI;I\ ison
 'laQ G (\\ hi "'m), h 
 s Clinton 
.1\ enue 
lI.lwson George W. carp. h .' s Yongl' 
\leer l'.lrk Hotel. James O'Halioran VI'OV. 
" s Yonge 
tmB8ter, e 
\1....1' Park Pr..slJ) terlan Churl'h, Rev D C 
:'iõa("k pastor.. 11 oS 8t Clair R,r 
\1,.1'1' Park I"uhlic 8ehool, "'m J 'fhomsou 
(Ifill. 11 S St Clair BY 
D.., It! Thomas, clk, b n s I' a' 
Uiekiusoll Just"pb. 
dllr He
en vir Pur),.. 
l'es Toronto I 
Huherty John. clk, I J A :\1eIlroy _ 
Donnellv .10hn, lab. h s s 
t Clair a' 
[)ougtu..& Heorge. tJorl
t 1Iount Pleasant Grainger Olher, florist w s longt?, h SlIDe 
{'l'rupter\p, res Dfuisville (':'1"4;') <<;l.{)r
e H E. tebl' r (' C 
Drummon,1 AII'",and..r A, aCl't. h :\1001'1' Griffin J,lIues. car..thl' Dr, 
h'yer's HiJs- 
Park I'ital. h u sHeath 
lIuke ('harles, lJldr n s Clluton a\'. h same I (;up..;t Jul.n S II. tehr l- C C 
Llunhar 8arah A (\\ Id Richard), hI's Haekl'il Arthur. lah :\Iouut I'I..a,,,nt Ceme- 
'fungI-" I t4;'r
. res Toronto 
Duncan George. lab :\Iount Pleasant Ceme Hall IUcharrl. 11111 :\Iouut I'leasnnt Cem,,- 
tery. res Da,-Is, IIII' tery. res Eglinton" J.llies, real est, h w s Marlbor- H.mrl Thomas G. clk. h s s Hellth 
ough I'res Hands" m J. eng r C C 
Dundas Jamcs E, tra,', I J Dundns Harker Alfr..d, )llshr. h n s f't Clair 11\ 
:lJl1uel. luotO. h Iõõ S 8t Clair a,- H..trrl
Oll ::\Irs Annie L. ponfy t n s ('Ullton 
D\\an Patrick lab, h n s !':t Clair a, .1..-, I same 
L""'1ll Thoma
. lah, I P D\\ an Hnrrison Benjamin, messr. h n s Clinton av 
Edw.lrds Charles H. lumher, h n s Edmund John. stouectr. hI's YonKe 
"'elllw Ha,ting' Arthur. marhle ctr Elias Vau 
El!':le :\Irs Augusta, h 1 Summ..rhlll pi 7.ant. res Deer Park 
Elliott H"hert B. elect :\Iet Ry, res York H..,tinf:s (;eorj!in.l (\\ hi G('Orge). h \\ 8 
:\lIl1s Yonge 
Elli, Hil'h.ud Y, j\\lr. h w s A\'enue I'd, Hn,-,'or-k LornI', hell'er :\Iet Hy, res lIa\'18- 
cor ("1,u'f'n.lon a, 'IIII' 
Elli, '''m ''', ch ser. h n 8 Farnham II" Ha
-cnck Spth, motorman \\let U), res !<;ew- 
Fnl\'e, .John. tm,tl'. I I' J }o'I1I\'e)' mnrk..t 
t'ah-e,- :\Iiehal'l. stenmftr. I l' J Fah'e) Hn
 Thomas. lah :\Iount Pleasant C'eme- 
, \'atril'k J. mkt gdnr n s I-It ('lair ((.ry. re" lIa,ls,-llie 
a\' h 
nme Helhuuth Isidol'e F. harr, h w s L.n, ton liV 
....- I;.1trick '" gdnr, h w s 5t Clair a\' Henderson James B, com mer, h w s A..-I' 
Farle) Chl'i,tlna,' Indrs Dr :\Ie'er's Hos- nul' I'd 
pltal. I slime . Hill r:rJ\\ in. stained glass. h s s D..Llsll' 
Fnrr Thom.". cond :\Iet Ry, res 'foronto Hill 'Ym J. l'ontr. h n s Farnham a\' 
Ii", Rose. I 
liss :\1 Carter Hoad Jnspl'h. tmstr. h s s !':t C'lalr 1\'- 
Fooks John '''. pntr, h s s Oll"e a, Holm"" Hol>l'rt. tl'lu (" C C 
Foord "'m H. asst suvt )tount Pleasant Horn.. 'lichael. helper 
Iet R
'. r..
Cemetery, res Toronto ,ill.. 
Foot Jl'lIeQ', supt :\Iount Pleasant Ceme- Hoshin Alfr
'd, ,harr. h s s .Heath 
tery. hI's Yonge BosUn A I'.rskme, harr. I A Hoskin 
Foot Liou..1 E P, clk. I J Foot Hulme 'Ym T. pntr, b . s Du!,:gan II\' 
Foreman Joseph, hkr, I J A Bratton Hnrd 1I..I'h..rt .1. h s s Clarenl'e a,' 
Fothel'gill 'Ilis, :\Iaud. he..d nurse Dr, B\ltt
 Altr.'d. ('om agt. h w s Poplar Plain", 
l1)'ers' Hospihl, I same Butt
' Frl'd..rlek. ,tuIH. I Alfr('d Hult)" 
Fox "-m, )lrov, h n s Glen I'd Hutt
- Gporg... ('ngr. I Alfred Hutty 
 Jo:--pph, rond COllHur. h s s St Clêlir IIylnnrl In.n]{>:'/. J. line-I)Ull1, h s 
 (,ll\p fi\ 
a'I'mIe Jaek..s r:.lwin H. harr. h .. s Yoñg.. 
 Rtlhert 8. tlnstr. I J I""r.llicis Jpffpr
on 'Yw. Inh Re5õervolr Park, res T9- 
Franklin Esther 1\\'ld Benjamin H), h n s ronto 
ClintI'll a\" .T('nnings ArC'hihalo1, florist. I H Jt'llnlng
Frei<ir;('h Bl'uno R, editor. h n s Henth J..nnings Charl..s. carpet laye'!'; h s 
Fril>IHl J..l1ne
. h e :'I. Y on
(-' I Clair BV 
Frost (;..nrge J. janitor. h u s Clinton av J..nninl's
. florist I' s Yongl'. h 'amI' 
Frost "'.lltl'r, clk. I G J Fro"t JenninJ" :\Irs Sarah. gro I' s ,"onge. I ,'am.' 
Frost 'VII1. elect. I G .T Frost .Tohn:;;.toll (;eorge. ruotornul. h :'I. S "ll;':-
Gnl'\ In Jobn. lah St :\lichael's remetery. .Tohn'tnn John. hrkman. h n s !':t Clair av 
rps Toronto 1 .1on1'S 'Iiss C'arrle. mil's.. Dr :\It'r"r's 1I0.- 
Ga,- Fr..tI..ri('k jr, dk, I F C;.I..- pital. I samp 
nil,' .101m Pllnd\lukr I F Ga,' Jont" :\[rs :\Iary J. h n s Ro-p Hili a,' 
. "-Ill ".T. "atchllui, h n s "Bnk('r a," Jo)- 'Ii
. nurse [)r. 
-pr.s Ho....- 
Gihhnns '''Ill. gro, h s s Olh e 11"- 1.ltal. I s
(;i1"nn Thomas 'Yo h n s III' Lisle K('rr Jaml'''' K. harr, h Poplar Plllins I'd 
Gllmor(' I\lh('rt H \\ nggou mkr I' . '\ ou"e K..ttll' !':amnel. ell'ct. h n s Plpa
nnt a\" 
h n s i'lea
ant fl\' 
 King' :\tr, I:llzah('th, 1 :\Irs F. )I ""C'unl:: 
Gilmorl' Harold "', lJlksmlth A H Gilluore. Kine :\11" G..or::lna. I :\1", I: )I "..C'nalg 
1 sump L.lidIa\\ .John B. lunJ.!l". It " Platns 
Glass DII\'ld. cond :\Iet Ry. res Toronto L.llIrlt'r .Tan1<'s. clk. I "rs " L:1IIII...r 
Gordon 'fiss }Iahel. tl'hr 1>1'1'1' Park Pub L,,,"I...r .10hn. marÏJlPr. I "rs :\1 Landl'r 
:"ehool. res Toronto Lan,l"r "argaret (wid Johu). h n . L
Gralng..l' AII",rt E. \\ Ith F. Graln!,:"l' & Co, ton a, . 
h s .. 011\1' a, L"ndpr 'Yro. .mngr. I :\Irs :\1 Lallul!l' 
Grain::er r:d\\ln (E r.ralngpr & ('0), h w s La\\ Jpss .Tos('ph. eJp...t, h 
 s !':t C'lair f.' 
YOIWI' Ll'mon Altrl',l J, ",<in 1', I R R Fr,,'ldrkh 
GRÂINGER & CO (Edwin Graing- I ('Pl'('l' Rot...rt. I J, R Call1f...lrl 
"1'). Flori
ts. !':......I" Plants and Bnlhs, w I (<wls Anna F. (\\ Irl 'fhomas). It - _ \,1\, I' 
s ,"oug'(', cor 011\ I' Ii' (
p" (,.11'01 ela"il\",1 L('w!s Charll's. dk E Grainger &. \."v. b :\Irs 
ts) I A E Lewis 
Gralllgpr John. f'!k. I () GrnÏJ1::('r Le\\ Is Harry J, t..1 01'1', I \Irs A E Ll'wls 


TH E..' 
j', u 
",:"... '\ 
flERY ;;".' p
S.,. ...;. _:


 . :\ '
'\ OC" e:: R S,L 

 CO A L. 
'1 H tAD OfflC.& 


Propertip-s FOR SALE in ALL 
PARTS of City and Suburbs 
16 & 18 ADELAIDE ST. E. 


Insurance, Financial and Estate Agel1 ts 
Administrators and Trustees 


D"..r Park. 


Linton Frederick D, helper Met Uy, res Michell Miss Jennie, I W J Michell St Basil's !\o\-Itiate, Rcv J J .\1 Aboulin 
Toronto .Mlchell "lll C, tchr. I C V Michell I superior, n S St Clair av, e of Bathurst 
Little John, blksmlth, h e s Yonge Michell Wm J, h n s St Clair BV St basil":; SCholasticate, Hev D Cushiug 
Llvock John, mkt gdur n s St Clair av, h Mickle Ueorge. lecturer Sch of Sclomce, h Superior, u s St Clair a\, e Bathur5t 
same \\ s :\larllJorough cres ST MICHAEL'S CEMETE1<Y. P 
Llo) d Frank, carp, h n s Duggan av IIUdlllelJl'ook Joseph H, elect Met Ry, res cre.1n caretaker, w s Youge 
Llo)d :\lIss Myrtle, nurse Dr Meyer's Hos- DaÜsville St :\llcnael"s (HCj school (Sisters), w " 
pital, I s.lllle .\11118 Charlcs F, tchr G C C I Yonge 
Llo) d Tholllas. carp, h n s St Clair av lI1ilson Henry, htchr H \V Milson. I same Sauutlers D\"ce \V harr h s s Balmora! 
Lynn John, lab 1I10unt 1'Ieasant cemetery, lI1ilson Henry \V. whol I>tchr n s Gormally Sanderson 
lIss l:ieanor: nurse Dr lI1eyer's 
res Da\is\lIle a\-, h Sallle !Schl'eil>er \Y De Lisle 11111'5 E (,Iuln 
Lyuns Lu!.e, cOJld Met Ry, I H Jennings II1llson Wm, btchr H \Y :\Iilson, res Da\-Is- !Scott John, ch' <,ng, i 1>1rs S Hol>lnsoD 
McUride \\ m, lab Resenolr 1"ark, res 'lCo. ,lIle Sefton Frank, dcnti5t, h w s I.awton av 
ronto Minton \Vm, b D
r Park Hotpl Se\ ers Arthur elk I J \'1' !Se\ ers 
McC.ll>e Henry, lal> St Basil's Novitiate lI1itchen
r John U, shirts, h s sHeath ISe\ ers James' E, 
ailiff, h e s 1-onge 
Mc!)lnn Francl!!, lah, h n s Pleasant av Moat Uhver, coa
hman, h w s A\enue r:d Se\ers Jallles W, dep shel'll!, h e s Yonge 
McCann I,'rallcis J, 1.11>, h s s St Clair av Moore Annie 1\\ld ROl>ert), h n s DeL :;'e She1!p.lrd Charles E lllach, h n 1:1 1"leas 
McCann 1111:;:; Jennie, I F McCann :\Ioore Flank A, clv eng, I Mrs A Moore ant av ' 
Mccann John, 1}Ql'ler Deer Park Hotel:\loore Herl>ert M, clv eng, I Mrs A Moore Sheppard Miss Ida, elk ICE Sheppard 
McCann Miss !\ellle, I }<' McCann :\I
ring Ueorge, motorman lIlet Hy. re:; Sht'ppard John D E, þlksmlth A H GII- 
McCann reteI', plml>r, h s s st Clair av !\eWlllUl'ket mure, I same 
McCann Terrance, phlll>r, I F McCann 'Iorph)' Arnold, bursar U C C Shepp.lrd !I1lles ", prtr, h n s Hose Hill av 
ltlcCrea Frederic!., dairy w s 1-onge, I W :\Ionnt l'leasant Cemetery, Jeffery Fûot Sht'l...ick Bll, cond Met Ry, res Egllnlou 
McCrae . supt, e s Yonge Simmons George, janitor U C C 
Mccrea II1lss Gertrude, drsmkr. I Wm Mc- :\Iowat Douglas, I 1\Irs I Mowat Sinclair Benjamin I D C :\Iurray 
crea :\Iowat Hector, lillI's I Mo" at Sinclair Christina' (wid Çolln), h s 8 5t 
Mccrea IIUss :\Ial>el, mInI', I W McCrea Mowat Miss Isabella, mach opr, I Mrs I CI-"Ir av 
McCrea" m. foremn Mount Pleasant Ceme- Mowat Sinclair Miss Ellzal>eth, stenog, I Mrs C 
tery, h w s Yonge Mowat Robert D, I Mrs I Mowat !SInclair 
McCuaig Edith M Iwld Harold C), h e s :\Iowl>ra) "m, tchr t; C C Sinclair James. ftr, I Mrs C Sinclair 
A..-enue I'd Yoyes John \V, supt IIlet .Ry, h n 8 Glen av Sinclair \\ m, clk, I Mrs C Sinclair 
McCullv Ellen E (wid Samuel E), I MI'll M Mulholland Thomas D, clk, h n s Clinton av Sinnott Miss Letitia, nur5e Dr Me)er s 
S II1cLaren Mumphrey Randolph, messr Dr Meyer'" Smith James A, arch, h 2 Summerhll1 pi 
McCully Renneth C, mach, I Mrs III S Mc- Ho
pital, I same Smith James R. carp, h n s Baker av 
Laren :\Iuntz Harold, clk, h s s Clinton av Somerville John I, tchr U C C 
Mct:ully Miss Laura, I :\Irs M S McLaren :\Iurray Charles, acct, h s s Oll..-e av Southgate \Vm E, clothing, h Moore Park 
McCully Miss !IIary. I !ill'S S :llcLaren :\Iurra)' Duncan C, gro and I>tchr e s Yonge 8p.lrling George H, prof U C C 
II1cDoweli George, lab .Mount Pleasant :\Iurray John :\lcE, clk, I \V E :\Iurray SI)ears Miss A Itoblna, clk I" 0, I JV 
cemeter\", res Egllnton Murray Robert, dr"'er D C Murray, IDe !Spears 
McElroy john A, shirts. h Moore Park Murray Spt':Jrs Miss HarrIet I, clk P 0, I J \' 
McGee !IIlss Agnes, I E McGee :\Iurray Wm E, h e s Arlel I'd Spears 
}'lcGee Edward. lab, h n s Olive av !\!eg1.'orn All>ert N, agt, h 4 Summerhill p' SPEARS JAMES V. Postmaster and 
McGee :llIss Elizabeth, I E McGee O.Bl'Ien Alexander, elk, h s s Heath bookkeeper Mount Pleasant Cemetery, h 
McGee John, lab, I E McGee 0 Brien Edward, lah, h w s Spadlna I'd 8 S St Clair av 
McGee :\lI:;s Rnte, clk, I E McGee O'Halloran }<'r_ank, hartndr Deer Park Spies Frederick F. gdnr, h w s Poplar 
}'lcGee !I1iss lI1aggle, opr, I E II1cGee Hotel, res same Plains I'd 
llcGee :\liss :\1.\I'y A, drsmkr, I E :\lcGee O'Hallor:an James. prop Deer Park Hotel, Spink Normnn R, elk, I \Vm S,jllnk 
McKeckne) John, eng :\let Ry, res Hond's 
. s YOnge, h salllP .' Spink Wilfred H, clk, I "'m 
Lake 0 Leary Herl>ert, lab, I Patrick 0 Leary Spink "'m h w s Lawton av 
Mchim Thoma
, florist E Grainger & Co O'L.eary Pat!'lck, 
a,b, I1. s s St Clal.r av Spink Wm' B. I Wm Spink 
McLaren lI1ary S (wId James), h W 8 Yonge Oakes
 \\m,Yllckl.aJer, I J J Oakeshott Sporle Walter, bldr, h s s st ClaIr av 
McLaughlin Alexander. motorman, h n s Ogle Edward ", tray, h n s Rose 
III av Stephens "'alter P stonectr, h w 8 Ave. 
St Clair av Page Miss Annie, nurse Dr lI1eyer s Hos- nue I'd ' 
Mc:\lIchael Mias Mary A. I Mrs M 5 Mc- ,pltal, I same Rtlbhard Arthur, eng, Ins Duggan av 
LareD I akenham Jame8, h Moor
 Park Stone Marshall, cond Met Ry, res Egllnton 
Mc!\uught Chnrles, h Moore Park Paterson Rev Thomas ", reetor Christ S) I..-ester "'m M, reeve York township, h 
McRae \Valter, elect, h n s Rose Hili nv Church, h n sHeath . . w s Yonge 
Macdonald Alcxandpr A. h e s A\cnue I'd r:ecko,'er Cecil R, he s ):onge,.Deer lark Tattle Charles J, gro, I G H Tattle 
Macdonald Joh
 dry gds. h e s Avenue rd I ecko\er Horace J, trav, I e s Yonge, Deer Tattle George H gro h n s Rose Hili BV 
Mackenzie Alexander, elk, I W C :llae- Park ., Ta, lor Alhert E: tch
 U C C . 
kenzle Pickett Rev 1 homas ",' h n s De Lisle Taylor Alfred, pntr Met Ry, res Toronto 
Mackenzie A J, phy Instr U C C Plnneger JOlm, florist E Grainger & Co Temple l\lag::le, dom Dr :\1<')'er's Hospital 
Mackenzie George A, barr, h s s Glen av Powell Thomas, coachman Elias Rogers, Thayer Frederick H, tray, I Mrs M 
Mackenzie John, clk, I W C Mackenzie 8ame A Thayer 
Mackenzie W A, elk, I W C 
rice John T, dairy n s st Çlalr a
. h same Thayer !IIary A (wid Frederick), h n s 
Mackenzlc \Vm C, trav, h n s Clarence aY I rice :\1I

 Lm Ina, I Mrs E Marks Glen av 
IIIlIgee Hpnry 111, tchr U C (' Prll:_e Lewl
, h n sHeath Thompsol) David L. drugs, h s s Olive av 
Mail' :\1I
 Helen, nurse Dr Meyer's Hos- Quln :\[I;,s De Llsl
, I Mrs E Quln Thom
on John J, prtr, h n s Olive av 
pllal, I same Quln EdIth (\\Id "m), h s s St Clair av Thomson_Wm J, p.rln Deer Park pub sciJ, 
Manhardt Miss Birdie. nurse Dr Meyer's Ramsay Jenet (wid David), I D L Thomp- h s s St Clair av 
Hospital, I same son Thornber IlPrl>ert, confr, h s s St Clair av 
Manly Arthur M, stenog, I Rev J G Manly R

ve Uobert ,gdnr Ueser..-olr Park, res Thornd)'ke !IIlss Minnie, nurse Dr Meyer's 
}'Ianly Charles 111, artist, I Rev J G :\Ianly Ioronto Tomalln Joseph, produce, hell Yonge 
Manly Rev John G, h w s Lawton a..- Reser..-olr Park.. Douglas Robertson Sl pt, Tomalln Hobert, produce, I J Tomalln 
Manly Miss Laura 111, tchr, I Rev J G Mnnly end of Rose HIli av , Toole' John night watchman }'Iet Ry, h 
Manly 'Iiss Sarah R, I Rev J G .\Ianly Ueynolds 1I11ss Hattie. nurse Dr Meyer s w s Yon::e 
Mark's A H Selwyn, Ins, I Mrs S A Dunbnr Ho
pltal, I same Tred::ett Chnrles, ..arp Mount Pleasant 
Marks Emily (wid George), h n s Farnham Reynolds James S. clk, I S W Reynolds Cemetery, h s s Gormaly 
Marks Wlliter, h n s Clarence av Ueyn
Jds Stanl<,y W, tray. h a a St Clair av Tred::ett Oswald, granite ctr. I C Trl'dg<'tt 
Marling Uenjamln. tchr U C C Rhode
 Rlcha,rd. stonectr, h e s St Clair nv Trpnt George S, hkpr, h n s Rose Hili n\" 
Marsh Henry, hrklyr, I I J Marsh Richardson !\orman, !ulller, I G J Frost Tuhhs Henry, pntr 
Iet Ry, 1'1'8 Toronto 
Marsh Isaac J, brkl)1', he s Lawton av Roberts Ellen (wid \\m), h n 8 Clinton av UPPER CANADA COLLEGE Hen- 
},{lIrtln Walter R, shademkr, has Plea8- Robertson Douglns, supt Reservoir Park , , ' 
ant av Robertson James S, publr, h n s Farnham ry". Auden, Irlnclpal, head Avenue 
},Iartln Ernest, lab, I George Martin Rohertson Walter S. I .T S Robertsoll Road 
Martin George, mkt gdnr n s St Clair av, Rol>ertson Wilburn 111, clk, I J S Hobert- Vincent Henry F. I J T Vincent 
Martin John :\1. acct, h Moore Park son Van Znnt Elias. marhle and granite dlr e 8 
Mead ,"ellie, dom Dr 'Ieyer's Hospital Rohertson Sarah (wid George), Þ w s Sum- Yonge, h 14 Charles 

as, florIst E Grainger & Co, b Rgà

'k, jwlr, h w s Poplar Plains I'd nncent James T, Ins Inspector, h 8 8 Clar- 
Metropolitan Rnllway J W Moyes mngr, Rogprs Elias, coal, h e s Yonge ence av 
office w s Yonge Hog..r
 John. hkpr, h n s Clarence av Vokes Miles, hardware, h n 8 De Lisle 
Meyers D Campbell, phy, n sHeath Rowledgt' John. lah Mount Pleasant Ceme- ,,- Ik James g h n s St Clair av 
 Dr Private Hospital, Dr D Camp. tel'\" re
 Davlsvllle a er. "en, 
bell :\Ieyers ph
slclan. n s Heath R
'lIIi 'Edward, motorman Met Ry, I'M "-alrnsley Thomas, Ins, h .w s Lawton av 
s A::ne
, stenog, I W J 1I11chell I Dm Is\'lIIe "'alton James, daIry s s St Clair av, h 
}'lIchell Allen C, dentist, I C V 1I11chell : Ryan Rp\, Patrick, res St Rasll's Novitiate 
Michell Charles \', health officer, h n s ItYRn Thomas, motorman Met Ry, res I.;g- same I 
Pleasant av I Ilnton Wnrmlngton Jenn e, dom Deer Park Hotel 

S!terD1an E. Townsend 

I Arbitrator and Finaneial Agent 



Circular Stairs, Window Guards, 
Truss Rods, Bolts, Castings, Etc. 
65 to 91 PEARL ST
 Phone Main 2748 


KIst Toronto. 


Webb T Frederick, clk, h n s Balmorul nv Bpck George T, tln
mlth, h n s Danfortb Uurd I:;mith, brkman GTR, res Rellevll1o! 
"'ebster James 1:;, cÍ\' ser, h u s Clinton av nvenue Uurd ,,'m, coml GTn, h Etl"ard 
ter Wm, cond :\Iet Ry. res Kewmar- Beckett \Iliss Agnes, tchr Mary St Puh SCh, Uurgess H<,rb<,rt W, dl'u!;!;i
t, II Ualsam av 
!tet res Torollto Burge
s :\Iar) A (wid I:;ampel '1'), I H W 
"'1'111'1' Edward T, gdnr, hI's Lawton av Beetun Wm B, bar tlndr East Toronto 110 Bur!;ess 
West Edwnrd, apiarist E Grainger & Co, tel, h Ed"ard Hurkalt AdolphI' 0, h Beech av 
I E Grainger Bell Andrew, car oller GTR, h LansJJi\ne 1>urkllart Leo W, I A U Burkhart 
"'haley Thomas "I, bid 1', h n s Farnham nv a\enue Burrell Edward, cnrp, h Isnbella 
White Wnlter '1', lab, I C Winfield Bell :\largaret ("Id "m), JJdg hse. Cd lIurrltt Edward J, wilerwasll<,rs' asst GTR 
"'Ightmau John, h n s St Clair av "ard Busb)' EIIl'n ("id Jolin), h Lansdowne av 
"'1glltman Wrn, gdnr, h w s L.l\non 11\ Bell 'Vm J, golf prof, I A Bell Bnshy Fitzgerald, 1I1hu, I :\lIS E Busby 
\Ylllrnot "Iancel, arch, h n s Heath Berry Juhn, boilermkr GTR. h :\Iary Bush'ed Jolm J, pntr, h l',lrk av 
"'lnl1eld Charles, drÍ\er, b n s Rose Hili Be
ser Emil, mns engr, b U<'l'J;ard Hutler Hl'nry, (arp, b Beech av 
avenue Bessey '''esley II, Ins agt. h Da"es I'd Butterlck Samuel, lab GTn, h Isabella 
Wilson 1IIIss Charlotte, I W J Gay Bird Lester L, brkrnan. I J A Wal,lIs Bntt<,rll-k Hobert W. clk " II Blaylock. 
Wilson \Illss \lIargaretta nurse Dr \Ile)'er's Bird 'Vrn, brkmnn, b "Irs g Sll'llllll I:; ButÌl'rlck 
Hospital, I same ' I Bls
ett Hilton. bkr, b \ill'S I L Westlake Call') Cbarll's, carp, b G Empringllam 
Wodehouse Thomas, cashier, hI's Yonge Blakeley Arthur "', cond, h L)all av Call') Tllomas, carp, b G CmprlnghaID 
Wrlgllt Ueorge gdnr Resenolr Park, res<,ley Ueorge, fireman GTH. b :\Irs L Calgl'y Ueorge A, btcllr, b Ualsam av 
Toronto ' I:;tlrJing Cnllan Jolin. bl'kwan GTH. b Eastbourne 
Wrlgllt WID carp, h s s St Clair av lllakele) Idn h dom Dr W R "'atters Hotel 
, Blaylol'k Art ur, eng, I J C Blaylock C.lmeron Donald, b Bj'nlamond av 
Blu)'loek A, eug GTR, h s s Danforth av Cameron Donald, drher I" C Brown. I All'S 
lllaylock I"rank, macb, I J C Blaylock :\1 Cameron 
Bla) lock 'Vm H, gro n s Danfortb av, b Cllmeron 
Iargaret \Il (wid James). h swan- 
same nick 3'\" 
Bolton Harry, pnmpman GTR, res Norway Camphell Frank, brkmn GTR, b J R Wilson 
Bolton Paul L. mach hd JlIc'IlIIen & CO!!, Campbell W Kenneth. firewan. b 1>1es M 
tain, b H A Bolton Bell 
Bond Alpxander M. trnv, h Spruce av Canbum Joseph, tmstr, b "Irs A Newm,1D 
Bonnell Hichard J. carp \Ilc\IllIen & Cos' ('ann baac. cooper, I Mrs :u C'ooper 
taln Canning Sophia :\1 (\\ Id 'Vm II), gen"r.\I 
Booth Alfred J, pntr Gerrard. h same stor" Maiu. h snme 
Booth Alfred J jr. dr" 1'1' J W Branden. h Care Harriet (" id Tbomas). I T Curtis 
Gerrard Carlton '''m J, lab, h Lansdowne av 
Booth James E, lather, h Gerrard Carnahan Harold n" J A and H Carna- 
avo h Booth Lillie. dom hIrs M Cooper han), h :\Ialn 
Booth Wm W, lathpr, I A J Booth Caruallan Wm J A (W J A & H Carna- 
Boothe Jomes, h Hazel pi han), h 'lain 
Boothe JameR JI', h Hnzel pi Carnahau W J A & H (Wm J A and Har- 
White Boston Joseph, btchr J Brown, h Endel'hy old), druggists Main, cor Kingston rd 
róad Cllrrick '''m 1:;, fireman UTI{. II 'II" I:; 
Boston's Hall, :Main, near Kingston 'd Carrol) James H, eng GTR, h Lyall a'l' 
Bouvlpr Louis P, envel'lpe mfr. h Bpech av Carroll Joseph, gatemnn, h End
rby I'd 
Bovett George, cond G'l'R, h 
Ialn Canoll 'lIs8 :\Iamlp, cashier the" m DavIes Hnrry, car 1'1'1'1' GTR, b '" English Co Ltd, I J H Carroll 
L Bowclls W111, porter Eastbourne Hotel Cnrroll :\lrs JlIargaret, I J H Carroll 
Boyes Alhert W, fireman GTH, h 'V Hitch Corrnthers Aaron G. cashier, h IIlIlsam av 
av Boyce Tllornns, fireman, h '" Hitch Call'uthers James. brkrnan GTR. I T Cur- 
Boyes Wm J, fireman GTR, b "Irs L SlIr- tlB 
ling Canuthers Walter S, eng GTU, h Gerrard 
Brandllam "'m J, dpslgner, h Beech 8V Case Ej;erton R, pat sol, I L Case 
Brandun John W, bkr n s Danforth avo b ('ase Leon, tray, h Balsam av 
G Ernpl'ingham Casey Jomes, brkmn GTR, res Bellevi'le 
Brant Wm, coaclunan, h Dentonla Park Cassidy J Arthur, clk, I \ill'S :M L Cassidy 
1<'arm Cassidy :Maggie L (wid J Frank), h Ger- 
Bray "'m A, caretkr Y:\ICA, h same rard 
Brayley Geor::e A, slsman, h Balsam a" Cassidy "'m E, slsmn. h Bpech av 
Britton Car
on H, ph)' s s Danforth ,IV. h Cnstor Samuel, carp :\lc:\I1l1en & Costaln. 
Bame b Enderby 1'<1 
Brodrick John. yardman, 1'1'8 Scarboro' Cavan 'V GeorJ:e, ho
 buy PI', h Charles 
Brodrick Klcholas. brkmu GTR. res, Cavanagh "'m T. fireman GTR, b W Hitch 
boro' Ch8mhers '''m H, fireman GTR, b I\lrs L 
Brothprston Wm :M, blk
mltlJ. s !! Danforth Stlrllug 
av. h same Chapmnn Robert, fireman GTR, h Mary 
Broughton Frederick. mach GTR, h Edwnrd I Charters Edward, carp. h Spruce av 
Brou::hton Fr"derlck Jr, app GTH, I 10' Check Albert. cook, I R Chapman 
Broughton Church of Christ (Disciples), Main, cor 
Broughton Herhprt, mach, I F Broughton Swan wick av 
Broughton Joseph, engine wiper GTR, I F Churclllll "'m, firpman. h :\Ialu 
Brouchton Clark Rohert. cårp 1IIc:\lIl11n & C(\staln 
Broughton Robert. call boy GTU. I F Clarkp Archibald, coud GTR, h Kingston 
Broughton road 
Brown Arthur, driver John Brown, I !.dml' ('I!lrke Jonah, brkmn, h :\I:lln 
Brown Edgar, lab, h Gerrard Clark., Robprt, lab, I J Clarke 
Brown Edward, brkman GTR, h Gerrar.l Cla
' Wm H, clk and trens Town of gast 
Brown Frederick C, gro \\lain, h Benlamond Toronto, h L)'all a\' 
avenue Clazle '''rn, lab GTR. b J It "'1lson 
Brown George, brkmn GTR, res Bellevllle Clemlnshaw Jolin. carp, h Lnnsdowne av 
Ero" n John, htpl11' Gprrar<l, h sallle Cle'"erton Robert G, cond GTR, h Edward 
Brown John Jr, dr" 1'1' John Bro" n, I same Cline Elmore. h Beech av 
Brown John H, brkmn, h Endprby I'd Cnhhlp<lick Alfred E, fireman, h Lans- 
Browu :\lontaJ:ue, carp. h Isabella downp av 
Brown Robprt, h Benlamond av Cockburn "'m, detecUw., h Norwood I'd 
Brown Stephen K, rngr, h Gerrard Coffee Jnmes, brkmn. b A 'Varfe 
Bro" n ""m, eng GTR, h !>Jary Colden Thomas, brkmn GTH, h Swan wick 
Rro" n 'Vm
 lah, b J R :\Iollat I avpnue 
Bl'owlI '''m G. mng'r, h 1\orwood I'd Coll'man Patrick, hrkman GTR, b White 
Brown 'Vm H, h Charles House 
Rro"n Wm W. brkmn GTR. h Luttrell av COLEMAN POST OFFICE Rob- 
Rro" n "'m "'. ynrdman GTR, h Luttrell I ert :'\immo rostmastpr. n s Danforth av 
avpnue ColJatnn John, cond, h Gerrard 
Br,o"nlpe Thomas. prln Lans<lo\\np Av Pub Collln:;:s Thomns, hostl"r GTR. h 

('h, h Eaotbournl' Hotel a"enue 
ßI'UCP Charle, B. yard foreman GTR, h Colllno :\lIss Bertha, tlr.. J E Ziemann, I J 
111 nr
' I Collins 
Brynn James. eond GTR, h Jolm Collins 1IIIss Emma, I J Collins 
1IIcCrelght, Bnphanan Charles W, teller 
Ietropolltan {"'olllno .John. steamrtr, h John 
Bank {"'olllns :\lIss LottiI', packer, I J Collin.. 


(Sel' Chester) 


(Including Little ).ork) 
(Fhe Miles East of P 0) 
Frauk, btchr, n s Danforth 

Acres Miss Florence, I \ill'S S Field 
Aggett John T, plmbr, h Balsam av 
Alexander "'m J, brkmn UTH, b 
Allan Lllburn, draughtsman, I 
Irs \\I Allan 
Allan lIIargaret (wid Wm), h Cbarles 
Allan IIIlss \Ilargaret J, uurse Charles 
orman, clk, I :\Irs :\I Allan 
Allan H Ueorge, coppersmith, I Mrs 
Allan Victor, stonemason, h Lansdowne 
AllIIn Walter, I hlrs MAlian 
Allbright Edith, dom W G Brown 
Allbrigllt '''m. carp, b Brl<lge 
Allcron Frederick, mach, b Swan"lck av 
Allison Claud V, brkmn, h Stepbenson av 
Allison Thomas R, wdwkr G D Davies, res 
Allward Edwin, eng, h Edward 
Ames Alfred E, broker, h Kingston rd 
Anson John E, h Swanwlek av 
Anson I'ercy L, eng wiper GTR, I J E.An 
Anson Stanley, call boy GTR, I J E AQBon 
Appleton Charles, night watchma
, h Ste- 
phenson av 
Applpton Summers, car repr GTR, I C Ap- 
Armstrong Edward R, tmstr I\lc:\lIl1an & 
Costnln. h Luttrell av 
Armstrong Elizabeth (wid Albert), h Lans- 
do" ne aV 
Armstron:: John, tmstr 
Ic:\llIIan & Cos, 
taln. b E R Armstrong 
Armstron:;: "'m E. elk Paterson BroJ!, I !III's 
E Armstrong - 
Arthur Stpphen, brkmn GTR. h 
Austen James E, tlr, h Beech a\' 
Baird Alpxander, eng GTR, h Enderhy Id 
Bakel' Charles, bkr, h Edward 
Baker Frederick, mfrs' agt, h Bal
am av 
Baker Jalllps A. lab. h Easthourne av 
Baldwin Harold, cattleman Dentonla Park 
Ball Abraham, rugI'. h Spruce av 
Barefoot John R. fireman GTR, b !II Bell 
Barker "'Illdsor R J. tray, h Balsam a\' 
Barras AKnes (wid George). I H Mllckerrow 
Barrett ];<I\\'ard J, lab, b Wm Kelly 
Bartholomew Charles, h Gel'rud 
BRtten Chnrles, hal'hpr, h Beech av 
Baxter Archlll3ld. lab, h Easthourne a" 
Baxter Georllp, coalmn GTR, h Pawl's I'd 
Baxter (;1'01'::1', sec man GTR. res York tp 
Bayes !lIIRS Laura, bkpr, b :\Irs 
I Cooll"r 
Bay View Hotel, Charles N Gates prop, n 
s Tlnnforth av 
Beardmore 1I1Is
 Hplen, h Balsam II\' 
Benre Gporge, flremall.bJllrs 1>1 Bell 
Bpare Oliver, trav. h lIIaln 
Bpattv Jnmes. harness mkr F 
b sl1me 

.,e nves ors n,ercan I e gency, Lil1}ited Prevents Loss; Insures Safe Investments 
25 TORONTO ST. Telephone Main 613 Samuel Nesbitt, 



Standard Life 
ASSURANCE CO. of Edinburgh 


Manager for Canada 
Charles Hunter BANK of COMMERCE BUlLDINIl 
Chief Agent, Ontario 



"l::la; II HH, 

Colllus :\lIss Xettie. drswkr, I J Colllus )'ogl';ptt Ww, enrp. LJ \"m Kelly I:vendt'n Alhprt J, LJkr '" H 
nel1, h G,'r- 
Collins RlChnrd, IlIb, h Kingston rd Duunt'lI)' Hl'nr)', shoemkr s s )I.mforth II\', rard 
Cook Alexander H, bllrtndr "'hitI' IIouse h same E) n' HoLJert \V, hrkwn GTR, b J R Wilson 
Cook Earl :\1, S<:I: Young Men's Christian Donohut' Jo
eph, brhlllan GTR, h Danforth Fnircloth 'lIss Eliz.lheth A, I J M Fair- 
Association, h 
llIln IIH'nue eluth 
Cook S.l\llUel "', elk, h ...errard Down John H. plmLJr Kingston rd, h saml' F.lÍreloth :\Iiss Luuise F. tehr Mary St 
Cooper John, eng GTII, h l;e1'1'llrd 1){))'le )fPilr)'. eund, h Lansdowne av I Pub flch, I J 111 Falreloth 
Cooper 1I1ary (wid Wm), h XOl'wOOd reI Drummond lJnvid (II Drummond & Son), FalrC'!oth John :\1. pntr, h Kingston rd 
Cope HerLJt'rt, hlksmith G II lJa\ II's, LJ H h n s Danforth av FaÏl'cloth )Iiss :\lhUlle, I J 'I Faircloth 
Hooper ))rumnlt>m) lJ &: 
on (0'1\ Id and Xoel" coal Fnlrcloth Uich.ll'd '1'. clk, I J 111 }<'alrcloth 
Cope John, car repr, h Klng
ton rd nlH.l wOHd, II 
lllforth av Farrell '.fhomas, cond, h :\lnry 
Cüreor'lD Joseph, hrkmn l;TH, b G Em- Drummond Xopl (lJ IIrummond &: Son), I D Fa\\eett "'m A, h I-;<I\\ard 
pringham Drummond I Fenton 'Vilson, ehartpred acct, h w s Mnln 
Corcoran Michael, cond GTR, res Toronto VUUh) )lIss HarrIet, mus tchr Main, Isnme Ferguson Ellpn \\\id Henr)), I J Collaton 
Cornell Charlotte (wid James), h Main Ihull.,) Tlwmas, shoelllkr lI!aln. h same Fit'ld Snsanna (wi <I Hl'njawln), dry gds 
Cornell Frederick, carp. h :\Ialn lIul';l';an )[bs Bertha. opr, t J Duggan )Ialn, h 8allle 
Cornell :\liss Lillie, opr, I )[rs C Comell nugga)1 Jerpmiah, plstr, h Catharine Fieldhouse Benjamin F, eng, h Swanwick 
Cornell :Mlss MinnIe, opr. I :\Irs C Cornell Duke )1Iss Annie, drsmkr, I U Duke lI\enue 
Cornell "'alter G, carp, h :\lain Dukp Clmrles E, clk, I R lJuke Fire Hall. Dawes rd 
Corson "-m I.'. ledgerkt'pPf'r )ll'tropolltan Dnke nobert, eng GTR, h l;err,lrd Fisher Ah'xall(ler. phy :\[lIln, h same 
Bank, b 1111's L S-tephenson Duke R..hert .1, clk, I R Duke Fisher :\Iiss Christina. I IIr A Fisher 
Costaln Wm (Mc)UlIln & f'ostaln), h Ger- Duke :\liss Sarah, I R Duke Fitzgl'rald ].Uss G.,orgia, bkpr Mc:\hllan & 
rard Dunk Ellz,lheth (wid Samuel), h :\1111')' Costain, I H C 1I100re 
Coster Charles. drI\'er, I R C Morrison lIunk :lUss Ethel, I IIIrs E Dunk Fitzgprahl :\Iiss :\111)'. mus tchr :\Ialn 
Costl'r "'m. porter, I R C :\Iorrlson Bunn Alfrl'd, hrkmn GTR, h Luttrell a7 l"itz
I'nll,1 Wru J. emilI, h :\Ialn 
Cowling Wm E. cond GTH, h Isabella Dunn Alfred M, clk GTR, I Alfred Dunn Fleming Cecil, brkmn. LJ J R Wilson 
Cowlings :\Uss lI1ar
', ,nurse lJa\\es rd, !Junn John, tra\' L A De Laplante, I AI- Flood :\IIII'tln, con <I .;TII. h Swan wick IIV 
fame frl'd ))unn Flowers Alhprt, coachm,lll A EAmes 
Cox Arthur, as
t dlliryman Dentonlll Pnrk Hl1nn Jospph, clk L A fJli) Laplnnle, I A Flynn Francis A, fireman GTIl, h Edwafl) 
)fllrm lIunn Fogart)' John L. lah, I '1' Fogarty 
Cox SalUuel, tinsmith. h Gerrard lIunn Will J. carp. h L)'all av Fog;ll't)' Timoth
, lillo, h I.:lllsdowne a\ 
Crandall ,ånnle (wid lJavld), h Klngst
n I'd lIunst1trí Kenneth J. local mgr, h B,llsam Fog.,t nprman n 'V, tra\, h Park av 
Crawford Alp"al1der J. meat <,ooker, h \"al- IIvenne Forlar '''m tmstr Jlentonia Park Farm 
tel' Durhalll Rohprt ,Yo pxp Gerrard. h same Forrest "'.n, yard fOl'pmlln GTU. res 'I'a- 
era\\ ford Andrpw. LJkr W H Snell, h Brid.;e Durham '''m A M, mldr, b Will Kell
' ronto 
Crawford :\Us< Helen J, drslllkr Lansdo\\ ne II) snn :\Uss !IIary, ,'ashier, I J 'Y Irwin Forster ROhprt, eng GTR. h :\lary 
a\, h saIlle J-;ast Toronto Haetlst (,hureh, Uev Thos Fossey Anna (wid Thomns). h "'alter 
Crew Francis. lab, I :\Irs :\1 Crpw UatcllIIc pastor, cor EmlerLJy rd and GH- Fosse
' Joseph. com]. h Walter 
Crew Lpe, IIlPs<r. I R H Crew rnrd - Fox John. I.ork I.acker, h Bl'ech av 
Crew !ill'S :\l.lggie, I R H Crew _' E.lst Toronto Fire Hall, Main Fo
' I;eorge J (liquors (\\ holl. h Beech av 
Crew :\Irs :\Iarl';.lret. h Kingston rd East Toronto Gosl",1 Hall, Swan wick 11" Foy )I'll'tln. Ins ngt. h Kingston rd 
Crew Richard H. LJrkmn GTR, h John East Toronto Hi
chooI, F '''m French, Fraser Daniel, bkr J \V Brandon, res 1'0- 
Critchley Fred, carp, h Wm Kelly HA. prin, )Iary ronto 
Crooher 'Valt.'r L, tpl opr GTU, LJ Em- ):ast Toronto Hotel. Saruupl Hnl'l'ls 1'1'011, Fraser Roger 'V, COllllUan GTR, h Cath- 
pringhnlll's Hotel ,'or Kingstou 1<1 and )Iain arlne \\ " H 
Crouehpr Arthur. lab, h Lansdowne a1' EAST TORONTO POST OFFICE Fray lIIlss Margaret, houspkeeper 
Cummer FI'edpriek, fireman, h Bridge )Irs \Ial'\- t; Trench Postmistress Ger
 _Blaylock . . 
Cummings Thomas L, horse hall' dlr Klngs- rard . 'F reuch }<' "m, II A, prln East Toronto 
ton rd, h saIUe East Toronto Power HOINP. 1'lltl'lck SClln' . High SCh
)(II,. h Le
Cundle "'m. hrkmnn, b G EmprlrighaIll Ian png. (h'rrnrd )'.retts LOllis E., h 1 h

les, ' 
Currah John B, clk, 1 H H ""son EAST TORONT O TOWN COUN- f.rost John, LJrkmn GIlt. II'S I'oronto 
Currnh Thomn" (', 
 ardman G1'H, I II H ..' "f uller :\lIss Caroline, I J Lepper 
Wilson 1"11, " h "alters :\Iayor, 1 ouncil Hall, Fullcr :\lIs8 Frnnces, I J Lepper 
Curtis Colpman J. firpman, h Charlp
 :\laln, .. Gal) Hunter. cond, h Enderhy rd 
Curtis ) swit..l1man GTR. h Luttrell EII;'t Toront,o rown Hall, " H Clay 1':)wn Gallagh..r JOhl,l, yardman 1;1'1(, h IIl1nforth 
a\euue lll'rk, :\1 a III a"enue 
I'urtls :\liss I;\'a. hkpr \V A Howell, b T En
thournp Hotpl. Fr"dprlck Dickson prop. GarLJutt Ernest J, lah, h 
wan",iek av 
1'rl'scott < s Danforth av Garhutt I,'rederlck 'V, lah HTH, h Luttrell 
Curtis Frank, swltchmlln GTR, II E Curtis F.hh) John, hostler EIII[Jrlnglwlll HotI'I Ilvpnue 
('urtIs Thomas. safemkr. h Mary I:d
\'ards Jopn, Ipllthl'! I
fr, I A Hnll Garhutt )Irs !IIary A, I F Garhutt 
CutIer Alhprt E, hkpr, h Balsllm av Llllot! Dand, png \\ r.; :\lorle)', h L'1ll8' Ganllner 'Vm J, jwlr, h IIal".nn av 
Dangay l!prhpl't J. fireman, I R Dlln
a)' downp ,1\' , . I;ardlner Walter, fireman HTH. h Norwoud 
Dangay Rohprt. lall, h )lawes nI Elliott n.n 111 (. Clll'p. I II Elliott Garr\1 John. I l' J Garry, I 
Dangay Wm H. tm
tr, I R ))an;?:ay EI!lott C;pol'gl'. forpman ('oal dt'pt (; T ){, h Garrj' :\hIrt. cond GTR, h F.nrlerby rd 
Darp lIlInllip. dom Frank Abbott . 
tpI.hplIson a,\' , , 1;;11'1'Y Patrick J. cond, h :\Inln 
on 1I1I"s Bertha. mus tchr Gerrard, r,molt John " T. fireman 1.1 H. h :\Irs S I;at"nh)" Hpnr)'. firt'man. b A J Booth jr 
I samp Field Gatps Charles 
, prop H,IY 'I..", Hotel, n 
Dn\'idson GfoOrge L. eng GTR, h 1;1'1'1"1:',) ):IIIt)t! :\Ilss :\[ary, tIrs J E 7.lelllnnn s Danforth av 
Da\ldson Thomas, firpman GTR, b ". Hitch Elliottt 
ol"lllon I
, )lIrdlllall G T H h Gates 'Vm H. hrkmn GTH, h :\Ialn 
Davlps Ge<>rgp II
 ùlksmlth n s Danforth .1I.'lwl's I'll George Edward, hrkmn GTR. 1'''8 Toronto 
avo h I' 
 'lain I'.lhott J \\ Illls, IIIlller '" X :\lol'lp)', h Gporge Richard, foreman :\1(':\lillln & Cos- 
Da\les JOSpl.h A, hlksmlth, I G \I 1',1\1"" LllnS"O\\II" av tnln h Gerrard 
Dllvies f;ydnp)' J, trav, h Balsam av EI!is Ge,;rge. night yardmaster GTH, h (;pI'l'Il
d Donnld. boilermnll 1;'1'11. h \[ain 
Dnvlps "'11I 1'0 Th.. Ltd, htcTlrs, George ,S\\ ,HlWICk .av Glh
on :\[rs \fary, housekpppl'r, I Timothy 
Harp mngr. :\laln. cor l;erranl )';JUhlt'ton "111. eng ':"!Itonla 1'arh F,n'JU Fogart). 
Dav[ps "'m .r. ..ond GTR. h :\[aln J.'fl('rton John. png (.1 H. h Ge1'1'ar<l GihllnA" )liss Adn, I Frank Gliding 
DavIs Gporg(' H, mach (;1'1(, h I
nhplla I Emmanuel Prl'sh)'tpri:lll ('hur,'h, He\ T II Giltling Frank, whol LJtchr n s Danforth 
Da\ I
 ])ipe ftl' GTR. h T Curtis I.. UOJ.:
"rs pa....tor. 
wanwlck U,. :n. h 
))a\ Is J.lpwplh n, ('ill' repr (;TH, res York I.1111 11 'lIlgh.lJU Gporg.'. hotel. s s Danforth a\' Gilding Frllnk jr. btchr, I Frank Gllrllng 
hip , J;llIprillgh.lJU Hpr.rge p. ..Ik. I (; I:mprillg- Glltllng Fredl'rlck, ellrp. I Frank Gilding 
IB Th:Hlc1f'l1s A. lah. h Dfi\\f'S rd hUln t:iltllu:! Gp.orgfl'. carp. ) ."rank (;1l(Ung 
Dean Eug<'lw. firpman GTH. h nTR Board- E I11 I'l'ingham nporge T. pntr W T 1:III(1l'ing- (;;lIl1ng \lurk. ,11'1\1'1', I Frank Gliding 
C: .. h:l1n. 1 s.nHf!' Givens \,"111 H. dry g-oo(l;;;; n s Danforth av 
 Dconnld "'. 11':1\'. I JIll's E Decks )'.mpl'lngham Hot"l. Georl:e Eml'rlngham 1;00,1., (' "-m. artist Hp",'h a\'. h same 
Pepk::-o J:mih. (wid 'Y:J.lter)
 h Hnh:am fiV prop. 
 ])nnfnrth fiX Goog'Pl' R.lIlll1P1. h Lnu:'/.(lownp 3V 
hnm .10hn. lah. h I.nttrl'lI a\ GonltI I'rp,1prÏl'k G. clk. I J \\" Ral
A r I L' Shl;í 
 I (' I'rlllgham ""m T, pntr 
tppIl('nson a\' G""ll1 John, ,11'1\ pr 1'h
 'Ym 11,1\ iI's Co, res 
" ...nm ."r. . u
" 1" ar I I:mlt'au '''m. ..oalman GTH. rps York II' Toronto 
r o
ts. C?.:: V,mforth av an<1 ,I.'!ln (See English )Irs Amelia, cnnrl)' Kingston r<1 Gonl<l \"111 1\\ Id James) I J ,,, Rnl
.enrd, c
; Ifled LI
 .' English 1 ;porgp E. eng. h Kingston fll Grnham Amlrpw. lah. h L)"nll a" 

d Eh Ina I, (\\ Id I ,e.knck). h T:nder. }:ngll

 Minnie, drsmkr Kingston I'd I;raham JpllIllp. ,10m G'fIt hoar<lInl: house 
))pntollla I',.rh I'lIrm "'HI Tront 1'on']8. I,;ngl!sh :-;,!mlll'l, ":'Ir rppr GTR. h E,l\\lIrd I;raham Uolll'rt. fireman GTH. h .1 U 'VII- 
D,,\\ I's rd >'lr
h .
' '
I: h I'ln
ston rd _ ,son 
Plmpnt H"nf)', pug GTR. h Danforth nv 11:,
"rul/... 1,.\ ,111: hlh'!n!th. h
downe a\ G T R BOIll',llng House, "'m Smith eare- 
nick....nn Frec.1prh'k. prop r:.\r.;.t1tOlI\'lle Hute1 J.\ n.ll:s .1I1hu. IH up \\ hltt" Hnn...l. H.lnforth tnker. Gerra]'d
Dixon "'m. eng (;TR, h JIll'S ,[ ,'o
p"r ,a\ "111'1' G T R (York Station), GPûl'gP Waugh a:::t, 
T>ohson 'IN Allvp. h Gerrarrl J'.\all
 \Irs Loulsp. mlllhlpr E,I\\anI. I 
amp \ 
wnrth Up\' C)'rll. (,:-;ltH. )>l'lp<t St E\ aus T'l'rcl\'nl K hrkmn. h )[lIry Grant Alpxß1HIer Y. mils t<,hr Danforth nv, 
John (RC' ('hurch, res Toronto E\,ms Wm H. flrl'm,l11 GTH. h Ed\\ard h G )


78-80 Confederation Life Building 


Capital One Million Dollars (See Back Cover) Head Office, Temple Annex, Toronto 

SUBU 1\118. 

East Toronto, 


tyrant James, lah, h St"phenson a\ I Horgan lien is. hrkmn (;TU, b ;\lrs I A 
(yrant Wm H. haIT !\Iaiu, res Toronto "'eir, 
t;rn) Hamilton, coacbman. b Kingston I'd HO\\'.'l'll ".01110'1' H, lall, II ;\Ialn 
.; Annie. 110m H W ßurgess I Ho\\..rd "m H, brkmn, h Luttrell '1\' 
\;rcer ;\liss ;\I,lIil<la, smstr, IF" Piercc Howell Uohert U, com 1', h 1.).,.11 a\' 
t;n'\ Cath..rine (wid Ih,II,'r!). h h.inl(ston lit,,, ell "ater A, htehr ;\laln, h same 
ro;,d Boz.,,:k John, con
 GTH, h :\lain 
(;rcy Fl'I\nk, lah, I ;\lrs C Grey IIulison James. hnck mkr. h s s Danforth 
(;rie\e George It, eond, b Lansdo\\ne a\" a\enUe 
(;riffin D.lIliel, hrkmn, I S Griffin Hueston Thoma
ng. b ;\Ialn 
Griffin :<tepben, hrkmn GTU, b !IIary Hugbes James 
. 'nsp scboos, b }Jeech In 
,;uest Tholll,IS, car insp GTR, b !lanforth Hulsp H"nr). tilenlau. II J U ".Ison 
Il\enue Hume Alexander G, moto, h ;\Ialn 
Hackett !':,1l'ah (wid John), I G '" Tiffin Hnmphrey I'holllas G, eng UTU, h Swan. 
IIague Hal'l')', tlr(<man GTH, b ;\11''' E 1. \\ iek a," , 
Denne Hnnt..r Ann J (\\ Id Areh.llaldl, h n s )I,IIl- 
Hague '''m. carp h Swan\\lck a\" . forth a\ 
Haldenby Charl
s W, mngr Sanderson, Hunt"r LI
zle, dom J E Snider 
 Co. h Bal<am a\" Hunter '11s;< 011\ e ;\1. I ;\Irs A J lIunh'r 
Ham ;\1.II'Y (wid '''Ill ';', b John Hunler '11<s Theodora 1:, I :\lrs A J 
Hamer Wm T, mngr ;\letropolltan Uank Hunter 
(br.lIIch), h ;\In[n Hur,t E,hvard, fireman GTU, h Danforth 
Hare H"nl'\' J cllr repr h Lansdowne a\" 11\ enue 
Hare Jame
 H: lIIach GTlt, I> J H ,nlson Hntehison "'m H, )anlman, b W' G Cornell hnights 1:1<lon. sectionman GTR, h Enst- 
Harp Georl':e. mngr '''m lIa,'les Co, I> East Hutt .J.IIIll'S W, ,mugr, b Hazel pI I>omne Hotel 
Toronto Hotel Hutt Laug-Ip) ", mach, I J ". Hutt Knigbts '''m H, bartndr, b Lansdo Nn'
HarrIs !o:amuel, prop East Toronto Hotel, Hutt Langl<;y "', m'}cl>, I J '" Hutt Kno:\. George, cond, b Lyall a\ 
cor KIngston rd and !IIaln Hutton AnDIe (\\Id "m D), b s s Danfor1b Kno>. "'11I I;. cond GTH, h Luttrell a\" 
Harris 1.homtl
, firelllHll GTR. b 'Ir
 lH t'llue Lai 
. 1.1Ulllh'y (;el"l"urd. h 
Stirling Hutton ":m, elh. I !III'S A H:utton 1 nmh ;\1i", Florence. I J W Lamh 
Harrod Fdwanl J. mach :\le;\llIlIn & Cos- H)"nard L<I\\III'd, bkr. h Hndge Lamh \;,,"r
., A. mn("h, I J W Laml> 
tain I G Harrod I<ln,on Will. h n s Danforth av Lamll Jo,"ph ',", "ng, h Enderhy rd 
Hnrr';d I;eorg". hlrmkr. b Catl>arlne Edgar. messr, I Edwnrd Ireland Laml, ;\Ibs :\I,uy, I J \Y Lamb 
Harrod Grorge jr, I,ll>, I I;p(,rge Hal'l'od Ir"I:l\Id 1:<I\\"':d, ('ng GTH, h S\\an\\lck.1\ I andrenm Ernest, section foreman, 11 Lllt- 
1. IÏ\'er
' ;\Ialn, b same It'wlD Jobn ", slsmn, I> Beech av I treU a\ 
Hnr\"p)' James, drl\'er F ;\1 Har\"ey, I same I\"ns Tho!na-. e,ng GTH. res Toronto Lane ;\Irs Uary, I ;\lI's A Crandall 
Ha\\k.. Johanna (wid John), nurse Dawes rd Jackson" m, hotler wushpr (
TH. h nan- I L.lOkin 1':
team ftr. I, A Taylor 
Ha\\thorn Adam, firemnn h Luttrell a\' fortb av I Lankln ;\ltss lIhtllda. I A 1:11\101' 
Ha\\tborn Ernest call boy GTR, I A Hnw- James Tbomas, gdnr Dentonla Park Farru Lansdowne A\enue Public SchOol, Thoruas 
thorn' Jamps '''III, c.lltlem'l\I Dentonla Purk Bro\\ nlee prin 
Ha) D,n Id J, ("ond GTR. res Belle\ lIIe Farm, 
. sa,rue Latl>alll AI,,,,,..nder. "ng, ,II John 
Ha) Joseph, "ng I;TR, h Danforth 11\' Ja'!'es" m Jr, cattleman Dentonla Purk L..tham AlIce, cook I:lllprmghalll Hotel 
Hayes George, I>rkmn GTR. h Florence av 
 arm, I> same La"ton Artbur, carp, h Lan_downe av 
Ua)es Joseph, eng, h s s Danforth av Jewell George II, eond GTR, h Swanwlck Luxton Cecil. belper ;\I..'lillln &. ('ostaln, 
Ha,ne Wm J. brkmn GTR, b S\\anwick av a\'enue I A La>.ton 
Hay\\oo<l Alfr...I, mfrs' agt, h ß('ech a\ Johnson Harold D. fireman GTH, I J John- Lea(lIpy !IIiss Ida. I \Irs :\1 Leadley 
Hearns Jesse H. brkmn GTR, h Mrs 1 L son I Lendh'\ ;\Ian- (\\Id John), h r;..rrard 
Westlake Jol>nson John, eng GTH, 11 Gerrard Leak (;eorg,,: tel 01"' \lTU. I J Halston 
Hector Alfred, lab, h Bridge Johnson J,
hn H, foreman, I J Johnson I pol' Itt Herllert "'. ho
tler's as,t GTR. b 
lIerron DII\ id, brkl) 1', h Elliott a\' Johnson "m A, h Henlamond IIV "'hlte 1I0use 
Herron James. h Beech av Jo!,,!ston Alvin J. fireman GTR. I> ;\Irs L Lee Lila (wid Beat)). millinery s s Dan- 
Hewitt MIss Charlotte, mael1 opr, I :\Irs S Stirling I forth av. b same 
He\\ltt Johnston Arthur, 
hoes n s Danforth 11\' Let' Jame-. car oilel' (;TR. b Luttrell av 
Hewitt Eliza (\\ id "'m), ICE Page Johnston James, brkmn GTR, h A "'arfe Lennox Charles D. .Iraugbtsman. h Glpd- 
Hewitt 'liss Elizabetb. I ;\Irs S He\\ltt Johnston John D, tra,', h Sw..n\\ il'h a, hill a\" 
II"witt James A, yard foreml1n liTR, h Johnston Jobn "', prin !llary !o:t )'uh 
ph, h Lepper James, h iKngston rd 
KIngston rd Uenlamond av, 1 e Ro) '''Ill, hrkmn \;TR. h J U "1lson 
Hewitt Joseph, lab, I ;\Irs S Hpwltt Johnston ;\
Iss Kate, I J '" Johnston 1 e\\ is John. editor. h !o:pruce a\" 
HewItt :\lIs, Sarah I'll's S Hewitt Johnston" m E. app GTR, I ''" J Johnston I illprt\" John fireman h Charl..s 
Hewitt :III's Sarah. '11 Kingston rd Jobnston Wm J, eond GTR, h Lyall a\" T.hld..Ii David, enl:, h 'Gerrard 
Hicks John. I G ',"hite Jones Alexander A, lah, 11 lIlary Lid.lell Frank. hrkmn, I D Lh1dell 
Higgins Frederick. I>rkmn GTR, b A Warfe Jones Alfred, tra\", I G G Jone' T.ill<1ell John. I>rkmn, h Luttrell 
Hilts Ale"ander, car repr GTR, h Lnttrell Jones 1:rnest (James Jon('s &. Sonl. I I Lid<lpll R FrederIck, hrkmn GTR. h Lans. 
avenue Jumes Jones downe uv 
HInd 'II,s Carrie L, <lrsmkr. I S Hind Jones George G, Insp. h ßel'ch ,1\ Lightfoot Alfred. 1 E A Lll:hlfoOI 
Hind Joseph. hldr MaIn, b sAme Jones James (James Jones & SOn), b w s Lll':htfoot I';d\\ ard. earetkl' :llaQ' St Pub 
Hind \Ii<s LillIan. ..Ih. I J HInd Main Sch. h Kingston rd 
Hinds J ',"m, htchr J Brown, I "m HInds Jones 
ames &. So,! IJames and Ernest), , LIghtfoot Edward A. pUlllpman r.l'R, b 
HInds '''m. ,'ng GTR. b Gerrard tlnsnllths w s MaID I Klnl:ston rd 
Hise\" \Irs Eliza h Gerrard Jordan '''Ill. hrkmn (;TR, res Toronto Lind,'n John b Oak A\ 
HItch V'-III. I>tch'r Tbe '''m Da\ les Co, h Judll Frank, hostler's asst GTR. b SW,ID- Linton ',"Ill.' trll\'. h Hannafor<l 
Ste\'enson av \\ 1ck av Llo
'd Cllarles p. lIarhcr n s nunforth IIV 
Hitch '''m. I':dIll' A EAmes, bEast '1'0- J!'dge Joseph, brkmn GTR, I> :\Irs 'I Bell Lohh Amelia I" id .1ames), I -\ '" I.obb 
ronto Hotel I
ane Francis, brkmn, h Xor\\ ont1 nl lohh Arthu\" F. hnr\". h Rp('eh a' 
bue Wm O. carp 
llII!\1 & CQstilin. 
nne Hannah (\\ Id "'m). I r Knne J.()n
 I 'nk.., I'Ik, I .1 1..0"" 
h Xor\\'a)' I
elly ;\I!chael 'V, fireman GTR, h t;dward George It. mnl(r. I ;\Iiss 1. 1.on::: 
Hodge ,lames, detecti\"e, h Benlamond a\" I
elly" m. 1111>. h s s Danforth IIV ;\Iiss 1I.l11n:1h, I 
lIss J. 
Hogan John, I>rkmn (;TR. h A Warfe l5<,nnedy Alexander H, clk, S Ken:1Cdy 1 onl: ;\[i
s Hattie. I \lts< 1. long 
HOl':an Timothy 1', hrkmn. h A "'arfe Kp."ne

' Prederlck,. heper ;\lc'llIIln II< ,101m. \""..1 pst, h Hppdl av 
Iorle)' S. fireman (;TR, h Dawes rd ,( ostam, .
 ;\[rs \V KenDl'dy long John 1,;, ('utte\", I ,I 
1I0lhro('h E '''m, l:1h, b (;p1'1'ard Kenlled)' Sl1n..n. count) constahle. 11 ;\laln Lonl': :\liss 1.ulu, h Rpech a,' 
Hollis Miss Emma, forelady. I ;\Irs !'\ Hollis I
elr J>
niel. J, eliI': GTR h (;p\"1'IIrd , ;\11", ;\1:1\"
, I 
Ibs 1. Lonl: 
110111< Ernest J. ah, I JIll'S !': Hollis 151'1'1' ;\ltss Gertrud,., m
lItl"mkr. I II. I' 1...,,1'1' Ioone) Thomas ,I. png GTH, h ;\Ialn 
Holl1s Frank :II. lah. I :\Irs S Holl1s l5 err Hohprt J. easemh[. I R P Kerr lorlmer Ah'""nder H. f:1 II e" gds. h Bee('h 
lIolliq !o:allv (wid John) h jiletlhlll n\ I...err Hohert 1'. modI (;TR. h (;('1'1'IIrd a\"enup , 
Hnoper I:,:ull<'n. ht"h\": I T lIoope
err 'Vm K. eng (;TR. h !':\\ all" ipk a' LnPlls ;\Ii<< 1:lizal",th, I..h\" 1..m
tl"" liP a\' 
llooper Thomas. eng, h Lallsdo\\ne a\" I...etchen Jonathan ß, 8upt lIento\1ia I'ark I'uh !'\eh, rps Toronto 
Hoove\" Jpssp, carp.h Ha\1nafo\"d 
'arm, h same . Lucas \Ii<s ;\Inllel H, elk, I '" H Lucas 
HopI' :llpthodlst (,hurpb, cor Danforth Il.\' 
Ilgannon C'llIrence. app. 1 J KIIgnnnon Lucas '''m H, h !':tpl,henson av 
and lIIalll 15!IJ!'annon George, lab, I J.llnes Klll':nnnon Lucas 'VIII H. e:1rp ;\1..'1 111 In & Co,taln, h 
Hopkin, Emil)' (\\Id Tbomas!. h Kln
stQn Klll:annon James, conll (;TR, h !':\\lIn\\ick 'lain 
road .0\ enue 1 ukI' 'Vm, ('al'Jl, b Charles 
Hopkins ;\I\ss E\a, hoxmkr, :Ill's F. Hop- K!ll:annon jr, I James KIIgnllnon Lyon "'11\ (
, photo suppllps. h B..e"b a\ 
111" \1:1, ill, ", ,11'1\ Pl'. h 
pr1H'p .1\ L)'olldp Fre,Ip\"iek 'V, h Ralsalll '1, 
HopUns 'liss H,mnnh, ill's, I T Spellen I Klnl:smlll F rpd"rl('k. mkt gllnr Kingston L
'on_ Harol,I. tra\', h ßpeeh :no 
o rd, h smne L
 p "'"It PI' 1.. h Spencer 01\ 
HopkIns ;\1is
 ;\Ia)', 1 1111's F. Hopkillq Klrh
p('t1onlllan. b :\Irs E Slemln ;\1('Arlhur Arthu\". eon,} liTR. res Toronto 
Hopkins "'alter, IIrkmn (;TR, h ;\11', \1 Kirk "'m, h F.ndprhy 1',1 I ;\Ip.-\rtllur Arl'hilla1.1. eoml. h \; r.mprlnl':- 
Bell KnIght Char\ps. png \\ iper GTH. n '101111 I h,lm 

..J.c THE. 
 U ' 

" t' 
..,... "... 

$'" ..;. 


 ' ;\ ;..,
 - JfI';:: <Ai-:./' 
\ OC Ð !. R S,i 
t HEAD ornc.E 




: Pe



1m te 43 ESPLANADE &T. E. 

Toronto Branch. 26 WELLINGTON ST. EAST 




E lost 'l'orontu. 


Wllen Artbur, brkmn GTB, b Mrs M 
)lcI\eely Andrew, cond GTR, res Tor"nto 
lsb John, cond G'I'n, res Toronto 
" James D, tm\", b Beecb nv 
)I<-\Vatel's Wm J, trav, b Benlamond a" 

Iacdonald Robert, driver W A How('\I, 
P Pollard 
lIss Agnes, I R _.ll kerrow 

Iackerrow )lIss Cbristlnn, I tt J\J nckerrow 

Iackerrow Miss Janet, I R Mackerl'ow 
)Iackerrow HoLJert, tl'l\\", b Balsom a\' 
)laeLeod Alexander, bldr S\\anwlck av 

IacLeod Eupbemia (\\ Id Jobn), I A Mac, 
MacLeod lI1iss Eupbemla, I A MacLeod 
Macllllllan \\ m III, catsup mfr e s Gledblll 
BV, b same 

Iabbott Wm, coalman GTn, b Florence a\' 
)Inckle Alexander E, app GTn, I Mrs S 
I Mackie 1\1Iss Catherine J, lillI's S Mackie 
lIIackle lI1iss Daisy, lillI's S Mackie 
. lIIackle Susan (wid Alcxand-:!r), h G(lu:rd 
McCaLJe Tboma
 F eng úTR b I\far
 I lIlacrae E\'elyn, broker, b Hazel r-: 
McCall Dugald, pr
s, b Spruce a\"' lIlagee James, Inspr GTH, h s s IJanTortb 
McCall HoLJert E I D II1cCall I avenue 
McCartby Ann'l (wid JaDle
), I' F Vernun lIIaglnn Cbarles, ,traY, n GC,rrard 
McCartby Jobn, yardman, LJ '1' 10' Vernon )falnes IIIlss Tillie, elk J .V Bmr'dor. b (' 
MC'Causland ('ecllla (\\ Id Juhn) t"11I' Mary D Lloyd 
St Pub Sch, b H Schaefer ' lIIanning-James, coahnan G'l'R. I, Swenwlc" 
McCausland \Ïetor, studt I H Schaefer avenue 
McCloskey RoLJert J fra'mc mIdI' h Ger- :llannlng Jobn, coalman OT,?, b Mnh. 
rard ' , Maples Fred, carp. b Wm Kelly 
McClure Josepb, h Lyall av Marcban Cbarles, brkmn. LJ \\'bite Ilollse 
McClure Robert H, shipper, I J 
lcClure lIIa,rcbnnd Hector L, I1r
m"'n GTR, b Mrs 
McConochle John, pntr \\' '1' F;mprlngbam E Dunk 
I R II1cC'onocble ' 
Iarcben Cbarles, brkmn G'rrl, h Donf'rtb 
McConnicbie RoLJert, cnr r"pr r.TR b a\"enue 
Lansdowne av . 
fnrcbment Sidney C, tmst:. h 1I1I,11ard nv 
McCrenry Andrew, cond GTR res Belle- 'Iarkle Alfred, gateman, h Dn\' es I'd 
vIII" 'IMarks Wm, eng GTH, rps 'l:oronto 
McCrelgbt Frank, bnrnessmkr s s [Jnn
ortb )Iarler Hobert 'V, sectionman, b Edward 
av, b same 'Iarlor "'niter, mncb, b E J Garh.l'r 
McCron IIIlss EUllbeth, drsmkr WIlI"er 
Iarquls Cbnrles. milch, h Kin!:,
lon I'd 
McCron George, pntr, I M IIIcCron lIIarrs Joseph Eo mnn clk, h Ba's"-1\! av 
McCron Jnmes, lab, b John )Iarsb Edward J. .nnch )lc
lIIil.; & Cts- 
McCron IIIntthew, lab, b "'niter taln, h Gerrard 
McCron ReLJert J, lab, I III IIIcCron lIIarshnll Frederick, mng', I Becch &" 
}lcCron Stanley, bnker. I III )lcCron )Inrshall George, eng, n Bd\\ard 
McCullock John, mall carrier h I\orwood )lnrshall George 1', orkmn Ü 'f R, b Mrs 
road 'M Bell 
McI'ermott Charles, IItbo I S G McDermott Marshall Maggie, dom \lrs 't Be!1 
McDermott Henry, elk, í S G McDp.rmott lIIarsbnll \Vm B, call LJoy GTR, I G Mar- 
McDermott Snmuel G, cond GTIt, h Charles sball 
McDiarmid Miss Minnie, tcbr lIIary St l'nb Martin Arthur, photo, h Gerrnrd 
Sch, b Mrs M Cooper Unrtln Arthur, photo, h Gerrnrd 
McDonald Frank, brkmn GTR, b R F r.ld- IIlnrtln David, b Lyall 
dell IIInrtln Miss Junet. I D lIIartin 
McDougall Dugald, asst ednr Dentonla lIIary St I'uh School, John W Johnston 
Park Farm b same prln, h Benlamond av 
MrDowplI Arthur E, moto, b East Toronto Mnsspy Cbest I' D, res Dentonla Pnrk 
Hotel Farm 
McEach.ern I"ell, gro Swanwlck a\", b FIIme Mnxwell Hugb. brakeman, I Wm )Iaxwell 
McGill Peter, prtr, b Bpech av lII..xwell Wm. carp IIIc)llllln & Costaln, b 
McGowan Miss Ellznbetb, I Mrs J Me- Main 
Gowan I )faxwpll Wm. tubeJ:. GTR. b Dnnfortb av 
)lcGowrln Jane (wid Jnmes), b Mar
' !IIay George, lab, b s s Danfortb av 
McGownn Miss lIIargaret. t('hr, I Mrs J 
Iny GeorjZe, b Stephenson nv 
Iny Josepb, rondmaster, I Geo lIIay 
McGuire Wm, fireman GTR. h W Hltrh :lIay Jospph, cond, I G lIIay 
McHnttie Gporge. eng GTR, b LYIlII uv )Ieecb lIIary (wid Rlcbnrd), I C J Curtis 
 Alpxunder, brkmn GTR, b Mrs lIIenzles Alexander, eng GTR, b Mrs S 
I A Wplr I Mnckle 
McIntosh George, pntr W T Emprln;:{ham, Metropolltnn Bnnk (hranch), W T Hamer 
rps Norway I mngr. l\Ialn st, East Toronto 
Mcintyre Lachlan. en!!:, b IIInry )Iiles Jnmes, mach IIIcMlIlIn & Costaln. 1 
Mcl,a,' Wm J. lab GTR h Mnln Mrs SMiles 
McpKÌmy Thomns, brkm
 GTR, h Isnh'èlla Miles IIIlss Jennie, drsmkr, I Mrs SMiles 
MrKlhhln Dadd. png GTR, h Da\\es I'd I )flles IIIlnnle (wid Alfred '1'), I James lIIan- 
MrKlhhln Miss Ethel, slsld\, I D I\Ic- nlng 
Klbbln . )flles f;pllna (\\ Id James), h BrldjZe 
M('Klhbln IIIlss Lillie, opr, I D McKibbin Miles Wilfred. clk GTR, I Mrs S IIIlIes 
McKinnon Bella. houspnmld A F. AnJP
 )llllnge Joseph, lab GTR, rps Toronto 
McKinnon Edward. LJrkmn b Eastbourne 'lillaI' I:dmund R, eng, b lIIaln 
Hotel ' :llillnr !IIlss Maud, opr, I E R MlI1ar 
J\lrLean lIIargaret (wid Alexander). I A :lllllnr :l1I8s Olin. cnsbler, I E n MiliaI' 
lIIartin :lillieI' Edward, appr, b Beech av 
McLPOd Pet PI'. horse trainer, b Bay View IIIlller Wm H, carp, b Mrs L Stirling 
Hotel MlI1s GeorgI'. I H A pye 
McLuckIe Jobn J, cll\. I l' McLuckie l\I1nJ:eaIJd AIJgnstus, wd carver, b Spruce 
IIIcLuckle Peter. png. h f;wanwlck IlV a\'enue 
McMann Alexander, hlksmltb, b Main IIl1tcbell James, cond GTR, b G Emprlng- 
Mclll1llln Andrew (?IcJ\l1l11n & Costnln),'b > f b 1t am h II J b GTR b L tt II 
Gerrnrd ., ceo n, en:: , u re av 
M u Moclpland SewnI'd, eng GTR A b Charles 
c""llIIn & Costaln (Andrew Mc:lllllln, 1IIodelnnd Thomas N, eng, b Edward 
Wm Costaln), l.lnnll1g rollls eoI' IIInln and Moffatt James R. ynrd foremnn L A De La- 
Bridge plante. b Dawes I'd 


For Family use Nothing better at 
any price than our 
at $21.00 

d for Five Years 

190 VONGE ST. 



1II0ffatt Snmuel, lab Mc
ll11in & Costaln, b 
)Ioise Wesley 1\1, LJrkmn GTR, b Edward 
)longeal1 Hlrsule (wid Jules), lillI's S II1lle8 

Ionteitb )lnrgaret (wid 'Vm), h BenlamOnd 

Iontgomery Clarence, Ins, I H 1II0ntgomery 

llIntgomelY Prof Henr:!" b Oak av. ('or 
)111011 Charles, tuLJer GTR, h Mnln 

Ioon Josephine (wid James), dom White 
Moon Hobert, conlmnn GTR, res Norway 
111001' 11I1's EllznLJeth. I Wm Kelly 
1II00re Arthur H, presser, h John 
)loore Charles A, studt, I E Moore 
Moore Edward, b Beecb av 
)loore Harvey C, b cor Gerrard and Nor- 
wood I'd 

Iiss lIIary H, I E Moore 
1II0rg;,n ,\'m, eng. b Catharine 

Iorley "'nIter, eng, h Dawes I'd 
:lIorley Wm 
, flour rolll Dawes I'd, b same 
lIlorris Aaron, Inb, b n s Dnnforth av 
1I10rrison Cbnrles, nsst supt Dentonla Park 
Farm, b same 
Morrison Richard C, trn\', b Beecb av 
'Iorton Ed\\nrd L. mngr, b I\orwood I'd 
Morton Mary (wid BenjDmln), b 

Iosher Da\"ld, stone mnsOn, b Catbarlne 
)1 ot herslll Frederick, bId I' lIIaln, b same 
lIIulrhead Wm D, eng GTR, h Kingston I'd 
lIIurcb Frederick, eng. b Swan wick av 
Murcb Frederick jr, clk W J & H Carna- 
hnn, I 10' Murch 
)fIJrray AlLJert H, golf prof, I C J lIIurray 

Iurray Charles J, stone ('tr, h Gledhlll av 
)Iurray Chllrles R, golf prof, I C J Mur- 
)IIJrray J\llss Clara, slsldy, I l' J J\lurra;r 

Iurray DanIel, yardman, I l' J Murray 
IIIurray IIIlss Dinah F, slsldy. I C .T 
Murrny John, acct, b Beecb av 
:llurrny John, fireman GTH, b S Griffin 
Murray Miss 1I1nry, opr, I l' J l\Iurray 
l\Iurray )Ilchnel 1<" cond G'I'R, h Luttrell 

Iurray Pntrlck J, b Gprrard 
Myers Jospph, con]mn GTR, b Dnwes I'd 
?\nylor "'alter, drl\'er W H Snell, I same 
I\eedham Richard, section foreman GTR, 
res York tp 
Neilson Alexander, yard foreman GTR. b 
Danforth av 
?\ellson Hendry, wntchmnn, h Luttrell av 
I\ebol1 George, cnretkr. b Spruce av 
Newman Ann (wid Wm), h IIl!tU.lnd av 
Newman Wm. tmstr, b Mldlnl1d ri1 
NiCholls Joseph, car oller GTR, 0 Lnttrell 
Nicholson Betsey, dom A E Seaton 
Nicholson George, car repr GTU, I M Foy 
I\lmmo 1II1ss Mnrlon, clk,R Nimmo, I same 
NIMMO ROBERT. J P. Grocer and 
I'ostmn8ter n s Danforth fl\'. b snme 
Nimmo Wm, asst l' 
I. I R I\lmmo 
Nolnn Mary A (wid John), b s s Danforth 
?\orton Rnnson, cond G'1'R, .1'9 '1'OI(ll.oto 
Norris IIIlss Florence S, C'lk, I W Norris 
 Frederick, switchman GTR, I Wm 
?\orrls Wm, car repr GTR, b Main 
O'Connor C'harles S, wiper G'l'n, res To, 
O'Connor John, flremnn 
lIlan &. Cos- 
taln, I IIfrs III O'Connor 
O'Connor Mary (wid Pntrlck), J ßr'dge 
O'Connor Miss Mary. mach opr, lillI's M 
O'Connor Thomas, genl Y.lrd:u l.3ter GTR. 
res Toronto 
O'Connor Wm, yardman O'fR, ; !'oIl's M 
O'Dpll Albprt. brkmn, b Mrs I A Wdr 
O'Donnell John, ash}JI
.1J.ln GTR b loh I'y 
O'Donnpll Lpslle 1If. Dla 
n, I J O'Donnell 
O'Keefe Martin, hlh. h r: Ip,lhl:! ay 
O'I\elll FellI J, flremnn G'rR, b ;; R WII- 

O'?\e1l1 Mnggle, cook Las.LJo"rnf' Hot..1 
O'?\elll Thomas. fireman GTn, b J R ""n. 
Oal,lpv Geor
e. h Ralsam IiV 
Oldhrook Ellpn (wId Jai..I1), h SteJlht.nRon 
Oliphant Percy, cattl\'man Del.toilia P8rk 
Farm. b same 


116.130 GEORGE ST. 


s. G. CURRY, Architect 


Telephone Main 1237 


Es-t 1'01'..1110, 


Ormerod George W, i'J,'"e )Juglstra;e. h ' I Heed Miss Mary A. I H E Taylor Spdman Eliznbl'th ("Id Thomas). 
1>on.1ld Hpid Charles E, tmstr, I ,,- E ,{eld L Trench 
Ormprod James L, 'al"p J Hlo-hard
on. h Hpid George, I C K Hogprs Sellman )Jiss Elizabeth A. clk Mrs hi I<J 
hlngston I'd I Hpid Hob..rt "', eng GTH. h L)'all av Trpnch, I Hlme 
Oshmne He,' Alfred, LJ D, l'pCt'" St Heill ',"m E, mllh\l'ight. h BrIdge Sharran Jo'red, IJrkmn, IJ J H '''lIson 
Savionr's Chnrch \Ao1"
), .1 Ender',y 1'<1 Hpynolds Hanp)'. daiQman Dentonla Park :,.I",w GNrge, png, h :r.lalll 
OslJorlie Edward, roa<1 forellla.., h 
lidl,w<1 Farm, b same Shaw 8earll)'. elk, I G Shaw 
road Hpynolds Or1.1ndo, poultryman Dentonia Shea Edward, cond GTU, h Gerrard 
Oshorne Ernest. lulJ. I r.lward Oshornp Purk Farm, IJ same 811ea Et1w.1rd jr, clk. I Edward Shea 
OsbornI' HOlJert. tmstr L A De 1 4 aplunte. Hichurdson Jumps B, cond, h Gerrard Shpa Katburlne (wid James), I E ::ibell 
I E Osborne Richardson John, J 1', lIldr s s Dnnforth Silen" III J, cn., I E Shpa 
Ungh Weslpy, fireman GTR b J H ',"lIson a.... h same . Hllpffer "'alter. carp, h Gerrard 
\hpns '''m J, png GTH, b 'Irs E Slemln Ulchardson J Stnart. app, I J B Rlchar:lson Silell..y Miss Jennie, smstrs. I J Watson 
Pagp Charlps E, loll, 11 
 s D"nfort;' av Richardson R Hoss. aPI), I J B ,{lc:'.1rd30n Shppard Alfred, drivpr ". J Snell, I B 
Page Miss Martha, clk W H S' ell, '><1mI' Higby John. brkmn GTR. res Tænton S Shppard 
Paget Rollert H, marble Wb.!', h Kh'g
ton UÍlumpr Edward. ashpltman GTR, IJ 10' Shepard Arthur E. drher 'V H Snell. I B 
road Brongbton S Shepard 
Parkinson George, road c"mmr, h Main Uhnm,r Frpdprlck. fireman GTR. b Mrs M Silepard Byron S, agt. h Kingston rd 
Parkinson Lathan. brkmn, h l,laln Bell Sill' pard )Jlss Lanra A, artist. I B S Shep 
Partridge Al1rpd. c,lrd 1111.1', J 11 W Kin;.: IUne Frank. eng GTR. h Mary ard 
Paterson Uros (Hobert and .'ames). gros Rine lIIary ("Id Richnrd). I M A WlIbce Sheppard 
hss lIIary, b Mrs M 
I Cameron 
n s Danforth av Hiseborougl1 "m, coalmn GTR. res Scar- 
herbourne Samnpl G, mngr. h Beech "" 
Paterson James (Paterson Bros), h n s 1J0ro' I<hp\\ man Bprt, png wiper \;TI:. h 'lilln 
Danforth av Hitchie John. driver F Abbott. b White Shlplds Charles A, fireman GTR, 11 Main 
Pat<.rson John L, elk, I R Patprson lIousp Shields Darrell, call boy GTH, b ,,, Brown 
Patprson Hobert (P.1tpl'son ßros), h n 8 Hoach Jalllps, IJrkmn GTR. h Enderby I'd Shlnnich Jol1n H, hrkmn GTH. h Chllrlcs 
Danforth av Robarts Frnnh C, clk, I F W Robarts Shoniker Henry. brkmn, h Luttrell IIv 
Paterson Thomns. bkpr, I R Paterson H..barts Fl'ed W, rpal est, h Balsam av Shook Charles. night storemlln GTR. 1'1''' 
Pparce Arthur ß, grain merchant, h Beech Hobb Alpxander W, fireman GTR. b Mra Toronto 
avenue L St..phenson Sills E BurHord, brkmn GTR, b W 
Pearce John, barber 'lain, h same Hoberts \\ m. hl'kmn, b J R 'Yllson lI10lse 
Peck George T, lab, h lIIary Robertsol1 Duncan, kennel man Hunt Club. Simkins George A, pntr, b J M ],'alrclotl1 


s Dentonla PÌ1rk R

esLOUIS, fireman GTR. h Lyall av Si

ns Allred. brkmn G'l'R. b 31rs I A 
Farm Robinson Frederick "'. foreman, h Spruce Simmons Da,'ld, cond GTR, h Gerrnrd 
Perkins Cephas "'. carp, h s s Danforth avenue Simmons :r.llss Emily, packer. I LJ Simmons 
a...enu" Robinson Thomas H. fireman G T R, h Mrs Sisson Ralph, h Luttrpll av 
 Herbert, Paterson Bros, I E HowlIl'tb SkeIcher John G, eng GTR, h Swanwl
k IIv 
C W Perkins Robinson '''m. checker, h Gerrard Slade James, clk, h Bpech a\ 
Perry "'m I". eng GTR, b 
Irs M Cooper Itohln
on Wm, lab. b T Hooper Slade Simon L, acct, h Spruce av 
Peters J Frpderlck, IJrkmn GTR, b Mrs E HolTe) Charles, gdnr A E Ames, I sam I' Sleeth Arthur D, gl'O, h eBech av 
Armstrong Rogers Christopher K, bldr Spruce av Slt!mln Alexander. switchman GTR, h Don- 
Pettigrew '''m. acct. h lIIaln Rogers Thomas, carp, h Kingston I'd aid 
Phillips Edward, drl\'er ". H Snell, res Rogprs Rev Thomas H. pastor Emmanuel 81pmln Edwal'd A. studt, I A Slemln 
Toronto Presbytel'lln Church, h Main Slemln Elizabeth (wid Wm), h J,:nderby I'd 
Philpott Frederick Y, mngr, h Beech av Itol(..rson Albert E (It Rogerson & Son). I It 81pmln Joseph, I'll's E 81emln 
Pickard Elizabeth (" Id Christopher), h Itogerson Slpmln Joseph jr, IJrkmn GTH, h Bridge 
lIIary Hogerson Robert (R Hogerson & Son), h Slpmln II1lss Mary, lillI's E Slemin 
Pickering Ephl'llim. driver, h Luttrell IIV Stpphenson av Slemln ,\ m. IJrkmn. h Endprby I'd 
Plercp Frederick W. fireman GTH, h Ger- Hogerson It & Son (Robert and Alhert E), Smith Emily ("Id Wm), hsekpr A E Ame" 
rard coal 
Ialn cor Stephenson av Smith George H, mngr, h Balsam av 
Pierce George, pipe ftr. b Mrs I J, 'Vest- Rogerson Tilomas S, driver R Rogpr
on & Smith Herbert H. B A. tchr East Toronto 
lake Son, h Enderby I'd High Sch, b Mrs L Stephensoll 
Pinkston F Adrian, fireman, h Charles Ross Catherine (wid Alexander). I A Craw- Smith Richard L. h Balsam av 
Pittard Amos. "Iper, b Wm I"orrls ford Smith Wm. bunk room attdt GTR, I same 
Plaxton Frank, drh'er, b A J Booth jr Rossiter Allred. fireman GTR. b Kingston Smithers Alfred E, fireman GTR, b Mr
Police :r.lal(lstl'llte, George W Ormerod, road Stirling 
Town Hall Main Rossiter James T, fiorist Kln
ston I'd Smyth Richard III. tel opr GU. h lIIaln 
Pollard Frederick, brkmn GTR, h Lans- Rossiter :Miss lIIary. I J T Uossiter Snl':1 
lIss Adn, elk W J Snell, I same 
downe av Roth George, brkmn GTR. h Enderby rd Snell El'IIest G, clk ,,, J 8nell, I same 
Pontoft Hprhert J, pntr, h Swan wick av Rouhan I"athanlel J, condo h Dawes I'd Snell rrederlck, bakpr ,\' II Snell, I same 
Poole Wm J, pntr, h Spruce av Ruse Percy, pntr W T Emprlngham. b Snell ShIney, driver W H Snell, I same 
Pooley Isaac lall GTR res I"orway Emprlngham Hotel Snell Walter J, gro cor Main aljd Gerr'lI'd 
Popel:t N, wtr,'h Beech av Huse Sophia ("id Albert I.;), I G Empring- Snell "-m H. baker e s Main, h same 
Porter 'V Robert, brkmn, h Dawes I'd ham Snider Hartley \Y, clk, I J E Snider 
Powell Ehpnezer J. pntr Edward. h same Ryan Ann (wid Bprnard), h Gerrard Snider Harvey G. bkpr, I J E SI.Jder 
Powell Frederick. blksmlth, b A Warfe Ryan Justin, lah James Jones & Son, I Snider John E, trav, h Bepch a, 
Powell Fredprlck A. condo h Klnl(ston I'd Mrs A Ryan Snider "'m J, brkmn, 1 1111's E Busby 
Powell Walter, brkmn GTR, b A Warfe 8t John's .(R C) Churcb, Klng
ton rf1 Snow A J Russell, barr, h Balsam av 
Pringle Edwin C, clk, I Miss E S Pringle St Sa,"lour s (Ang) Church. He,- Alfrpd Os- Solomon John A, trav, h Gprrard 
lIss Elsie S, h Main borne rector, cor S" an" Ick ,1\ :mtl 'lary SomprvllIe Percy, tmstr, h Midland I'll 
Pringle Mis<. bkpr and sec Dentonla Park 8:ldler Thomas, caretkr, h Swall\V1ck:"v Sparks Arthur B, slsmn "'m Davies Co, b 
Fann. h Mary Saxb)' Frances A (" Id Herbert J). I P E Mrs E L Denne 
Prescott Gporge A, eond, h Gerrard Evans Sppllpn Thomas, carp, h Stephenson av 
Prescott Thomas, IJrkmn GTR h Lans- 8ands James, eng GTR, b Edward Spofford Wm W. fruit dlr. h Gerrard 
downe av '8ands Charles, steamltr. I J Sands Sprague Samuel. IJrhmn GTR. res Toronto 
Prest Wm, brkmn GTR. h Gerrard 
anderson Thomas, eng GTH, h Moln 8pring Georl(e. hostler. h "-alter 
Preston George J. I T W Preston 8anderson Richard, I T Sandpr30n Squlrl's Herbert J L, flremall G'l'R, b Mrs 
Preston Thomas "-, staty eng, h Stephen- 8anderson Herbert J. eng GTR. b Main L Stirlln:: 
SOn av Salmon Henry W, clk GTR. h Isab..lla 8tandlsh Ira, h Balsam av 
Prln!!:lp Dr George, I Miss E S Prln!!:le Sranlon Miss .\Iary, cashier, I Patrick Stapleton Christopher, brkmn, b G Emp- 
Purdy Wm H, en:: GTR. h Mnry Scanlon rlngham 
1')"1' Henry A. tone regulator, h Beech 8\' :-:canlon Patrick. eng. h Fnderby I'd Steen John, fish snpt Dentonla Park Farm 
Quinn Ed" ard, yard foreman GTH, res 1 8chaaf Wm. barber, h Main 8tennett Robert. hostler GTH, res Toronto 
York tv 8chaefpr Hpnry. en:: GTH, h Lyall av I Stephpn Miss Alberta ?>1, cutter, I A 
Ralston Ira, driver L A De LaphlDte, h 
('hlankl'r Jacob. h Main Stephen 
Luttrell av 8phuch Frpderlck. Improver OTR, h l,an8- Stephen Alexandpr, car repr GTR, h Ger- 
Ralston .Tamps. lab. h Marv downe av rarll 
Ralston James W, tel opr GTR, I J Ralston 
co!t Frank A, brkmn GTR, b hlrs I L Stpphen Henry A, eng wiper GTR, I A 
Randall Morgan J, fI.'eman GTR, b F "estlake I 8t..phpn 
Brouchton 8cull)" Benjamin G, acct, h Bl'pch nv Stcphrn IIIlss Jane M. opr, I A Stephen 
Ratcliffe J:dwln B. elk Mrs III E Trench 8eal ,\ Ifr,'d H. laundryman, I W W Seal Stpphl'n John. bkpr, 1 A 8tl'phen 
Ratrliffe Harold G, slsmn, I Rev T Rat- 
eal C'harles W, lab, I ". W Seal Stpphenson 11I160< Annie H, lillI's L Step- 
cliffe I 8pal J:llabeth (" Id James), h Kingston I'd henson 
RatcliffI' Rev Thomas. pastor East Toronto 8pnl Geor g I' T lab I ,,- W Seal !':tt' h E -'
 ard .... , I . ' I Bond 
Baptist Church h Gerrard . " . penson u.. .. _" 
Readman Charles W, tl'llV, I W J Trimble Sl'al Will "'. lah. h Kln::ston I'd Stephenson Lucy (wid Donald 0), h Ger- 
Reed IIlr
 Ada. hSl'kpr Dentonla Park S"arle Frpdl'rlck H, h Balsam av 'raI'd 
Farm hoarding house Spaton A Edward. staty pn!!:, h Dawes I'd StpphensOn Wm R. clk, I A M Bond 

1111's 1d 

Metallic Ceilings 

Metallic Roofing Co., Limited 
Phone Park 800 Cor. KING and DUFFERIN 818. 

<ton feöera tíon 1ífe 

Canadian Company 


a8t Toronto. 


 Emily \\\ id Henry), h n s Dan. 
forth a v 
I:;te\ens Hpnl'Y, flrpman l;TH, I :\lrs E Stev, 
Ste\ pn
 J:uups, laLJ, b })pl1tonla Park Farm 
 .Jubn. gdnr. I'll's L Ste\'ens 
I:;teH'ns J o,,'pb, lab, I 1III's I:: I:;te\ ens 
Ste\ pns Wm. coalnm U 1'H, res Norway 
StihLJanl :\\iss :\la
, I T J !':tlbhanl 
StiLJbard 1'1'1'1')', app GTH, I '1' J I:;tlbhnrd 
StlLJhard Tbomns J, cond G '1' U, b :\Ialn 
Stinson Earl, lab lIIc:\lillln ,\ Costa ill, I 
\I1rs J Stinson 
tHinsoll Herman. hrkmn, I :\lrs J Stln3:m 
Stillson Josephlnc (wid Wm), h Main 
Stirling Lonisa \wid Duncan il), h Edwnrd 
StoLJa Alhprt C, tlr n s Danfortb nv 
Stoho Fl'ederlck:J, eng G'1'H, b Mrs III 
Stonpr Hiehal'd T. brkmn GTR, b Dawes I'd 
I:;tortz Juhn B,. loco fOl'emn UTH, b Uer- 
Stotts D<,wltt, ICY Allison 
Stracban Hev Hichal'd. b Jobn 

utbel'hrnd llliss :\largal'<,t, tchl' Lansdowne 
A\e Puh S<,h, res Toronto 
Swan FI'M"l'ick A. fir<,man UTR, h Bl'idgp 
Swan :\Iar) 'V (wid John), h s s Danfol'
S\\.ID "',Ilter, sectlonman, I'll's :\1 'V Swun 
mons Harry, K C, pres, b Balsam n\ 
Szamlll"r John l'. eng GTU, h Da\\es I'd 
T,lIlner Cb..rl..s E, nppr, I John '1'annel' 
Tann"r Juhn, ear insp UTH, h Gledhill a\' 
Tanner :\\iS8 :\latilda J, parcel clk, I John 
 "'Ill, cond GTH, h Danforth av 
Ta)'lor Allan, eond G'l'R, h I\orwood I'd 
'lor Andrl'\\", hrkljr, b L)'all 
Ta)lor Andrew J, eng wiper UTI., I R 
Taylor I:r1ward A. tlr J E 1;1<,nuulD I same 
 lor :\Irs Eliza. I F Pollard ' 
Taylor Hr'nQ. tmstr IJentoala i'ark Farm 
'lor Herhert II, pedlar, h K,..['"ston I'd 
'l'a)lol' Hpl'bert E. moto, h Kin
<ton (I 
 lor James, eattleman Dpn!..",'" I ark 
l<'arm, b same. 
Taylor Lorne, dri\"er '" A Howe'l, II I.yall 
Ta)lol' l'eter "', driver J " Brnn<lm, b 
l:d \\ ul'd 
Taylor Robert, bollermkr GTH, h L:ws, 
l1o" ne a, 
 "'Ill, ('ond, h 
 s 1',lIlf')I'rh n\ 
 Janu's, ellg'o h s 
Tester Hu
a \wld TI1l'ma
). 1 SHall S 
T.-tlt,y "'m B. LJtchr Danforth I\V, res 
Thachpr IIIargarpt (wid Sln",u" OJ, A :\lc, 
Thl<,kson John. flrpnulIl UTIt, h R- :dgr 
Tbolllpsun :\liss Elizaheth, UpI', I Jamps 
Tholllpsun Ht-'nr
', cfirl> J Uh.'ha 1 d"'J3, res 
Thompson James, boiler washcr CiTR, h 
'rhuDlpson John. Cfirrlagenlkr. 11 h.lll
Thompson :\1", :\Iarlon, hkpr "'Ill D:nl'" 
Co, I Janll"s Thulllpson 
Iatthew, hkr ". H Snell, I 
J alll('s 1'holllp>on 
Thorp John, jockr
', b Bay Pew Holpi 
Thnrp ,\ tn. jOf'ke). 1 B 1) Yipw Hutt'l 
' J.llllpS L, co eon'tahle, h Step- 
hf'DSOn a\ 
Tiffin ArUmI', h Swan\\ Ick a\ 
Tiffin Charles, pntr, I A Tlfftn 
Tlfftn Frpderlck, hrkmn (; '1' R, I A 'l'lffin 
Tiffin (;.'orgp "', hrkmn (
TR, A THfin 
Turns Alhcrt. lab. I '''m Tom
Toms Charlps. lah. I "'m T.lllld 
Toms Edw:lnl. harhpr C D Lloyd, I Wm 
1'0\\ ns 
 John, car I'.-pr (;TR, I '''m Toms 
 !':amupl. lab, I "'m Toms 
te\\ ,Irt, (11'1\"1'1', I "'m Toms 
 \YIH. flair) n s nnnforth fi\". h s.l1UP 
Toms Wm jr. ('oalman G '1' R, I "'m Toms 
Torruprl' Druellla (whl Jobn \II). h l'ahe1la 
Totty Thomas, pnl: (;TR. res '1'01'011\0 
Town Hall. ". H ('Ia
' '1'0\\ n Ch'rk, :\Ialn 
 np (;porgp. 
tt-> fir. 11 .10hn 
Tr..hllrf)('k Josl'ph. har tndr. h L\"all a\" 
TRENCH MARY E (wid Geor({e). 
GrO(,f'r anù Pn....t111i:'/.tress Gcrrnrd. h same 
Trent EI"IH..
t \Y. Jnu
r. h Sprucp 3'. 

Trilllhl" '\"11I J, tra\", h B"I'dl a\" I Wll\ptt Arthur, fireman GTH, h J R Wilson 
Trotter :\1('1'\ 
 u A, 111'1\'''1'. I W J Trotter '\ïlh,tt Shlne\, firellllln, b J It Wilson 
'rrotter ".ID J. h 
I)l'uce BY \\ illiallis ÂlIliit,. dOlll E.1st TOl'(lutO Holt.) 
' (' Auslin, slSIllIl. h Rpl','h a" \\ï\liamson SlImuel R, laLJ, I ''" J 'Villlam- 
Tutt IIarQ', fireman GTR, I H J Tutt son 
TUt! HI'U1'\" J "1\)' forl'1IIan (;'1'11, h (;"1'- "ï\liaDl
un Tholllas, LJrkmn GTR, h ('barIl's 
rard ., I \\:
llialllson Will 
, lab, b :\I1dland 11\' 
'ndall Ch:u'lps, section mall, LJ E L'"11lrcau ,,!Illlwt John \\. ph)', h Ualsalll a\" 
Vale- \\.111 \1, hkpr, h lll'ech n' \\.
on ('hurle
, coalmBn, h S"n11wlck 0.,. 
"allpau Chl'istollher U, rine Crest, Balsalll ",I!'on l;Pürg", LJrkmn GTH, b Mrs 1 A 
a\"enue I " I'll' 
"alleau Jane A (wid Christopher), I J n "ïlson HI'rmlin B, carp, h Be('eh av 
Johnston "11slln lIugh H, lah h n s D,lIlfortb a\ 
VanderlipI' "'alter coachman C D lIIas'ey, 'Yilson Rev Joseph t, IlIlstor Hope IIleth. 
h !\Iidland a\" ' I l)di't Church, h lIIain 
"all I\est Frederick r., mlllr, h "'ah"lln ":ilson , JosI'ph It, 
Illr (;,'rr
, h same 
\"ernon Thomas P, bl'knlll, h Daufortb av "lIson 'rhoma
 Is, fireman GIlt, b Dan- 
'ine GeorgI', btchr. h LVI\II a\" forth av 
Vlnnedge Harlan D \lho'to engl' b Beech' Winllsol' Miss Emllla. I S Lngllsh 
menuI' ' , ""liter Richard ''', car I'epr, h Luttrell a\ 
"randpuburg Clifford, lah, ITA Da\"ls ":l:!ooll GeorgI'. ,mach, h IsaLJella " 
'''ndlow Al'thul', wil"'I' l;TIt, II (; 1'1t "-,,"d :\1I"s Annll', milch opr, I H '" 'Vood 
Boarding House "ood H!,Ill'
- I:. hkl'. h Luttrell :n 
''''"lIow :\lrs ElIzaheth, cook GTR Hoarding "ood :\l1ss Hachpl. I J It MolIat 
House Woo.1 W G,-orgl'. apI', I J It :\lolIatt 
'''ngner Da\ld, cond GTU, h Dawes Id ":" lO dm.1Il FI'l"1,"l'kk II. "kpr, h ,13,I];',l1n II' 
Walk..r Jennie (wid Charles), I {<' A Plnks- "'-'''<lw''l'th Itll'h,l1'<I, tlr A t St"ha, I 
ton Hals.ull .n 
'Ylllker HoLJert. cond, h Stephenson a\' I "'0"11\\"orth Hlchard, tlr A (' f;toha, I Luns- 
Walker Itoy F, app GTR, I R "'alker 
Walkpr "'m J stullt I R Walker ""ollp
' Jos"I,h. coalllln G'l'H, h Edward 
Wallis Frank J, [JlmLr, b Beech av ,,"
pnnh'k TholllllS, GTR, b :\Irs III 
Wallis Janet (wid "'Ill FJ. h "Valter ( OOlIPr 
Walls IIIlss Elllma, clk F C Bro\\n, I J 'yund"l'lIch Alhin, flute mkr, h Gerrard 
"'alls Like '''11I1., coallllan GTR, h Luttrell av 
Walls Jamps A, shi\lp('r. h 1\ol'\\ood av Y..o :\lIss Jennl." tchr Mary St Pub Sch, 
Walls John. ('ar Insp GTH, h EndcrLJy I'd I -' 11I1's III Allan ,. 
Waliioll' Louisp, dorn A E Ames ','HIli;.!: .Ja,'uh. " :\ll's I'. 
Walsh Patrick, hagl:,ll:"man l;TR. res '1'0- IO
ll1g Jallles, cattlem,lD Dentonla Park 
ronto l- arm. lJ SUIDt-> 
W ALTER S WM R Ph " and Young IIlen's Christian Association (Hall- 
. VSlClan \\11\' lIepal'tlllent) Earl III Cook bLC lIIaln 
.:\\'1)"01', Danforth a\" and :\1
!n Youñg \Vm W, cond. h John ' 
"alton .Ed\\ard J, storeman (, fH, b :\11'. Zlelllann Adam, tIr J E Zlemaun, I sallle 
,I r. "estlake. ZII'm,ll1n John, tI J E Zlelllann, h !IIaln 
".3It o n 
[ary, "tl'S Ln
thourne H..otl->l 
it'manll John. tlr .J I; Zit'llia II II. h ),[õtill 
"alton Thompson, carp, hils .Jallf..rth Zitumpl'lllan Herhert A. flrelllan GTR, h 
a\ pnue I 
Walton Wm G. lab, I 'l' Walton . 
"'al'l1 LizziI'. dom ''" Penton 
Wllrfe Andrew, tmslr, h s s lIanfo:'th a\ EGLINTON. 
'''arf" Jpsse, lah, h S\\:III\\Iek :n- 
Warfe Jolm J. lab, h Killl:ston ..I (See North Toronto.) 
"'arrpn FrpderlcJ., eng GTR, res '1'uronto 
,,"lIr,..,n Jospph. spct!onman, h Da w"s I'd I 
"'atson Frederirk, ftl', h 'Irs :\1 lIell 
"'lit son John, ashpltlllnn GTI.L, h I.uttrrll I 
',"atson 'Ylnfred, lah nTH, b :\II'S :\1 Bell 
Waugh (;.,,<,rge. agt n'l'H. I'pS TOr911to 
' Frpllrrlrk, I'arp :\lcMillin &. Cos- Alh'n ,los"l.h ,,,. Illkt gdnl' Burgess a\' 
taln. \) G Emf/rlngham AlI('n Tholli'IS, pressmnn, h Qneen 
"'phstpr Arthur ,plmhr, h Spruce a\" I \nnstr"ng (;"orge, foremnn J lIIaloney & 
Well' '11.. Efli.,. I :\Irs I A "'I'll' I ('0. h Lake Shore I'd 
Wpir Isah,'ll.1 A Iwl.1 .1uull's UI. ;.dg \lse A
mpr Charles, Illkt gdnr Cannon rd 
Gerrard Baker Wm, tmstr H Butwell, h Lake bh"l'e 
''""ir .10hu. lah. h I.uUrell a\" I ro,ld 
WPI1' Itohert. maeh n'!'R. h :\IIIin Ball
'. Illotorman, h Lake Shore I'd 
"'pstlakp Alfred, impl'O\ PI' GTR. :\lrs H".ldlr Andre\\", lab, h Queen 
I. ,,"pstlnk.. Bell Alfred, Illkt gdnr Burgess av, h same 
',"pstlakp \llss Elizaheth, muc tchr Ender- HI'llemel'e Frederick, tmstr, h Mard9nald 
h:r rd. 1 samp 8\"l'UUt-> 
'''.'stl.lkp Ernpst, dl'iH'r ,'" H 
upll, I 1.1'" I1.'st Alfred, mIdI', h Salisbury av 
a\"pnue Holnl1l1 Patrlek, lah, h Amelia 
W..stlakp :\lIss Florpnce, slsldy, I :\Irs I I. Uraith\\ alte "'Ill. prin Humher Bay Puh 
"','stlakp S<'hool, res Toronto 
'''estlakl' Isalwlla L (wid Richard), h End- Ul'orl,'rlek Micbael, tel opr GTR, I l' Brod. 
erhy I'd Nil'k 
"'rstlnkp f;aruh (whl 'I'I1Omas), h Donnld Bl'u,ll'rIek Patril'k. \\atchlllan GTR, h Sal, 
".p:-;tlukp "-111 E. pug- nTH. h Swnnwlek a\. ishur>. nv 
',"heel..r nu
 I., htchr, h 
pn)('e a\" Bl'o\\ n George S, stenog for H ,It &. I\ut 
Whitp Alhpl't E. hl'kmn GTH. h IsalIPlln ('0. II 
alishury n\ 
"'hitI' lIIiss Estbpr L. I :\Irs !': l' Whit., 111'0\\ n Jolm A. Illkt gdnr t.:oCI<'lU1'a, 'I S3me 
"'hitI' George, plstr Kingston rt!, h same Brown John G, mkt gdnr SallsLJur
'''hitI' Hou
(', John r.nllls prop, n s Dan- Bro\\ n f; (wid Charles I':), mkt 
forth "\' I I:dnr Snlbhury a\, h same 
'''hitI' ,l,,"1<'S H. plstr, I G "'hitI' Brown "'alter E, ,,:.lnr :\Irs S L Brown, b 
"'hltp John. <,ont! GTR. h Charles l:;allsbu1'v 
"'hitI' "iss :\11"";,,, tehr 1..1ll
,I"wup A \' Burgess Caroline 1\\ Id 'Ym), h Burgl'ss a\" 
Pub Sch. rcs Toronto lIu1't 'V H. hrkmkr. h Lake 
hore I'd 
Whltp 'Uss Ruth. stmll. I \Irs !': P "'hit.. lIutr'h..r John, h Q
arah l' (\\ Id Richard., h Sprnce av Bllt\\..11 H"llr
, !orick mfr I.nke Shore I'd, 
'''hitt"r Hiehard, car repr GTH, h Lut rps Toronto 
trcII a\' Butwpli Rlcbart\. forl'man H Butwell, h 
1Yhnlllon F..I\\"11 rd, GTR. h \Irs I'
 J.ah.. !':ho1'e I'd 

ielUin ('hurl'llw.lrd Hohprt. rarp. h Frpderlca 
'\"In te Da\ Id, ('ond GTR. res 'Ioronto I Clark Jobn "', farmer, h Churca 
'\"Ilhee !\Iatthp\\" A, pnl:, h !':\\"alhvirk a\ ClarkI' HenrIetta (wit! Bpnry), II SalIsh,ll'Y 
 (\\ It! "'m). h Swan,vlck Il\" avenue 
Wilkinson H.lrry '}', lah, h Catharlnc I Clarke Henry, I \111'
 H Clarke 

(Four and a half miles w of P 0) 


e:" ;

CEO. R. HARCRAFT, - Ceneral Agent 
Phone Main 251 TORONTO 

Suite 1108 TEMPLE BUILDING Phone Main 4508 




Cochrane Henry, lab, I Mrs hi .\ L:,':llrane \llldln
 Aaron, carp, h Salisbnry av I 
Cochrane Josepb, lab, h Lake Sbore I'd :l:1g'htingale Wm H. h Sali
bur)' a\ 
lary A ('!'"Id Josep:l). b Lake Xobh' Mary (wid Wm), b Lake Sbore I'd 
Sbore I'd :l:ol'lb "'m, mkt gllnr Imrge>
. b s.ulIe 
Collins James. mkt gdnr Cburch, h same :\urse Cllarles. hotel and boats Lake Shore Uobert. boltmkr, h Qneen road 
Cox Samnel, mkt gdnr l,/neen, h same :\nrse's Hotel. f'harles :\urse prop. Lake 
Cromwell George 0, lab. h Lake Shore I'd 8llore I'd 
Cro\\ hnr
t Ernest A. florist Chnrch 01'1' Renjamin, ooat bldr, h Godson I'd 
Cnmmlngs Eliza (wid James), I Wm Cum Pain Charles, brkmkr, h Godson I'll 
mlngs Parmenter Philip, roach opr, h Cockburn 
Cummings '''m, mkt gdnr Lambton I'd Passmore John, h Cnmeron I'd 
Currier l',.trl<-k. hrklllkr. h Lake 
hore I'd Patterson James. lab. h Da\ldson Cles 
C) cle Inn, James 00\\ ns prop, Lake Shori Presley Alfred, constable, h Ollv.>r 
road Uamsperj;er AtlJ,:nsl. h Lak.. 8llore I'd 
Dandridge James, mkt gdnr Queen, h samt Ih'l<l Ann (wid Thomas). Bnrgess 11\ 
Daniels FranclS l rukt gdnr Queen, 11 BamE Heitl Halpll L. j:uur 
Irs A Ueid 
Death Gcorge. larmer, h Church Heid Randolph. IIlkt gdnr Cburcll. h sallle 
Deno\'an Ellen (wid Patrick), h Queen Hl'iIIy Hohert. JUkt gdnr Lnmhton I'd 
lh!\ in... h.;aac: .:\. pll'..l::-.ul'e hmn.... Uin'r Hl') noId
 Joseph. carp. h ::\luedonalll fi'. 
Bank, res Toronto Hiellcs Jpsse, lIrkmkr H Rut" pII. h L.lke 
Downs James, hotel Lake Shore I'd 
hore I'd 
Drew Richard. lab, h Davidson cres House 
liss Helen. tchr Humber Bay Pub 
Dntnall Robert. wks Ont Sewer Pipe Co, 8eh, res Toronto Brown 
liss Letitia A, tchr Victoria Iudus- 
h Lake Shore I'd U..wett Ernest, mkt j:dnr Qupeu, h samp trial 8ehool 
Dutnal! Robert W, lab. I R Dutnal! Itowett George H, mkt gdnr Queeu, h same Brown Pbill p H . h Mlml co B y 
Dutnall Walter, wks Tor Bolt & Nut Wks, Uunnalls Joseph, carp. h ,Mllcdonald av BQdson Jnmes. tmstr, h Station I'd 
ntr, h Lake Sbore I'd I
ush Jo....pb. mkt gdnr Burgess a,\' h stirnI' Burgess !I1lss I\eille bkpr Ward & Son 
Fletcher Francis . lab , h Q ucen 

mes' C
ur('h (Anj:I., 
'rederH'k I W" Burgess ' , 

ble) Hp\\ e). lab. h 011\ er Burgess Will tel' W. b Southampton 
FujJer James. mkt gdnr Salisbury av 
mlpson !1eorge, lab.. h Lake Sbore I'd t:hrlst Cburch (Anglican), Rev Canon 
Giles Richard, lab, h Frederica 
tarkey George, marmer: b Davidson cres Francis Tremayne rector 
'Gèoll? g t;; . 

donald av Stell ,Artbur R. clk Western Assce Co, Churms James S. wks Ont Sewer Pipe Co. 
h :Salisbury av h .ßuperlor av 
Gillman "'m, mkt gdnr Queen, h same litell (}eor/re C, lumber, I G Gray Clar!.. Alexander. farmer, h Church 
artha. gro Lake Shore I'd !':tephens Jolin, mkt -gdnr College. b same Cochrane James lab h lI1imico av 
Gipson Reuben, pntr and co CQnstable litp\'ens 
ames. mkt gdnr Queen. h S,lmp Coulton Jowett, 'elk Ward & Son, h Pldgen 
L.lke Shore I'd, h same Taylor Kate L (wid George), I U Dutnall avenue 
Girvin Wm. mkt j:dnr LamMon I'd T a I'd 1 I b h F d . 
Goddard D8\ld, mkt ::dnr Lambton I'd T


.'h La

e I'll C,?XHEAD. C
ESAR, B!lilder and 
Go)'ne .rohn, mkt gdnr College, h same Tlzzard David mkt gdnr Cburcb b Same LOlltrnctor. Supel'lor 11\. cor Stnnley 0\. h 
Gray George. farmer, h Salisbury av Tlz7,1l'.1 John.' mht 
<lnr ()ueen,' h s.lm" .same (See ,card c1asslfl
d Cont
Greenfield Charles, mkt gdnr Oxford Todd James. mkt gdnr Lambton I'd, b same (oyl" lIe\' I J. ]I.I'tor St Leo lbul'l'h. re.. 
Greenfield Thomas. Illb. h Queen Tomlinson \Vm. mkt gdnr Lamhton I'd Dexte!. Ont , . 
Grigsby \VIll. mht gdnr Queen. h same "'all Edward brkmkr J Malone:\' & ('0 h Crux \\ n! R. mkt gdnr MaID, h same 
Hanna Richard. blncksmith Queen Lake Shore' I'd . - . Cubitt" oolm
I' C. h Albert a v 
Harris George, mkt gdnr Lamhton I'd \Vnrner Frank S. bkpr. h Cameron I'd CU tr n l n a l l n
h c n h m oOI Edwnrd, carp Victoria Indus- 
 Georgp. \\atchman GTR. h Cock- "h t b 
II S h A I S .
burn H

UI':" ' ss nra . 
Irs E Cunnlngbnm 
Irs I\ellle, matron Ylct".I" 
Harris Jobn. mkt gdnr Queen, h Bame Whelpdale George mkt gdnr Churl'b Illliustrial School 
Harris Thomas. m!..t g<lnr Lambton I'd \\ hlte John. mkt 
dnr Burgl'ss a\. h same Da\:

' James. likt gdnr Main, h samp 
Harris Wm. mkt gdnr College, h same \Yhltehf'ad John W, lab. h Lake Short I'd Da\l,dson Douglns. !'ec-treas Hosp for Sick 
Hawkrljrj: Wm. lab. h Lambton I'd Whitehead Sarah (wid Thoma
), h Queen Children. h Lake Shore I'd 
Hp!llwP,1I John R, m
dr, h Sallsburf av \Vhitworth Jobn. mkt gdnr Queen. n snme Davidson Miss Jilnet, h Horner IlV 
Hlek, Frederic!, J. dect. I 0 L Hlc!,s "ïlklns Hobert, lab, h Queen Dear John H, Inb, h Main 
Hicks Henry G, plmbr, I 0 L Hicks "ïn"er Edwnrd lab h Da\'ldson cres Dewsbury Franklin H. h Robert 
Hlc!..s Octavius L, boat bldr Lake Shore I'd Wlx
n Thom
s 'mkt 'gdnr Queen h snme Donnelly Ellen (wid Charles), h Mal!! 
Hicks Thomas L, h Queen I . ' I Douglas John, lab, h Horner av 
Hicks \Ym J, ooat bldr 0 L Hicks. I same - Drummond Hester A (\\Id John \\"1, Õl 
Holmes \\'m. mkt gdnr Queen. h same Church 
Hor\\o<Jd I'rnnk. Inh. h bUl'J,:"" "v LITTLE YORK Dunn James (Wilites & Dunn). rea New 
HulI Kenneth. prop Hmuber lIotcl. Qnepn - Toronto 
HUMBER BA Y POST OFFICE, I....ow Included In East Toronto) Duplex !llalolna (wid Richard). I W R Met- 
Jobn lIlcConnell Postmaster, Queen calf 
lIuml,,'r I\; ן\ I'uhli(' Ii('hool. Wm Bwlth- Durkin Rryan. lab, b Churcb 
"aite prln; Cockburn Elkin Uobert, hAlbert 
Hnmhf'r Hotel. Kenneth Huti' prop_ Qllef'n MI M I C () _ English John W. prln Mlmlco Pub Sch, h 
Imlach Jobn. lab. h Colle::p Hillside av 






: I'd ISeHn Miles West of P 0) Fe

a fnIJ.;';t

Johnston ElIznbeth (wid Wm), Illkt gdnr I Adam,on 
Im H. insp "'estern Assce Co, h Fetherstonhaugh Frederick B, pat barr. h 
Qupen. h snme Southampton I Lake Shore I'd 
Johnston Peter. tinsmith. h Da\'ldson ('res Agnew John H. midI', h Buckingham Finch Arthur (},'Inch & Leedham), b HII'. 
Johnston Rohprt. mkt g<lnr Lamhton I'd Ayllnj: Frederick H, \\ks Tor Fire Brick side nv 
Jobnstone James K. Insp gas and elect I Co. I 'I' Robertson },'Isher Stanley. orj:an bldr. h Superior IIV 
Ii/rht. h Lake Shore I'd _ Aylinjr John. mgr Toronto Fire Brick Co, h I Garee Albert L, forpman Ont Sewer Pip
Keillor Angus E. motorman, h Queen lIlImlco ('0. h Southampton 
Kenny \V Amhrosl', lab, h Queen I Ayling Wm. wks Tor Fire Brick Co, h Gar..p Hugh 
1, lab' Ont Sewer Plpc Co. 
J oat('s Alhl'rt. h ('o('khurn h:llzal)etn I h Victor av 
h IIIlss !\l:Iud. tchr Humber Bny Bailey 
[ary J (wid Wm), I s McG oaw Gauld (;porgp B. carp Victoria Indu,trlaI 
Puh Seh, b J Rusb Halley Tbomas. carp. h Horner _1V School. h Howland av 
McCONfIlET T. JOHN. Postmaster I Bard lI1i
s !\Iaud. matron Victoria Indus- I Gibson I:dward, wks, G. Stell. h Church 
Qupen h same trial S,'hool Giles Jacoh. lab. h St George 
'{ef'oun'ell \Yaltpr A. general store Qu[>en Barlow Robert. lab, b Mlmlco a" I qlles Joh
. h Church 
McFarlanp 'Wm. mkt j:dnr Quepn. h same narnulll J,I)", pntr. h !':tnnlp) a\" Godfrey Forbes. phy Southampton, 
!llcKpnzle !':amuel. mkt jrdnr College I Barnum Lorenzo D, eng Victoria Indu,trlal ,Godson 
lIss Edith. relief officer \ !ctorla 
Macpherson Alpxander. lab. h Sallshury av 8cbool. h Stanley av I Industrial SeÌ!ool 
Maloney John (Jobn Maloney & Co), res Barrow John H. mkt 
dnr (,hurch. b same Goldtborpe I;enJamln, mkt gdnr Evans av 
Toronto Barrow Mary (wid John), h Church I Goldthorpe George M. mkt gdnr Evans av 
lIIal<>npy John & Co - (.TohD- Maloney). brick Behan Felton p. I !III's J Behan I ' qormaly J
mes A. broker. I EStock 
 Lake Shore I'd Rphan Georj:e B. I Mrs J Behan Gormaly Katharine (wid Alexander), I E 
Masters James. mkt I(dlU' Lamhton I'd Beham Julia (wid George). h Rucklngham Stock 
!IIat('hett Jame
. watchman GTR. r('s Blair Rev Wm. BA. pastor 
lfmico !lleth Grepnfipld Charles, mkt gdnr Oxford 
:\lImlco Churcb h MlmlCQ av Greenway Gf'orge. lah. h 
Ianchester a\' 
 R 1 e t I '- , - D evi ns, b RI \pr- Bolter Thomas, foreman GTR, h Station Grpenwav "'m. shoemkr \'1ctorla Indus- 
w 01 r. mngr ,. YarQ trial Scbool . 
side Book Absolom S. gdnr, h Lake :5hol'" I'd (;robba Carl (Grobba & Wnndrey), h Churcb 
!IIaw Capt Rohert, pleasure boats River Broderick !llfchael, tel opr GTR. res Hum- Grobba & Wandrey (Carl Grobba. Ernest 
Rank. rp
 Toronto bpI' Bay Wnndrey), florIsts Churcb 

T H r 
 j A

VE,ð y r:.., f'""\""';',,, , 
. ..... , ........' 

S.,. f...;' ", <(k

 F'"' ....

., ..(}

" 'OC E. R SL 
\ CO A L. 
. HEAD OFflc. E 



8u__... to LIMITED 

Typewriters Rented J. J. 

Phones Main 1126, 1127 
SEITZ. General Manager 








Hall Wm H, Ins agt, h Lake Shore rd I Moore Allan A, trav Ont Sewer Pipe Co. 
Hamilton Rev Joseph L. h Station rd res Toronto 
Hammond GeQrge, lab, h Portland Muldrew Milton A h h Lake Shore r<1 
HarrlB Andrew U. mgr Ont Sewer Plpp Co, Nation Walter \Y, Lake Shore rd 
res Toronto O'Uonnell Thomas, fal'mer, h Simp
on av 
Hnrrls Ann J (wid Isaac), hsekpr Grobba O'Mara ;\Irs Hannah, h 8tatlon rd 
& Wandrey O'!IInra Wm, lab, bEl Swain 
HarriB Samuel, Inb, h Rose av Olver ;\1Iss Sarah E, h Station rd 
Harrison A Charles, WkB Ritchie & 'tam- Ontario-Sewer Pipe Co Ltd, A D Harris 
Bay, h SouthamptOn gr, Burlington av 
Harrison John J, lab, I JOB Harrison Ormsby Albert ß, h Lake Shore rd 
Harrison Joseph, lab. h Manchester ay Orr Joseph, farmer, h Church 
HeaBlIp Elmer, eng Victoria Indnstrlal Palk Wm H, gilder, h Newcastle 
School Pattison Jane E (wid James), I R Plnchln 
Heather Herbert, tinsmith, h Station rd Pinchln James H, baker, I R Plnchln 
Hendry Donald, h Cburcb Plncbln Robert, h Mlmlco av 
Hendry Francis, farmer, b Lake Shore rd POffley James, h Cburch 
Hendry Margaret A (wid James). h Mlmlco Purr John, Illh, h Symon 
avenue Raynor Miss Annie M, relief officer Victoria 
Hendry Robert, farmer, h Robert I Industrial School 
Henry Hobert, lab, I Audley Robertson Josephine (wid Frank), b Lake 
Herod Robert M, brylyr, b Queen I Shore rd 
Holdenby George, farmer, h Evans av Robertson Thomas G, "ks Tor Fire Brick 
Holmes Wm, mkt gdnr Queen, h snme Co, b Hose ay 
Horne Wm S, baker Station rd, h same Rogerson I::Ispeth W (wid James M), h 
Hughes Cbester !II, clk, h Lake Shore rd I Southompton 
Hunter \Vm H, barr , h Lake Shore rd Ross !IIlss Alice V, tchr Mlmlco Pub Sch, I 
Hurren Mrs Ida, rei ef officer Victoria [no J W English 
dustrlal School Hoyce Isaiah W, carp, h Church 
Hnrren John \V, printing Instr Victoria In- :-;t I PO 1](( ') C'llIIr"h, Hp\ I' ,I ('0\'11' r('ctor 
dustrlal School Scott ;\Jiss Jean E, I bIrs E W Rogersono 
Inglis Wm, h Lake Shore rd Shaw John, lab, h Grand av 

ackson Miss Rebecca, cook Victoria In. Simpson Charles, wks Ritchie & Ramsay, h 
ðustrlol School I Church 
Jermyn Tbomas J, h Lake Shore rd Skelton Robert H, station agt GTR. b 
Johnson Alexander, Inh, h ElIzabetb Southampton 
Jones Alhert E, h Lake Shore rd Slater James. hlksmlth, h Macdonald av 
Kay Jnmes, Ins agt, h Central av Smart Mary (wid Jobn), h Burlington av 
Kay John, h Lake Shore rd Smith Frederick, acct, b Lake Shorc rd 
Ke,esee Franklyn 1', Inventor, I W 1.' Mc I STELL GEORGR B,,;!r1-r ...,d 
.Crlmmon , contractor, Pinning ;\[111, Coal and Wood. 
Kennedy "m, lab Sewer Pipe Co, h Rose I\ewcastle, res Humher Bay (81'1' card 
avenue ('Iasslfied Contractors\ 
Kenny Jllmes J, h Lake Sbore rd Sto('k Edward, JP, h Church 
Kilman ;\lIss Carrie, baker Victoria Indus- Stuhbs George hAlbert av 
L t l rla h l J SChOOI I b 0 S PI C h Tplfer Arthur 'J, clk Anglo-Am Ins Co, h 
I' g ames, a nt ewer PI' 0, J H Telfer 
Burlington ay Telfer Grace B (wid Wm). h Alhert nv 
Linehan Peter E, lab, h Main Telfpr James H, weigh scale Inspr GTR. h 
Lynden Miss Katura, matron Vlctorln In- I Bucklnham 
dustrlal School Telfer John A ticket agent GTR h Pld- 
Mc('arthy Jane (wid Jobn P), h ElIzaheth gen' . 
McCrimmon, Wm T, h Church Telfpr Jobn McW. sll..-ersmlth, h Alhert av 
McDonald hllzabeth (wid Roderick). I Miss Temple Andrew. mkt gdnr C'hurch, h sallle 
J McDonald Tlz7ard Da..-Id. mkt I(dnr E..-ans a\", h same 
McDonnld Miss Flora, stenog Ritchie & Torhltt Francis. hoot and shoe mkr Church 
Ramsay, I Miss J McDonald Toronto Fire Brick C'o, Andrew MI
McDonald Miss Jane, h Newcastle hell. ;\[I'I' pres John Ayling mngr Aud- 
McElroy Patrick, caretkr Mlmlco Pnbllt: I"v ' , , 
School, b Simpson av Trema
-ne Rcv C'anon Froncls, rector Christ 
McGrath John. mkt gdnr Queen, h same C'hurch, h Churcb 
raw Samuel, pntr Church, h same Urquhart Miss Kate, hkpr Victoria Indus- 
McGuire Elizabeth (wid .John), h Main trial School 
)lcGulre Francis, lab, I Mrs E McGuire Vpnahlps !If I. Edith, matron Victoria In- 
d John, lab Pease Foündry Co, h I dustrlal Scbool 
MacKechnle Charles W, clk. h l>lurray I VICT 0 R I A I N: D U S 
 R I A L 
MacNeill Miss Isabel tchr IIl1mlco Pub I';('hool. (,h".tpr 1""1'1'11'1' Snpermtend"nt, 
SCh, res Toronto . ),Ialn. cor Howland a\" 
Machcll Henry 1.', JlID, h Lake Shore rd '!nt ('hor]p. H,. hotel )Tou"I1<'.tpr a': . 
Major Rupert E wks Ont Sewer Pipe Co "nlt..s louis (" altps & Dunu). I R I'm('h n 
h Mlmlco av ' , I 'Ynltps Rohert, a
rlcultural Instl' Ylclorla 
Mnloney Frederick, lab, I Mrs M A Maloney Industrial I';"hool , 
Maloney James, lab, I JIll'S M A Maloney Waltps & Dunn (Louis "altes, Jaru"s 
Maloney Mary A (wid Tlmoth\). h /oitation !Junn), r
al and wood. ('hur('b 
road ," 1n.II'r
. hrnpst (Grohha & Wondrey), h 
Martin Wm b Churcb (,hurch 
Maxwell James, lah, h Lake Shore rd \':arner, Rn:sell :<;, II!. a:;:t, h Alhprt a\" 
Metcalf Wm R. pressman, h Superior av ".a...1 (,pOr
" \
 (",a I'd & I';on). h C'hur.'h 
Mllliga John J florist Main h same ",UI] Hprhert r (" ord & 
on). h Chur.'h 
MlllIkl n JÒhn B tcbr Vlcto;la Industrial Warl] & 
nn (Gpor:;:" W alll] IIprhert '1'), 
rocers. flour anrl fppd, C'hur
Mimic IIlethodlst Church. Rev Wm Blair "atson Ro])('rt. "ks Ont SewN Plpp Co, h 
o . , ' &>uthampton I 
riA, pastor, C'hurch 
t "'atson "'m. lah. b I';npPrlor av 
MIMICO POST OFFICE, Austin Watson Wm, tra,., h Lake 
hore rd 
"'erden I'o
tmastpr, C'hurch "'p]"h A IhPrt. h T nkp Shore I'd 
Mlmlro Presb).terlan Cburch, Rev Norman WERDEN AUSTIN Postmaster and 
T C Mackav, C'bnrch, Cor IIl1mlco a" , 
MimIc<> puhllc School J W English prill ruo-trr and r.rocer C'hurch" h same 
Church' , "'"rdpn Frpd"rlck A. elk A "erdpn 
".pr'](,l1 \Ym A, photo:;:rnph"r Church 
Mitchell Annie. dom Rev Canon F Tre- \VilIl\' John ,,', Inh, h C'hurpb 
mayne "'ilk;.n. AnllP (wlrl 'TaUhp\\). h Pi.l
pn n" 
Mitchell David. . "ks T<lr nelt & Forglug \ViTkll)son ;\11.. Jpnnlp. Indry lustr Vlr- 
torla 1urln.trlal 
eo, I '!' Mitchell Wllkln.on !IIi,. T.ludn. steward<,ss Victoria 
Mitchell Henry, lah, h Evans av IndustrIal 
IIl1t,'I1<'1I Thomas, wat('hman G'J'R, h Suo \Yi1klu,<,n !In.- \Ta!:!!le. Indry Instr Vlc- 
perlor av torla ]ndn.trlal School 

WiI,u\I ('hl"istian H. elk, h Cburch 
Wiltshire Henry H. Journalist, b Horner BV 
\Vindsor Hotel, C If 'ïnt prop, Manchester 
Woods J,lIues J, carp, I I' J \Voods 
Woods I'atri"k A. "tehr Church, h same 
Woods I'atrh:k J. h l'hUl'eh 
,,'oods "'m J, dentist ChUl'ch, b same 


(Sc\en and a }lalf Miles West of P 0) 
Adams Joseph, wks lUtchle & Ramsay, h 
lJ .1 JUI'dan 
Ames James, asst eng Asylum 
Aldrillg.e James, shoemkr Asylum 
Ale"ander Joseph, h Lake 8hore rd 
Alexandl'r 'rena, Indrs Asylum 
Amos L:dna, attendant A.)-Ium 
Auderson James, attend.lnt Asylum 
" H lIeemer ;\ledie.11 8uperintcDlh-ut. 
James Corcoran Bursar, Lake Shore rei 
AyJlu!;" John, brkmkr, b I"ifth 
B.lImon Juhn, attendant Asylum 
Heck Johu, h Sixth 
1iupermtendent As) lULU for Insane, res 
Beswick Chester, shipper Pease I.'oundry 
Co, b J Day 
B]ackbnI:JI John J, supen Isor As)']um 
ßlakp Michael, farmer, II Lake Shore I'd 
Boult.,n "-m, m
I' As)"lum Farm, h Mlm- 
11'0 rd 
[\n)\\u Herbert ß, hartndr New Toronto 
H. tcl 
Buckle!\..Alfrcd B, postmaster Long Braach. 
h Lake Shore n] 
Bundy \\"In, tlr, h Fifth 
('allagh.m John, brhmkr, h Fifth 
C'..II.lg-han John jl'. bl'kmkr, I J Callaghan 
C"mphell Alhcrt, lah, I J Campbell 
('.lInphell James R, att..llll.lIlt Asy]um 
C'.lml'heli John, express Fifth, h sume 
('lImplll'll John A, wks Ritchie & Uamsny, 
I .1 Cam(lhell 
C'anada Bra_s Rolling ;\[lIIs Ltd, It E Mpu- 
zie rugI' 11'1', Eighth 
('ashen Juhn. lub, h Fifth 
Chartl'rs Lulu, attendant Asylum 
(,herry ;\Tary Ann (wid James), h Sixth 
da. attf'ndant Asylum 
C'lark" 1,11\ inia (wid !I[a...hall W), h Shth 
('01\ In l'eter, hotel, h Lake Shore rd, cor 
Mlmico av 
('ook Rohert. sup..n-Isor As) lum 
Cooper George, mldr l'ease Foundry Co, h 
C'''nltl'r ;\lInnle, nttcndant Asylum 
I'oulthurst Frederick, attcmlllnt A
lum for In
nnPI res Toronto 
Cralh Andrew C, elc..t Asylum, h Fourth 
Day John. en
, h Fifth 
Dea r.porge. l>olkpl' As) hun, h LokI' Shor
lIingman \\ïnnlfrpd, attcndant Asylum 
Dh."n !I[urie!. a
st matron A
Dohprty Patrick, lah. h Fifth 
 ;\lahel. attendant Asylum 
Drummond All"n. "ks Hit('hie & Ramsay, 
I J r M.wd.onald 
Dunl,,)"lp J"sP(lh. pntr, h Fourth a\" 
Dunn James tTlunn & \\"altes), h Sixth 
Dunn J.lmes. lah,- h 
[}nnll ThollUIS. mN.Sf!'Il
{>r A:r::yhnu 
})l1un & ""'nltes (Jal1H)
 Dunn, l.ouloo1. 
). ('0.11 and wood. Lakc 
hore rd 
IIwycr C'lara, attt.ndnnt Asylum 
.l'r Arlam, rar'p AS,,-Inm, h Shth 
'er E
thpr, .uppn Isor As
];astw"od Hros Ijames. John Robert allf] 

amuel. f.lrnll'r
 Lake Shore rd 
E...I\\"ood James (Eastwood [\ros), h LokI' 
I Shorp rd 
twood John (1-:ast\\ood Bro,), h Lake 

hore I'd 
Enst\\ oorl Rohl'rt fEast wood Hros), h Lake 
Shore I'd 
Eo-twood Samuel (Eastwood Bros), h I,ake 
Shore n] 
Elkin Roher!, slpw"r" Asy]nm. res MimII'll, 
Elliott ;\l.lnd. an"llll.lIlt A.yh.m 
En:::llsh Wm, tm
tr, h Fifth 




HOME LIFE BUILDINC, 56 and 58 Victoria St. 
Telephone Main 2265 

w. F. DEVER & co. I 


Stock and Bond Brokers 
Established 1880 Telephone 4303 Main 

bUill HBb. 

x o. t I DunJi Ctlurt. 


Evans Frederick C, attendant As
'lum " )lcKever "Iargaret, Indrs As
E\ ans !llIua, supen-Isor As
 lum :\IcKnight 8.nllucl, carp, h 81xth 
Farquharson l:olln B. carp, h 8lxth \lc)1II&un Hona\(l, au.,ndant As
Fautkn.,r Fran!., farmer, h Horner av Mc)lullen John l:, Indr
 llln As)'lum, h 
' John, Ilu.,ndant As
 lum 81xth 
Finch Al'thur 11.lnch & Leedham), res :\lIm, "Iacd{)nald John 1'. eng rease Foundry Co, 
leo h 8ixth 
Finch & Leedhalll (Arthur Finch, John "I..gulre "'m, attendant As
E Leedham" fire brick mfrs 
lalshull Frederick J, fat'm.,r, h Lake Shore 
' John, bkpr IUtchle & Ramsa
, res road 
Toronto \Iatheson SalllUel H, gdnr Asylum 
' lUchard, wks Ritchie & Ramsa
', 1 "Iechan John, attendant As
J l' Mncdonald :\Ienzie Wall l'aper Co Ltd, 8e\ enth 
Finnie Alexander, attendant Asylum I Mills Wm E, clk Hitchie & Rnmsay, b V 
Forster Jallles M. 1I1D, nsst supt As
'lum J Jordan 
Forst.,r Thomas, n
t surg Sixth, h same "Iole Edith, attcndnnt Asylum 
Fulton George, lab Pease Foundr
' Co, h :\Ioore S,lrah J, seumstress As
S"veuth !I1oorhouse Jos.,ph, mldr Pease Fouudr
' Co, 
Gilbert Wm 1', mldr rease Fouudry Co, h h SIxth ' 
Fifth - 1I1urray Alexander, attendant Asylum 
Golden John, attendant As
 lum Xewboru Susnnnah (wid Richard K), h 
G<>rman Jos.,ph, supen"lsor Asylum Lnke Shore rd 
' John, .,ng Asylum, res same Xe" ell Louisa, cook Asylum 
G<Jurlie Ern.,st H, h Lake Shore rd !'ie\\ Torouto Hotel, l'eter Coh In prop. 
Grawbarger Edward, lab, h Sixth I Lake Shore rd, cor "lImlco a\' 
Hall '
'm, I,ab, h I"o
Hardacre Ed\\ard, fitter Pease F oundrJ Lhl'istopber U.,id I' )1, Lak., 8bore rd 
Co. h SI;!"th , _ , ,Xew Torouto Public Scbool, s s Horner a\ 
Harman .1 rancls J, lllldr I ease F oundlY U'Connor John, farmer, h ttorner aY 
Co, h Sixth _ , I U'Connor John jr, farmer, h Horner av NORTH DOVER COURT 
s Lottie, supenlsor ASJlum U'Vouuell Cbaçl.,s h La!,.e Shore rd " 
HarrIson .Joseph. lab 1.'lnch & Leedham, U'Donnell Micbaei, farmer, h Lake Shore (Four Ilnd a half Miles Xorthwest of P 0, 
res MlllllCO I road 
'es "Iar
... attendant As
'lum l'atterson "'m, attendant As
'lum Adallls Hobert ''', h e s Do\ercourt I'd 
Henn!'ssey 1I1lchael. \\ks Ritchie & Ramsay, Pattison Thomas, asst farmer Asylum Farm AII.lm "'m "I, pntr, h w s '\"estmoreland 
I Wm Hennesse
' Paxton 'Wm fireman Asylum IlYenue 
' T.homas, lab, I 'Ym Hennesse
' I Pease Fouudr
' Co Ltd, James R Phillips AlllOSS Alfred, tchr, h s s Da\"enport rd 


 \\ ,m, farher, 
 Slxlth h mngr, Iron founders, Se,-euth ê.

: Jobn, pntr, h w s Westmoreland 
enucsseJ, " Josep , \\ks R tc Ie & Ram- rhilllps J.lmes R, mugr Pease I.'oundry Co. Andrews J osp p h , h W S Bartlett ay 
say, I "m Hennessey res Toronto 
Holllles Agnes, super\lsor As
'lum I rrlestle
' Ed\\ard shipper Hltchle & Ram- Audrews IIIiss Maud, clk, I T Andrews 
Holmes :llar
d Asylum say, I W E Lubbock Andre\\" Thomas. pntr, h w s Lightbourne 
ner D
'1nlel 1, furner, h Horner 9.4: Quinlan :\Iarle H, mntron Asylum n\"enue 
HOIIDf'r F rnnklln, farmer, h Horner ay I Ramsll
' Charles N (Ritchie & Ramsa') res Andrews Will, lab. I .J Andrews 
Hunt HenQ". gahanlzer, h Shth '1'oronto . , Auslln Benjamin F. clk, I W J Austin 
Hunter Thomas. foreman Ritchie & Ram- Reddick A g nes ( \\Id John ) tirs Asrlulll Austin Herbert J, mach, I 'V J Austin 
' h Lake 8bore I'd I '. Au
tlu :\liss :llabel 10" I 'V .J Austin 
Hurd' Alfred, hkl
'r, h :\lImlco ay REID CHRISTOPHER. Grocer and Austin Wm 10;, mach, I W J Austin 
Ironsldes George, carp IUtchle & Ramsa
', and rostmaster, Lake 8hore rd Austin '" James, pump mkr. h n Ii .Main 
I J Mdlullen Reid Mary J, Indrs Asylum A
lard HenQ", h w s Hamburg av 
Irvine \Iargaret. attendant As
'llIm Reve}py "'m H 1\1, eng IUtchle & Ramsa
', Ba/l:sley Edmund J, elk, h e s Hamhurg a
Jackson Jobn, uphol, h Sixth h I. \fth Ball :\Ilss Gracie, mach opr J Wilson, res 
.Jackson Thomas farmer h Lake Shore rd Rice James, carp As
'lum, h Lake Shore rd Toronto 
Jackson "'m G, 'farmer, 'I Thomas Jackson I Ritchie Frederick A (Hitchie & Ramsa
'), Barker "lIss Grace, I J T Bar),.er 
.John Charles, attendant Asylum res Toronto :ijarker James T, glass bender, h w s 'Vest- 
Jordan D.mlel J, mach Pease F'oundry Co. Ritchie John, farmer, h Horner a\" moreland ay 
h Sixth Hitchle ""m, fnrmer, h Horner a\ Barnes Robert, h w s Somerset a\' 

' James
 farmer, h Lake Shore rd RITCHIE & RAMSA Y (Freder- Barr
' l'atrick, b J Lappin 
' "m J, farmer, h Lake Shore Ick A Ritchie, Charles !'i Ramsa
'), Coat- Ba
'lIs John. maeh, hI's SomPl'spt IIV 
,rond I I'd l'apers and Cardboard 1Ilanufactur- Be\is Arthur J. mach, h e s DO\-ercourt rd 
Krause George, melter Pease Foundr
' Co. ers, "ks Xcw 'foronto (See Toronto alpha- Blekle George B, collr, hI's Hnmburg av 
b Fifth betlcal) Bickle Sarah (wid George BJ, I E J Bags- 
Leedham Frederick A. lab Finch & Lecd- Robert Alden, attendant Asylum le
ham, I J E Leedbam Roberts Ethel G attendant As,ylum Black Artbur, plmbr, h w s Delaware 8\ 
Le,:dham Jobn E (FInch & Leedham). h Rose James. h S{"th Blain Wm, macho h w s Hamhurg av 
Sixth, Russell '''m. fir.,man As
'lum Rooth George. clk, h w s Ossjngton a' 
Leedha.,m John E jr, lab Finch & Leedham, RuUan Jacob W._ supen Isor As
 lum Booth Georl:e jr, clk. I G Rooth 
I J E Leedbam R
'an Miss Minnie, prln !'iew Tor rub S h Booth Samuel, lab. I G Booth 
Leetch Matthew. lab, h Fifth res Toronto 1', Boyd Fred E, aIlach, h n s Chandos a\' 
Little John. brdge b , ldr, b D J Jordan St Charles Wm P, :\ID, nsst phv As)'lum Breman John, b H C Snell 
ùn Arthur, m.
r Pease Foundr
' Co. Sandford I:dward, farmer, h Lake Shore rd Brennan Lawrence, foreman hI's ' 
Lo h tt F1f,!h f h II Sandford Edward jr, farmer, h Lake Shore moreland nv ' 
Y "corl'e. armpr. ornpr 11\' road Brooks Mis!! Bertha, mus tehr, 1 J 1\ 
Lo\Cjoy (,harles, b.d
'r, I James Allies Scott Wm T weaver h Fifth Palmer 
Luhhock Wm E, \\ks Ritchie & Ramsa
', II ' Shnw Ella, kitchen mnld AsylulD Brown !\Ilss Lily, clk, I Wm N Rro\\n 
Sixth Sheridan John '1', pres and treas Pense Brown "'m N, bkr, h w s W'estmoreland av 
Lynn Charles. nl
ht watchman Ritchie & Foundry Co. res Toronto ' Rrown Wm T, lab. I 'Vm X Bro"n 
', h Sixth Slater .John. blksmlth !';"venth, rps \lImlco Rrowniul: Samuel, lab, h w s Hamhur;; a\ 
'sn/l:ht Francis P, I Mrs \I A Lysnght Smales John E mldr Pease Foundr
' C Bruce Alexander. fireman, I :\Irs J Rruee 
Lysaght John J. I Mrs 1.1 A L
'saght h Scott ' 0, Rruce Donald. bkpr, I 1\lrs J Bruce 
'saght 'Iar
' A (wid John), h Lake Shore Smith Ale,<ander. lab. h Se\"enth I Bruep Jessie (wid Donald), h e Ii Hnm- 
road , Smith (;corge. lab. h Sixth burg a
:\lcAteer M,nnle. klt('hen maid Asylum Smith Henry G, attendnnt Asvlum Rruce MIss Jesslp. I 1\lrs .1 Rruce 
McCallum John J. Inh. h Seventh Smith John farmer h Lake S'hore rd Brundle Charlps. drher, h w s Osslnl:ton ay 
McConnell Adam. well digger, h Fourth av Smith Sydney W. pntr I'lfth, h same Bru
dle :llIss Jennlp. maeh opr J Wilson, 
McCQnnell Adam jr, well digger, I Fourth !';mlth Wm. fnrmer, h I ake Shore rd I ( Brun
a\"enue Stewart Joha, farmer, h Lake Shore rd Burbhlgp J.enJamln. mkt gdnr P S "'.,M 
McCormick Mary, nttendant Asylum Stiles Tillie. attendant As\"lum a\. h same 
:\lcCullum Huch. farmer. h Lake Shore rd I Slubhs Georoge. btchr Asyium Burkp DII\"ld J. blksmlth. h w s YIQ\'p,' 
McCutehpon James, mldr Peac
 Foundry Sturt "'alter p, asst bursar Asylum, res <'Ourt 1',1 
Co. h Sixth Hamilton Ont - Burns Hubert. drover. I J Burns 
:\I<'('utt'hpon Robert. attendant Asylum !';"Ift Alice' hsemald Asylum Rurns .10Im. ('attic dlr. h e I' Sonwrsel :tv 
l\1('Donald Miss Flora, stenog Rltt'hle & S\\ift Bessie. hsemald Asvlum Rums n,"hert Rruee, drm ('r. I J Burns 
Ramsay, rl'S 1II1mlco Switzer !';amuel bicycle mkr h F rth ay Burns" alter. drover, I J Rums 
\1('Donald John, earp. h Sixth Ta
'lor R'nrthol,;mew mldr rease o
Oundry Rullpr. Hobert J, lab, h s s l\laln 
:\kElroy Res
lp, supen Isor Asylum I Co b J Dav ' Rutt (,p"rg(' H. ('arp, h e I' Dull'erln 

leGhle :llnr!:uret F. att..udnnt Asylum I Ta\,ior Georgp ('nl: h Fifth C:tnnd,l Foundry ('0, w s Lunsdo"nl', north 
!lII'Ka\" .1ospph A attendant Asvlum . ., C r Railway 
. . , Taylor James, mldr Pease Foundry Co. h G {'arolln(' Janws "'. al:t. h s I' (,handos nv 
MeKe\"er Eliza. asst cook Asylum Tnvlor ChlllB))er F;.I wa I'd. macho h e s f:omerspt ay 

 1I11ss Helen, drslllkr, J J Toome
TOOlll"y Jeremiah, lah, I J Toome
' John, llluil earrier, h Sixth 
' :\laurieI', lab, I J Toome
'1"OOlll.,y Tilomas, lab, I J Toollley 
Towell John, b Lake Shore rd 
Trotter Jobn, 
upenisor, h Mimico rd 
'1"l'ul'lo\"e Jobn A, r111s J J !l1cCallum 
Waites Louis (Dunn & Waites), res 1I11mlco 
',"ulker Jumes, attendant As
"'allis l,'red.,rlck X, storekpr Asylum, res 
Wntson Benjamlu, lllason Asylum, h Mim- 
11'0 rd 
Walt J.lmes, tlr, h Fifth 
Wntt< Lillie G, attendant Asylum 
Wbitaker "\D, slll'el'\ Isor A

Wbltlull Jnmes J, \\ks IUtchie & Ramsa1. 
h Sixth 
"'hlttam Henr
', farmer, h 1I111nlco ay 
"'ickens Percy, firemnn As
"ïlklnson "'m B, a
st eng As) lum 
\\"Ilson I:dith, aU('ndunt Asylum 
"'ibon Samuel, lab Pease Poundr
' Co, h 
Yerex Xutbaniel, fireman Ritchie & Ram- 
6a), h 81"th 



Losses Paid Since Organization over S!23,OOO,OOO.OO 


Fi re and 


Money to Loan. Estates Managed, 57 V I C T O R I A ST. 
Real E8tate Bought and Bold 


North Dovercourt. 


Clarke ""m, b J Phillips Heaslip Thoma,s! brl.lyr, h w s Osslugtou av I 
Iulr Davl<l, lah, h e s Bartlett av 
Clifton Fl'Unk, I J Phillips Hemmlllg\\a)' 1 homa
, b 28 Primrose av Mullin Joseph, lab, I Mrs J Iteardon 
Codllll John, lineman, h W s Somerset av Holroy<l Johu, midI:, h H C Snell 
lurray "m, <lrh er, h w s Somerset a\ 
ColI'e)" P.ltrick J, lab, h u s 
Iajn HOI
' Isahella (wIll James), I GeOl'ge Ii Xe\ins John, Car repr, h w s U.Jr
lett a\' 
Conhoy Frellerlck J, studt, I J Conbo)' HIckle 1\,'\lIIS John '1', lab, I John l'\e\'ins 
Conhoy James, mkt gdnr e s Osslugtou a\' HOPKINS JAMES A, Grocer ..nd X.
vins Miss Katie, I J :>;eviu,s 
Coubo)" 1111's IIIargaret, I J A Hopkins Postmaster s s Main h same l'\lxon James, lah, h u s ArlIugton a\ 
Conùoy Wchard S, stullt, I J Conbo)" Hopkius J.Jmés A W clk J A Hopklus Notle)" James, lab, h s s 
Conger Coal Co (hr), D 'V Jones mngr, e s Hopkins Miss J Alice clk J A Hopkins Xotle)" James jr, tmstr, I J Xotley 
DulIerlu, 1 n R It track HowlItt John, lab, b' H C Suell Ogle Wm, lah, h e s Bartlett av 
Cougregatlonal :\lisslon, e B 'Vestmoreland Hullsoll "'aHer, putI', h e s Dull'erln 1'almer Joseph H, <lair)" e s lIIalvern ,n 
avenue Jack<on Albert, b 28 Primrose a\' PaiseI' Thomas G, prtr, h n s Arllngtoll av 
Cool. Arthur A. foreman, h w B Delaware Jackson ',"m A.. carp, h n s Brandon av ParkluS<Jll (;eorge, brkmkr, h w s Hartlctt 
a\euue Jacoh Fre<lprlcK J, tmstr, h w s Salem av aveuue 
Cook Frances (wid John), I G Booth Jamieson Wm, lab, b L Frost Pask Wm, lab, h B S IIIaln 
Cooper Jamps, h J Phillips John
tonp Smltb E, ctr, h w s Salem av Penulngton MI8s Marlau. O'xamluer .1 ""1\ 
Correll Samuel K, comp, h w s Bartlett av Jonps Alhert E, lab, h e s Salpm av S<Jn, r!!s Toronto 
Coulter RO'uheu, pl
tr, I 'r Coultpr Jonps DavId 'V. mngr Conger Coal Co (br), Perc)" Gilbert, plstr, b s s D,nenport I'd 
Coulter Thomas, plmbr, h 
 s Chaudos av res 'roronto Junction Percy IIIarlan (wid Gilbert), I F Duff 
Coutts 'I'homas G, putI', h 30 Primrose av Keeh.'r Heorge 'V, lab, h e s Somerset a\' Perr): Joseph, lah, h s s Davenport I'd 
Craig A Hertr.lm. lab, h e s Salem av Kehoe Johu J, b J Lappin " Phillips John, carp, h w s 1'\omerset .1\ 
Crapper ,Josepb E, elk, h n B Chan<los a\' Kih'iugton Cbarles J, mkt gdur s s Main Ph
lIIps John, lab, h n s 
Crawley Arthur J, shoemkr, h s s lIlaln King 'Vm, h w s Osslngton av Phillips John 1'" carp, I J Phillips 
Cutler Harry, gl.lss hO'uder, I W Ogle Kiug Wm jr, elk I Wm King ['hili Ips 
Hss LIl)", I J Phillips 
('utler Harry, glass bender, I W Ogle 
irke)" Peter J, forpman, h u s Main Phillips :\I1ss Rosina, I J PbllllpB 
Cutler lI1iss Sarah, mach opr, I H Cutler Knapl) HO'nry L, carp, h s s lIlaln Pickering Mss HolI)", I Wm Pckerlng 
Dalzell Jobn, b 28 Primrose av Kuapp "-m H, I H L Knapp Pickering 'Vm, brklyr, h n s Brandon av 
lIalzell "-m, b 28 Primrose av Laugdon Alhert L, cabtmkr h w s Do\'er. Plnkhum 'Vm, h n s ChandoB a\' 
Dean Petpr, IJrop 
lInto Housp, n s Dun- court'r<l ' Piper Henr)" A, wood can'er, h w s Salem 
bar av, cor lIlalvern, h same Lappin Josepb, tmstr, h n s Brandon av avenue 
Dixon Mrs Isabella, h e s DuITerln Lappin 1\lrs Mary drsmkr n s Brandon av .Pollard Miss Emil)", tim, I 'V Pollard 
Dolby Hobert, rms J I'err)" Lappin Wm, gdnr, I C J Kllvlngton 
ollurd Miss I<'anule, clk. I W Pollarli 
Dorwnrd John, mach, h w s Hamburg av Law John E, drher, h w s Hambnrg av lollard M!ss Nellie, clk, I 'V l:ollard 
DOVER COURT POST OFFICE, Leather Matthew, lab, h w s Dclaware av Pollard 'l!s8 Rebecca, clk, I W I'ollarll 
J A Hopkins Postmaster, s 8 1\Iain, cor Lee James. lab, h w B Delaware av Pollar<l '''.m, carp, h e B Somerset av 
Do\ ercourt 1'<1 Lee<ler Albert E, carp e s Do\'ercourt I'd Pollani 
\ m J, clk, I Wm 1'ollard 
Droust Louis, he s Malvern av Leeder Robert, carp e s Dû\'ercourt I'd Potter" alter J, lab, h w s Delaware a\' 
Dull' Frnnk, coremkr, h e s Hamburg av Leonard Samuel wine clk :\Iinto H01Jse Pow<lrell George, brklyr, h s s Chundos av 
Duggan Stephen F, gdur, h s s lI1aln Lester Iteub{'u. mach, h w 
 Bartlctt av Powell John, brklyr, I \V Po\\ell 
Duncun James, lab, h w s Primrose av Lock)ear John, b W A Redfern Powell !Illss Vashti, I W Powell 
Dunham 1'\ormau, putI', J D W McKenzie Longley ""m. midI', b H C Snell Powell 'Valter, brkl)"r, h e s 'Vestmoreland 
Dwight Alhert, <lrh'er, h e s Somerset av Lyons John 'C, brkmkr, h \\ s Osslngton a\'enue 
Eakins John C, Ullhol, h w B 'VeBtmoreland avpnue Pring John, locksmith, I G H Vine 
avenue Lyons II1lsB Luc)", mach opr J ""IIS<Jn, I J C Proctor Ernest B, leather ctr, I 'Vm Prot- 
E('hUn Hpnry 1\1, I l' III Echlln Lyons' tor _ 
[;,'hlln Phil :\1. h s 8 Dunbar av L)"ons IIIiss ilia)", mach opr J ""lison, . J Proctor MIss Minnie, ma('b opr, I Wm 
Eastwoo<l Charles, ml<lr, h H C Snell C L)"on
Evaus 1\lIss Ma')', mach opr J Wilson, res 1I1cClntehv D1\\'ld lab h w s HufTerln Proctor Wm, lah, h w s Delaware a\' 
Toronto Mcf'ue I.;',Iwar<l, 'lab, 'h e s H,unhur!!; av Pnterbaugh Alfn'<I F, mach, h w s Dela 
vllns Thomas, presser J 'Yllson, res '1'0- McHugh Charles H, lab, lillI's 111 McHul!:h ware av 
ronto :\leHngh :\1Iss Elizabeth, tlrs, I 1\lrB M 1\Ie- Haynor :'IlIss Clara, clk, I J C Twidale 
Falrhurn Rol)('rt, carp, h w B Westmore- Hngh Iteardon .10!,ann
h (wid Wm), h s s !\lain 
land av :'IIeHugb lIIay (wid James), h w s lIulIerln Rear<lon IIl1ss l"orah. cigar bl!lder. I Mrs 
Fairman Clydp, clk. b \Y A Rpdfern 
1('Hngh :\lIss May, tlrs, I :\lrs :\1 1\IcHugh J Iteardo!, 
Fait Ellw.Il'<I 1<', tmstr Couger Coal Co, h e 
' John, h H C Snell Rear<lon '
m. tmstr, lillI's J Reardon 
8 DulIerln :\lcKenzle David H, carp, II s s Chandos 11V Uedfprn" m A, lab, h s s 
Ft'ast Ro_wlan<l, lab, h s s Davenport 1'<1 :\IcLangblln :\1I8S Jeuule, tlrs, I It Mc- Revo)" Sldne)", lab, b 32 Prlmrosoe av 
Fprre)" Wm H. plstr, h w s Osslngton av Laughlin Rlehardson Thomas, lab. h e s Dull'erln 
" Will H jr, milch, I W H Ferre)" McLaughlin lI1iss Nellie tlrs I R McLaugh, R!chmond Da\'ld. midI', h 32 Primrose av 
I.'i..ld :\IiAA Amy, lillI's III Field Iin ' , RI<lgley Wm, lab, b W A Redfern 
Field II1lss Edith, I III1's M 1.'leld :\leLaul!:hlln Robert, lab, h n s Chandos av Roberts Amos A, lab, h w s Llghtbourne 
Field f'harles, lah, lillI's 1\1 FleI<l :\leLaughlin Wm It. lab, I R 1\IeLaughlin avenue 
Field :'Ilar
- (witl "'m), h s s 1\laln :'Ilc:\laster Frederick, pntr, h e s Huffprln R?bO'rts Mls8 Jes!de, mach opr J '\ïlson, rei 
FlIght l' f'hllrles, IIsh pdlr. h s s Main :'Ile:'llaster 'fIwlllas, plstr, I 'I' G, P"lspr roronto 
1,'Unn Edward. moto, h \\ s Lil!:hthourne av :\Ie"ïlllams 3'olm, b 32 Primrose a\' Roberts Job'!, b J Phillips 
Ford Jan1Ps. l' C. h e s Lansdowne av :\laekle LIU')" (wi <I Patrick), I R Fairburn Hohprtson James, mach, h n s IIIain 
Forster Jospph, I ""m Forster :\Ia,l<lox 1\lIss Lottie, I R :\Iaddo,< Itohlnson Samuel H, mach, h w s Osslng. 
Forstpr \Vm, hlksmlth. h w s Primrose av :\la,Idox Uuhprt, harl)('I', h s s Main ton av 
Prpnch :\liss Graele, ma('h opr J 'Yllson, 
lallllck Alexander, I R Morgan Uohson Reuhpn, carp. h e s Lans<lowne a
res Toronto l\I.allough .10spph, Illh. h e s 
lah'ern a\' Uolland Joseph, mach, I C Hall 
Frost Louis, lah. h n s Arlington av IIIarshall f'barles, carp, h w" s "'estm.)
e- Rose Elizabeth Iwld Rol>ert J), h e s Bart- 
Frost Toney. lah, h w s Llghtbonrne av 1,IllII av ett IIV 
lIel18el. h 28 Primrose 1\larslIali Edward .1, litho, h e s Somerset Rose Miss Ethel, I H C Snell 
Ga\"iota Antbony, IlIh, rms J Perr)" a\'Pllll(' Rose John H, carp, h w s Ossln/l:ton BV 
Havlota ('el..ste, lah, rms J Perry IIIlIrtin George, piano action fnshr, h s s Uose :\l!ss Louise. I 1011'S ERose 
Gporgp Charles E, mkt /I:<lnr e s Osslngtou lIJain Hose :\l,ss :\Iary. I Mrs ERose 
av. h Slimp lI1ason John, lab, h w s \Vestmoreland av I
oss l'harle
, lab, h n s lIunhar av 
Gohl Adolphus, lal>, h w 8 Salem Julm K, awning mkr, h e s Sauntlrrs :\llss Alice, mach opr J Wilson, 
old ML
s Eleanor S, mach opr. I A Gold 'VestmoroplfllHI aV re
Gorton lIIarla (wid Jame
), I '''m Porster :\leades Ellwarll, IIdlr. I l' C Flight S"unllers Ch.trles 11, foreman, h e s Deln- 
reen8I<1es Hen')' A. hrIi mfr, h w s 05- 'lea'I
 E<lwarll J, mkt gdnr n 8 Davenport warp IIV 
slnl(ton av road SII1tnllers Charles Hen 1')", lab, I C H Saun 
" John, lah, h J LappIn :\Iemherv George E, tool mkr, I H IIlpm- del's 
Hall f'harles. etr, I Davenport I'd . hen' , S.nmd,'rs IIl1s" E Eliznbeth, maeh opr .1 
Hanpy AlexanlIer, lab, h w s Llghtbourne 
Ipmi.erv Henrv prpeslllan, h W 8 'Vest- "'lIson, res Toronto 
avenue morplånli a\' , , Sa\'lIIe :'IlIss Bella, I H Saville 
" 1I11ss Edith, I A Haney IIIl11s James. h w 
 Dplaware av SlIvlllp :'IlIss Emma, I H Saville 
Huner Robert S, lab, I A Hanev I\Ilnto Housp. ppter Deau prop, n s Dunhar Saville Henry, eng. h w s PrImrose av 
Hunnll Da\ Ill. tmstr. h p s 1I0\pr('01lrl I'd av ('or ":Ilvern Sa\-llIe 'Vlll, pntr, I H Saville 
Hllnna lIavld jr, IIIh, I D Hanna 1II0ntgom('
v' Gporgp 'V who I htehr n s Scofield 'Vm, ml<lr, b H f' Snell 
Harpell :>ianey (will Benjamin), I A E 1\1 a In. h ;.ame' 'Spele)" Alhert, lab, b W A Redfern 
 MontgomPl'\' John II cattle dlr h w s Serrlek lIanlel, lab. h B S Main 
Harrl" Frank, mIdI', h H (' Snell Delaware' av' , Shears Hobert, Inb, h w s Westmorelantl 
Harrow lIIiehupl. carp. h s Dunhar a\' :'Iloore I<'rpdprl('k .1, m:Ieh. h e 8 lIIah'ern av avenue 
Ha)" Rohprt, Inh, h 28 Prlmrosp av lIIorgan r.porge, h 2R Prlmrosp n\' Shearsmlth H('nry. lab, h w B Salem av 
 f'harles. lah. h w 
 PrimrOó1e IIV I :'Ilorgan Hkhard, h s s Dunhar av Simpson Samuel, lah, h L Frost 
Hayt's 'Ym. sho...ukr w 8 Delaware av 1I10rgan 'Ym, IIrlvpr. h w s Osslngton av Slat.... Charles, tmstr, h e -s Hamburg BV 
Jlpusllp :\li
< Allpe, mach opr .1 Wilson, I 'I' :\lnrrison Joseph, lah. I C Ro"s Smith Charlotte E (wid Nnthan H), I N 
Hpa"lIp :\I..rrlson 1'homa
, lah, I (' R08s S Smith 


H. O'HARA &: CO., 30 Toronto Street 
Carry stocks on Margins. Special Attention Given to Unlisted Stocks. 


North Toronto 


Smith Miss Edith C, INS Smith 
Smith ""orman S, cond. h w B Hartlett av 
Sneath Grorge, lab, h w s Osslngt!,n a,- 
Snell Henr)' C, Bhipper, h n B Hrllndon av 
Stanbridge John, IlIb, b H C f!nell 
Standring Ernest, midI', b H C 8nell 
Strothers Hobert, coal dlr, h B B Main 
Stoutsberry !I1isB Mabel, mach opr J Wil- 
son, res Toronto 
Strond George, plmbr, I C Walker 
Stnart Miss Allee, clk, I R Stnart 
Stuart Hobert, se>.ton, h B S Hrandon av 
Stuart Hobert jr, glider, I H Stuart 
Suttun "m M, eng, h s s Main 
SwalieB Hobert, lall, I H Strothers 
Swanton George, broommkr. 11 e s Hambur&, 
on Albert R, d)'er, h w B Bartlett 
Thompson Miss Lena, mach opr J WilBon, 
re::i '.forollto 
Thompson Thomas, midI'. b B C Snell 
TomlinBon JameB, car clnr, 11 w B Hamburg 
a \TellUe 
Turner John, bollermkr. b W B Bamburg av 
Turner Marla (wid Alfred). 11 w s Hamburg 
Twidale John C jr, barber, b w B Bartlett 
Van Husklrk Isaac. real estate, h e B 
Hamburg av 
Van Buskirk MlsB Violet, I I Van Buskirk 
Vaughan. I.'rederlck, mach, h e s DuITerln 
Vecchion Antonio, lab, h B B Dunbar av 
Vine George H. pntr, 11 e s Vufl'erln 
Wager Harold, titter J \Vllson. res To- 
"'ak., Berbert R, tmstr Conger Coal Co. 
b c s DuITerln 
'Wainright Arthur F, 
t, b 26 Primrose uv 
Waiuright Frederick L, jwlr, I 26 Pl"Im- 
rose 11. v 
Wainright Hastings M, mach hd, I 26 Prlm- 
roBe a v 
Walford James E G, clk, I J A Bopklns 
'''alker Charles, lab. h e s Somerset av 
Walker )1iss 1I1ay, clk, I C Walker 
Wanzer Frank, mkt gdnr n s Da.-enport rd 
\VaterB John, mach, h e s Hamburg av 
Webb Benry.. lab, b 32 Primrose av 
Weller Jesse, I 
 B 'VelieI' 
Weller 'i'homas H, lab, h e s DuITerln 
V.hlbley Charles, lab, b w s Ossington av 
Whlble)' Miss Nellie, mach opr J Wilson, 
Charles Whible)' 
Whitesides IItoses, )'ardman Conger Coal 
Co, res Toronto 
Wlckson John, lab, b L Frost 
Williams Da\'ld, helper, I G 'VIII lams 
Williams Griffith, stonemaBon, h e s Mal- 
vern a" 
Williams Miss )largaret, elk, I G Williams 
Williams Owen, appr, I G WIlliams 
Williams II1lss Sarah, clk, I G WIlliams 
Wilson MlsB Annie. tlrB J WilBon, I T Wil- 
Wilson Charles, tlr J "'lIson, I Bame 
WILSON JAMES. Manufacturing 
Tailor. w 8 Osslngton av, h Bame 
(See Card In Toronto) 
\VIIBon ThomaB. photo, b w s Velaware av 
Wood Charles E, wkB Can Foundr)', b H 
C Snell 
Woods Patrick, lab, h n B Main 
'Vrlght Arthur, pntr, h w s OSBlngton av 
Zav1tz James B. mach, h B B Dunbar av 

(Comprising the Vl1lages of Redford Park, 
Davls.-llIe and Egllllton. Three and a 
half miles north of I' 0) 
Acheson George, h W s Yonge, Bedford 
Ad.oln" Albert, lab, b n B Merton, Davls- 
Adams Frederick, lab, h w s Yonge, Bed- 
ford Park 
Alward r.eorge, tU1'ller, h s s Soudan av, 
Ua \'tsvllle 

ïll:lI!ert C, prtr, h n s Merton, 
Anderson TTartle)', I John Anderson 
Anderson John, h 'Y 8 Yonge, Redford Park 
Angels Henry, meBar, h w s Yonge, Eglln- 

Arglcs GU)' A L, Ins agt, h w s Yonge, 
Va \'Is, Ille 
Armstrong Edward, clk J J Da\'ls, res Deer 
Armstrong Elijah, h s s Roehampton IIV, 
Eglin ton 
Armslrong Samuel W. trea!> York tp, h w s 
lOllge, Egllnton 
Arnold Thomas, farmer, h n s Egllnton av, 
Arnutt Albert 'V, trav, h B B Balllol, Davls- 
Atkins Bertram B, studt. I E WAtkins 
Atkins Elliott 1', studt, I E WAtkins 
Alklns El110tt W, h ø B Victoria a\', Eg- 
Postmistress B.,dford Park l' 0, I w ø 
longe, Beaford }'ark 
Atkinson Hcmy, drl\'er J E Atkinson 
Atkinson G,'orge, clk. I J E Atkinson 
Atkinson John E, gro w B Yonge, Bedford 
Park, b same 
AtklnBon 'i'homas, lab. b e B Yonge. Bed- Hrown Alonzo J, jwlr, h w B Yonge, Davls- 
ford Park \'lIIe 
Aul \Vm, produce dlr w B Frederick, Da\'ls- Brown Edward D , farm e r , h e B Y onge. 
\'l1Ie, h !>ame 
A,-.,r)' Henry, lab, b C Bovalr nl'dford Park 
Halle)' Rlehard, tmBtr, h n s Glebe m', Brown Edwin C, auctioneer B s Sherwoml 
Va,lsvllle av, Egllnton, h same 
B 1111 R b t C h VI tiE Brown Ed"),, brkmkr, I J Brown 

n 0 er , s s I' or a av, ,g- Brown Rev GeorgI'. III, pastor DavlsvUle 
Baillie Wm carp b n B !lIerton Davlsvll1e I Meth Ch, h w s Yonge, Davls,-lIIe 
Ball Herbert B, rept, h n B )Ierton, Davis" Br?wn James, Co constable, h e B Yongc. 
,'l1Ie - Eglin ton 
Ball Joseph carp b MrB L Brunskill Brown Janc (wid Da.-Id), h w B Yonge, 
Ba k Chari 't h VI tiE Davls\'llle 
tgn eB, ag , n s c or a avo ,g Brown I"etl'r, h w s KenBlngton av. Eglln- 
Banks Miss EUzabeth, h e B YOllge, Bed B ton I 11 ' 1 Ad I Id I I' B - 1 
ford Park rown ow. ss e a e, rown ow . 
Bawn Alfred driver b C 80\'alr Hrownlow James W, broker, b w s Yonge, 
Bedford Park Hotel' Frederll'k Trent Prol' Va\'lsvllIe 
w s Yonge Bedford Park ' Brownlow Philip, harnes
mkr w B Tonge. 
E ' Da\'ls,-llle, h same 
B DFORD PARK POST OFFICE, Rrunsklll Lul'Y (wid \\'1111 h w s Yong-<', 
A !II AtklnBon pOBtmløtress, w s Yoqge Egllnton . 
Bell Samul'l, brklyr, h w s Yonge, Hcd Bl')'ce Alexanr]r>r. dal1')' w B Yonge, Eglln- 
ford Park ton, h samp 
Benson II1lsB Della, I !III'S B BeDBon Hog
 Jnm.,s II, plmhr h s s )lerton Davls- 
Benson !III'S Barrlet, b w B Alberta creB, vlIle ' 
Ua\'ls\'lIIe Bulmer Richard foremn. h n s KenBlngton 
 ,,"ugustos M, elk, h w s Victoria a\', Egllnton ' 
av, Eghnton Burhldge David mkt gdnr W B Yonge 
Bescoby Helen G (wid Edward), h B s Eg- Da,-lsvUle h '8ame ' 
IInton a\', Dm Is\'llle - Burgl'Bs Cohn farmer b n II M;ontgome.'y 
Be\'an Walter, carp, h s B Sherwood av, av, Egllnton' , 
EgUnton , BurrI'll CharleB, clk, h B II Woborn I\\', 
Bingham "m, lab, h w s Gordon, Da \'Is- Bedford Park 
,'llIe ,Cain Alfred. brkmkr 1FT Lamb 
Birch Emest, lab, I MrB E Birch Cameron Robert florist s 8 lIIerton h lIame 
BIrch lIIlsB Esther, mach opr, I !lIrB S Birch Carey Wm motò h W B Balllol Davlsvllte 
Birch OII\'er, hrkmkr J Pears, h e B Gor- Carpenter Dexter, b n B Sherwood av Eg- 
don, Da\"ls\'llte Unton ' 
Birch S
 (wid Thomas), h n s Castle- Carpenter Frederick, clk, I D Carpenter 
field a" Egllnton Cascaden Wm, brkmkr, h n II Egllnton av, 
Birch Wm J, lab, h 8 s Woburn av, Bed- Egllnton 
ford Park Chapman Samuel lather h W II Gord:)II 
Birchard Edgar E. eng North Toronto Davls\'lIIe " , 
Waterworks, h B ø Kensington a\', Eg- Chap
an Samuel plshr, h n B Bamol. 
IInton Davls,-lIIe ' 
Blong Edward V, mngr, h s s Sherwood a\', Chapm"an Alhert, fnshr, I S Chapman 
m Chamhl'rs Thomas, lab, h w s Yonge B..d- 
Bond Will L, phy e s Yonge, h Bame ford Park ' 
Bonner Samul'l, tmstr J Pears, h n s Broad- (,hndwiC'k (,harles pntr I B Sturdy 
way avo Egllnton Chl'1'rlngton Georg
 lab' h n B Albertus av 
 !lIlss E.-angeUne, comml
sloner Sa l - Egllllton " , 
vatlon Army, h e B YOnge, EgUnton Childs Jame
 A, blksmlth e B Yonge, Eg- 
Booth George W, bkpr, h B B Kensington Unton h Bame 
a\', Egllnton Chnrchill Frpderlck lab h e s Yonge Bed- 
Booth JameB, gdnr, h B B Woodward a\', ford Park " , 
B Eg l l d lnton F d I k t h S (,hurchlll Wm, shipper, h w s Yool(e. Eg- 
ou en re er c , repor er, n" her- Unton 
wood a\', Egllnton Clapp..rton GI'l\rge glasB h n B ('astlefle'd 
Boulden Frl'der1ck A, elk, I F Boulden av. E"Unton ., ' 
Bo,'alr CharleB, foreman, h w s Yonge, Clapperton Harr)' glass h n s Cn!!tlcOeid 
Egllnt.on a" Egllnton' , 
Royd John, lab Glenga,'y Farm, I 8ame ClarkI' Wm A, elk York tp. h 64 ,^veone rd 
Boyer Henry, florist w B Woburn avo Bed- Clew!! Wm. plmhr. h I< S Rnmol. DnvlB\'lI!ø 
ford Park, h I<ame Clof'klev John florist W J Lnwrence I 8 
Royer John, potter Da.-IBv11le Potter)', h W Lawr;,nce ' , 

 Yonge. Da,ls\'llte COf'hr:m Arthur L, trallllnl( Ins.t, h w 8 
Brunton Hpnry, lab, h n s Sherwood 8\', YOllge, Da\ Isvllte 
Rrf'nnnn John, dairy a B Da\'ls\'llte av, (,olhran Edward. Inb, h s B Ralllol, Da.-Is- 
Da,I"\'llle, h same v11le 
Brhlcland James. h n s Roehampton av, Collett Jo
eph, pntr e s Yonge, EI!;Unton 
Egllnton Collett Wm. slsman. I J Collett 
' Joseph, mkt I!;dnr a 8 Da,'løvllle Collins Daniel. hartndr E Kerr 
nv, Davlsv1l\e Comns JOBeph. porter Davll<v11le Hotel 

...)rTHE:. ê 


1..}.. _ 

 S.,. "... 


 ' "I ",Y",-d!'!:="'
.,. " .....:::...:::- 
\ OC"E. R S.( 




OE ICE Supply 

M.II1'! 86 Jas. Falrhead, Mgr. North 1052 



Tel. "'ain 423 


1I...rth Toronto. 



For Indoor and Outdoor Pleasure, 
Amusement and Recreation. 
A Complete Department and Right 
Up-to-date. Call and see it, 




190 YONGE ST. 


Cooch Erne8t E, Ins agt, h w 8 10nge, Dav- 
18\ iIIe 
Cook Arthur. drh'er W J Farr, I E/l:llnton 
Cook Eliza (wid Jame8), h 8 8 Da\'ls\"I'le 
av, Da.-ls.-lIIe 
Cook George , whol btchr n 8 Da\ 18\"11I1' 
a\, Da\ls\-1 Ie, h 8amp 
Cook John. lab. h w s Yonge. Bedrord Park 
Cook Johu, whol btchr n s Davlsvllle av, 
Da\ls\"lIIe, h 8ame 
Cook Robert, btchr, h w s Yonge, Bedford 
Cook Robert, caltle dlr s s Da\'ls\'lIIe a\', I 
111'8 I: Cook, Da \.1....11I1' 
Cook Wm, h w s Yonge, Bedford Park 
Coon George E. gro, fiour and feed, W s 
Yonge, Egllnton, h same 
Copeland J08eph. mkt gdnr s 8 Davls\'llle 
av, Da, Is, IIII' 
Cordlngly Wm W, hrkmkr J Pear8. h w 8 
fjpulah a v, Da \'18vl\le 
Cooch J081ah T. h n 8 Merton, Davls\'lIle 
Crate Artbur E, clk, h n 8 BaJUol. Da\'18- 
v !.I I' 
Cruickshank CoJUn J 15, pntr, h n 8 Davl8' 
villI' a", Da\'18\'lIIe 
Comml'r Albert E, carp, h n 8 Sherwood 
av, Egllnton 
Corry Thomas, lab, h w 8 Yonge 
Dack Robert, shoe8, hI's Yonge, Bedford 
Dalton John, lab, b F Trent 
Da,les John L, Insp, h 8 8 Soudan av, 
Da \'Is\ 1\11' 
Da\"ls AIl'xander J, E otter Da\'lsvllle Pot- 
tery h n 8 );'reder ck, Da \'ls,-lIIe 
Da\'ls' Charles R, clk J J Davis, h cor );'red- 
erlck and Yongl', Da\"18vllle 
Da\ Is Frl'derlck H. produce dlr w s Yonge, 
Da\'ls\"l\Ie, h same 
Da\'ls GPOrge, mkt gdnr n 8 Victoria av, 
Egllnton, h same 
Da\hl Mi88 Hannah, drsmkr, I A J Da\'ls 
Da\'h. John & Sonq (Joseph 15 Davis), props 
Da\is, IIII' Pottl'r)', I' s Yonge, Davlsville 
DA VIS JOHN J. Grocer and Post- 
master, I' s Yonge, Davlsville, h same 
Davis Josl'ph 15 (John Dads & 80ns), hI's 
Yongl'. Davlsvllle 
Davis Joseph 15 jr, h end of FrederIck, 
Da\ 18 lIfiss Lilly 
f, clk, I A J Davis 
Davis Tamar (wid Nathaniel), h w s Yonge, 
lIa \'ls\'lIIe 
Da\'ls, IIII' Hotel. W H Minns prop, I' s 
Yonge. Dnvls\'lIIe 
Do\'lsdlle Ml'th Ch, Rev Gl'orge 101 Brown 
pastor. w s Yonge, Da,ls,-llIe 
, John J Da\'ls P M, I' S Yongl', Da\'ls\'II'e 
Da\'ls\'lIIe Pottl'r)-, John Davis & Sons 
props. I' s Y onge. Dfi\'18\ IIII' 
Do\'ls\'lIIe Puh !';ch, J C Rutherford 
prln. n s Dn\'ls\'lIIe av, Davls\'l\Ie 
Brick J\Jnnufocturlng Co (James Pears), 
n s EJ;:lInton av. Da,-Isvllle, P 0 (See 
card closslfied Brick Manufacturers) 
Day George. shipper, h n 8 Roehampton 
ay, EJ;:lInton 
Day Rohprt, mkt /O\'dnr n 8 Victoria avo Eg- 
IInton. h snme 

Dean IUchard '1', florist w s Yonge, Do\ 18- 
VillI', h same 
Deeg,lD Miss Catherine, bkpr, 
Depgan John, driver J Moxon, 
Deegan 1I1ary (wid Michael), h n s E
tOil a", Egllnton 
De Ferrari Charles, mkt gdnr 11 s Broad- 
way a\', Egll1lton. h same 
Denby Hen1')', fanner, I A B Hopkln8 
Dc Voider }'ctpr, mkt gdnr 8 s Sherwood 
a\', Eglinton. h 8ame 
Dickson !tussell, moto, b E Kerr 
1>lngle Samuel K, h w s Yonge, Da\"lsvllJe 
I Dlxou Alexauder H, trav, hI's Yonge, Eg- 
Dixon George E. clk, h n 8 Egllnton av, 
Doherty );'rancl8, I W F Doherty 
Doherty Dr Frederick, I Wm );' DoherTy 
Doherty \Vm I'" h w 8 Yongl', Egllnton 
Dooling Miss Catherine, I Mrs 1\1 Deegan 
Dougla8 George, gdnr, h s s Merton, Davi8' 
Douglas Samuel J, paper bag8, h w a 
Youge, Egllnton 
Douglas WD!, wagon mkr, I' S Yonge, Eglln- 
ton, h same 
Clerk and Treasurer, h n 8 Roehampton 
av, Egllnton 
Droke l'a
cu} W, shoemkr, h e 8 Beresford 
av, Da\ls\"lIIe 
Drewry Robert, blk8mlth I' s Yonge, Davls- 
\'11I1'. h same 
Dull'y '1-homas, lab Mount Hope Cemetery, 
h n s Smith av, Egllnton 
Dukp Henr)" R, bkpr. h n s Victoria av, 
Duke \Vm, brkmkr J Pears, b R Duke 
Duk{'s Robert R, moto, h w 8 Yonge. Da\ld- 
Dunbar George E, I N L Garland 
Duncan George, lab, h w s Yonge, Da\"ls- 
Duncan Mls8 Jennie E, tchr Dovls\"lIIe Pob 
Sch, I "'m Aul 
Duncan John, lab, h 8 8 EgJlnton a\', Davl8' 
Dunclln Thomas, mkf gdnr 8 8 Glebe av, 
\JavI8vllle. h same 
Dunn Benjamin J A, 8hoemkr, h 8 S Mer- 
ton, Do,-18vllle 
Dunnett Allen, farmer, I '" J Dunnett 
Dunnett Perc)", farmer, I \V J Dunnett 
Dunnett \Vm J, farmer. hI's Yonge, Bed- 
ford Park 
Dupre John h w s Alberta cres, Davlsvllle 
Durnnd Ch
rles A, barr. I' 8 Yonge, Eglln- 
ton, h snme ". 
Dnrand Xllpler, mU8 tchr, I' 8 longe, Eg- 
Jlnton. I slUDe 
Durie Archlfiald, lab, I 15 Chapman 
Durie Archibald F, eng, h I' 8 Gordon, Dav- 
Is, IIII' 
Durrett Emmn T (wid Benjamin), I Wm 
Edwnrds Richard, lab, h n s Albertos av, 
urds Wm. {'ng, I W W Edwards 
 Wrn W. balllf'[, h n 8 Egllnton 
n\', Egllnton 
El(lInton :\Ieth Ch, Rev W A Potter pastor, 
w s Yon:::e, opp Glen Gro'e. EgJlnton 
H Hargrll\'e PM. I' S Yonge, Egllnton 
Fgllnton Presbyterlnn Church. Rev J C 
Tlbh pn,tor, w s Yonge, EI(Jlnton 
Egllnton PubJlc f:chool, J M Roszel prln, n 
s Erskinp n\'o E
J Douglas Town Clerk, w 8 Yonge, cor 
lIlontgomery D\', Egllnton 
El'iott \Vm 15, drl\"er, h n s Erskine av, 
EUI, \Vm G, Jwlr, h w 8 Yonge, B{'dford 
Elphlé'K Mary A (wid Frederick), I P 
Ely .10hn, /O\',1nr, I J Brown 
Emprson Charl1'8 R, hrkmkr J Pear8. h n 
8 Shprwood a\', El(lInton 
Emerson John, brkmkr J Pears, h s 8 SOU- 
don n\', Da\'ls\'lIIe 
FnlPrson Rohprt, loh" h s II Soudon av, 
Da \'Isvllle 

Mr8 M 

Mr8 M 

Endean Henry, florist, h n II Victoria n.., 
E!;'lIn t on 
Eugl.ond Alfred, dairy s s Saudon avo Davis 
villI', h S8me 
Fabian Ada 1"ld John L), hI's Yonge. 
Flli1'\-lIIe S James, drl\'er G E Coon, I same 
Farr \\ m J, blchr and gro, e 8 Yonge. Eg- 
lIu ton, h same 
Fee Frederick, lab Glenav)" Farm, I samp 
Ferguson Uobert, potter Dm-Isvllle 1'otter, 
b Da,ls,-lIIe lIotel 
FISHER JOHN. Mayor North To- 

orth Torouto, hI's Yonge, Eglluton 
Fltzplltrlck Jume8, foreman J Pear8, h W II 
YOligP, Davls,-Ille 
Fitzpatrick Mark, brkmkr J Pears, b F T 
Fleming "'m J. foremn Glena\'y Farm 
Fockner Alfred B, driver, I Mr8 A );'ockner 
Fockner Auua (wid Alfred J). h n 8 Mer- 
ton, Da\ Is,-iIIe 
Focknpr Francis M, driver, I Mr8 A Fock- 
Forbes Helen (wid James), h s s Albertu. 
av, Egllnton 
Fox Rev -Thoma8, h s s Victoria av, Eg- 
French Ella (wid Joseph), I Mrs A M Har- 
Friddle Charle8. lab Glenavy Farm. I Iiame 
Frisby Arthur, blksmlth J A Childs, II 
s 8 Kensiugton a\, Egllnton 
Frogley Churles, bkr I C J Frogley 
Frogle)" Charles J. bkr, h 8 s Glen Grove. 
Gallow MI88 Augusta, 11 n 8 Merton, Davls- 
Gnrdlner Henry, lab, h n 8 Victoria av, Eg- 
lin ton 
Garland Xlcholas L, clothing mnfr. h I' 8 
Yon;.:e, Egllnton 
Gartsbore Jobn J, ry supplte8, h n 8 Eg- 
Jlnton n\'o Egllnton 
Gaston Cbal'les, mkt gdnr n s Egllnton av, 
Egllntoll, h same 
Gaston Samuel, mkt gdnr, n 8 EgJlnton 
8\", E
Unton, b same 
Gaston Samuel jr, lab J Pears. h n 8 Sher- 
wood a\", El(lInton 
Gate8 Philip, lab, h s 8 Merton, Da\"18\"lJ1e 
on Thomas A, barr, h I' 8 Yonge, 
Da \'18vllle 
Gilbert GeorgI', h w 8 Yonge, Egllnton 
Gill Erne8t, Jwlr, h w s Yonge, Da\"ls\"lIIe 
Gillespie Wm J, eng. h 8 8 Glen GrO\"e, 
Gilliard Jnckson, lab, h s 8 Soudan avo 
Da, Is,-lIIe 
GiI)"eart Jackson, lab, h s s BaUlol. Davls- 
Glancy Thomns. bldr I' s Yonge, h W II 
same, Dm-Isvllle 
Glen Gro\'P Park, W s Yonge, EgJlnton 
Goddnrd Wm H, Ironwkr, h 8 S Merton, 
Da vl8\'lIIe 
Gordon Alfred, hor8e dlr n s Alberto8 a\', 
Egllnton, h same 
Gough Alfred, lab, h n s Da\'18\'lIIe av, 
Va ,-Isvllle 
Gough Alfred jr, lah. I A Googh 
Gould Jnmcs A, foreman, h I' !'I Yonge, 
Da \'Is, IIII' 
Goulding Frederick W. plstr, h s 8 Ba'lIol, 
Da \"Isvllle 
Gourlpy Adam, mkt gdnr w 8 Yonge, Davls- 
\'1111', h slime 
Gourley "'m, I A Gourley 
Graham Austin, clk, h W s Yonge, EgJlnlon 
Grnh"m Ernest, gdnr W J Lawrence. I 
Grpl(g \Vm R. arch, h w s Yon,::e, Ej!:lIntoD 
Grpenow Christopher, brkmkr J Pl'ars, 1 
F Lnmb 
Grice Frank, florl8t n 8 Balllol. Davl!'l\'lJIe 
Grice Frederick, plmbr, hI's Yongl', Da\"18- 
Grice Thomas, plmbr, h 8 8 DavlsvllIe a.., 
Griffiths I.:Ichard. stenog Salvation Army, I 
MI8s E Booth 
Grundy Frederick, Ins agt, II n 8 Wood- 
word IIV, Egllnton 
GURcott George, carp, h n s Merton, Davl.- 
Ha<l<lell Frederick J, ilkI', h D II Balllol. 

Instituted ill the Reign of Queen Anne. A.D. 1714 

w. & A. E. BADENAOH, General AKenta 
Telephone.: Office, Main 2288 R..., North 818 






King St. W. 



81 BlHB". 

:r\ orth Turonto. 


Hagerm.1D I'pter, drlvpr DaylsyllIe Pol. Ir\lne FI'ank. elk, h H s 'Voburn av, Bed- Logis James, tray, h B B ErBklne aT, Eg- 
tHY h s s RaIllol. Da\'IB\"ille I furd 1'urk IInton 
Hall i'rpdpl'iek }<', gdnr, I 
rs III Hall Jaekps Heurletta (wid Wm), h e s Yonge, Loudpn Elizabpth (\\1<1 Wm), I John LoudPD 
Hall G('()rge, mkt gdnr R s Broadwa)" av. Egllnton Louden John, h n B Victoria av, EglintoD 
Egllnton, h BalliI' Jolmes, mfrs' Itgt, I MrB H JaekPB Lougb
'Cd Jamps, trav, b s s Egllnton avo 
Hall Herbert, gdnr J Hall, I Bame Jackson :Samuel, lab, h n II Merton, Davis. va,lsyllIe 
Hall H
'rman F, gdnr, I 
rs M Hall \il.e Lovpll Eliza (\\Id George), h n s Morton, 
Hall James, mkt gdnr, h n s DavlB\lIIe av, Johnson va\ld B, brkmkr J Pears, h n s Da\ls,lIle 
Dayls,-llIe. h Bame Castlelleld a\. Egllnton Lo\\e \\"111, cond, h n B Roper av, EgUntoa 
Hail John, gdnr, h n B EglInton a\, Eglin. Johnson Henr)-, mkt gdnr " s Gordon, Lukes Emmcliue (\\Id '\'1n), h B B Glen 
ton Da\-ls\'lIIp, h Bame Gro\e. Eglinton 
Hall Jobn, mkt gdnr W B Gordon, Dlnlll' Johnson Leonard, tmstr, I H Johnson L)"nn Georgp, btchr J 1II0xon, h W s Yonge. 
vllle. h same Johnston Heury L, tmstr, h n s Soudan Dads\ lIIe 
Hall Mar)" (wid Thomas). mkt gdnr C Ii a\", Da\"is\llIe Lynn John, lab, h W B Yonge, Da\'IBVllIe 
Yonge, DavlsvllIe, h same Johnston Jobn, mkt gdnr n s Glebe av, L)'nu 'I'homaB, btchr. h B S EgUnton av, 
Hall Uichard, barber e B 1.0nge, DaylsvU:" Da\ is\lIle Davls\ IIII' 
Hall Thomas, gdnr, I J Hall Johnston Robert, mkt gdnr n s Glebe av, Lynn Tbomas, lab, h n B Glenwood av, 
Hall Wm, florlBt Tor Floral Co, res To, vavls\"lIIe Da\ Isvllle 
ronto Jones Benjamin, h n s Victoria av, ";gllnton McCann John. h w s Yonge, Egllnton 
Hampton Wm, lab W J Lawrence, I Mrb Jones George, driver. h n s Egllnton a'", 
lcCmlll John, plmbr, I L McCann 
Rntherford Eglinton 
lcCann Joseph, clk, I L McCann 
Hargrave Elizabeth, gro e B Yonge. Eglln- Jones :stephen, I1rher Tor Floral Co. h B B 
lcCann La\\rence, lab, h w s Yonge, Day 
ton. h same Balllol, V8\'IB\-lIIe Isvllle 
Hargrave 1I11sB Emil)", drsmkr e H Youge, Jones "-m, btchr J Holden, I l\Irs E Flb- McCartney Mnggle (wid George), nurse e s 
Egllnton, h sawe patrlek Yonge, Da\is\,lIIe, h same 
HARGRA VE MISS HARRIET, Judd Elizaheth W (will H Well B), h Vlc- 
lcClalr Miss Abbie, cook 
lIss E Booth 
Post Mlstrpss Eglinton l' 0 res I' s 
e torla a\' 1 EgUnton 
lcCleland Thomas J, carp, h n B Sherwood 
Harper Richard, InB agt. h 'n B Glencal
n Judd Wa lace W, studt. I MrB M Ruthe.. ay, EKllnton 
a\', Egllnton ford McColl Wm, dairy s B Albertus avo Eglla 
on Asenath 1.1 (wid Christopher), h Jury Ernest C, clk, h s s Egllnton avo ton. h same 
s B VictOlla ay EgUnton vaYlsvllIe McComb JameB. stero. h n B 
erton, Davlll' 
Harrl>on MlsB Éthelyn, tChr, I Mrs A 
alser Wro. h n B Sherwood avo EgUnton vllIe 
Harrison I...ane Albert, brkmkr J l'eurs, b I,' Lamb 
lcCormack EUza J (wid Henry). I MrB A B 
Ha)", B Thomas lab h B S Frederick DaylB' Kerr Edward, hotel w s Yonge. Egllnton Little 
villI' " 'Kerswell Elizabeth (wid Charles H), h w s 
leCormack George. farmer, h w B Yonge, 
Helm"'a)" JQseph, tmstr J PearB, h B S _Yonge, E
lInton, Bedford Park 
Broadway av Egllnton Kerswell "m L, I MrB E Kerswell 
lcCormack George jr, farmer w s Yonge, 
Henderson :\lr
 Annie, h e s Yonge, Eg. Kirk Anthony C, h s s EgUnton av, Davla- Betlford Park 
IInton \ IIII' :\lcCrae Henry. cattle dlr w B Yonge. Day- 
lIss Isabella, elk, I Mrll .\ Kirk "'m, elnr, h n II Broadway avo Eg- Isville, h B8me 
Henderson IIn'on McCrae !liar)" (wid John), h I' B Yonge. 
HeBlop :\Iary (wid Thomas), h s B AlbertuB Klinck Joseph A. carp, hI's Yonge. Eg- DavlBvllIe 
ay Egllnton Unton 
[eCrae Thomn
. I Mrs M McCrae 
Hili' Jobn gl1nr W J Lawrence, res To- Klinck Rohert E, shipper, h n s Sherwood 
lcCready John, IIreman, h I' B Yonge, 
ronto . ay, Egllnton DaylBvllle 
 Jobn, tmstr, h B B Greenwood a\", K)"les John, barr, h B B Glen Groye, Eg- :\IcCulloch John, farmer, h s B Victoria a\", 
Da vls\ ille IInlon Egllnton 
Hinds nlchard, lab, h n s Egllnton av, Kg- Laird 
Ifred J, clk, I J Laird I :\leDonald "'m A, carp, b w B Yonite, 
IInton Lulrd Jobn, plctore frames, h e s Gordon, ton ay, Egllnton 
Hinds Rohert, lab, h e B Gordon, DI!.\'III' Da\bvllle :\lcDowell Gporge, mason, h s s Roebamp- 
yllle Lamh Francis T, drlyer J Pears, h n II ton a\', Egllnton 
Hlnp!! George J, plstr, h s s Mprton, Da\ls- Ca>tlelleld a\', Egllnton 
[cEldon Alfred J. lab, I A McEldon 
vllle Lapofsk)- Abraham, dairy n B Egllnton avo McEldon Arthur, gdnr, h I' B Yonge. Davls- 
Hohhls Geor",e jwlr, h B s Woburn av. Egllnton, h same yille 
Bedford Park' Law Ed\\ln G, farmer, h e s Yonge, Eg- :\lcEldon Arthur jr, elk, I A McEldon 
HoglI: 'IUSB Isabella, h n s Merton. Davls- IInton - 
leKendry Cbarfes D, feathers, he. 
vllle Lawless John, lab, h n s Roper av, Eglln- Yonge, Egllnton 
HogA' 11 L Xursery Co, }<'rederlcK Hogg ton 
lePherson "'m, pdlr. h w s Gordon. Dav- 
mngr, n !! Dayisyllle av, Davls\lIIe L,lwrenee Frank, farmer, h I' B Yonge, Is\llle 
Holden Esthpr (wid John), h B s Egllnton Bel1ford Park 
lnhhett Wm, lab, h w B Yonge, Bedford 
av, Egllnton La\\rence George H, conBtable, h B B Bal- Park 
Holden Herbert. btchr J Holdpn, I MrB E 1101, Da\ Is\ lIIe Mac Dull' John. tmstr J Pears, h s s Eglln- 
Holden Lnwrence Henry, mkt gdnr n B DavlB\'lIIe ton a\, Da\lsyllle 
Holcl!!n James, mkt gdnr B s Broadwa)" av, av, Dayls\"lIIe Maguire ',"m, coal and wood, h e s Yonge, 
Egllnton, h sawe Lawrencp Mar)" E (wid Robert), h . B Egllnton 
Holden John, btchr J Moxon, hell Yonge, Da\lsyilie ay, Daylsvllle 
[ann Thomas, lab. h w s Yonge, Davls- 
DavlB\lIIe Lawrence !';amuel, farmer, h w B Yonge, vII Ie 
Holden Joseph, btchr I' II Yonge. 1 Mrs}o
 Betlford Park Mnnton Georl"e. florist n B Sherwood u, 
HoldeD Lawrence Stppben, florist Wm J Lawrence, h Bame. Egllnton 
HopklnB Anthony B, blksmlth W B Yonge, h B S C'astlef!eld av, Egllnton 
l'lllton Thomas. florist, n B Victoria aT, 
Bedford Park. h same La\\rence Wm J. florIst n B Kensington av EgUnton 
Hopkins Miss Bprtha C, mlnr, I J E Hop- Egllnton. h same . Mason Elizabeth (wid Henry), h n B Merton, 
klns Lawson Albprt. clk, h n s Erskine av Eg- Davl
\ lIIe 
HopklnB Miss Emily, mlnr, I J E Hopkins IInton . 'Iatthpw
 Henry, btchr, h B B Glenwood 
1l0JlklnR James E, h n B Roehampton ay, Lnw.on El1ward. litho, b A MEldon av. Davls\ IIII' 
Eg!lnton Le Bar Benjamin, gro II B Merton, Davl3- lIlead Thomas, lab, h n B Davlsvllle aT, 
HopklnB Miss Lonlse, I J E Hopkins yllIe, h snme Davlsvllle 
Horne George, tlmekpr. h B B Victoria av, Le Cras Thomas, artificial 11mb mkr h n s 'lead Wm. drIver J J Davis. I T :\{ead 
Eg!lnton Ken
ington a\'. Egllnton ' 
Ieaker John, mkt gdnr n B Dayls\'llle aT, 
Horrlgun :\lr
 Martha J, h w s Yonge, LeyI')" Thomas H. dentist, h n s Eg!lnton Da\"lsylI!e 
D8\ Is\ lIIe nv, Egllnton !IIpars Richard. cnretkr DnvlsTllle Pob Seh, 
Howe Frank, pntr, h n B DaylB\llle nv. Lewis 
llss Elizabeth V, tehr DaylByllle h.. :\Ierton. Da\ls\lIIe 
Davlsvllle Pnb Seh, I Wm Aul 'rtddlehrook Joseph H, elect, h e B Yongp. 
Hncksteppe (,harleB, Inb, h W B Yonge, Little Letltla A (wid John J), h w s Yonge, Da\ls\llle 
Redford Park 1Ia\"I" lI1e "'''Idlpton Robert, gdnr. h B B Erskin ay, 
HOl<hey Robert, lab, h e B Yonge, Da\ is- Llttlf' 
rtss Mahel E, nurse, I !IIrs Little Egllnton 
vllle DaylsvllIe ' J\lInn
 Ernest H. clk, I W H MlnnB 
Humher.on John S, farmer I' B Yonge, Bcd- Little Pblllp, gdnr. h n s Victoria av, Eg- :llInns :\lIss :'oiellle, stenog, I W H Mlnnll 
ford Park !In ton Mh'n
 Walter II. hotel e B Yonge. Dars- 
Hnrophrey Miss Rebecca, h I' B Gonion, [",aeh f:corge. eng J Pear
. h G JoneB yllIe 
Davls\'lIIe Loaeh John jwlr h w s Woburn av Bed- 
Hnnt John. mkt gdnr n s Brondway avo for,] Park' , 'Minns Walter R, clk, I W H MlnnB 
EgUnton Loek Frcdf'rlck. carriage mkr, h s B Mer- Mitf'hell James. motorman, h s B Dnyill- 
Hont John jr, gdnr J Hnnt, I same ton. Dn\ IsvllIe yllle avo Dfi\ IsvllIe 
Horst Edwar,], g,]nr, h e s Alberta eres, Lock GPOrge, pntr, I F Lock Moody Chnrles. reed \\kr. I E R Moody 
DavlHl11e Lock" Jnme" F, carp, h n B Broadway, 'Ioody Edwin R. reed wkr. h B B Erskin.. 
 field H,'urge. ,Irh er, b C Bovair ].;",lInton I a\. EI"lInton 
Ingham Wm, lah, b A MeEldon I..ngle Rpnjamln, elk, I J l.ogle 'If}{)d
' 1.11.. Ethel. mach opr. I E R Moo<1,. 


!E I A



:H 0 RWO 0 D 





North Toronto. 


Moore James, gdnr, h n s Soudan a.... Phipps George, carp, h e s Yonge, Hedford Ross Frank, mkt gdnr w s Yonge, h samc, 
Da\ Is\"ille I 1'ark I Da\ Isvllle 
Morgan Mar)' (wid Robert), h W s Yonge' l Plnniger Miss Edith, hair dresser, I Mrs Ross Haunah lwld Charles J), h 8 S BallIol. 
Davls\lIle E l'lnnlger\llIe 
)108es "'m J, hardware e s Yonge, h same, Plnniger Emma (wid Thomas), h n 8 Fred- Ross Jobn, gdnr F Ross, I same 
Ej{lIuton eri<:t, Davi
\lIIe Roszel John M, prln Egllnton Public lòch. 
)louut Hope Cemetery, John Murph)' care- Piuniger Miss Gertrude, bkbndr, I Mra E I Mrs A Fabian 
tkr, ft Erskine a\', Egllnton 1'lIIuiger Rowland James, lab, I 
s 1; J Robins')ll 
)loxou John, btchr, h w s Yonge, Davls- piuuig.,r Jobu, florist, I Mrs E PlnDIger Rowllnson Charles, coud, I F Rowllnsou 
vUle l'lunt I"redprlck L, artist, I H Plant Rowliuson Frauk, coml, h s b 
Mull John. shoemkr e s Yonge, Egllnton Plaut Herb.,rt, china decorator, h e s Da\ls\lIIe 
)lullane)' Harold, jwlr, h w s Youge, Bed- Yonge, Da\'lsvllle Rowllnson John H, 
1I,]er. h t! S fla' 101. 
ford 1'ark Plant Tbomas R J. clk. I H Plant Davlsvllle 
)[ullIns Arthur. btchr, I J Mullins Plaut \\ m H, clk, I H 1'lant Rutherford 
iss Ella, tC'1I r';gllnton I ub 
Mullins James, dyer. h s 8 EallIol. Davls- 1'orter Miss Gertrude. opr. I Miss M Porter l5eh, I Mrs 1.1 Ruther..>rd 
vllle Porter Johu, rnkt gdnr w s Yonge. h same, Rutherford Forbes J, stu1t. Mr.; 111 R. lb- 
)luQns Harwood H, h s s Victoria avo Eg- Bedford rark erford 
Unton Porter l\1bs 1I1ary, h w s oYuge. Egllnton Rutherford J Campbell, prln Dadsnlle 
Munshaw Charles E, cond, h s s Roehamp- Porter 'Vm, plstr, h s s Balllo. Davis- Pub Sch, h s s Davlsvllle av, Davis\ II." 
ton a.... Egllnton vllle Rutherford Margaret (wid James), h n s 
Murph)' Austin, clk, I C Murphy Potter Rev Wm A, B A, pastor Egllnton Sherwood av, l';glinton 
)lurph)' Charles. agrl Implts w s Yonge. Meth Ch, h s s Victoria avo Egllnton Ruth\'en Albert H, florist. I H Ru'"h\'
Da\lsvllle, h same Powell Re\' '1"homas 'V, rector St Clement's Ruthven Donald, walter, I H Ruth\en 
Murphy E.rnf'!'.t, clk, I C Murphy Church, h s s Hrlar Hill avo Egllnton Ruthven Harr)', mkt gdnr n s Ken
)lurphy John, caretkr Mount Hope Cem- Power "'m, Insp, h 8 s Egllnton av, Eg- av, h same, Egllnton 
etery, h same Unton Ruthven James. driver W J Farr, I II 
Muston "'alter, florist n 8 Balllol. h !lame. Pratt Albert. farmer. h s s Erskine avo Ruthven 
Da\ls\lIIe Egllnton Ruth\"en Wm, florist, I H Ruth\'en 
NaEh H Frederick, prtr, h s 8 Merton. Pratt Frederick. moto, h 8 S Merton, Davis- R)'an Edward, motorman, h s s Eglln..m 
Da vls\ lIIe vllle a v. Da vlsvllle 
Nisbet Colin. florist Peter Nisbet, I same Pratt Peter. barber, h s 8 Merton, Davis- R)an Thomas, motorman, b E Kcrr 
Nisbet Peter. liorlst s s Da...lsvllle avo b vllle St Ckment's Church (Ang), Rev T W 
same. Davls\llle Pratt Thomas, motorman. h s s Merton. Powell rector. n s Hawthorne .l\', I'..gUn- 
Nixon Rev George, h n s Sherwood av, Davls\llle ton 
El:lInton Pratt Tbomas. plmbr. I I' Pratt St Germain Andr!!w H. farmer, b w s 
Norman Addison, elect belts, h n s Glen- Price George. elk, h s s Hawthorne avo Yonge, Bedford Park 
wood av, Davlsvllle EgUnton SampB<Jn "" I,dgar. acct. h n s :{!J.erwood 
North Toronto Water Works, Edgar E Price Wilbert J. cabtmkr, b s s Hawthorne a\', Eglinton 
Birchard engincer, n s Kensington a.... av. I,glinton Sanderson James, whol btchr s s Erskine 
Egllnton Pritchard Charles, jwlr. I G F Pritchard avo h same, Egllnton .- 
O'Hrlen James, bkpr, h n s Merton, Dads- Pritchard George F, carp, h 8 8 Albertus Sanderson John. whol btchr s s Erskine av, 
\lIIe a\', Egllnton Eglin Ion 
O'Lear)' John, lab, h w s Gordon, Davls- Prltcbnrd George F jr, carp, h s s Erskine Sanderson Robert H, blksmlth, b e s Gor, 
vllle av, Egllnton don, Da\'lsvllle 
Oram Edward. lab, h w s Yonge. Do\ls- Purcell Patrick. h s s Egllnton av, Dads- Saul George, bkpr, 11 'j s Eg,lLlon av, 
vU!e vllle Davlsvllle 
Orange Hall, n s Montgomery av, Egllnton Purse)' George G. shoemkr w s ).onge, b Saunders Albert, fiorl.,jt. "'j Bai!lol, h 
Osborne George, porter E Kerr same, Davls\"lIIe same, Davlsvllle 
Osler Harriet (\\Id Henr)' B), h n 
 Haw- Puttick Arthur W, tray. b II s Sherwood Saunders George, potter DavlsvUle Pottery, 
thorne a\' Egllnton a\', Egllnton h w s Yonge. DavI61'I\le 
Oulcott's Hotel, Edward Kerr prop, w s Quinton Alexander, dairy n s Roehampton. Sannders Levi, potter. 11 w s Yonge. O".\"ls, 
Yonge, Egllnton h same, Egllnton vllle 
Owers George, lab, h n s Egllnton av, Quinton '''m A, lab, I A Quinton Scarce Mar)' J (wid GLOl'gpJ, hils Glen- 
Egllnton Quirk James J, lab. I C Hucksteppe wood av, Davls\'lIIe 
Pnge 1\IIss Agnes L, prl\'ate sec Miss E Hae Robert, bkpr, h s s Erskine avo Eg- Schlnefl'er Maxamllllan, jwlr e s Yonge, Eg- 
Bootb, I same Unton IInton 
Pa"e Charles. lab, h s s Balllol, Davlt!- Ramsay Harry E, carp, I James Ramsay Scott Hugh, farmer, h e s Yon';e, Hrdf,rd 
yUle Ramsay James, bldr s s Victoria av, h Park 
Page ,lohn. Inb, h n s Balllol, Davlsvllle snme, Egllnton Scott Robert, hostler F Trent, I same 
Page St"pbell, lab, h s s Balllol, Dav's- Ramsay James A, elk, I James Ramsa)' Servl\'ur John, gdnr,!l e s Albert'- CH'S, 
vllle Ramsa)' Ro)', litho, I James Ramsa)' Davls\'llIe 
Page Stepben jr, lab, h s s Ealllol, Davis- Itamsay Wm R, h e s Yonge, Egllnton Sellprs John L, lab, h w s Y(Jn,
e, Vo\ls- 
...11I1' Ransted John, 
ar bldr, I J S Ransted vUle 
Page '''m, carp, h n s Castlefleld av, Eg- Ranstpd Joseph, car bldr. h s s Sherwood Senior John, brkmkr J Pears. I E Sutton 
Unton a\'. Egllnton Senour l\'ewl'l. elk Wm J Moses, I same 
Page 'Vm E, lab. h n s Merton, Davlsvllle Rayner Albert. pntr. b s s Merton, DaYls- Shackleton James, coachman N J Garland, 
Parke "'m, mnfrs' agt, h s s Glen Crove, vllle I J McCnnn 
Egllnton RH)'ner Eliza (wid Samuel), h e s Alherta Ehpppard Henry, 1aþ, h w s Gordon, Davis- 
Patterson Gwynne (wid James), I J Roberts cres, Davlsvllle \'lIIe 
Paxton Edwnrd, brkmkl J Pears. h s s Ba'- Rayner George, 'Iab, I Mrs S Rayner Short Wm J, jwlr, h s s Bedford av, Bed- 
1101, Dn \'Is\ lIIe Ready Joseph, confr e s Y onge. b same fórd Park 
Peacock Arthur H, pIano tuner, h n R Mer- Davlsdlle Simpson Alfred, brklyr, h s s BallIol. Da\' 
ton, Da\"ls\ lIIe Reid George, gdnr R Stlbbard, I same Is\'lIIe 
Pearce Ritchie E, mason, h s s Merton, Rl'nnlp George, carp, h s s Glen Gro\'e. Sinelair Everett, 1I0rist W L Lawrencl', I 
Da\'18\ lIIe Egllnton S Lawrence 
PEARS JAMES (Davisville and Carl- Rpnnle neorgl' E, carp, I G Rennie Somer\'lIIp James. lab, h s 8 Woodward 
ton Brick Mfg Co), h n s Eglinton av, Rhode" Mrs Millicent, h n s Smith av. av. Egllnton 
Egllnton (See card classified Brlek 
Hrs) Egllnton Smith Arthur. lab, h s s Balllol, Davl
Pears James jr, bkpr J Pears, I snme Rickard Joseph, lab, h s s Merton, Da\'I
- \'lIIe 
Pearson Rohert, lab, h n s Castlelield av, vllle Smith Charles, mkt gdnr n s Sherwoo,l 
Egllnton IUchardson Samuel R, phy w s Yonge, h a\'. h same, Egllnton 
Pendpr ROhert, farmer, b e s Yonge, Bed- Rame. Egllnton !';mith George, lab, h C Bo\'alr 
ford Park Roberts Frl'derlck E, elk, h n s Egllnton !';mlth Jamps, h e s Yonge, Da\'l"vllle 
Pender Rohert jr, farmer, I R Pender, av, Egllnton Smith Joseph, flor1st, b Mrs L Brunskill 
Bedford Park Roberts Joseph. mach, h n s Fre:lerl"
k, Smith Miss Mar\' S. mlnr, I C Smith 
pengell)' Sldnpy, jwlr, I G F Pritchard jr Davlsvllle !';mlth Ralph. drÿ gds e s Yonge, Egllntoll 
Pepper Walter, bkr, h n s Merton, navls- Rohertson Thomas, lab. h s s RaPI.:!I. Smith '''m, farmer, h w s Yonge, Bedford 
\'lIIe Davlsvllle Park 
Perrin Stephen A, h e s Lincoln av, DaYls- Rohlnson Alexander, lab, b s s Soudan cov, Splttpll (,har1es, toreman, h s s Albertus 
...lIIe Davlsvllle avo Egllnton 
I' 11 t h II !';pltlpll Hpnry, carp. h s s Alhertus av 
er. carp, s s Eg nton ov, Rohlnson Emma J (wid George), h e s Staunton Thomas, brkmkr J Pears, hell 
Philip Frederick F, miller, h s s Egllnton Gordon, Da...lsvllle Yonge, Egllnton 
av, Davlsvllle Robinson John, tel opr. h s s Mert m" Stemman George, pntr, h n 8 Sherwood av, 
Phillips Rev Ldward, pastor Zion Egllnton Dnvlqvllle Egllnton 
t Church, rl''' York Mills Robson George. h e s 'l\onge, Egllnt
n _ !';tpphpnson "'m F, florist. h w s Yonge. 
Phipps Arthnr, r G Phipps Rochford Thomas, pdlr, h s s Soudan av, Dß\ Isvllll' 
Phippq Frederick, I G Phipps Davl'vllll' !,;tenns John. mason, I G 1\1 Watts 

Quarantee Company of North America 
MEDLAND &; dONES, Cell'l Agellts. Mail Building, Cor. Kin&, and Bay Tel. Main 1067 



The Lowest Rates. The Highes' 
Guarantees. The Best Policies 


Watts George M. tlr, h s s Balllol, Davis, 
Wuugh Spencer, h s B Kensington a.-, Eg- 
ettJe (wid Wm), nousekpr Gleuavy 
I1ss Mar)', housekpr IIIlss E Booth 
t Eb..nezer, clk, h s 8 Broud\\ay 11\', 
W.'st Wm, Ins agt, h B B Broadway :1\, 
',"e.twOùd George drh'er, I C Boyalr 
Whale) John 
ci" est agt and tax coli. 
Town Hall, Eglinton, h B S Smith a\'. 
"hite '1' E K) Ie, b Da\is.-lJIe Hotel 
'''hlte "'alter, tmstr '" J Lawrenc
, I 
"'hlte '''m '1', agt, h n B Erskine avo Eg- 
Whltl1eld John, lab, h B S Merton, Da\'is- 
\ lJIe 
Whittaker Richard, mngr, h n B Roehmñp- 
ton ay. Egllnton 
Wilcox Catherine (\\Id Simeon E), h e 8 
Yonge, I:gllnton 
Wilkluson Henr)' 1\1, acct. h w 8 Alberta 
cres. Da \ IsvlJle 
Wilkinson !liar)' (wid Edward), h end I)f 
Frederick, DaylsdJle 
'Yilll.lms Arthur. tmstr J Pears, h w " 
(;ord<1n, Da\ IsdJle 
WIlliams Charles A, pressman, h n B Roe- 
hampton ay, Ezilnton 
WlJllams Henr)', ùkpr. h w B Beulah avo 
Da\ Isyllle 
Williams Joseph, granite plshr, h n B 

Iontgomery av, Eglinton 
WIlliams Thomas, mkt gdnr w B Yonge, h 
same, Egllnton 
Wilson John hi, mngr Glenavy Farm 
'Yiltshlre Edward, farmer, h B s Egllnton 
av, DB\ IBylJle 
Wluter Frederick, brkmkr J Pears, h n 8 
Broadwa)' av Egllnton 
Wood Hili H, ðreman, hell Yonge, Eglln- 
"'oodhouse GeorgI', brkmkr J Pears, h n B 
Egllnton a\-, 1':;:lInton 
Woods James, blksmlth A B Hopkins 
Worth Arthur, bkpr, h n B Broadway av, 
York Masonic Lodge. W J Douglas sect, 
w s '\ ongp, Egilnton 
Zeagman John, h w s Yonge. DayisylJle 
Zeagman 'liss Lizzie. I J Zlegman 
Zeagmun 'liss "Ian', I J Zpagman 
Zion Baptist Churèh, Rev Edward Phillips 
pastor, w s Yonge, Egllnton 

Steyenson Henr)' F, bkpr. h n B Egllntob 
av, Eghnton 
SUbbard John S, farmer, h n s Crescent 
a\, Egllnton 
Stlbbard Hobert, mkt, gdnr s s Victoria av, 
h same, EgUntoll 
Stoekd..le Jo
pph, pntr, h n s "'oburn av. 
B..dford 1'81'k 
Stucker I;eorge, bldr 8 8 hensiugton 0'-, 
h same, Eglinton 
Stone Henr) C, h n s 
Ierton, Dayls\ lIIe 
Stone lIIarshall, cond, b C Kerr 
Strader Alùert, putr, I J Strader 
Strad..r Cbarles, gdur, I J Strudel' 
Strader Jobn, mlt gdur s B Da\lsdlle a\, 
h same, Da yis\ lJIe 
Stringer Joseph E, acct. h B S Balllol, Duv- 
Is\ lJIe 
Sturd)' Charles, h n s Victoria av, Eglmton 
Sutcliffe Jobn I, acct, h w B Yonge, Da
Sutherl.lIld John, bk bndr, h n B Merto;), 
Da\'is\ lJIe 
Button Fdward, dairy n a Roper a\', h 
same, I' glinton 
Sutton Frank. tmstr, I E Sutton 
Tate James, lab, h B s Soudan a.-, Da\'tt!, 
Tuylor Arthur B, jwlr, h S !'I Woburn :w, 
Bedford 1'ark 
Ta)'lor Edward, relief officer. h s B Glen 
(;rOye, Eglinton 
Taylor Eliza ("Id James), h n s Raillol, 
Dad8\ lIIe 
Ta)'lor James, lab, I I\1rs E Taylor 
Taylor Wm, lab, I Mrs E Taylor 
Terry John, mldr, I W J "loses 
ThomBon Miss Ada, tchr Da\lsyllle l'ub 
Sch. I J C Rutherford 
Thompson George, carp, h s B Roehamp- 
ton av, Egllnton 
Thompson George, drh er J Holden, b H 
Thompson 'Ym J, moto, h e 8 Yqnge, Eg- 
Thorné Richard, hkpr, h n s Victoria avo 
Thorne S)dne)', bkpr, I R Thorne 
Tlllh Ite.- J Campbell, pastor Egllnton Pres 
Church. h n s Briar Hlll av, Eglin ton 
Tomilnsotl "'Ilfred R, pntr e B Yonge, h 
8ame Egllnton 
h Henry, lab, h n B Glen Groye. 
Tooley :\IIRs Ethel, I "Irs L TOQley 
18S Frances, I MrB L Tooley 
 Leah ("Id James), h w a Yonge, 
Torq,nto Floral Co Ltd, fiorists n s Balllol, 
Do \ Is\ lIIe 
Toronto Poultry and Garden Produce Co 
Ltd. J M "ïlson mngr, n s Egllnton av, 
To" nSt'nrt Charles, brklJ r, h e 
 '\ onge. 
Da vis\ 1I1e 
Trench !llIss !\lory, tchr Egllnton Pub Sch
 (Four miles east of PO.) 
I J S Stibbard 
Trent Frederick, hotel w s Yonge, Bedford Allen John C, Rtudt, I Mrs MAllen 
Park Allen :\Iary ("Id Henry), h Berkeley ay 
Turnbull John C, h n s Dayls\lIIp av, AmbroRe La"rence, lab, h Berkeley a\ 
Da\ isyille Annandale Arthur "', seed amon, h w s 
Turner I:dward C. clk, I !llrB S Turner hingst?n rd 
Turnpr Sarah (wid Thomas), h s 8 Erskine Arn
ld Samuel, lab, h Coxwell av 
a\, Lglinton I Astrl{lge "II-s !\lory, drsmkr, I James 
Union Mission House, s s 
prton, Dayls- ßro h wn ld 
dlle I Atc ..son Hal'o J, I J A Atcheson 
Urquhart ppter clk I J Logie Atcheson John A, mngr, h henllworth av 
WADDINGTON HERBERT Man- Auburn Hannah (wid Septimus), h Coxwell 
, 8yenUe 
aging Director Lond,?n "Iutual Fire In- Ayland AIDOS. porter C F Loyender, I same 
!lura!'ce Co. h n B vlctor
1} a\, Egllnt!'n Baker Richard. cond, h Woodbine av 
V<nddmgton Perc)', h S B \lctorlo a\-. Eg- Rail CharIesT, lab, I J D Ball 
llnton Ball John D, brkl)'r. h Lamb av 
lmsley Jl1mes, constable, h s s Dm'ls- Rail John W, lab, I J D Ball 
Yille a.-: Da\lsyllle B'lll Thomas. lab. I J D Rail 
W<lltho "'m, farmer n B Falr1awn av. Bell- Ranks John L. artist, h w s Kingston rd 
ford Park Barber George H. confr, h Berkeley a\ 
Ward Charles H, jwlr, h e s Yonge, Eg- Barcia)' Thomas, poultry dealer !\Iaughan 
Ilnton avo h same 
Warde Miss Agnes, tchr Egllnton Pub Sch. Barnes Alhert E, bkhndr, h Herhert a\ 
res Toronto I Barnes '[lRR 1\lay. slsldY. I A E Barnes 
Warren Algernon, bkpr, I R "'arren Bornett 'II-s An'nle, snÌstr, I G R Gray 
Wftrren Frank I R ,,'arre Barras Fr('derlck. lab. I'll'S "I A Barras 
, . n Barras .ToReph, lah, I "rR \1 A Barras 
Warrpn Heldnald. <'Ik, I R "'arren Barra. "I.. Leyhm. I !\Irs "I A Barras 
Warrpn Hobert, poultr) s s Sherwood n\', Barras "Iary A (wid Joseph "'), -h Caasels 
h same, Egllnton n

a. road comm, h I' 
 Kingston rd 
"'atson Alexander, plstr, h n s Sherwood lIa",tpr FredE-rick. I'Ik. h Co,<well uv 
fty. Egllntnn Bel1 '''Ill, ('nntr E:mer ay, h same 




 " U A
.. ".... ...." 

VERY r;.:, 


 s.,. r...
' -.: 
f": ..., \'Ii"),) 

-- "Ð

.. OC E. R S.(. 
" C 0 A L. 
't HEAD OFf\C.E:. 


Rerr) Thomas, clk, h Cox"ell a\ 
Bezel' "'m C, pntr Coxwell a\-, h same 
Blackwell Wm, lab, h Wa\erle)' rd 
Bolton Ernest, pntr, h e s Klng8ton rd 
lIoolh Joseph. mach, h Cassels av 
Brechln Ho\\ ard, bkpr, I A J H Hlchards 
Brlnsmead Henry, ptrnmkr, I '1' Holman 
Brc"n James, acct, I J H Samuel 
Brown Jamps, poultr)' dlr Coxwell av 
B1")-..nt Anthony, tmstr, h Lamb av 
Buckner Samuel, lab, h Coxwell av 
Burns Robert. county constable, h e s 
Kingston rd 
Burton Ingol. pntr, I 
Irs H Auburn 
Rushfleld West, blksmlth, 11 Coxwell av 
Butcher J()hn, piano llikr, h \\'a\erle)' rd 
Cameron George, barntdr Jas :\Ieagher 
Cascl Henrietta (\\Id Vincent), h Gerrard 
Casel James, jwlr. I Mrs H Cnscl 
Casel Ralph C. sblpper, I !\Irs H CRBCI 
Charlton '''m, lab, h Cox"ell av 
ClafJy l'\ellle, housekpr Rev W L Bavnes 
Clark Albert, lab, h Wa\'erle)' rd 
C10uk John W, mldr, h Coxwell aT 
Clay "lIss Ida. elk, 1 J Clay 
Cia)' James. dalr)' Coxwell av 
Clay JOllies H, tel opr, I J Clay 
CoJilns Richard, lab, h w B Kingston rd 
Coon Wm. moto, h Herbert a\ 
Coon "'m. moto. h Herbert av 
Corcoran MlsB Adelaide, drsmkr, b '1' Me 
Corcoran John D, bottler, b T McGuirt' 
Corcoran Katharine, dom '1' !\fcGulre 
Cornell Wm. carp, h "'oodblne av 
Coulter Letitia. bousekpr C F Layender 
Crackling Benjamin. lab, 1 Mrs M A Barras 
Crayen Frank I, driver. I H L Crayen 
Crayen Henr
 L, bkr "'oodblne av, h Bame 
Cullerton Thomas J, pntr, h "'ayerley rd 
Cummings George. golf prof, h Berkeley 
Damer "'arnett. car bldr, h COX" ell av 
Darnoorough Jospph, wood wkr, h e s 
.b.lngston rd 
D8\ irtson George, fiorlst, b D Leslie 
Davie James. clk. I R Dade 
Da\le Robert, carp, h "Iaughan ay 
Da\le Thomas. c1k, I Robert Da\ Ie 
Da\le 'Ym. confr, I Robert Dayle 
Da\-Is 'I'homos, studt, I 'I' 'Y 11.1\ Is 
Da\ls Thomas W, forpman. h Bprkele)' aT 
Diek John. stereo, h Kenilworth av 
Dies Ch.ules H, tray, h Kenll\\orth av 
Dodd Gporgp F, stone caryer, h Ca.selB av 
Duggan Joseph, b E Bolton 
Dunn Ahraham, lab. 1 "Irs r. l)unn 
Dunn Ellen (wid Abraham). h Gerrard 
Dunn W:m, lab, I !\frs E Dunn 
Dunn 'Ym "', tmstr, h Danforth a\ 
Earsman "'m. brass fnsln. h I\prkeley av 
Elliott Wm J. j" 11', h W.n erlt.v rd 
Etherington George, lab. I '" Sharrard 
Etherlngt()n 'Ym, lab, h Kingston r<1 
Fprguson James. lab, h w s Kingston rd 
Fitzgerald Fannie (wid "Jichael). b Wood. 
hln" ay 
Fish '''alt('r E. tra\', h "'averlpy rd 
Fo!!g John H. ùrass millr, h "'a.erley rd 
Fo.ter "i"< Amy I:. pac-kpr. I n W Foster 
I-'..,tpl' Fcl\\ in J. appro I G W Foster 
I'o,ter Gporg(' "'. lab. h COX" eli av 
Fo,ter JO""I,11 J. 1olh. 1 G W Foster 
I Fo
IPr "'m G. drhpr, I G W Foster 
Fo..: Aisey T. brkml..r. h Rprkpley av 


Special Attention given to Man- 
agement of Estates Prompt ReturN 
16 & 18 Adelaide St. E. 

Plate Glass INSURANCE 
and Plate Glass 

Lloyds Plate Class Insurance Co. and 
The Queen City Plate Class and r.tirror Co. 
No.3 TORONTO ST. Limited 


:IS orway. 

8l" BURBI:!. 

i"reeman I'-rank. golf prof. I J 'V Freeman 
FREEMAN JOHN W. Grocer and 
ter. " s KIngston rd. h same 
Freemau "m. clk. I J \V Preeman 
Freemau Miss Winnltred. clk. I J W Free- 
Gallagher John. whol btchr Coxwell av 
Galle)- l:harles. brkl)-r. h Coxwell av 
Garrett I:dward. lab, h Coxwell av 
el Louis. tlr. h Wa\erley I'd 
Gorman Miss DOra. tlrs, I H Gorman 
Gormnn MI
s GU
sie. I Hugh Gormau 
(}()rmau Hugh tmstr. h Coxwell av 
Gray George it hide dlr. Coxwell :tv 
Grierson James. lab. h Coxwell av 
Guthrie John, brklyr. I R Guthrie 
Guthrie Robert, stone etr. h Cassels av 
Haberstock Elizabeth (wid I'lmrod). I W 
Halnan Ed"ard. mkt gdnr Danforth av 
Hall James, market gdnr Danforth av 
Handy Alfred. marble mason. hI's KlngB- 
ton I'd 
Heber J;'rank, mkt gdnr Dantorth BV 
Henderson \Ym H, messr. h lIerke,ey av 
Hess Arthur J, 1'rtr. I S R Hess 
Hess Harrl..on K. porter. h Burgess av 
Hess John 'Yo packer. h Burgess av 
Hess Samul'l R. e\)g. h Bur!(l'
s av 
Hl'ss Miss Ten
' M, tlrs. I H K HI's" 
Hetherington Wm, lab. h w s Kingston rd. 
Hewitt I'-rank. earp. I I Hewitt 
lIewltt Isaae. bldr Coxwell av, h same 
fuwitt Robert. tlr. I I Hewitt 
Hlbbltt \Vm, lab. b John Wilson 
Hider Ernest J. jockey. b J CIa)' 
Hlnl's Emily (wid Wm). h w s Kingston 
Hines Thomas. steamftr, I Mrs E Hines 
Hobson Wm. stone ctr. h Caqsels av 
Hohs Edgar J. tray. h Woodbine .av 
Holman Frl'derlck. jockey, ' R E ao'man 
Holman Richard E. contI', w s Kingston I'd 
Holman Richard E Jr. horse trainer IRE 
Holman Thomas, tray. h W.I.prl"y I'd 
.lackson Io'rederlck, I J W Jackq)n 
Jackson Hl'nry. clk. I J W Ja
Jackson James W, tra.... h ßerk
y av 
Jackson 'Ym H. prtr. h Wnv
rlev To! 
James Henry. firemnn, h Burf"{
ss 1'., 
Jaml's Miss MIra, jwlr, I H James 
Jlfklns Frederick G. btchr, I T{ .\ ; '
Jlfklns Henry A, cattle dlr Coxwp!1 av 
Johnston Elizabeth (wid Robert). dairy 
Gerrard, h snme 
Johnston MIss Elizabeth. I Mrs E Johnston 
Johnston James. clk, I Mrs E John
Johnston Joseph. prtr, h Burgl'ss av 
Johnston Robert, I Mrs E Johnston 
Johnston "'m. drh'er. I !llrs E Joh.,
JollilTe Arthur W. ell'ct. h W.\v.,,'I<,y rd 
Jonps Joseph, mkt Itdnr DnntJrth a, 
Joslin "'m H. bldr Herbl'rt av. h saml' 
Kl'ffl'r ('al'l. I Mrs S Kl'l!'l'r 
Kel!'l'r Snrah (wId Bl'njam,"-\), II Gf1rnrd 
Kelly Edwnrd. jo<,kI'Y. b T McGuire 
Kl'rsteman W Stewart. clk. b Hev \V L B 
Klnnenr Alexander. elk. h Wa...erley I'd 
La...endl'r Charles F. prop WoodruIT House. 
I' s IOugston I'd 
Leudrum Robert G, jockey. h Wood
lne flv 
Lpslle David. sel'dsman. h Herhert av 
eombp Oliver. Inl>. I !lfrs S Llsf'omhe 
Liscomhe Susnn (wid George), h Herl,pley 
Liscomhe 'Valtl'1'. photo. I Mrs S Llscombe 
Logan Altred. lah. h Woodhlne av 
Lye Henry S, contr, h 
orway pI 
McGnlre Hugh. h w 
 Klngqton I'd 
McGnirl' Thomns. prop 
orna)" Houqe, I' 
s Kingston I'd 
"re 'Thomnq, hostler '1' !\IcGu're 
}'lcKee Idn. dom J TI Snmuel 
IIlaclenn Aros, 
tudt. I W 
Mn('\ean Isah..lln (wl<1 John), I "" :'Itaf'le:m 
Maclean 'Yallace. journnllst. h "'()OII!}lne 
},Inlcolm Robert. harnessmkr, hI's Klngq. 
ton rd 
Ma!1der A 'Thomns. cnndy mkr. I H Mander 
},Iander Hnrry. jnpnnner, I H Mnndør 
IIlandpr Henr
'. japanner. h Berkele)' nv 
Mandcr '''m r.. jnpnnner, I H Mnnder 
Mnson IT.'r"ert. I 
Irq (' Par
Mend \'lm H. arch, h w s Kingston I'd 
),Iengher Jnmes. hotel Kingston I'd 

Meldrum C John. packer. I R W Meldrum 
lIIeldrum IUcllard W. pntr w s Kingston 
I'd, h same 
IIlellersh Gawen. nurser)"man Berkele)" av 
IIIl1lar James \\'. clk, h w s Kingston I'd 
Moore J Leslie, pl'Ïn 1'0rwl\)" Public Seh. 
res Toron to 
Moss George A. pntr w s Kingston l'd 
Moss Wm. pntr. I G A 1II0ss 
Mueller Charles. lab. I 
I IIlueller 
lIIueller IIIlchael, lab. h Cox\\ell av 
lIIulr Thomas. packer. I A Clark 
'homas E, moto. h w ð Kingston 
l'\1xon Henry. horse trainer. I J l'\lxon 
1\lxon John. horse trainer. h w s Klng
Norway Honse. Thomas IIIcGulre prop, I' 
s Kingston I'd 
Freeman Postmaster. w s b.lngston I'd 
1'0rwa)" I'ubllc School. J Leslie 
prin, w s Kingston I'd 
O'Connor Denis, Inr., h w s Kingston rd 
Orchard Park Hotel. James Meagher prop, 
Kingston I'd 
0...1'1' George E A. acct, j W R 
Over "'alter R. tray. h \Voodblne a" 
Paddon Charles. coli agt. h Coxwell uv 
Paddon Wm H. varnlsher, h Coxwell t\v 
I'aget Miss Edith, artist (china). I W H 
Paget Mary (wid Wm 1'), I W H Pagí!t 
Paget '''m H. trav, h Berkeley av 
Parkinson Thomas J. lab, h Lamb nv 
Parkinson Wm, fireman, h Dantorth av 
I'nrsons Clara (whl Henr)"), h Coxwell av 
Patton James, porter C F Lavender 
Pentz Miss Etta. stenog. I A 'V Annandale 
Pentz Philip, I A W Annnndale 
Perkins Henr)", macho I J W Perkins 
Perkins John W, carp, h Coxwell a... 
Perkins Mls8 Lillie E, paper ruler. I W A 
Perkins Miss Louisa, smstrs. I J W Perkins 
Perkins Michael H. prtr, I W A Perk ns 
Perkins ""m A. moto. h Herbert av 
Pickering James. tmstr. h Lamb av 
Potter Alfred. checker. h Herbert av 
Powell Alfred, lab. h Woodbine a... 
Prest Thomas. cricket nnd tootball mtr 
St IIlar)"'s lane. h same James M. flour. h Kenllworth av 
Rl'pd Re... W L Haynes. rector St John 
the Baptist Church. h Heyworth av 
Rel"'e Henry. clk, h Elmer av 
Reid E...erett. btchr, I J ReId 
Reid John. hib. h Lamb av 
Reid Maurlcf'. millwright. h w s Klngstou 
Rlchnrds Altre,l J H. plmbr, h Elmer av 
Rippon Edrick V. mirror silverer. h Mnugh- 
an av 
Robison Edgnr. prtr, h Burgesq av 
Robson Alhert E, pntr. h w s Kingston I'd 
Rooke Wilhelmina (wId Wm H). h Wood- 
hlne n... 
Rose Richard. tootball mkr T Prest. h w 
s Kingston I'd 
Ruth\ en Henry. I A J H Richards 
Rymal Marshall B. real estate. h Wa...erley 
St John the Baptist Church (Anglican), 
Woodbine a.... Rev \V L Ba)"nes Reed 
SAMUEL J. HUGHES. Nurseryman 
and Landscape Gardener. Berkel.,y av 
(Spe card classified !'urser)"men) 
Snnderson Frl'd III, 
nfemkr. h COX" I'll av 
SegriIT !\flss Della, clk. I P Scgrll!' 
Segrll!' !\frs !liar)". gro w s Kln/(ston I'd 
S..griIT Patrick. gdnr. h w s I\.lngston I'd 
Shnrrard Wesle
', jocke)". h Kingston I'd 
Shepllard :'Iflss Annie. tchr l'\orwny Pub 

eh. rl's Torouto 

hlelds Wm. horse trainer. b T McQuire 
Smith Jnmes. h "'3Yl'rley I'd 
Smith Richard. lab, h Coxwell nv 
Smith "'m. Jab, b W Parkln""n 
South "'m G, h Cassels av 
Stephens IIl'nr)". lab, h Dantorth av 

tewnrt John. In". b John "'lIaon 
Sull)" Robert. lab, h Herbert nv 
Tew Mark. clk. I R Tew 
lIas 1'0rn G, stenog. I R Tew 
Tew Richard. assignee. h Berkeley nv 

'ompklns Johanna (wid Thomas), h w s 
Kingston rd 

Toronto Golt Assn Ltd Wm TronghtQ1l 
steward, Coxwell ay . 
Troughton Wm. steward Toronto Oolt 
Assu Ltd. h Coxwell a v 
'furner 11I1'S Jennie, clk, I J Cia)" 
Tyler Samuel W. pdlr. h Wa...erley rd 
Vandecar Fred, clk, h Kenllworth av 
Wallace Beatrice (wid Charles). I J Darn- 

 Elizabeth (wid Charles). I W J 
Waters Herbert. florist. hElmeI' av 
"'ebber John. florist w s Klngstoa r.t 
Well' John, marble plshr, h '\'oodblne a' 
Weir John. mkt gdnr. h Woodbine av 
"'est Charles. hkpr. h Herbert ..v 
Wpst Ernest, clk, I C West 
West Harry. musician. I C "'est 
Whit b)" Albert W, shoemkr hElmeI' a\ 
Whitby Miss Jessie, opr. I' A W Whitby 
""hitI' Alexander. gdnr. h w s Klugston I'd 
Wilson Arthur F. pntr. I Mrs K Wilson 

r:OIJCharles E. horse trainer. I !\oil's K 
Wilson HeJlry S. jockey. I Mrs K Wilson 
Wilson !\frs Ida C. I Mrs K Wilson 
Wilson John. lab, h Danforth ay 
Wilson Kate (wid ìUchnrd). h Herbert I\Y 
Wilson AIIss 1.laud. tie mkr I Johu Butcher 
\\'lIson I:!amuel. paint mkr: h I' 8 Rlngllton 
Wood Amos. I J E Wood 
"'ood James E. macho h Herbert av 
',"oodruIT Housf'. Charles F La,-ender prop 
I' s Kingston I'd . 
Woodrull' \Ym D. carp, h Woodbine av 
Woods John, knitter. h Woodbine av 
Woodward Uohert. traV'; h Berkele)" lit' 
'Yybrow !III'S Blanche. dom, I C F Lavender 

(Four miles west ot P.O.' 
Adams Joseph. lah. h Windermere av 

gn George E. pntr. h College st ex- 
Aikins Robert J. mngr Grenadier Ice aud 
Coal Co, res Toronto 
Bagsley Wm A; eng Tor June Pumping 
Stntlon. res Tor Jnnctlon 
Bnrrett Edward, lab Tor Bolt & Forglug 
Co. h Jane 
Brown George S, clk 'for Bolt & Forging 
Co. res Humber Bay 
Brydson DavId, wks Hennle Co. h Thomp- 
BRYDSON JAMES, Postmaster 
Swansea Post Office. h Ellis av 
- James. h Bloor 
Carless Edmund. lah, h Bertha 
Cl\rr John. Inb. h Windermere av 
Clay IIIlss 
Iay. tchr Swansea Pub Sch. 
res Toronto ' 
Clayton Altred C. plmbr, h Park I'd 
Clayton Fmnces G (wid Joseph). 1 J EIII!'! 
Coe Ann (wid Mark), h Lavinia 
('01' '''m A, lab, h Windermere av 
Coe Zncharlah. tmstr, lillI's A Coe 
Dutnnll John, mldr. h Thompson 
Edmunds Harry. mach, h Thompsoll 
Ells John. h mils a... 
Fenton John. wks Tor Bolt & Forgiug 
Co, h Jane 
Fenton Snrah (wid Frederick). h Wlndel- 
mere By 
Fleming Joseph. hlksmlth. h Windermere 
Fox Wm, mngr Humher S"lnery. h Jane 
Gpmmel John. architect, h Ellis av 
GIllies Geor/(e. pres Tor Bolt &. Forging 
Co. res Toronto 
Good Jnmes. h 'Vlndermere n... 
Grnham Mrs A/(nes. cnretkr Swansea Pub 
S('hool, h \Ylntlermere a\' 
Graham John, tmqtr. h Wlndermcre n\ 
Grenadier Ice anti Coni ('0. R J Alkln
mngr, Lakp Shore I'd 
Hnl!:l!:as John. supt Tor Junction Watl'r 
Works, rl'S TOr Junction 
Hanstord Jnml's. Inb Grenadier Ice and 
ConI Co, h Ellis a v 
Hnr'-ey Alexnnder, contrnctor Ellis a,- 
Hank.. Bl'njnmln. torcmnn '1'01' Bolt & 
For/(Inl!: ('0. II Thompson 
H('nQ" Ernest O. <'Ik Tor Bolt & Forging 
('0. req IInmber Rav 
Henry 'l'homn
. lab. 'h Crall!: 

Sherman E. Townsend 

Public Accountant, Auditor and Assignee 



MaG REGOR & MaINTYRE, LIMITED Fire Escapes, Sidewal
 Doors, Etc. 
65 to 91 PEARL ST" Phone Main 2748 


1'. dmurl1"", 


Henry Wm. wks Tor Bolt and Forging Co, 
h liertha 
High l'ark Golf Club, Ellis av 
Hill Charles. lall, h Craig 
Hill Charles, lall, h Wludermere av 
Hllsdon James, eng Tor Junc l'umplng 
St8Uon, res Torouto 
Howard Alfred W, IIlksmlth, h Lake Shore 
Ho"ard Mrs Esther, conf)' Lake Shore rd 
Hullman \\ m C, foreman Toronto J8m & 
l'i<:kle Co. b R Ii Johnson 
Hnmber Swlner)', Wm Fox mngr. Jane 
H)'slop James ".b., pl'uof reader 
11 Thompson 
Jecks Clarence E, watchman Tor Bolt & 
Forging Co, h Lavinia 
Johuson lUchard Ii l'l' Johnson & Co), 
b Jane 
Jobnson Tlmoth)' (T Johnson & Co). res 
York County 
lmothy & Co (Timothy and RI('h- 
ard B), fiour and feed, coal aud wood 
L"ke :>hore rd 
Kelley Christine 
 (wid Charles), h Jane 
Kelle)' John D, studt, I Mrs C K Kelley 
Kelley l'\orman P, studt, I Mrs C K Kf'lley 
Latter Ernest, mach, I W Smith 
Laulen,:>la)'er Peter, station agt GTR, res 
Leek Frank, tmstr Grenadier Ice and 
Coal Co, h Ellis av 
Llle Georf,e, wks Grenadier Ice and Coal 
Co, res roronto 
Long George, wks Rennie Co, h Thompson 
McAdam Hobert, clk 'l'or Bolt & },'orgmg 
Co, res Toronto 
McCutcheon Mrs Agnes, h Windermere av 
McKenna "'m It, purse mkr, h .fhompson 
McKinnon Miss Jessie, prln Swansea Pub 
School, res Toronto 
I10rnlngslde Presb)'terlan Church, Co:lege 
st ex tension 
Morris Charles, lab, b Windermere av 
Muir James, proof reader Telegram, , John 
)Iund) Alexander, lab, I E Mund)' 
Mund)' Elgin. carp. h Thompson 
Net'[ Edward, ointment mfr, h College lit 
O'Brien Bridget (wid Patrick), farmer, h 
\Vlndermere a,' , 
O'Brien James, I Mrs B O'Brien 
Oster Hene), h \\'1ndermere ay 
Ovenden George E, carp, h Thompson 
Peelar Eleanor (wid Joseph), I R B Jolmson 
rutt Wm },,, acct Tor Bolt & Fora:lng Co, 
res Toronto 
Quln Wm H, mldr, h Windermere av 
Rabjohn Arthur R, pressman, h College 
st extension 
Rennie Thomas, h Ellis ay 
Ross Garnett. clk 
'or Bolt & Forging Co, 
res Toronto 
Ro"land Alexander, elk Tor Bolt & Forging 
Co, res Toronto 
Russell Henry U, wks Tor Bolt & Forging 
Co. h "'Indermere av 
St 011\ e's Church (Anglican), Windermere 
Scroggs Desmond. ISH Scroggs 
Scroggs Sydnp)' H, h Bloor 
Scroggs S)'duey H jr, litho artist, ISH 
Smith John, wks Tor Bolt and Forging Co, 
h Windermere av 
Smith Rohert C, ady agt, b College st ex- 
Smith Wm, h Park rd 
Ii1myth Thomas, lab, h Windermere av 
Speuce G<Jrdon R S, clk Tor Bolt and 
Forging Co, rps Toronto 
Sproulp George W, eng Tor Bolt and Forg- 
Ing Co, h \Vlndermer:e ay 
Stephens John, supt 
'or Bolt and Forging 
Co, res Toronto 
Stewart Charles, litho, h College st pxten, 
!Stewart Frpderlck H, litho. h Thom;!son 
Brydson l'ostmaster, Ellis ay 
Swansea rubllc School. :\Hss Je
sle \11'- 
Klnnon prln, Windermere ay 
Todd Charlps. motorman, h Craig 
CO Ltd. Ge"r",e Gillies President. T H 
Watson Spcretar\'",Trpasurer, Windermere 
ay (See card classified Bolt and Xut :\lfrs) 

Crozier George, gdnr, I E Crozier 
Curlew George. brkl) r, I 1 Curlew 
Curlew IS"8c, I S Curlew 
Curlew Isaac, carp, h Gowan av 
Curlew Miss Ma)', mach opr, I I Curlew 
Curlew :>allluel, lall, h Dou :\IllIs rd 
Dallimore John, fnshr Don l'aper Mlllii Co. 
h Wood\iIle 8' 
Daniels Frederick, lab Jamcs Daniels, I 
Daniels Herbert, gdnr James Danle's, 
Daniels James, mkt gdnr Coslmrn av 
Daniels ""m' H, gdnr James Daulels 
Darll)' :\\lss Luc), I \\ m Darby 
Darb)' Wm, lab, h Don Mills rd 
Dart George, gdur John Dart, I same 
Dart John, mkt gdnr Don :\lIlls rd, h same 
Dart Joseph jr, gdur, h Don :\IlIIs rd 
TODMORDEN. Dart Joseph, mkt gdnr Don :\111. rd 
, Da\'"e)' Anne (wid Henr)'), h Don Mills rd 
(Four and a haJJ miles east of 1'. 0.) Da"e)' George 1'" hkpr, ' Mrs A Da\"e)' 
Aitchison Da\'"ld, lab, h Bee Davies George, I R Da\'"les 
Aitchison },'rauk, lab, I D Aitchison Da\les Uobert, J P, prop Don Valle)' Brick 
Aitchison Frederick, sorter Don Valle)' "ol'ks, h Don :\lIl1s rd 
Brick Works, h Don Mills rd Da\'"les Robert W, I It Da\'"les 
Aitchison "'m, lah, h Gamble av Delaylgue Albert, wks Don Paper Mlllb eo, 
Allen Charles, driller Don Valley Brick I Mrs L Dela\lgne 
\,"ks, res Toronto Derby \\'m, lab, h Don Mills rd 
Anderson Charles, pa\'"er, h Don IIUlis rd Don :\1111. :\Iethodlst Church, Rev John 
Andrew George, fireman Don Valle)' Brick Caldwell pastor, Don IIUlis rd 
\\ ks, h Don Valley Don Paper :\IlIIs Co, Charles W Thomp- 
Andrews Heur)', lab, h Don !\fills rd son mugr. mills Don Mills rd, office 8 
Ash Clayton F, foreman Don Paper Mills Loml,Jard st, 
Co, h Don !\Illls rd Doñ Valle)' Brick Works The, Robert Dav- 
Ash Perc)', mach tndr Don Paper Mills Co, les prop, John B IIUllar supt of works. 
I C F Ash Don V..lle
, Todmorden, office Toronto 
Ashby Miss Bertha. I Wm Ashb)' st, Toronto 
Ashhy John, wks Don 11lIlIs Paper Co, h Donohoe Wm, lab Don Val
)' Brick Wks. 
Bee res Toronto 
Ashby- Wm, lab, h Bee Downes Bowers, I Todmorden Holel 
Baldwin Alfred J, carp, h Gamble ay Downes Frpderlck, lab Don Valle\'" Brick 
Baldwin John, carp, h Bee \\'ks, b Todmorden Hotel - 
Baldwin Miss Martha, I John Baldwin Downes I,'rederlck, J P, I Todmorden Hotel 
Barker Hobert, mkt gdnr Cosburn a,' Dundas Charles. lab Don Valley Brick 
Barker \\'m, lab Don Valle)' Bricks Wkb Wks, I J Dundas 
BATER GEORGE P d Dundas Hpnr)', lab, I J Dundas 
, ostmaster an Dundas John C, lab Don Valle)' Brick Wks. 
General Sto
, Don IIllIIs rfl, h same h Von IIlllls rd ' 
Bater's Hall, Don Mills rd Dunn Tlwmas, h Don !\fills rd 
Bea\'"er UObert, I T G Bea\'"er Eadie Wm, prln Todmorden Public Sch, 
BeaYer Sldne), I T G Bea\'"er h Don Mills rd 
Beaypr Thomas G, carp, h Bee EllI tt W G t t D :\111I P C 
Bellamy Clarke, lab Don Valle)' Brick Wktl, . h oHawt
s r on - s aper o. 
h Hawthorne av Erns Edward, wks Don }'lllls Paper Co, b 

y Don Valle)' Brlci. Wks, Pape a," 
Benns Thomas, burner Don Valley Hllek Emmorey Walter, barber, h Don :\llIIs rd 
Wks, res 
'oronto Ensminger John, lab. h Don :Mllls rd 
Blgle)' George. wks Don !\IlIIs Paper Co. Ensminger IIUss :\Iartha. I J Ensmlngcr 
h Don Flats Ferrier Da\'"ld. lab, h Hawthorne av 
Brahman Thomas, lab, h Torrens 
l\ F


 caretkr U L Patterson, h 
Brown John E, lab Don Valle)' Brkk Wks. Ford Frederick, burner Don Valle)' Brick 
h Hawthorne av \Vks. res Toronto 
Bryce Wm, lab Don Valley Brick wks, us Ford Wm, lab Don Valle)' Brick Wks, res 
Toronto Toronto 
Buchanan Robert, lab, h Gowan RV Gal)' Dadd, lab Don Valley Brick Wks, rell 
Burgpss James, carp, h \\'1ll1am Toronto 
Burgess John, carp, I D Smith Garwood :\1I8s E\'a, I Wm Garwood 
Burgess :\llss Sarah, wks Don Paper Mills Garwood Miss Ida. I Wm Garwood 
Co, I T Roberts Garwood :\lIss :\lay. I \Vm Gar"ool) 
ss "'m, carp Don Valley Brick "ks, Garwood Wm, I Don Mills rd 
h ee Garwood Wm, h Don :\llIIs rd 
Burns Cl,tarles, lab Don Valle)' Brick Wks, Glhhs Joseph. brkmkr non Valley Bricks 
J S R Burns ""ks. rps Toronto 
Burns Samuel R, potter, h Don Valley G'l D Id I b r - II B I k Wk 


'e t
str Don raper Mills Co, h 



o' a )on' a e
 r c Wk:: 
Byers John jr, mkt gdnr Hawthorne ay G


:Y' lab Don \-alley Brick 
Car>cadden Wm. lah Don Valle)' Brlcl< Goldsmith James. tmstr Don \-alle" Brick 
Wks, res Deer rark ' 

 , al

h hd Don VRlley Brick G



 To(lmordeu Hote', 
h same 
Clapperton "'rauk, lab Don Mills Paper Grant Jar\ Is K, godnr A Mountain, I same 
Co, h non Flats GI'Ppn Samuel, hlksmlth n<on '11IIs rd 
Collins Joseph. mkt gdnr Don Mills rd Green Thomas H, lab Don Valley Brick 
:;n' lab Don Valley Brick Wks, Wks. I S Oreen 
Collins \rm, paper ctr. h Gowan a\'" HARVEY JOHN G. Manufacturing 
Cooppr "'m R. gdnr, h Don IIllIIs I'll Cliemis,t. Don lIlIlI. rondo I'PS same " 
f'oshurn f'harles, gdnr. h \V1II111111 Ha
 es,,\' m, burner Don \ alley Brick \\ kR, 
Crabtrpe Agnes (wid UObert), h Don :lllIIs res loronto 
road I ITazplton :\Uss Jennie A, I J A Hazeltoll 
Crahtree !,;Ïllne\'". lab Don Mills raper f'", Hazelton Jooeph A. foreman. h Gowan RV 
h non :\1111. rd Hazelton Uohert. drul'"goist, h Bpe 
Crahtree Shlne
', b J Ensmin!!er Hendprson Carrlp (wid \1'chlhald), h Den 
Cramp Eliza (wid David). gro lion '1II1s rd :lUlls rd 
Cramp Fredprlf'k, mlnpr. h non :llIlIs rd Hlhhptt lIenry. whol btehr Gamble IIV 
Crozier Edward, brkmkr, h WIlliam Hili Ambrose, lab, h Don Valley 

Toronto Junction Pumping Station, John 
Haggas superlntendeut, Lake Shore rd 
Vaughan l'hlllp, lab Tor Bolt aud Forging 
Co, h La\ima 
Walker Da\'"ld, wks Tor Bolt and Forging 
Co, h \\'Iudermere a' 
Watson Thomas H, sec-treas Tor Bolt a)1d 
Forging Co, res Torento 
\\ elr George S, tmstr Tor Bolt and Forging 
Co. I G W Sproule 
\\'hlte James, woodwkr, h Craig 
WHlls Henr)', wks Tor Bolt and Forging 
Co, b Jane 
\\'oon Bert \V, clk Toronto Boll and I
Ing Co, res Hamilton, Ont 
Wray Albert, wks Tor Bolt and Forging 
lCo, h Laylnla 

lie nves ors n,ercan I e genc
, Li"1 ited I Prevents Loss; In


25 TORONTO ST. Telephone MauJ 613 Samuel NesbItt, Managing'Director 

Standard Life I ASSETS, 
ASSURANCE co. of Edinburgh I $52.000,000 

Manager for Canada 
Charles Hunter 
Chief Agent, Ontario 





' lab lion Yalle
 ßrick \\k
, l'i{

, I

'ì::y 1I0u \'nlley Brick I \\

Jlzabeth \"Id Alexauder), b Dou 
Hill Jfimes, blksmltb Don \'alley Brick I'itmnn Charles, laL, h Dou 
lllls I'd Whyte Miss lIIaggle, stenog, I 1111's E Whyte 
"'orks 1'1a
 tel' Gl'Orge, midI', I H H I'layier \\"h) te :\llss :\liunle, slenog, I :\Irs E 
Hili Wm, lab D<>u Valle
' Brick Wks, I J Planer Heury H, shoemkr, b Bee Whyte 
Hill Pia) tel' Hl'ul') E, sboeml,.r, I H B Pla
'ter 'Vb) te 'Ym, lab Don Valle
' BrIck 'Vka, 
Hodge James, buruer D<>n Valley Brick Pledger Walter, earp lion \'alle
' Brick I Wm M Whyte. 
\\ ka, reS Toronto Wks, res Chester \Yh) te '''m :\1, sblpper, b ('osburn a\- 
Hongh baae, mkt gdnr Dou Mills Id Raynor George, lab Don Valle
' Brick Wks, 'Vlcklum Edwnrd, fireman lion BrIck Wk8, 
Hughes Arthur, lab lion "alley HI'lcl;. \,\I,.s, res Veer Park h Don Valley 
b J Hill Rea James P, elk Don Valle
' Brick Wks, Wilson Heul') , lab, h Don :\lIl1s I'd 
 Cecil, lab Don Valley Blick res '1'oronto Wilkes James, wks Don 
lIl1s Paper Co, 
"ks. I W G HumphrIes Rear Heuben R, I 'I' Rear b Don Mills I'd 
Humpbrles Harold, Upstr, I Wm Hamph- Itear Thomas, lab, h Don Mills I'd Wilson Jobn. fireman Don Valle
' Brick 
rles Hice Charlotte (wid George), h Don Mill,; Wks, res Cbester 
lIss Mar
', drsmkr, I "'m road Wil
oll :\lIss :\Iargaret, drsmkr, I Henr, 
Humpbrles Hice Georgp, setter Dono Valley Brick ""lIs on 
Humphries Wm, lab Don Valle
' Brick Wks. b Hawtborne av Wilsou Wm. gdnr, h Don :\lIlIs 1'<1 
Wks, b GOwan av Rice :\lIss Lottie, I Mrs C RIce \\')-ntt Dm-Id, lab, h Don :\lIl1s I'd 
Humpbrles 'Vm G, lab, I 'Vm Humpbrles I Hltebie Isaac, bldr, b Logan a\" W
att Wm, lab, h Don :\lills I'd 
Hunter George, wks Don IIl1l1s Paper Co, Roberts Cbarles J, pdlr, b Gowan ay \"oung Samuel, lab, h Don II1llls I'd 
b Don Plats Roberts '1"bollias, lab Don Valley Brick 
Hunter Leslie, wl,.s Don Paper 'liIls Co, \\ ks, b Pape av 
I George Hunter Rohinson Cbnrles, lab Don Valle
' BriCk 
Hunter \I1lss Ma
', with Don Paper \llIIls Wks, b Ha" tborne ay 
Co, I George Hunter Robinson Frederick, sorter Don Vallpy 
Hnnter Wm, with Don Papcr 1I1111s Co, I \\ ks, b Don \IIllls I'd 
G Hunter Robinson Heubpn 1', tinner, I G A 
Hurat Mosps, lab Don Valle
' Hdck '''ks, Hose George. 1,Ib Dou Valle)" Brick Wks, 
res Toronto res Little York 
Jenkins Jnmes R, trainer, h Don 'tills I'd Routh'd
e \llar
' t,wid Jobn), I I\Irs C Rice 
Jenkins Judson, shipper, I J H Jenldns Houtlið'e Jobn. tmstr Don Valley Brick 
Kelly Miss Aunle, wb.s Don p.1per 1I:l\ls "'ks, b Don Valle
' Town Clerk, Wm J Conron 
Co, I "'lli Kelly Rowe George, I G l\Iose9 Treasurer, J 'I' Jackson 
I{plly Jfimes, \\ ks Don Mills Paper ('0, Saunders Le\ I, potter Don Valle
' Brick Solicitor, A J Anderson 
h Don \I1llls I'd Wks, res Deer Park 
Kelly Wm, lab, h Bee Scotf Jobn, wks Don I\Il\Is Paper Co, res Water"ork9. 
' 'Vm, lab Don Valley BI!ck Wk9, Cbester Jobn Hnggas, engineer aud superintendent 
re9 Toronto Spef Gilbert, hrl<lyr. h Gamble a\ 
' Jobn, brasa 1nsbr, 11 Gamble ay Sbea 
lIss Bridget, I 'I' Dunn James Hllsdon, 2nd engineer 
Kirkpatrick Tb()mas, eng Don Valle
' Brick Sbplton Albert, lab Don Valley Brick Wk
, :\ledlcal Healtb Officer, Dr A 'I' Mac- 
Wks, res Chester res Da.-lsvllIe Namara 
Law Gordon, blksmlth S Green, res Tor Sheppard Samuel J, wks Don PlIper Mills Street Foreman, Peter l\Ioon 
Junction Co, b WilIlam D J h It I bl 1 
Lo.-ell Jobn, lab Don Mills Paper Co, I Sbprldnn Robert, tmstr Don Valley Brick Fire epartment, 0 n oll nson c e 
J Monroe Wks, h Gamble ay Abbey Jobn, lab CI'It, h 67 Wlllougb
' a\ 
McGregor Alexnnder, gdnr, h Cosburn av Sblpp Frank, papermkr Don Mills Pn
er Abbey Jobn jr, app Xordbeimer Piano 6< 

'()r J Alexander, h Don 1111119 I'd Co, h Torrens ay Music Co, I 67 "llIoughb
Mclntosb George, pntr, h Gambleav Simpson George. fireman, I G Bater Abbott H
'ron, h :!36 Louisa 
>'lelntm,lI George Jr, lab, I George 
Ic- Simpson 
lIss Jpnnle, I J Simpson Allbs Frederick 'Y, coud Cl'R, h 63 Pacific 
Intosh Simpson Jesse, lab 'Don Valley Brick Wks, a.-enue 9 
' Robert, mkt gdnr Cosburn av I J C Simpson Allel \ill'S Catberlne, florist 12 Dundas e, 
' Wm, h Cosburn av Simpson Jobn C, mkt gdnr Woodvllle ay h 14 same 
IIIcLean ',"m, tmstr Don Valley Brick WI,s, Simpson I\Irs Louisa, elk G Bater, I same Abernetby John, eng CrR, I 47 Dundas e 
h Don Mills I'd Smltb Da\ Id, litho, b Don Mills I'd Abernethy Wm, eng CPH, h 47 Duudas e 
McRoberts lIIaleolm, lab Don Valle
' Bilek 8mitl
dward. mkt gdnr Don Mills I'd Abe1'lletby Wm L, I 47 Dundas e 
Wl,.s, I 'I' Hoherts I'mitb IIIlss Elizabeth, slsld
', I James Abrpy (rt,orge B, clv eng, h :!&I Willoughby 
McQuarrie Daniel, lab Don Valley Brick Smltb a.-enue 
Wks, h Don Valley Smltb Harold, I Da.-Id Smith Abre
 George S, cly eng, h 104 Conduit 
lIIacdonald \I1lss Hattie. Mrs N :\13f'- !';mith James. eng, h Don Mills I'd Ack..rman George L, carriage trimmer 
donald Smith Miss Jennie, elk, 1 James Smith 
orge A Rudd & Co, b 3!J Dundas e 
Macdonnld He\('n (wId Simon), h Pape av Smith :!>llss Mary, I James Smltb Acomb Joseph, coremkr Gurney Foundry 
1\lacdonald John A, ctr, h Bee Smitb ',"m A, groom, h Don Mills I'd Co, res Toronto 
Martin Jobn W, dairy Gamble a\", h Smith Wm A 1', sblpper, h Don 
Iills I'll Adnms Annie (wid Sldne
'), h 33 Hool,. a.- 
'nard Gpürge, Inb, I III \I1n
'nard Stpwart D:n1d. fireman Don Valley BI'Ick Adams Frederick, tool llikr, b 117 Bdmulld 
'nard Mark, brklyr, h Ha\\tborne a\' "'ks, req Toronto Adams Jobn J, midI' Gurne
- "'ndr
' Co, res 
'nard Wm. lab, I 1\1 Mn
'nard I'tp\\art Isabella (wid Jnmes), h WIllh1m Toronto 
Mayne Samuel, mkt 
dnr "'ood\ IIII' nv Ste""rt Jnmes, lab Don Valley Brick Wks, AdamS<Jn James C, elk J Kendall, I 131 
Meacham '1'homas, Inb Don Valley Brick res Toronto Mulock av 
Wks, res Cbestpr 'Tn)'lor Anne (wid George), h Don "lIl1s I'd Adamson RObert \Il, 111' CPR, h 131 Mu- 
:!>lillar Johll U, 
upt Don Valley BrIck Ta
 lor George A, b Don lIIills I'd loek av 
'Vks, h Don Valley Taylor John H, h Don Mills I'd Agln Barber, barber 41 Dundas e, b 16 
Moore Wm. slsmn, h William Taylor :\Iorton, I John H Taylor "'estern av 
Moses Arthur, Plmhr { I G A.. Moses Tn
'lor Wm. lab Don Vallpy Brlek Wks, Agnew Jobn H, tailor 29 Dundas e, h 30 
Moses Gporge A. brk 
'r, b Bee rps Deer Park Annette e 
Moses (;"org-e H, hrkl
'r, b Gamble a\- Ta
"lor Wm T. h Don 1.lIlIs I'd Aiken Wm J, mach, h 91 Willoughby av 

Ioses Joseph, brkl
'r, I J Pedlar Thom
{)u Charles 'Y, mngr Don :\lllls ra- Aitcblson IIlarsball, tlr J H Agnew. b 7 
:\Ionntain Alhert, mkt gdnr Don IIl1l1s I'd per CO, l'('S Toronto "'1lson pi 
\IIunro Eardl..
" lab, h Don Mills I'd Thorne IIl1s< :\Iary G, h Don Mlllq 1'<1 Alderson ',"m '1', brkmkr George H Towns- 
Munro ',"m, png Bon "alley Brlf'k \\'ork9, Todmordpn lIotel, Albert W Grangp prop, ley & Co, h 379 St Clair av w 
res Toronto nou Mills I'd I Alexander George, 1Ir's blpr CPR, re9 '1'0- 
Oblson Oseal', I George ElIlott TODMORDEN POST OFFICE I ronto 
Page Cbarles. lab Don Valley Brick "'ks, Gf'org-f' Batpr Postmaster. DOli "ill" I'd Allen George, blksmith CPR, b 30 McMur- 
res DN'" Park _ Todmorden Public Scbool, Wm Eadie prln, ra
 ay , 
Pnge Johu, Inh Don VnUey Brick ',"orks, h Don 'liII
 1',1 Alh-n H,'nl'
, ftr CPR. res 10ronlo 
res Deer Park Turner Thomas. godnr J R)"prs. I snme AIII;!n Jam..s. \\ ks C C & 1\1 Co, b 200 
Parker Alfred, lab, h Gownn a\ 'l'urnev Anne (" Id John) I F Shipp \\ eston I'd s 
Parker Harry, lab Don Valle
' BI'Lk Wks, '1') ers 'Charlf's R, h Pape' av Alleu Lizzie D (wid Charles H), h 70 Dun- 
h J HIlI Van Hol'llf' "'m, lah, b A HIlI das e , _ 
Par!.er Thomas, lab, h Gowan 11\ Vaug-ban nf'org-e. lab Don Vallp)" Rrl<'l< Allen \\ m J, pptr CPR, h ,9.. Argyle I'd 
Patterson Rob{>l't L, t
pe fo'm Þr. "Don Wks I T I'ennett Allin Gpol'ge. tiorlst 400 Elizahetb, b same 
,'lIl1s I'll Yil" '
II" :\in
', I Wm Burges!! Allison George, tirpman CI'It, h 10;; Mulock 
I pt1hr (,hal'le!!, setter Don Yallp)" BrIck "'atson 
t..phpn. lab Don \'ailey Bl'lek a\ellue 
\\ ks, h Don "Ills I'd "'ks h 11.1\\ thol'lH' a\" Almas Clark, app Can Fndry Co, I 30 Ed- 
Pedlar John, lab Don Valley Brick 'Yorks, _ ' I mund 
h Torl'/'Ils a\ "alts GI't,,'g... matlr,.
s mkr, h H,I" tborne I Alma
 IIIlss \llnggle, emp ('an Fndry Co, 
rediaI' _
II< \Iartba, tlrs, 1 J ret1lnl a\enUe I 30 Edmund 
Pedlnr \l1i,
 \lIInule, fIrs, I J Pedlar Wpst" 00<1 John, mkt gdnr Don \I1ll1s I'd AIII<har
' J Franklin, piano polls bpI', h 306 
Pedlar Pbllllp, spiteI', h Torren. av ',"estwo",1 Percy, gdnr J "'est wood l'aclflc ay 1! 


(Four miles 1I0rtll\\est of P. 0.) 
\llayor and Councillors will be found tit 
end of book (See Index) 

78-80 Confederation Life Building 

Monthly Payment Stock 
'able in instnlments of 
65c and $1.10 per Share, 
. 'Vrite for Prospectus. 

Capital One Million Dollars (See Back Cover) Head Office. Temple Annex. Toronto 



Iargllret (wid Thomas), h 175 Vine 
. tn.enue 
Atton Thomus J, uctlon regulator, I 175 
\"Iue a\" 
Austin George '1', cor repr CPR, h 506 
Dundas w 
Austin Mary (wid Henry), n 
72 Puclfic 
U\" s 
Austin 'Wm A, eng CPR, I 172 Paclfi
 av s 
Proprietor, 205 Dundas w 
Anderson Ale>.ander J, to\\n solicitor 6 A\eQ' Miss !\llnnle, paper box rukr, b 7 
Dundas e, h 188 Louisa Wilson pi 
.<\nderson Andrew, bruss tnshr, b 96 Pel- A\ery Thomas, much, h 22 Hook av 
ham av Ax\\orthy Thomas, lab CPH. rms 1::6 St 
.<\nderson Arthur, ftr, h HI "Ine av Clulr av w 
.<\nderson Frank, mach, b 200 '\'eston rd s Bubcock Henry, bollermkr, h 119 Dun<1.15 
Anderson George, \\ d wkr, I 78 Edmund west 
Anderson George "'. eng, h 622 'Veston rd Buckus John, quarryman, h 40 Mc
Anderson John, lob, h 36 Carleton pi avenue 
.<\nderson John '1', piano tuner, h 13,1 Caw- Bockus Will, lob. I 40 Mcl\lurray av 
thru UY BUgnall Robert, fireman CPR, b 22 Pu 
Anderson Mrs )llldred, mus tchr 134 Caw- cific 0'1' 
thra UY, I same Bagsley Alexunder, prtr, h 78 Annette e Barnes Thomas E, moto Tor Sub Ry. h 117 
Anderson Samuel, fireman CPR, h G."'i !llc- Bagsley Wm A eng, h 21 Victoria av l'hurchlll ay 
Murray UY Bailey' Churles,' mldr Guruey Foundry Co, Burnsle)' Oll\"er, gluss decorntor, h 81 
Anderson 'Vulter L, billiards 72 Dundus \Y, res'Toronio King 
I 78 Edmund Baillie John, h 324 Willoughby IIV Barrie Gobert J, rubber Heintzman & Co, 
Anderton Percl\"al R, mach Gasoline En- Buln Fruncls, fitter, h 26 Puclfic av s h 38 "'hitney a\" 
glne Co, res Toronto Buln Francis H, turner CrR, I 26 Pacific Burrctt Lo) 01. lob, I 13 Bnlon n 
Andrew Jeremluh, stm ttr Gurney Fndry a\' S Barrett Oli\"er, lob, h 13 Union n 
Co, res Toronto Buln Victor, mldr Gurney Fndry Co, les I1.1rrett "'m R. lab, I 13 Union w 
A.ndrews Ernest, harness mkr George A Toronto H.lrr) Harry I,', car checker CPR, I 21 
Rudd & Co, res Toronto Baine Albert E. cor repr CPR, h 2:'i Lows High Park 0'1' 
Andrews Fronk, fireman CPR, h 51 :\Ic. Baine Gl'Orge T. storeman CPR, res 1.ork Burr) John, trav, h 61 'Vllloughby a\ 
Murray av Township Barton Duncan, bruss fnshr, b 96 Pelham 
AllIlrcws Henry, pntr, h 29 Edmund aH'nue 
Andrews Jomes, lab, h 55 Churchill 0'1' -I OHN BAIRD Bott Charles H, bldr R J Butt, h 239 An- 
Andrews John, gloss sll\"erer, I 29 Edmund U nette \\ 
Annette St Baptist Church, Rev W J Pudy BATT CHARLES W, Contractor 
pastor, Anm'tte w, cor High Pork av Real Estate, Insurance, S.S. Tickets (Builder), 38 to 54 Pacific av s, h H:) 
Annette St Methodist Church. Rev '1' E E High Park 0'1' 
Shore pastor, Annette w, cor High Pork Town Agent Allan LineS,S.; Toronto & Batt Robert J, planing mill and luml...r 
avenue ,"iagara Xuv, Co.; G.N, \V. Telegraph Co, 38-;;4 Poclfic av s, h 98 Quebec av 
Annlng Churles. contr 20 Ethpl 0'1', h some Bntt Thomas W, mngr R J Batt, 1149 High 
Anson Arthur '1' wd car\"er Hplntzman & 7 KEELE ST. SOUTH Purk ay 
Co, b 61 Moy' Phone 4, .!unction Buteman MlsB Jemima, h 481 St Clair av 
Anthony Robert, tlnner E R ROgHS, res west 
Lumbton Mills d I k t t 7 K I Buthgate Wm J. bkpr, h 48 Mulock av 
Archer Albert, tlr H N :\Iorrlsonl.. I Jane Baird John, Ins an t c'e ug ee e s. Buwtlnhplmer Wm (Digby Cartage Co), b 
Archer Elliott jr, cor repr crt{, h GO h 197 snme 16 )Iedland 
Franklin av Baird Wm A, barr. I 197 Keele s Baxter Ann S (wid John), I 104 Pelham av 
 Thomas bldr 71 )Iulock av, h same Baker Charles, torpman GTR, h 57 Church, Hoxter "'m J, plshr Xordhelmer I'I.luo & 
Armitage Chårlps S, firemun, h 80 Annette III av - )Iuslc Co. rps Toronto . 
east Boker Ernest A, tuner Nordhelmer Plnno Eayllss "'m, tuner Heintzman & Coo, I 
Armitage Da\"ld, corter, h 142 Clendennn & !llu
lc Co, res Toronto A tt 
: k 
 e er r !f

å s, ca



Intz- Bea

e H:r
 J, bolt mkr CPR, h 68 HOB' 
\rmltoge Douglas 1', wood wkr, I 80 An- kin a\" 
. nptte e B:;:


7 , ;o

k , avb Occidental Bpule Silas, blksmlth CPR, I l;8 Hoskin av 
Armitage Herbert, I 80 Annette e Hotel Eemul
h George F, buker, I 97 Willoughby 

: t,?
n'J I N: 3 fi

y pavR, h 73 Baldwin !IIlss Octa\"la, opr, I 308 Da\"eu. R:::'

 James H, mngr Conger Coal Co, 
Mci\lurray av B IJ l o k rt Il r l d Joh cut t pr J R Ch i s holm , res h 3ÛO Quebpc av 
.\rmstrong Charles C. eng CPR, h 56 An- a'w n, Beamish !IIlss Lillian, stpnog, I 343 Que- 
nettc \\ Toronto bpc a\" 
<\rmstrong Gporge, gl'ú 500-:;02 Dundlls w Ball Walter J, stringer Helntzmun & Co, Beon A J Milton, clk CPR, h 77 Pudfic nv 
troug G "'alter. cond, b 57 Dundas I' res Toronto south 
Armstrong Jane (\\!d John), h 169 Vine av BANK OF BRITISH NORTH Bean George. pxpressman 50 Van Horne 
\rmstrong Norman S, tchr, I 72 Pacific a\" Amerlcn, J 
lcEachern )Ianager, 11-13 Bean Mnrla (wid Amoo), I 77 Pncific av B 
south Dundas w Beard Thomus, brick mkr, h 175 St Clulr 
Armstronl( Reuhen, dry goods 3
 Dundns w Bnnk ot Toronto, Union Stock Ynrds (br) uv e 
Arm.trong Somnel, trav, h 72 Pacific av s Bankq James E, eng Sub St Ry, h 44 St Beuton Duncon, h 67 ''ine a\" 
ArmstronJ: Thomas, lob, I 199 Marla Clair av w Benttle I
nac L. prln W..stern Av Pub 
Arnold John, fireman CPR, h 52 ùnion B Barheuu Elzear. tobacconist, h 100 HUIll' Seh, h 108 Annette w 
Arnott John, bollermkr CPR, res Toronto hpr
lde av e Beattie John A. brhmn CPR. h 159 Keele 
Aselstlnc James L, lob, h 126 Cooper av Barclay Alexnnder, h 159 Vine a\" north 
Ashford Albert, fireman CPR, b 36 Fronk- Barclay Wm A. cond CPR, h 161 Vine 0'1' Beattie Miss :\Iargnret, leathpr wkr, I 281 
IIn av Barptoot Ge<>rge R, ftr CPR, h 70 Mc. St Clair av e 
Ashforth Wm, mach Gurney Foundr) Co, 'Iurrny II\" Beattv Matthew H. h 73 BrlJrhton pi 
res Toronto Bureford Jame!!, ttr CPR, h 76 )Ic
urray Bpntty Wm A. lah, b 75 )Iulork av 
on Ellen (wid John), h 60 Mc:\lurray n\ enue . I Beuumont Frpderlck, plshr Nordhelmer 
a\"enue Bnrker Albert, ftr CPR. b 7 "lIson pi Piano & lIIuslc Co, rl's Toronto 
Atchpson 'lel\"lIIe, brkmn CPR. I GO Me. Barkley A;fred A, boiler mkr rpH. b 7 1 Beaumont Wm. truck repr CPR. re" '1'0- 
Murray av "'lIson pi ronto 
Atkin :\lisq Ethel. I 2;;û Dunda" w Barkle)' Frederick, lab. h 7 Wilson pi Ben vis Milos Florence, I 110 Annette w 
Atkin Frpderiek H, pro\"lslons 2:'i6 Dundas Barnard Wulter, fireman CPR, b Occidental Bedforl1. Arthur, much Xordh,'lmer PIano 
w, h some Hotpl & Music roo rms 44 {jttlcy 
on Dnulel R, mach Gusollne 'iJl!
lne Barn('s Edward. mach Gasoline Engine Co, Bedford Clarence, firemnn CPR, b 62 Mc. 
roo re. Toronto I 20 Hook av Murray RV 
Atkinson James, eng CPR, res Toronto Barnps Charlp" L, tchr TOronto Junction Bee\"or Alfred forpman h 303 Dundns e 
Atkln.on )IUlTa), mldr GurtlPY Foundry Coil Inot. h 122 "'estern av ; Behan Da\ Id "', ttr CPR. h 88 Puclflc 0'1' II 
Co, res Toronto Barnes D George. cond (,PR. h 99 Hook av . 
\tkln"on Thoma q . shipper Helntzmnn & Barneq John A, emp CPR, I 20 Hook a\" Behan Fredprlck, lIlach Gasoline Engine 
Co, h 119 "'eotern av Barnes John J, cond CPR, h 20 Hook av ('0, res Toronto 
Atton Frank. sounl1. bourd mkr Heintzman Hurnps Jo.ephlne (wid Sidney), h 
 Pa- f1eleher John '1', ll1ngr )Iolsons Bonk. h 
& Co. I 17;; Vine av I clfic av s 1!14 Lake\"lew av 
Atton George, regulatOr Heintzman & Co, Barnes Miss Rachel E, tchr Western Av Bell Edward, macho b 59 Uxbrldge av 
h 217 Quebec ß\ Puh SCh, I 116 Western av Bdl FrPl'IPrlck p. fireman CPR, b 20 !llay 

Barrister, Solicitor, Notary 

Solicitor for Town or Toronto Junction 
6 Dundas St. East, Toronto Junction 

Telephone 64, .!unction 

'l'oronto .J unction. 


:;/1:,vtR\I r;..,. t'
1....\ J 
 , M ..............., '- 

'- ,<<\\...,ø.

 . ". ,........-...r




Delivered to all par
s of the City Offloe 43 ESPLANADE ST. E. 
and Suburbs all year round . 
Phones Main 86 North 1062 JAS. FAIRHEAD, - Manager 

North British & Mercantile Insurance Company 
LARGEST FIRE RESERVES Investments in Oanada, $7,980,462.49 


Turonto Junction. 

lliund . Ed win, tester Gurney Fndry CO 
l"f-'S 1'Ol'ünto t 
Blarke John, lob. h 156 Edmund 
Bleu Will, fireman lielutzman & Co b 37 
St ClaIr aye' 
Dle..ins Wm, cond CPR, h 63 Vine av 
Dleylns '''m H, fireman CPR. I 63 "Ine nv 
ncoe George. eng CPR. res York tp 
Bhthlng George. lob Gurney !<'oundry Co llrethour Will. trav, h 49 Van Born 
res Toronto . Brethwalte Harry, supt Nordhelmer PllUID 
Block Albert, casemkr Heintzman & Co. & Music Co, res 'I'oronto - 
res Toronto Brethwalte Harry S. tuner Nordhelmer 
Bloodsworth W E fireman CPR res To- Pluno & Music Co, res '.foronto 
ronto ' , Bright Albert E. cond CPR. h 286 PacIfic 
Bloomficld Samh (wid John). I 101 Wll. av s 
loughby av BrittaIn Alfred, eng CPR h 1 Victoria ay 
Bloor Thomas, rubber Heintzman & Co h Brlsley John G. corp CÌ'R, res Toroato 
289 MorIn . Broad Joseph. fireman CPR. b 18 McMUl'- 
Blundall Enoch, scroll sawyer Heintzman ray a... 
& Co. res Toronto Brock Ernest. elect. h 1 Ferguson pI 
Boadwon Peter. coremkr Gurney !<'ndry Co Brockbank ThomaB. fly fnBhr Hcm:zman ok 
res Toronto . Co, res Toronto ' 
Boehmer Jacob B, cooppr, h It Annette w Brocklebank Frederick. WkB CPR I ':7 Vine 
Bogart Mis!! LeIma. tchr Carleton Pub a...enue . 
Bell Jr...lng, Inb. rms 30 Wbltney av SCh, res '.foronto B

n Rlcbard, fireman CPR, rps To. 



e C
endennn av B

hn. casemkr Heintzman & Co. res Brooks Miss Bertha. tchr Tor Jo1nctlon Col- 
Bennett Cleveland, clk E R Rogers. I 59 Bolton John M, pntr. h 140 Cnwthrll av lege of Music, res Davenport 
McMurray av ßO T n o d ro D nt a o nlel. stringer HeIntzman & Co, res Brooks Egbert H. cond CPR. '1 :I:! IúI\Y 
Benuett Elizabeth (wId RObert). h 59 Mc- Brother Alfred. bartndr Annue Hotel 
Murray av Bond James, grocer 262 Dundas w. h same Broughton Charles, h 437 Annette w 
Bennett Henry N, 1x>lIer mkr CPR, u!s Bond MIss Mazie, clk, I 2;) Dundas w Brown Mrs Clara E. h 179 Pa
ltle av B 
York tp Bond Miss M J Georgina. t1rs H N Mor- Brown Da,ld A, tra.... h 73 Clendenan IIV 
lIennett Jobn C, barber G D Trimble. b rlson I 262 Dundas w Brown Eliza ("Id. Thomas W), h 43 Van 
100 Charles Bond iUchard G. fly fnshr Heintzman & Horn 
Bennett John E, tra.... I ')9 Mc'\lur.':1Y av Co. I 262 Dundas w Brown Edward, ftr CPR, I 31 Victoria av 
Bennett Thomas, bollermkr CPR, h 61 Bone Jost'ph, ,\d carver Heintzman & Co Brown Mrs },;m1\y R. tcbr Model Sch I 51'1 
Hook IIV h 133 Mulock av ' High Pork av . 
Bennett 'Vm. bollermkr CPR. I 61 Hook Bonham Owen. gro 65 Mulock avo h same Brown MIss Genevieve, mall order clk. I 78 
a...enue Boon Charles J, bldr 201 Quebec av Clendenan av 
Bennett Wm H, rubber HeIntzman & Co. Booth Fronk E. macb Gasoline Engine Co Brown George A, midI', I 630 Weston rd 
res Toronto res Toronto . Brown George B, clk Standard Bank h 7ã 
Bentley Joseph J, macb CPR, h 55 Vine av Booth George, eng CPR, res Toronto Keele s . 
Bentley "'m C, stringer Heintzman & Co. Borland Charlps B, druggIst 44 Dundas w Brown George S, ttr CPR, b 51 Argyle I'd 
h 4 LIndner Borland Miss Kate. I 84 Pacl:ßc av s Brown Henry. corp CPR, h 118 Clenden- 
Bernhardt James J fireman CPH, I 1,10 Ed- Borland James. stone mason, h !:S4 1'acll1C nn av 
mund a... s BJ:!!.wn Henry L, mach Gasoline Engine Co 
Berry 'Vm H, switchman CPR, b 1:2 West- Hott James H. cond C1'lt. h 73 Vine av Ltd, res Toronto 
ern av I Boucher David R (Boucher & Son), h 175 Brown Irvin A, trav, I 73 Clendenan IIV 
Bertrand James, fireman CPH, h !>] Mc:Mur- Quebec ay Brown James 'V. lob. Ins St Clair av e 
ray ay Boucher IrW1n D (Boucher & Son). I 175 cor Keele n . 
Beswltherlck Jacob T, firem
n CPR, II 50 Quebec av Brown Miss Janette, drsmkr, I Bloor cor 
Union s DoucheI' & Son (Da...ld R and Irwin D) Glendonwyn I'd . 
Beylngton Thomas. soop mkr, b fJfJl An- contractors, 175 Quebec av ' Brown John, blksmlth J R Bull, h 869 'Ves- 
nette w Bourdon Arthur J. action fnshr Helntz- ton I'd 
Beynon Jobn, wood wkr, h 861 Da...enport man & Co, I 188 Louisa Brown John, brkmkr, h 635 'Veston I'd 
road Bourdon "'m A. macho h 443 Dundas w Brown John plstr, h 423 Weston rd 
Biggar Fred C. teller Bonk of Commerce Bouskll1 Wm. eng CPR, res T()ronto Brown Josephine (wid Benjamin). h 412 Pa- 
res Toronto . Bowen Wm J, gro 9;) Davcnport. b 
8me clfic av s 
Blghnm Clayton. clk, I 38 Union w Bowerlng !<'rederlck W. japanne
 11"lntz- Brown Leonard, wks Heintzman & Co 1118 
Bigham George, b 38 Union w man & Co, h 2G3 St Clair av e Clendenan av . 
Bigham George J, brick Iyr, h <)1 Mny Bowles George, cigar clk, I :l9 Pacific IIV s Brown Richard H. brass fnohr, h 124 1,101'11 
BI",bam James G, clk, I 38 Union n Bowle
 John, h 143 Pacific av s Brown }to bert, mach hd, b 54 Campbcll av 
Bigham John, brick Iyr, h 67 May Bowsfield AIIan N, corp, h 54 Clendenan av Brown Robert E, boiler mkr CPR, h 31 
Binnington Edward W. boiler mkr's hipI' Bo"sfield Miss Aanle. bkpr. I 54 Clenden- Victoria av 
CPR, I 82 HOskin avo on av Brown ThomaB C, clk CPR. I 185 Clendennn 
Blnnln/(ton Elizabeth (wid Robert), h 82 1 BoxaIl "'m C. plnno plshr. h 28 Carlton pI avenue 
Hoskin a... Boyce Jacob, car repr, h 1;) Laws Brown "'m, lab, b 165 Vine av 
BinnIngton Frederick, yard toremnn CPR Boyd Isaac C. boiler mkr CPR, h 128 Brown 'Vm, truck repr CPIt. b 29 May 
h 157 Vine av ., Cooper av Brown 'Ym J, loco foreman CPR, h 185 
nnlngton Robert J, switchman CPH, I 82 1 Boyd jOhn. piano mkr Nordhelmer Piano & Clendenan av 
Hoskin av !IIu
lc Co, res Toronto Brown Wm J. prop Brown'B Hot"I, 630 
Binns Allan H, eng CPR, h 21 Qnehec nv j Boylan Ja
les F. foreman CPR. I Annette Weston I'd 
Binns Stanley, fireman CPR, I 21 Hlgb w. cor Keele Brown "'m M, fireman CPR, b 139 Vine av 
Pork av Boylan John. mkt gdnr Annette W cor Brown "'111 0; bartndr 630 'Veston I'd 
Bint David, lob, I 54 Edmund Keele . Brown ,,'m P. brkmkr. h 320 Weston rd 
Blnt John, metal plshr, h 54 Edmund I Boylan JOhn J, mach opr George A Hudd & Brown's Hotel, Wm J Bro"n prop, 630 
Birkett "'esley, mach, I 28 Laws Co, I Annette w, cor Keele "eston rd 
BIrnbaum Nicol, harness mkr Geo A Rudd Boylan Miss Lottie, bkpr H W Raybould Brownlee James A, fnshr JIelntzman & Co. 
& Co, res Toronto I Annett" w. cor Keele ' h 28 Falrvlew av 
BIrrell 1II1s
 Christina. drsmkr 119 Dun- Boynton Hannah (wid Da...ld). h 68 Camp- Brownridge Jobn 1'. statIon mnster. I Dav- 
das w. I 78 Pacific av s bell av enport station 
BlrreIl James, h 78 Pacific a\' s Brark Wm W. gro 218 Annette w, b same Bruwnrldge "'m, macb, b 65 Hook av 
Birrell 1\IIss MinnIe, bkpr Pndget & CQ, Bradd John. plstr. h 53 Victoria av Bryant Albert E. case mkr Heintzman ok 
I 78 Pacific av s Bradley Han ey. brkmn CPR. b 139 Vine Co. h 163 Clendenan av 
Blrrdl 1IIssi Tena, dressmkr, I 78 Pacific a... avenue Hr
 den '''m, eng CPH, res Toronto 
south Brllrlsford Wm A. ftrs. hlpr CPR, res To- Bryer Raymond W A, brkilln CPR. I 6 Dun- 
BIshop Arthur, fireman CPR. b Occldentnl ronto das e 
Hotel Brndshaw Charles H, macho h 113 Church\1l Bry
on James, h e s Mulock av 
Block CharlrR, brkmn CPR. b 7 Wilson pI n...enue Buehllnnn Henry, fireman CPR, b 121 Keele 
Block Gpor",e. lob. b 22 Western av Bra!!g Henry E, foreman. h 50 Arl!:yle I'd north 
Block Ralnsford E, bicycle repairer, h 213 Brant Arthur. fireman CPR, h 179 Clpn- Buchanan John J. Inb. h 1i3 Medland 
Pacific av s denan av BtH'kley George 1', boiler mkr CPR, b 57 
Blackburn Henrv V lab I 1:; Charles Hray John. hollermkr CPR, rps Toronto Vine av 
BI IF' ,,' . _ B,'pawlt Frerlerl('k. lob. b 29 Paplfi
 av s I Hul!!er James, yard toreman CPR. h 77 
a I' rancl
 T,. .arp, b 11. Annette e Brpckpnrldc:e 
Iay, hkpr Laces and Muloc.k av 
Bhlke Miss f'nn']e. I ,,2 Keele s BraId 
lfg Co, res Toronto BuIl I\I,s
l, tehr Carlton Pub Sch. 
Blake George. lab, h 27 Dundas e UrN'n Fprrls J. cn
('mkr IIelntzlIl.1D & Co, B re ll s "" I :('
t c ou I J t b C I 
Blake John, lub. b 94 Pelham av h 3!\ Van Horn 

es \{;

rr e . c I' or ton Pub Sch. 


The Id
al Book Case. for 'Home, 
Library Qf Office.... 

Get Prices and see Samples 


LI.. en 0 

190 YONGE ST, 



59 YONGE ST, PHONE M, 2229 

McEachren's Dyeing, Cleaning 
and Repairing Establishment 
93 BAY, cor. KING 'Phone MaIn ZJ76 

Our PrJce$ 
Bre the 

Suits Sponged and Pressed, $1.00 
Suits Pressed, .50 
Pants Pressed, .15 


Phone Main 2466 



T..rollto Junctiun. 


}off'ir;,e Carriages and Business Wagofls 
The Leading Carriage Mfr. in to\\ n 
Rep",irinc of" all Kinds Promptllf Done 
Weston Road, Opp. Heydo'l House 

Bull Joseph R, carriage mkr 3ij; 'Veston 
rd, res lork tv 
Bullied Thomas, carp, h 39 Hoskin av 
Bunt John, !Joller mkr CPR, h :;; Vine av 
Buott Frederick, iJollermkr, rms 119 Dun- 
da8 w 
Burbidge Robert, case mkr Helntzmnn & 
Co, res Toronto 
Hurd Edward, carp, h 2G 'Western av 
Burford :\lIss Gl'IIce, tchr "'estern Av Pub 
Sch, I 2,6 Annette w 
Burford Harriet (wid Wm E), h :!;6 An- 
nette w 
Burgess Thomas J, fly fnwr Heintzman & 
Co, h 14 Kingsley av 
Burgess Wolter J, h 4; Van horn 
Burke Joseph. case mkr Heintzman & Cõ, 
res Toronto 
Burkholder Alfred, corp, h 1,15 Pacific av 8 
Burns Xorman, app Gurney Foundry Co. 
1'1'8 Toronto 
Burr Louis G, eng CPR, b Occidental Ho- 
Burrows Alfred H. mach, h 11 Charles 
Burt Christopher A, slsman, I 114 West- 
ern BV 
Burt Dlo L. eng CPR. h 81 Mulock 0\ 
Burt Miss Fannie, ill'S J R Chl
holm. b 
24 Medland 
Burt Moses C, trav, h 50 Clendenan av 
Burt Wru, bollermkr CPR, h 63 Hos1..-1n av 
Bnrt Wm J, fireman CPR I 63 Hoskin av 
Burton Garfield, driver HÚlock & Dodds, I 
45 Dundas e 
Burton George, rest 45 Dundas e, h !'ame 
Burvlll James, lob, h 126 Edmund 
Bushell Albert, mach. I 215 St Clair av I' 
Bushell Amos, clk CPR, I 21;) St Clair av I' 
Bushell Edmund. tmstr Conger Cool Co, h 
215 St Clair av e 
Bushell Edmund jr, florist. I 215 St Clair 
av e 
Bushell Wm. brick mkr. I 21:; St f'lnlr BV .. 
lIuateed John H. mach hd 
Piano & :\Ius1c Co, res Toronto 
Butchart James G, corp, h 86 Conduit 
Butchart James W. bldr, h 3U Willough- 
by a..- 
Butehart Rebeeca Y (wid Charles 
I), I 20\) 
Pacific av s 
Butcher Harry, fireman CPR, b 61 Annette 
Butcher John J, fly fnshr Heintzman & Co, 
res York tv 
Butlpr Ed" ard. plmbr 112 Dundas 1', res 
Lambton :\llIIs 
Button J 'Wm. case mkr Heintzman & Co 
h 38 "on Horn ' 
Calms Wm. ftrs' hIpI' CPR, b 4; Vine av 
Coldwell Uoy, drh-er T Chapman. I 3.13 
Coover av 
Caldwell Thomas, lab, h 333 Cooper av 
Collin Arthur E (Whaley & :\IcDonald), b 
 don House 
Cameron Duncan. hOstler Brown's Hotel, 
b 630 "eston I'd 
Caml'ron Hugh, fireman CPR b 139 nne 
Cameron Jnmes, fireman CPR. b 3; Carlton 
('ameron 'Ialeolm, h 43 Edmund 
Cllmeron Ju"hua. mIdI' Gurney I.'oundry 
Co, res Toronto . 
Camldge John. piano stringer Helntzm'lII & 
Co, res Toronto 
Camp hell Ah-xnndpr 
I. office 8.1 Dundns w 
Campbf'1I Arehlbald, prop Queen City Flour 
Mills. ft Cawthra av. h 333 Anne"ttp w 
Camphpll DOuglas A, clk A Camphdl. I 333 
Annl'lIe " 
Camphell Enos :\1, mgr A Camphpll. h 14:> 
l\Iulock av 
 Frnnk. fly fnshr Hplntzmnn & 
Co. h _II Dundas w 
Camphl'lI ,Tospph, en
 CPR, h 74 Hook av 
Camph..11 Lauchlln, brkman CPU. b ;:< '11'- 
Murl'ß! a..- 
Campbell Xpll. 
d forpman. h IU F.rlm

Campbell Wm, h 174 Pacific av s Chant :Martha (wid Edward), 1 36 Alinette 
Camplln Charles, eng CPU, h 155 'Ine av east 
Camplln Harry, key spacer Heintzman & Chapman Ernest, macho b 65 Hook av 
Co, I 155 Vine av Chavman John, app 
tntzman & Co. reo: 
Canllda Ca1'\ Ing Co, J E JenkInson prop, Lambton !lUlls 
wood carvers, 53 Vine av Chapman John, former, h 560 St Clair av w 
CANADA CYCLE & MOTOR CO. Chapman Thomas, btchr :;;; lJo..-enport I'd 
Ltd, mfrs of bleycles and motor \ehlcles, l"havple Hpnry S, carp, h 2;j Lansdowne <tv 
Keele n. cor McCormack Charles Miss Henrietta, tchr Toront() 
Canadian Bank of Commerce, .tobert C Junetion Coli Inst, I 84 High Pork a\ 
Jennings mngr, 38 Dundas e Charles Jo
('ph H, sec, h 110 Annette w 
Canadian Express Co (br), H W West agt, Chnrlton Miss Alice, music tchr, I 48 Union 
116 Dundas w south 
Canadian Pacific Railway Station. J S Hili Charlton Miss Armenia J, tchr Carlton I.ub 
agt, 1 e Weston I'd Sch. I 48 Lnlon 8 
 Tel, union Stock Yards (br) Charlton :\Irs Elizabeth, h 48 Union s 
Cana..-an Miss Catherine L. opr Bell Tele- Charlton Miss Lulu A. tchr. I 48 Vnlon Ii 
phone Co, I 206 Davenport I'd Charlton Thomas, eng CPU, I 48 Union s 
Canavan Edward, blksmlth, h 2\.16 Daven- Ch..rry Margaret (wid Wm), h 70 Dundas 
port I'd Chel'l
' Miss Mary E, tchr 'Western Av 
Cana..-an Wm B, mach hd, I 296 r:a
en. Pub Sch, I 70 Dundas e 
vort I'd Childs Wm, eng CPR, res Toronto 
Candon Joseph, car repr CPR. b 313 Flank- Chisholm Alexander, boots and shoe8 35- 
IIn av Dundas w, h some 
1Iss Belle, slsldy GeorJ{e Uob- Chisholm John R, mer tir 16 Dundas w. h 
Inson. res Toronto. 144 Annette w 
Carhprry I\Ilss LIllian, clk Post Office. I 56 Christie James. brkmn CPU, b 52 Edmund 
Hook av Christopher Richard, eng CPn, res Toronto 
Carherry Miss :\Iary E, tchr Western Av Chubb Samuel J, case mkr Hplntzmnn & 
Pub Sch. I 56 Hook av Co, h 49 May 
Carherry Samuel. ftr Gurney 
'oundry Co, Church of Christ (Disciples), Annette e. 
b 26 "'I'stern av cor Keele s 
Carherry :\1Iss Sarah, h 56 Hook 'IV Clancy Joseph, pntr Heintzman &. Co, Tell 
Cord Wolter D, gpn agt, h 460 Qupb.,c av Toronto 
Carlton Pnbllc School, S E Jew>{t I'tlll, 8 Clark Alexander H, h 96 Clendpnan av 
s Carlton. 1 I' King Clark George E. tool mkr, h 222 ('lend en- 
Wm H Ford PIlI, 28 Da..-enport I'd Clnrk James n, mach hd. h 217 PaciDc av II 
Carmichael Peter E. fireman CPU, b Occl- CI/lrk Robert, glazier, h 180 Ontario 
dental Hotel Clnrk Samuel, porter. h 104 Pelham av 
Caroline James W. asst supt Met Life Clarke Charles P, eng CPU. h 223 Pacific 
Ins Co, res Toronto C av 8 
Cnrrlere Jose p h, fireman CPU , b He"don larke Frederick, ftr CPR. b 35 Hook BV 
House . Clarke Frederick "', h 236 Annette w 
C I t I Clarke George, flremaD CPU, res Toronoto 
01'1' n/r On Arthur, ah, h 106 Annette e Clarke Jamps J. stm ftr, rms 1;';6 Edmund 
Carrington Wm, lab, I 106 Annette I' ClllrKe Joseph, eng CPR, res Toronto 
Carron Wm, ftr CPU, b 51 Argyle I'd Clarke Susanna (\\Id Robert A), h 00 Hum- 
Carruth Miss Beatrice M, minI', I 64 Pa. beralde av e 
clflc av 8 Clarke Wm. mach, h 123 Dundas e 

th Miss Eva J, minI', I 64 Pacific av ('Iarrldge Charles jr, I 37 Vine av 
Carruth John. piano mkr Heintzman & Clarrld
.. Ellen (" id Georgp). h 144 Vine 
Co. h G4 Pacific av 8 Clarrhlge Rlchnrd. lob, h 37 Vine av 
Carruth Uobert S, brkmn CrR, I G4 Pa- Cloy George, flremal;i CPR, I 138 
Iulock av 
clfic av s Clay Henry C, eng CPU, h 138 Mulock av 
C h Cloy Wm C, eng CPU, I 138 Mulock av 
arrut "'m J. fnshr, I 
 Pacific av s Clayton Charles, lob, I 241 Keele n 


rs Wolter B, eng CPH, h 7!J :\Iu- Clayton James S, millwright, h 15 Laugh- 
Carscadden Robert, h 238 Annette w ton R\" 
Carson Da..-Id J, cond CPR h 72 Annette e Cla!ton 
Iary (wid (,harll's). h 241 Keele D 
Carson Henry E, hrkmn CPU, I 29 :\Iay Clayton Mel\-tn, corp. h 40 Van Horn 
Carson Margaret E (wid Harry L), bdg, h Clayton Walter, lob, I 241 Keele n 
29 Mav Cleffley Jose
h, barber 62 Dundns w 
Corson RObp.rt, brkmn CPR. b 5:? Keele s Cll'land Archibald, carp, h 20 :\lc:\lurray av 
Corson Samuel, brkmn CPR. b :;2 Keele 8 Cleland Ernest A, mach I 20 Mc:\lurray av 
C " Cleland Wm J, I 20 'lcMurra! av 
nrson 'm, cond CPn, h 111 
Iulock av Clpmmer Abram H , trav , h 2:;2 Lakevlew 
Carson Wm. ttr CPR. b 7 Wilson pi a \ enue 
Cnrson W Joseph, cond CPn, h 70 An- 
Carter Ulchard A, grocer 210 Dundas w slelan. 130 Dundas w, h some 
Carter Thomas H. tra..-, h 41 Western av Cline :llertono C, brklyr, h 88 Pelham av 
Cartpr Thomas "', cutter, h 140 Clendenan Clune
 Jnmes. mach Gurney Foundry Co. 
a\ enue h 121 Churchill av 
Carter W Walter. brkl!"r, I 140 Clendenan Coakley Patrick, sec foreman CPU, h %5 
avenue Carlton pI 
Carthy John E, ftr CPU. h 142 Cawthra av ContI's Ueglnald, brkmkr, b_200 Weston 
Carthy Thomas, ftr cru, I 1,12 Cawthra I'd s 
n\'enue Coat..
 "'alter, ftr CPU, b 200 Weston 
Carthy Wm C, plmbr, I 142 Cawthra av rond s 
Case Albert H, lab, h 12 Lindner Cochrane John T, eng CPR, h 124 Paelflc 
Casler Luther, tinnpr, I 30 '''est..rn av av s 
Casson Arthur J, eng cru, h 1;; Humber- Code Walter, rood master CPU. h 6; Hook 
side 0\' I' a..-enue 
Catcher Edwnrd. lab. b 59 T'xbrldl!:e av Codner "'m L, midI' Gurnev FOUl' dry , o. 
Cates Benjamin D. mach, h 6411 Weston rd rp
Cathcart '",,
 :\Iargaret. III's J H Agnl'w, Coe Uichanl. I'dnr. n 'j!'i:> Annptt. t7 
h 31 Dundas e Coe Thomas <1: Ill', h Durie, 1 s- Annette 
Cnthcart Hohert, driver, h 67 !llc:\lurrn!' Cohl'n :\IOSP8, sto..-es 504 Dundas w 
avenue Coker Hpnry, cond cru, h 50 Edmand 
Cnulton Wm C, bkpr Dodge 
Ifg Co rms Colheek Frnnklln C. BA. prln Tor Junc- 
,0 :\Iedland . tlon Coli In
t. h 142 Louisa 
Ca\t' Joseph. elect. I 128 Annette e Colhp
k Lucinda (wid Edward). I 142 
Chalmprs Mnry (wid "'m), I 78 Annette e 10lllsn 
Chnmhers Edwnrd. draughtsman. b 61 An- Cole Gpor/r('. bartndr A..-pnue Hotel 
nett" " Coleman Erlward. eng CPR, h 47 Ontario 
Champion :\1IS8 Elizabeth F. h 24 :llc:\lar- Coll'mnn CIa! ton (Coleman & Glo\ er). b 
ray av I Pnciflc a \ 
Chnndl..r l'ret'lerick J. trainman, h 121 Qup. Colpman Win E, Ill' H N Morrison, h 30 
1wc nv Hook av 

Metallic Ceilings 

Phone Park 800 

Roofing COs, Limited 
Cor. KING and DUFFERIN 818. 

<tonfeöeratíon 1ífe 

Canadian Company 


'l'uruntu J ullclion. 




hael, lab Gurney Foundry Co, 
.. II ' Cordingly Frederick, tuner Heintzman & 
)jlgb ßlass mtrc.,anN (a ors Co, b ;; Wilson pi 
II I Cordingly Joseph n, lab CPl{. b 7 Wilson pi Cunnington Will J, ,.et sur 81 Quebec a>- 
23 Du da St t E t Cormaek G..orge J, band sawyer Canada Curavo George, barber 3 Dundas e, h 32 
n s ree as Caning Co, h 2;; Lans!lo\\ne av I )lay 
Corneil Herb('rt, bkpr 
ordhelmer Piano & CUl'lett Harry G, foreman, h 2;;7 Keeye n 
WORE GUARAN'l'EElJ TO FIT I )Iuslc Co, res Toronto Curran ThOmas, brkmn CPR, b 40 McllIur- 
, l'orn..lius ,nlbert E, elk M M office CPR, rJY av 
I 2 May Curran Thomas, signal man GTR, h H7 
Coleman & Glover (Clayton Coleman, Wm Cornoek James L, car repr CPR, h 34 Vine 0\ 
Glover), tailors 23 Dundas e Hoskin av Currier John. fireman CPR, b 29 \lIay 
Colhoun "m, lab, h 66 (,!uebec av Cornoek Miss Mildred, tchr Tor Junction Curtis Alhert E, midI', I ;; Charles 
Colley John 1.', bartndr P..acock Hotel College of ;\luslc, res Toronto Curtis James. car repr CPR, h 5 Charles 
Collins Arthur B, clk CPR, h 31 Pacific av Corrlglln Hobert, ftr CPH, res Toronto Curtis '''m J, packer, I 5 Charles 
Collins JOhn, tlr A A Ives, res Toronto Cory George, mldr Gurncy Co, res Toronto Custom Hous(', "'esley Pearson collector, 
Collins Hobert J, miller A Campbell, b Cotterell Margaret l\\ld Thomas), fanc y 10-12 Van Horn 
Subway Hotel d 9 D d C h H t I 
Colrid g e John , cond , b 57 D undas e goo s, 6 un IlS w, h same ut bert enry J, frs' h pr CPR, res York 
Couch 1I11ss Lanra, I ;;7 "'estNn 01' I township 
Coldn \lIlss Emmelene, slsldy W R Shep- ('oulter Albert H. em-p, h 253 Clendcnan Cutts (,harles D (C 111 Cutts & Co), I 24 
pard, I 20 Victoria a,enue Woodside av 
Cohln John, corp CPR, h 20 Victoria av Coulter Arthur, eng CPR, res Toronto Cutts .clarence M (C M Cutts &: Co). h 24 
Cohln J Herbert, prln St Clalv Av Sch I Coulter George H, tuber CPR, h 23 Vlc- Woodside av 
20 Victoria av ' torla av Cutts C )1 & Co (C \II and C IL Cutts), 
Colvin lIIiss Llbble, slsldy W R Sheppard Coulter Miss 1I1argaret, tchr Model Sch, I hard\\are, 121 Dundas w 
I 20 Vietorla av ' 216 Falrvlew av Cutts Samuel H, I 24 Woodside av 
Colvin Wm N, tchr, I 20 Victoria av Coult('r 1111's Martha, I 5 'Vilson pi Dabnor Sidney, mach, b 94 Pelham av 
Compton John, with Gurney Foundry Co Coulter Thomas, plmbr R)'dlng & Co, b 37 1 ake John, eng CPH, res Toronto 
Conaghan ManJy, lob, b 75 Mulock BV Carlton pi Dale Harold, piano mkr Nordhelmer Piano 
Cong..r Cool Co, Arthur Stratton mngr, 22 Coulter "-alter, mach, b 37 Carlton pi & Music Co, res '1'oronto 
Dundas e Coulter ""m J, foreman Heintzman & Co, Daley ]<'rank, ttrs' hipI' CPR, I 71 Pacific 
Conger Cool Co (br), J H Beamish mgr res Toronto av . 
104 Vine BV ' Coupland Herbert, case mkr Heintzman & Dall'
 Ilan-ey, ftr CPR. h 71 Pacific av s 
Conn 'I'homas, fireman CPR, res Toronto Co, 139 Uxbrldge av Dal,,
- Jos('ph, lab, I il Pacific av s 
Connell Alexander. brkmn CPR. I ,3 Yon Courtney Thomas F, fnshr Nordhelmer Duley Lponard, car repr CI'R, I 71 Pacific 
Horn Piano & !lIuslc Co, res Toronto a\ s 
Connell A M Co Ltd. branch office. coal. e Cousins Aylmer B. case mkr HeIntzman & Dalton ]<'rederick, grocer 293 Dundas w 
s Dundas, cor Royce Co, I 40 Van Horn 
1 Edward J. eng CPR. h 61 Van Cousins Charl('s, tmstr, h 40 Van Horn THE PIO:\"KER FOU
Connell Hugh, shaker CPR I 43 Van Horn C

s A
bert. cond Tor Ry Co, b 305 Dun- 
Connell John, cond CPR, h 167 Vine 01' Crabb Charles, plshr, h 61 Edmund 
Connell Peter, barber J Claffiey, h 52 May Crabb Earby S, lob, h 61 Edmund 

1 Wesley, clk E R Hogers. I 43 Van Crabtree Arthur R, corp, h 4;; Argyle I'd 
Connolly C Frederick, clk 1'l\Òget & Co I C

rk Et
est, tmstr Conger Coal Co, 
54 Carlton . Crandell Albel't E. coremkr, h 108 Annette e 
Connolly Edward, excavator h 54 Carlton Cranston Thomas. bollermkr CPR, b 31 
Connolly_ GPOrge 0, mach Gasoline Engine 'Vestern av 
Co. I ;;4 Carlton Crawford John. bartndr HeydOn House Dalton 
Connolly 'Vm, bollermkr CPR I 54 Carlton l' f d 
' t H I . & "'m J, fOunder 104 Edmund, b 
Connors Charles, eng CPR, rés Toronto 

ele"nm, uner e ntzman Co, b same 
Connors John, fireman CPR res Toronto Creary Miss Martha, tlrs J H Agnew, I 31 Dn!y Andrew, midI' Gurney Foundry Co, 
Conron 'latthew E, studt 1 I 139 Pacific Dundas e res Toronto 
R\'" s I Cl"eber George, much, b :ï2 Cnlll(Jbell a\p Uamp Wm J, bolIermkr CPR, res Toronto 
CONRON WM J, TOWN CLERK, Crisp John J, shipper, h 302 Pacific av s Danbrook John, lab, I 298 Davenport I'd 
Town Hall, 16-18 Keele 8, h 139 Pacific Crisp Robert, carp, h 144 Clendenan av DANDY JOHN F. Family Grocer, 
81' s Crockett John, corp, h 76 Dundas w Fruits, Vegetables, 9 Dundas e, res 61 
Conroy Charles M, fireman CPR. I 49 Que- Croll'y "'m Frllnk, blksmlth, h 12;; May 
bec av I Churchill av Daniels Francis, midI', h 111 Churchill av 
Conroy Timothy, mach hd, h 23 Cnrlton pi ('roney James, pntr, I 76 Hoskin av Danll'ls Thomas, caretkr, h IRS Annette W 
Conroy Wm A, HI' CPR, h 49 Quebec av Crone
' JOJm F, s"ltchman CPR, I 76 Hos- Dar"ell Charles, mach Nordhelmer Piano 
ConstantlnC' John, arch h 1S1 heele s kin 81' & !lIuslc Co, res York tp 
liss Hu;Je H, tchr Carlton I Crope)' Joseph W, case mkr J"ordhelmer Dash\\ood Chnrles E, mach Gasoline En- 
Puh Sch, I 181 Keele s PIano & Music Co. I 76 Hoskin fiV ginC' Co, rms 149 Vine av 
ConstNdlne Joseph E, lab, h 106 Pelham Crone
 Wm, lab CPR, h 76 HOskin av Dnughton Arthur, lab, h 59 Elizabeth 
Conway Hugh, lab, h 401 'Veston I'd Cross "'m, eng, h 146 Mulock av Dnuj.:hton Thomas B, elect, h 5(;7 Dundas 
Uss Annie I, stenog, I 57 Annette e I Crossan LPOna (wid Robert), h w s Lake- we.t 
Cook I:dward, plmbr '''m Lowndes, res view 0'-, 2 s of Louisa 1I,,,-enport lIIethodist Church. R('v H S 
Toronto Crossan TlJOmas G, clk, I \\ S Lakevlew )[agce pastor, Davenport I'd, opp 
Cook Elsie ("Id John), h 76 Evelyn cres I 01'. 2 s of Louisa Clmrphlll av 
Cook James ]<" cond CPl!, h 29 Hoskin av Crowhurst GPOrge, fireman CPR, re
Cook James N, earp, h 27 Hoskin av ronto Rowntree l' J1J. 319 P",('nport I'd 
Cook Miss ;\Iabel, stenog George A Rudd Crulekshauks Wm H, clk GTR, I 131 Dun- Davenport Station, John l' Brownrlds:e 
& Co, I 57 Annette e das " station agt, Davenport I'd, cor Railway 
Cook Mary (\\Id Henry), h 57 Annette e CUildahee James R, plshr Nordhelmer avenue 
Cook I!oy M, lineman, h 58 Quebec av l'lano & )1\18Ic Co, res Toronto lIa\ey John. cnrp, h :!20 Quehec av 
Cook Thomas, brkman CPR, b 52 Union n Culham John 'V, carp, h 14 Chnrles Daley Salllu('1 J, fnshr George A Rudd &. 
Cook Wm, harr, h 509 High Park av ('ulhlllU Thompson G, fireman CPR, h 40 Co. h 38 U"brldge av 
Cook "'m, regulator Heintzman & Co, I 57 MC;\lurray av lIa\ ev '''m J. hilII', 220 Queh('c a\ 
Annette e f'ullum Mrs Eliza, I 125 Dundas e 1In\ Irlge Fredf'rlck J, eng CPR, h 44 'an 
Cook "'m J. cabt mkr Heintzman & Co. h Culross Da,ld B, regulntor Heintzman & Horn 
53 Churchill av Co, h 76 Laws Davldgc George, fireman CPR, h 96 Charles 
Cooke Thomas, I 567 Dundas w Culross "'m L, piano mkr Heintzman &. D"yidge Wm. mach, h 21;; St Clair a.. w 
Cooms Harry, drher F G Lillie & Co, res Co, r(Os Toronto Dayldge Wm H, caretkr Carlton Pub Scll, 
Toronto Cumming George R (Cumming & Co), h 55 h 27 King 
Cooper Albert, key spacer Helntzm,m & Dundas w Davillgc Wm H jr, all' brake hipI' CPR, J 
Co. res Toronto Cummillg" & Cú (Geor
e R Cumming), un- 27 King 
Cooper Frank B, rubber Heintzman & Co, d('rtakers, 55-57 Dundas w Davidson Hugh, (,lIg CPR, h 180 High Pnrk 
b :!
9 'larla CummIngs Alfred E, mach, h 1.;;98 Bloor a'enue 
Cooper JOhll, elk Wm Davies Co, res To- Cummlng
 Bert, case Ìnkr Heintzman & DIn Jdson ]\[ortlmC'r. mIdI'. h 4:; Van Horn 
ronto ('0, res Toronto Davies Dadrl, condo h 3
 )[p:\lurray av 
Cooper "'Ill, eng CPR. h 71 Mc)!urray av Cnmmlujrs Rohert C. carriage trimmer, h. Da,les John, lab, h 18 )[c:\[urray av 
Copp James H, carp R J Batt, b li9 Que- I (' 44i IQu
v th I (Id J h) h 194: DavÏC's Wm, I 38 )lc
[urray a
bec av 
g am a er n('" 0 n, . Davies "'m Co Ltd (branch), F H lr\\ln 
CorbrIdge Thoma
, cIgars and billiards 66-8 ('unnlngham Cbarle' W. HI's' hipI' CPR. I' mngr, provisions, 10-12 Dundas w 
Dundas e, h sam
 ' 194 Marla DavIs Horace H, fireman CPR, res Toronto 

Cunniugham James B, asst shipper Gur- 
ne) Foundr)- Co, I 134 Clendenan av 
('unnlnghum ;\1Iss lIllnnie, moll order clk, 
I 134 Clendenan 01' 


Sto,'c Hepair
 a Spccialt
104 to 112 Edmund street 

The Imperial Mercantile Agency 

Col1ect Accounts of ail Kinds. No Collection 
No Charge. Phone Main 2979 and we will 
call and see you. Best Local References 


L.D. TEL. 

Consulting Electrical Engineer 
Design and ConstructIon of" Stea.... and Electrical 
Power Plants. Special Attention civen to Industrial 
Power Applications. Tests, Reports, Valuation.. 

A.M.. ArneI'. Inst. E.E. 52-53 Janes Buildi n g s Toronto 
A.M.. CaD. Soc. C.E. , J 


Davis OlinI', rubber llelDtzmaD & Co, I 4 DorbaDd MIDDle (wid Louis), I 126 Pacific 
FergusoD pi I a \ s 
DeDnis Alfred, ftrs' hipI' CPR, h 44 FraDk- Dorward Da\id 1', eDg l:PR. 1 2:J \VesterD 
IIn a \ I a \'eDUe 
Dennis Arthur, lob CPR, ) 115 
Iarla Douglas Edward, br
mkr George H TowDs- 
DeD-nls Edgar R, tUDeI' 
ordheimer PlaDo I
) & l:o, h -Hb \\ estoD rù 
Iuslc l:o, res ToroDto Douglas Hobert, midI' GurDp)" Founùry Co, 
lrs Mary, grocer 118 Dundas I' I res ToroDto 
DeDDis Thomas lab, h 118 DUDdas I' Douglass George B, blc)"de mkr. rms 6 
Deremo Wm bi'kmn l:PU h:l;; Dundas" I Dundas w 
Despond John H (DespoDd & SampsOD), b LJouglass John, eDg l:PR, h ;;7 May 
ledlaDd Dous! Louis, lob, h 161 \\ estoD I'd 
Dpspond & SampsoD (J H DespoDd, \V A 1I0\e A1'Ihur J, usst supt, h ;;b HosklD a1 
Sampson), barbers. !J2 Dundas" Do"dell JOhD, mIdI' GurDey FouDdry Co, 
Da\-is UII\-er 
, hurm'ss mkr George A res WestoD 
Rudd & Co, h 4 FergusoD pi Dowdiug Wm J, cutter George A Rudd & 
Da\-Is Hichard J. express lUI Dundas I' Co. rps ToroDto 
!la\-is Hobert. midI', b :!:,tl !,-p"l(' n DowllDg George, eDg CPR, res ToroDto 
Davis Victor T. clk CPR, res ToroDto Downe)" Eliza (wid James), h 108 St Clair 
Da\"isoD J Harcourt, brkmD, I 70 DUDdas I' av I' 
Day James A, cond, h 47 Victoria av !lowney 
lIss Kate, opr, I 57 ""estern av 
DeaD Ann M (wid John), h 2!J Pacific av s Downe)' 
licbael J, h 181 ElIzah('th 
DpaD '''m J, tobacconist ;;7 DUDdas 1', h DOwDey Wm J. drh-er. I lU8 8t Clair a\ I' 
ó5 WesterD av lJO\\SOD JOhD, brkmkr, h 191 Keele D 
Decker Russell. lab, b 14 WhltDey av Doyle Alphonsus, plshr HelDtzmaD & Co. 
Deeth Effingham. clk CPR, res Toronto I 2';6 DUDdas w 
DeetoD James H, firemaD CPR, I 117 DUD- Doyle Jnmes JJ h 286 DUDdas w 
das w Doyle MartiD. Itrs' hipI' CPR, h 66 Hook av 
Deeton Thomas, sawyer StaDdard Fuel Co. Doyle 
lIchael. tmstr George H TowDsley 
h 117 DUDdas w & Co, res ToroDto 
Defoa Gloude 1<', prtr Leader aDd Recorder, Draper 
lIss ADDie. drsmkr, b 115 ADDette 
1'1'8 Toronto east 
Demp>te!' James H, !!ISmaD A Campbell, Drewltt Robert S, ftr CPR, h 115 AnDette 
res York tp east 
Desterr" AnDie (wid Robert J), h 41 ClpD, Drewltt Wm P, eDg CPR. h 58 UDloD 8 
deDaD av Drudlng FraDk 'V. metal plshr. I 12J Mu- 
DettmaD George W, regulator HelDtzmaD & lock av 
Co, h 52 Lows DrudiDg JOhD F, metal plshr. h 125 Mu10ck 
De\eDY JOhD, brkmkr. b 200 WestoD I'd s a\"eDUe 
DevlDs James B, firemaD. h 45 Lakeview Druery Miss Bertha. smstrs, I 116 ADDette 
aveDue east 
DevlDs James B jr, clk M M office, CPU, Druery James. masoD, h 116 ADDette I' 
I 4;; Lakevlew av Druery "IiBs 
Iabel, opr, I 116 AnDette e 
Devitt Jobn, bartDdr Subway Hotel. I 10-1 Druery ""alter. mach, I 116 ADDette I' 
Pacific av s DrummoDd Jane ("Id James), I 70 Dundas I' 
DevllD Sarah (wid James), h I>t Clair q\ 1', Duck Jamps T. tmstr, h 7G Edmund 
1 w GTIt crosslDg Duck Peter A, carp. h 3 FerJ;"u
on pi 
Dew Harry, coremkr Gurney FouDdry Co, Hnck Sidney. stmftr CPR, I 76 Edmund 
res ToroDto Duff Jumes W, brklyr. h 39 "'('stern av 
l)('w Wm, brklyr, I 49 VIDe av Duffill Alfred. stmftrs' hipI', I ;;8 
D'Eye H('Drl('tta F (wid George H R). h 284 rny av 
Pacific a\ s Duffill Robert, corp CPR, I 58 
lurray av 
D'Eye HeDry, clk CPR. I 284 Pacific av s Duncan lIUss Agnes, I 7 DUDdas e 
D'E)-e Wm A, elk, I 284 Pacific av 8 lIuDcnD 1<'aDDle (wid Adam). h 93 EdmuDd 
Diamond JOhD H. carp. h 166 :Marla Duncan Thomas, carp, h 330 '\"lIIoughby 
Dickie JOhD B, cODd CPR. h 41 VictorIa av aveDue 
Diehl R ErDest. slsman F G Lillie & Co. DUDcaD '''m, eDg CPU, h 64 'Vllloughby av 
res ToroDto Duncan '''m J, coDfy aDd cigars 7 DUDdas 
Digby Cartage Co (Robert Digby aDd Wm e. h same 
l!artlDhelmer), cartage ageDts. 18 Med" Dunda
 FraDcls, h 54 WesterD av 
laDd Dundas James W. cODd, I 54 WesterD av 
Digby Jarvis, tmstr, h 17 HosklD av DUDdas JOhD. moto, I 54 "'estern av 
DI/rby Robert (Digby Cartage Co). h 18 Dundas Joseph B, coDd, I 54 WesterD av 
lIIedlaDd Dnndln Harry J. yardmaD CPR, I 34 AI- 
DIDe Mark, lab. h 197 Marla baDY I'd 
DIDgmaD Archibald \V (Pugsley, DlngmaD DUDdln Wm, ) ardmaD CPR. h 34 AlbaDY rd 
& Col, res ToroDto Dunham J FraDkllD. mach. h 21 "'esterD av 
s of Christ Church, s s ADnette 1', DUDlop Wm J, cor repr CPR. h 198 
cor Keele s DUDn Borbai'll (wid AlexaDder). I 119 "'est- 
Dippel MI
s ADnle, tlrs A M Gobel. b 203 ern av 
DUDdas w Dunn James wks A Campbell b 60 Hook 
Diver Leon E, macho h 38 LaughtoD av aveDu(,' , 
DiviDe Hohert. carver CaDada CarvlDg Co. nunn JOhD. lob. h I' 66 DUDdas I' 
I 141 VIDe av DunDe George M, mach. h 50 Campbell av 
Dixon AII(,D, genl foremaD CPR, h 15 Dun- Durie Ernest. fireman ('PR, b 75 
lulock av 

as w _ Durl(' Wllfr('d, lab, b 75 MuJock av 
Dixon r.dward. yard fore maD CPR, h 165 DurrnDt Harr.... bicycle 1'1'1'1', h 122 
CleDd('DaD av Dustin Wm, hI's' hIpI' CPR, res York tp 
Dobbin Thomas W, fDshr HelDtzmaD & Co, Dn VerD('t Uev Frederick H. rector St 
res Toronto John's AnglicaD Ch. h 258 Lakevlew av 
Do(ld Dn\"ld, eng CPU. h 42 Mulock av Dver Edward. collar mkr George A Rudd 
Dodds George U. carp, h 108 
Iulock av & Co res ToroDto 
Dodd. John W (Hillock & Dodds), h 206 Dyer Harry. collar mkr George A Rudd & 
t('rn av Co. res ToroDto 
1fg Co Ltd, Samuel Mal pres. H S Dypr Richard W, cnrp, h 148 Pal'll1(' a... s 
lIlay vlce"pn>s. Charles F "heatoD see" Ealles George W, firemaD CPR, h 4;; Hos- 
treas. pulle)' mfrs, s s Pelham av, 1 I' kiD av 
Edmund Eades RI('hard "'. ('nlr CPR, h :\[1 HosklD av 
Doherh Rpv Gporge F. aRst rector St Ealles Ruth (wid "'m\, h 62 
lurr"y av 
C('cllla'8 Ch, I 111 ADDette w Eadf''' Thomas. tlr H N MorrisoD. b 33 
DomlDloD BaDk. f' D Gordon acet and Dundas 
t('lIer. LDloD Stock Yards (br) __ I Eallie F.1I('n (wid G('()r/re). h 90 Lau/rhtoD av 
DODaidsoD "'m n, eng CPR. h 203 PacIfic I Eadie George E, IroD wkr. I 90 Lau/rl1ton av 
av s Eallip John H, macho I 00 Laughton av 
DoDer JOhD H. carp HelntzmaD & Co. h 216 I Eadll' Snmuel E. wood wkr. I 00 LaughtoD 
Falrvlew av I aveDue 
lIss '{ptn, stPDOg, I 126 Pacific F.adl(' Thomas. wood tnrner, I 90 LaughtoD 

'foronto Junction, 


 TH r ê - "lj A - 

J ......'""
. '8 VERY ""': 


 S.,. ..
' )._

1t . ". 
.. , -"'.!'::: 


 OCoE R S.{ 
\,c OA L. 


E.HIle Wm J, 6hpr, I 00 LaughtoD av 
Ellg('n Thomas H, supt HelDtl'maD & Co. 
res ToroDto 
Earl J.lm('s S, dry gds 13 DUDdas 1', h 116- 
Lakevlew av 
Earl John B, corp, h 203 Quebec av 
Earls Thomas E, millwright, h 89 Cooper av 
r;asb)' John H, lab, h 09 Da\'CDport I'd 
Enst B('rtrum E. 'souDdùoard mkr Helntz- 
mOD & Co, res ToroDto 
EatoD Albert D. eDg CPR, h 123 ADnette P- 
EatoD AlexaDder J. shipper George A Rudd 
& Co, h 343 Quebec av 
I:ddelbuttel HermaD, !Jkpr, rms 48 St Clair- 
av w 
Edgar George W, sec CeDtral PrlsoD. h 372 
ADDette w 
Edgar Joseph W, cODd CPR. h 40 Mulock 
Edgers Samuel W, corp, h 119 Churchill av 
EdmoDds Louis W, firemaD CPR. h 28 Pa- 
cific av n 
Edw.1l'ds JOhD, tmstr J HalDes. I 30 lIled" 
Fgan Patr\(,k, tmstr Tor JUDctloD Lumber- 
('0, res WestoD, ODt 
Eld('r ClareDc('. firemaD CPR. b 29 May 
Ellerby JOhD. harDess mkr George A Rudd 
& l:o, res ToroDto 
EI\iott EdwlD, midI'. h 27 Western av 
lJss Aggie, packer, I 10 Kingsley av 
IIBs ADDa B. tchr Model Sch. I 280 
Pacific av 
Uss ADDie. book fldr, I 10 KIDgsleT 
Ellis GPOrge, macho I 10 KIDgsley av 
Ellis HaDDah (wId Robert). h 10 KIDg;rleT 
Ellis Jumes A, arch, h 210 CleDdeDaD av 
Ellis PO'ter, Police Magistrate. h 22 Evelyn 
Ellis Wm, blksmlth, h 102 Cooper av 
Fills Wm C. blksmlth's hipI', h 115 EdmnDd 
Ellis Wm J. lab, I 11;; EdmuDd 
ElmoDevs Oscar, lab GurDey FouDdry Co. 
res ToroDto 
EItQ.I1 Charles, plshr Kordhelmer PlaDo &: 

Iuslc Co, res Toronto 
Elton Edward, plshr Xordhelmer Pia DO &: 
lIluslc Co, res ToroDto 
EDglIsh Frederick, fireman CPU. h 153 
Keele D 
EDnis KathaD. corp, h 186 Marla 
Ennis IUchard, corp, h 29 CarltoD pi 
ErsklDe Da \ Id, macho h SO Western a.. 
Esple Samuel. ftr CPR, res ToroDto 
EvaDs Arnold. midI' GurDey 1<'ouDdl'y Co, 
h 62 Pnclfic av 8 
E\ ans .Jpsse. lab, h 166 Pacific av s 
E\ans JOhD M, fruit 8;; Dum)ns w. h same 
E\ aDS Thomas, fir('maD CPH, b 22 Pacific 
av s 
E...erdell John, hlksmlth. b 30;; DUDdaö I' 
EversoD JOhD. mlll'h. h 17;; "'('ston I'd s 
EwlnJ: Edward, 110stl('r A...enue Hotel 
Ezard Matilda (wid Richard), h 393 Wes- 
tOD I'd 
Fall' Joseph. eDg CPR, res TOrODto 
Falrbnnks Wm. saddler G('()rge A Rudd &-. 
Co. res TOroDto 
Falconu Jam('s. ftr CPR, b 29 
FnBnoD .Jam('s C. plaDo mkr Nordhelmer 
no & Music Co. rps Toronto 
Farmer JOhD, lob, b 200 WestoD I'd 8 
Farr MI
s AnDI(' E, hkpr. I 326 DaveDport 


8ucceeso... to LIMITED 

Phones Main 1126, 1127 
d. d. SEITZ, - General Mana&,er 





8TABLI8HED 1886 


Toronto JUllctlon. 


Fan Joseph. drill hd, h 326 Davenport rd' FORD WM H. P M Carlton West. Glb"on James 1", carp CPR, h 4!J Victoria 
Farr Ll'she maeb Heintzm.llI &. Co. I (j() Flour and Feed and Uros, 26-21; Da\en- Gfb::
uHalph E, pres Tor JunctIon Lumber 
Hook av ' po..t reI. h 8 I' (;0 res Toronto 
Fan Miss Sara, dl'smkr, 1326 Davenport I'd Furfar Elcdta E 1"ld Wm '1'), b 76-78 Ux- Gllbelt 
1í"S Alice, tIrs J R Chisholm, b 
Farr Wm, h 2
0 Uavenport rd bridge 
6 Hook n\ 
Far...,11 John 1', shipper CPlt, h 169 West- Forfal' 
lIss Florence, tel opr, I 7(; 1"xbrldge Gilben Artbul' S. piano mkr, I 100 Dun- 
Fa er r ll rel a l \ \Vm, blc 
 cle mkr, h 20 Cawthra av 10rret \\"m N, stoDe cUlter. h 31 \V1Stern at' da" w 
, Fostl'r Leol'ge 1". fil'emau CPlt, res '1'0- G b Ch I E Ik u '1' M ill r I 100 
Farn.w Artbur, fireman, b 4S Franklin av ronto '
as .;r es " 1'.. I' , 
ter James, "'t>, h 223 St ClaIr av w Gilbert Ueorge J, I 100 Duudas w 
prietoI' The Leader and Itecorder, h 7-1 '-o,ter Itichard B, fnshl', rms G3 May Gilbert James G, farmer, h 36S Davenport 
Dnndas w Fuster Hubert, carp, h 57 Dundas I' rood 
J'awcett 1{('ginald, prtr Leader and Record- Fowler 
lIss Annie, tIrs, I 6 Duudas W Gilbert Jane (wid Thomas), h 100 Dundas w 
er, I 74 Dundas w Fowl('r I"hillppa (wid Bartholemew), rms Gilbert Jo"eph C, I 1UO Dundas w 
Feather G('Ul'ge E, fireman CPR. b 1
9 Vine 6 Dundas w GlibI'. t Hobelt, I 100 Dundas w 
a\'enue Frands Charl('s, brkmn, h ;;2 Union n Gilbert \\'m A, clk, I 10 Dundas W 
Fe(' Ueorg(', fireman CPR, res Toronto Francis Isaac" ttrs' hipI' CPR, h 32 Whlt- Gilchrist \\ m .J, cond CPH, h 21 Laws 
l"dker Miss Editb, tlra J C Willard, I 101 n('y av Gilban Michael, lob, h 242 Pacific av s 
WIlloughby av Frank 
lìss Flossy. drsmkr, I Queen, 1 n Gill Io'rank, mach, I lS4 
Felker Herbert, tlr A M Gabel, I 101 WII- Davenport rd Gill Joseph, bl'klyr. h 1
loughby av Frank Ueorge E, eng, h Queen, 1 n Daven- Ulllem Juseph J, I 166 Pac,lt!c av s 
Fell Arthur, carver, I 41 Hoskin av port I'd Gillies Alfred J, prop Laces and Braid Mfg 
10'('11 Elizabeth (wid Henry), h 41 Hoskin aT Fraser Alexand('r, bollermkr CPR, I 35 Vlc- Co, h 43 May 
Fell J Henry, fnshr, I 41 Hoskin av torla av GIlmore )lIS8 Cella, tel opr CPR Co's Tel 
Fell Wm G, actIon fnshr Heintzman & Co, Fraser Alva V, ftr CPR, h 123 Clendenan and GXW Tel Co, I 115 Marla 
I 41 Hoskin av avenue Gilmore JOhn, grocer 208 Dundas w 

rgnson Alexander, lob. II. 28 Albany av Frast'r Angus, fireman CPR, b Occld('ntal Gilmore Richard, stm ttr CPR, h 115 Maria 
Ferguson Miss Lizzie, tlrs. I 150 Clenden- HutI'I Uilmour Jane (wid Thomas). I w s Lake- 
on av Fraser John, ftr CPR. b Occidental Hotel \-Iew 0", 2 s of Louisa 
Ferguson Thomas, carp, h 66 Argyle I'd Fraser Laird S, bkpr Dodge 
Ifg Co, res Gilplu John, lab. I SO Cawthra av 
Ferson Mra Hannah P, staty 260 Annette Toronto Uil"on Charles H, ttrs' hipI' CPR, r('s 
w. h some Frns('r Robert A, mech eng Dodge 
lfg Lambton Mills 
Ferson James A, h 260 Annette w Co, I li9 Keele s Gil60n Frederick. Index clk CPR, res '1'0- 
Fernley Edward, mach Gurney Foundry Fras('r \\'m J, brkmn CPR, h 78 Hoskin av ronto 
Co, res Toronto Fray Albert, ttrs' hIpI' CPR, b 66 Dundas I' Glassey Charles H, corp CPR, h 51 Dun- 
Fernl('y James, brkmn CPR, h 45 Ontario Fredenburg Melbourne E, fnshr Helntz- das w 
Ffolkes Edward C E, mngr and pres \VII- mau & Co, h 157 Keele n Glassford 'Wm, shipper CPR, h 136 Au- 
klnson Plough Co, res Toronto Freeland Frank, clk Dodg(' :lIfg Co, I 131 nette I' 
Finch James, wood carver, h 124 Cooper av Dundas I' Glenn '1' James, mach. h 306 Dav('nport rd 
Findley Edward '1', eng CPR, rms 6 Dun- Freneh G('org(', soundboard mkr Nordh('lm- Gleuness AI('xander. patt('l'n mkr, b 1;; 
das w er Piano & :lluslc Co, res Toronto Laughton av 
Flnlav Frank M, eng, h 396 Annette w French George W, lob, h 42 Franklin av Glover \\ m (Coleman & Glover), I 23 Dun- 
Finlay John R, fnslIr, h 50 King Frls(' Richard, mldr Gurney Foundry Co. das w 
Finlayson Miss Lulu M, clk Standard Fuel r('s TOronto GOÞb('tt Miss Charlotte. stenf>g Tor Sub 
Co, I 163 Vine av Frlse Thomas, mldr Gurney Foundry Co, Ry, I 43;; Annette w 
FlnlaY8{)n 1\ell J, lake captain, h 163 Vine res Toronto Goddard Stephen R, blksmlth hipI', h 66 
a\enUe Frost George H, h 207 St Clair av I' Campbell 
Flnnertv John H. lab, h 49 Hoskin av Frost Georg(' Y, lab, h 30 Carlton pi Goedlk(' John 10'. car checker CPR. h 134 
Fire HIÎII No, 1. John Robinson chief, 1(1-18 Fry S('bastlan, corp CPR, h 48 Van Ho1'll Franklin av 
Keele s Frymire H('nry C, gro 23 Dundas w, h same Goiug Ada M (wid Charles C), h 2:\1 Lake- 
Flr(' Hall 
o, 2, G('orge H Mason dep Fulch('r James, C9op('r A Campb('II, I 7 ,Iew av 
{'hlef, I' s King, 1 n Carlton Cø.rlton pi Golden Wm H, corp, h 93 \VllIoughby av 
Fitzpatrick Edward, eng CPR. h 82 
n- Fulford John, soundboard mkr Heintzman Golding Audrew J. bicycle mkr, h 57 Ux- 
nette I' _ & Co, h 75 Charles bridge 
Fitzpatrick James, eng CPR, I 82 Annette Fullertou Edward, plshr H('lntzman & Co, Golding G('orge "', rubber Heintzman & 
('ast I 12 Annett w Co, I 57 Uxbrldge av 
Fltzpatrlek Wm H, plstr, h 508 Dundas w Fullerlou WIll J, hlksmlth SO Keele s. h 12 Goldln
 Herb('rt J, m('tal plshr, I 57 Ux- 
Fitzsimmons Ern('st E, ftr CPR. h 58 Med' \ Annette W bridge av 
land Fulton's F, Ins, h 75 Louisa Golding Norman J. rubber Heintzman & 
Fitzsimmons Henry V, case mkr Heintz- Fulton Joseph, pntr, h HO 
1.1rin Co, I 57 l-xbrldge av 
man & Co b 29 lIIay Furse '\'Ill, forpmnn, h 11 !-:clmund Goodall John, draughtsman CPR, b 59 An- 
Flah('rty l\lIirtha (wid Johu), h !'í2 Union n Gnh('l Aug\!
t :II, tlr :;3 Dundas w, h :
SO nette e 
Flanagnn Jpremlah J, midI' Gurney Foun-I High ParI: av Goodar Wm, gdnr, h 109 Elizabeth 
dry Co r('s Toronto GallnglIer Re\ Eugene ],', rector M Ce- Goodenow A H, clk Dodge 
lfg Co, res 
Flanng,,'; :llIchn('I, midI' Gurney Foundry I e('lIa's Ch, h 111 Annette w Toronto 
Co r('s Toronto Gallaher Charl('s, mach hd. h 127 Churchill Goodworth Broughton L, bookbdnr. I 58 Un- 
FI('mlng- Ge<>rge E, corp, I 226 Dundas w I a,-('uue Ion s 
Io')t'mlng- Thomas A, corp, I 266 Dundas W Galvin John, enl( CPR, b 108 St Clair av I' Gordon Charles D, teller Dominion Bank, 
FI('Inlnl!: Thomas F (Fleming & Co), contr, Gnmble II,[rs J R, tlrs H N Morrison, I 33 Unln Stock Yards <brl, res Toronto 
h 266 Dundas w I Dundas w Gorwill Mary A <" Id Thomas), h 66 St 
FI('mlng Wm, tmstr, h 47 Ke('le s Gnmshy Sldn('y S, artist, h 510 High Park Clair av w 
Flemlnl( \\'m T. japanner H('lntzman & avenue Gorwlll Thomas J, sec mn, I 6ö St Clair 
Co res York tp Garhutt Wm M. mldr, h 109 Queen av w 
Flpmlng & Co IT F Fleming), grocers 2(16 Garrett Richard, brklyr, b 29 Pacific av s Gourl"y ntchnrd, tchr Tor Junction Coli 
Dundas w I Garrick Alexander, 011 mau CPR, res '1'0- Inst, h fl3 High Pork av 
FI('tch('r R E Svdney, clk. I 69 Pacific av 8 I routo Gracey John J, ttrs' hlpr CPR, r('s Toronto 
Fletcher Wm ÌI, tchr Tor Juuctlon Coli Gartly James, flr('man CPR, rms 38.May Grac('y Wm, car r('pr CPR, h 2!J1 Morin 
Inst. h cor Anuette and Barher av I Gartshore John, ftrs' hlpr CPR, r('s ,"ork tp Grnham Albert G, foreman. h 108 Pacific 
Flint Richard H. eng CPR, h 75 :llcl\lurray G.lSollne Englue Co Ltd, Jo('1 LaJsh!ey av s 
a\-('nu(' prps. "-('ston rd, n('ar GTR station Grnh,lm Andrew, tmstr Conger Coal Co, 
Flint Wm, mach hd R J Batt, res Lamblon Gasslon Frank 1', h 8ß Charles res Lamhton :llIlIs 
FlIntoll' George C, deputy Chief Police. h G('dc!es Rebecca (wid Richard S), h 290 1'0- Grahnm John, tmatr Cong('r Coal Co, res 
81 Parlflc av s clflc av s Lambton :111118 
Flood Henry. (,Ul( CPR, r('s Toronto. G('(' Elizabeth (wid Albert), h 45 Victoria Grnham John .1, trav, h 21 Hoskin av 
Flood Jos('ph, ('nl( CPR. res Toronto avenue Grnh:lm :llrs Rach('I, h 44 UUley 
Flowf'rs 'Wm H, bkpr. h 34 King G('rmnn Josiah D, cond CPR, b G6 !\fc:lfur- Grnham Thomas, tmstr Conger Cool Co, II 
Flummerf(')t \Vm. foreman. h 98 Edmund ray av Mvrtle av 
F.lpv H('rbert bkpr E R ROgers, I 31 Pa- Gerrard Jatn('s, lob. I 433 W('ston rd Graing('r Georg(', mach, I 165 Dav('nport I'd 
clftc aT ' Gerrard Thomas, brkmkr, h 4S.
_"'pston rd Grnlng('r Hnrry, app Nordh('lm('r Piano & 
Follis R('njamln, eng CPR, II 13f1 Vine av Gpsner Charl('s. ('nil', h 450 "('ston rd !IInslc Co. I 16;; Davenport rd 
Follis Russell, eng CPR, b 139 Vine av Glhhlns "'m, car repr CPR, b 48 Franklin Gming('r Jllmes, ('n
, b 165 Dm ('nport rd 
Foote Alb('rt H. sonndboard mkr H('lu(z- av('nu(' G '1' R Station (Torouto Junction), Wllhur 
G l b 'on Charles F rv contI' 120 Western a\' Grnndy agt, \Yeston rd 
man & Co, I 36 Falrvl('w IIV s , . GrnntìC'ld \Ym rubber Heintzman & Co. 
Forb('ll George. glueI' Heintzman & Co. res Gibson Hnrry C, plshr, I 120 W('stern I1V I res Toronto' 
Toronto Glhson ,Iam('s. midI' Guruey Fouudry Co, Gl'ant P('ter )1, mkt gdnr 278 Ellzabetb 
Ford G('orge T, action regulator Helntz- r('s Toronto Grass G('orore L, draughtsman Dodge Mfg 
man & Co, h 94 High Park av Glb
on Jnm('s C, ('ng CPR, I 123 Auu('tte I' {'o, r('s Toronto 
Pioneer Calvanized Iron Works R:b;e;i: 866 D. Rio



TEL. MAIN 3724 

96 KING ST. W. 


Toronto Junction. 


Gray Archibald, mldr. b 48 Union n 
Gruy G lIoward, stuùt A J Anùerson, reS 
Oruy James, bollermkr Cl'R, res Toronto 
Gray Uoblnson, express 107 Dundas e 
Gru:v 'I homus 8, rms 1\ Dundas w 
Gray "ID 1', brkmn CPR. h 87 Edmund 
Graydon Frederick W, brkmn CPU, I 101 
Mulock av 
Gru)uon James E, case mkr Heintzman & 
Co, I 101 Mulock av 
Graydon Wm, dlug mUleI'. h 101 Mulock av 
G N W Telegruph Co (br). 7 Keele s 
G N W Tel Co, Union Stock Yards (br) 
Green Frederick, car rep CPR, b G;jO Wes- 
ton rd 
Green George. foreman CPR. h 155 Keele n 
Green Gilbert, ftr, b 1
 Cooper a v 
Green Joseph, chargeman CPH, I 155 Keele 
Green Thomas, lab, h 3
1 Weston rd 
Greenaway George, blksmlth, b 305 Dun- 
das e 
Gre..nlaus David L. case mkr Heintzman 
& Co, h 88 ljuebec av 
Greenlaw JUlDCS. car repr CPR, h 27 Med- 
Greenlees John 1', macho h 34 "'estern av 
Greenshlelds TholDas E, ftr CPR, h 4;) Pa- 
cific a\ s 
Greer Wm R, fir('man CPR, I \j() Charles 
Greig Edward, plmbr E Butler. I 12;; Pa- 
cific av 
Greig George A, eng CPR, h 79 Hoskin av 
Greig James, Ihery 12 Keele s. h 12;; 1'110- 
clfic av 
Grey Amos, lab, h 149 Elizabeth 
Grey Robert, expo h 103 Annette e 
Grier Edmund ''', artist. h "-estern avo 1 
n Bloor 
Griffin Charles, clk, I 288 Willoughby 
Griffin George, brkmkr. h 310 \\ 
n rd 
Griffin Robert J, concreter, h 39 Charlee 
Griffin R ß('rtram. fireman CPR. I 228 
" 1II0ugh by a v 
Griffin '1"homas, music tchr 288 Willough- 
by av 
Griffin Wm, clk, I 288 Wl110ughby av 
Griffith Edward, fireman CPH, b 139 Vlnlll 
Griffith George; lab, b 139 Vine av 
Griffith John, brkman CPR, b 139 Ylne av 
GrIgg Annie (wid Alfred), h 1;;3 Elizabeth 
Grigg Charles 1,'. prtr, h 7;; Hoskin av 
Grimes Georj(e, brkmn CPR, h 163 Keele n 
Grimes Matthew, cond CPR, h 64 McMur- 
ray av 
Grinnell Charles, plshr Nordhelmer Piano <I< 
Music Co, res Toronto 
Grnndler George J, piano mkr Helntzmau 
& Co, h 43 Clendenan a v 
Grundy Wllhur, agt GTR, res St Clair nv 
Guest Arthur B, piano mkr Nordhelmer 
I'lano & !\fuslc Co. res '1'oronto 
Guest Clement. mach hd, b f>2 Uxhrldge av 
Guest Fr('dcrlck '1', plshr Nordhelmer Piano 
& Music Co, res Toronto 
Gunn Henry, tmstr Conger Cool Co, h 104 
Vine av 
Gunn Hugh F, clk. I 96 Gilmour av 
Gunn 'VIII A, clk, h 96 Gilmour av 
Gunning John B, ('ug CPU, h 59 Medland 
Gurney FOundry Co Ltd, "'m H !\fcCor- 
mock supt. Junction rd, cor Weston rd 
GU8tar George R, lab. h 138 Cawthra av 
Guthrie EUl(ene 'V. mach Gasoline Engine 
Co. res Toronto 
Hackett John, studt, b 59 Annette e 
Hackett Wm T, d('ntlst 34 Dundas e 
Hadden Wm, mach, h 679 Weston rd 
Haj(gas Clara, (wid Cyrus). h 140 5t Clair 
av w 
Baggas John, eng and supt Water Works, 
h 40 Annette w 
Bahn Walther, elect. rms 103 Cooper av 
HalJrht Arthur G, brkmn CPR, I 100 Hum- 
hprBlde av p 
Haln Alpxander, dairy 28 Edmund, h some 
Baines George, b)ksmlth, h 148 Cawthra av 
Baine, Georl'e, n".ph Gasoline I:nglne Co, 
res Lamhton Mills 
Haines Henry R. roach bd, rms 93 King 
Haines John. livery 
4 Medlnnrt, h 30 same 
Haliburton Charles, brkmn CPR, b 52 Keele 
Hall Alp,<ander, mldr Gurney Foundry Co. 
) 44 Union n 
Hall Arthur, bollermkr, rms Queen, 1 n 

Hall Charles M, artist, h !};; Quebec av 
Hull Da\-Id, b 81 Clendenan av 
Hall David W, dry goods 73 Dundas w 
Hall Harry, cor repr CPR, b 43 Van Horn 
Hall J ames, roofer :!l Y.I Dundas e. h 2 An- 
nette e 
Hall James H, cOl'emkr Gurney Foundry 
1.:0, res Toronto 
Roll Jane (\\id Robert S), I 99 Laws 
Hull Lucius M, bldr, h 1;;1 Willoughby av 
Hall HoLert, bhr, h 98 Humberside av 
Hall Robert E, clk Cl'll, I 81 Clendenan 
Hall llobert 1', bldr 151 Willoughby av 
Hall('tt llobert, mldr, h 00 Pelham av 
Hallltt Cecilia (wid George), I 28 Western 
aveQue _ 
Hallltt Gordon, elk E R ROgers, I 28 West- 
ern av 
Hullman Simeon S; foreman Tor Junction 
Lumber Co, res Toronto 
Ham ChariesT, pntr. h 236 Pacific av s 
Hamilton Arthur, miller A Campbell, res 
Hamilton Herbert T, eng CPR. rms 62 Pa- 
cific av s 
Hamilton Michael, mldr, h 48 Union n 
Hammell Miss Victoria, furrier. I 39 Lake- 
view av 
Hampton Arthur C, gro 99 Dnndas e 
Hanby Wm E. lab, h 140 Edmund 
-Hancock Herbert W. clk '1' E Hoar & Co, b 
59 Annette e 
Hancock John A, eng, h 107 Churchill av 
Hancork John B, ('Iect, I 107 Churchill av 
Hand Charles W, mldr, h 66 Laughton av 
Hand Edward, blksmlth, h 37 Charles 
Hand I\1rs Ellen, I 66 Laughton av 
Hnnd Hpnry, fitter, h 46 Campbell av 
Haney :lIatthew F, carp CPR, h 
64 :\11101'1110 
Hanley Wm, trostI' Standard Fuel Co. h 
140 Edmund 
Harcourt George A, brkmn CPR, h 54 nos- 
kin av 
Harcourt J Aubrey. brkmn CPR, I ;;4 H06- 
kin av 
Harcourt Reginald S, brkmn CPR, I 54 
Hot<kln av 
H:ndlng Philip, storeman CPR, h 252 Dun- 
Bardman Ernest, fireman CPR, b 305 Dun- 
das e 
Hardy James, supt. h 35 Van Horn 
Hargrove Herbert, fireman CPR, b 121 
Keele n 
Harney James, rtr CPR, res Toronto 
Harper Joseph H, miller A Campbell, h 121 
:lIulock av 
Harper Robert, police constable, h 134 An- 
nette e 
Harper Wm J, mach, I 121 Mulock av 
Harrington :\lIss Annie, wrapper, I 17 West- 
ern av 
Harrington Christopher. corp, h 26 Ar- 
gyle I'd 
Harrington John L, carp, h 17 Western av 
Harrington Wm J, corp, h 40 Western av 
Hanls Charl
, brkmn CPR, I :;0 High 
Pork av 
Harris John. prop Subway Botel, Keele n. 
s w cor Vine av 
Harrlq John, trav, b Heydon House 
Harris Stuart G W, btchr T Chapman, h 
78 Charlps 
Harris Tiffin, carp CPR, h 32 Falrvlew BV 
Harris V.m. sec-tr('as Coli Inst and Pub 
School Board, h 86 Edmund 
Harrlq W John. lab, h 298 Dannport rd 
Harrison Andrew. crater. h 71 Hoskin av 
Hnrrlson Henry F, harness mkr George A 
Rudrl & Co, res Toronto 
Harrison James. Iah, I 176 Pacific av 8 
Hnrrlson Richard, 
ro 56-58 St Clair av ;! 
Harshaw 1\[18s Fannie A, mlnry 51 Dundas 
w. I 57 Willoughby av 
Hnrshaw Thomas, contI', h 57 Willoughby 
Hart Danl('I, carp, h 54 Mary 
Hart Weslpv. fireman CPR, b 52 Union n 
Ba.rtmnn Frederick E, mach hd, h 107 WII- 
louj(hhy av 
Har!man Gporj(('. artist, I 111 Edmund 
HarIman f\phastlan M, agt, h 111 Edmund 
Hartman Walter, artist. I 111 Edmund 
Hartman Albert 1', foreman Heintzman & 
Co. res Toronto 
Hartn..y Frank B, bkpr W P Hartney, I 87 

Coal, Wood, Lumber and 
BuJlder$' Supplle$ 
Hend { WESTUX ltD. opp. G.T.R i:òTATION 
Uffice Phone "unction 32 
Bra.nch Office, 14- Dundas W. 
Phone Junction 47 

Hartner '''m 1', cool and wood, 'Veston I'd, 
opp GTH station, h 87 Edmund 
Hartrlck Augustus A. ena Heintzman .. 
. Co, h 
4 Dundas e 
Hal wood Ann (\\ Id John), I 41 Dundas e 
Hassard uscar G. dentist 131 Dundas w, b 
7;; ù>ulsa 
Hastings John, fireman CPR. res Toronto 
Hawkins Hobert. tmstr, h 136 8t Clair av W 
Hawthorne George, firemaD l:l'lt, l't!S To- 
Hay Alexander, clk Union Stock Ya=ds, 
Hay Alexander, pollee constable. h 40 Carl- 
Hay John, stm ftr CPH, I 53 Quebec av 
- ltob..rt J, brkmn CPR. h 187 Keele n 
Ha) hurst Leonard. mach hd Heintzman '" 
co, b 44 Lnion n 
Ha)stead Wm J, rtr's hipI' CPR. b 29 Ma1 
Ha)" >lrd Alfred. ftr CPlt. I 118 St ClaIr 
ßV W 
Hayward Benjamin, lab. h 118 St Clair av 
" est 
Hu)-" ard Robert C, clk Bank of Com- 
merce, I 38 Dundas e. 
Hl'asllp )lIsB Annie, clk Palmer Shoe Co. 
I 38 Dttley 
Heaslip Hobert, truck Inspr CPR, h S8 
Heath Cyril, rtr CPR, rms 210 Dundas w 
Heintzman George C, pres Heintzman & 
Co LImited. h 288 Annette w 
Heintzman Hermon. \Ice-pres Heintzman 
& Co Limited, h 294 High Park av 
Heintzman Mary J (wid Charles T), h 96 
Evelyn cr 
Heintzman & Co Limited, George C Heintz- 
man pres, Herman Heintzman vlee-pree, 
',"m ,Ray sec-treas. piano mnfrs, factor1 
"an Horn, 1 s of CPR tracks 
Henrichs Wro, mldr, b 2;;9 Keele n 
Hendel'S Xewton, mach, h 131 Dundas e 
Henderson Alexander, ftr's hlpr CPH, I 91 
Franklin av 
Henderson Gavin, cutter, h 57 McMurray 
Henderson George, cond CPR. h 115 Clen- 
denan av 
Henderson Herbert S, mldr, h 190 Marta 
on :lIadge (wid Francis). h Bloor. 
cor GI('ndonwyn I'd 
Henderson Wm A, bollermkr CPR, h 00 
Frankll/1 !IV 
Hendry Freder"'k, bkpr, b 200 Weston rd s 
Hendry James, en
 CPU, I 41 Medland 
Heney John H, case mkr Xordhelmer PIano 
& Music Co, res Toronto 
Henry John, rtr's hipI' CPR, b 29 Western 
Hepburn Andrew, lob, b 200 W('ston I'd 8 
Herbert Charles, pntr. h 113 Edmund 
H!'l'bert Charles J, liquors 74 Dundas e 
Herman Robert, Iron wkr, h 123 Dundas e 
Heron Elizabeth (wId George), h 297 JlIarla 
Heron :llIss Maggie, clk. I 297 Marla 
Herron Alexander, bollermkr CPR, b 31 
Western ÐV 
Herron Herbert, case mkr Heintzman & 
('0, r('s Toronto 
H('rs('y Allan, {'ar repr CPR, b 30 Hoskin 
IIcrsey A Edward, car repr CPR, I 30 
Hoskin a v 
.- ,,,,<,
. 'lIss Maud. smstrs. I 30 Hoskin a.,. 
H..sketh James. 
tock kpt, h 50 St C"alp 
av w 
Heston Samuel C, carp, h 166 ùml
HewItt Charles K, piano plshr, h 14(1 Ca...- 
thr:\ av 
He" Jett Jamps, mldr. h 
01 Dundas e 
Hewlett Wm. mach Gurney Foundry Co, 
I 301 Dundas w 
()1l John C, mlll('r A Campbell, b fie 
Hook av 
H('yrlon Charles M, phy, I 48 Davenport .. 
Hevrlon Francis. b 48 Davenport I'd 

HICh Qrade Vault, School and Office Furniture 
TORONTO. ONT. (77 Bay St.) faotorlel: NEWMARKET. ONT. 



1 Adelaide St. East P;
I':.E 2895 


Toronto .J unction. 

t!UBl RUB. 

HEYDON HOUSE. Sidney Tim- Holwe!! Frederick, mach, b 131 Dundas e Hurl ROlJert Wm, sow filer, I 57 WlIJough- 
brell Pruprietor. '"eston I'd, cor St C'air HOQ.k Edward J, whol IJtchr, h 127 Dun- lJy av 
a\enue das I' Hurl Wm, blksmith( h 57 Willoughby av 
Heydun Thomas B, mach, I 48 Davenport Huok 'Thomas IT Hook & Co), h 127 Dun- I HurllJut Hussell F. fireman CPR. res 'To- 
road das I' ruplO 
HlblJert George. lab, I 138 Cawthra av Hook '1' & Co (Thomas Hook), btchrs 121 Hurst George 'V, cue mkr, h 9 Lindner 
Hickey Adrlun, soundboard mkr. b Sub- Dundas I' I Hurworth Ernest W, plshr, h 40 Laughton 
WilY Hotel Hooker Francis, ftr CPR, b 31 Hook av avenue 
Hickey k.dward T, stenog 'Vllklnson Hoo\er Jacob H, Ins agt. h 41J7 CamplJel' a1' HuslJlUld George H, fireman CPR, h 46 
I'lough Co. 133 Pacific av Huo\er J()hn R. Ins Insp, I 106 Davenport I Argyle I'd 
Hickey Harry, case mkr Heintzman & Co, road Hutchison James, fitter's hipI' CPR h 15 
res Toronto Boover W Edgar, fireman CPR, h 24 Laws Victoria av . 
Blckey l'atrlck, carp 1;) Hoskin avo h same Hope George, wks A CamplJell, res Toronto Hyl,md Frank J, eng CPR, h 113 Mulock av 
Hickey Thomas, core mkr Gurney Foundry Hope Stuart, wks A CamplJell, res T
l"Onto Hyland James, eng C P H" I 113 Nulock av 
Co, res Toronto Hopper Herbert J, cond CPR, h 178 Marla Hyland I'hoebe (\\id Michael), I 300 l'acillc 
Hickey Thomus J, mach hd Heintzman & Hoppel' James, I 110 Annette I' av s 
Co, res Toronto Hopper Samuel W, carp Gasoline Engine Imrie Ebenezer, cond CPR, h 58 Hook a1' 
Hicks John H, clk, h 46 May Co, h 110 Annette I' Imrie Sterling, mach, h 71 Edmund 
Higgins James, Iron wkr, b 175 8t Clair av Horne George, carp CPR, h 104 Annette I' Ineson Farrar, car repr CPlt, h 2 Lidner 
ea..t Houston Janet (wid Alexander), h 109 Mu- Inesun Frederick. checker CPR, h 19 
Higginson \Vm, lab, b Avenue Hotel lock av Charles 
Hill Frederick '1', case mkr HeIntzmall & Howard George H, toreman GalSOllne En- InE'son Harry, cor repr CPR. h 7 Lindner 
Co, res 'l'oronto glne Co, res Toronto Ineson Wm, lob, h 15 Charles 
Hill Henry, blksmlth, h 142 Mulock av Howe II1lss Annie, slsldy, I 54 'Vestern av Ineson Wm F, lab, I 1;; Charles 
Hill Herbert G, foreman... h 15 Carlton pi Howl' John, carp CPR. res Toronto Ingoldsby Miss Annie, telephone opr, I l1í8 
Hill John 8, station agt l.: l' R. h 56 Laws Howell Miss Beatrice, mul!. tchr, I 180 Que- Edmund 
Hill Lewis A, driver J Halne
 I 30 Med- bel' Ingoldsby Joseph, action tnshr, I 158 Ed- 
lund Howell Thomas W, clk, I 180 Quebec 01' mund 
Hill Hlchard, tuber CPR, res Toronto Howell Wm W (HO-well & CO). h 180 Que- Inn
s Arthur W, mach GalSOjlne Engine Co, 
Hill Hobert, itr C P It, I 1-12 Mulocll. av bel' av res Toronto 
HIlliard Albert. blksmlth CpIt, b 175 Keele HOWELL & CO (Wm W Howell) Innes John, lab, h 8 Lindner 
north Drugs and Toilet Articles. 8 Duudas ..; Inn!!" John A I action fnshr Nordhelmer 
Hillock James 8 A, car repr CPR, h [j() Howes Henry W brkmn CPR h 65 May Piano & Mus c Co, res Toronto 
Union n Ho\\le LornI' måch b 305 Dundas e. Ireland Wm, brass fnshr. h 14 Western av 
Hillock Wm (Hillock & DDdds), h 187 'Vest- Howland Robert, ca'retkr Toronto Junction Ireson Charles E, h :<IoI:.! \\ 1II0ughby av 
ern av Coli Inst, I same Irish John A, fireman C P It, h 107 Ed- 
Hillock & Dodds (Wm Hillock, John W Horner Joseph A clk, h 21 Lansdowne av mund 
lJodds), butchers and grocers 39-41 Dun- Horner Joshua C, trav, h 171 Louisa IrvlU Charles, elk Tor Junction Lumber Co, 
das I' Horner Lcslle, acct, I 171 Louisa I !I 3 K!ele s 
Hilsdon James. second eng ,vater Wks. res Hower Wilber H, bkpr, I 171 Louisa Irvm Wm ç. mngr Tor Junction Lumber 
Toronto Horsley Isaac cond CPR b 24 Hook av Co, h 43 Keele s 
Hilton Wm, lab Heintzman & Co, h li06 Hossack l\1I
 Annie, kln"der tchr Model Irvine Alexander, 1'1) CPR, res 'Veston 
Dundas w Schl, I 180 High Park av Inwe Alexander, fireman CPR, h 61 Me- 
Hllycr Wm, midI'. h 308 Davenport I'd Houghton George. mach, h 200 Weston I'd s M;urray av 
HUyer Zenas, midI', h 300 Daveuport I'd Houghton Percy sectionman CPR h 27 Irvme Andrew, boots and shoes 63 
Hinde Arthur R, lob, I 201 St Clair av I' Hook av' 'Inlue Dougall, mach hd CPR. I 7" C'en- 
Hinde David Bertram, lab, I 217 8t Clair Houghton Miss Sadie, opr George A Rudd denan av . 
av I' & Co, I 27 Hook av Irvine Bdwari!, shocmkr A Irvine, I 63 
Hinde James H, brk mkr, I 217 8t Clair Hounsell Albert H, regulator Heintzman & I D l unda J s h w t k C 
BY I' Co, I 70 Hook av ry ne 0 n, ruc repr l' R, h 75 Clen- 
Hinde Richard, brkmkr, h 217 St Clair av I' Hounsell Mrs Helen, h 70 Hook ay denan ay_ 
Hinde Wm, caretkr Campbell Block. h 15 Howson John A carp h 99 Laws Irvine Walker, tlr J C 'Villard. I 68 Dun- 
V l l d ne 01' Howson Joseph, 'screw' mkr. b 15 Laughton I da i s W MI VI I t A d k 63 D d 
H n I' \Vm, cond CPR, b Occidental Ho- a
enue rv ne ss 0 I' . rsm I' un as w 
tel Hubbard John, tuber CPR res Toronto Irwin Charles 1<'. stone dlr, h 56 McMurray 
Hinde 'Vm A, brkmkr, h 209 St Clair av w Hubbert Alfred, clk Wm Davies Co. I't!S I a
 l -enu
 k H W D I C Ltd 
Hirons Edward, fly tnshr Nordhelmer Piano Toronto rv ne ., ran ,mngr m av 1'8 0 . 
& Music Co, res Toronto HubI' Bros (CheHer E and ROnald 0) bl- h 220 Clendenan nv 
Hlron8 Thomas, cond CPR, h 8Q Caw- eycle
, 21 Dundas I' 'Irwlu J Bruce, brklyr, I 6S Quebec av 
t1:lra av HubI' Chester E (HubI' Bros) I 21 Dundas I' Irwin Robert D, press fdr, I 68 Quebec av 
Hlsson Jospph R, tool IDkr, h w sKeelI' n, HubI' Ronald 0 (HubI' Bros):Ul Dundas I' Irwin Wm J, brk1yr, h 68 Qucbec av 
1 n St Clair av HubI'I Lemuel brkmn CPR h 31 Carlton lvE:s Alexander A, dry gds 115 Dundas w 
Hlsson Sarah (wid Robert) h n s 8t Clair place' . lvI's Miss Alice N, mus tchr 11:> Dundas w 
a\ 1', cor Keele n' Hubert Frnn\. fireman CPR, b 62 McMur- lvI's 1I1rs Alice A, mlnry 117 Dundas w, h 
Hisson 'Voitel' J, mach, h 59 Uxbrldge av ray 01' 115 some 
Hoar Thomas E ('1' E Hoare & éo). h 159 Huhert George fireman CPR b 62 Mc- lvI's James, ftr CPR 
Pacific av 1I1urrayav . . lvI's Miss pansy, clk. I 115 Dundas w 
Hoar '1' E & Co (Thomas E Hoar) hard- Hubert John H, eng CPR, h 52 Medland lvI's T
l'OdC?re, n;us tchr 11;'; Dundas w 
wore. 14 Dundas w -, Hughes 'II's Mary J, conty 15 Dundas I' lvI's \
m E. itr s hlpr CPR 
Hobbes Robert A 0, acct, I 45 Western av Hughes Hiss Mona, clk, I I:> Dundas p lvI's Wm H,. tray, I 115 Dundas "'?; 
Bodgc Gl'Orge, fireman CPR, res Toron- Hughes '1' Wm, fireman CPR, b 131J Vlue Jaekson George cond CPR. h 2_ Carlton 
to avenue place 
Hodgc Stanley, porter Subway Hotel Hugill Miss Mary elk J S Earl I W!'ston Jackson George H, tel opr G '1' R. I 110 St 
Hod!;sOn Clarence B, bkpr Union Stock Hull Barbaro (wid Robert), I 316 Pacific J Cl k alr aV H e I h H I t & C 
Yards, h 26 Albany av av R ac'son arry. pSI' I' n zman o. 
Hodgson Wm W, mngr Union Stock Yards Hull Miss Charlotte, toreldy, I 316 Pacific res 'Weston 
Co Ltd, res Toronto av s JACKSON JAMES T. Town 
Hofland Sidney H, prtr The Tribune, rcs Hullen Wm. lab, 11 31 Western av Treasurpr, Town Hall, 16-18 Keele s. b 
Toronto Humher Power & Light Co, A BRice scc, 230 HI1,h Park av 
Hogan James, lob, I 80 Annette I' 24 Dundas w Jackson Johu R, tinsmith '1' E Hoar & Co. 
Hogan John, Iron wkr, h 115 Campbell av Hume Wm A. plstr, h 70 Dundas I' h 1;;1 Clendenan 01' 
Hogan Richard, ftrs' hipI' CPR, I 115 Hunklng Henry R, rubber Heintzman & Jackson Michael, yard toreman Conger 
Campbell av Co, res Toronto Cool Co, h 62 Annette w 
HogI' Walter E. clk, I 50 High Pork av Hunter Alfred. ftr's hIpI' CPR, I 32 Hook Jackson Wm. prtr Leader and Recorder, b 
liolden John F, trav, I 396 Annette w a\'!'uUe 3!J Van Horne 
Bolland Arthur, itr CPR, b 47 Marla Hunt!'r Chnrles. mnch I 32 Hook av J:lck
on Wm 'V, ttr CPR, h 258 Marin 
Hollingshead V.m, gdnr, I 15 Union s Hunter Miss Emma, drsmkr, rms 45 Van Jacob John J, rubber Heintzman & Co, res 
Hollingshead Wm, pntr, h 15 Union s Horne Turonto 
Holloway Edward, eng turner CPR, h 111 Hunter George, fireman CPR, b 139 Vine Jagger Martin, brkmn CPR, I 17 Western 
Victoria 01' nvpnue avenue 
Holloway Edwin, app C P It, I 19 Victoria Hunter Henry, lab, h 299 Marla Jame
 Ahrnham L, carriage mkr 32 Keel
avenue Hunter :\Iurray. mach Gasoline Engine Co. R. h Jan!' 
Holloway Fraucls J, l'Oadmaster CPR, h 1 37 :\ll'dland Jnmes TIenjamln, pntr. h 63 Hook '!V 
18 Hook av Huntpr Rohert, supt Gasoline Engine Co. James David, trackman, h 357 'Veston rd 
Holloway George, eng CPR, h 47 Vine av II 31 :\Iedlall() Jnm!,q Hall, 131 Dundas 
Holloway GMrge H, mach, I 18 Hook av Hunter Wm J cug C I'R h 32 Hook av Jameq Wilbur, elk Molsons Bank. res '1'0- 
Hollowav ?III" Maud, opr neo A Rudd & ' . , 
('0, I iR Hook av Hurd James. harness mkr George A RUlJ..1 ronto 
Holmnn Rlpnza. hrklyr. h 120 Rt Clnlr a\' & roo rpn Toronto James Wm H, shoe cutter, h 293 Marla 

Technical Chemists 

Assay and Analytical Labôratory I 

, Tan Extracts 
114 BAY STREET Phone Mam 1889 Medical Prep. 

H O'HARA & CO Brokers and Financial Agents, 


'.foronto Junction. 


Jllmieson John, foreman, I 38 May Keleher Eliza (wid Henry), h 129 Pacific 





er Miss Lcna M, bkpr, I 129 Pacific I 
av s av s I 
Janis Jolm T. corp, h :;;;4 St Clair av w Kelcber Will H, bkpr, 1129 Pacific av s 
Jar\ i

 Murg,lfet, stenOg \\ baley & hell
 ',"m J, mach CPR, h 57 Hoskin I!.V 
II1cDonuld, res Toronto l\:elly Cbarle
. ftr CPR 
Jar\l" "Ill, 1'11'1'1' C }' H. b 31 Western av Kell)- Charles A, prop Occidental Hote', 
 !ielbert F, Ua\, h 121 Annette I' Dundas, cor Van Horne 
Jenkins Herbert W. clk CPR. res '.roronto Ke,ly Dennis, sil;nal man, b 67 Edmund 
Jenkinson John E, prop Canuda Cunlng Kelly John, condo I 295 :\1arla 
(;0. h 16B Louisa Kelly Tholllas, lab. h 295 Marla 
on "m, \\ith Canada Carving Co. Kelly Will. ftr CPR 
I 16B Louba Kelsey Robert, cond CPR, b 25 Dundas w 
Jennings J<olm. barr. I 143 Lakedew av K"llIp George D, dairy 226 h.eele s, h same 
 Hobert C. mngr Canadlun ];lank Kemp Robert, btchr 264 Dundas w. b A'ex- 
of (;ommeree, h 1,13 Luke\lew av I andra av 
Je"eU Anhur, ftr CPR, res Toronto Kcmp Samuel, bicycle mkr, b 14 Whitney 
Jewlt!;. Sumuel B, prln Carlton Pub Sch. b avenue 
7ï Ch'lfles K"mp Wm, mkt gdnr 226 Keele s, h same 
Joedicke Carl, key spacer Heintzman & h.emp 'Ym J, decorator, h Indian rd. 1 n 
Co, res Toronto Bloor 
Johnson Albert E, wood turner. h 321 St Kemp,ter George, mkt gdnr 235 St Clair 
Clllir a\ I' av 1', h some 
Johns<on Alexander S, eng, h 129 Edmund Kendall Harry, clk James Kendall, 77 Kirhy Richard, pntr. b 49 Western II., 
Johnson-George A, action fnshr Heintzman Dundas w l\:irhy Hu
sell, lab, b 399 weston I'd 
& Co, res '1'oronto Kendall James. groler 77 Dundas w Kirk George, eng CPR 
Johnson Lewis 1>, mach Gasoline E:nglne Keñdall Jobn F, Sllpt, h \)0 Cooper av I$.Ï1k Thomas, eng CPR. h 22 Laws 
Co, I 26 Carlton pi Kelllledy All'xander, stove mntr Gurney h.irk Thom
s H, tlmekpr Heintzman'" Co. 
Johnson Lois (wid L L). I 127 Dundas I' FOllndry Co, b 305 Dundas I' I 22 La\\s 
on Robert J, mach, h 101 "lIIoughby Kenned) Da\id, h 339 Quebec av Kirkby Mls
 1IIartba J. b 54 !lledland 
a\-enUe Kenllt'dy :l1icbael, carp CPR, b 35 Hook Klrj"by Reuben F, eng CPR. h 148 Mu- 
Johnson '''m, caretkr Western Av Pub Sch, avenue lock av 
h 26 Carlton pi Kennl'd) ltichard T, macb, h 1,606 Bloor w h.Ï1'kland [;Ieanor (\\Id Hugh), h 336 Dav- 
Johnston Charles, h 41 Medland Kenn. dy Robert, vet surg. h Kennedy av enport I'd 
Johnston Craig, fireman C l' It; I 41 Med- Kennelly John. action fnshr Heintzman ... Kirkland :llIss Lillie. 01'1'. I 336 Davenport 
land Co, reS Toronto road 
ton Edward, brkmkr, h 150 St C-a'r Kenney Hilar) G, piano mkr, I 1(17 Lou'sn Kirkland :llIslI !\Iaggle, 01'1', I 336 Daven- 
av I' Kent George B, millwright, h 62 Camp- - port I'd 
Johnston Foils, casbler CPR freight Of- , bell av Kirkness James W, bkpr Union Stock 
fice, res Toronto Kent "-alter, regulator Heintzman & Co. Yards, h 22 Albany I'd 
Johnston George, eng CPR, res Toronto res Toronto Kirkwood Emily F (wid Alexander), b 468 
John-IOn John. ftr CPR, res Toronto Kl'nyon Gordon, stenog, I 167 Louisa Quehec av 
John-ton Lud\\ick, midI' Gurney Foundry Kerr Alberta (wid James I), I 104 An" KIRKWOOD JOHN S ,Postmaster 
Co. res Toronto nctte w TQronto Junction Postofflce. h 17 Dun- 
ton )..,1,11'. earp CPR, h 36 King Kerr J:lmes E, piano keyùoard mkr, h 105 das w 
Johnston Itlebard. eng CPR, res Toronto Quebec av Klrkwoo.l Tully I., h 24 Dundas w 
Johnston Tboma
, mlllr, h 22\) St Clair av w 1 I\. 1"1' r L.lÏrd 0, piano key mkr. h ;;9 Quebec Kit<'llPn 
"muel. ftr CPR, I 667 Weston 
Johnston Thomas, tfln, h 231 Lnkeylew av RY'enue rOHll 
Johnston Wm G, lab, h 127 :I'.ulock nv Kerr Wm, eng CPR, res Toronto Kitchen Wm, car 1'1'1' CPR, h 667 Weston 
Johnston Wm J, btehr H W Haybould. res Kerr Winslow, action mkr, h 346 HI&h road 
Toronto I Park av Klttrlch Edward, lob, b 108 St Clair av e 
Jobnston Wm "', eng CPR, res Tûronto Key John S, carp CPR, h 43 Ylne av KIhlCk Elias. carp CPR. h 31 Hook av 
Jolly James, pntr, h 35 Victoria av I...ey Thomas, mach, h 68 Pacific av s ri:llnck Oscar, pntternmkr. I 31 Hook av 
Jones AUI" d ],1, blrmkr C P It, h 36 pa- I Key Wm II, cor repr, I 68 Pacific av s hllne Alfred C, midI', b 84 Uxbrldge a1' 
clflc av s Keyes Wm J, mach Gurney Foundry Co. Kline Miss Lena. dr-mkr 88 U"hrl<l".. nv 
Júnes Agnes (wId Cbarles), caretkr St Clair res Toronto Kline :llIss MahE't. slllldy. I 88 Uxbrldge 81' 
A..- Sch. rms 42 Franklin av I Keys Alexander. tester Gurney Foundry Kline Peter, woodwkr. b 88 Uxhrll1"e av 
Jones Benjamin R, mach 01'1' George A Co. res Toronto Knapp Eber C. hrkman CPR. b ;;\1 May 
Rudd & Co. res Toronto Kidd George J, ftr CPR. res Toronto Knapp Jane (wid Cbarles), I ClD May 
Jones Cbarles F, fireman CPR, h 39 Ylc- Killion Francis, fireman CPR, I 443 Dun- Knapp Le\\ls, brkmn CPR. b 136 Caw- 
torla av das w thra av 
Jones David W. mngr, h 48 Campbell av Kim Josbua (Kim & Co), h 82 DavE'nport I'd Kneeshaw Joseph, ftr CPR. 1129 Dundal 
 George, blc)ele mkr, b 108 St Clair I\:il11 & ('0 (Joshua Kim), gros. 86 Daven- east 
av I' port I'd Knigbt Charles S, prf!s
pr, I 4:11 Dundas w 
Jones Grace (wid Andrew), I !III Victoria av Klmms George H, car 1'1'1'1' CPR, h 108 Knlgbt Ephraim, car Insp CPR, h 30 Me. 
Jones Jonas. carp CPR, h 138 Annette I' Louisa :llurra;y av 
 Miss :\Iargaret, tlrs, I 39 Victoria av Kin!? Alexander tmstr R J Batt. h 9 Fer- Knight Jobn, lab, h 431 Dundas w 
Jones Russell. "ks Wakefield Brick Mfg guson pi . Knox Wm. lab, h 240 Pacific av I 
Co. res York tp Kin/: 'lis, Emma. t1rs A M Gobel. b 51 IÜmtz Lawrence D, night 01'1' GTR, 
Jones Samuel. btchr, b 41 Pacific av s Dundas w Whitney av 
Jones Wm, ttr's hipI' CPR, res Toronto King J.lmes J tuber CPR h 17 Victoria Kyle Frank. call boy CPR, I 78 Mc:llurray 
Jordan ""m. piano mkr N'ordhelmer Piano a,"('nue' . a,enue 
& Music Co, res Toronto Klnl1: "aria (wid John W1. I 32 Alhany I'd K
-Ie Hu",h F, I 78 Mc'lurray av 
Jowett Arthur, mach CPR, h 153 Vine av King Max. fnsbr Heintzman & Co. t 17 Kylp Hugh G, eng CPR, h 78 !\Ic:llurra, 
Joy Wm T (George H Town!!ley & Co), and \Ïctorla av avenup 
bldr, 193 High Park av I\:ing Rohert, brklyr, I 86 f'lendeTlan av Lacps and Braid )[fg Co, A J Gillies mngr 
Joyce George A. yard agt CPR, res To- Kin/: Ro)'. driver G E Train. I Hoskin av and pmp, 549 Campbell av 
ronto Kingsle\ :I[lss Annie, mns tehr 84 Cooper Lake Re..- Charles V, h 174 Camphell av 
Kaiser Fllza (wid Benjamin). h CI Wilson pi avenuè Lake Fred B. stpno!!, I 200 Weston I'd s 
Kaiser George. tchr, b O"cldental Hotel I Klngslev Ellen (wid Thomas). h 84 Cooper Laln
on Anmer J. hrkmkr, b :m:
tOIl I'd 
Kal"er John T, lab Gurney Foundry Co. a,enue Lalnson J:lmes H. brkmkr, I 42.
 We,ton rd 
.res Toronto Kln/:sley :I[lss Helen. drsmhr 84 Cooper av Lalnson John 'V. sawyer. h 82 E.lmund 
Kamm Frederick W, action fnsbr Helntz- Kinnear Adam T, gdnr, h 515 A,pnette W Lalnson Lponard R. hrkmkr Wak"fic'd 
man & Co. res Toronto I KhlDear )lIss Ida, mus tchr, I 515 Annette Rrlck 'If", Co, b 40!1 Wp
ton rlt 
KayI' George E, fireman CPR, h 31 Hos- west Lalshlev Joel, pres Gasoline Engine ('0, 
kin av Kinnear JOhn. action fnsbr Heintzman & res Toronto 
KayI' Wm, car clnr CPR. b 31 Hoskin av I ('0. I 515 Annette w L:lmarche Nelson, tlnner CPR, b Occidental 
KayleI' Wm. physician 33 Dnndas 1', b 69 Kinnear :I[lss Mabel E, stenog. t 515 An- Hotel 
Annette w nene " Lamb AlhE'rt. mE'tal plsbr. b 52 
Iutock av 
Kean"y Wm E fireman CPR res To. Kinsman Daniel. moto, b 29 Vine av I L:lmb !\faggle (wid James), b 115 Churchill 
, 'Kinsman Miss Edna. tel opr, I 29 '"Ine av avenue 
ronto Kinsm:ln Herbert H, bicycle mkr, 129 Vine Lamont Alpx:lndf'r. fnshr N'ordhelmer PI. 
Kearsey Howard, studt, b 63 Hook av .a..-enue I :lno & )Insic Co. res Toronto 
Kee Jobn mason I 00 Humberslde av I' ! Kinsman Roy, pl
br, I 29 Vine av Lan" Ann (wid Wm), b 1iO Keele II 
K I A' t A ' ( I d Cb I C) b 146 Klppll'g Alhert E. coal foreman C I' B. h I!! Josiah. tmstr A Campbell, h 110 
ee I' ugu. a w ar es, 21 Lambert av Queen 
Kcele s Klrhv James, lah ]l;'ordhelmer I'hUio & Lan!!' )lIss 011..-1', t1rs J H Agnew, :10 
Keele Cbarle.. C, clk, I 146 Keele s Mu-
I" ('0. res Toronto I J{pple s 

. T HE.
 u l- 
... VI '

 . !li''''':''' - . 

s.,. r
' .,. ..;. 


'!toe tR SL 
\ CO A L. 
 HEA'D OfF\C.& 

7'0 R 0 "r1' 0 




?e ICE S

Tel. Main ee .JAB. FAIRHEAD. Me-r. 

Belt Quality A II BlzlII 
Tel. Main ee 

North British & Mercantile Insurance Co. 26 Wellington St. E. 
GOOCH &; EVANS, Rescdent Agents Tel. Main 423 


T..ronto Juuction, 



A complete stock with prices al- 
ways in your favor. 
All kmds of Text-Books for School 
or College use, 





Lnng Miss Snrah, t1rs J C Willard, I 50 
Keele s 
Langdon Joseph, casemkr Heintzman & Co. 
h :lUiI l,!uelJec av 
Lnngrlll ),'rancls, h 33 King 
Lnngrill Frunklln, elect, I 33 King 
Lankln AllJert E, drh'er. h 127 Clendcnan 
Lunkln "'m. mach, h 43 'Vestern av 
LaprJ:lge George W, stm ttr CPR. h 17 
e ',"m, cor repr CPR, h 24 Victoria 
Lorge George H, cubtmkr, h 116 Western 
Lurge John J, cnrp, h 114 'Western av 
Large Wm, boiler wr CPR, b 39 hlny 
Ln ({o"'1ue Bernard, 
"Ond CPR, h 143 Vine 
La Uucque Gordon, casemkr Heintzman & 
Co, I U3 Vlue av 
Luscelles Arthur, hostler Peacock Hote'. 
h 124 Annette I' 
Lascelles Frederick, mach hd. h 65 Dun- 
dus w 
Lascelles Jnmes, tmstr. b 261 
Lmchford Joseph W, casemkr 
& co, res Toronto 
Laul!hton Miss Annie J, bkpr, I 232 
port rd 
port rd 
Luught, n Peter. mkt gdnr, Ii 232 Daven- 
Dort rd 
Lnur Alldlson, eng CPR, res Toronto 
Law Benjamin R, carriage trimmer, h f4 
Luw Emma (wId LevI), I 44 May 
Low Frunk E, prtr. I 88 Charles 
Law Gordon J, blksmlth, I 88 Charles 
Law John W, ttr's hlpr CPR. h 88 Chnrles 
Lawrence Albert, much opr. I 37 WhIt- 
ney av 
Luwrence Ernest. millwrIght, b 03 Ed- 
La\\r"nce James, stove mntr, 137 WhItney 
Lawr..nce MIss Sndle, mach opr, I 37 WhIt. 
ney av 
Lawrence "'m, melter, h 37 Whitney av 
Law,nn Harry, lIakpr 148 Dundas w 
Lawson Harry, lob Gnsollne EngIne Co. 1 
14S lIundas W 
Leuchman Henry. plusterer, h 848 Dundas 
Lenchman Robert, mnch CPR, h 348 Dun. 
dns w 
Lpndhenter N'elson, tmstr, h a5 Hoskin a,' 
A R Fa\\cett ProprIetor, 74 Dundas w 
mon Miss LizziI', h 52 Keele s 
Leamon Mrs Mnrthn, h 5 Dundas I' 
L" Rar N'icholus T, eng CPR, h 133 Pa, 
clfic av s 
Ie" rrlward, Inh, h 21i9 Keele n 
1.,,1' E
ther A (wid Andrew), h 102% Clen. 
dennn uv 
Lee Henry, ftr's hlpr CPR 
L"p IrvIn 1\1, cooper A Camp hell, res York 
Lee Jnmes W, trnv, h 300 Bloor w 
Ipek:lm Len, Indr)', 00 Dunrlns '" 
I pn ":1m L"u, IlHlry 00 Dundas w 

St ClaIr av 

I , 
J Leonard, jwlr, I 232 Daven- 

LeI' Kam On, Indry 2;; Dundas I' I Low Alexander (Low & Co). h 71 Dunda. 
Lee \, ill M, h 1mlle, 2 s Annette west 
Leeder Alberl, !Joller mkr l:l'U Lmv & Co (Alexander Low) grocel'8 71 
Ledlllgham !tubert, lab, IJ lUi Cooper BV 233 Keele s ' 
LJj.J;<'LAR JU::ìßPH H. Propnetor Lowe IUchurd H I ttr CPR. h 37 Edmund 
I A\-ellue HOlel, 20;; Dundas w Lowndes 'Vm, I' umber 41 Dundns I' 
Legler 'l'obias, wd cun er 1'.ordhelmer PI- Luxton John, cubtmkr Helntzlliun & Co. 
U1l0 & Co, re" TorolllO res Toronto 
Lelgh-HenneLt Gray, clk \\ ilkinson PlouKh L)nes John J, blksmlth, b 20 Carlton pi 
Lu, h 4 liulliillersllillh av Lyons George, h 98 High Pnrk av 
Leigh John, I 411 May !lIcAlIister Cyril A, stenog CrR, res To- 
Lin"lJerg Lusta\-us, lllldr Gurney Foundry ronto 
LO. 1'1':; 'loronto :\lcAllIster DanIel, corp, h 80 Hoskin av 
Lellion I'el"r 1\, ftr's hlpr CPR !lIcAl'thur Frederlrk, mach, h Oil Edmund 
Lconurd Thoma", Lng l:l'1t, b 31! Franklin :\lcAule) Alexunder, roud master CrR, h 
avenul: IG Hook av 
y Albert. blr mkr CrR, h 73 Pacific :\1

, jointer HeIntzman & Co. 
Le:;he Arnold, bkr, h 103 Quebec av :\lcDrlde Mary (wid James) h 93 King 
Le,aek \\ Ill, whol blchr Union Stock :\IeBrlpn James B, clk M M office CPR, res 
:lurds, res Toronto Toronto 
Le'.... h"lIr)', ear1', .h 139 Vine av Meliurnle Archibald, plmbr R Paterson. I 
Lewis Edwllrd, ell>. G'rIl, I 131 Dundas e 7 Charles 
Lewe:; Jume:; ''', mldr, b :JUI Dunda:; I' :\lcDurnle John, cabtmkr, h 7 Charles 
Lewis "m J, casemkr Helntzmun & Co McCullum Miss Elizalleth W, IIbmrlnn Tor 
I 43 "-e:;tern av . Junction I'ubllc Library 
LiblJy Ale"allller, casemkr Heintzman & :\[cCance John, firemun CPR, res Toronto 
l:o, res Weston I :\lcCunn JosejJh, barmdr Subwuy Hotel 
Li!Jb)' Gl'orge, nremun CPR, res Toronto :\!eCann Samuel H, tmstr, h 68 Campbell 
Llb!Jy HcrlJert, piano mkr Heintzman & I uvenue 
l:o. res Toronto :\[cCurroll James, mach opr George A Rudd 
LilJb) LOUIsa (wid Matthew). h 1511 Clen- & Co, h Alhuny rd 
dennn av :\lcCarthy John, hrkmn CPR. b 52 Union n 
Llbh) :\Ialthew, repulrer, I 159 Clendenon M"Cnrtnpy GeorJre, mldr Gurney ),'oundry 
avenue Co, b 3i Von Horne 
Lic.n." Inspector's Office, 24 Dundas w :\lcCartney John, lab, h 38 Western BV 
Llddard ),'rank S, mldr Gurney Foundry :\lcCartney '''m, netlon fnshr N'ordhelmer 
l:o, res Toronto Pluno & Music Co, res Toronto 
Llilew George mach h 211 Murla \[eClellnnd ","orman, oller, I 36 Union n 
Lill"w John, éng l:I,it, h i>6 Union s :\[cClement Wm, tlremun Cl'U, b 2!I Muy 
Lillew Wm, air tester Cl'U h 13 }'rank- :\[eCIÌ11to"k Charles W, miller A CamplJell. 
1m av ' b 33 "Ine av 
Lillie I.'rank G (I,' G LIIUe & Co), h 20 :\lcClure I"" Id, clk, I 70 Pnclfic nv II 
Dundas w :\1..Clure I.'ullerton, elk, I 70 l'uclfic av . 
Lillie F' G & Co (Frank G 1.11I11') grocers McClure John, h 70 l'aclfic a v s 
20 Dundas w . :\1..Clure ,Johnston, carp, h 3U Uxhrldge BV 
Lilly Ale"ander, moto, h 20 Paelfic av n \Icl'lnre 1.01'111' l:, tra\-, I 70 l'lldfic av s 
Llndsuy Alexunder, moto, h 77 Hoskin av McClure Wm J, car repr Cl'll, h 61 Hoskin 

e Frederick, cond CI'R, h &.I Hook M

fewm J, mach Nordhelmer Piano & 
Linn Mntthew lob Gurney Fndry Co. res Mnslc Co, res York tp 
Toronto ' McCollnm Charles H, much hd R J Batt, h 
Linton Alfred J foreman Heintzman & 233 eKele s 
l:o, res Toronto Mct omhs UOhert, lab, b 200 "Teston rd s 
Linton Frederick, foreman. I 24 Clcnden- McConkey 'I' I,'rederlck, t1r Coleman & 
un av Glo,-"r, b 54 Hoskin av 
Linton Hunnuh (wid John), h 16;; Vine av M,,('onnell Ernest N', eng CPR, h 50 High 
Lil1ton Jume". carp, h 161 Clendenan av P,,:rk av . 
Linton John J, casemkr Heintzman & Co McLonnell h.enneth, clk m m otflce CPR, 
I IG3 Vine uv ' res Toronto 
Linton Louis L curl' I 165 Vine av McConnell ","orman W, harnessmkr Gror!:p 
Linton Wilfred: plu
omkr Heintzman & A Rudd & Co, res Toronto 
Co, I 24 Clendeuan av Mc('om'lIIe Duncun, eng, b 119 Cumphell 
Lister E Bloke. clk A Campbell res '1'0- avenue 
ronto . . McCormack Miss Nellie, I Suhwuy Hotel 
Lister Thomas fnshr Heintzman & Co res :\lcCormaek Robert I., vIce-pres Tor Junc- 
Toronto ' . tlon Lumber Co, h 336 Annptte w 
Little James, blr mkr's hlpr CPR, h 46 McCormack Wm H, supt Gurney Foundry 
Frnnklln av Co, res Toronto 
Little Joseph W, eng CPR, h 122 Quebec :\Ie('rudden John, blksmlth's hlpr, h 43 
3\-el1ue Charles 
Llo) d Arthur E, wood can-er nnd de- :\!eCullough George, stenog, I 29 Victoria 
signer IIelntzmnn & Co, h 56 Mulock av avenue 
homus lab h 457 Weston rd McCullough Jnmes J, 1'1 uno plshr, I 29 Vle- 
Lockhart Gèorge. A sound hoard mkr torln uv 
Heintzman & Co, I '42 Quebec uv :\lcCullough Miss Mildred, stenog, I 29 Vle- 
Lockhart Jumes A, churgemun CPR, h 20 torla av 
Clendenan av 'leCullough 'Vm, piano plshr, h 29 Victoria 
Lockhart James A. pattern mkr CPR, h ' l av C en l u l e h W N or Ik I 29 V I cto rI a 
42 Quebec av ., C U lIug maD, c , 
Lodge John cnsemkr Heintzman & Co avenue 
res Toronto . MeCullv Rev Oliver, pastor Church ot 
Lomhnrd Edwnrd ftr's hlpr CPR (,hrlst, h 20 Annette w 
Long Alonzo mns'on h 58 Cooper av 
1"D"vltt John, clk F G 1.11I11' & Co, reI! 
I. F ' ' I ' h CP h 2 - P Toronto 

J',fc a
ed:r ck R, mol' R, t.. a- McDermott George V, blksmlth, h 182 On 
l,onJr James, enll: CPR, h 250 Keele n tarlo 
J ong
tnlf Frederick W moto h 64 Uttley :\leDevltt John, bartndr, h 104 Pnclnc BV s 
Lortz George I 130 CI
ndenn'n 0\' IlcDolUl'rl Da\-Id (Whnley & McDonald), 
Lortz Miss 'Gussie, clk D W Hall, I 73 re
Dundas w )lcDonn'
 DenIs, tmstr Conger Coal Co, 
LouJrhpad Edwnrd, tmstr Heintzman & Co, 'lh D 
In!., st {'O k h 55 VI a 
h 5 '''lIson pi u e no.. ,, rem r, ne v 
Loughrin Pntrlck J trav h 90 Edmund McDonnld Ernest, lab, rms 388 High Park 
1.0\1'11 George J, In; agt, h 240 St Clair av \f


d Gladstone, carp, b 57 Dundas I' 
1"Donald Hugh. carp, II ;;7 Dundas " 
Lo\-ell (1porJre R, rubher IIelntzmun & Co, \lcDonnld lames, cnrp, b 1i7 Dundas e 
res York tp ""f)onnM nobert, rms ß Dundas w 

w. &; E. A. BADENACH 
Tel'l: Oflloe. Main 2288 HeL. Korth 616 

OF ENGLAND. A.D. 1714 


The exc1usi...e choice of the Duke and Duchesa of Corn- 
wall and York In their magnificent and succcRStul 
C..nadi..n 10ur-uRed entirely by their Royal High- 
nesæs on the Ro) al tmin. See similar Piano at our 
ha.ndsome warerooms 116-117 Kin&, St. W.. Toronte 


Torunto Junction. 


McDoug:..!! Daniel (B J Ste...ens & Co), 
lIIlan Malcolm, I.Jrl.l) 1', I 20 Elbcl a\' Manning El1ward. slh'ersmltL. h 5 !Junda. 
1ilhll1 '1'honUls, nllich liurney lI'ndry Co. cllst 
McEACHERN JOHN, Manager I'es '1'o,<onto 
Iapes Charles. barl.Jer, I 51 Medlond 
Bonl. of Bl'ltish liõorth America. h 202 
ldlulk1l1 John T. tool ml.r. h 44 Annette 
"Ii'pS Jesse. lal.J, h 51 l\Iedland 
nigh Park a\" east 
Iarchment John, lal.J. h 13 Carlton pi 
:McEnaney Miss Alice. tchr Tor Junction McMullen p,a,ld H, elect, 
 201 Moria 
Inrl.le bernarl1 J, Iron \\kr. b H Cbarle. 
College of Music, I 102 I'acilic a\ I 
!ullen lhomos. 101.J, h 201 Ma
la Markle Joseph, corp CPR, h 1;) Mulock ay 

lcEnlll1PY Archll.J.!ld J, brkmn CPR, 11 
olr !Jonllll1, I.Jlksmlth W J II ullerton. 
Iarks \\ m, earp R J Hatt. res '1'oronto 
102 rllcilic a, s I h?3. Vine av _ 
Iarr Alexander. furrier. I 70 !Jundas e 

lcEnaney Dougall. C()nd CrR. h 102 1'11_ MC
1l1r J
mes. ft
 CrR, h 
, LO':llhert 
Iarr liorl1on A (John Marr., & SODS). 1 
cllic a\' s Mc".!lr 
amnel 1:>, pl
hr },ordhelmer 11- 70 Dnndas e 
l\IcEnanpy Joseph J, baggage man CPR, h I on
Iuslc Co. h 1,,1 Keele n, 
Iarr James, furr1er, I 70 Dundss e 
11 Hnml.Jerslde av e I 
,ur Thomos. I.JlksmI t,h, h 33 'Ine av Marr John (John Morr & Sons). h 70 Dun- 
McEnaney Miss Lizzie furrier ond I1rs- Mc"amarll John. eng CPR, b Occll1ental l1as e 
mkr 65 Dunl1as w. b'102 Pacilic av s I lI()tcl ? 
Inrr John jr, mngr. h 220 Poclfic av II 
l\IcI-:own John 1.1 enamelled letters h IH \1c
eorge, tra.... I 11_ Loulso MARR JOHN & SONS uohn and 
Conduit' . I 
Icliõaugblon l.homas H, carp, I 112 Louisa Gordon A), Builders and Contractors 20 

elson clk Bank B N A res :lleXaulty John. milch Gasoline Engine Co. I';:eele s und 70 !Jundas e (Hee ad\" clas- 
"'eston. 'res Toronto slllpd Controctors) 
l\IcEwpn Potrlck. pattern mkr, b 101 \1c);('ely Alpxonder, cond CPR, h 30 l:nlon 
larritt Miss Corrie, tchr. I 412 Pactfic ay 
Cooper av I no
th ? soutb 
McEwpn R Normon, cond, h 191 Kpele n 
eely Bprtram R, lab, I _31 Keple s Marritt 
Uss Celena, tchr. I 412 Pacll'lc ay 
:McForlane Christopher car Insp CPR rms M(':\ell! Joseph, tmstI. Conger Cool Co, b south 
1;,9 ''1ne ov' . I 241 Keele s 
Iarsholl Albert E, lob, h 79 ElIzabeth 
!llcFanl EI170beth J (wid Rev A1exsnder). Mcl"icol l\1I:9 s l\!aud, mInI' MIss F A Hal" 
Iarshall Arthur. CSr repr CPR. b 48 Frank- 
I 202 HIJ(h Pork av I Sb.IW. I 
li9 "esteI'D _ av IIn a... 
l\lcGep Ed\\ard. l.Jortndr Occldpntal TIotel 
bee "m, co"p, I ,,6 Unlo
 s , Marshall Henry, lab Wakefield Brick "f
McGlhhon George. casemkr Helntzmon & 
cl berson Dunca!l I" clk "lIklnson Co, res York tp 
Co. I.J 30 Jllay I r}!'Ugb Co, res 1.0ronto \lnrsholl Isooc, bartndr Peocock Hote1 
McGill Arcbll.Jllld, b1dr 44 Victoria av 
l'lugg.lrt Malcolm D, eng CrR. h 246 'Iarsball James cabtmkr. b 31 Hook av 
McGill Jobn cond b 52 Keele s Poclfic a\" s 
arsball Joseph, soundl.Joard mkr He1nl:l- 
!lIcGlpnnlng 'John T mach h 47 Western 
lcWel.Jl.J Thomas H. h 41 
ledlllnl1 lIIan & Co, res 1IIount DenIs 
a\"enue .. I 'lul.Jly Frpderlck !II, octlon fnshr Helntz- 
Iarshall Motthew. truck reI' I' CPR. h 327 
McGou"herty Bernard. lah. b 61 Hoskin av man & Co, I 113 Clende'.'an av Fronklln av 
'lcGo,'pro Albert. cond CPR, h 104 Quebec \1uhl)" Joseph M. piano mkr, h 93 Clenden- 
larshol1 Wm J, shipper Gurney Foundry 
ß.\"eO(1e an av Co, rea Toronto 
McGowsn Ammon, ftr's hipI' CPR res To, !II n ""e) Miss :\Iory. tchr Model Sch, res 
Iurtln Alexander. ftr CPR. res Toronto 
ronto . Toronto \lurtln Alfrel1". hnker and gro 270 
McGroth Andrew, b Hpydon House l\lackp... Wm. mach Gurney Foundry Co. Dundos w, h :!7 Clendenan av 
Mc'GlopS'or Bessie (wid Alexsnder). h 80 Vx- rps Toro
to 'Iatin Arlbnr 'V, action regnlator Nord- 
brldgp av 
Iacklln "m. macb; I.J 82 Uxbrld![
 helmpr Plono & Music Co, res Toront. 
McGrpl:'or Jos!'ph A, rubber Heintzman & 
locDonald Jomes E H. srtlst. h 4"" Que- Martin Cjlorles H. octlon fnshr Heintzmall 
Co. I 
 r..hri!1ge av brc a\" & Co, I 29 Poclflc av s 
!llcGrpllor RObprt, lah, h 356 Ellzaheth 'Iacponald Donald D, tchr Moclel Sch, I 
Iortln Fredprlck, action fnshr Nordhelmer 
McGuIre Alhprt. pnl:' CPR. res Toronto 44" Annette W \'Iano & 1\Iuslc Co, res Toronto 
M('Gulre John, fireman CPR, b 57 Dundas 
lacLpod Jomes M. rnbber Helntzmsn & :\Iartln George, action fnshr l'ordhelmcr 
ea>! Co, res Toronto Piano & Music Co. res 
orth Dover- 

lcGTIlrp !ln

 Susie. I 69 Dundas w 'Ia('mlllan Chrl8t1na (wid Charles), h 43 court 
'I('Gulre rlolwrl, melter Gurney Foundry Hlgb Park 0... . 
Iartln George, with George Robinson. I 21 
Co. rps Toronlo MACMILLAN MISS VIA. Dn'ect- Dundas w 

fcTTpnry James C. despatcher CPR, h 244 ress Toronlo Junction College of !\fuslc "artin George S, dentist 6 Dundus w. II 
Annptte w anl1 Scbool of Elocution. 18 Dundas w. 1
:; 111gb Park a\" 
!llclnpropy .Tobn, enll CPR. h 63 Annette e rps 43 Hlch Park av 
Iartln Harry, mach, h 23 Hoskin av 
'm. 11 1
9 Dundas e 'Iacnoir Douglas. trav, I 231 Lakevlew I1V 
Iortln ROhert, corp R J Batt. res Toront. 
1\I('Kay JnlÍn. I'to\"!' mntr Gurney Foundry \la('
amara AIl.Jert T. phy 106 Da\"Cnport !llarlln Samuel G, eng CPR, h 101 HI
Co. b 112 Wllloughhy av rd. h same Pork av 

[cKay John A. enll CPR. h 72 Hook av 
lacXamot.o James J. acct R J Batt, h 56 'Iartin Thomns, rms 112 Dundos e 

lcKa'" Kpnneth, tlr J R Chisholm b 21 Hoskin Il\ \lu<pcor .Tobn n. ('Ik. b 1f)9 Quphp(' av 
Pacific av . \lllddoc'ks r.dward. ftr, h 2:'19 St C101t. ItV '"asblntpr George, lab, h 00 Charles 
McKay Rohprt L, moch hd Heintzman & 
Iaddocks John, leather wkr George A Mason Frank, midI', 1 41 Clendenon ay 
Co. 1'1'1' Toronto Rudd & Co, res Toronto 1 1\Iason Georl:'e. harnessmkr George A RuM 
"cKpp Gporlle, skute mkr. I !'is Union s !lladl1ocks Rohert. soddler George A Rudd & Co, h 23 King 
!llcKp!'n '''ro. wood wkr, h 53 WI' stern av '" Co. res Toronto 
[ason Georl':e H. del' chlpf Fire Dept an. 
M('Kpn7le })onald F. lab. I 131 Queen 
Iad,"et Cbarles. macho h 644 "'eston I'd foreman Xo 2 Fire Hall. h 17 I{lng 
l\1('Kpnzle Frpd E. harnpss mkr George A "adgct "'m, tmstr. h 35 Wbltnpy av 
Ioson Homer, phy 5 DundRs e, b some 
Rudd & ('0. h 140 Mulock aV 
Ial:'ce Rpv Herhert S. pastor Davenport )[oson Luc\' Iwld Jobn). h 70 Dundas e 
l\lcKpnzle Wm, lah. I 131 Quepn Melh Ch. h 344 Da...!'nport I'd Mosson David S, coli CPR, h 35 Wester. 
McKPOwn Wm, I 18 Hook av )Iol:'ulre Chorles A J. fireman, h 30 Whlt- n\"enue 

1('Kptr"'k Ernest A, brk rnkr, I 176 !llarla ney av "astprs Wm, tol.Jncconlst 72 Dunda8 e 
'I('Kptrlck John W brkmn CPR. I 116 MAHER WM. Cartage and Draying 
[otthpws Arthur M. h IS5 Paclflc av . 
Marla :I Kpele s res 36 Annette e '[atthews Fd\\ arl1._ lab, h 199 Marla 

ptrlck Rohert. Illh. h 176 Marlo 
Iahnnpy Jòmes eng CPR h 36 !llc!llut't'ay 
[atth!'\\'s Harry, tit. J C Willard. h 13 Dua 
l\[pl',!lIop Hpndy, h 104 Louisa a\"Cnue" daø w 
McKlOlp:v Jllmps C. nul mkr. h 7 Wilson p' \labone... Jamp8 soundhoarf} mkr Helntz- 
Iaullhan John. 1ab, I 381 St Clair av w 
!nnpy Jospph J. lah. h 7!'i Mulock ov man &. Co. I Í5 VIctoria av 
han Xoroh (wid Lawhenc!'), h 381 

lcR mn!'y M ""slpv. lah. h 75 Mulock a... 
Iabony Alice (wid Patrick) h 204 Dundas C 1111' n... w 
!l1('Klnnon Archll.Jold, blksmlth, h 189 Keele west . l\lavpt:v Alhert F, studt. I 69 May 
north 'Iahony F.l1ward J casemkr Heintzman & 
[a\"et:v Alpxandpr C. pby /19 May, h sam
l\lcLa('hlun Dunlel. boiler mkr CPR Co. I 204 Dnndas w lIIu\"pty 1\IIss Georgina. tchr Tot. Junctloa 
!lII'I.ßnl:'hlin Jumes, cattle dlr, h 132 Ht )rnhonv John 1', appro I 204 Dundas w Coli Pile of Music, I 69 "ay 
('loll' uv w I \I.. Ins 'Dnncan. enll ('pR, rps Toronto )law Jamps, carp. h 31 Vine av 
'I[('T.,m"hlln R?het.t. I'hlpppr. I 113 Edmund I \I"ln
 .Tobn. eng CPR, res Toronto 
[axtpd Hnry, brkmkr: b 3 WhItney aT 
1.[('Lan"blln "m, h 1<1 Lonl"a 'lo!tIRnd John A. tool mkl' h 183 PapUlc '10\;wpll John. h 5 '\Vllson 1'1 
!II('I.llu!!"hlln Wm J, dry !!"00d9, I 81 Loulso svenue . Maxwell Rlphard S, Round hoard mkr 

[cI !'an Alpxandpr, png CPR. I'ps Toronto 'Ia!!ahy Frf'derlck J cRsemkr Heintzman Hplnh:man '" Co, h 43 St ('lair av e 
:\fcIpnn Rlcbord F H, lah, h 2/):'1 St Clair & ('0, I 224 C'lenl1pilOn av I 'Iaxwpll Rohert. fil'eman CPR 
av e "ullahv Miss May, klndel' tcbl' Model S<,h, 'IIaxwp!l ",Iss Sarah D, opr, I !'i7 Edmnn. 
'lfcIÆnnan Rodprlck, fly fnshl' Helntzmon & I 224 Clendenan BV 
[axwe!l "m. Ipalhpr wkr Gpol'ge A RJldd 
('0, h 122 Qnppn I "nll;"v Pptpr J. caretkr !llodel Sch, 11 So. Co, h 57 r.<lmund 
raRtpr Do,111 A. string spinner Helntz- 224 (,lpndpnan av - I 'Iav Hønry, maph Gasoline Engine Co, r.. 
mnn & ('0, rpR Toronto 'II:llonp 'Villard p. clk Molsons Bonk, 
 2 1'ornnto 
rastpr Miss Jennie, bdg hse 30;; Dnndns \lunll'" w '1':i1' ITpnry S, ,Ice-pres Dodge Mfg Co, re. 
east 'canard ('h,...lps. fil'emnn CPR, h 12/) !llnrla TOl'onto 

[cMastpr "'m -\ (Sinclair & :\lc'loster). 
Ian('pr Frederick, buffer. h 59 tT\;hrllige 
Iay 'liss Hlldll, mns tchr. I :139 Quebee 
I 142 AnnettI' " I ovenue oycnnp 
'fr'Mlllan -\",'hlhal.l, agl. h I
O Qnphec a... 'Ianllal' Charles A. plmhr, 1 1672 RIQor w 
d, c:1
pmkr Hplntzman & ('0. 
'f,''lfillnu f:"OI'I!" R, .Irilh'r, h 117 l}uphp(' '""",Inr Hpn...', prtr. b 11172 Rlool' ..... Moy Snmnel. pres Dod".. 'Iff" ('" anI! f1,.- 
fnnn Miss Tpna, opr, h 307 Dundas e n,,1 
fll:V & ('0. res Toronto 

Oat Cleaners, Feed Boxes Tisdale Irol\ Stable Fittings Co., Limited 
Chicago Clipping Machines Office: 6 Adelaide St. E. Phone Main 3800 

:H 0 RWO' 0 D





"l'ur-uutll .J IIUCtlnll. 

:-.II:H KMo.:. 

Moy Samuel & Co (Samuel 1I10y). hllllorl1 
table mIl's s " l'elham av, 1 e Edm:md 
1I1ayl1ee Albert W (WhalO'y & McDouald). 
rt:.s Toronto 
 l1ee Thollla8, harness mkl' George A 
nudd & Co, I 33 Hook ay 
elson, 1011, h \16 Pelhom av 
1I1aynes All1lon, 1'0011 foremon CPU. h 316 
}' ..ll"ltiC .1\ S 
:l1"all Thomas J, roofer, h 107 Cooper ov 
MELHUlSH AH.H-tUR E, Veterin- 
ary SUI geon, 3 Ii..e('le S, re:-5 Toronto 
1I1ercer John S, tchr, I 1;;8 Loulso 
Mercer Molcolm S, barr. h 158 LouIsa 
MerrIck Ch01'les, Vllllbr, b 59 Annette e 
M..tcolf Roben. ftl' CPR, h 32 Laws 
1\Ietropolton Life Ins Co, J W Caroline 
asst supt, 131 Dundas w 
Mlrtdleton Re\' Ell, h 88 Laughton av 
Middleton Elizabeth (wId Thomas), h 300 
PacIfic av s 
Mhlllleton John, brkmn CPR, b íO Pa- 
cIfic av s 
1I111burn Henry H, bkpI' Gasoline Eni'!ne 
Co, res Toronto 
JlUlgote Henry G, corp HeIntzman &, Co. 
b 20 Poclfic av n 
MiliaI' AI.lon R, daIry 92 Dundas, h Eome 
Mlllnr :ll1nnle (wId James E), gro 90 An- 
nette e, h same 
1\1 11I0 I'd John, eng CPR, h 72 Laws 
1I1111er Charles, fireman CPR, b ]21 Keele 
Miller Chorles '1', clk m m office CPR, I 2 
Miller Conrad, gro 38 Carlton pI, h Same 
Miller !IIlss EdIth, stenog, I 40 Whitney ov 
1I1111er MIss L:lllma B, mus tchr, I 38 Carl- 
ton vI 
1I1111er FrederIck, pntr, h 55 Argyle I'd 
Miller George, ftr's hlpl' CPR, res Toronto 
Miller Hugh, I 144 Gothic av 
Miller Jallles, pntr, h 39 Clendenan av 
Miller Jallles E, yard 1l10ster CPR, h 34 
Falrvlew av 
"filip(' James H, ftr CPR, h 260 Marla 
Miller Kenneth A, clk, h 144 GothIc av 
Miller Kenneth D, clk Bonk of Commerce, 
I 144 Gothic ov 
Miller Mis. :llnrgaret I, bkpI' R '1' '(Iller. 
rms 53 Pnclfic av 
Miller Reglnahl, pntr, I 39 Clendenon av 
1I1111er Rlchnrd H, grocer 131 Dunl1as w, 
rms 51 Poclfic av 
Miller Walter, lob, h 74 McMnrray av 
Miller "'m, hrkmn CPR. b ]7 Western av 
Miller '''m J, clk m m office CPR, I 55 
Pacific ov s 
Millett Thomas lab,' h 66 Uttley 
MillllZan John ,\7, pntr, h 256 Keele D 
MlIl'g;m Wm P, fireman CPR, res Tor- 
Milia I1ro\\n, hrkmn CPR. b Avenue Hote' 
MI11" Thomas, tmstr, h 16 Medland 
Mlllwnrd John, night watchmon, h 83 Que- 
bO'c av 
"(lIIward John jr, fireman CPR, I 8S Que- 
Milne John. cond CPR, h 76 Annette e 
Mlnaker "'m H, hdg hse 131 Dundas e 
?lInnet Hcnry, gloss l1ecorator, b 81 Kln
Mlntern Walton, pntr, h 234 Pacific av s 
MInto "'m, to'ns, h 110 ConduIt 
}'lItchell Gporge, packer A Campbell, I 192 
Annette w 
Mitchell Jospph, mIdI' Gurney Foundry Co, 
res Toronto 
Mitchell Wm, cond (,PR, h ,,8 Annette w 
MItchell Wm, ,'oremkr, b 131 Dundas e 
Modpl School. Wm Wilson prln, Annette w, 
cor (,Icndenan av 
MotTatt Jnmes I., corp CPR, h 103 Hum. 
b..rslde av 
MotTItt F.dwnrd A, mach opr George A 
RIH1d & Co, I (j7 Edmund 
MOlZgrldg-e "'m, carp, I 46 St ClaIr av w 
Mole .1ohn, O'nlp, h 125 Clendenan av 
Mole John R, (,\k, I 125 C'lendenan av 
Moll' JosO'ph R casemkr HeIntzman & Co, 
I 125 (,Iendenan av 
Mole Robert J, clk R '1' Ml11er, I 125 Clen- 
dO'nan a\' 
Moll' "'a Iter S, cnsl'mkr HeIntzman & Co, 
I 125 Clendenan av 
Molson Otto W, fnshr HeIntzman & Co. 
res Toronto 
},(ol"ons Bnnk, J '1' Belcher mnl!:r. 2 DnD- 
das w 

Monck John I'" eng CPR, h 132 

ndenan :llurdock Archibald, carp, h í2 McMurroy 
o\enue avenue 
Monro James, eng CPR, res Toronto Murdol'k Jomes E. cond CPR, 11 .104 An- 
)lontgomery Jamea H, carp It J Batt, res n. tte w 
Toronto Murne
 Henry J, droughtsman, h 59 \Ves- 
I Montgomery John B, ftr's hipI' CPR, I 38 ton av 
Quebec av )Iurphy John, carp, h 26 Falrvlew av 
' Miss LIllian, clk, I :1S lluebec )IUl'ray BenjamIn W, acct, h 193 Keele s 
0\ enue 'HIl'ra
 George, midI', h íO Dundas e 
:lIontgomery 1I11ss 1I1aud, alsldy. I 38 Que- )lul'l',IY G..orge 'V, tmner, h 13 Keele s 
bec av 'IUl'ra
' 1I11chael, Iron \\kr Gurney },'ndry 
Montgomery Samuel, foreman CPR, h 38 Co, res Toronto 
Quebec av Murroy Wm, eng CPIt, h 5;; Mc:lIurray av 
Montgomery !>amuel R, action fnshl' Norll- :lIUl'ruy Will G, moto, h ;;12 Quebec av 
helmeI' Piano & MusIc Co, res Toronto Musson John G, slaty 17 Dundas w, res 
Montgomery '''ru, fitter CPIt, b 2:>2 Dundas . Islington 
\\ )I
 ers ElI\\ard, foremon, h 30 Edmund 
:lloody Harvey, casemkl' Heintzman & Co. l'iul,ier )lISS Hplen, I 146 Keele s 
res \\ eston 
 :'(oson Robert D, ftr's hlpl' CpIt 
Moon Miss Emily, mInI', I 136 Clendenan 
eedham Harry (George H Townsley &, 
a.-enue Co), res TOl'Onto. 
Moon Peter, street commlsslonel'. h 136 Kell hel, boiler mKr CPR, b 31 Western 
Clendenan ov I a,'enue 
Moon \\ ru, \ eneer hd I'ordhelmer Piano I\ell Wm, boiler mkl' CPR, b 31 Western 
& Music Co, I 136 Clendenon av I a\enue 
Mooney John. carp. h 100 COJoel' 8'1 Kellimds Gregory, car I'epr CPR, h 36 
Moore Georgp, a

t supt 
orllheill\er 1'1- Franklin av 
ano & Musle Co, res Toronto I K
lIson John, eng CPR, res Toronto 
Moore John G, eng CPR, h 18 :\Ia
' Xell80n John jr, eng CPR, res Toronto 
Moore John J, mIdi' Gurney },'oundry "0, "p]son Adam J, clk CPIt, res Toronto 
res Toronto I /<ielson Emma (wId John), h 44 Union n 
Moore John T. reol est, h 44;; QuebO'c av Xe',on Herbert, ftr CPR, res TorJato 
1I100re Usmond, ..pp :\:ordheimer PIano & I I\elson James J, fireman Cl'R, b 27 'Vest- 
Music Co, res Toronto I ('rn ov 
Moore Thomas, corp. h 25 Pacific 'IV II Nl'sther Oswnld, btchr, h 116 St Clair av w 
Moore '''Ill J, staty 113 Dundos \\I I Xe\'ln Alexonder, btchl'. b 41 Pacitlc a\' s 
!\Ioore 'Vm '1' E 1 cond CPR, h 24 Mny 
e\ln Wm, chorgeman CPR, h 
,)8 Keele 
:llorgan 'Vm, laD Gurney Founllry Co, b north 
301 Dundas e I Ke"ell Thomos, fireman CPR, res 'l'ûronto 
Morley I\ormon L, fireman CPR. res To- I Kewmon Arthur, fireman CPIt, b 13\1 'Ine 
l'On to 0\ enue 
MorrIs Edward, moto, h 8 Fe
gnson pI Newmon Daniel, mIdI' Gurney Fndry Co, 
MorrIs Jomes, lob. I :>9 Lborles I res Toronto 
Morris J08pph, lob. b 64 Cnmphell av Ne\\mon George, eng CPR, r,
s 'foil nio 
MorrIs Samnel, rIvetteI', h 19 Corlton pI Xpwman John A, eng CPR, h 142 Vlile av 
:llorrlson 1I11ss Cecilia, slsldy, I 46 Western "P\\ Dlan "'m, eng CPR, res 'foronto 
a\enue I Xpwson John G, ke
'board pls
r, h 24 
WhItney av 
1';l'wson RpJ(lnold J, casemkr t!eln' 7.:non 
I H. N. Morrison N


IOÌÌ, ;ard foreman CPR, h 
390 HIgh Pnrk ov 
 George, midI' Gurney Foundry Co, rea 
T A I L 0 1

y::.toArthur, foreman blksmlth CPR, h 
2'J:! Poclflc av s . 
33 Dundas St. Toronto Junction N
' a
sst car foremon ('PR. 
Nicholls Jomes, cosemkl' HeIntzman & Co. 
I IG6 Pncific ov s 
MorrIson Henry N, tailor 33 Dundas w. b 1\lcholls Rlcbard. corp, rms 208 Dundos w 
 Kicholls Richard, lob, b ]24 Qneen 
MorrIson John E, tIr, h 46 Western av Kicholls '''m J stove mounter I 124 Queen 
MorrIson 1Il1/1s I'ellle, slsldy. I 46 'Vestern I'icholls John, 'ftr's hipI' CPR: h 6!1 :llay 
a\pnne 1\ichols Robprt J, cnrp, h 408 Pacific av Ii 
:\I01'rlson Petpr, eng CPR, I 79 VI',!
 av I'lchols TllOmos W, ftr (,PR, h GU )1111' 
MorrIson Scott B, cond CPR. h 2".) Keele I\icho!son David, ftr's hlpl' CPR, rea '1'0- 
north '" I ronto 
MorrIson Wm J, eng CPR, h ,9 'Ine av :\:ohle Thomas H, mach Gasoline EngIne 
1I10n'ow AloysIus F, fireman CPR, res To- Co, r
s Toronto 
ronto Nohle '''m l' dolry 15 Ellzaheth h 1Iam. 
Mo.rrow Barbour, secUonman CPR, b 121 Koll Joseph j, clk ('PR, I 37 High Park 
Keele n nvenne 
!IIorrow J!lmes, lob, h 32 Argyle I'd Xordhelmer Plono and !IIuslc Co Ltd, fact- 
\forrow \\ m, lob, h 10 Whitney av orv l' Hook av south of CPR 
)'orton Thomas, ftr CPR, res TOI'Onto Kormon "'m, cor
 joIner Gurney Foundry 
!lloss Henry, action regulator Heintzman Co res York tp 
' 1 & \ So' T h h 406 P G aclfi b c t h a
 T s Ch I 761 NorrIs AJfrpd C, mIdI' Gurney Fnl1ry Cu, 
ft on u owns . C I apm"ln. res Toronto 
 I'orrls !\Ilss Edltb I 439 Dundos w 

Ionld ",m, brick Iyr, h 76 Charles :\:orrls John, lab 'Gurney Foundry Co, ru 
:llowat (,eorge 'V, clk, I 31 Medlond I Toronto 
\lowat James W, eng CPR, h 31 MedIan/! 
orrls .1obn, tray. b OO'dil
ntal nol<'1 
:llo\\att James S, lab, h 39 Mc:llurray av NorrIs Jobn J layer 01lt h 130 . '(}Opel' av 
IIIowntt John, cond, I 122 Marla :Norris Phoebe (\\Id Arthur) h "'30 Dun. 
lIchael, mach hd HeIntzman & I das w ' 
Co, res Toronto . I'orrls SydnO'y, soundboard mkl' Nordhelmer 
!IIulr David W, dairy, h 89 Edm1l1d Plnno & :lr1lslc Co, res Toronto 
!\luldoon John, casemkr Nordhelmer PI"Lo Nnrrls "'m, moch Gurney Fonndry Co, I'e. 
& lIrnslc Co, res Toronto Toronto 
\luldrew Jomes, trav, h 113 Q
pbec ø,v Korrls "'m H, tr:lv George A Rudd & Co. 
lIrulhel'n Bryon, mach Gurney Fonildr,!' Co, h Occldl'ntal Hotel 
res Toronto Kortbev "'m T, hlksmlth's hIpI', b 252 
Mumby Harl'y, coremkr, h _'O;} ?tarla 
.Dunda", w h k k .... k fi Id I,rlck 
, l"ortOn ..fiffiP!;:. r -In r n R e c 
Munroe Alexander, paInt storeman CPR, \If!! ('0, rO's York tp 
res Toronto I'm'erre :ltls.. Ellen, I 134 Cawthrn av 
IIlurch George, eng CPR, h 00 1I1ulol'k av Xo\erre John H, 1 ]34 ('awthra av 
"nrch r 01l;S, fll'Pman CPR, h 51 R....le s XoyP" .Josepb, porter HO'ydon 1I0nqe 

Guarantee Oompany of North America 
MEDLAND 8c. '"'ONES. Cell'l Agellts, MaU Building. Cor. King and Bay Tel. Main 1067 

A Guaranteed Income fop 20 years or for 
life for yourself, your wife, 
r your child, 
can be secured by payments of about $1-00 
per week for a limited term of years 



1',.r.."OO Junction. 


O'Brien George, Ins Insp, h 207 Quebec av I Parsons Edward, yardman, h 102 Humber- 
O'Brien Joseph, clk, I 207 Quebec av side av e 
O'Brien "m, cosemkl' Helntzmon & Co. P.ll"sons James, pocker A Campbell, h 66 
res Toronto Ho,kin av 
O'Connor Andrew, section foreman CPR, Partington :\1iss Agnes E, I 32 Dundas e 
h 58 Pacific av s Partington lIarr
-, elk Mrs A W Watkln- 
O'Connor Charles A, eng, I 50 Laws son, I 32 Dundas e - 
O'Connor :\Iary (wid James) h 50 Lows Partington Mrs Henrietta, h 32 Dnndas e 
O'Ueli Frederick, cond cpl(, b 29 Pacific. Potchett Heiny, agt, h 123 Humberslde av 
av s l'uterson John, h 41 HIgh Park av 
(I'Uonnell Potrlck J, car re[>r CPR, h 53 P,lterson Ro
rt, plumber 26 Dundas w. I 
Argyle rd 41 High I'ark av 
O'Keefe John, fnshl' Heintzman & Co, res Potterson John, mach, h 32 Edmund 
Toronto Patterson Thomas, ftr's hlpr CI'R, res 1.'0- 
O'Leary Peter, regulotor HeIntzman & Co. ronto 
res Toronto Poton \Ym 1', agt, h 24 Alban
- av 
O':\leoro Daniel, brkmn CPR, b 40 Mc:\lur-, l'oul Johu A, eng CPR 
roy av I'l'ace Horvey "-, foreman, I 94 Pacific av 
O'XeU Frank, wd coneI' Kordhelmer 1'1- south 
ono & :\hlslc Co, res Toronto Pence Jolm H, h 128 Fain lew ov 
O'XellJ Johu, Ipldr Gurney Foundry Co, Peace Wm, bicycle mkr, h 94 PacIfic av s 
res Toronto I'l'acock Hotel, FrancIs \Yatts prop, 235 
O'Xelll Wm J, car repI' ..cPR, h 20 Carlton lIundas e 
ploc(' Peoke Joseph, lab Gurney Foundry Co, res 
O'Rourke Olh er, corp, b 2::;9 Keele n Toronto Pldgcon Rev George C, pa
tor \'il'torla 
Oott Chorles D. cond CPR, b 1;;5 Vine av I'ear
 Leonord, brkmkr George H_ '(owns- Pr..s Church, h lUG Quebec RV 
OccIdental Hotel, Charles A Kelly prop, 40 ley & Co, res York tp Piggott Charles, fireman Xo J, h 119 MD- 
Dundas, e , ' PEARS WM. Manager Ontario lock av 
Ogllvy "m. brkmn CP
, b 139 \ I
e av 1'.1\ ing Brick Co, res ìork tI. I'll!gott John, brick mkl', h 131 Queen 
Oldlleld :\Iory R (wid" m H), I 11- Pacific Peorsell I'eter R, ftr CPR, b H McMur- PIggott John jr, fireman I\o 1, h 
12 Queen 
a,- s ray av l'lggott S.lmuel F, screw mkr, h ::;2 Comp- 
Oliver Kenneth D, clk CPR, I 2 May P",l1"son Augustus, wd carvel' Helntzmon bcll av 
ann George, foreman Ont Pa,-Ing & Co 1 254 Dundos w Pinder Bennison, app, I 114 Quebec av 
BrIck Co, res York tp Peorso
 David tnshl' George A Rudd lit Co Pinder John C. moch CPR, h 114 Quebec 
01l0n Geor!,e, hrkmkr, h 589 Weston rd res Toronto' , a..-enue 
ONTARIO PAVING BRICK COM- Peorson Mrs Eliza, bdg hse 2;;2 Dundas w Pinkey George J, car repr CPR, 11 95 AI'- 
Co LImited, "'m Pears :\I..noger, Brick Peorson John, shoemkl' 254 Dundas w I!yle rd 
Monufocturers \Yeston rood s I'l'arson Octn..-Ius "', carp CPR, I 423 West- Pinkney John E, fireman CPR, h &2 1'1\- 
Openshow John, ttr's hlpl' CPR, res Tor- on I'd clfic a, n 
onto I'ear>on "'esley, collector ot customs, res Pinney Ernest, harness mkr, I 27 (,Ien- 
Oshorne Fronk. Il\h, b 61 Annette e Toronto denon 11\ 
Osborne Richard, tlnner, b 61 Annette e Peovey Charles, eng R J Batt, h 27 Victoria Pirie Jome", wotchmon, h 61 Annette e 
Oshorne "'esley W. tlnner E R Rogel's, b a,-enue I'lrle John, brkmn CPR, h 28 \Vestern aT 
61 Annette e Peeple Allan. lab, b 14 Whitney av I'ltt.lm Alfred H, plate marker Helntz- 
Ostl'r Thomas, lab, b 58 Campbell av Peletzer George, tuner, h 11 union n mOn & Co, I 248 Keele n 
Oswln Hnrry, tester Gurney Fndry Co, Pel..t7oer \Ym, lob, 1 11 Union n Pittam Charles "', car I'epr 
res Toronto Pendleton Bertram, chargeman CPR h 41 Keele n 
Ovens Rohert C. action tnshr Heintzman & I'ncific 0' s 'Plott "'m G, bicycle mkr. I 
Co. I 12.'1 Churchill av Pengell
' Corl, clk, I 28 Hook 1\V a,enne 
Ovens Rohert D. slsmn. h 12.'1 Churchill av Pengelly James, contI' 28 Hook av, h snIDe Plott "'m W, eng turner CPR, h a1 Whlt- 
Owen :\lIs8 80mh, bkpI', I 194 Annette w Penhale Richard, firemon CPR, b 27 "'('st- ney av 
 "'m III, Iron wkr, h ß2 Union s ern av Plaxton John A, eng CPR, res Toronto 
Paddon Thomos, pIano fnshr 
ordhelmer Penn Fr,mk \I, cng, h 68 Laughton a, Ployel' "'m, ttr CPR. res Toronto 
Plono II< :\Iuslc Co, res Toronto Penny f:d"in, moch Gasoline Engine Co, 1'Inyter Henry III, carp CPR, h 2ú Union n 
Pod!!l't Robert (},
dg"t & ('0). h 118 '101'1.. res Toronto Plnnkett Wm, drlvcr Digby Cartage Co, re 
Pn<1/(et Thomos l' (Pod/Zet & Co), h 123 Penn
' Thomns C, action fnshr Toronto 
Dnnda" w & Co, res ')'oronto PolIce Court and !':tatlon, Peter El'ls Mag- 
Pad"et So. Co (Rohert and Thomos I' Pad- Penrlce Jomes, bldr, h 100 Pelham av I-trate, Josiah R Ro
 ce chlet, reor ot 
get!, grocers 123 Dundos w Pepper Rev John, h 191 Quebec ov Town Holl, 16-18 Keele s 
Pody Rev "'olter J, pastor Annette St Pepper Thomas, Ins agt, h 433 Dundos 'V Pollock Jomes, 01'1' Xordhelmer Piono & 
Rnptl"t Ch. h 443 Quebec nv Pepplatt Philip G, br!cklyr, h 99 Western :\[us!c Co. res Toronto 
Page Ellen (wid Thomas), h 148 Clen.len- ovcnue Pollock "m, moch Gurney l<'oundry Co. 
an av Percy Fred('rick W, casemkl' H('intzman & h 37 Carlton pI 
 1I1I"s Fonny B, I 172 Marla Co, I 37 W"stern av Porritt Rohert E, hldr, h 92 Pelham av 
Pa/(I't Jomes. carp, h 2:\1 Keele " Percy Jomes, trav, h 37 'Ye
rn av Porter James, carriage wood wkr, h 45 
r Josiah, mach Gasoline Engine Co, Percy John 'I, slsmn, I 37 \\''',,\.'rn ov Quebec av 
res Toronto Pertect Altred H, phy 66 Annette w Porter "'m, fireman CPR, I'ms 6;) :\IIIY 
I' RIchard T, mngr Palmer Shoc Co, Perry Fronk P. brkmn CPR, b 139 Vlnc a,- Post Kothonlel, I 77 Lonlsa 
h :\. Dundas e Peters Horr\', IIreman CPR, Post "'m H, acct, h lRl Clendenan av 

ml'l' !':hoe Co, Richard T Palmer m'lgr, Peterson mèhord, lab, h 23 l..r/(
'Ie "d Po,-ey Henry, bolleI' mkl' CPR, h 28 Vle- 
:I. Dundas e Pettet Frederick, IIreman CPR, :, :i7 Carl- torla ov 
Panter Mls
 Fannie. pocker, I 48 ',ler11Rnd ton pi Powell John A, eng CPR, h 97 '1lIlock at' 
Pantl'r Joseph A. hrkmn CPR, I oil! ',Ie,lland Phelon Thomos. firemon CPR Powell Thoma.., boots and shoes 28 Dun- 
Pontl'r :\Iory A (wid George A), h 48 !IIed- Phillips Altred, eng CPR das w. !:t some _ 
land Phillips Frederick corp S Phillips b 1:19 Powell "oltt'r. h 2.-, Queh('c 0' 
Pork Thomas, carp, h 27 VIne ov Vine av' 'I Powprs Rohert, lab. b Co;; I!ook av 
r George, lah. I :I!1!1 Weston rd Phillips Fr('derlck III, wood wkl' b 60 Powley Alfred E, clk, I 135 Dundas e 
Parkl'r Opor/Ze H,l'()nd ('PR. h 37 Keele 8 Compbell av 'Powley Alfred E H, boots and shoes 135 
Porker John, tmstr, h 399 Weston rd Phillips George A, fireman CPR, h 
 Hos- I Dnndos e, h some 
Parker Joseph H, hrkmkr George H Town- kin av I Pratt "'m 1', cutter Georg(' A Rudd lit 
sll'Y & ('0. h 1115 Weston rd Phillips Harry A draughtsmon II 117 E..-e- Co. rps Toronto 
Porker Joseph H, car repr, h 4ß St Clolr ]vn CI" . Prest Thomas. h 43 "'e"tern a\" 
a,' w I pliïlllpq Jomes T. ruhher .IelntLID,m & Co, Pre\'ost phlll[l G, tlr J U Chisholm, b 29 
Parker Wm, flreman CPR. res Toronto res Lomhton :\llIIs May 
Parker Wm 'I. hrkmkr George H Towns- Phillips John G brIck mkr I "10 10clfic Price :\lIs< Elslp F. hkpr, I \fJ Lows 
I"v & Co, h 447 Weston rd I av.. ' ,- Price Jackson E, h 16 Law!; 
Porkln Robert, lab, h 92 Charll's Phillips Oscar F toreman CPR 11 1203 '\"Ine I Price Miss Jessie, mlnr. I If) I,ows 
Parkin Wm A jr, wood wkr, h 119 Camp a, enue' , Prl
e Thomas, fireman CPR, b 37 Corlton 
hell av I Phillip!! ppter, corp, h 103 Low.. plocc 
ParkInson Stl'ph('n. fitter. h :10:; Dnnda3 e Phillip" Hil'hRril., h 24 
\Iedlan(l Price TÏ!nmos R. brlc
 mkr, h 36 Annette e 
Porks ('
urll''' H. loh. h HI" 'Iorla I Phillips 
n]omon, plonlng mill 1:'í-1!1 Kl'l'le pI'!C(' "m R, ftr CI It 
Pllrks "m, mldr, h 37 IIIc:\lurrllv av n h "O'! 'Iarlo Prlllce 'fhomus. corp, h 51 "'estern av 
Pormenter Anhr('y B, firemon CPR. h 138 Philp. -I'e()
ard :\1. ord('r clk Dod
c ,ltg Prince "'m T. ftr ('PR, h Sf; Cl1'lu]enan 
Cll'ndenon IIv I Co, rms 70 "edlond n, cnuc . 
Parmer Harry, harher Geor
e Cnra\'o res P . k 
 . h k 
 I ' & C PI'hl!!le]' ronk, tmstr. h 7 FI'rl:us.'.'n pi 
- , IC or" ,,0 n. Cosem r ae ntzm.IU 0, Pritchard John J jr, 
ro 103-L'),' UI..r:t::8!! 
'foronto , res Toronto p. h same 
Parry Jos
ph A, blksmlth Go
ollne En- I'1
krell Wm J, firemon CPR. tJ 42 ULlock P\'O('tor Ch
rle", ]oh. b 7 Wilson 01 
glne Co, res "'eston I n\'enue Pr!'ctor (,horlps f:, hldr, h 112 1'"l'IlIc a'l' . 

...) T HE.. 

U ' A..

1?E:RY 0 r;,


s.,. t."Ì 

t":'" \fj"),) 

."\ ,","f"'


 0 C E. R S.L 
1 HEAD OfflC.E 

CPR, h US 
34 WhItney 

F. J. SMITH<14>ðCO. 

Propertip.s FOR SALE in ALL 
PARTS of City and Suburbs 
16 &: 18 ADELAIDE ST. E. 




1'''I"''IIIU JUI,ctlOIi. 


Proctor 'rhowas, storeman CPl{, I ]04 An- Redwond Mrs Hannah, cook Heydon nse. 
nette e I a;;2 \\'eston I'd 
Provnn John B, 
rewan CPR, b :<'8 Med- Redd
' John T, lireman CPR, res 'rm'onto 
land Reddy Thomas, brkwn CI'R, b 27 "1.,torla 
Pnddy Bros (Edward and Henry), cattle an'nue 
dlrs L'nlon Stock Yards Reed Ucorge, bollermkl' CPR 
Puddy Ed\\ard (l'uddy Hros). rea TOl'Onto Heesor A
'Jwer, tWStl'. b ;;6 Hook ItV 
' Henry (pUllùy Bros), ....s '.frronto Reesol' Joseph, lab, b 56 Hook a\' 
Pugl1 John B, midI', I 3 Carlton pi Reens }.'l'llnk W, eng CPR, h 307 Dundas 
Pugh Joseph J, plshr, h 3 Car'ton 1'1 east 
Pugsley, Dingman & Co lJohn 1'""sley. Refan John, eng CPR, b 31 Victoria IIV 
Arch W Dingmnn), sonp Cawthru av RellI Arthur L, mach, h 262 !\Iarla 
Pugsley John (Pugsley. Dlngmtln &, Co), Reid Campbell, brkmkl', b :!OO Weston I'd a 
res Toronto Reid Ernest, I'ms 206 Dundas w 
Pumple Ueorge, fireman CPR, b 27 'VE'atcrn Reid Ueorge E, car repI' Cpl{, h 113 !llarla 
a.-enue Reid Uilbert, stone moson, h 109 Churchlil 
Purcell Thomas, casemkr Nordh
lmer PI- ovenue 
ano & !\Iuslc Co, rea Toronto Reid Jackson, h 185 Keele n 
Pnrtle Bernard, caaemkl' Heintzman & Co. Reid Miss Katie, opr, I 130 Pacific av s 
b 67 Vine ay Reid Kenneth F, shipper Wilkinson 
Purtell Da\'ld, rubber Heintzman & Co. Plou/(h Co, h S;; Pacific oy 
b 37 Carlton pi Reid John A, brlcklyr, b 59 Annette e 
Pnrtle John, lab, h 56 Van Horne Rehl John A, cohtmkr, h 128 Annette e 
Purtle Jo"eph, fnshl' Heintzman &. Co. I Reid Wm G, midi', h 130 Poclfic av a 
56 Van Horne Heills U.-orge W, blksmlth CPl{, h 119 Mc- 
pye Arthur L, corp, h 502 Camp
ell av !\Iurray av 
Pye Charles, action regulator 
ordheltner Reilly Wm. lab, h 167 Pacific av a 
Piano & Music Co, res Toronto Rennie Beatty, lob, b 69 !\Ic
lurroy av 
Quantz Alfred, carp, h 109 Willoughby av Rennie Wm, lab, b 69 1I1c
lurray av 
Quantz Walter L, moch, I 109 Wllloul!;bby Reynolds George, clk C B Borlond, I 31) 
avenue Van Horne 
Queen City Flour ?Illls, Archlbold Camp- Reynolds V,m, foreman The Tribune, b 39 
bell prop, ft Ca\\thra av Von Horne 
Queen DB\ Id, supt, h 23 'Western av Re
'nolds \\ m, lob, b 14 Whitney ov 
Queen James A, eng, h 42 Van Horne Rhode o Thomaa A, blksmlth 13 Keele n, b 
Quennell Austin )<;, macho h 97 Western 70 Medland 
avenue RICE ALLAN B, Manager The Tri- 
Qnennell Edward A, mach GasOline En- bune, 24 Dund,,-s w, h 216 Clenllenan a,' 
glne Co, I 97 Willoughby av Rice A Gordon, studt, I 216 C1endcnan ov 
Quennell James, tmsil' W l' Hartney, h 100 Rich Charles J, mach, h 22 May 
Charles Rich Henry H, corp, h 27 Clendenon av 
Qucnnell Wm W, mach hd R J Batt, h 98 IUch !IIary C (wid George), I 22 !\Ioy 
Charles Richards Edward, pnil', h 15 Franklin av 
Qulllman Miss Annabele, I 28 Medland Richards Thomos A, tmstl' Conger Coal Co, 
Qulllman Peter. section man CPR, h 28 h 151 Elizabeth 
Medland Richardson Andrew 
Qulnhm Mary (wid Patrick), h 82 Charl(:s ern av 
Qnlnl.lll Potrlck, lab, I 82 Charles Rlchordson Charles 
Quinlan Thomos, lah. I 82 Charles enport I'd 
Quinn John, lab, b 200 Weston I'd s Rlchordson Frederick, fireman I\o I, h 57 
Quinn \Vm A, eng CPR, h 13;} Pacific av s Hooke av 
Radfol'/1 Charles, plate markel' Heintzman Rl<'key John '1', mach, h 33 E,lmund 
& Co, re" '1'oronto Rhlr1tfor<l Ahraham, lah, h 40 l1xhrldge ov 
Rafferty James I', brkmn CPR, h 37 Clen- Rlddlford Allan F, driller Heintzman & 
denon BV CO, I 40 Uxbrldge av 
Ramllge Charles, boilermkr CPR RlI..y Wm, Illass decorator. b 81 King 
Ramshaw Thomaa, carp R J Batt, h 259 Ristow Phlllp, cabtmkr, h 140 Annette e 
Keele n Ritchie Ueorge H, eng CPR, h 74 Annette 
Randalls George, clk, b 39 Van Hornp east 
Randalls Wm, foreman, b 39 Van Horne RIt('hle John E, eng CPR, h 14 
Rondnn Thomas A, fireman CPR, b D7 Rohb Jomes, tmstr. h 41 VIne av 
Hoskin av Roberts Geerge, bicycle mkr, I 2:19 Keele n 
Raney Wm E, barr, h 274 High Park av I Rolwrt" GeOrge H, drivel' U D Kcmp, I 
Rankin Chorles, bkpr J A Tovell, I 30 Mc- 226 Keele a 
Murray av _ Roberts 1\IIss Jennie, elk, I 168 Marla 
Rottled/(e Rlchord (Rottledge & ;,on). h I Hoherts Wm, car repairer CPR, h 50 Ut- 
60 Whitney av tley 
Rattledge Richard jr (Rottled!:e &. S(,n), h Roherts V'-m F, hrkmkr. h :..39 Keele n 
58 Whitney a\' I Robertson Archibald, lob, I 14 Wbltney 
Rattled!:e & Son (RIchard and RIchard jr), a\enue 
brick mfrs n s St Clall' !IV 0, 2 " or HTR Rohertson Jame" lab, I 14 Whitney ov 
Raven Arthur. carp CPR, h 226 ];'l'I\.Klln Rol)('rtson Robert, brkmn CPR, I, 
1 Hos- 
avenue I kin ov 
Raven Arthur W, clk, I 226 Fronklln av Rohertson 
Ra\..n Christopher, piano mkr Nordhelmer Rohertson 
Plana & Music Co, res Toronto Rohertson 
Rawson \\'alter, lab, h 55 Hoskin av I avenue 
Rawstron John E, store kpr CPR, h 40 Rohertson Wm, macho h 51 ?,fpdlmd 
May Rohln"on Alexonder W, jwlr W J Sheppard 
Ray Wm, sec-treos Heintzman &. Co, res I 47 High Pork I\V 
Toronto Rohert"on \\-m, mach, h 51 !\fedlnnd 
Rayhould Ernest, firemon CPR, r..s '1'0- Rohlnson !\fls" Bello, tlrs, I 36 
ronto Rohln"on Frederick K, purchosln/( agt 
RA YBOULD HARRY W. Butcher Dodge Mfg Co, res Toronto 
25 Dundas w, h 58 McMurray 
Raybould John P, action fnsbl' Heintzman 
& Co, res York tv 
Ra)'mer Henry D, wd wkl' Heintzman lit 
Co, res York tv 
Reaney Howord B, elk, I 44 Western av 
Reoney Samuel .J. fitter George A Rudd 
lit ('0, h 44 Western av 
Reddick John, eng CPR, res Toronto 
Reddle G('orge, moch Gosoline EI J;lne Co, 
res Toronto 
Redding Wm A, brlcklyr, h 132 Co
peJ' BV 
Redman Thomos F, corp CPR, I'<:S To- 

H, mngr, h 200 \\-est- 
A, 1I0rlst, h 115 Dav- 

Thomas, carp, -h 14 Whitney av 
Thomos. pntr. b 71 do
kln av 
Wm, coachman, h ::3 \Voodslde 

Baker and Confectioner 




Rohlnson G('{)rge, hak('r 21 Dundas w 
Rohln"on John, chIef Fire Dcpartment, h 
47 High Pork av 

Hobinson John H, moto, h 33 !lloy 
nn Joseph, car repr Cl't{, b ,,2 
on L IIorvle, bkpr, I 47 High 1'111'1. 
Hobinson 1111's Susan, I 21 Dund;ls W 
UobilJson 'lhomlls A. carp, h ;;3
Roblin Leslie U, eng CPR, h 184 (
Robson Clarence, ticket agt, 1138 Pacific ov 
Hobson Fred J, action fnshl' Heintzlll.lll & 
<':0, res 'l'orollto 
Robson Mlltthew G (Robson & :O;on) n 
la8 radllc a va' 
son Wm J (Robson & Son), I 138 1"a- 
eillc av s 
Hobson & Son (Motthew U and Wm J) 
real est la8 Pllcillc a\ s ' 
Rodwell Harry, eng CrH, h 37 VlcloJrla 11\ 
Hodgers Edmund, clk Gurney Foundry Co. 
res Toronto 
Rogers Edwin R, hordware 2 Dundos e. h 
137 La!,.e,'lew av 
Rogers Eliza 1\\ld Jomes), h 32 WesterD 
Rogers Mlsa Minnie, alsldy, I 32 Weatern 
a\ enue 
Rogers Norman J, signalman, h 103 Cooper 
Holls Arthur, moch, h 136 Mulock av 
Holph Corl, I 110 Dundas e 
Hol"h Carnet L, bkpr, I 116 Dundas e 
Rolph \"m, hornessmkr 116 Dundas e 
UolJlh-Moore \\ m J, ftr'a hipI' CPR 
Homo In John W, gdnr, h I;} Uxbrldge av 
HOllie George A, moch, h 38 !lIIIY 
Hoome Omarlo, regulator HeIntzman & 
Co, res Toronto 
Roper Robert, itr Gasoline Engine Co, res 
Rork Miss Mary, tchl' Model SCh, I 343 
Quebec av 
Rose Ueorge, h 233 Pacific aV s 
Hose James, boiler mkr, I 233 Pacific av s 
Hosevear Jomes 1I1cC, boiler mkr CPR, b 
112 Quebec ov 
Rosenar Willard, brkmn CPR, I '.44 CI
denon av 
Rosevear Matthew C, clk C J lIerh,-I't, h 
97 Hook av 
Ross Alexonder, cond CPR, h 6i IIlu!ock 
Ross Levi L, bond b moster ('PR, It 40 
High Pork av 
Ross "'m. midI', b 30;; Dundas e 
Ross ""m J, switchman Cl'H, h 1:!1 E
Roth Chorles H, brkmkr, h 3;;2 WCStOIl rd 
Roth Henry C, cor repr CPR, h :':;87 :Marla 
Routery Frank, 111' J H Agnew, res 'for- 
Ro\\an Percy, firemon CPR, b 13!) Vine ov 
Rowden Thomos, yard foremon CPR, h Itj7 
Rowe 1IIIss Bella, 1Irs J R Chisholm, b 3;) 
Rowntree 1IIIss Annie E, tchl' Cal'lton Pub 
Sch, I IG4 Cooper ov 
Rowntree Charles, clk \\-m Rowntree, I 1M 
Cooper a.. . 
Rowntree IIIlss Hattie, tchr Tor JUUCtiOD 
ge of 
Iuslc, I 164 Cooper !IV 
Rowntree H..nry <,'-m Rown:ree & Co), 
I 1(;4 Cool,er a'. 
Rowntree James D, cattle dlr, h 110 St 
Clair ov W 
Rowntree James L. cottle dh' Union Stock 
Yards, res Toronto 
Rowntrce John, cattle dlr, h 130 St Clolr 
av w 
Rowntree Joseph H (Wm Rowntree & Co), 
h 37 Dunflas w 
Rowntt'ee Joshuo, hrkmkr. h 643 Weston I'll 
Rowntree Lorne. clk, rms ;'1 Pacific ov s 
lIss Sarah, bkpr Wm Rowntrep. 
I lfo4 Cooper a," 
Rowntree ""m (\\'m Rowntree & Co), gro- 
cer aud postmaster 31!J Dovenport I'd, h 
164 Coo\ler av 
Rowntree W11I &. Co (Wm. Joseph II and 
Henry), grocers, 37 Dundas w 
Royal Horry, clv ser, h 185 Vine av 
Royce Geor/(e C, mngr Tor Sub Ry, res 
Dovcnport I'd 
Royce Josiah R, chief of police, h 435 
Annette w 

SherDJan E. 

To wn send I Arbitrator and Financial Agent 



65 to 91 PEARL ST. PHONE MAIN 2148 ALL S I Z E S 


'1'01'"11''' J line' i..n. 


Rudd Alfred S (George A Rudd & Co), res Scott James D. wtchmkr A C Stanners. I 
Toronto 30" Dundos I' 
Rudd George A (George A Rudd & Co), res Scott John, macho h 34 May 
Toronto Scott John C, clk W R Sheppard, I 351 
Rudd George A & Co (George A ond Alf- High Pork av 
red S), brnnch harness anll corrioge top Scott John D, rood foreman CPR, res To- 
mfrs, factory head Union n ronto 
Rudd Roy, lob Gurney Foundry Co, res Scott Jospph G, conti', h 103 :\Iulock av 
Toronto Scott Jospph \\', case mkr Heintzmon & 
Rumhle -Fredcrlck J, mach, h 40 KIng I Co, I 1U3 Mulock av 
Rumhle Frpdprlck J jr, mach, I 40 King Scott Wm J, nmgr, I 351 HIgh Park av 
Rumble Wm G, app, I 40 KIng Scruton Alfred, eng CPR, res Toronto 
Russell :\118" AImee, tchr St ClaIr Av Sch, SClUton Lloyd J, clk Conger Coal Co, 
I 25 VIctoria av I 155 Dundas w 
Rnssell Andrew, blksmlth, h 25 VictorIa av Scruton LouIs, undertaker 155 Dundas w 
Russell Chorles, mIdI', h 115 Quel'n Spall' James, plauo mkr l\ordhclmer Plono 
Russpll Percy G, drIver, h 388 HIgh Park & MusIc Co, res Toronto 
avenue I Seymour Alfred \V, polisher, b Peacock 
Rutherford J Wm, eng CPR, h 46 Lows Hotel 
Ryan Alhert, ftr's hlpl' CPR I Seymour DavId, moch Gasoline EngIne Co, 
Ryan Frank, ttr CPR res Toronto 
Ryan John, plmbr R Paterson, b 13!) "Ine Shand James, macho h 117 Davenport I'd 
avenue Shonnon "'m, tmsU' Conger Coal Co. h 
Ryan Mory S (wId Arthur 1'), h 26 Lows Myrtle ov 
Ryan Rl'lZlnald, midi' Gurney Foundry (
o, Shorpe Frank, prtr, b 141 VIne av 
res Toronto Sharpe FrederIck J, designer, h 358 SII70n- 
Rydlng Samuel (Rydlng & Co), h 206 Dun- beth 
das w 
Rydlnl(' & Co (Samuel Rydlng), plumbers 
206 Dundas w 
St Cpcllla's Church 
cor Annptte w 
St ClaIr Av School, 
St C]alr av w 
St Clair Edmund, tool mkl', h 114 Annette 
St John Wllhert, lah, h 107 Cooper av 
St John's Church (Anl('lIcan), Rev F H Du 
Vernpt rector, s s Dundas w, cor LouIsa 
St Mark's Church (Anglican), Rev C E 
Thomson, M A, rector, Carlton, n-e ror 
Sallshury Mary I (wId Thomas), h 7 Carl- 
ton vi 
Salmon Fred (', checker CPR, I 77 Ed- 
Salmon Susan (wid RIchard), I 77 Edmund 
Salmon RIchard J, checker CPR, h 77 Ed- 
Sampson "'m A (Despond & Sampson), res 
Sandl'r" DavId, furnIture 10 Dundas e 
Sandprs Edgar H, tmstr, h 136 St Clolr ov 
Sandprson Eliza J (wId Wm), h 115 An- 
nette w 
Sandpr"on Geot!:e, brkmn CPR, b 27 West- 
ern av 
Sandprs(>n Rohert G, casemkr Nordhelmer 
PIano &. MusIc Co, res Toronto 
San"Om Wm A, clk Podget & Co, h 40 Ab- 
Whltnpv av 
Slltturk Charles, millwrIght, b Occidental 
Saundl'rs Gerald F, clk Bank B N A, 
13 Dunda" w 
Sava!!"e Andrew, ttr CPR. h 44 :\11'(11and 
So vIIII' Harry, mach hd, h 64 Camphell ov 
Saxon ('arollne F (" Id Wm H), I 22 May 
Sca]e" Wm, Inh, h 1
4 Cooper av 
Sca]e" Wm J, hrkmn CPR. I 1
4 Coopl'r av 
Scanlon 'fls
 Hattie, cashIer F G Lillie & 
Co, I Edmund 
Scarll'tt E Wm, gravel pIts, h 64 St Clair 
av w 
Schmidt Frederll'k, tlr, I 33 Carlton pI 
Schmidt Hl'nl'Y 
, clk A 101 Gobel, I 330 
High Park av 
SchmIdt Loul"a (wId Frank), h 1;; Union n 
SchollI'M neorge N, pntr, h 150 Cnwthra 
Scholl''' John It. core mkr Gurney Foundry 
Co, rl's Toronto 
Schrl'lhPl' Thomas C, shIpper, h 24 Carltou 
Schrol'dpr Otto, dpcorator, h 33 ('arlton pi 
Schultz John J, brlcklyr, h 87 HIgh Park 
Sl'hl1lh: Wm, tlnner. b 29 Pacillc av " 
Schwenkpr CharII''' H, foreman venepr dept 
Hplntzman & Co, h 40 Laws 
Scott Alpxandpr C. eng CPR, res Toronto 
Scott A]pxander K, h 18 Laws 
Scott !llIss AnnIe :\1, mnslc tchr 3;;1 High 
Park av, I snme 
!':cott Mls
 DaIsy, steno..: Gasoline EngIne 
Co, I 103 Mulock av 
Scott Jame
, dairy :lii1 HIgh Park av 

(R C), PacIfic av, s-e 
J H ColvIn prln, n s 

Auctioneer a
eal Estate Agent 
Office-133 Dundas St. East 

Sharpe Ingham I", auctioneer, Ins and real 
estate 133 Dundas 1', h same 
ShRl'pe Samuel, bollermkl' CPR, b 141 
Vine ov 
Sharpe Wm M, piano mkr, b 141 VIne av 
Sharrard Amos W, carp, h 64 UnIon s 
Shavpr Abrahom, bricklayer, h 16 Clen- 
denan av 
Shover Fronk, lab, I 16 Clendpnan av 
Shaw Da\ Id, lab, h 12 Whitney av 
Shuw Do\"id jr, lab, I 12 Whitnpy 
Show John, fireman CPR, res Toronto 
Shaw John A, mngr Standard Fuel Co, h 
47 :\Iedland 
Shaw Wm, lab, I 12 Whitney av 
Sheen John, brkmn CPH, b 71 HoskIn av 
Sheppard Frederick, clk, h 26 Hook av 
a \
Shephard Joseph, strInger Xordhelmer PI- 
ano & MusIc Co, res Toronto 
Sheppord FrederIck, clk, h 26 nookI' av 
Shpppard \IIlss Helen A, tchr, I 230 Hlgb 
Park a\ 
Sheppard Wm H W, I 230 High Park av 
Sheppard Wm J, je" 1'111'1' 49 Dundas w, I 
230 High Park av 
Shcppard Wm H, dry goods 127 Dundas w, 
h 56 HIgh Park av 
Shprman Isoloh, carp, h 211 Pnclfic av s 
Sherman Wm J, carp, b 89 Cooper av 
SherwIn Charles H, nctlon fnshr HeIntz- 
man & Co, res Toronto 
Shlach Wm III, clk ('PR, res Toronto 
ShIelds George
 eng CPH, I 4ii Van Horne 
Shields Hannan ("Id Thomas), h 45 Van 
Shields II11s8 I.IlIy, smsU's, I ï:! Quphec av 
ShIelds Richard, drh er, I 4:; Van Horne 
Shlplds Thomas J, lab, h 72 Quehec av 
Shook \\Ilss DIana R, h 35 !IIedland 
Shore Charles, tlr, h 47 HoskIn av 
Shore Re\ T E Egerton, pastor Annette 
St :\Il'th Church, h 177 HI;::h Park av 
Short Fre(lerlek \II, I 6!) Lake\ lew av 
Short Miss Georgina, I G!) Lakl'\lew av 
Short Jamps R, foreman, h 117 Laws 
Shuttleworth EdwIn, carp, h 125 Dundas 
Shuttleworth IIlrs Jonet, gro 12:; Dundas I' 
Slddoll I:dward, carp, h GO Camphell av 
SIddall Wm E, carp. I GO Camphl'lI av 
SImcox James, ftr CPR 
SImpson Rev James :\1, h 45 !lll'flhmd 
SImpson ,Tospph C, foreman, h :;.. Camp- 
bell ov 
Simpson Samu<'l, mldr, I 37 :\lc)lurrny av 
SIms Charles W, uphol, I 2"" Dundos w 
SIms Wm, tlr, h 2"" Dundas w 

SInclaIr Albert, brkmkl' George H Towns- 
ley & Co h 179 \,Inebec av 
Sinclair Alhert D, lab, I 1113 Keele D 
Slnclolr Albert E, lub, I 1711 \,Iuehec av 
SInclaIr Allan H, tmsU' It J llalt. I 179 
\,Iuebcc ov 
SInclaIr ArchIbald, bollermkr, I 157 VIne 
SInclaIr Donald L (SInclaIr & \\Ic:\lastør), 
res Toronto 
SInclaIr 1I11ss Hannah. tlrs Colemon ... 
Glo\er, res TOI'on.o 
SInclaIr Barry C. tlmekpl' CPR, b 22 Pa- 
"Ulc av 
Slnclolr Jomps, fircman CPR, b 259 Keele 
Sincloir John A, corp, h 193 Keele n 
SInclaIr Peter W, yardman CPR, h 59 
Hooke ov 
Sinclair & :\Idlaster (Donald L SinclaIr. 
"'m A IIlcMaster), borrs 76 Dundas w 
!':Is>on Gm'llon, cooper, h 3G :\la
Sisson Miss Grace, tlrs A M Gab<'l, h 36 
Skeans Wm A, barr, h 196 LouIsa 
Skey Han'ey F, clk Bank B I" A, b 57 .\n- 
uette I' 
Slingerland Reuben, mach Gasollnc },;D- 
ginI' Co, res Toronto 
Slater Arthur, presser, h 3.. UnIon n 
Slater Frederick, mach, b 301 I1undn
Slatpr John J, bIcycle wkr, h G07 W..
Smart Ellswooll, clk, h 124 Laws 
Smiley Samuel, fireman CPH, b 40 IIlc\lur- 
roy av t 
Smith Albert, storeman CPR, res Toronto 
Smith Alice J ("Id Archlbold), I 63 Pa- 
cIfic av s 
Smith Andrew J, tel OPI' CPR, h 61 \"ine 
Smllb Arnold, clk Padget & Co, I :a-l 
Davpnport I'd 
Smith Charles,l I 251 Clendpnnn ov 
Smith Charles, plshr r<;orllhplmer PIano ... 
Music Co, res Toronto 
Smith Charles "', patternmkr, h 64 
Loughton av 
Smith George, drIver, I 57 Chorles 
Smith Gprold I. T, dental studt, I 289 An- 
nette w 
Smith Honnah (wId Thomas C), h 169 Pa- 
cIfic av s 
Smith Jocob 1', carp CPR, h 22 Pacific av 
SmIth Jesse C, graIn buyer, I 14:5 PacIfic 
ov s 
SmIth John, brass fnshr, b 96 Pelham av 
Smith John, lab, b I' 66 Dundos I' 
Smith John W, Iron wkr, h ..6 Laugllton 
SmIth Joseph, graIn buyer, h 289 Annette 
SmIth Lawrence, coremkr Gurney Foundry 
Co. res Toronto 
Smith Lydia (\\111 James F), h 314 Daven- 
port I'd 
Smith \\Iork, gdnr, I 235 St ClaIr av I' 
Smith Hoy, lab, I 213 Pacific av s 
Smith Samuel Y, tmstr A Compbell. h 51 
SmIth Miss Soro, tcbr Corlton Pub Sch. 
res Toronto 
Smith Thomas, carp, h 23 IIledland 
Smith Walter T, blc
cle mJ..r, I 1G9 Pa- 
cific ov s 
!':mlrh Wellington, lab, I 6.. Lnughton av 
SmIth Wm J, eng CPR, I 1119 Paclflc av s 
SmIth WIll R, miller A Campbell, b 1!12 
Annette w 

às Del'llle, clk Post Office, I 32 
-th 'Thomas J, troy, h 63 W'l1lougbby 
Smyth Wm S, stores foremon CPR, h 32 
Albanv rd 
Snell Edmund, cattle dlr, h 312 LaJ..e\ lew 
Suoddon Elisha W, cor 1'1'1'1' CPR, h 17 
Franklin av 
Somer\ IIII' Thomos, tmstr ". l' Hartney, 
res York tp 
Soutbhy Henry J, brass fnsbr CPR, h 1.."0 
Pacific av s 
!':outh"ell John W, macho h 95 Hooke av 
Spangenberg Fredprlck G, stenog CpH, b 22 
l'acillc av s 
!':pnrlln..: Robcrt. bIcycle mkl', b 35 Hooke 

e Investors' Mercantile Agency, Li"1ited 
25 TORONTO ST. Telephone Main 613 

Prevents Loss; Insures Safe Investments 
Samuel Nesbitt. 




Standard Life 
ASSURANCE co. of Edinburgh 


lIfanager for Canada 
Chief Agent, Ontario 


Torunto J ullction. 


Sparrow Arthur J, mldr Guruey FudQ- Co, I Stondmw Dalton, casemkr 1II0rdheimer 1'1- Thomas Georgi:. 0, carp, h 178 Untarlo 
res Toronto I auo & 
Juslc Co, b 112 Duudas I' Thowas 1111's Hannah, h ;;9 Anllette I' 
Sp"llrs Cecil J, ftr's hlpr CPR, h 1,10 St Stonewan Da,ld A, mach, h 3,1 Carlton pi Thomas :\[ark, brkl
'I', I 71 Hoskin av 
Clair a, w Stouewlln Ueorge E, ftr Gurney I<'ouIIIIry Thomas IIllss Sarah B, tchr Model Sch, 
Spears \\ m, brkmn CPR, b 305 Dundas e Co, I ;;5 Edmund 120 Quebec a v 
Speers \\ m (\\ m Hpeers &. Co), h 70 Dun. Stoneman Isaac \\. tester Gurney Fndr) Thomas \\'m D, mach, h 130 Clendenan av 
das w Co. h 32 Carlton pi Thomas Wm J. brkmn CPH, h 174 :\Iarla 
Speers '\'m & Co (\\'m Speers), under- Stoneman Joseph '1', boiler bldl' Uuruey Thoml'son Ann (\\Id Atchison), I 1 ('hurles 
takprs 70 Dundas w _ FIlIIry Co, h 55 Edmund Thompson Alexander, grocer 17 Dun,las e 
Spjller Wilfred J. Iron wkr Gurney Fndry i)toneman Wm, s\\itcbman CPR, h 5G Ed- Tbompson Da,ld, storekpr CPR, h 40 May 
Co, b 276 Annette w mund Thompson Edmund H, pntr, I 96 Marla 
Spicer Henry, car repr CPR, h 83 Eliza- Stoneman \\'m H, harness mkr, I 56 Ed- Thompson Frank, app, I !)(j lIlarla 
betb mund Thompson Henry, night watchman. h 00 
Spicer Wm H, Cat. repr CPR, h 138 Fmnk. Stollg Joseph, h 1,19 Pacific a_'- s 1\Iarla 
IIn a, 8tore
' James, mach CPR, h :;ç PacIfic av Thompson John, yardman Union Stock 
Spink Elizabeth (wid Wm), h 50 :\lc
lur' south Yards, h 67 Mulock av 
v Storey lIliss Marlha, h 45 Charles Thompson John D, gro 1 Charles, h same 
Spink James A, jw!t., I ;;0 lIIc:\lurra
' av Htott Albert E, midI' Gurney Fndry Co. res Thompson John J, I 29 \\'estern av 
Spragge Joseph R, master mechanic, res Toronto Thompson Joseph, clk Dodge Mfg Co, I 97 
Toronto StrangI' Robert G, carp R J Batt, b 179 Hooke av 
Spragge J Perc
, clk m m office CPR, res Quebec av Thornpson Samuel H, harnessmkr Ge<Jrge A 
Toronto Htr,lUgwa
s :\11's Ola, I 59 Annette I' Hudd & Co, res Toronto 
Sprlngford RIchard, watchman, h 168 Pa- Str:1ight IIllss IIlaud, tchr :\[0(\1'1 SCh, I 216 Thompson Thomas C, cond, I 96 :\[arla 
c[fic a\ s Clcndenan av Thomp.,on Thomas H, moto, h 29 We..t
Sprlngford "'m E, rubber Heintzman & Stretton Arthur, mngr Conger Coal Co, a\enue 
Co, I 168 Paclúc av s 2
U Keelc s Thompson Wrn H, brkmn CPR, I 29 West- 
Sproule Frederick A, eng CPR, h 77 Louisa Stretton Miss Eva, tchr, I 280 Keele b ern a\' 
Sproule :-'athaulel, eng CPH Stlettoll lIliss Lillian, tCbr, I 2,.,0 Keele s Thomson Rev Charles E, rector St Mark's 
Spro\\ I Arthur '1', pntr, b 122 Annette I' Str..tton Robert, real est. h 21',0 Keele s Church, h 142 Churchill av 
Spro\\ I Hannah (\\ id Allett), h 130 Annette ,stump Jesse, .Ial',.1 .) C'leodenan av Thom,on Charles J, fireman CPR, h 37 
east Hul", .I
 liotel, John H'll'rls prop, Keelc n, Hoskin av 
Spurrier Harry, analyst, h 17 Laughton av s w cor Vine a" Thomson ChariesT, printer 61 Dundas w, 
Sqnler Aaron, h 116 Pacific a\' s 8uggltt Francis, foreman, h 28 \Vhitney a, I 142 Churchill av 
Srigley Enoch \', carp, I 39 Vine av Huggitt James, lah Heintzman & Co, res Thomson Da\ld I", fly fnshr Heintzman 
Srigl!'y Joel, tmstr Standard t'uel Co, h Lambton Mills & Co, h 36 1.'alnlew a,- 
39 Vine a" Summerbell Joseph S, tlmekpr GurneJ Thomson HenIT, blksmith, h V5 Hooke av 
Srlgley Robert, cond, h 123 Mulock a" I,'mIry Co, res Toronto 'Thomson !<ieil, carp, h 108 Quebec av 
Standard Fuel Co Ltd (br), J A Rhaw Summer\'llle Peter, tmstr J Haines, . 30 Thomson Miss Sarah E, tchr Model SCh, 
mngr, coal 42 Dundas wand 46-56 Viue IIledland I 120 Quebec av 
avenue Snrl'ldge James, tm,tr, h 319 \\'.'ston I'd Thomson Miss Sarah J, dressmkr 108 Qne- 
Standish J Philip, acct Dodge Mfg Co, h Snl'ridl':e Frederick, tmstr, I 319 Weston I'll bec a", h same 
101 Quebec a" Sutcliffe Thomas, brkmkr George H Towns- Thomson Miss Tessie, dressmkr, I 108 Que- 
StannN's Alexander C, jwh' 1 Dundas 1', ley & Co, h 110 St Clair a" I' bec a'- 
res Toronto Suthcrl",..1 John. slsmn, h 130 Cawthra 11" Thomson Wm C, artist, I 1-12 Cburchlll ay 
Stanton Francis R, harness mkr George A Swan I:d\\ard, lab Gurney Fndry Co, I 6 Thomson \Vm H, mach, I w Hooke av 
Rudd & Co, I 110 Quecn Fprguson pi Thorndyke Georg!', hostlcr, I :!46 Keele .. 
Staples John J, carp, h 120 IIlarla Swan John Met', blksmith, h 6 Ferguson P Thorndyke Robert, watchman, h 246 Keele 
Static Bernard. elect, rms 103 Cooper a\' S\\an Wm J,, I 6 Fcrguson pI north 
Steed Roulaf'III, carp CPH, h 11 Lindner S\\ itzer Peter, carp I"ordheimer !IIuslc & Thornton Joseph, ftr CPR 
Steel, Peter, brkmn CPR, h 48 Ca\\ thra Piano Co, res Toronto Thorpe '''m S, eng CPR, h 39 IIledland 
a,enue Tabot Alfrell glass decorator, b 81 King Tighe Alhert, casemkr Heintzman & Co. 
Stephen.. Thomas, gdnr, h 7;; Edmund Tallllll
n Ote'ntla ),; jr, (wid Arthur), h h 134 Clendenan av 
Stephenson Henry, cond CPR, h 19 Hos- 57 Dnndas e Timbers Hcnry. lab, I 109 Churchill av 
kin av . Tarrant Stanley, clk J G Wright, res '1'0- TIMBRELL SIDNEY. Proprietor 
Stephenson James, lab, b 210 Dundas w ronto He
-don House, \\'eston rd, cor St Clair 
Stelmey \\'rn, shipper A Campbell, res Task!'r James, earetkr, 131 Dnndas I . " 9 a..-enue 
York tv Taosl'il Charlcs H, ftr's hlpr CPR, .. Tindle Clifford, foreman cooper A Camp- 
Stevens E J & Co (Bert Ste"ens, Danlcl lIla)' bell, h ()O Hooke av 
IIlcDougall), cattle dealers Union Stock Tassell Wm J, eng, h 39 May Tlnllne Thomas C, cashier and salcs aat 
Yards 'rate Walter, wood can-er, rms 1I!J \'ine \\ïlklnson I'longh Co, res Toronto 
Ste, ens Bert (B J Ste' ens & Co), res '1'0- a ,-enne Tltley Hupert car repr CPR. h 121 Quepn 
ronto 'fattle \\'m L, carp CPR, h 411 We;;ton rd I Toase Arthur' bakN' I 57!) \Veston rd 
SteHns Wm, moto, b 108 St Clair a,- I' Tay:or Abrnbam, tmstr, h 172 .'Iarla Toase Henry' brkmki. h 579 Weston rd 
Stc\'ens<>n Elizabeth (wid \Vm), h 76 Laugh- Ta
 lor Charlcs . S, pi,ano mkr Heintzman I Toase Thorn';s S, bkr: h 47 Union s 
ton av & Co, h 2fI }. rankhn ay Todd Francis 'V fnshr Heintzman & Co, 
Ste,enson FreQerlck, collarmkr Geor!:e A Ta
 lor Daniel, eng CPR, h 62 :\[edland res Toronto ' 
Rudd & Co, res Toronto Ta
lor Ed\\al'd J, tra\, I V9 Lake,-lew a, Todd Thomas 'V Iron wkr h 194 Am'ette 
Ste"enson John S, brkmn CPR, h 38 I:::II- Ta
 lor George W, eng, h 
,1 \Iay . I west ' , 
mund Ta) lor Gordon R, tnner I\ordht'lmer P.ano I Tomlinson Miss Edna M. music t.
hr 449 
Ste\'enson Joseph, car repr CPR, h 168 & :\[uslc Co, res Toronto _. Quebec 'av, I same 
Marla Ta
 101' Harry. eollar mkr George A 1>I'dd Tomlinson John L, wood \\ kr CPR, h 449 
Stewart Adam, carp CPR, res Toronto & Co. r!'s Toronto Qu('bec av 
Stewart Alfred E, eng CPR, res Toronto Ta\'lor Hcnry. porter Heintzman & ('0, h Tonkin Edward R action fnshr tIeintzIDan 
Stewart Allan, semophore Insp Cl'R, h;;3 3!J \'an Horne & Co I 42;; High Park a\- 
Queb!'c av Ta, lor J.IlIH" H. tlm('kpr. h 48 Argyle "II Tonkin' J '\'m \\d wkr Helntzul9.n & Co, 
Stewart lIllss Edith, tchr Model Seh, I 10 'ra)-Ior Jer('miah '1', tmstr. h 176.0Ilt"-rlo h 425 High Park av 
Dund.lo I' 'l'a) Inr Luc
' :\IaJ' (\\ Id H!'II,'r), " (,!J Lakc- Tonkin "'m. \'arnlsher Heintzman & Co, 
Rt..wart I'sther (wid James), h 21 Pacific Yiew av .' I 42;; High Park av 
a" n, Ta) lor 'I,lrl!al'('t JWld John E), I :.18 HUID- . Topham Hcnry A, fireman CPR, I 35 Vine 
Rte\\alt James, ('ooper A CamIlliI'll, I'CS ber,lde a\' I' a,enue 
Toronto Ta)-Iol' Hlchard, ear insp CPH. h 69 Uttley Topham Wm A E, carp, h 35 \-be n v 
Stewart James.. fireman, b 200 "'eototo rd Ta\ lor Holll-r!. cabtmkr, h 112 Ann!'tte (' To!>plnl! Chari!', mach h 47 Vine ay 
south _ Ta)-Iol' Itohert E, fireman ('I'R, 11 22 I'a- TORONTO JUNCTION COLLEGE 
Rtcwart John, carp, h 44" Annette w clfic av f :\['1 d!:: I 01 f Flo Itlon :\flss 
St!'\\art Miss Laura, tchr Model SCh, I 4-t;; Ta) lor '1110111a,. tool mkr, h l:n ]'!'pdas I' ' 0.. _ 1I1 '
s ; [ .a ll n ;,e l lO t 0 IS Ì'\und';s . O pp 
Annette w Ta\-Ior Wm bollermkr CPR, b ::1 \ :('tvrllt lfl .11'. I an., 1'1'1' ress, , .... 
Rt!'\\ art Sarah A (\\ Id Thomas), h 2O!J Pa- a__-enu!' ' Post Office (See classified :\[u"'c Teach- 
clfic a" s Ta, lor \Vlll A. stndt. I 39 Van Horne ers) 
Stewart "-alter I., casemkr Hpintzman & Te;I"dale :\Iarlon (\\ Id Anthony), h iO Pa- Toronto Junction Collegiate Institute, F C 
Co. I 21 ['aclfic a\' n ciflc a\ s Colbeck, H A, prln, Quebec av, opp 

te\\ art '\'111, ('arp, b 57 Dundas I' Tce!>le Ll'wls, StOH
 runtr, 1'111" f) Dnn<la, \\ Humberslde aV 
Ftin,on John II. tmstr Tor Jnnction LulO- I T..lfol'll \\'01, !'n
 ('PR, h 2,11 Annc
te w Toronto Jnnctlon Lumller Co Ltd. R E 
I!er Co. I 1S8 Ann!'tte w .. Temple I'l'IlIprll'k, "rtr. h 30 Fair.... w u, nih,on Presldpnt, R L :\[c('ormaek Ylce- 
Stlrrctt Georg!', har<l\\ are, h 30!) "IIIOUgb- 1 Temple \\'111, Ohn('lIIlir ani! mus\('al InstrU- 1 Pres, ,V C Inln mng director, 'Ine av, 
by av OIpnto f04 I'IIIIII.IS W. 11 s:lmp cor Keele n 
Storks James R, pntr, h 19 Wesll'rn a" Tennant Tho,:,.as J. shlpller G:looliue En- TORONTO _ J UNCTION POST OF- 
Stoeks R J Percy, fireman CPH, I 19 glnp ('0, 1'1" loronto ,_ 
"'estern av I Thomao Christopher A, btchr. h 018 St Clair I fi..,.. John S Kirkwood I' \f, II I.undnq 
Stokeq John /\" mus tChr, 48 Annette w a" w west 

ACME LOAN & SAVINGS COMPANY Weekly Savings Department 
Th e I 0 Allowed on sums of 201'. 
78-80 Confederation Life Building 3 
 /0 Wrftcdf


Capital One Million Dollars (See Back Cover) Head Office, Temple Annex, Toronto 



Toronto .Junction. 

\'enableß Albert, harnessmkr George A 
Hudd &. Co, I 73 Bdmuud 
\"..,,,,bl,'s Ch,Hles ),;, IJr!.mn CPH. I 73 Ed- 
\"..u"bles Frel1erlek W. plsh.., I 73 El1muud 
Venables John G, mlleh. I 73 Edmuud 
'pnables John H, eug, h 73 Edmund 
Veruon è\Irs Eliza, h 2 Fprguson pi 
Paelnc a\" s \ ictori" Church (Presbyterian), Annette ", 
cor Mpdland . 
Vi..tue John E, ftr Ko..dhelme.. Piano ,,< 
:l\Iusic Co, res Toronto 
Volk John W, plshr, h 14 Knigslpy aV 
Wads" orth Wm 1', carp CPH, h 4,1 King Wm J j.., action fnshr, I 44 
Wagn.... Charles, yarl1man UnlolJ Stock 
Ya..ds, h 75 Mulock av 
Wakefìpld Brick Mfg Co (Walter R, PhIlip, 
Uporge and Miss Saroh Wakefield), ,. <>6 
St Clair av I' 
Wakefield George (Wakefield BI:lck l\Ug 
Tovell Japheth A, genl agt and assignec Co, h ,. 56 8t Clal.. av I' Ward Joseph. agt, h 69 Annette I' 
6 Dunl1as 1', h ,I:; Annette w Wakefield Philip (Wakefield Brick l\Ug Ward è\lichael, car ..ppr CPR, h 270 Marla 
O " J Co), I .. 56 St Clolr av I' \Va..d Hobert F, moto, h 116 Quehec av 
T WN HALL, WIlham Conron W"kefipll1 Miss Sarah (Wakefield B..lek Ward Thomas, eng CPR, b 52 IÜele s 
Town Clprk, J T JackSQn Treasu..e.., 16-18 è\Ug CO), I .. 56 St Clair av I' Work George K, eng C PH, h 31:; Pacific 
Keele south Wdkefield Walter H (Wakefield Brick Mfg av s 
Townsend Thomas R, baggage mast 1''' ond Co). h 100 St Clal.. av I' Wark Samuel J, eng CPR, h ,19 Argyle ..d 
Dom Express agt C PH, h 171 \Vestern Wa!.ellu Arthur, st..inger Heintzman &. \Varrpn F..ederlck, h 131 Evel) n cres 
avenue Co, h 52 King "" Henry, mach Gasoline Engine Co, 
Townsley George H (George H Towusle)' Walden Bd\\ard, car insp CPR, h 35 Hooke h 61 Hook av 
& Co), I 514 'Veston I'd a\('nue Wasdell Thomas H. ftr Gu..ney Foundry 
Townsley George H & Co (George H Waldron Lawrence, lab, b 96 Pelham av ('0. h 1;;0 Clendenan av 
Townsley. Wm T Joy and Ha....y Xeed- Walker Agnes (wid George), I 36 l-nlon n Wotklnson !III's Agnes W, sec hd gds 32 
ham), brick IIlfrs 51,1 \Veston ..d Walker Arthur '1', tlnne.., h 97 High Park lIundas e. h 21) same 
Townsley George S, h ;;14 \\"eston ..d avenuc I "'atklnson Henry. contI. 26 Dundas e 
Townsley Samuel, ftr's hip.. CPR Wal!.pr Ed"ard J, brkmn CPR, b 40 è\Ic- Watson Christian W, h 2;;1 High I ark av 
Train George E. fiour and feed 200-202 è\Inrray av \Vatson James S, 011 produce.., h 13 Laugh- 

ob.:rth J,a'fat, h 52 Argyle I'd Walker G..orge, cond CPR, h 36 Union" I ton aV 
T ra..-I s Thoma s. saw'"e.. Con g er C oal Co , Walk!'.. George, rubber Heintzman & Co, Watson Joseph, fireman CPR, b 630 WI's" 
, I 3:; Franklin av I ton I'd York tp "'olkl'r George H, elk, I 54 Union n Watson I.yman M. b..kmn CPR, h 6 Dun- 
Tra..-Is "m R, hatte.., h 51 Argyle I'd Walker Harry, eng CPR, h 13 Dundas W das I' 
kis Edwa..d, eng CPR, I 23 Dunl1as WOII..l'I' IIpnry "T, clk Moisons Bank, I 
 Watson ""m, clk, b 70 Pacific av s 
west Dundas W \Vatt Frederick J, shpr, I 281 St Clair av I' 
Tregaskls George, lab, h 23 Dundas w W..I1...... Howard, wood wkr, I 00 Humber- "'att Helen (wid Alexander). I 28 Lows 
Trenhom Stuort, lab. b 37 Carlton pi Id I \V 1.1 t ( Id W ) h 281 8t CI I 
Treharne Miss Allee, stenog, I 52 Medlond "
ac B, brkmn CPR, 154 Union n ::t e orgare w m, ,a r 
Treharne Miss Lucinda, stenog, I 52 ;\Ied- Wal!.er James, midI', b 34 l"nlon n Watt Martha (wid Richard), h 70 Dundas e 
land \ J Le\erton, bagagemn CPR. I 1)7 \\"atts Abraham, brkmn George II Towns- 
Trpmllyne H Ernest, phy, h 69 Pacific av s High Park av ley & Co. h 671 Weston I'd 
TRIBUNE THE (weekly). A B Walker è\Iiss Kellle, opr George A Uudd & I Watts David L, bollprmkr CPR, h 142 
Rice Manager, 24 Dnndas w Co, I 37 Yan Horne è\larla 
Trimble Gporge D. barber 35 Dundas 1', h Walker Miss Ottle, ..tenog, I 97 High I'urk Watts Francis, prop the Peocock Ih.lel 
24 Annette I' avenne Weatherlll John E, h 71> Edmund 
Trimble IIIlss Mary A, fnshr, I 63 IIlay Walker Robert, brkmn CPR, b 139 
Ine av Weaver H Burwell, Insp. h 127 Edmund 
Trimble !lIra Matilda, h r,g May Walker Robert A, cond CPH, h 54 { mon n Weaver Lorenso 'I, foreman, h 4;; !llay 
Trott Albert, car repr CPU, h 163 Poclfie Walker f:amuel, brick mkr, h 2m St Clair 
n Frederick, blksmlth CPR, b 30 Waa
r Samuel, ear repr CPR, h 3
 I<'rank-I GEORGE H. WEBB 


 lab Gurney Foundry Co, "}

k:; Samuel, lab, h 96,Humherslde 
v e Real Estate and Financial Broker 
re8 Toronto ""alhpr f:ulIluel, plshr Kordhplmer PIano 
Turner 'Ym H, wd turner Heintzman & & Music Co, res Toronto I E.tatcs :\olanaged. Jnsu
an"e ,Ffrected. 
Co, re
 Toronto ""alk(.r Sarah A (wid George), I 170 Poclfic 1\Ioney to Loan, :\IarI'lIIge LICense" 
Tustin Frpderlck C, plshr Kordhplmcr 1'1- av 8 Office 76 Dundas Street West 
ano & lIIuslc Co, res Tòronto Walker "Iolet Iwld Isaac), I 54 (;nlon n I · 
Tutty Philip, eng turner CPH, '. :;2 1'... Walkpr Wesley L, brkmn CPR, I ;).I Union Open until 9 p,m, 
1'1111' av s north 
Tntty Thoma8 A, eng CPR, h 20 Western Wal!.er Wm J, cond CPR, h 102 Anne
te w I "'ebb George H, 1'1 est 76 Dundas w, h 
avenue Wallace è\Iiss Cassie, slsldy, I 1:>8 E.lml1nd 199 Keele s 
Tyson "-m H, brkmn CPR, b 73 PacinI' av ,,'allace Frank, lumber Insp CPR, res York Webster George. macho h 82 rxhrldge aT 
south township I Webster Wm W, maeh (' l' R, h 55 PaT 
Ullrich Richard, rubber Heintzman & Co, Wallo!'e Frank H, carp CPR, h 77 è\[c\IUI- elfie av s 
h 52 Edmund ray av ' ! W!'dJ(ewood Josiah, eng. h 42 Union n 
Union Stock Yards Co Ltd. 'V W Eodg- ""allaee John W, forpman, h 42 I'dmulld Wepk" Charles H (Weeks & Co), h 137 
BOn mngr, stoek yards and cottle market Wallacp Thomas B, I 1;;8 Edmund I Dunda8 I' I . 
n of CPR and w of Keele I "'all ace Wm, carp, h 158 Edmund Weeks ElIzabpth A (wid Norman), I 92 Pa. 

pperton Charlps E, tmstr, h 149 Vine av "'ullace-Houser George, btchr, h 112 f.\t elll" av s 
Upthegrove "'m, eng CPR. res Toronto Clolr av w "'p..ks & ('0 ICharles H Weeks), fionr and 
UrQuhort John, IIreman CPR, res Toronto I Walls James A. mo<'h Gurney Founotry fepd, ]37 Dundas p 
Van Camp Silas A, maeh GasolIne Engine Co. h 70 Laughton av Weese R..rt. wks CPR, b 4:> DunotR
Co, res Toronto Walsh Joseph, eng CpU, h l!ì3 "Ine a..- "'ppse Oscar B, supply ear man CPR. h 
Vandehart 1IIorrls, midI' Gurney Fonndry Walsh "'m, midI' Gurney Fndry Co, res lr.1 IIInlock av 
Co. res York tp I Toronto W<,lr 
llss Christina, stenog A ('amphell, I 
Vandprburg John, <'arp, h 117 CRmp:,,,1I ov ""alters Joseph, mach, b 7 "'Ilson pi 53 Pacifie av s 
Van Dusen Clifford R, cashier, I :::3,1 Lak,,- ""allon David C, bldr. h 28 Linder Well' Miss Emma, opr Bell Telephone Co, 
view ov "allwork Joseph, lab, b I' 66 Duml.s I' I !'i3 Poclfic av s 
VanDusen ""hptford, h 334 I.akcvl"w av Wanless GeorJ(e, eng CPR, h 44 è\llllock 0\' "'I'll' George A C. elk Bank B N A, h !'i7 
Van Xorman "'altN' H. forpmon ''{eor;!" A \Yanshrough Edward, brkmn CPR. h 20 Annette I' 
Rudd & Co, res Toronto I Whitney av. "'ell' James, ftr (' P R, h 53 Paeillc av s 
Van Wrck Gilbert 8, carp CPR, k ,'f\ An- Wanshrough James W, train despatcher "
e}lond Frederick H, clk Howell & Co. b 
(,PR h 99 IIluloek av "., Hoskin av 
nette I' I wans';rough Mary (wid Thomas). h 
2 Wpll.. Dnvid E. pntr, h 75 Vine ov 
Vaughan Robert, Iron wkr, h l;;
v., Ed- Whitney av ""Ii. r:dward A, hollermkr CPR. h 77 
mund I Warot Alfr!'d. h R4 High P'1I"k av \"lne ay 
Veal Horry, brieklyr, h 104 Edmun.l \Y.....'1 Enoch, sanitary Inspp"tor, h t7:; f;t I 'Yl'llwoo<1 ,,'m, fi) fn"hr nplnrzmnn & ('0. 
Velll Wm G. brklyr. h 24 Cawthra av Clair ov Ii 24 CI(>lHlenan a' 

TOl'onto Junction Publle LibraI'), .\'I

 F, \V 
II1cCallum librarian. 34 Dundas I' 
Torouto Junction Itecreation Ciub Lld, A 
è\1 ul'pen mngr, 212 Dundas e 
Toronto Suburban H)' Co, G C Royce mngr, 
Ii Keele s, Power house s w cor 8t Clolr 
a\ and Weston I'd 
Torp) IIIlchael, eng CPR 
Tout Ed\\ln J, eng CPR, h 201 

6eneral :Rgent and :Rssignee 

EstateK :Managed, Houses Rented, Col" 
lections l\lade, Insurance Effected 

Office, 6 DUNDAS ST. EAST 
TonO'\"TO Jr

l "

b E:IlY r;.., t'''\1....

Si- r_
 .,. PO;. .......'1i'

 Co A L. 



SU PPLY C O. For Pure ICE. Perfect De,livery 
Head Office. Tel. MaIn 86 
Limited 43 ESPLANADE 
T. E. 
.lAS, FAIRHEAD, Mji:r. 

Toronto Branch, 26 WELLINGTON ST. EAST 



Toronto .Jullction. 



A Complete Stock of all Good 
Kinds of 


t:'Io Extravagant Prices. 


190 YONGE ST. 


Welsh James J, mach, h 97 !)av
nport I'd 
man George, pntr CPR, h 
13 An- 
nette w 
Wellsman OlinI' R J, tel opr HiJwcll & Co, 
I 213 Annette w 
Wenslpy Gporge, case m:a Hpintzman lit 
Co, rps Toronto 
West George, lob, h 'J! Pelham nv 
West Henry W, fruit 11(; Dl.nèas 'W' 
Western Av Pub Sch, Isaac L Beattie prln, 
Westprn av, between Annette and Hum- 
berslde av 
Westerby \Vm, app Nordhe[mer p'ano & 
Music Co, rps Toronto 
Westha\er Robert B, mach Oa ,olinI' En- 
g[ne Co, b 21 Pnclfic av n 
Wholey II G (\Vhalpy & McDonl\ht), rps 
Buffalo, U S 
Whalpy & McDonnld (H G Whaley, D Mc- 
Donald, A W Maybpe, C .lpng1Dilan, A E 
Call1n), cattle dlrs, Union Sto"k Ym <is 
Wheaton Charles F, sec-treas Dodge l\1fg 
Co, res Toronto 
Wheeler Clarence, mach CPR, b 62 Hook 
Wheeler Joseph T, I 133 lIIulock aV 
Whetham Thomas, mach, h 36 ('ampbdl av 
Wbetter Bros (Wm H and Fronk G I), 
btchrs 139 Dundas w 
Whetter Frank G I (Whetter Bros), h 139 
Dundas w 
Whetter Wm H (Whetter Bros), h 43 Que- 
bec av 
Wblte Cbarlps N, mach, I 237 Annptte w 
White Miss Edith J, mus tchr 237 Annette 
w, I snme 
Whltp Frpderlck J, tel opr CPR, h 60 
White Kay K, jointer He[ntzman & Co, b 
38 May 
Wblte John, boiler mkr CPR, res To- 
White John T, yardman Conger Coni ('0, 
h 74 Hoskin av 
WhIte Martha A (wid Richard), h 237 An- 
nette w 
White Ppter, lab, b G."!O Wpston I'd 
White Roh!'rt, sec mn CPR, b ;;2 L'nlon n 
Whltp Robprt T, lab CPR, h 20:; Marla 
White Thomas E, midI' GUl'ne
' Foundry 
Co, rps Toronto 
Wh[tp Wm G, tmstt Stnndard Fuel Co, h 
272 Mor[a 
Whltplaw John, mnch, h 33 Hoskin av 
Whitley R!'rtle, ftr C P U, res Toronto 
",'hltlpv lIarry, ftr CPR, res '1'oronto 
Whitlock Arthur P, carVel' Conadn Con-- 
 Co. I 70 lIIedJond 
Whittaker .luhn H, ftr CPR, res Tor
Whitton Edward, hrkmkr, b 200 W'eston 
I'd s 
Whitty Moses, signal man G T R, b 23!J 
Keele n 
Wlcklns Murray, I 107 Edmund 
Wicks Arthur M, assembler, h 72 Hoskin 
 Dn,ld. mnch, h 46 TTnlon n 
W\ckq Wm J, cond, I 14 Western av 
Wlckson Isaac, hlc
-cle pbhr, h 53 Hoskin 
Wldills John. carp, h 123 Dundas I' 
Wiggins Alhert E, cond, h 9 Cnrlton pi 
Wlg"lnq (,harles. tlr A III Gahel, I 107 
Quebec nv 
WIJ!glns Joqpph, h 107 Queh!'c av 
"'["gins Huhert (', cond, h 2:;6 :\Iarla 

\\ïI.'!iJD May, wo[tress Heydon House. I . tI
\\ cston I'd 
\\"i1son Peter, pntr, h 37 Pacific av .. 
37 Pacillc Wilson Sarah A (wid David), I 192 AD- 
I nette w 
h 07 An- \\:i1son Samuel, ftr CPR, res Toronto 
Wilson Thomas, storekpl' CPR, b SubwBY 
Wilson Walter, blksmlth, h 44 Edmund 
'''lIson Walter, CBrver Canada Carvln
I 189 Vine av ð , 
Wilson Walter, lab Gasoline Engine I 0 I 
44 Edmund ' 
Wilson Wm, prln Model School. h 338 All- 
nette w 
Wilson Wm E, eng CPR. b 52 Kee'e " 
Windeat :\Uss Emma S, artist, h Indl&ln 
I'd, 2 n Bloor 

:;;rot Miss Louisa H. I Indian I'd, 
W[nder Wm, pntr, b 131 Dundas I' 
Wlndo\ 1'1' Miss Laura, bkpI' T Chapman 
77 Charles . 
WIng Miss Annie drsmkl' I 61 May 
Wing Miss Lizzie', drsmkl
 I 61 May 
Wing Ro
anna (wid Philip), h 61 May 
I1ss Mary, drsmkl' and I!tlltlonef 
167 Clendenan av, h same 
Winkler Emil J, plshr, h 120 Annette I' 
Wlnkworth George, car Insp C P U, h 40 
Frnnklln ov 
W[nkworth Walter G, stove mntr b 
Whitney av ' 
Wlnn Isaac i lob, h 147 Elizabeth 
""Intel' Cec I L, signal man G T R, h 7. 

eorge A, boiler ukI' CPR. res 
Wise Aldwin D, lah, I 42 Laughton BV 
Wise Rubert L, midI', I 42 Laughton av 

phla M (wid Henry), h 42 Laugh- 
Wlshnrt Wm, case mkl' Nordhelmer Piano 
& Music Co, res Toronto 
W[ther[dge Christophel', brkmn CPR, h 62 
Hook nv 
WltherldJ(e John, eng CPR, h 20 lIIay 
Wixson Ja<'Oh, plshr, h 446 '''eston I'd 
Wixson John D, pntr, h 117 
Wixson Jospph, lab, h 251 Clendenlln av 
Wixson Miss :\Inrtha E, tchr 8t Clair AT 
SCh, I 117 Marla 
Wixson Snmuel J, pntr. I 117 Marla 
Wolfl' Robert V, piano mkr Nor.!h.'lmer 
Piano & Music Co, res Toronto 
Wonl( Yuen. Indry, 11 Dundas " 
Wood FrederIck, fireman CPR, I 179 
Clendenan av 
Wood Gporge, saddler, I 142 Marla 
Wood Harry, signal man G T R, h 24 H,)ok 
Wood Harry jr, case mkr IIc[ntzm\\n lit 
Co. I 24 Hook av 
Woodburn Christopher, piano mkr, h f6 
Woods Edward, baker G Robln
on, 1('. 
Woods Paul W, clk Wm Woods, I D5 Dun- 
das w 
"'oo<1s Wm, fruit 93 Dundas, h same 
Workman James, cor repr C P IT, h 141 
Vine av 
Wright Arthur, brnss fnshl', b 116 )'p'ham 
Insurance Effected Wright Charles, drugs, h 212 'V
rn nT 
Wright (,harles F, agt, h 40 {Tn Ion n 
Wrlllht Edwin B, rl'porter. I 212 Wpstern aT 
Wright Ernest, eng CPR, h 126 Pac'fie 
U U X D.-\ S S T. 1
.-\ S T I t#rì,,
t George A, blksmlth, h 70 Camp- 
 hell av 
Wright George E, barher, h 100 Bpatrlce 
Houses fo. Sale WrIght James, lIy fnshr Heintzman & Co. 
res Toronto 
real est 5 Dundas 1', h WRIGHT JESSE G, Drugs and 
Toilet ArtlP)!,s, 33 Dundas 1', h 210 'Vest- 
ern av 
'\"rlght John J. lah, h w s Weston I'd s, 2 
n of St Clair av 
"'rlllht Mnlcolm, ftr CPR. h 29 May 
Wright )'prch-nl R. hldr. I lOr. Evelyn 1'1' 
Co, Wright ROhprt, hrkmn. h 36 Alhnnv I'd 
Wright Snmuel, detpctlve, h 144 Mårln 
112 Wrl"ht Thomns P. hldr, h 106 Evelyn 1'1' 
Wright Thorpe E, h 65 Pllclflc nv s 
Wright Wm, macho b 61 Hoskin av 
Pn- Wright Wm T, plmbr R
dlng & Co, 3ft 
Alhany I'd 

I 'Vigglns \Vm F, reporter, I 108 Pacillc av s 
Wilber Charles, bollermkr C P U, h 3j Pa- 
I cllic a v s 
I \'i
r Frank, brkmn CPR, I 
Wilby Percy H, mill supplies, 
nette I' 
Wilcox Elmer, midi' Gurney Foundl'y Co, 
res "'eston 
Wilde Wchard, eng Laces and Bra[d :\lfg 
Co, res '1'oronto 
Wlldgoose Wm, car repr CPR, I 00 Frank- 
lin av 
W!lds Elias, lab CPR, h 51 May 
Wiley Andrew R, mach, I 175 Keele n 
Wiley Ann (wid Samuell, h 175 Keele n 
Wiley John W. lob, h 173 Pacillc av B 
Wilkie John, midI', h 37 Carlton pi 
Wilkinson Frederick L, brkmn CPR, h 35 
Loke\lew av 
Wilkinson George, mach, b 37 Van Horne 
Wilkinson John II, marriage licenses BG',!, 
Dundas w. h same 
E G IiJ Ffolkes President and General 
Manager, mfl's of Ploughs, Scrapers, Bor- 
rows, etc, Brandon av, cor Campbell av 
Willard Miss Abb[e J, tchr Model Sch I 13 
Dundas w ' 
Willard James C, tlr 15 Dundas w, h :293 
I.akevlew av 
Willard !I1lss May, I 13 Dundas w 
Willard Walter T, dentist 13 Dundas w 
Willcox Wnlter J, yardmaster C r R, h 
599 Annette w 
Williams Adelia (wid Robert J), h 13 Union 
WIlliams Charles, tlnner E R Rogel's, h 28 
WIlliams Edward H, car Inspr, h 47 Pacific 
av s 
Williams Ernest, bkpr, I 58 Comphell 0'1' 
Williams Miss Gertrude, opr, I 13 Union s 
WIlliams George A, fireman CPR, res 
Williams Jemima C (w[d George), h 119 
Quebec av 
Williams Joel, fiy fnshr He[ntzman & Co, 
h 116 Queen 
s Louie. stenog, I 47 Pacific av 
WIlliamson Robert W. gdnr, h 16 Kingsley 
Willis John, car foreman CPR, h 142 An- 
nette w 
WIllis Joseph, pntl', I 72 Quebec av 
WIllis Wm F, tinsmith 12 May, h 195 
Keele n 
W[lIIton Charles, lather, h 25 Hoskin av 
Wllllton Charles W, tlr H N Morrison, b 
23 Hoskin av 
Wlillton Miss Nellie, bkpr. I 25 Hoskin av 
Wlillton John S, harness mkr, h 249 Clen- 
denan av 
Wlllmot Benjsfnln, h 74 I.anghton av 
Willoughby I\lcholas R, IIreman CPR, h 
102 Cleudenon av 
Willson IIIlss Minnie, clk Palmer Shoe Co, 
I 2;; Western av 
Willson Walter J, brkmn CPR, h 150 
Willson Well\nl/:ton, cond, h 25 Westprn flV 
""lison Allan, Band B master CPR, res 

Money to Loan 



Estates Managed 

Wilson Andrew M, 
FO l.oke,I.,w av 
Wilson (,hnrles E, pCkl', h 44 Edmun.1 
""lIson George, carver, h 189 Vine n v 
'''lIson George, 
hpr, h (;4 Campbell av 
Wilson Isnnc, I 108 Annptte w 
"'lIson James, midI', h 2;;9 KepiI' n 
Wilson John, mach hd Hplntzman & 
res TOI'onto 
Wilson Johnson, car repr CPR, h 
lIss Magg[e, h 192 Annette w 
rorgnret (wId Wm B), h 110 
I'lfic n,- 


116-130 GEORGE ST. 

s. C. CURRY, ArchitectI9




Wychwood Park. 


Wyatt Wm E, cond, h 55 May Yallop Wm G. yd master C P n, h 120 Young Jocob, h 1i1 Pacific av II 
Wyllie James A, eng C P n, I 149 Louisa I Queen I I Young Thomas, brkmn CPR, b 82 Keele II 
Wyllie Miss Mary E, elk, I 149 Louisa Yat<.s Arthur W, eng CPR, h 13 Hum- Za\'ltz Edward M, U'a\', h 39 Lake\'lew av 
Wyllie Wm, h 149 Louisa herside av e Zeagmonn Charles (Whaley & McDonald). 
Wynn Gp<>rge, foreman Can Cycle lit MO' I Yates "'m, fnshr Nordhelmer Piano & res Toronto 
tor Co, b Heydon House 
Iuslc Co, res Toronto 
Wynn HRI'ry. appl' The Tribune, I ]41 Yeates Harry, grocer 129 Dundas ø, h FPme 
ElIzaheth I Yokum Cecil, carp, b Occldentol Hotel 
Wynn Lorenzo, cond CPR, h 30 May I Yokum Walter, corp, b Occidental Rotel 
Wynn Samuel. pl'U' The Tribune, I 141 \ Yorke Wm, assemhler, I'ms 103 Co'>pcr av 
Ellubeth Voung Alfred, foreman, h 79 E"mull'l 


(See Bracondale) 



WARD No. I.-All that portion of the city of Toronto lying to tbe east, 
ward of the centre line of Cherry street produced southerly to the waters of the 
Bay; thence northerly along Mid production and along -he centre line of 
Cherry street to the centre line of Eastern avenue; thence south-easterly along 
the centre line of Eastern a,-enue to the centre line of Sumach street; thence 
northerly along the centre line of Sumach street to the centre line of Wellesley 
street; thence easterly along the centre line of 'Vellesley street, to the centre 
line of Park View avenue; thence northerly along the centre line of P
rk View 
avenue and production thereof to the north city limit, and including all the 
marsh lands and islands south of the above-described point, 
WARD No. 2.-All that portion of the city lying to the westward of the 
west limit of 'Yard No.1, and to the eastward of the centre linp of Jarvis 
street produced southerly to the Bay; thence northerly along said production 
and along the centre line of Jarvis street to the centre line of Bloor street; 
thence westerly along the centre line of Bloor street to the centre line of 
Y onge street; thence northerly along the centre line of Y onge street to the 
north city limit. 
WARD No. 3.-All that part of the city lying to the westward of the 
west limit of \Vard No.2, and to the eastward of the centre line of Simcoe 
street, produced southerly to the w
ters of the Bay; thence northerly along 
said production and alon
 the centre line of Simcoe street to the centre line 
of Queen street; thence easterly along the centre line of Queen street to the 
centre line of Queen street avenue; thence northerly along the centre line of 
Queen street avenue and production thereof to the ceutre line of Avenue road; 
thence northerly along the centre line of Avenue road to the north city limit. 
WARD No. 4.-All that part of the city lying to the westward of the west 
limit of 'Yard No.3, and to the eastward of the centre line of Bathurst street 
produced southerly to the waters of the Bay; thence northerly along said 
production and along the centre line of Bathurst street to the north city limit; 
together with the }Sland lying in front of said city. The Parliament buildings, 
Queen's Park, are also included in this ward. 

W.nw No. 5.-All that part of the city lying to the westward of the west 
limit 01 'Yard No.4, and to the Cßstward of the centre line of Atlantic avenue 
produ':ed southerly to the waters of Lake Ontario; thence northerly along said 
production and along the centre line of Atlantic avenue to the centre line of 
Doveccourt road, thence northerly along the centre line of Dovercourt road to 
the north city limit. 
WARD No. 6,-Being all that part of the city of Toronto lying to the west. 
ward (If the west limit of Ward No.5, 

M t II - C _ 1 8 I Metallic 
8 a IC 81 In
s PhnnA P
rlt Rnn 

Roofing Co., 
r.nr_ KINr. And nllFFFRIN 


eratíon 1.ífe 

Canadian Company 


..cct. accountant. 
adv. atlve,'U.."went. 
agt, ogent. 
rl. Impts. agricultural Imple. 
apl'. apprentice. 
appro appraiser. 
8rch. architect. 
A.sHce, A,.,
8ssn. association. 
'sst. assistant. 
attdt. attendant. 
atty. attorney. 
avo avenue. 
bgeom. baggogemnn. 
bal'l'. banister. 
b. boards. 
bdg. boarding. 
bet. bet"ecn. 
blksmth. blacksmith. 
blrmkr, boiler maker. 
bkbnd,'. bookbinder. 
bkpr. bookkeeper. 
btlr. bottler. 
br. branch. 
brklyr. bricklayer. 
brkmn. hrokeman. 
bldr. builder. 
bldg. bulldln
btchr. butcher. 

abt. mkr. coblnet maker. 
C.A.R, Canada Atlantic R1'. 
Can. Ex. Conodlnn ExpreRs. 
C.P.R. Canodlan Pacific U1'. 
carp. cnrpenter. 
C. P. Central Prison. 
chkr. checker. 
dv ser, civil service. 
elk, clerk. 
coli. collector. 
rom. mer. commission mer 
romp. compositor. 
romr. commlsslo
rondo conductor. 

nfr. confectioner. 
ronfy. confectloner1'. 


conU'. contractor. 
COl". coruel'. 
Corp. corporotlon. 
co. county. 
cres. crescent. 
ctr. cutter. 
C. II. Custom House. 
dlr. dealer. 
dept. deportment. 
dom, domestic. 
Dom. Dominion. 
Dom. Ex, Co. Dominion Ex. 
press Co, 
drsmkr. dressmaker. 
e. east. 
e. S. east side. 
elel't. electrician. 
electro. plectrotyper, 
elev. opr, elevator opel'ßtor. 
emp. employee. 
eng. englncN'. 
eng". engraver. 
P'torn. exnnllner. 
fac hd, factory hand 
fnshr. finisher. 
ft, foot of, 
furu, furulture. 
gdur. gardener. 
genl. gcneral. 
G,T,R. Grnnd Trunk Ry. 
hdware. hardware. 
hlpr. helpl'r. 
hsekpr, bousekeeper. 
h, house. 
H. of C. House of Commons. 
In. Rev. Inlaud Revenue. 
Ins. InsUl'o nl'e. 
In<p. Inslle,'tor. 
jwlr. jl'weller or watchmaker. 
lab. laborer, 
Idg wh', laDfUng walter. 
la, lane, 
Indrs. lallO(lress. 
Indry, IlI1lOdr1'. 
Ltd. limited. 
lith. lithographer, 
I. lives. 

mnch. machinist. 
macho hd, lHachlne haud. 
mkr. moker. 
mlstr. maltster. 
mgr, manager, 
mng. dlr. manoglng director. 
mfr. manufacture,'. 
mfg. manufnl'turlng, 
mkt. gdnr, morket gardener. 
mech. mcchanlc. 
meSHI'. messenger. 
mlm'. milliner. 
moto. motorman. 
mldr. mOlllder. 
mutr. mounter. 
mus. tchr, music teacher. 
n, north. 
n. e. northeast. 
n. S. no,.th side. 
n, W. northwest. 
Dr. near. 
opp. opposite. 
opr. operator. 
pntr. painter. 
Parlt Parliament. 
pdlr. peddler. 
photo, Ilhotogropher. 
phy. physlclon. 
pI. ploce. 
plstr. plasterer. 
plmbr. plumber. 
p, c, pollee constable. 
plshr. polisher. 
P. O. Post Office. 
pres, president. 
prln, principal. 
prop, proprietor. 
provs. provisions. 
publr. publisher. 
r. real'. 
res. resides. 
rest. reslaurant. 
ry, railway, 
Ry. )1. S. Railway Mall Ser- 
rep. reporter. 
repro repaIrer, 



rct. retail. 
Rev. Reverend, 
R. C. Rouw.n Catholic. 
R. C. D. Royal Canndlan Dra- 
R. C. R. I. Royal Canadian 
Reglmcnt Infantry. 
I"D)8. rooms. 
S. A. Salvotlon Army. 
sdlr. saddler or harnessmaker. 
slsldy. saleslady. 
SlSDlIl. salesman. 
sDlstrs. seamstress. 
s. e. side entrance. 
S. e. south east. 
s. s. SQuth side. 
S. W. southwest, 
sec. hd, gds, second hand 
see. secretar1'. 
sew. moch. sewing machlneL 
sq, squilre. 
stn. station. 
S, S. steamship. 
stenog, stenographer. 
stereo. stereotyper. 
studt. student. 
snpt. snperlntendent. 
th's, talloress. 
tchr. tcal'her. 
tmstr, teamster. 
tel. telegrnph or telephone. 
t,'r, terrace. 
tinner, tinsmith 
T.W.W. Toronto Water Work. 
tp, townshill. 
trav. trnveller. 
trp:1.s. tl"PflSl1l'er. 
uphol. upholsterer. 
vet. sllr
. velerlnary surgeon. 
wtr. walter. 
w. west. 
w. S. west side. 
whol. wholesnle. 
wid. wlrln.... 
Wm, William. 
wd. wkr, WQod worker, 
wks. wOlYoi, 



rhe profession, business, etc.. of individuals and flrms Is only given at their respective places of business; to 
flnd the occupation of householder, refer to Alphabetical List of Names. 


Abbey Lane. 


.ABBEY LANE, e from 37 
Sherbourne to Princess, 
ward 2. 
Real' entrances 

.ABBS, w from 16 Bl'Ock av 
to l' of O'Hara av, ward 6, 
. ... .. .. North Side .. ...... 
2 Hal'l'ls Miss '" l
, drsmkr 
8 Hlrd Henry 
10 )Unchin Aaron 
12 Cheeseman Al1red 
H Meldrum Wm 
16 Hassard James 
20 Johnston Walker 
22 Bailey Wm H 
24 Lm'ghran Frank 

. .. . . ... Sou th Side ......... 
1 \\ elch 
rs Mary 3 
\" ..u."uut luts 
9 Clark Wm 
11 Mitchell Henr1' 
13 Ste" "rd
on Samuel 
Vactlnt lot 
23 M(1)owell James C, exp 
27 Twidale George 
ABELL, n from Armour to 
opp 1140 Queen W, ward 6. 
. . . . . . . .. East Side ......... 
10 I.aldlaw R & Co, lumber 
1'ostol Sta C, s e 
......... West Side ......... 
48 Amerlcan-Ahell Engine & 
Thre,hl'r Co Ltd 
Skating Rink, s e 

 A V, e from 483 
Ontario to Parliament, ward 
.... .... North SIde .. ...... 
2 Clarke !ill'S Agnes 
\I Leorn John W 
8 Collins Mrs Christina 
 Spencer Charles H 
10 Coxwell Edward F 
12 Hitcble Jockson W 
H Bro" nlow Cbarles H 
16 Phleeger L Henry I' 
111 Wahlen Charles H 
20 Le" Is Adam L 
22 Sandham Ernest A 
......... So'nh Side ......... 
House, s .. 
1 Stewort Kenneth T 

S Gray )lrs Sorah 
fi Smith !Illss M S, drsmkr 
Smith Wm 
7 Oli,'er Joseph 0 
9 Hansford Jeffrey E 
11 ('lay George 
13 Pennln/(ton 1IIIss Annie 
21 Starr Caleb E 
2:'1 Bogart Alonzo A 
25 Allen John T 

 A V, w from 440 
Pe,'th av, ward 6. 
.... .... North Side .. ...... 
Not built on 
... .. .... South SIde ......... 

Toronto Office, 49 Wellington St. E. 

CO Limited, of 
· London, Eng. 
Tel. Main 251 

GEO. R. HARGRAFT, Cen'l Agent Tel.' North 124 

T. O. BLOGG, Oity A&,ent 
Raeldance Tel.. North .8. 

Suite 1108 TEMPLE BUILDING Phone Main 4508 


Adelaide Wes'. 


1 Clark FrederIck 
3 HInton I,rederlck 
5 Welsh John D 

ADELAIDE EA:5T. I' from 
111 Yon!:e to JarvIs, ward 
.... .... Xorth Side .. ...... 
2 Vokes H..rdware Co. . e 
6 Alkeuhelld Hardware Ltd 
dllle Iron :5tuùle 
8 Straud Hotel 
12 Toronto Electric Light Co 
Home Life Building 
Itj 1:> ISUlith 
. J & Co, real 
estate. louns, and Ins 
20 sWI\n :5vdn"y, r"al e
. Victoria' st lutersects 
22 CanadIan Casualty and 
Boiler Insurance Co 
22-24 E'lu;t,. ChamDers 
8-4 l'õ a tlonal Publlshln. 
lIIoney & Risks 
5 DenonlD .To
hna, harr 
Macdonald Donald. barr 
II Standard Lo;1U Co 
7-8 Proctor J A. bnrr 
9 Grote G \V, ùarr 
10-12 Henderson & Small. 
18-15 H"nderson & Dayld- 
SOllS, burrs 
16 Stephenson G H, barr 
""lIson Thomas, relll 
17 Coe John W, barr 
Cam"ron Duncan 0, 
Drake Frank A, barr 
18 Stephenson G H. barr 
19 Nicol & l"lcol, barrs 
20 Canndlnn Lp"I\. I'uh 
Co. R A Wharton, sec 
Cnnlldlan LIl" Llsl 
Ontario Legnl Chart 
Qu"bec Legal Chart 
21 Vacant 
22 Droery Thomas. care- 
23 Vacant 
24 Forrester 
I1ss C A, 
20 Savlguy R A, mer Ur 
28-30 Carswpll Co, law hooks 
Ontario Weekly Rpports 
Canlldllln La w Tlw,,
Nova Scotia Reports 
RevIsed Reports 
Xew Brunswick Rcports 
Lawvprs' Anunnl 
Law Journal Reports 
La w Reports 
82-34 Imp"rlal Chnmbers 
Phoenix Assurnnce Co of 
London. Englaud 
Patprson T C. Ins 
1-3 Imperial Loan & In- 
vcstmeut Co 
4 Buckl:md H G, real est 
Greenwood Russell, 
renl cst 
5-6 !'(mlth Edpn, ar('hltect 
Hynes J p. architect 
7 Rolph, Brown & Hunt- 
er, harrs 
8 Toronto Whist Club 
10-13 ('auada Pro\"hIent 
LIfe Assce Co 
14 Burns II A, acct 
15-17 Winger H E 
18-}!) Ran1<S J L, sculptor 
20 HimI' 'Irs AInsley, art- 
WIllis Archelaus, real 
esta te 
Hull' Walter, eley opr 
36-42 Postoffice Building 
36 Customs Postal Package 
Postoftlce Ingpector's Of- 
fice, James Henderson 
Ralh,.ny ..r..11 Rervlce 
8u"t's Office 

Dpad Letter Office 
Ross Geor
38-42 Genl rust Office 
44 81mpson A L, pub 
!\ews Item 
FInancial !\ews 
44'h Lac"le 1II W, mfg jwlr 
Trades and Labor So- 
46 Vacant 
48 Dominion Supply Co, 
photo supplIes 
r;o Xesbltt John A, real est 
52 Troy J L, /in nJ{t 
Haley Gporge, teas 
Hewell Alfred, publr 
Canadian Year B'ok 
\\ oman's upportunlty 
54 (};Jwanlock rtg & Pub Co 
Johnston & Co, mall or- 
511 Duke's Hotel 
58 Doust Jos, law staty 
60 Re"all Chemical Co, dyes 
Ismond W M, mfrs' agt 
601}. AoJplalde Chnmù"rw 
'Falcon Press Prlntln. 
1-2 CanadIan Neckwear Co 
8 Rutley Warming &; 
Vpntllntlng Co 
4 8toreroom 
5 Woods F H, real est 
6-7 Vacant 
8-11 Canadian Neckwear 
14 lliphn Joshua, artist 
lastpr Wm, stamps 
IG Johnston John 
17-18-19-20 Va..ant 
62 Underwood & Underwood, 
stcreo ..Iews 
64-66 lUtchle John PlumbIng 
&. Hpatlnjl.' Co. 
lIS Canadian GLove Mfg Co 
Winton & Lt>yden, fact,. 
Irs I'i'ora V. 
Bnteman John. tlr 
J edprman Fred, tlr 

hlllln T H, clothing contI' 
68'h MacGregor Angus, prtr 
7u t".'''Pllllln T I, d/!,ars 
72 Archer .Tohn, Indry 
74 Munn GeorgI', carp 
7G Tnylor J E, furn 
Hlckmnn J H S, washln
. Chnrch st Intersects 
Pnbllc LIbrary BuildIng 
78 I'i'elson George. caretkr 
80 I'nhllc Library Reference 
82 Western Leather Goods 
84 Standard Emhosslng Co 
"organ Charles 
8R-DO !"coh Wm. barher 
92-94 !'(bnttIpworth E B 
Chemical Co 
00-98 Crown Art StaIned 
Glass Co Ltd 
100 FlemlnK & McTamney, 
102 I<'lemlnJ1: & McTamn
I<'lemlng John 
104 Warrl Dand. paWtlbrkr 
108 "acant 
110 E..r
mnn Bros 
112 Rolway & Cohen, jnnk 
Cohen Max 
120-22 !'(..blller Honse 
'WIlliams & Co, agents 
Williams Charles 
124 Tolanrl A C. M/!, 
126 Canarllan AmerIcan Music 
PublishIng Co 
128 Toronto Silit Works 
130-2 Vacant 
134-G Rennlp Wm. s('eds 
.... --. '. South Side......... 
Rta1" P & P Co, s .. 
1 Knl/!,ht C F, dentist 
COOl' .T R, hnrr 
Da..les E C, acct 
Irons \V E,rohber stamps 
Axworthy & Da..I""n, 

Davidson R C, real est 

I..cdollaid Hugh 
Higgins J D, real est 
3 \,"ashlngton T E, real est 
5 Browu W J. real e
de Hpauharnols lIIrs G H. 
7-9 United Typewriter CO 
5 Bicycle room 
6 Doyle & McWat('rs, 
pain ts 
lcGhle & Keeler, 
Bell W J & Co, real 
8 Jackson J H & Co, en- 
gra \"ers 
9-10 Vacant 
9-10 United Typewriter Co, 
repair rooms 
11-17 Capp T W Co, mfg 
18 Sharpe J F, patterns 
19-20 Robertson Bros, 
clothIng contrs 
22-23-24 Burgess A E <<< 
Co, mfg jwlrs 
25 lIIacphall Hector, care. 
26 Kn,.ggs Wm, violin 
27-28 Dominion Engraving 
11 Martin F J, mpr tailor 
13 Tarbox Bros, wire gds 
15 !\ewsome & Co Ltd, law 
-sta tloners 
1ï Pearson L!ros, real est 
NOI.thern Assce Co 
Pearson E p. Ins figt 
Connecticut Fire Ins Co 
Pearson & lIIcNaught, Ins 
171h I.earson Chambers 
Io"" J W, real est 
3 Wright J A. harr 
4 Canniff H T barr 
6 Macklin H ä, draught- 
7-8 Swayzle B IE.. barr 
9 Sheppard L c & Co, 
19-21 1IIorton John A, hops 
Walker J R & Co, brokers 
"ïl1lams W H, real est 

Iarkle & L!arton, real est 
23 Land Securltv I'h,'mbers 
Kerr, Dnçid;nn. l'ütersOD 
& Grant. harrs 
BrItish Can L .'I< I Co. S I' 
. VictorIa st Intersects 
3i1 J\Iulual Stock and Com- 
mlslon Co 
35 Qulgle) 'I E & Co, brok- 
37 Va..ant 
39 McArthur Donald, barr 
Gilday Richard. rQD[er 
Graham H & Son. real 
Earle S R, ventilators 
41 Black S \\ & Co, Ins agts 
Loney J E & Co, real est 
43 Cnvell & Glhson, barrs 
Martin & Evans-Lewis. 
ba rrs 
Cba lIener F S, !trUst 
J\lcEa('hern & Ritchie, Ins 
Reatty J W, artlst 
4:1 CanadIan Typewriter Co 
47 \,"0001 F A. real est 
DouJ1:las R A. watchmkr 
49 !'(ullh an I<'redk, Ins 
. Toronto st ends 
Pnhllc L'lvatory 
Gains John, caretaker 
Trust & LOll n Rlrl". s I' 
57 County of York !II unlclpal 
County Council Office. 
John A Ram.den clerk 
Ramsden John A, mar. 
rlnge IIcpnses 
High Constaùle's oll'lce, 
M('DouKnll Jas. clv en/!, 
Connty EUJ1:lneer's Office. 
Jnmes M('Dougnll png 


8ucceaaore to LIMITEiJ 

Typewriters Rented 

Phones Main 1126. 1127 
J. J. SEITZ, General Manager 

/ 1\ 



 0 C E R S .- 
C 0 A L. 
. It E AD orflGf. 


County Treasurer's Office.. 
J K Macdonald treasurer 
Lawrie Wm V, cur"tkr 
67-69 Clauss Shear Co 
J\Iussey Stone Co, W L. 
McArthur agt 
Snlderman J\Iax, tailor 
Worden Alvado, tailor 
l"ixon Fred T, caretkr 
American Stock 
'ood" C
71 Sterling Real Estate Co 
73 Sterling Home Buyers. 
75-77 s I' to 88 Church 
. Church o1t InterseNs 

lIIlen Charles, caretkr 
135 Vacant 
141 Forsyth George 
143 Alexander & Son, pntnt 
145-47 Lumbers John, fiour 
. Francis st ends 
159 Archpr Wm E 
l"asmlth Co, s I' 

118 Yonge to Bathurst.. 
wards 3 and 4. 
. .. .. .. .. North Side ......... 
Store, II I' 
6-10 Map & School SupplT 
Co LId 
12-14 National Electrotype 
& Stereo Co 
14'h Vacant 
16 Alexander Engraving Co 
-Endeavor Press 
Bartlett Wm & Son, ..hade 
IS Paton J W, paInts 
20 8eymour John 
22 Jones & Moore Electrl
Co, motors, dynamos 
24 Cohen Bros Ltd, mfg op- 
26-28 Saturday NI
ht Bid. 
Sheppard Pub Co Ltd 
Toronto Saturday NIght 
CanadIan Annual 
Queen City Ptg Ink Co 
Saunders H & A, mflt 
Elliott & Hume, barrs 
UnIted Statps Consulate 
Guusaulus Edwin N, con- 
Christian Me
J\lacfarlane Wm G, publr 
Toro1Jto Ad \\'rlters 
Montreal Gazette 
Martin Wm T. ogt 
Sentinel Ptg Co 
The Sentinel 
GrIp Ltd, engrs 
Sun Printing Co 
Wepkly Sun 
Whitehead & Hoag Co. 
adv novelties 
He)'es Bros, fcy goods 
Star Ptg and Pub Co 
30 Fountnln Wm. tanor 
32 AmerIcan Hat Co 
14 Jobnston W S & ("0. prtrs 
Indppendent OddfpIlow 
(};Joder G .T, ('10 contI' 
Collins Mfg Co, hardware 
Blashford W A, pap..r 
Domlulnn DI..trlhut\ulIIi Co 




E8TABLI8HED 18815 


Aùelaide West 


Dominion Mailing Agency 
86 GllJtion IS U, cunfl' 
æ-42 Dum Paper Box Co 
Stlmption Cash Register 

 42 'l'oronto Electrical Wks 
Co LId 
Office '.follet Supply Co of 
Toronto Ltd 
Canadian Underskirt Co 
Edwllrds F & Co. cigar 
... Huhhnrd C H Co, dental 
1\eshltt Pub Co 
Dominion Dental J"ournal 
46 Purdy, Mnnsell & Co. 
Smith Bros, bkbndrs 
Roh,on 'Vm H, clothing 
- con tr 
48 Pabtit Chemical Co 
W Phillips Eugene F Electrl- 
cnl Wks Lid 

2 Morley B F, mfrs' agt 
Morley W G, mfrs' agt 
GoO' Porteous 1\1, broker 
$4 Brll"h & Co. cor!lpts 
li6 Hambly Bros prtrs 

ons T J" &: Co, ruhber 
<<> Stpwart W T & Co. roof. 
. Bny st Interse
412 Side entrance 
64 Palmer Solomon 
Lund J{pnjamln 
Craig Wm 
BarlJer John E 
'12 Vokes John, stone conlr 
'74-76 Pellflrlth Machinery Co 
Eaton Wm H, pntr 
Cnnnlrllr A H, weighing 
'18 Mn tthpws Asa, gal Iron 
ßO Morrison & Kemp, machs 
B2 84 Sutton Wm Compound 
Co <of Toronto Ltd, mill 
84 Fell 1 e & Co, engravers 
Photo Mounts Limited 
8ð Toronto Delivery Co 
88 Townl<,y & London, pntrs 
00 GOI!dard Wm, cartage 
tJ2 Clln,ldlnn Show Case Co 
114 Powell E R, artist 
Bull Wm J". patternmkr 
on Charles. carp 
Fenron E H, cnrp 
. Sheppnrd st comm"nces 
102 Cnn Show Case Co's fac- 
Wenlgman Paul, elect 
Toronto Picture I,'rame 

lfg Co 
J"ollelln J" 
. patternmkr 
102'h CommerC'lnl Acetylene 
, Co's works 
106 Woolnough & Otter, show 
McMillan Archibald 
108 Bnnflpld W H &: Sonll. 
110 Townsend G W T,aundry 
Mpndplllllohn Plnno Co 
Merchants' Sponging & 

hl'lnklng Co 
Hall J" B, machinist, r 
t12 Lynch Joseph 
Kernllhan Patrick 
Conway John 
Young Francis 
P\'aglc John 
f'nmpron }<'rederlck 
114 'l'hackray Mrs lIarriet 
MacLnrpn Alexander 
ßoyd Robert J 

ch...lber Frederick 
ßatcs Mrs Annie 
llR n"umont Robert 
)11II"r John 

Plnno String Mfg 
Piano Mfg Co 

Mercer Richard 
!Smithson 'Vm 
118 Wood Henrv G 
-Hili :\Irs EÌlzabeth 
1:ro Ascrll' lII1chael 
Hrhrhter Anthonv 
Abdou Peter :\1 - 
jrvlne Robert B 
122 Underwood John & Co, 
ink mfrs 
Victoria Shoe Cu 
124 Doul/:las Bros. roofers 
Hodgkinson F. puhlr 
"'omen's Kingdom 
. Hours at Home 
Uokco Mfg Co Ltd- 
126 Parlìlovsky Louis 
""ardrohe Snmuel, r 
128 Jones Richard, tlr 
8tore, 8 e 
. York sl Intersects 
132 1 
 8mlth !\nthan 
13-1 8mlth Mrs Lillie 
136 Cnrtln John 
138 Main :\lrs Ellen 
Vueunt lots 
142 lIull.un Thomas 0 
UU Iierr Juhn 
1-18 Mlkkonel1 Reinhold 
,0 I'enker Mrs Susannah 
1:;2 McGllffln J,lmes W 
1;;4-3U Antipltzky Metal Co 
IV:.! Amerlenn Overgnlter Co 
1Ioss D C & Co, mfrs' agts 
Howard W L, mfrs' agt 
161 United Factories Ltd 
- hI ushes and broomR ' 
IG8 '" aca nt 
170 .Tackson Mrs Addle 
112 "Iet;ers lIlrs C 1Il 
I-..I'.llte grounds 
11'0 :\II'Gn'g",' Mrs E, bdg 
182 1\olnn Charles G 
11>-1 Fa wcett Charlell G 
18G I"lel
ehmann & Co. yesst 
1&" Xuttall Edwß1'd, gro 
100 Sherrin J nmes; tlr 
Hotpl, s e 
. Simcoe st Intersectll 
J!I-! Woo Soy, Indry 
1!IG Gordon James 
IUS Jllckson lIlrs Minnie 
Bentty John. c.Ihs 
200 Briggs :\Irs Annie 
202 O'Leary Michael 
2(1-1 Dawllon lIlrs Alice 
:!06 O,horne 
I ah In 
"-arnE'r John 
 Knllshpr S,lmupl 
:!10 Burns Hpnrv 
212 Bnl1t Gporg'e 
2H Duff :\ns
 A lIl, bdg 
2\fÖ Sumner Mrs Milry, hdg 
218 l"orton Ransom 8 
211'\% Sldl1npr .Tames D 
220 Clpgl/: Thoma,' 
:!:!2 Polton Wnltpr 
22-1 C'nmplln Hlchard 
2"..!'; Caml,lIn ISllnc 
228 .)a..Rson Peter 
230 Mallette Mrs Mnrla 

 Coopel- Louis 
2:\-1 Rohlnson Mrs Esther 
21IJ Kh'bv Jamps 
2:J8 Arm
trong Geo. hallllf 
2-10 Johnllton Mrs J"nne 
2-12 I'uddy lIlrs Thursn. gro 
.Duncnll st Intersects 
2-14 Rpnrlman .Jacob 
:!-IIJ Parish Jnmes 
2-11; O,horl1e 'Vm 
:!:;u !:lIard Michael 
2;;2 Mlllwnrd Wm. hdg 
:!:;4 White Mrs AnnIe 
,I>-H f{yder & Muckle, car-. 
rlage makers 
21>11 Flpmlng Mrs Louisa 
2f.2 .IC'nnlngs Miss Luulse 
Iax well W llt 
2f.f. Itrv,mt H"rhprt W 
 n:..nclll lIlrs E 
27/1 Hili Rohert A 
272 pppler Wm H. phy 
C'II ,'lisle Gporl/:e W 
. John st Intersects 
Storc, s II 
2'>0 "'ngpr Wm 
282 Chung Lee, laundry 
284 Kllfedder Mrs M G 

286-88 Kerr James. hlksm'th 
:wo O'Den /llt.ti 
Iilry A 
I;nllagher lIlrs M 
2!10'h HolJerts 
Irs Annie 
:.!!J2 Gloucester Alfred 
Cumpton Geor!!:e T, r 
Hohert. IIlrs Annie, r 
Quinlan G, r 
21)4 Yntes blills Amy M 
2!Jt;-aUO Warehouse 
302 O'Grlldy Juhn A 
304 lIlcGmre Airs Mary 
3U6 LlergE'r M rs 1Il 
308 HI"Ighton Robert 
3]0 MI'(;ulre lIIrs Snrah 
+ "'idmer 8t Intersects 
31:! Downs Martin 
31-1 CnrtwE'lI Mrs Lovlna 
311i lIlunn Rohert 
3]M Hnrmrd John, pntr 
320 Merrinm Chnrles 

 Pedro Fricano 
32-\ :\lontone Dominican 
3:!fJ FrpE'man 
. Drummond' pi commpnces 
32:> Mollpn John 
3:\0 Murphy Wm 
2 God.b rd Thomas 
:I:H IIl1tchcli E W 
3:11i Hawklus 
8 Cuffey :\Ir
340 Moran Wm 
. PE'ter st Intersects 
3-12 ME'ade Geo
ge, bdg 
344 Dickey HI'!:luald U 
34U Wilson Jospph 
350 Wllhy Mr
352 C'amphpll Mrs Edith 
Hratt Hardy, r 
Mitchcll Arthur 
Judd Mrs Margaret 
l'ennv Archibnld 
354 Troy
r Jacob 
3:;G Quinton Robprt 
3;;S nr('
love :\Ioses 
:lRO Fo
ter Wm G 
3G2 Rule Wm 
Hagster Peter 
Wood Uobert 
3GI Gllmorc Gp"rge D 
:11:6 Johuson (,harles E 
::IJS (',.0.10'1' (,hnrles J 
370 Sh"lI'er 1\oah 

72 f'alllPron )II'
374 Murphy "'m 
:\7IJ Plnvtcr Thomas H 
37S Wnrner C'hrlstopher 
:.;-:n \lur
t .Iohn 
 P.lrk \YIU 
:\"-1 Tn n lIl'r Rohert 
:1RIJ IT.hpr :\Irs F.:IlZ:lheth 
38R Richardson :\Ir, Martha 
Store, s e 
. Spadlna av InterseCE 
Store. s e 
3!J0 WonI/: T L, Indry 
3!J2 Canadlnn TnculJator " 
Brooder Co 
llt"hell Henry 
3!JIJ ßakewell Wm B 
3111'\ Pache Pllul 
400 Redmond John J" 
41t..! C'lal'k 'II'
40-1 Holt Richard 
40ß )101,,, Sidney S 
40S Latimpr James E 
410 11r<]nhart .Alex'lUder it 
412 WhIte Mrs F.mlly 
41-1 Fertile Frank 
41S Kln
ella Ja mes 
420 Hasklnl/:s Gporge 
422-24 mohe,. PaInt CO 
-I:!IJ ITIHII HenJamln 
fpadowlI Isaac 
4:10 Ross George 
rannlnl! .Iohn M 
440 Durand Mrs Mary 
 Fpr,mson Mrs Bridget 
444 Moise Wm E 
StON!, S e 
. Brnnt .t IntprRects 
!':t Andrew's sq 
fani1 st commpnces 
4!IO Wpnle Mrs "farla. conf, 
4!12 Keeley James 
4!J4 :\lcClure Wm 
-I!l1J nenty George 
4!J8 Thomllon Rohpl't J 
!i(lO-:;.)2 "',.de MartIn, IIqnors 

. I'ortlnnd st Intersects 

Irs 8 A. gro 
506 Adams Ml's Elizabeth 
50'1 Wuodwnrd UlelInr,1 
510 8heahnn Mrs Mary A 
51:! \Vcstrop Huhert 
Acheson John 
514 l'j(,kard John 
'l'ymon Joseph 
516 :\lcClymont Mrs Suslln 
Yule Miss Janet M. nurse 
518 McDunuld Edward 
520 'j'llylor John 
5:!2 {;hllg Paul 
524 Macfarlane Andrew C 
r.:!-J.'h Flll\'en James 
52G Hammall :\l1s Cntherlne 
':ltj'h Hanson Thomas 
8 Mnlns ArchllJuld 
530 8weetlove George A 
5a:! GilJson James Ii 
534 Ho" nrd James 
5aO Burton Wm R 
538 Keatlug .Tohn F 
540 R) an J"oseph 

flf.fn & W<;;:, i ontn , r 
544 Roe Charles J" 
\'i4li lIale Wm It 
54S Lnvelle John 
5:;0 E'"ßns G"ul.
5;;2 Griffon Genrge C 
5;;1 Frpzelle Thomas 
536 Ferry Mrs AnnIe L 
House, s e 
... .. .... Sonth Side .... h'" 
l"ews Bldg, s e 
. Grand OPCIU III commeuC!el 
9 lilll E C Mfg Co, bicycle 
9'h Gl'and Opera flat Works 
Thompson George, harher 
Brown lIlrs Isabelln 
11 Gl'am! Opera House 
Manifold Samnel, Janitor 
13-1;; Grand Opera Hotel 
. Johnston st ends 
17-19 Worden House 
2] ßooth G & SOil, pntrs 
23 Sovpl'E'lgn :\If/( Co Ltd, 
perfume mfrs 
23-27 Majestic Theatre 
29-31 Jones Broil & Co, bar- 
bers' supplies 
aa Parker George, prtr 
35 Thompllon Wm .1 D, mal'll 
Dominion Watch Case Re- 
pairing Co 
Godnrd Sign Co 
87 Anglo-American News Ag- 
89 Worth & Martin, elec 
con tractors 
43 Corln W J, pntr 
43'h Vncnnt flrst floor 
-Grip Photo Gallery 
Hotel, s e 
. ßay !It Intersects 
lIotel, II e 
53-:;9 Vacant 
61-6.) Sanderson Pearcy & Co, 
pnlnts. oli
 nnd I/:Iass 
G7 Parlslnn Lnundry Co 
Shepnrd Bros & Co, prtrs 
Sannders, Lorle & Co. 
73 Wilson Pub Co 
')'rnth Thp (weekly) 
WllIlnms J" S, printer 
Peters.T H Co's factor.- 
Canada J"pwplry Calle Co' 
Canndn Cl'own Cork & 
Seal Co's fnctory 
I1nhprman Philip. tir 
Pollnkoll' ßarllett, do 
lIold"" orth & Co. clotla 
Hest D_lIl & Co, piano 
hnmmer mfr
Lnmson Consolldat
Store ServIce Co 
Love R n, clothing contr 
Sintzel Thomas, clothIng 
con tr 
Abhott Miss Louisa, cloth- 
Ing contr 
79 LlttlPjohn & Vaughl1n, 





HOME LIFE BUILDINC, 66 and 68 Victoria St. 
Telephone Main 22815 

w. F. DEVER & CO. 


Stock and Bond Brokers 
Established 1890 Telephone 4303 Main 

81 Moore & 01'1', electro- 
pin tel's 
87 Muuru Wm & Son, bldrs 
811-115 Morrison James Brass 
).Ifg Co 
97 Ala
"luler W & Co, 
97Y.1 Tuiler Pub Co. James 
WlIson mngr 
Toller The 
011 !Jurrlen l'lating & Mfg 
101 Wyuess Plating Co 
 I:lg }<'our Cap Co Ltd 
-Tilley, Lund Co, mfg 
103 Eastman Machine Co Ltd 
10;; Can Wl'lnger & Specialty 
Co Ltd 
107-11 Holdeu A P, machinist 
1U'JY.I Call,ulu !\ut Co 
Firth Jusepo. cutler 
111 CO:lles A E, piano string 
Anderson [{ & Co, machs 
Epplett \Ym J, carp 
Llluder & Co, brass fnshrs 
115-117 )I:lgulre T M & Son, 
1%i Coller.1D J J, horseshr 
127 1II1I1'k
Cohen Louis 
129 Wilkes Hal'rls 
131 Bprn8teln Abraham 
King John E 
Lubscky Isaac 
183-13;; Hulel, s e 
. Yurk 81 Intersectll 
StGãoè. S .. 
1311 Bronstein Isaac 
Pallet Samuel 
143 Miss Sarah A, bdg 
14:; Fletcher Deunls 
1-17 IlIalllun,1 .. ..nry 
149 Hlnl{ (Juong. Indry 
1;;1-1;;3 Storehouse 
15:> Yncant 
1;;1 Vacant 
1;;9 Lplth Frpderlck 
161 Lorhlr Solomon 
11;3 lI:1uCurd Jubu 
10;;-(jt! B....wn 15, carrlaEetI 
171 )tub,'rtsuu IIn..hI V 
Lh-eruols Joseph 
.lflltlt:"bl Sulomun 
17;; !\nk"s 'liss )Iaud 
177 Da \ Is Herbert 
17:1 Sn..der Wm J 
1"1 Hawthorne John 
1/,;\ Vncant 
11>:; Smith John H, wood car- 
1"1 Deislnger 111 rs C 
1St! Lewis Hlchard 
I!JI (;"hlst.-III B.'uJamln 
 Greeu Jacoh 
1In Vacant 
Uf! Strnlh)' Building 
S,lhlo;'rrl .Inlllps P 
-Hutchinson F F 
lIil1 Ed" ard .A. 
Hili )11_8 Clnra. nurse 
Vobhln Willard 
HUlllphrev J"-mcs 
Ludwig .tohn 
l'('Ullylt-'J:ioll Chnrlø8 
Thompson :\Irs Eliza 
Thompson IIl1ss B 
Barker }<'rederlck 
Irs Grace I!! 
'1'n\\"lIley ;\I,s Eliza J 
. SImcoe st IntersecLS 
Honse, s e 
[{p:lr pntrances 
201 Vacant 
223 HOl:er
on Charlps. (!'
.DIIIIC'ftn st Intersects 
Fnetory, s " 
2:>7-61 Toronto Hat IIffg Co 
. John 
t Intersects 

I 01181'. S e 
2!15 R:I tp
 J (". dentist 
297 Adams Wm T 
2!1!) T('mple 
801-3 RC'nrlman III F, I:ro 
. "'Irlmer 91 Intersects 
OCl1ce. s e 
313 Tnnkpr )fr
315 \fC'! ntyre 
Irs Agnes 
321 Curry John J 

. Peter st Intersects 
HUu8e. s e 
::1::11 }<'08ter Wm G. gro 
::Ia:i Lee 8am, Indry 
3::15 13llld\\"lu Walter, bdg 
'Valker Thomas, I' 
filrd Charle8, I' 
Coben 8. clothing, I' 
837 Fel118lelu :O.1Wue' 
339 Yagm.1u lIa...y 
3-U h.ornn Lewis 
. Cbarlune s1 end8 
e, tI e 
351 8utberlaud !\Irs E 

;:-Ij 11urr1:sun UulJ
rt ,
i Hugbes John 
3;;ü .10cel)'u ""ury 
::Iu::I Holmes Joseph 
I'hllllps Ub,ulluh, I' 
31)5 Chupman John 
Btj1 Mel:ormaek Jumes III, phy 
.l5plldlu.. a\' InlerseCts 
l, 8 e 
371 '1'a)'lor JIll's Margaret 
::Iï::l 11"1"1'18 EdwßI-d 
::17;; IIld
enzJe :5ll1l1ey 
377 Thompson James H 
::171' :':llIltll Olher 
3U Bouregard J08eph 
J Lludsny Jawes C 
3S;; W,.tt EdwIn 
::IM7 PlIeJps I.'rullk H 
:1"'11 ....rellt Amal>le 
391 Slatter.. Patrick 
3113-3117 \;nènnt la) 
3Ut! Crottle )Irs Ann 
O'Brien Dadd 
401 1Inru8 Al'lbur 
403 \\')'111' \Vm 
4:!1 ).Illluney )Ilchael 
4:!::I Cnlu Thuwas J 
4:!;; C,,,'ey Juhn 
421 H..mmerton Wm J 
4::U liay Juhu, grocer 
. 1Ir,lDt s1 Intersects 
I'ublle Schuul 
"3!J E.lwards ltlehard 
lcVouald IIlrs Eliza 
44:1 :\Ic\ïcllr Dug'ùd 
. ).Ionlsou st o!lIds 
44;, Guv Wm J 
455 {'olted VulcanizIng Shoe I 
UepalrlnJ: Co 
459 Ulngrns Telesphore 
401 Milne Wm 
\\'ard Hellr\", I' 
Van Demnrk Charles, 1 
463 Martin Charles D 
Eades George F, I' 
lOtchle James, I' 
4G., lIa"'18 WlILmr II 
4tj7 Hlnnle Wm, 
llll'kev !\I,-s Aun, I' 
Vacaùt lot 
"'3 !\filler Sidne ! n 
Foley John I' 
475 Long Howard 
477 ('n,'lev Wm 
Qnlnliven Daniel, I' 
479 Comrie John 
. Portl.lDd st IntersectiJ 
4S.i House, s l' 
4S7 Tymon )1I
hael P 
4!J7 Grpl1:l1: IIpnry 
4!J[) Mar....n Fpllx 
501 Rnthpr J"m.-s 
White 'Wm J, I' 
Pallthorpe Sidney. I' 
Shrngg John, I' 
5()3 Pnttel"'on I.auchlln M 
51\:; SipI' llÍ"hnrd 
r007 Dono\'an Pn trick 
1 PrInce Alhert 
511 ('nnwav John P 
. Arlplnlde 1'1 "ommence. 
1>21 .I"IIII<'
nn .lobn J 
52:; M,,("lean Wm J 
r.:!; I(err Jamps F 
52!J Lpe !\frA Nnr9h 
5:n ("nnnor IIII"hnel 
533 Mc
labon T F, phy 

ADF.T,A IDE PL. s from 1111 
Adelaide w, wftrd 4. 
. .. " .... En"t !;hle ......... 
1 IIlum"v Pntrlck 
3 Chumplon (,harles T E 
5 Ruttv ,Inme
7 Outb'" nlte :\Ir


9 \Yalklnshaw Wm 
11 Heutlg John D 
House, II e 
......... W""1 Side 
Lumber ynl'd 

ADYIRAL ROAD, n from opp 
71 Lo\\ tber av to !:Iernard 
av, wllrd 4. 
. .. .. .... E.18t Side ......... 
9 Jllc!,.es ",orway B 
11 \\ lIite Walter J 
13 Hn81edo 8awuel T 
1;) luce Ww jr 
17 Slm8 Uev Uobert A 
1\J Lluyd Heuj..mlu 
21 Asllwortb JnUles J 

3 Gllc8 Wm '1' 
2;; Hl'el'eton Hicha,'d L 
27 Wlll'deli 'l'lIulllas J 
:!:1 Hust Charles H 
::II I"lcholls Hruce }<' 
33 liolluud 1"l'ed."rick M 
::15 WlIltc Aubrey 
31 Burton !III's Minnie 
IJ1 S\\abey Charlell 
t;;j Capl'col J Lonsdale 
81 Hl'uugb ..rbeodore U 
......... "'est Side......... 
House. s l' 
12 8lml'
uu E,'nest A 
1-1 Colllug Joshua W 
10 Torrauce MI'll lJuty M 
:!U Vllcant 
::-1 Cnslle George 
28 Hall TlIow.I8 H 
41) Juues l:ul Churles S 
41> Hurnelt Mrs Mary 
50 O'liara \VOl J 
52 1:yd\\ell Humphrey 
5M ApII'd Will H 
UU )lurl'l
on CUl'l'I\n McI 
62 Mattison A George 
64 Hayl"y Wm B 
Otj Hally William 
72 'acunt 
í4 Woodbridge Wm T 
76 !\Ioore 11I1's lI1ary 

AFTON A V, W from 210 Us- 
gar to Northcote av. ward 6. 
. . . .. .. .. !\orth Side. . .. .... . 
2 Scully 'rhomas S 
4 Jouell J Wellley 
6 M Uullulshed bIdE 
12-14 Huut Bros, btchrs and 
Huut Albert It 
Huut James S 
l'hllllps Gleason 
. Llsgl\r lit !ecummenoell 
16 WvUe UolJert A 
18 Co"ruellus Wm 
21) Wilcox GeorgE' H 
22 Monaghan F P 
2-1 Terrell Wm 
26 Crosson J n.'ob 
:!S 1II0rrison Robert 
30 Saunder8 George A 
32 FI,ber Jobn L 
3-1 !\filne Wm G 
3tj Chorley Frederick W 
38 Mnrtlu Thomns 
40 Whistle HIram G 
4:! Maloney George A 
44 Ferrie,' Uobert (" 
46 8canlan 1Hcbard T 
48 Cunnington Matthew 

OI) "'niter G 
52 Pettiford (,hnrles J 
. Hp:!C'ollsf!pld av Inter6ec!tll 
áfi While Charles I 
58 !\)'e Wm 
(j() Au,Un Percy G 
6:! Gee James 
6S Tnvlor !\ell A 
70 ,,"p,twnnrl !'nmuel S 
To! 8tepbens Robert 
74 Duek Wm R, dairy 
. ........ South Side ......... 
1 \\ IImer Amos, gro 
::I HutchcroCt Alhert B 
5 ßr..ant John W 
7 MpKpnzlp Ar,'hlhnlrl 



II Maxwell Robert 
Ferris 8herwuod A 
11 Pullul'd Ulcllllrd 11' 
13 Humlltou 
11'8 Emily 
1;; lIIeCul'dy James 
17 UUbel't8uu Lewlll 
1:1 GlIIe
vle Ww 
21 Walsuu J.1WeS Ii. 
2J l'icllul J.1we" 
2;) Gilliam Julin R 
27 Swuutou Ww J 
2:J H,u'l'is Jobu W 
::II Hreen Hobert T 
Vncnut lot 
.1Iencousll,'ld av lulersect.. 
Store, s t
39 How Rlcbard R 
41 Boud John T 
4::1 Unlhcrfurd Tbomas 
45 Herold Wesley J 
47 'l'lIomulI l" 
49 Vono\ an Michael S 
51 Scott Alexuuder C 
G3 Hiley Thomas 
55 Scalley Jllr8 C:ltherlne 
Ul l"attcl'son John 8, Ero 

AGNES. w from 302 Yonge to 
Uuh'erslty uv. wnrd a. 
.. .. .. '" I" orth SIde ......... 
2 K"rr Wm 11' 
o Wllilamsou II()bert E 
8 Hlake 1\1I'S Chl'l..Liua 
10 Veal' George C. notions 
12 Wad8wol'tb 
"'8 8 
Albert lill'nm }<' 
12'fJ Lo\'e Va\'ld 
14 dill Frederick J 
1tj H"llliobicz lJa\ls 
Ward l\1.S8 Susan. I' 
Falmer Edward. r 
18 Uutil'l1ge Cllul'le. J 
2U Adam
uu Jubu U 
:!:.: Itlgg8 Albana H 
2-1 I"lcllolls Hel-bcl't L 
2ti l\lull'bead Jawcb A 
28 Hah'e 1\1I'S Annie 
::III Adamson Ueol'ge 
::12 'l"re\ em 11I1's Elizabeth 
::14 Ueg.1U 1\11'8 :sarah 
::Itj JucutJs Geurge A 
38 liurris Wm H, "xl' 
40 Harris Mrs J.1ue 
42--1 Hro\\ u !III's Bllza E 
4ti Atley Will 
48 Atley JIll's Mary A 
flU liart John 
Mal'tlu !Ill's Eliza, I' 
52 Hell Miss Bella 
lIIurrl8 'l'h.-odore, I' 
51 Culbert Ill.,. C 
Sa tterley John, I' 
M'fJ McKeuzle Henry 
56 John80n Alexauder 
lIlethodlst l:lIUl'C'h 
. Teraulny Sl IU[prsectll 
64 Levack S A. blcbr 
66 Oweu Ceol'ge D, gro 
6S Luney 1111's Mal'gllret 
"'allace AIlJel't 
70 8eal'Iett John P 
72 Skene AIE'xnnder 
74 VueI' 11I1's Rebecca 
76 Black Wm 
78 f'aUel"nn Jobn 
80 8chrelber Isaac 
!'o't. Stewart 11I1's Annie 
82 [{allson )Irs Ellzabetb 
84 Cutter Gem'ge W 
86 Uallagher Mrs Martha 
92-4 Harrington Edward. 
. Elizabeth st hltl'rsects 
1Ir.,8 Star Hotel 
100 WIlliams Frank 
10:.! Kalldu Da..ld 
10-1 LewIs Wm 
I,,'wh. Mrs L\'dla, gro 
loo 1
lrschuer Jlla"x 
108 Hnrl'lsnn Rohp..t 
1111-112 Culhert E E, dentist 
. (,he
t Intersectll 
11,1 Gadshy Ahel 
11r. ('ndesky Cbarles 
118 THllon Fr'lIIk 
12() Bochner 
J endel 

 Bro,,,n SHmuel 
124 !;nllh'nn ,I:"np



Losses Paid Since Organization over $23,000,000.00 I Marine 


Money to Loan. Estates Manag"d, 57 VICTORIA ST. 
Real Estate Bought and Sold 




128 Granatsteln Rag & Metal 
G r.I1Ul tsteln Mendel 
130 lI.ltcbelur Rlcbard W 
1a"l Jen"rs Wm J 
4 Martin Miss E J 
U 1''''leto Ju
. C"nti" av Intersects 
1311-40 \\ III ker I\lrs M C gro 
142 Mumfurd Bros. btcbr!! 
144 Gnllngl1er 1\lrs_ Ellen 
146 13reckell Wm 
156 15cbwartz & Wlnerlp, coal 
. .. .. . ... Sou th Side . ....... 
3 15tore, s e 
5-7 1,;ast's factory 
11 McDunald Tl10mas 
 :>l1eedy lIlrs lIlal'y 
15 Costellu Miss Uiza 
lii'h De\lin I'ntrick 
luran Thumns 
17'h '!'l1umpson Hobcrt 
111 Catalan lIartl10ldl 
21 I,'nnelll J oS"1>11 
2a DIn Is 1\1lss .,'rances 
2a Colby i\lrs Jane 
27 Oldl1nm 15amuel, exp 
29-31 Collemn John. blt- 
S3 Sarli Joseph, mus tchr 
35 D' Alesandro D, musician 

7 DIxon James A 
39 Glockllng Hobert 
lcCluskey Mrs Minnie 
43 Henderson J "mes 
4ii Muckle Charle
47 llnwlln Frank 
49 O'Byrne George P 
51 Montgomery},;, express 
53 HoLertson Wm 
55 Lobmico Peter A 
57-9 I'ollce Station 
o :I 
61 Sharp John 
 H"no },'rances 
. 'l'er.lulny st Intersects 
01> U'Connor 1\lrs 1\1, gro 
67 Clune John 
69 Nicholls Wm 
71 15proule George S 
73 Wnlke.' Samuel S 
75 Ziegler Thomas 
77 Tiel' Philip 
79 Roer Isaac 
HI Resuphal Asher 
83 Tugendlwft 13, gro 
Smith John. r 
85 15mith Wm 
87 LI\'1nJo;stone Mrs AnnlEo 
8D Stewart John 
91 McClure John 
93 Brown Samuel 
95 Chou Hoo, laundry 
97 Goodman Gnbrlel, btchr 
. Elizabeth 8t Intersecls 
Ilouse, s e 
105 Zipper Louis 
. Chestnut st Intersect. 
107 Sumers Charles 
109 RllIIey Walter 1\1 
111 Young Mrs Ahby 
113 Coleman Charles 
115 Goddard Samuel 
117 Glaser Samuel 
119 Klelnrock Louis 
121 Duschmnn Benjamin 
12:1 Hrown Harry 
125 Bochner Mrs Lena 
. ('entre av Intersects 
127 Popham Albert G 
12!J Hussell Peter 
133 Downey Alonzo J 
135 ('amphell !\Ilss Agnes 
137 Gray Frederick 
13D Nicholls 1\Irs Brldj(et 

ALBANY AV, n from Bloor 
w, first e of Bathurst, ward 

East Side 
Vacant lols 
11 Stnlker Collin J 
13 !\Iurlson Ross G 
15 ('ralg Rev Robert 
Gilmour Rohert, C E 
17 Tucker Herbprt M . 
I!I 'IlInp, Wm 8 
21 JC'IUIUI'U Fl'ancis G 

23 Pettit 1\1rs Helen C 
2;; Grantham C H 
UnllnlslJed huusp 
37 Illlrgrcn\-es JolJn 
3!J Smith ErskIne, contr 
41 Pnrker Hpv \Vm R 
43 1IIowat Arthur 
4!J Hodgson Wm J 
51 Putnam Rev Alanson H 
53 Ueford :\lrs Rose C 
ri:J Lowe Arthur'!' 
57 White AIf,'pd 
5D Porter Fred"rlck D 
Gl Cllnayan John 
63 PhIllips Mrs Sarah 
6:i Chinu John 
67 Walker Ernest W 
69 Parks Wm A, 13 A, Ph D 
íl Dp\ ean 1\ a than 
73 Conley 1\1 a tthew T 
75 C,)nlev Newton H 
í7 GrnlJåm ('
rles P 
íD Gallnnough I<' J 
81 Urquhart Thomas 
83 Armstrong T i\l, phy 
. Bnrton a v Intersects 
Vacnnt lots 
. Wplls st In-tersects 
House, s e 
177 Brown Rev John G 
1 7D 
orpnson :\Irs 1\1 C 
185 Smltb Thomas 
187 Le Grow .luslJua 
WI Stmmons Eno('b 
193 Jpffrey John M 
1!J.'i Fawcptt Robprt R 
1!J7 nodcllngton Walter E 
HlII-201 Unllnlshpd ImlldlnK 
20:! flrown Harry J 
2().'i Smyth Sydney D 
207 Wooster Thomas H 
20!1 YAcant 
211-213 Unfinished building 
. Dnpont st Intersects 
Vacant lots to end 
, . . .. . . .. West Side oooo..... 
14 Apps Wm 
16 NeslJltt Samuel 
18 UolJertsoll James 1\1 
20 Shnrly Ray F 
22 Uehurn Henry 
24 Woodland Joshua M 
2G Plel'sol Wm H, phy 
28 Trout Wm E 
30 I.angsklll James 
32 1\1cWlJlnney ,Tohn 1\1 
34 Arm8trong Fred C 
:!U "'esten-elt James W 
38 Dilworth Robprt J 
40 Zlmmprman S, dentist 
42 H:Il'ton 1II..s Snrnh 
4,1 Ferrah Robprt 
46 Ainsworth Wm H 
48 Hally Robert 0 
50 Mollard John T 
52 Ehhltt Frnnk K 
70 Collins Charles H 
72 Clempns Matthew W 
74 Clark 1\Ialcolm 8 
76 I.'oster James M 
78 'I'nylo.' Harulll I'J 
80 Dpvaney 1\1rs Elizabeth 
. Bnrrou IlV Intprsects 
100 Hruwn 1IIrs Alice 
102 Lurklll l\lrs Alice 
10S VAcant 
110 WlllIlIlllS Hpnry N 
116 TnckAherry R W 
llH !\lac Pherson ,,'m 
124 Rlnnle !\Irs Amelia 
 Unfinlsbed building 
l:m Rosp (;('orl(e 
l:n Kln
 Henry J 
1:14 Tait Wm R 
144 ('odcl Hpnry F 
146 Chepsp"orth Frpd J 
. Wells st Intersects 
House. s e 
11m Forwoocl Thomlls W 
162 Davis Tbomas J 
1114 BII rllett Wm H 
11)6 Allan Whitman 
IGS Grose Wm R 
170 ßlrd Jnmps D 
172 Kennedy Wnrrlng G 
174 Thompson Alfred R 
104 W,ud Geor!:e 
Ha"j( 1IIrs A C, 

I!J6 nutler John ;r 
1!18 \Vninwrlght 1111's AnDie 
2UIJ lillII'd 11"II1'y 
202 Bradshaw Charles E 
2u,1 I'olloek James W 
2US FIslJer Wesley 
210 Voughan James W 
216 Chinn Ha....y 
21lj Hnu"4," Geol"ge 
220 Fraser James 
222 Watson Wm H 
224 Bailpy Daniel 
228 Hilton Hob"rt 
230 13oddlngton Wm 
. Dupont st Intersects 
Vaennt lots tu end 

ALBER'I', w from 218 Yonge 
to Chestnut, ward 3. 
oo.. .... North Side .. oo.... 
Sture, s e 
4 Elliott W Foster, dentist 
6 Wurk.hop 
8 Munson Clarence. bicycles 
. Alb"rt lllne commenc"" 
1U-I-! E"tUD T & Co, warehse 
W-24 8 A 'l'emJ)le 
8 A Printing Hou.e 
Young 15uhlIer (weekly) 
\Vnr Cry Ufl!clal Gazette 
All the World (montbIY) 
Llddlo Jam"s, carptkr 
II1en's Social Dept S A 
"'omen's Social "'orlr 
Central Untarlo Provin- 
cial Hendquarters 
. JameS st Int"l'sects 
:!ti V:111 BruPIl 
28 McDonold Mrs Elizabeth 
3U Gnmble Joshua 
32 l}liÏ;.,dI'Y 
1I's :->ilr"lb 
34 O'1\Ielia 1\Irs 1IIary A 
3t; Hllrber Isabella 
40 ItItclJle W J, "Xl' 
Hltchle ?>Irs Jnne, dramkr 
42 TUl'ner SlImuel B 
Turner l\lrs },; C. dyer 
44 Hl'uce John 
46 Bnker John 
48 Guldlnger Joseph 
::;0 (,i 1'.1111 
54 Hickeson Andrew 
. T(,I'nulay st Intersccts 
Store. s e 
60 Hill Wm 
tIO Grav Edwin 
\\' ol:k slJop, r 
PIII'..ell 1.'r'lllk, r 
68 PdtclJard John J 
70 P,,,"a.s Wm 
PIlI'I<es l\Irs C. bdg 
72 Pollard Henry 
Pollnr<1 !\Irs T.ucy, bdg 
76 Gl'aham Robert 
78 \Vllson !\Irs Mary 
Tor Del Co's stables 
82 Lee Sam, IndI')' 
84 Stpphensun 1Ilrs Mary E 
DO Gro
sl Oll\"er 
Fisher Robert 
. F.llz,,\)ptb st Intersects 
92-4 Simmons Chas, furn 
IJ6 Hpllth J\lrs l\Iarjl"aret 
98 Starkey 1\Irs Emma 
1nO-102 StorpiJol1
104 15herman {'sher 
106 Gottfried !\II'S Dora, gro 
Gottfrlpd Charles 
... .. .. .. South SIde ......... 
7-1:1 StOl.(to, 8 e 
1:;-2:\ SbH'e, .' e 
. James 'It Intersects 
Court House, r e 
. 'l'praulay st Intersects 
5:1 :-;a11l1llel's Alhert E 
55 Ernpst Josephine 
59 ('rnwp Martin 
1"II('tory. s e 
. F.lIznheth 
t Intersects 
103 Hillock Frank. lumber 

ALBERT AV, n from s of 
P,1ton 10 cltv limits. IIrst ... 
or T Ilnsdowrie av, wnrd 6_ 

. , . .. . ... East Side 
31 15turgess Wm 
. . , . . . . .. W"Sl :>Ide 
Not hullt on 

ALBEHT LA:'; F., runs n from 
8 Albert to Alice. I!rst w of 
Yonge, ward 3. 

ALEXAXDER. e from 498 
Yonge lu Mcl\lIl1an. word 8, 
oo., ..., Nortb SIde .. ...... 
2 Store, s p 
4 'I'O''OlItO Shol'thond Instl. 
tute, JIllss E Kilby prlo 
Second Churcb of CiJrlsl 
1\lrs E \Vrlght, caretkr 
6-8 Stables 
10 Drury Robert 
14 Lllne Mrs I';mlly 
16 Boake JlIrs Annie 
18 ColinI'd IIlrs Cotherlne 
20 Jackson Josevb 
22 Da \-I<1son Charles R 
Da\ldson Miss H, mu. 
24 Zingg 1IIrs 1\1 1\1 
26 Hartwell JlIrs Isabella 
28 Brown John W 
30 Skinner Alfrpd E 
32 Smith JIIelville A 
34 Bell Dadd 
3U Glo,-er Lewl
:18 Henderson l\Irs Ellzabetb 
44 Midgley 1\1rs l\Iary A 
46 C,UlllOU Jospph P 
48 Ho\\"mnn Arthur M 
50 RpId John 
52 Warner Wm S. tailor 
54 Ree\"P 1\Irs Hnrriet B 
56 !\Iaunlng Sidney G 
58 Jury Alfred R. mus tchr 
Jl1ry 1IIrs A E. mns tchr 
60 Gr:\ham 1\lrs Hplen 
62 !\lItcheli !\Irs ";mllla 
64 l\lason Percival L 
611 Fall'ty -Joseph J 
G8 Chlll'('h 1IIIss S, bdg 
72 Honse, s " 
. Church st IntersrcI' 
Douse, s p 
88 Rvmal 1\Inr!'ball B 
Gelllci 1IIIss Knte. .lrsmkr 
90 Gardson Charles ;r 
. Alexallcler nl commences 
92 Reid Wm H 
1'4 mashford Walter A 
911 F.dmoncls Albert J 
98 Stewarc] 1\Irs Joanna C 
108 Tnhel' Wm 
...., .... South Side .......,. 
Hotel, 8 " 
7 Cronin John 
9 1\IcBripn Jnhn 
11 nukp lIenrv 
13 Rrpadon Jobn 
'5 Callnghnn 1\Irs Mary 
17 Jnckson Frank W, bldr 
19 Crysler J H. (Jntr 
21 8\\'1t",,1' Nplson, hdg 
23 McBurney Geo L, b<1g 
:/.7 Snle Wm 
2f) """II1,,..n l\frs TsallPlia 
31-39 Toronto Church Sr.hoOI 
41 King Gerrard A 
Munro II1lss A E G. hdg 
43 Wood John, window 
Reid 1\I18S LlbbIe, ours. 
45 Conilln Bros, pntrs 
('onlnn 1101",rt J 
Conlan Jobn H 
47 Pllssmorp !\Ilss 1I1IIry A 
411 ('olpmnn Al'thl1r. hldr 
51 J\lelhourne Rohert 
53 Reid l\lrs Hclpn 0 
f.:; Thornton Edwin 
117 Plm Gc.m'I!P_ ,I('('t 
59 Dlua nartolo 
61 ('olhy Fredprlck 
63 Glllpsple !\Irs Eliza 
65 IT ntllP 1\lrs Louise 
Housp, s e 
. ('\lurch st Intersect!! 
113 F..Il(llr 1\11's l\llIry 
9á Elmp!! l\frs FJ A 



Covernment, Municipal and other H. 
Debentures Bought and Sold. 


97 JelI!'ry Frank P 
99 r\ord Mrs Sarah 
101 Jones Thomas R 
103 Landon Mr. E A 
10;) Hadley Ed.,-ard J 
107 Stenhousp IIIlss Jane 
109 Huggett 11I1'S III A 

DER PI" n from 00 
Alexander, Ward 3. 
. ,.. . . . '. East Side .. 
House, s I' 
1 1II0rpeth John 
3 Mitchell Herbert 
West Side,........ 
. . .. iio

e, s I' 
Rear entranees 

ALHAMBRA, n from Bou, 
øtead av to Blo"r w. first w 
of Dundas, wnrd 6. ' 
Not bnllt on 

7 Lee av, ward 1. 
........ North Side ........ 
2 James Edgar 
4 Uak George 
6 Abraham Charles A 
8 Camphell Charles J 
10 Wrlgbt Wm E 
.., .. ... South Side 
Bowling Green 
Lawn Tennis Grounds 

ALICE, w from 280 Yongc to 
Teraulay, ward 3. 
......... I\'orth Side......... 
IIotel, s I' 
6 Avery Thomas. blksmlth 
8tuart John, l' 
8 Huggins J W. exp 
12 Ramnge Proef'ss Cn Ltd, 
14 Grahnm James 
16 Breslin Charles 
18 Breslin Solomon 
Vexler Henry, l' 
20 Rnle John 
Bull' 11I1'S M A, bdg hse 
2'..! Dumond Albert 
22'h Andel'Ron J D, mus tehr 
Anderson W J, mus tehr 
24 Norton Lp
ter N 
26 Jaek
nn Edward H 
28 !kort IIIr
 Jane G 
30 Hunter Wm 
32 Ramsey John 
34 Bnrton Nell MeD 
S6 }<'arley Wm J 
3S Bprtram "'m 
40 F:rlC'kson 11I1'S Elizabeth 
Shprldnn Wm, l' 
42 Dillon James 
R:rnn Mrs Sftrah, l' 
44 Flnl':erhut Jacob 
44 Shapero Paow, l' 
46 J,pht.onen F E 
48 Stelnwalrlsen Max 
Wntson Frpderlck, l' 
:\0 TraC'v JaC'oh W 
Jl[nC'k' Erl\\nrd, l' 
52 O"en Arthnr 
:\6 \l1C'lntosh AJpxander 
Clnte Jl[l'R Elizabeth, l' 
liB Jpnn Edward 
Rankin \III's Fanny, l' 
(j() Grll(l(S GporJ1:e F 
Radford Thomos, l' 
Store. s .. 
. .. .. .... Sonth Side ......... 
1 MrGahpy Roht J, dentist 
!;Immons Frnnk 
JIIcDonald Louis 
Anclprson Dnvld 
Horner Mls
 M. drsmtr 
'1'rlnpllr IIII
s Kate 
Kllhv \III's Sarah 
S Rt John's Hnll 
. Alhprt !:Ille pnds 
5 PnJ:h Wm. dairy 
7 Ginn Frank II 
9 Holmes T.e8l1e 
11 MiliaI' Wm 
13 C'nthhert John 

15 Morgan & Staples, cloth- 
ing contI'S 
Troman George, do contI' 
19 Lockwood & Co, ml
21 Queen City Printing Ink 
23 Smith J Hungerford Co, 
mfg chemists 
2;; Holloway Benjamin 
:!7 Cranlleld Wm 
29 Hugill Joseph, violin mkr 
31 Hoefner Frederick 
33 Batt \\llss Charlotte 
35 Robertson John D 
37 Burkhart Wm C 
39 McKillop DuncD" 
41 Greenbprg Harry 
43 WgrrpL Garnet 
45 Malonev lIIartin J 
47 Gillies -Mrs \llory 
4U Fryer Harry . 
51 ChrIstie 1111's lIIarla 
Tidy I\Irs Emmo, nurse 
53 Lpslle Mrs Susan 
11:\ Crew Mrs Ann 
57 Wilson Mr
59 \lleyprholter J ul hIs A 
. Downey lane ends 
61 SmIth \III's Emma 
fi3 Ghent Wm 
67 Leslie Moses 

ALLEN AV. I' from 26S 
Brondvlew av to !JOItOD ay. 
ward 1. 
orth Side., .... ... 
Store, s I' 
8 Dunn John, exp 
10 Scott Joseph 
12 Macdonald John A 
16 Scott IIorvey 
18 Duman }<'rederlck 

O LIghtowler Joseph A 

Iurdoch James 
:!4 Sanderson Montague 
2G CassIdy Frank J 
32 RobInson George, contI' 
34 Rohlnson Charles G 
36 Brooks James 
38 Curtis Da vld 
40 Ennis Wm 
42 ('on
table Charl
s R 
44 (;()Ode Joseph 
4G Ferry John 
4S Corbett Da\ld 
52 Chown John H 
54 Chnpmnn Robert W 
54'h Thompson Do vld 
fo6 Cn'we mchard J 
!is Hookway \III's !olarlha 
60 Talbot Edward C 
G2 Pntterson Wm J 
U4 Dunn Jonathon 
tö(J PoWëh George W 
68 Chestnut Frpderlck C 
70 Le Cocy Nicholas ;r 
72 ('onstnhle Mrs Sarah 
Fire Hall. s I' 
... .. .. '. South Side... 
Store, s I' 
7 Reed Edward H 
9 Bedlev Emanuel 
11 Webster \llrs Mary 
13 Edwards Frpderlck 
I" Hamilton Adam 
17 IInxter Wm J 
19 Sims Albert 
21 Brodie. John H 
23 Klngsmlll Jesse 
25 \lUllpr John S 
27 Hell'erlng John 
31 Trpmnln Charles 
83 Kelly Thomas J 
117 Steward Andrew 
39 Dale John W 
41 Law Jamps 
43 Collptt Chorles R 
45 Sheppard Jallles 
47 lIoJdl'n Mrs E A, nurse 
49 HolTmnn Wm N 
51 Onklpy \III's \\Iary A 
53 Srhpll Wm };' 
Vncllnt lot 
63 Wolps \111'8 Aj!,"IIes 
65 Hawk"r Thomns W 
67 !;mlth John F 
6!1 Phllcox James 


73 Anderson Wm 
77 McCabe John 
79 West Joseph 
81 Barrlhnll Aifred 
83 Devonshire Alfred .s 

ALMA A V, w from 78 GI.1d- 
ne avo to Dutferln. ward 
... .. .. ., North Side. . .. .. ... 
2 Store, s I' 
8 Johnson Thomas 
10 Russell John 
12 Trimble Charles E 
14 Winters Empry 0 
16 Hicks 
Irs Annie 
18 Rodcy Michael l 
20 Gray Wm G 
22 Stevenson Robert 
24 IInll John T 
26 MuJrloon James W 
28 l\Iodelnnd John M 
30 Algnte Wm C 
32 Groy \III'S Mary A 
. .. . --. '. South Side......... 
Store. S Q 
7 Stephens Ernpst 
9 Hnwklnp. Hpnry 
11 Helll'Y George 
13 1I0wpn PrlC'e, pntr 
15 Shpppard W Frank 
17 White Robprt S 
19 White Dnnlel 
21 Gower John W 
23 Scott Alpxnnder 
25 1)01'l\n Uohprt 
27 Woods Alfred 
29 Thomas Frerlerlck H 
31 Sedflon 
lrR F M. J1:ro 
Seddon James H, coal 

ALPHA AV, w from ñead of 
Sockvllle. wnl'd 2. 
. . .. .. '.. North Side ......... 
2 Chinn Mp
hack F 
4 Walker Wm J 
6 Elliott Wm 
8 Glrldens Arthur 
 E, drsmkr 
10 Thompson !oIl's Mllrgaret 
12 Couch 
Irs Isnhella 
14 IIlaltrnan Charles W 
16 Foster Wm J 
18 Armstrong !olro J\I E C, 
..' , . .... South Side ......... 
1 DIpple John R 
3 Russell Alfred B 
5 Fitzpatrick Wm 
7 Clark Thomos 
9 Cnrley Mr
11 Renule James 
13 Wilson .Tamps W 
15 Fuller Robert 
17 Pattprson Patrick S 

A\IIELIA. I' from OPP 562 
Parliament to Don River, 
ward 2. 
oo.. .... North Side 
Store. s I' 
12 Hendlpy Thomas 
14 \\Iulrhead James 
16 Mulkins Wm H 
It! l\lonnhan Mrs Minnie 
20 Winslow !oil'S Mlna 
22 Long Albert E 
28 Emerson GeorEe E 
30 Smart Ell 
Sf! Tntt FreOertek 
38 O'Brien John J 
40 "kars Erlward J S 
42 Haker John I, dairy 
48 Bugteed John 
:í0 Spar'! Jcrpmloh 
 J & Son, pntrs 
52 JIIulrhenrl Daniel 
54 Danlpl Arthur A 
5fi Gravlin Ravmond B 
;;8 G"lIl1ns IIp'nry 
G2 Heel"ps Bpnjamln 
04 rrllwlln Gporge W 
66 Beaver Henry R, plstr 
GR COkpr John T 



 ' J. '

 "THE. IÞ ,. or- 
'ðl liY '( r:.
.::.: _ ' 

. './' 
"'-Or{ 0 C
E R 5.. 

 If[AD OHIC.t 
 0 N" 0 

70 Cullen 1111's Henry 
Fellon Jospph, cabs 
72 LPpper Fredcrlck H 
74 Rouse Isrllel G 
76 Dean Edward T 
. Sack vIIII' Sl IIllersects 
78 Cranfield E S, drugs 
80 Klnl': Rev C10rles W 
82 Spe!i's Robprt III 
84 Elkin Ahraham 
SO Smith Henry W 
88 Ross Rohert D 
90 \IIorley Harry B 
92 Hnrrlsou & Lewis, contra 
Harrison Rohert 
94 Dawson Charles IÐ 
90 MacLenn Allan 
Prh'ate grounrls 
100 ntagdon Alfred E 
102 \lUtchpll l\[r
104 Dowdell George C 
106 Gibson John 
108 McPherson Allan 
110 Ashenhl1l'Rt Alpxander 
112 Fortner Cbnrles H C 
114 Goss Henry A 
116 IIl1by Wm 
120 Caldwell John R, coal 
124 \llncklln John 
120 Hrptt Fostel' C 
128 Weeks James 
130 Knowlton Joseph 
132 Gorrle James 
134 Beck Thomas W 
130 Green Joseph 
138 Mertens Frnnk W 
142 BIshop Walter W 
144 Baker Albert E 
14G Denson Henry T 
148 Brown ?\Irs Catherine 
1;;2 Dudley W Hownrd 
. Sumnch st Intersects 
Vncant lots 
154 Snodj(rass Thomas 
1:)6 Rea Wm ;r 
1;;8 WrlEht Thomas 
1GO Lewis So mUl'l M 
IG2 1"lemlng 11I1'S Isahe. 
.... ... '. South S'lde ........ . 
Wood yard, s I' 
9 Trimble Richard E 
11 Corrlgnn Rlchnrd 
13 Aymong Rork A 
15 Plpmlng Charles 
17 rost I\'orman T 
19 Chaudler Frederick C 
House, s I' 
. JIIetcalfe st endø 
House. s e 
35 Nettlefield Edward B 
37 Lee Alfred H 
39 '1'bomns Philip J 
41 Pape James J 
43 Tate Thomas 
45 Stuart Davltl G 
47 Deacon D Charles 
49 Trpmhle RohPl't C 
:II JIIcKay Georgp E 
Hous". s p 
. Snck\'lIIe st Inter8<'cts 
Store, s p 
85 Granatsteln \II 
87 StarlinI': Wm 
89 I
aac r.ewl
 J, phy 
('ohen JIInrk. Ins 
91 Ihhotson .Tnrvls 
93 Rpl've
 \III's Eliza beth 
95 Lovp Wnltpr F 
97 !;pccomhe Gporj(e A 
99 Rnpldn rrenry J 
101 Wphh Wm G 

!n!he LAKE SIM.COE .ICE Supply 

Medl) 86 "as. Falrhead, Mgr. North 1052 




A llwha. 





-h"-.e Call 


1(13 Coulter Wm C 
lU;; Hanes Carllli A 
10. l'.lIl1l'L('ll lì
orge F 
109 l'rlce Juhn I!' 
111 Arlllstr,'n
113 Lnc.\, John J 
, 8huttle Jo
I1D Anderson John 
1:!1 :\I.mce :\Irs ), arthll. 
123 \Ic"ona[d John 
127 Jones :\lrs Eliz.lbeth 
 \Yolfe :\Irs 'lary, gro 
Wolfe Alf.'ed E 
183 Dewc GeO\'
135 Clark John 
137 Ge..ron Ellwo.rJ. 
13û Rohln.on John R, pntr 
14. Vacant 
H3 !llnll1gan Jawes 
. Snlllaeh st lnte:Stus 

t James' Cemetery 

AXCHOI.'l' PLACE, t: from 
Sbt:rl>ourne D. first 8 of 
Maple ay, \\al'l 2. 
.... ...' !\orth 3!d
!\ot Luilt LL 
. .. . _ .. .. ::Suuth -Sh.1l 
3 Stonl Hoger D 
5 '.lc3nt 

H80X, w from opp 113 
rsl[y 11'\' to hh;Caul, 
ward 4, 
, .., .... North Side .. ...... 
2 Burg!',. :\trs .\I,\rgaret 
4 L..n'rton Elizabeth 
(; Adallls ',"Ill H 
8 CnlllUlinl;s )It's Catherine 
10 Cullarton Edward 
Office, s e 
. Simcoe st Intersects 
Turonto B & M Co, s e 
Lumher )'ard 
28 Gonrley Arthur L, wood 
. \\ïlli.lm 8t Intersects 
e. S e 
40 Harr[s 
[rs AnnIe 
42 Quin[an )Irs 'lary A 
44 H,'a.lp Thomas 
4U l
4S nro" n Al!''\ander 
óU n..nson Louis 
ó2 White Fr..derlck 
Store. s e 
.... .. ... 8011I1\ Ride ......... 
8 R]:\ck lIIrs 
Iargaret B 
e. s e 
. Simcoe st Intersects 
Honse) s e 
21 Ling :l.lrs Almira 
23 Bvrne 'IlIss Julia 
2;j Cì':J(lv James 
27 nnol1it:'r It(.tn.'l"t C 
29 I"ndel' )Iorris, jwlr 
8torp, s " 
. WIlIi.lm st Intersects 
õ1!1 Ii: In I;f'r Fred J 
41 Kf'nny Wm 
43 Shonlcllee Samuel 
45 Hrnok
teln Rlna'\' 
4; Donglas Waltf'r' S 
4!1 Lawlor '11'8 !llnry 
fil lIIullnly 
53 GlfTon] 1111's ElIzahetb 
5ã 'T"I.I" C .1 un. 


Tel. "1ain 423 

57 Co!ler:m '1'bom:1S W 
:m Uc1usun IS..\.lC 

A:-;:-;E, e from 431 Youge to 

lUtllUl, \\ un! 3. 
.... ,... ;-';orth Side .. ...... 
2 Armnlld J T 
\\0 ..lrchCJu
Me[bo,hst Church, I' e' 
2J Leslie Joseph E, Ldg 
4U 8mith Will J 
42 J:I'II 
I1's I.:mma, Ldg 
4:!'1. F[tzprrtr[ck John P 
1.'I[zpaU'lck )lIss 
44 Emer)' )lrs Barbara 
46 'l'l1ulupson JUl1le
4') "'I'ston Mrs Jnue 

,o HoLinsnn Juhn 
52 SlIell O]1\'er J 
54 'lch.cown hlrs Emma 
5G GiII,'s!>le Charles 
58 ](rll'St.'l" Ilt.'I"ll1:1ll 
CO Hall
ford W W 
G4 Gar].uu] '''m 
GG )1"GiH 
i:! :-;h:1pter Frank 
7J Hodpn G..orge E 
i8 Rulli\ nn l'atrlel., caLs 
Huusc. s e 
. Church 8t Intersects 
e. 8 e 
tl8 II'" [II Alfred J 
100 Bruen :l.lrs Margaret 
10:1 Cruiek.hnnk Alex R 
IOU Detcher Wm J 
IDS I\: e'WP)' 
1iss J K, dl s' 
110 Ste" 3rt Wm 
112 Grunt John C 
114 :l.llddleton John 
IIG "'Hle Frank 
118 ISh'wart )I1's Ellen 
120 )lnrlln Alexander 
... .. .... South Side ......... 
Store, s e 
1 \':lIlen('(' rrpdN[ck 
3 Bu('klngbam & noyle, reE- 
Istry of lice 
Buek[nghnm Miss F 
I :oyl<' 

 C :\I 
5 "'lIson '" n lIace 
7 Graves R C 
luirllC'ad :\11'S II A 
11 Gnod n,1\"ry J P 
13 Mark" lrn 
1;; Willson F!'rdln:md C 
" a IIncp H, hldr 
21 Oshorn IIIr

;j F.lIgli
h !\l'I
ou G 
:!!} Thftnlp
On )'1iSR Lottie 

 CunnIng-ham Wm 
::11 :-;ple
:n l . Park. Alfrf'd 
:\3 1'1!'\\'p
:-I Rl'n
t III 1':lu1I'r R 
3û 811H'rthorn .T08Pph 
41 (,la1'ke Gporge r 
43 'Vhalell .Tulla 11I1's 
45 Graut John 
4i lIIaudf'rson ;rnmes 
4!1 1111I Howland 
4ûY2 ('oomhes 'Irs Isabf'lIa 
,,1 :-Itpph..ns :l.I1'
.,1 1 " 
 John A 
1í3 ('oh'man Isalab 
5;; Anlll"e'W'...: Pf'ter 
:n.:1ge In.111(,8 
5f) "-ith(.rs .John 
61 III11n Hohprt 
!õ:t I:,'('\es ',"m 
fi:í nur
oyne ""m 
f.7 lIIann S'\'h'pster 
71 Huueh A<lnm 
i3 roarr,' !III's ;rane 
[artln B 
77 Doyle nernard J 
7!J Rtnrk John 
81 Ho"s Alex G 

torel Iii: 
. Churcb "t Intersects 

tOI'P. a Q 
M Hood neor
97 ('ox John H 
!)!) R"np A]frpd F 
101 Dille Adam 
11\'1 '/'rott Alhf'rt J 
10;; Bourne Alfr"d F.: 
lUï ('I"lrl.-p l

10!) Gilpin IUclulI'd 
. IIl'uh..r 
1rs I
mlllll B 
III Lung Angus 
113 Stm er 1\10roul G 
11;; 1111's Hnnll.,h 
Ut'l'l"h i\l1ss .A, clrsmkr 
lnlth ,\I.,s :-;.ll'1lh 
lW Bredin !l1t.s L A 
]21 Gillespie 8amue] 

ARGYLE, w frolD It14 :,jnuw 

d Gladstone av, ",a\ds 1i 
. . 2' 
d'h' . . . . 
4 II,\w Tlwm:l" 
G G\'ahum 8.lUlUcl 
8 Armst\'ollg Cbul'[es S 
10 GILsun Fl'ank L 
l:! II III Will 
14 IIlcElwu[u S.lmuel C 
lU '" t.....,11 \\ 111 II 
18 ,"err.\] G E 
:!U I::iston lIa\id 
22 '1'l'o\\"I"'n Petcr 'I' 
::1; l'allJllhell Gurdon D 
28 Clul'k John 
3U lIalllldolf John 
32 Al'chlL:lld W:llter 
. Ghells st iUll'rsect& 
34 Cool'"'' Will 'V 
:!6 Baldw[n Alex H 
38 B..II Audrew H 
40 8t"..n SaIDu..1 
4:': Aldl'pd Charles W 
4J 1'" tel'son :\lurk J 
4U h
OI"gompr) :<'e[soll 
h.n..cht!'1 F.'rnando 
48 Cn I'roll J ohll A 
;,U Hamilton t:[audp II 
52 Gl'3l1t John G 
;;,1 Cook \\'11\, exp 
;;U Store. s e 
. Dundas st Iliterseets 

 8tore, s e 
;;8 Holmes JOllathan J 
UU ]'uke AIL..rt 11 
102 W:ldd..11 Geol'ge D 
(04 811111h U"IH'Y 
UU 11..11 Jawes 
G8 GtlliIuli George 
ill LYIIP Geo,.gl' 'V 
'i:! 8ontbln- Edw..trd 
.4 l'pterrn'nn Al(red E 
íU Wntl8 t:luH'l..s H 
h..lllh.\ Thurnns 
18 DoLt.ln Jo'I'..d('rIck ( 
80 l\1:1l1de.'.on Alexander A 
82 It)."t.s Thoma. G 
b(j 0")1\ I'np BerlinI'd 
88 Men'wl'Y 11I1.8 A l\1 
1II1'1UOQ' T A, IlIUS tchr 
90 Vel'rnl John H 
!l2 81111th J.llnes A 
!H T(('lIy .T,lllles 
!U1 l;"ord Ht..

8 Austill Fr,'der[ck J E 
100 '''hlllnns Jallll'S 
Willtillns & Co, contn 
lOti] f'vi .JO....(.I)h, coal 
110 Ha..ds 
112 Hell Joseph It 
114 Hnywnrd 1111's Eliza 
11(; Drown (,bnl"lfl'
HIS \\ Ills Wm, pntr 
'f('w Henry 
]20 B"rrett A..thur H 
122 1\I1I1'..a\' Ch,ul('s 'V 
124 ITIhhcÌ't John C 
]2G lIewpst..r Juhn jr 
I:!" (':lmllh..11 
]:10 Steveus G,'orge 
132 l'euoIr[('h )I..s narrlet 
]3,1 Pooley II A. pntr 
I:\f. TllI'ner Jamps 
1:IS I'em]1ster .1 &. F. bakpr
. Doyel'cou..t ..d intersects 
t t'hm'('h 
It:! CJ"l1<1k
hauh :\Irs E A, bdg 
1-14 Itohinson Gporjte 
1-11; lI..unl.on John 
I1R nplIßn Jer(,llllnh 
150 LP/;
 !ll..s ChrIstina 
1:'2 AtkhlRon J.;lm
s S 
Hi4 QuInn Mrs Ann 
15f. T,pe John W, dairy 
. r.i
gnl' st Inter
." Otr Roh('rt, grocer 
160 Corulsh Rpv Ceor
e H 
s r. \'. n rtlst 

]f;J J.l0) d Wm J R 
lUU Mdt..e D,l11lel [t 
)Icl:ae B..os, metal wkrs 
no )lmphy )h's lIIary 
172 Wilbon RoLe..t 
17(i \\ïl"::Ull Pèltrll"k '1' 
1.1; 8"ott S,lDlUel 
. B".u'oll.field nv Interscctll 
180 IIlcQuill..n Io:<lwnrd J 
:! I"-(.'l.g-nn .Tnlll
4. Mit,'lll'lI 
186 11,1\ I-ou \I..s 
[, d..srnkr 
188 I'h[lIIps Rohe\ t 
1!i0 I'..tte[ Jos('pb C 
l!t:! (j(lul"lif' \\ 111, exp 
]D,1 K"rr ',"Ill 
WG \'(.....y 8('u.'y F 
lI1nh AII.....t 1 
2U2 I:,fwarrl, T "w 
I:d\\ards 'IN :1.1 nurse 
 (':Illiphell Gt'o..gc' 
204 )lcDouahl )I..
201;-8 nu de Va '\'Id Lteb. 
.'ote II'\' intel"ects 
Store, 8 e 
. .. ...... South SIde......,.. 
1 Charles II 
1'h W!'sJey John I:J 
3 :'IlcQuu....i.. )1rs Mary A 
('ott Andrew 
7 ButtEl:lIn 
!J Emer"'oll J'l1olnas J 
11 Pollard M..8 1"rnnces 
13 Tlwwvson "'Ill J 
chool, s e 
. Gh'l'ns st Intersects 
2n Store. s e 
[uckiutosh Wm H 
. A..gyle pi ..uds 
lc:'llurray 8 S, hoslerl 
41 Sev(.nth D.lV Adv"l.tllltS. 
13 Jordan John 
lIulll':m .\1rs !II. nurse 
51 Store, s e 
. Bund.\s st Intersects 
Store, g e 
53 heuucd) 'Irs Margaret 
[;5 Taylor Henry, expreøll 
;-)7 ::;t..". h er Uohert J 
:'U Priet;> J .Hues 
Gl Stuart James 
G3 1\1.\[son Jubn B, Lldr 
G5 lIlueldeston Mt'8 Annie 
Ui Fbl1er Wm E 
e!l t;lI1lth Sumuel 
71 Wamer Georce II: 
i3 t:oulter Euoch E 
i5 Suules Wal[er 
i. )1(,)I"hou Austin 
7i'h Cibson Hobert 
ill Wnlhe.. EdwDld ß 
m'h Learwuntb John F 
81 Johnston George 
Johustou 1111's A, drsmn 
83 Smith Joseph ;r 
. t;mith Ch:lrl..s J 
hí Tucker AlIIl1rose 
&lI Calhouu Hollert J 
I",fford (;'>Drge 
(1:1 I\i..ho]"s Mrs HarrIet 
û:; ElI1nll'tt Charlps L 
U7 43nurl(', Hu
!)!I Gray JIll'S :\I'\I'la 
HI:I 4;,'11I19S Hugh 
]0;; ] awlor Jnmes 
III, :l.ld\:1IY Ashel 
1/1!) HO
f'r8 \Vm 
113 .Iuhu,ton 1111's ('lItherlne 
11 i 
Irs (,hr[stlnll. 
121 {,lIlTo..d JpssP 
12:; Hrlt ton Rohprt 
l:!i T one, 
[rs Ellzabetb 
!J Vf'nJl('ll \Vrn I'
l:n ]1en'pr James F.: 
:{ l.nUl 81ng, Indry 
n;; H..lTer Jumps E, 
hH\l'1II L,nlls F 
!:prn' '1'Lomlls 'V, I' 
['Iynn Jo"eph, I' 
tley A]fred, r 

tor{l, S e 
. Oo,'el'court rd Interøectll 
e, s e 
147 I'f'ters Ch l'l
topher S 
H!I Hili Fl'ank 1 
Ipan .Tohn 
]:'3 Seott John 
1:.5 V prt h John 

TORONTO OFFICE, 15.17 LEADER LANE 1114 I Tel's: Offioe, Main 2288 Resldenoe, North 518 









115-117 KINC ST WEST TORONTO gave complete. 
llctiO!l. ,I fUUlld t.hc 
OIlC 11.
\e ill ih 
n"ri!) ".nd of ""I''' 
. I excellent quahtr, "llh a partleul.ll'l) hmpld tone III Its me 7.0 till -f Hln>IIE'\{ 

157 ('b3)111:UlIl 'rhomas E 
159 Hughston James 
161 81h-kells G T, express 
. Li

mr st h}fC-'rtwct..
11.:.1 I 1,1\\ >on Will J, grocer 
Drain Will 
" \\ hithy A W, shoemkr 
10;; Whilp Thomns 
IG7 Broohes George J 
]tm Rlltherford IItrs IRaùella 
171 1':1 tl"'
(ln Daniel J III 
173 Sl("w.,rt .'nlne8, contr 
175 Kell... Chal'll's 
171 Arnòld Fn-derlck W 
e. s e 
. L!".,con
l!e]d av Intersect. 
Huuse, s e 
171. Tuck Jaml's J 
181 lIa)'ward W George 
lR3 Smith Wm 
:; HO'R Dn...ld 
Ib7 Hnrvcy JaUlPs H 
Wphh lItiss MInnie, drs- 
189 'lc
lanus Jolm 
]!Jl IImnn 1I..III'y, pntr 
1!J3 Wheeler (toùert 
1!l;i A<1111118 F 'V, !P'o 
1!!7 :\1..1:.lrvln J h, drugs 
. Xorlhcote 0" Intersects 
J :::;ft)I"p. 8 f' 
20::; !\Iurpby Joseph 
Store. s f' 

ARGYLE PL. n from 24 Brn". 
to Argyle. w,,,'d 5. 
. .. .. .. " Enst 
81.tuglner house 
3] U-I)('rn Wm 
33 :\lcIlro... S."uuel 
, :\lellro'\ 'Vrn 
::. Watt)" Edgar 
neal" f.lltl'nll('e
o .. . . . . .. W P8t Side 
IIonse, s e 
Heal' entrances 

AIl:\IOült. n w from King w 
to Ala-II, first I' of the ,mù 
wny, "oIrds ;; nnd 6. 
. . .. .... !\ortb Side .. . o' '0 , 
. LI.
ar st commences 
Lumber yard 
......... :';"Illb 
Ï11e ......... 
Dlamolld Glass Co 

AIU1Ut Hl, w from 69 Ch
IIl1t tv rnl...ersity avo wlll'd 
0... .... North Side 
8tore. S f' 
.J (jrabßlli George 
l'mp \Vm 

llllue.J Henry 
S ('obl'n rinku
10 Bocbnek Jospph 
I louse, s c 
.,'" n" comm..nces 
1I0us.., s .. 
32 Crolldl'n 'Ym 
34 (:pltJl'r Leo 
3li House, s e 
outh Sid.. 
Armoury, s I' 

AH:\ISTr.OXO A V, \V :rurn 
1182 Du:rl'rlll to ElllmerRon 
nv, 2 II of Bloor w, ward O. 
. ... .... !\orth Side .. 
Stor". s e 
41) (;ue
t 'Vm F 
fi4 Ht rllt-'r Fn'flerlck 
82 lIenrv Robert 
10M Vale George W 
116 MouIe H \<', d.I1ry 
......... South SIde ......... 
4. Rohlnson Henry H 
51 Butt O..or!:e 

I:I,,\' :\Ia,on 
103 ('rltt.,j"len Charles 
10" Titus Wm J 
107 Good Samuel F 

AR:\IY TEHRACE. I> f\'Om a 
Inn... b..twcen 37 anti :10 

leMnrrich, ward 3. 


. . .. . . . .. Ell st Side 0........ 
Not built on 
......... \\'('st 81<1e ............, 
] E\ Edward 
2 Armstrung ItuberL II 
3 COlJlJiug JIll'S Jllury 
4 Glruux LuUls 
5 8UIllIllPr>, Edward 

AUXOLD A V, n fr )111 M 
l5yd..nhaw to Wliion ay, 
ward 2. 
. o. .. .. .. Ells
 Side ......... 
e, 8 Q 
. It..g..nt a.. commences 
lioU8e, S Q 
V,leant lots 
. St Vol \ id st Interaects 
House. s I' 
V.lclInt lots 
41) l"rlestiy Wm 
;;1 Ultehie Arthur 
Huuse. s 
......... West SIde 
lIouse. s e 
2 \nlli.lms JIll'S Amelia 
4 West Will 
(; Highlield 
Irs Yary A 
\'aellnL lots 
28 Boddy Jolwes W 
30 1.'ord treor!:e 
3:J Beamish :\lrs :\hrs 
IlOlHse. s e 
.8t VoI\"Id st Intersect" 
IIouse, s I' 
40 :\11111' FrederIck B 
42 Hoskin Albert 
44 :\1 n 11' :\1rs Ehz.lùeth 
4(; JUhll
toll n..lvh.J I
411 Anderson Frank 
lrs Ann 
52 8mltb Wm 
54 ::;Iu bbs Samuel 
5li 8le\'ellSon Dnvld 
58 Pellow J onn 
liO 8\\"0I1n 'VIll E 
62 Vick
oll G"orge 
\'ncunt lots 
House, 8 e 

AfiTIIUU, w from 01') Ml 
Blltl1urst to Vund.I
, \<arQ 
. ... .... .
ortn iSlde 
8tore. 8 e 
o Geor&'e 
8 I.yall Henry 15 
IU Kenuedy JoIllies 
12 1':Il'1'ingtun \\ m n 
H 1\:lIld Ueury 
16 )Ie(:inn Francis 
18 :\hlll;,ell J G. btchr 
larhh,lm st Inte.sf'ets 
:!U I'ox Le" i
 H, gro 
:!2 Mitchell )Iichael, fruIt 
:!4 CI.,rk 1),1\ hi. 1.lmhr 
2<; Ulehardson S J 
30 J:Iek
on Wm 
32 Il.\ltou Wm. bldr 
34 Cull' I
36 Ralllie Campbell 
:;8 \\"ood \Vm 
40 Lee ;\11'8 Harriet 
42 Hl1h
on :\Ir
H Brownlee 
4(; 1"..r
lIson James 
4X \\,iI-.'n ('bal'l"s J 
. Palmerston nv inters
50 Luttrf'1I 1111's E
ther. Ero 
Luttr,,11 II1lss E M, mus 
 Allauu':on"s store rro 
;;4 Whlttem ""m 
58 OardlOl'I' Chas E, fl'lIltS 
02 1:"Duf't JIll'S A, dl'y gds 
64 lI1:1ns..1I Hle'hard, coutr 
m;-" Ellintt \-'I'f'dk, hdware 
.2 '\llamson )1rs Ellznbeth 
. 1':uclId n.. intersects 
H Bnrron Hf'nry. wInes 
71i Il..rù..rt Juhn J 
is Bl'Owu 
I!lton W 
 Palrotor Erne
1<4 P.ltll'r
on John 
1-<fi Wlnterficld J 
s'\ Baird I"rank 
DO COl"l!pr Frederick C 
O'J Hiley Wm B 

Ashhy PI. 


94 Ewing Wm S 
\18 Juhu
tun I" & Co, coal 
. )1.lIIuill1:' a \ Intersects 
:Stól'l'. s t! 
lUU 8nmerdon J W B. carp 
lU:I TuPVlng .\ll's E. gru 
'1'uPlJlllg Xicholus 
Stol"e, ::I e 
. Cillremunt st Intersects 
104 )lcVuIlIlhl \Irs 111 J 
11U :>hol"pc \\ ill J 
lab,llIy \\"01 
118 L!uo1dy 
Irs JlI. gIO 
8tore s e 
. I1I'II\\:oods a\ Intersect. 
12U Call.\IIdl'r l'has B, gro 
1:!2 PC('1"le:5
 D 'I", tlr 
124 \\"illiams Thomas B 
126 Bayntou Austin 
128 IInnn George 
130 l'a)'lIe Will 
132 Brown p("l"(':\.Y E 
8t l'ranels' 'R C C 
. Urace st commenCeS 
1;;,1 .\leClclIand W J, catt!. 
15G GIJ'nn Dnnlel 
1;;8 White John 
Vacant lots 
. lien trice av commence. 
174 Uay Jobn B 
176 \Iellon.lld John A 
178 Wilkinson G C 
18U KeunecJy G..orge M 
,".Ieaut lots 
]811 Itlcldle Wm 
1'>8 Gold,," nenry J 
190 Lee Frederick, gro 
.1I10ntrose av commences 
Vacant lots 
. Cra wford st Intersects 
Vacllnt lots 
. !>ba \V st intersects 
,"aeant lots 
2liIJ 1'01'0' Gpurge 
2 )lacklIn 
Irs Sarah A 
:!li4 Diek
on Wm W 
:!6fi Barthulonlf'w L 
268 Alldre\\s Alfr..d E 
2íU .\1c('lcl'\ Fred 
2.2 Tllpp )ll's III A 
. GI\ ens .t Intersects 
l'rh"ate erolluds 
200 Hodgsoll Itohert, ùlksmttb 
\'acaut lot.. 
300 1I0dg>0IÙ; ('arp shop 
flouse, s e 
.0....... South Side......... 

House, s e 
1 1\oxon A, phy nnd drugs 
=> (iel"(I\\" John C, InDl"lJlc 
7 Bol'I,us Edward 
lIIlth Charlcs 
15 "-ilS.OD JUllles, gro 
Stol'e, B I' 
. J\Inrkh.lm st Inlf'l'sects 
21 Hoss John H, gro 
23 Davenport David, \)arber 
2;\ Kf'l' Cbung, IudI') 
:?7 JI:lI'ri
on II l' 
31 \\'('ston Wnlter, livery 
33 Hall Thomas 
35 T..nrosp Arthur, tlr 
37 Hoh,'rt
on G..orge, daIry 
Rohertson :\II'S 8arah, gro 
3!J Ander
on :\1I's Annie 
41 Hoss Miss 
, R, conf, 
43 Summers DaYld H 
4;; 8penee Wm, shoemkr 
4;;% Mite'hell ('l1arle
47 Po" "II John. gro 
41) Reid JIll's Elh<nbetb 
fil TUl'1wr 
. PlIlmerston nv Intersects 
Store, S t! 
lfle ent ance 
57 D..ohan \I1I'S \I1ary C 
[i:J Alton Mrs Eliza 
5!J1h Cuben A. sec hd gds 
61 Algor Wm. hnrher 
03 Gnrdlner David 
6.'\ Hnrllng C E. pictures 
69 Stpphenson George 
71 no)"(1 George 
Store. s I' 
. Eu"lId av Intersects 
í3 I'ptl'lf' Thomas 
7D Sln
 Son Yet, IudI" 
81 St,,\\ IIrt II em'v 
1'\:\ Wright H, shof'mkr 


 110\\ Ie Will, fancy gds 
8;; 8te\\ IIrt JIll'S L, nurse 
87 Cuckhurn Alex, gl.o 
8!1 C.llhc:lrt JIll'S 8.1mh 
111 Al.Jùey James II 
93 Cull' Byron, gro 
. Mnnning oIV inler'ect. 
 Callf'r George, gro 
Oõlh Wal
h Wm, shoemltr 
1)7 Clarke John W, bar her 
. Clu....munt 
t hltf'rSectll 
113 HarrIson Henry l' 
11:> J'kl'er'n
117 IIorn John 
119- Patterson Wm 
1:!1 80uthnll John 
]:!3 Glskin Albert 
. L!ellwoods ,1\' Intersect. 
': CouItel' CrozIer, coal 
. Gurevale ('nd
l;erman Meth Cit 
143 \\"IIton J, dairy 
145..Brown !\icbolns 
147 Benttle Ww 
1;'1 J , 
bn, ùldr 
1;;3 T,a \\'renee \\ m 
1;;;; Langl!elfl Fn'd 
];;7 CloIrrv Edmer 
1;.:J 1teell' U u) C 
leI Willmott CRoss 
1(;7 Lu\\ renee Janu
169 I'pnnock \\'Jllls, pntr 
líl Kf'nneely H..\. .rnmes B 
173 ('oultpr S.IIU1wl A 
]7:) E('clf'
1 õ7 
Iar('h \\ alter 
1.11 Chnrl"hill '1' II 
]"1 (;1',,, Hohert J 
miih ,lobn C 
lK. AI,,""nder George 
187 CO\ ne .John III 
. Crñwfol"ll st intersects 
Bell woods I"nrk 
. Sha w st Intf'r
2;;;; I,;" lug HI<-hard 
AhlJott Hoùert, I' 
l1all .Tamp
. I' 
Acomh Jllr
 Elizabeth. r 
Brown J\Irs Susnn, I' 
2:í9 H(,l1dt'I'
on JOllies 
 r;pll 1\11"8 Ann J 
2(;] Îlnpklc' 'I'hos S 
27:> R..ld Frpd 
Spe..r Charles 
:!77 Lacpv Ro\' E 
2í!J 'I'arlin
21'1 \Varrall \\' .T 
21-<:J Hl'mpson nert 
::1':; Thornton l\Irs Vesta 
237 nntlf'1" John S 
289 CJod.lard John A. cartaE
Metropolitan Bank, s e 

AsnnUII'(;E'S J\IAHSH. foot 
of l'hf'rry, ea.t IIf Fisher- 
lanel. \\ard 1. 
Foundry Speclnlty Co 

ASHRY PL, n frolD 498 KIne 
1', wnrd 1. 
0.. .. .... East Side 0.......0 
Store, s I' 
1 I'f'tlt Adolpbe 
:! THonne Arthur 
3 Cnlrlls Lntbel' 
4 Bl"O(,I\:s (:fI'orge 
:; nolton .John 
6 Poolf' Mrs J\lRl'v A 
7 Ahh..y Oror",e i 
8 Itoh..rtson George W 

A ikenhead Hardware Limited Cear and Milling Cutters FAIRBANKS 
6 Adelaide St. E. PHONE MAIN 3800 FINE MACHINISTS' TOOLS Scales & Valves 

:H 0 RWO 0 D 




Ashby PI. 


9 Ground Fred 
10 Webb Wm 
11 Bawtlmh"lmer Chas E 
12 Herron John J 
......... West 81,11' 
Private Erouuds 

ASHPOH'l' A V, n from nenr 
1400 Queen 1', ward L 
. .. .. .. ,. I
a!!t Side ......... 
Not built on 
. . .. .. ... West Side ......... 
Meth Church. s I' 
10 Capps I.'rederlck D 
Capps F D, tallow factor, 

ATKIN A V, w trom rear of 
154 Sheridan av to Brock 
av, wal'd G. 
. .. .. , , .. NOl'th Side.. .. .. ... 
10 Gordon !\Irs Harriet J 
12 Anderson Frederick G 
14 Seott Donald 
16 8earlett Edward 
18 Bates IIIrs !\Iargaret 
20 Buyers John A 
22 H"mnunt George 
24 Cullen Ja_
. ........ South Sid" ......... 
1 Trebell John 
S Burns Mary J 
5 Todd Francis W 
7 Gallagher Wm J 
9 McN"tce HoLJcrt 
11 Corrigan Wm 
13 Bell'l'on Wm 
15 Rnlley Alfrpd A 
17 Whale Thoma. 
19 Baird Charles S 
21 Cook John 
23 Sintzel Henry J 
Housc, 8 e 

ATLANTIC A V n from G T 
R tracks to King w, Orst w 
of Subway, wfil'ds 5 aud 6. 
. .. . , . ... East Side ......... 
Vacant lots 
, .. " . . .. 'Vest Side .. .. ..' , 
34 Metropolitan Soap Co 
44 Duncan James 
46 Warner James 
Faetory, S I' 
. Llherty st Intcrsects 
6ð St David's 'Vine Grower.' 
Co, wines 
112 Clnrke John 
Factory. s e 

AUDLEY A V, I' from 21Q 
Pape av, ward 1. 
. .. .. .... North Side, . .. , . .. . 
House, s e 
24 Rouse Samuel J 
26 Crocker IIIrs Melora 
......... South Side.....,... 
House. s e 

AUGUSTA AV, n from 180 
St Pntrlek to Collpge. ward 
..,....,. East Side,........ 
1 Dow A III, drugs 
3 Pym Albert 
5 Hall GeOl'ge 
7 Pennock !\Irs E 
9 Delbare Leo J 
11 Craig !\Irs !\Iary A 
IS Boomer Jospph B 
15 Chapman Joseph W 
Lawrie James, r 
Ii Lecours Robert 
1're Alexander, r 


b: E 
21 Knags G('()rge 
2.1 H1"hardson Wm J 
25 Greenway FrederIck W 
27 Cowley John 
29 Blaek Alpxander 
33 Haviland Samuel 
8Ii Grant ThomBs 8 
37 Burgess Mrs M E 
39 Elliott Wm M 
41 Irwin James 

43 Da via Cbarles 
45 Holdpn Arthur P 
47 Andr"ws ),'rank B 
49 Bunker George 
51 LongLJottom Charl4!s A 

 Jackson Wm S 
55 II usbes Hlchard 
57 Dodge Oscar to' 
59 hennard Stephen 
61 Davidson IIIrs Margaret 
65 Browne G, pntr 
67 Pnrklnson John 
69 Pippr \Vm, nurse 
71 McPherson James 
73 Hoberts Wm H 
75 Bottomlpy S .I, bltlr 
77 Brockbank WD1 
79 Lukpman Jamps M 
81 (;adshv Alfred D 
81I.i, MI'Kñgue It. I" coal 
. Bnldwln st pnds 
83 Brennand Georg. 
85 Duke James 
87 Vacant 
89 Hollinger John W 
91 Rherman Thoma. 
93 Cla.'ke Mrs Annie M 
95 Upld .Tnmes 
97 Bunting Hobprt 
99 Drappr Gpor
101 Cumming John 
103 Hoblnson John, II;ro 
. Nassau st Intersi'ct. 
10.') Snpnth Frpd S. gro 
]U7 Bn an John 
109 Thompson D 
111 Kpkpwleh Gporge B 
Capppr J\frs C. nurse 
113 Sa wvpr IIlrs J\I J 
115 lIlorrls 
Irs Churlotte 
117 Rrpnt Frpdprlck W 
119 Hicks Wm 
1:l1 !IIuehpun Ross 
123 Wl11ou
hby Cbarles 
12.'>-7 Dent 1111's Bpsslp I, ErG 
. Oxford st Intersects 
129-31 Vaeant 
133 Pbl11lps James 
135 Wu1\s T!wmns H 
137 MeHae Arcblbald 
139 Holman Charlps L 
141 Caswpll !IIrs Mnrgaret 
143 A"hpson ?\Irs Jane 
Iurlev .Tames W 
147 KennÏ>rlv Hohert 
149 O'Haliorun 1\lrs A 
11\1 Frpneb Hu
1:;3 Hlcbard
on "Irs E 
155 Rhpppurd John 
157 l1alhv Gpor
e C 
II\!) ("onlpy Jumps W 
161 Rarm'-m James F 
Coal ofOce. s I' 
. .. ... .., West Side ......... 
House, B I' 
14 Sykps James 
HI Enstmnn Charles A 
18 Kplly HpDl'Y J 
20 Hudson Charl"s 
tpmmann Albprt 
24 Koster Mnttbpw J 
House, s e 
. Bellpvue pi commpnces 
Dpnlson sq 
House, s p 
50 Flpgphpn Charlps H 
\Yhltp Thomas, r 
Hnmillon James, r 
Hutton H. coal oil, r 
52-4 Hedemptlon Home 
56 Brent Wm 
58 Ahtitt Gpor
e W 
r.O Y pase,' (,barlps 
62 F..nne'n 1\Ir8 Sm:an 
64 IIpDf]prson IIlrs Emily 
66 Gal.> Cbarles W 
(18 Cbalk]pv !III'S Alice 
70 Churehlll Thomas 
72 J1Jaliov James 
76 Wphl; W IIpn!'y 
78 !\Ioore RUg'pne 
80 Clark Wm 
Clark A & 80n, contr. 
84 !II"Kpe Alpxanl1er 

R I1nrch Alpxundpr, gro 
. Nnssau st Inlprop('ts 
90 Monro B D, dregs 
92 Dunn !\Ilss Mary 
IK McKay Alpxander 

96 COl'tI Cpsarp 
118 Walkp1: Gporge 
lOU Loekb.ut ),'rederl
k R 
102 Cband:"r I.'rederlek S 
1U4-1U6 Peter Hro
. bkrs 
1'etpr A ugu
t .T 
108 Hamilton Edward T 
110 For
yth John K 
House. s e 
. Oxford st Intersects 
House, s e 
112 Burns Frank 
114 Molr Jamps 
116 I-Hnds L Darcy 
Forbes Jomps, r 
118 Laur Edgar L 
Laur Wm B, com mer 
120 1I1npps Jamps A 
124 Brown Hobert 
126 Stall'ord Miss Mary 
128 \lacklem George 
130 Simpson Rohert E 
132 Hamilton Alpxander 
134 Ashlpp Wm 
136 Dallas IIIrs Hannah 
'Yntson Charles 

 A V, I' from 305 Pape 
av to Jones av, ward I, 
oo.. .... North Side .. ...... 
2 Gray Walter, gro 
4 1'pttlt John E 
6 0, prlade IIIrs Pauline 
8 Booth Albprt 
1U RoLJlnson Frpderlck 
12 C"Rwforrl Walter L 
14 Montgomery Norman H 
16 lIIurphy John 
18 Hovll Wm 
24 Strugnell James H 
20 Da, Idaon Walter 
32 Green Alfrprl 
40 1\Inkln Da,ld 
42 Durston HoLJert 
44 Howell Wm 
48 St Dennis Wm 
50 llloorp Hpnry H 
54 Bakpr Edward R 
56 Peake Ollvpr 
......... South Side......... 
Store, s I' 
15 Clllford Mrs Curollne 
17 Wpllln
s Gporge 
25 Whltp Wm 
27 Pamenter 
29 Cowling I'('ter W 
31 Glhhons Georgp 
33 Elliott RoLJert ß 
35 I1vpr John 
37 SmIth Edwnrd J 
41 Hvdp Alhprt 
43 Lÿnch .Teremlnh 
45 Jones !IIrs Ellzn 
51 Lvneh 
118s :'iora 
53 Rimnilers Wm H 
55 Churcblll H R 
51 Smart Thl'mas 
59 Wm 

 PL. w from 104 
Huzplton av to Avenue rd, 
ward S. 
. ... .... North Side .. ...... 
House, 8 C 
10 Harrington Ellznbpth 
12 A hrpy Charlps W 
14 Glhhlns Luks IT 
16 Kerr J H S 
18 Honp'l'3ett Jnmes S 
20 Shaw' lamps 
22 Smith Jobn M 
24 ("lurke Hobpcc 
House, s e 
.... ..... Soulb Side 
1 Harwood ITnrry 8 
11 "-biting- Hev mehal'd 
fit Paul's Mptb Ch, s I' 

A YE:<JUE HD, n trom 170 
Bloor w to city limits. 
wards 3 Il
ð 4. 
. .. .. .... Ea
t Side .......... 

b1]r'!tI. 8 e 
15 Rohertson wm .T 
11 Bell Anrlrpw .I 

II! 8cott Paul L, phy 
8eott IIIrs Jpssle L 
. CnmLJ"rlBnd st ends 
2ã Clurk 1'der III 
31 8" an Airs Carrie 
33 HuLJLJard A 1 
3;; Dmle Mrs Anna 
87 PO"ers Edward W 
. York,'lIIe av ends 
.U! Kpmp H Gross, phy 
41 HusLJand Cameron 
43 lIIcD"rmld Donllld, eontr 
4;; Bauld ELJpnezer B 
47 Pellow AILJprt E 
53 Adams Mprcpr J 
57 I'ptrie G M, drugs 
59 CampLJell Rev Alex 
()3 Cartwrlgbt John H 
67 Anderson Walter N 
71 Clarkson Edwal'd R C 
77 Badgley Rev E Irvine 
79 Cook Harry G 
81 Doel Rpv John 
81 Keys Da vld R 
89 l!urwash Hev John 
91 Wood Hon Samuel C 
103 Armour E Douglas 
1U7 Hogers II1lss Esther 
111 Spink John I. 
n;; IIlcLpnnan Roderick 
St Paul's Meth Cb 
. A ,'pnup Vi pnds 
]31 Colp Edmond H 
133 Ashhy T Harry, phy 
13;; Smltb Wm B 
137 lIld'adypn Hev John, iliA 
141 Hitcblp Cbarles H 
Cannda Lawn Tennis and 
Bowling Cluh 
Unllnlsbpd houses (2; 
171 Davies Wm Co, Ltd, 
173 Lpggott S R, btchr 
. Da.-enport rd Intersects 
Store, s e 
175 GILJb Edward J 
177 Dyas .Tohn H 
17U Bpst Wm H 
1 Tbompson "'m 
183 Woodl"y E G, bldr 
185 Fprguson IIIrs Annie 
Jobnston Rohert M, r 
187 Woods Emanupl N 
Ierc('f Albprt E 
lUl lIIephan Francia 
lU3 Hpll John 
. Pears u v Intersects 
I!);) Harhottlp 
197 Harper George R 
1\)9 Towler Cbn rles 
201 Clodp Charles M 
203 Ppars J,pOl,n rd 
I'pars Benjamin, bldr 
. Roxborou
h st wend" 
247 Hal' John, carp 
249 Dinsmore Hobert S 
. lIIal'phprson av wend. 
Store, s e 
. lIIarlborouJ(h av ends 
. C I' It crossing 
307 Rmlth S H, cattlp dlr 
. Cottingbam st ends 
Macdonald IIIrs Annie E 
Macdonald A A 
......... West Side....... 
Prh'ate J;rounds 
28 lIIeGaw 1\Irs W A 
. I'rlncp Arthur av com 
3U 1I11tcllpll Tbos A 
:12 Somers Francis 
34 Smpllle Hohprt S 
Iaulp Mrs H I. 
38 Somprs Jnmes W 
40 Trick Jobn 
Currplley Jobn 
46 Hull Wm Perkins 
50 Hose Danlpl 
Hosp 11 Alhprt, phy 
52 Cbßnt Clarpnee A 
54 Wilkin Gporge F 
!'iR Hlce Tbomas G 
58 lIIaedongall Mrs E It. 
. I.owtber av commpnces 
Oó 1'orrall('e Wm P 
62 Mowal Josepb F 
 Clarke Wm A 
tõS Symons IIlrs Isabel 
72 George Thomas H 
76 Layton Dovld B 

Guarantee Company of North America 
MEDLAND Be. dONES, Cel}'l Agel}ts, Mail Building, Cor. King and Bay Tel. Main 1067 

Tb P I ', ftb GREAT WEST LIFE are models of brevity and simplicity. There 
B 0 (ClBS 0 (j - are no restrictiOds as to travel. residence or 
occupation. Paid-up, Surrender and Loan Values are stated in the Policy, also the Extended Insurance terms. 
No gu
sses. no averages, Sample pOlicy, and rate at your age on application to the Toronto Offioe, 18 TORONTO STREET 

78 Aikens John R 
SO Dubson Chnrles A 
Lumbers Walter G 
. Elgin a\" commences 
Housp. s p 
84 Strange Mrs Ellznbeth 
86 Dyas Mrs Emma W 
88 Applegath Llewellyn 
90 Dick C W 
94 Hlng Lee, Indry 
. Boswell a'l' commence. 
96 BrongbnlI George 
98 Dnnbar Ferguson J 
100 Darling Frank 
102 Ree'l'e :\Irs Joanna M 
Iline lIIiss Edith F 
lot Clark LevI .I 
106 Mahony R J 
108 Allan A Grahnm 
. Tranhy a'l' commences 
110 Alexander Wm J 
112 WIlliams Rlcbard S jr 
1H Rohlnson Henry 
116 :\Ialfour IIIrs J A 
118 Stpwart Rp
lnalrl H 
120 Barton Thomas H 
122 Buckley Maurice J 
124 Vacant 
. Bernard a'l' commences 
126 Kprr :\Irs Ellzn hetb 
 Henrlerson D\l
nld A 
130 Tonkin Charles H 
138 Home for Incurable ChIld- 
140 LYDIan :\Irs Helen 
H:J :\In<'Tntosb .Tohn A 
144 Armstrong Rohert 
146 Rohlnson Charles. gro 
. Davenport rd Intersects 
14" Ellis Wm A. drugs 
1:-,0 (
unn Jm-pph 
152 Rayly IIIrs C B 
154 f';laght Arthnr G 
1;:;6 Bredln Wm .I 
158 Rredln Mark 
160.64 Rredln Bread Co Ltd, 
. Pears a'l' Interse
. Chlcorn a'l' commences 
GillespIe Rev John 
Cbnrcb of tbe Mpsslah 
. Dupont st commences 
244 Peake Louis C 
246 Rpll<k 'Irs lIIarlon C 
248 ShC'pherd James L 
2='>4 Storldart .Tames 
2;:;6 !\hmgpr "-m A 
Blnkey 'I... LizzIe 
258 Little F H, gro 
. (" P H crossIng 
. 'laC'pherson n\" w Interets 
260 ""alker Albert J 
2G2 Arnold Harry 
264 Trlmblp Richard H 
260 Boys Tbomns R 
2r.R Hnntpr Hpnry 
270 F.1rlprkln De Witt T 
21'2 Wiley III", I"usan A 
Andp...on James L 
274 Sar
ant Thomas 
2./1 :\Ia('klpm Hprhprt G 
2.8 l\I
("anl Rev James 
 Gutbrle .James 
2"2 TIuntpr C'bnrlp
284 Lamport Wm A 
2"(; Nohle Thomas H 
. :\1C':\lastpr a\" C'omml'nCi!S 
29" LI'I'lngstonp Harry E 
3nO 01lJp
plp Albprt C 
802 I'angman III... 0 F 
308 Stepl" Wm H 
. ("ottlngham st Intl'rsects 
!l1n RI'I'ett RlPl1fil"fl L 
312 I"lmpson Charles S 
314 Vacnnt 
31r; !llorphy G"orgp S 
. Unthnally "rps commenc?s 
850 :\Iackenzle Wm 
. Ertmllnd 0'1' "ommpn"es 
Edwards Chnrles J1 
Stephens Walter G 
. Clarendon n\" COlDlUl'nCeS 
Ellis Rlehard Y 
Sannders Dyce W 
. Ralmoral av commen"es 
"-phh Thomas F 
Henderson .James B 

 A V, n from Park 
rd to Uusf'dale rd, ward 
Not built on 

A "O
DALE PL. s from 63 
l"ork\'lUe a\", ward !I. - 
. .. .. .. . 0 East SIde 
Honse, s e 
......... West SIde 
House, s I' 
2 l'ogne John .J 
4 Bennett Mrs JessIe 
6 John"on 1I1rs Henrietta 
8 Goddlug Charles 
10 T\"ud.lll Reuben 
12 King :\Irs M E, mus tehr 
Pnge Mrs Sarnh, Dnrse 
14 Spencer Wm 
16 French .James 

BADEN (formerly Osslngton 
place), w from 20 Osslngton 
av to Lakevl"w av, ward 5. 
0... . '
, North Side .. ...... 
HOllse. s I' 
6 Armstrong :\lIss Alice M 
8 Rarnptt Thomas 
10 Mund\" Mrs Catberlne 
12 Newtòn Alfred G 
14 Jpfl's Wm 
16 Turner Edward, tailor 
II'S I\ewblgglng Andrew C 
20 Grealls Wm .J 
22 nuthprfol"fl Wm 
24 Wilson Stewart 
.0. . . _'" South SIde 
Hous". s e 
-; Chenl'ry Wm 
9 !\'"wsom LouIs 
11 Houston .Jamps W 
13 Shofl' IIIrs AnnIe E 
15 Hnskett Mrs Ella C, mus 

BAHGEROW AV. I' from 263 
Pape av, ward 1. 
, ... .... North Side o. 
Store. s e 
2 Blain Peter 
4 Henkes Samnel R 
12 Maloney James, contr 
Vacant lots 
Jessop Arthur 
30 Holland P, cattle dlr 
32 Wlisou George 
84 Buck John 
38 "a"ant 
40 Heslop ThomaR M 
42 BIshoprIc Charlet 
44 "'lUll1msoll Alexander 
40 Swanston Robert 
48 Walkey Wm E 
50 Best Wm 
......... South SlIle _........ 
,"acant house 

BAIX A V, runs I' from Broad- 
vIew a\' to Pape nv, 6rst n 
of Withrow nv, ward 1. 
oo. 0 .... North SIde .. ...... 
Vacant lots 
. ""lnch"ster drive com 
. L<1gnn ov Intersec
U!O Dr;'3.n JarIJl'S '}' 
1')3 'faher PatrIck .J 
2111 Pollock JaC'kson S 
212 Ilpnd"rson Wm 
214 KllImaster Rohert 
216 Swanson Chnrles 
.. ('arlnw a\' Intersects 
238 Cnskle Allan 

... Jeffi'rles Fdward 
2:-þII' :\rt]sor. WID 
2t;0 Kelley Henry E 
26-1 Caskle John, exp 
'........ SOllth Side.... o. 0" 
Vacnnt lots 
. Logan n'l' Intersects 
203 ('(arhe Wm 
2ml Phillips Ertward F 
. Carlnw n\ Intersects 
231 Harris Wm T 


233 Hornell David 
235 llullock Albert E 
237 Coulter John 
239 Stewart :\lIss AnnIe 
241 Limpert }<'rancls 
2:ó9 Sturdy George 
2Gl Anderson Sumuel 
263 Reech George 
House, s e 

BAIRD A V (formerly FPD- 
s), I' from Jones av to 
Leslie, 6rst s of Danforth 
av, ward 1. 
Not built on 

BALDWIN. w from 182 Mc- 
Caul to Augusta av, \.ard 4. 
. .. .. .... North Sidc 0....... , 
2 M'cLpan .'i.. "an Loon, gro 
4 IIIltchell IIIrs Iranny M 
6 Stork Wm 
8 Downing IIIrs III .J 
10 Ferrlman Mrs Ellzabetb 
12 Butchart Walter A 
14 McGo'l'ern .John J 
16 :\Ioore Robert 
18 TompkIns Horace E 
20 Ridden Robert W 
22 Mnther 'lIss Agnes 
24 RORs Dnvld 
2(j C'opp IIlrs AnnIe 
. Hf'nrv st commences 
28 Sullivan IIIlss A 
30 8C'hlre Mrs Sadie 
34 Geddes 
Irs :\Iartha 
Geddes !llIss .J A, nurse 
3G Cnrnpv MIss Bplen 
38 IIli1l1gan MIss BessIe 
ROll!,,:Ø. s e 
. Rpvprley st Intprsects 
IT 011sC. !": P 
70 Schartel Chnrles 
72 ("artow Ah!f'rnon S 
74 Johnson Thomas B 
7r; ("arson Hf'nry P 
78 Stewart Wm W 
80 ("arev PatrlC'k F 
82 Lo'l'f'Ys npor
p C 
84 DuthIe :\Irs Agnps 
8ß nonIPIlf' Jamps H 
S8 Rlack\\ell Thomps 
PO BournI' RiC'harrl C 
112 Swallow :\Irs LouIse 
!J4 I"anllrlf'rs Hpnr'l' .J 
00 ("ampùpll Wm ß 
118 Rnkf'r RIC'hnrrt A 
100 Tnvlor Arthur 
. Jhiron st Interseets 
1Iouse. s I' 
102 r.l'nhnm .Wm .I 
104 Allpl\" IIII<s Snrah 
100 Morp'll IIIrs Gpor21na 
108 Wll
on :\Irs 'IInnle 
110 SC'tll1v Mrs Annlp 
112 Palmf'r 'll's AnnIe 
114 IIl1mms .Jospph 
116 StrnthrtPf' IIIrs Elizabeth 
Rooth III rR .T anI'. r 
Purser Frerl J. r 
1U! Rpattle .John W 
Corhf'tt :\frs G, r 
120 !lI
non"f'll Thomas C 
122 ("Inrkp IIIrs Jane 
124 Xa
h )Irs Alice 
126 I"h,,,, ,"nIPS 
Sh'1w :\lrQ r.1I7aheth, bdg 
12<; f'amnhpl! Rohprt W 
BO 1\(
("nll Harry 
HOl1I1;1P. S {I 
. Sna<1lna av Intersect. 

144 Sanfol"fl Thomas 
14ft Clarrhll!p John J 
HR nuke .John W 
150 1'11\ lor & XpQhltt. plstrs 
'1'a\-lo1" Helll'\" W 
1:;2 :\1':TntITf' Wm .J 
1;)4 f'raw 
Gordon H11l:h 
1!ífJ Allpn Hohprt 
Hi8 IrwIn "'m H 
lroo Low C'har'p
1(;2 .Tpwl'll .J(\bn '" 
Jn4 T 
J(rouf' .J o
1f:/1 l'al11lPr RollPrt 
1r;8 Mnglll (:eorge 



{ ,\ 

.' "THE. 
 .. _ .....<<'.- 
.,Ie OW.. r....
 ' .. . 

oc E R 5 
'" CO A L. 
\. I1E:AD oH,c;,t 

 ON't 0 

no Bnte Walter 
1í2 Tushlnghl1m J, bldr 
Private grounds 
17(; Arnold Jacob 
178 :-<huna('
 )Irs :\Iary 
180 !\'olnn James 
182 Eageu Wm T 
1M Broomhead Frederick 
186 )lcKlIlol' John 
188 Glassford RIchard 
1\)0 L,>g,'ss1cl<e Benjamin .J 
UI2 Cia rk John 
194 Armstrong Wm Jr 
1!J<1 l\1cXellI Wm 
Hl8 ("nrmody IIIlchael 
House. 8 e 
.. . . . . ... Sou th Side ......... 
1 Mumford .J & Son, btchn 
3 Cosgl"Qve 1II1choei 
5 Hyan John J 
I) Henth !tobert 
11 I'an Miss Jane 
13 Fielding J Edgar 
15 FIelding Wm J 
17 MlIllgnn Hobert J 
HI Ahbotf \\ PI .I 
21 Brlmcr F J 
23 Force E,h\ln 
23 Geary Wm H 
Geary George 
27 Beattie !tobert 
:!II Usborne John 
!l1 PlddlngtOD Snmuel 
33 I'ollo('k .\: Cook, groceu 
Pollock John A 
l'ook 'Irs tIeIen 
3;:; :\11111'1' :\Irs Mary A 
3. Cross Wm II 
39 Archer IIIrs Emmn 
41 Kinsey Charles F 
43 IIIcGookln .Jamcs 
45 Harris Alexander 
4í Ke) fetz Mark 
49 QuIgley .Joseph 
;:;1 FOl"('Dlan Arthur E 
lIIay Hkh"1".1 R. r 
Clarke Frank, r 
LIndsay :\Irs Elizabeth, r 
Buckle .Joseph. r 
. Be'l'erley st Intersects 
6" Walsh I"rank J 
Oi nurton Albert 
73 Parker )lr8 lIIargaret 
77 Bennett Archibald M 
7!J Beckwith Mrs Elizabeth 
81 Vucnnt 
 "'Insor Henrv 
85 Wooi:lley Wm' 
87 Rpynolds IIIIs Eliza 
89 J n ckson III rs Alice 
91 F"rgu_on Hugh 
93 RndC'lIffe Jnmes H 
\15 HopkIns Snmuel 
9i l'a\IIIson John L 
99 Spink Mrs A. drsmkr 
101 IIIC'Gre
or .Jobn H 
103 Kirby John B 
In:; i"l'ottou 'II s Louisa 
10. Hn1ll:>:an .Tohn C 
. Hnron st Intersects 
1'''' I11<.'(wk Ert\\ ....'1 H gro 
111 l\IC'Grath Michael ' 
Lenar Joseph A 
115 Walsh "Hchael, plRtr 
1111 Tllchln:>:hnttom Andrew 
121 Glhson Wm 
12.1 '1"f'lnnd )Irs T.'I'dla 
12:; Eme, 'I' Frederlëk R 
12i '1llIIms Gl'orge 
129 IIIC'Clpnry Wm J 
. 131 S11mmers Hobert 


Special Attention given to Man- 
agement of Estates Prompt Returns 
16 & 18 Adelaide St. E. 


I nsuran ce I The ONTARIO Accident Insurance Co. 


B .\,{ win. 


133 Semple Hobert W 
135 Fost"r Mrs Ellell 
137 McLarell Vuucan 
141 Allen Thom,.s, uphol 
143 ::>tOle, s I' 
. Spndilla u.' luto>rsects 

tOll', s e 
149 Par\ "Iss Annie 
151 Clnrk John W 
1,,3 Huut James 
lill{'r l 
157 Taylor Coliu 
15U \\ right Johu 
161 Corker Miss M E, elr., 
163 Smith Jawes 
l'01"ll<'11 Giueon, r 
16::; Cooper Wm 
II" udy Percy, r 
167 Jpx Hnrry f' 
169 Pn rker Hen ry 
171 1I10" 1"'1' 111<'l1ard B 
173 Tohias Irwin A 
Clauss HeUl'Ie Cutlery C. 
175 Wilkins Miss J, drsmkr 
 )Irs Esther 
177 JOhusiön Mrs Marlon 
179 I5lce Wm 
181 Petrie IIll's nenrletta 
. Kensmgton nv ends 
House. s I' 
185 IIlicks \-'I'ederlck 0 
IIlicks IIlrs Isnbella, gro 
187 ShHlen Lewis 
U lI1d
lnllon Archibald 
189Y.. Malone John 
191 King Jos H, bldr 
lU1',<" Elliott .Tohn F 
19.'t 1\I,,
11I John A 
1911 Ma
1J1 John 
1117 Hook Thomns F 

BALIIfUTO, n from opp 19 
Czar to Rloor w, ward 3. 
. .. . . . . .. Enst Side .......,. 
5 Rich",'dson Charles M 
7 \\ ehb I\ITS IIlary 
Pentlnml 1\Irs R, hair 
Stonp y"rd 
13 ::>Im Mrs Annlp 
15 Mortlmpr John S 
17 Burnelt Erncst 
19 Pnrppll 'liss ,Tohanna 
21 Plckptt IIlrs Annie 
23 Bnllpy Matthew 
2;; 1.10\11 Ellis 
27 Kln'l!swood Ge,
rge S 
29 Bong Frank 
31 Llttlpfnlr Wm A 
:{:I lIlplÜ'nna \-,pllx 
85 E1lIs 1I1t,
a-: rook, (.; 
89 Burke Alhert 
41 Northcot., Hpnr)' 
House. .. .. 
. . . . .. ... '" ('st Side ......... 
2 Lpltch Wm 
4 Spppr. .T ohn 
6 RnlJ1lp Charles H 
8 Roxnll Thomas 
10 Flo" o>r. IIIrs Annie 
12-18 (' Rohprt & ('0 Ltll. 
straw and felt hat mfrs 
20 L,,('kpy Hohprt A. bdg 
22 Rrnwn \Irs 'Iar:v 
24 1I1<'T.pnn"n Mi<s 's F 
26 BIR('kmnn A .T 
28 "Iorrlson .Tohn C 
30 !'nnilpr<on Wm 
8:.! Lu
h'\' Wm .I 
!14 Wnt
ñn W E 
Hon!":e. s e 

BALSAM, w from 2-1 Chllr. 
lotte to Spndlna nv, ward 4. 
......... r\orth SIde.. ... 
RnuRe. 8 e 
2 DaWRon Thomnø 
4 StpwRrt John 
6 Grahnm "'m H 
8 AJlflpr
on Jnmps 
House, 8 I' 
... .. .... South Side 
7 Dllff David 
Honse. s I' 

BAI.sAIII A V, n from the 
lake to Qlleen, three e ot 
Lee a'\', wurd 1. 
. 0 . .. .. .. East ::>itl" ........ 0 
1 Vacnnt 
:J lIuustan Kenueth J 

 mons Harr). 
7 Hl'uyley George A 
U Go
s Mrs Je
23 Deeks :\lts E.nlLv 
2::; Carruthers Aal'Oll G 
27 Roburts Fred W 
29 "ncaut 
31 Dixon Hev Hilliard C 
. 0 .. .. ... West ::>hle ......... 
House. s e 
:! Haldo>nbv Charles N 
4 \'acant - 
U \ ncant 
)nge Chnrlell 
10 Searle Frpderlck II 
1:! Grafton Mrs Jeau 
14 Ho>ntlev AIhert .I 
16 Tisilnlè FrcIl<,rlck W 
1" Hannon Henry 
:!o rnfiulshed house 
Vncant bou<es (3) 
:12 W,'ild IIlntthew de 
:!4 Rarkpr R .I '''lIson 
26 Onkley Georg<' D 
28 Smith Gporge H 
3n Bnrkpr Fred 1\1 
32 I.yonde Fredl'rlcl 

BAr\K, w trow 554 Dull'erlll 
to Sherldltn av, ward II. 
. .. .. .. .. 1\o:0rth Side.. .. 
House, S P 
10 I1onovan Harry B 
20 Bo'\'ell Hnw'll'd 
22 Wood Da'\'ld 0 
26 Johnson Dnnlpl 
:!S Price S Alexander 
3:! "-lIl1ams Rev Alfred 
......... South Side........ 0 
1 Scholfield Hpnry 
:; Hewetson Henry C 
7 IIlason I"rederlck A 
Llle Ennm 
!IT hatcher Charles 
11 'r..lle,' WID J 
13 Blnch RepsI' C 
15 II10rris l'..rmenas 
17 Hod" ay" F E .I 
""I'nnt lots 
25 Mnlnprlce Charles 
27 Andrews 1<;dwln 
:!9 1I1llcdonnid Duncan 
81 lIlIllIlIJOnd-CraPllle G H 
33 :\lontgoll1pry John 
;'\::; IIll1n ,Tllmes 
37 III a)' George 
3!1 Dunn 'Irs !IIary 
41 Bprwlck Rohert .I 
8tore. 8 e 

BAHXABY 1'1,. n from opp 
85 Edward, wnrd 3. 
o .. .. .. . 0 Enst Side 0........ 
1 r\cwmnn Charles 
3 Blaklpr lsanc 
5 Staugh Ahraham 
7 Shprman Du .-Id 
9 !'khneltwan .Toshua 
11 HUllter J.unes 
15 I'
lIIott John 
17 Williams Paul 
Honse, s. e 
. 1<;101 st Intersects 
Honse, s e 
. . .. . . .. 0 \\. est Side ..... 0 . 0 . 
Mission Hall, s I' 
Ynl'ant lots 
10 Hottenbprg Abraham 
12 Goldstein Jobn 
IV Korn Snmuel 
Grace Chnrch, s I' 
.I';lm st Intersects 
Honse, s I' 
Bell Tel Co's stores 

HAHHETT. n from Soho av 
to Conduit, IIrst w ot Sin- 
clair a", ward 6. 
1'\ot hullt on 

UAHTLETT A V, n from Bloor 
tI' to city limlls, second I' 
ot \)ull'"rln, wUl'd 6. 
........0 Eust 15luc 
7 Dow..r Jall1Ps II 
11 Sluuder Frank 
15 l'.ll'tel' Edwurd .T 
"acunt lots 
21 Th(Jlll])
On John 
23 Beck Samuel A 
\'acunt Juts 
47 IIll'l1lanlman ,,'m 
49 Bishop \\ altpr 8 
51 Din\\"hldy HoLert A 

,:; \\ ebLo>r Wm 
5;; Crny Mrs lIIary 
57 Hnrker 'i'bomas 
\'.\ennt 10ls 
6U S\\ Itzer '''m R 
71 LO\\"I'Y IIlt.s lIlurgal'et 
\'"cant lots 
. !'han Iy st Inter9
In::; Tossell John 
107 Bntchart Mrs ab,) hi 
10:) !'pence John 
111 "lIl1s Alhert '1' 
113 IIlcGowau IIlnt'k .T 
It5 IIlcGo<<an John 
117 Onl: Jumps jl' 
11!1 \lcUrlen IIIr8 Abbie 
Vacant lots 
. Hallnm st Intersects 
Store, s I' 
227 Price John .I 
231 !':nllnders \Vm E 
Prl'\'ate grounds 
255 Hu
hy Gporge 
2m'. Bur
éss A'l'xnnder S 
267 Dixon Hohert 
Vnl'ant lots to ead 
2"7 Vacant 
:!RU KI!I:onr John, contr 
... ...... West Side ......... 
'Fwlne mill. s I' 
38 lIIalton James 
40 IIlcl1lullen Oll'\'er J 
4:! Horton Arthur .I 
U Rnlrd Alexullder 
40 Kerr 1I1rs Jeanette 
48 Fursler Wm 11 
Twine mill. r I' 
52 Vacant 
. Shauly st Interse('tll 
12>1 Wrcl'(l'(ltt Wm H 
Unllnlshpd house 
. Hallam st Intersects 
School, s I' 
:!fH Dunn IIlrs Margaret 
:!Vij Pilkington Wm E 
268 Marcnm Jobn D 
Factory, s e 
:!!H Thompson IIIrs Annie 
:!!)(j Pennington Richard 
Vncant lots to end 

BAItTO:>; It. V, w from 378 
Brunswick av to Christie, 
ward 5. 
0... .... North Side O' ....,. 
House, II e . 
Vncnnt lots 
. Howlund av Intersects 
St Albnn's Cathedral. s e 
Vncnnt lots 
House. s I' 
. Alùany av Intersect. 
V'lCllnt lots 
. B..thurst st Intersects 
St I'nnl's Pres Ch 
Vacant lots 
. Murkham st Intersect. 
Storp, s e 
:!8 Searle Wm III 
30 lIIurless Joshun 
82 Brynn Cbarles V 
3t IIIncdonahl IIlrs Maggie 
30 PowI'll ChRrles A 
Prh-nte grounds 
. Palmerston n'\' Intersect. 
54 Harton Joshua .I 
56 Valiant G .I, gro 
58 Lpmon .Tames 
60 Judd Henry 
62 Raker }<'rpdcrlck 
64 Flptcher IIlr
 H, btchr 
66 Thurling fieorge 
68 Do<ld Gpor
70 IIlarsh Richard 
n Broderick Wm J 

7-1,7IJ Croft & CO. &,I'OS 
ï!'S Croft :\Irs :\Inr) A 
. Euclid u. lutersectø 
84 Hlm"k Olln'r 
8V Gordon T U, pntr 
88 Klllg John 
!IO ('hl'l8tle 'Ir
92 Smith Edward 
100 CaUleron .\Iulcolm 
102 Tamhllug Henry 
10. !\lchnll8 Oweu 
. }JJunlug a,' lutersects 
V'leßnt ""ts to el.JJ 
. ....... 150uth Side .... 
VUl'ant lots 
. Howl"nd a'\' IntEu
e, s e 
7 l'lark
on IIlr
II 1I11111champ Wallncp 
\ >!cu nt lots 
House, s e _ 
. Alhl\uy a" Intersects 
. Bathurst st lutenects 
I WPtlwan Cbarles 
. MurkhRlr, 8t 'ntersel'ts 
31 Ham I'prcy W 
113 Rnck O"'lIg" 
. Pnhnpr
t..n av !ntprsect. 
1 Pillman Jospph, pntr 
. Eltl'lid a. Intel'
91 Rlckpll .Tnmps R 
tronl'( Wm H, pntr, r 
Coath :8dward. r 
. Manning I'" Intersect8 
"'l.cant lots to end 

BA8r.BAl,I. PI" s from 6
Qlte"n P, 1I'9.rd 1. 
... .. .... rnst Side 
Storp. p " 
1 Wcthprlll Chnrlcs V 
:J Corners WOI S 
3 Bourn.. .Tohn 
4 Rp'\'nolds "'m 
(; Terrpll Samuel l' 
ij Bra,lIpy Thomas .I 
......... Wpst ::>Ide 
Not built on 

BATHURST, n from the 
Queell's Wharf to clt'\' lim. 
Its, Intcrsectlnl! Klug - w at 
667, wnrds 4 and 5. 
, .. .. .. .. Enst Sidp .. .
.. . , . 
Queen's Wharf and 
Hall Capt Wm 
National Yaeht nnd Sail, 
Ing Skill' Clnb 
Bnuckham Alexnnder 
lIIartin Alexandpr, boats 
"h..ler Coni Co's yard 
Collins Joshua W, whol 
Connell Anthrnclte Mining 
('o's ,-anI " 
Elllott'J W, whol lumber 
('nnada Scorln Block Co 
Pcters & Cain, whol lum- 
. Front st wends 
1 Bprtrnm EnK Works, . e 
. r\lagRra st Intersects 
2!!-:n Hrtftnln H, gro 
33 IIfnttbpws E. coal 011 
35 I'\'ey Hlchartl L 
37 Lee Wm 
39 IIpmstpnd Fredk, exp 
41 Dounellv John 
43 Lfi\'ln :\lIchapl 
45 Ulchardson Norman T 
49 TnnnIPII!Te Rampson 
Tunnlcllll'e S & Sons, pxp 
. Wplllnl!ton av Intersecl. 
51 J1nhhnril Will I' 
Huhhard IIIlss Lillian A, 
mus tchr 
r.3 GI"dv John 
57 Brittain I1erbert 
5g Vnn Dykp Delos 
111 RRrher IIlrs lIIatlldn 
63 Colps Thomas 
. Stewart Pt ends 
Cnnadn Blsl'ult Co. b e 
. Klnl! 
t W Intpt'!Iel't.. 
!II Wainwrlgbt Samuel 
93 O'Connor Jobn 
1M) Newmnn Jo"o<,

Sherman E. Townsend 

Public Accountant, Auditor and Assignee 




IN STOCK: Oeams, Channels, I\ngles, Bar Iron and Steel 
65 to 91 Pearl St. PHONE MAIN 2748 




B .thur>t. 

97 Daltou John 
9:1 :';ullh au 
lre EU"ll 
. Hrown la eon.' enl'PE 
101 :';('rh-er J ..cob 
10:; AlIulr 
lrs Anule 
1U;, I:
lrs Ellen 
107 ',"uUun James 
10:1 :Svencer Wm J 
111 CIIl'ler Uiehurll 
113 Bywe S)-h esler 
115 Muldoon Wm L 
117 Putter Wm 
Potter Miss L. rous tchr 
119 HUI'th{'lmes Henry F 
luhon Thos I", phy 
. Ad.'laide st w em]s 
Iuh-ey Tbomas 
lIllar Dadll 
131 Kenned) !I1lss Mary 
133 Brel'etun 
lr8 Eliza A 
135 TayII'r Alhprt W 
137 CaÌdwell Andrew 
 \\'ard James C 
141 Dennlug Wm 
143 Gutes Henry W 
145 Parker G"01'ge 
147 Hr)'aut 
14:.1 Green Arthur 
151 W bl te S tU.lI I 
153 Young 
Irs :lIary E 
1;,,, Huckel Henry 
157 Doran Alex R 
1:\9 Atkinson RolJert 
161 Currun Jobn J 
. Farley av Intersects 
163 l',"JlIick 
Irs E, gro 
165 Burton Rlcbard J H 
Irs E S, mus 
167 Da,en Francis 
16!> Tl1rner E,lwln 
171 Chrlstlnn Temperance Ha;; 
1. curptkr 
lOG 1." Maple Leuf, No 
A 0 },', Abstinence No 
R 'I' T. Xo 480 Euclld 
Brotherhood of Trainmen 
III pie Leaf X 0 9 
iii of T, Excelsior Dlvl. 
slon, No 28 
Ladles' Auxlllnry to Or, 
del' of Rallwuy Coeduc- 
tors, Isl Canadian No 
C'anudian Assn of 8ta- 
tionl1ry EnglDeers, To- 
ronto, Ko 2 
PaughtprR of Bene- 
,"01pn1 Soplpty, Grace 
DurUnK, No_ 19 
A ., F. Ju\'pnl1e br, Ab- 
"tlm'nce No 3-':1 
Cbrlstlun Temperance So- 
Bathurst St W C 'I' U 
S of 'I' Lo)'al Crusaders 
Photo Engrn\ Pl'S' Union 
of Korth America 
Grand IntHnational Aux 
1IIary of tbe Brother- 
1100ll of Locomothe En- 
17:1 In Ine Jumes 
175 O("('ldpnt nu.. 
e Rooms 
Slor;" s e 
. Qnppn st w Intersects 
181 Ho
enherg Julius 
 Hmlth l'rank 
185 Ourdner Mrs Marla 
187 ('00" Wm .T_ .hopmkr 
IS\! Alherton J Edward 
. s e 
. Wool
ley st IntprlK'cts 
197 Corn PI' Tbomas D, coal 
UJ9 S,'h.'fidd Wm J 
201 IIprron Ephrulm 
 'Iorrlson Roherl 
205 K('mp !Ill''' 1';lIz1Iheth 
207 Mxon Thomns C 
20\1 Pennock .Tosepb L 
211 Burn" Charles J 
213 MpQulllnn MrR Mury 
215 lIIPTnprnpy !, Gress- 
Mclnprnpy Mnttblaø 

217 Kplleher Wm .T 
. Ed, n pi commenles 
21:.1 Callis Edwurd 
2:!1 Long Sallluel St J. pntr 
I.,\\ alters 
l:1tthew J 
) Ilel'hert Dennis 
2:!7 Hndd Mrs Julia 
22H Jone
2,\1 UeClirty Thoma", h.dr 

ter Jumes M 

:::-I HlIS8ttt.r )'Irs Ann 
2:1';' FI'I<p Hidìurd 
on Rros, rink 
241 'Inrchl
on Catherine J 
 :Smith Wm H 
2-1ã nlill Will A. phy 
247 Haggas Wm 8 
2m !llcHI'ldp Samuel 
2:;1 Ga.
ard Louis 
Prhut.. g,-onnds 
2i!J Gzow,:;kl IAidy Marie 
2!J7 Ourdinpr Geo"ge 
'IPI'hprson Alpxande.: 
Pl'iyntp s::rol1nds 
. St Put rick sl ends 
m 1 ()<lpI' Pptpr L. clgurs 
313 :'\I3Oon Frunk J, plmbr 
:11!'j 1I0,,"urd Henr\' H 
" Wm, bldr 
:!!9 l'lrd John L 
:121 Wood Ppter M. dairy 
321 (,hnlklpy Richqrd 
(,hnlkl..y R & Sons, contI's 
:!2:> Thompson ',"m 
:127 1IIurlln Pntrlck n 
:J:?!J ITnllldny !III'S Agnes 
331 Bland John D 
:!:J3 Pnl(mlrp Jo<ppb 8 
R:1:> Klpln Wm M 
HH7 (jPt" Lpp. 1'lnndrJ' 
33!\ Spolt J Xplson. drug. 
:1-11 !'1t,mtoD Thom1ls 
-I'! EIII. J !'1opn",.r 
:14:; Smith Edward 
:1-17 Ppnkpr John W. phy 
H4!) ("lInlnllnJr
 .John A 
3:';1 Hplntzntun Wm F 
. floC:l'hprry nv 
1-41!1 Tor Westprn Ho!pltSI 
. XnC:f::fllJ c;:t pods 
421 Proctpr Hpnry, .bl)('01l<r 
on John F 
425 Leukp Bpnjnmln VI" 
T,puke Wm W 
427 Sunijprson Maxwell R 
429 J.lnd"r John 
431 MpnzlpR nnvld 
:1 King Alpxnndpr L 
7 .lulJ1p" Frpdprlck 'I' 

9 Cocbrnnp !Ill''' M/lry A 
HI 'l'homp
on Andrew 
Qupben !ll1ss J A E, IDU" 
4.L'I ,rolp Wm. \'et 8nrl( 
44ã Milling Jnmel!. phoemkr 
447 Fprl!uc:on .Tollõ::,.."h H 
H!J Fuston Frpdprlek B 
4!'1 ""ih"hn)) Gp(Jr
e. b1dr 
45:l (,lnrl'2 .Tospph 
4!\ã 1...tll11Pr 
 Snrab J 
4!'i7 Wn'kpr F.dwurd 
4ã'1 T,pp Jonn. T B 
41:1 Jp'( Wm C 
rllnt "-m 
4f\r. Flndlav !Ill''' F: J 
41:7 R"pk 
Ir" J,ptltlu 
-11;!I Johnston !lIN ,rpliRsa 
471 Hurgfa\,p !llr
473 Amhlpr John 
4'>hrf)hIPr .J.').;:::pnh 
-177 nonlhron Jllmes 
479 'Ip('ormlpk F"nnk I, 
1 Rn.h Miss 
I prcv 
4S:J !'111lppr Rpnjamln 'n 
!'1torp. s p 
. ('ollp,;:p "t Inter"p
Storp. s e 
4!Jã f'r{'nch & Ander
on, flour 
I'P'.p Fdw.r". W!1lPR 
KÎnl1 F.d...-nrd Sphool 
!\07 l'hl1rph of Cbrl"t 
[.!I!! Whpp'pr "" Cbnrles, carp 
1',,11 'I'lIvlor Wm 
. PI_tpr Rt Intpr"ppt" 
!HI ,rur.hnll .John R, bId I' 
 }o'ldlpr Jnmp" W 
64ã Fltzgprald Joseph G 
!H7 Tnndy Rpehub 
679 Tnylor John 
681 !'1mlley Francis L 

 'lIs8 C, dr.mkr 
!'1 ,"11 1"- :Ills, E. drslUkr 
. Harbord st intersepls 

tOI"fa. S e 
689 CilIIsll.11I (,hurch Mission 
61'1;; Smith Charles F 
(i!IH (;nle G(lfJl"J!'>o h"lI"dwnre 
7Ul Burnett Shaw, talloI' 
C....dlek UnlJert H 
70:1 TIII'n,'r "m U 
715 'fopplng l'ba", frUIt 
717 (;1 it r
on Jnmf's F 
6!J5 f'mlth Cha riel! F 
7Hi Cbllpmun 
lr8 Ca"sle 
721 '1'11\'101' Frederick T 
. Hpi'rick s Intpl'
7-1,1 \\ ph<ler "'m. plstr 
74;; !\IeCann Du\'ld F, plmbr 
7-17 :llpGownn S.lInuel 
7-19 Hendrlehs Chnrles I 
Il1ir ,Iobn A, .'tge agt 
7:;1 Armstrong ""m 
í:;3 Humilton "'II
. 1.enll"x st IntPl'st'cts 
71\7 8111l1h Edward 
7f;9 O'CoDlIPII Miss C, confy 
775 Lon/:" Francls 
St p..tpr's CIt(') 8phc'iJi 
St Peter's CUC) C"urch 
7!17 Tull\' Kh a. 
. ßloor st \\' Intersects 
Donglas Blopk, " e 
79;) H:lrlllon\' 
nlon Mission 
pen Chong Sill!!, .ndry 
803 (;rlJubart 
Ilss May, mus 
P05 Priuee Thp(),Iore. plmbr 
1>U7 1Irown & Edwurds, ptrs 
Uuddiek J olm 
Þ Allen Henry 
I'll Housphold Supply Co, gro- 
813 Hurrlngton Andrew J 
physlela n 
1j;<7 Grlfflth Wm 
t'I:19 Honc John R 
HI l\.er Allan 
843 15m) th Fred H 
84" WliPo, 
lIl(ord A 
847 Hl<ldell AI.." St (' 
8;;3 Glvln John 
8:>;; ß1ad,hall Edward A 
. Burton u\' mterseçtø 
003 nu"n Jumes R 
91ã Dunn '''sills 
917 Esten Job 11 I' 
92:; Hudson 
Irs Dora 
927 pprry Selhy D 
rnfinlsbed house 
. ',"ells "t endn 
Lnflnlshecl house 
1001 MpCollum Rev J H 
1011 Vncnnt 
101:\ Do"gherty Jnmes 
101ii Elmes Wm J B 
1017 Wnites WII1 
1021 Perkins AI\'ln E 
1053 ('olIIns Andrew E 
10;;;; Welch .Tohn W 
10:;7 Heal(le Jobn 
10;;!1 Robprt. Frpderlck W 
lOut Stother" Georl(e 
1067 Fpll W T, burdw
. Dupont st Intersects 
. CPR crossing 
... -.. ... West Side 
'"ucunt sheds 
('PR storehouses 
Park. Blnckwell Co, pork 
packers und provl
Gas tllnk 
28 Rogers Ellus Co, coni 
l"OOlner JOllies 
Honse. (I e 

 Klnl1nru "t Intersects 
40-4:: !llay Flower notel 
4-1 WIlliams Mrs Surah 
41\ WY\1ne Frpderic-k L, bar- 
48 Wllllnm
()O Trenor MI
s Rn
6:2 Fulrhunks 011\'0'1', rest 
. Welllnl(ton av Intersects 
64 Kpnnplh' Andrew 
()G Coker Elljnb 
70 Connolly ßprnurd J 
72 Kcnnelly Wm 
74 Flpteher OeorJ(p. g"o 
711 Fletphpr Mrs J S. btphr 

Bowler- Joseph 

1f'Ctlrl1lll"k .Tumes. r 
78 Hartnett EdwRrd 
Turrill' John ''', I' 
AYI"p:", Gt>olog-e. r 
,'on Juhn 
 110111<'11 Jucob 
8-1 Fluhel'lY Mr" Inlln 
!-u Hoehe 
lrs Eliza 
88 I
elly \\'111 J 
00 LctrÎ1Y Ge"r,;:e 
!l2 L..lIpÿ Josel.b 
100 Hotd. s e 
. King st w Inlerse('tll 
Building, 8 e 
F.nlr:IIIC'p to 
Ipn"nnell SQ 
8t Mary'8 (HI') (,hnrcb 

t M:I\'\'"'s (11(') 81'11001 
Entran':p to 
lcJ)onn..1I IIQ 
140-148 St 1Ilal'v's ('onvent 
):! 1I0d,lIs Fret!prlck 
154 Burman John 
Wood yurll 
h ,Iohn A 
IG2 O'Leary JIIiss K. drsmkr 
8nlll\'lIn :Ills" Mul'\' J 
11)4-1111 {Inion Hoh'l 
. Furll'y 11" IlIler",'cts 
Ipnill WJ11 & (','I'; POal 
178 Adam" Mí'" Jps"'e, cigar. 
180 Snlllmer
 JIIurtin, búrber 
Hotel. s e 
. Qneen 
t w IlIterHPcts 
Bnnk, 8 e 
184 Weathprston Kleholas 
. Shpppar.! IUD<' commencea 
1!14 1.Ol:a\1 Fruncls 
1911 Marshall ('hurles W 
1!11 Flp!('her ""m 
200 ßl'Own 'YI1' A 
 Plntts Charles J 
20-1 Arm.trong ChrIstopher, 
. '\\'ool<lp\, st Intersects 
20G Baker Henry 
20S Knapp F.ZI a II 
210 Pulnter \" J 
212 Davies 
Irs Rosina 
2H LII.hv 
I:I rUn 
Frn8er Miss C. dr"mkr 
211: IIoHlm-lIn :llr
21S Ppnnlnl1ton Thomas M 

:!O Kpnlledy Wm F. 
222 Irl.h Catholic Benevolent 
Kinch Jobn 

:!-t I'nkpr Hpnry 0 
Z!6 Hobson FrPlI J 
2'2'> \\'0 Jung, Indry 
. Rohlnson "t commpncea 
2:10 Stipe Frnnk C, gro 
2:12 Fnlton Rohprt 
234 Kpnnedv Peter 
2311 Fprl'pll :Tohn H 
2:1'< l'umphell :\11'. 
Inry J 
2:11<11, Whltp John A 
2-10 Toppin!!" A 'p"under 
242 "-nr,1 (,hnrle" 
244 !tIpPhpr.on n A. phy 
2-111 EIII"r .Jamps 
2-1S 'Vuy 
h'. 'far\' 
2:,0 (
urnptt "Ir
:!:i:! Eaton Arthur 
2-;-1 Hpnrv nohp!'t 
2:>6 .Tohn-on (:,'orge .A. 
 !'1mlth Frn nk 
2r.o 'lpGinn 1I1l
" !llnr\' 
262 Rol,;:pr :Ill''' 
r. drsmkr 
 PolO' Jamp, G 
211G Holdpn Thomn", pntr 
1101dpII ,T'1IlIpS A, artist 

lp(:1II Wm J 
2(',8 Gow Jnmps 
270 II,." "on (,harles S 
272 Thmnp.on 'Irs Elizabetb 
Ml1rphy John, I' 
274 Konpf'lIv Anrlrpw 

\:o II('(lmnn .TnnlP
21<-1 Hpnlpv Wm 
2"'1 !'1111111ijprs ,rnrk 
:!"'< nrossl Achille 
2!10 Bpn
on .Tohn n. dairy 
2!12 Tborl.e Hpnry W 
2'1-1 Aijums Wm !II 
29(', Orum !llr
2!1S Lackie Jnmes A 
ompry Mrs 8arah 
802 Bonrne Jobn 
304 I1lpkpy :rump

e Investors' N(ercantile Agency, Lil11ited 
25 TORONTO ST. Telephone Main 613 

Prevents Loss; Insures Safe Investmenb 
S I N b tt Pre.ident and 
amue es i , !\I.lI1 'ging-Direolor 

Standard Life 
ASSURANCE co. of Edinburgh 


Manager for Canada. 
Charles Hunter 
Chief Agent, Ontario 





300 Hubbard Judson R 
30S Hamilton Walter, ph1 
310 Rogers Mrs Eliza 
Rogers Miss lIel1:ha. mu. 
 Sleeth Wm W 
814 Morley GeOl'ge J 
816 Turul.Jull itey John A 
318 Burton :\Irs Emma G 
820 George Hugo P 
2 McGinn Wm J 
llllward C W. corset. 
826 Fleldhcuse Mrs Mary 
Fieldhouse Miss M A, 
328 Carolan lIIrs Jane 
sao Patl..nt John L 
832 Thomson Wm 
834 Hewetson John W 
836 Bailey :llrs E\'ellne J 
138 Meek Wm E 
840 Presho Alexander, plmbr 
84:! Irving Albert 
Heise Bert, grocer 
844 Noxon Allan. phy 
. Arthur st commences 
846 lIIac[lonRld D J, gro 
348 SinclaIr Robert 
Sinclair Joseph H, dyer 
850 Jobnston Alfred W 
35:a Wilson Rowland G 
854 Hayden James :II, plmbr 
8:;6 HazO'lton Joseph E 
358 Duncan Lnle 
360 Camphell John 
862 Hazlltt Sumuel 
864 Leckey Robert 
866 Livingston E J, prtr 
368 Hurl'ls II1r8 Hannah 
870 HI

ln" :llIchnel J 
872 West Georl(e E 
874 Flndlav John G 
876 Rosenliurg Philip 
878 Mills 1111." III E, drsmkr 
81<0 ('nthÞert'on George J 
882 Mclllaster Frances 
884 Rro"u Harry .T 
 Tomlin Flpnrv C 
410 Copping Edw'ard 
412 Bnrton Wm 
414 Rea :\Irs :\Iary J 
418 Tor West..rn Hospital (br) 
0 Tomlin II C, baker 
Vacant lots 
448 Neilly DRnlO'I 
4110 Johns Hnrrlson 
452 Mitchell Georj(e U 
454 Tucker Wm R 
4.56 Johnstone Thomas H 
Johnston '!iss F Lillian, 
mus tchr 
45M Auchlnclo's "'m A 
4ft2 Tresidder Mrs Sarah 
464 Morrow Arch, livery 
461> Brown Wm .T 
4ti8 Clnrke John R 
Archer :llIss H, dressmkr 
470 Mills Charles, gro 
Public school, s 0' 
. Collel(e st Intersects 
Preohytprlon Ch, s e 
1\06 Kotter John 
fiOS Lntlmer Bros, exp 
Lntlmí'l SRmuel 
1110 \\'oo<1vor(1 Cbarles 
512 I'rlpO' Wm W 
fi20 'Yoltz A E. med elect 
fi22 Grh,!: Alfn-d R 
fi24 Wrlgh_( ('hR rl..s II C 
152ft Barrett Frederick A 
fi2'j Aitken John 
fi30 King JnmO's H 
I}..4.I; J.'Jf)f) H ('1"hprt 'I 
M8 LPR(llaJ' AllRnson 
l,!l1eben' Miss Eugenle. 
mus tcbr 
O npnnptt _10.I"h 
1li5t1 IIlcI'heroon D W, phy 
rI:l8 !'mRlI .1RmeR P 
1\60-5(;:J Lnfinl
hed bouse 
5W1 '-o1,ps J"IIIIPIi: I.. 
 Spence John 
fi70 Cooke Mr. Helen B 
1\72 Thompoon Fredk W 
1574 huhh Rohprt K 
1\76 Blewett nRsRett W 
Whitelaw MI.s K, mu. 

578 Smith 
Irs Annie 
5!j(j Dickey Walter 
1182 Chadwlek Thomas J 
5!H Thnml,,;on AIl'xunder 
586 Templeton Hobert P 
5/j8 O'Connor Wm 
59U Keuuy (,:bRrles H 
5\12 Hewitt \Vm A 
504 Flulay Wm 
596 NeUIl .u.
5\iB Dykes Pnlflp 
Iadill "alter R 
lj()()a Harrison Frank 
UOOb Tuck John A, phy 
UO'.!a Boyd Charles E 
U021.J Fletcher James J 
UO'.lc Bradshaw George W 
604 Cox John L 
tiUU Henderson Joseph 
008 Heuder
on Thomas M 
. üls(er st lUlcr
6lÒ lIlulvlhlll Thoma
612 Crulg Wm H 
614 Hendel'
on Hev Albert E 
ti16 Henderson Hobert I 
til8 Hoach Bdwln J 
pence George S 
ti2:.! :"ulÏth Johu :II 
löU Purdy Alexander S 
626 :lIay Samuel A 
628 Hunter Jobn D 
(;;;() Hooper I,: H, pby 
6:'12 Galloway Wm 0 
634 Wade Osler 
636 Cl1umberlaln W P, phy 
USB Bell Walter 
640 Gray Wm M 
642 Jeffery Thomas A 
644 Ford Frank 
6411 Thomp
on George S 
648 Bronbdon Joshua L 
6;:;0 lIlanson Wm 

d J':ib
654 lIooth ChR riO's E 
6;;6 Lutlmer Wm S 
658 Wingfield W A 
lcMabon :llrs Sarah 
668 Sherin Mrs Anna 
670 DRvldge & Lunn, bldrs 
Da\IlJge Wm J 
111'6-8 Ayling Cbarlcs, see hd 
7110 B08Q() Edward 
714 Vacant 
. Herrick st Intersect" 
72:l RJ:1I1 .TomeR 
724 Temple George E 
721; 1IIa3' John 
728 :llo1'1'180n John 
730 T>l3'lor I,'mlld., sboemkr 
Hal'dman Joseph T 
732 Whellel' Jonathan, bldr 
Methodist Chl11'ch 
. Lennox st Intersects 
7áR. Jones WnJ, flour 
7fiIJ \lRl'ell 
I1" :II, drsmkr 
762 Bottrell Albert J, hlcycles 
764 Swan John H, barber 
'100 Gouldln
 & Co. gros 
Goulding Wm 111 
770 Fa 1'111 0'1' .10nes H 
Fal'me1' M1'S C, mus tchr 
772 We.t :lfl'< "Rrlon 
774 Vinson Tbomas 
776 Tooze :\IR1'k, uphol 
778 CUllnlnl'b,'1II Andrew, hl- 
c' des 
7RO Ludlnw Bl'os, tlr' 
Ludlow Edward J 
Rtore, s e 
. Rloor st w Intersects 
R02 Rt AlhRn'. Hotel. s 0' 
804 "'oon :Iii" L. stnty 
Po.t office (hr) 
ROIl (,oJe DR ,.Irl A, borber 
808 Quong Mark 
Hote] st.. bieR 
It; 'k Donalrl & Urqnhart. 
822 Kii!i! Geor!!"e, shoemkr 

24 FloMen Wm 
R211 n..mpotpr MI's 'I. dry ds 
828 Adare Wm J. stm'ps 
R.'III HIIliIl!:R ThOIll,,. W 
832 .JRl'k.on (,hRrl('o E 
848 Croft D IT & Son, cut 
8:;2 Wrl!:ht ('harles 
. London st 

860 Callan SRmuel 
bti2 Sarge Henry '1' 
8ti4 "hlte Herbert W 
866 !.Iag(-e Wm 
868 Jordan Joseph, shoemkr 
870 Lowey James 
b74 StC\ ens J, umbrella mkr 
876 I;:nlght D George 
800 Halson, MI8s Kate E 
B92 Barker Wm '1' 
IJIJ1:I Turk James E 
910 Bailey Wm ii btchr 
Wen man Carles 
. Barton av In
. Follis ov commences 
Unfinished stores 
1'118 MRrks ("rederlck. btchr 
tlïO PRrtridge !\Ilss A, dry 
Uï2 Tomlinson !\Irs E gro 
974 !\Iorrow Hugh ' 
1Il01'row !\Ilss J, drsmkr 
976 Chong Slnl(, Indry 
978 Rynn Arthur, tlnner 
O Elliott F R, gro 
UH '-acRnt 
986 I{ulns ChRrles 
Unfinished stores 
. Olive av commences 
Q!I.\ Holmes ThomRs, gro 
996 Wills :\I1's Frances L 
 ura\ 'Ym 
]000 CRÌrler Wm jr 
1014 VRcfint 
]0111 Delworth C D 
1026 HRncock Henry 
1044 WI

III Thomns 
1046 Lnfinlshed bouse 
. Vermont av commences 
10711 Rlpk..tto (,harles W 
1096 Young John 
1098 CheRtIey Pnterson, gro 
1102 IIlcCRrten !\Irs J, gro 
. Dupont st Intersects 
1104 YRcant 
Coal ynrd 
11111 Curzon Rohert T 
. Railway crossing 

BAXTER, 0' from 927 Yonge, 
ward 2. 
... .. .. " North Side ........, 
Store. s e 
......... Soutb Side ......... 
Blacksmith sbop, s e 
7 Ewery George W 
9 Eashy Harry 

BAY, n from the bay to fill 
Queen w, ward 3. 
. ., .. .. .. East Side ......... 
i Lake st Intersects 
Railway crossing 
Esplana<1e st w IBterlectø 
21 Hoyal Dom 1II1lIs 
McLaugblln l\I & Co. fiour 
Warehouse. s 0' 
. Front st w Intersects 
Warehouse, s e 
43-47 Harbcr & E1\ls Co, wbol 
sta Uoners 
45 Fowlie, "Inger Co Ltd. 
whol dry j(oods 
47-40 Tooke uros, sblrts 
Sanford W E lIUg Co, 
whol clotblng 
51 Allan A A & Co, whol
sale hats and caps 
Toronto Cap 'Ug Co 
5:'1 ",.cunt 
M Goulding G & Sons, whol 
57 Vocant ' 
5U hlnleith Puper Co Ltd 
61 Wyld, DRrllng Co, whol 
dry goods 
Lowndes Co, clothIng 
. '" elllnl!:ton .t w Intera
67 Untorlo N('ckwear Co Ltd 
CowIe H V, mfrs' agt 
Embroidery & Quilting 
69 Sinclair D J, whol lIorlst 
HeJpO'I't :llnmlce, clotblng 
Cannda Screw Co 
Thompson Sandy, mfrs' 

71 Bees George H, Son .. 
Co, window shades 
Menzies IIltg Co Ltð, 
window shades 
73 Sharpe H I? & Co, photo 
75 Crown Hotel 
77 Office Specialty l\Ifg Co. 
office furniture 
IiI Telegr.lm Bldg 
E\ enlng Telegram (dsll,) 
J Hoss Robertson publr 
.IIIO'lindR st ends 
 Hloomfield :\llsg-A. clpn 
85 Butl'hal't D F, tailor 
87 Buuker George & Son. rub- 
ber stamps 
89 Ramsey J G & Co, photo 
91 WatRon Jobn, mer tlr 
93 I\IcEnchren's - CleanlDIr. 
Dyeing and Repalrlnar 
" orks 
Miller John 
McEachren Nell 
Anderson Alex, elec sup- 
Ephraim Samuel, cloth, 
Ing con tr 
. King st w Intersects 
95-97 1I10lsons Bank 
Campbell F A, vet sure 
97-103 London & Canadian 
93 B

.?r :\10'1 fort, stOl'l[ 
JOI Hlme H L & Co, real eat 
London & CanadlUD Loaa 
& Agency Co 
Defoe DRnlel M, barr 
Chnrlebols Cbarles P, act 
Tutti Fruttl Selling Ma- 
chines, E Bellinger act 
103 Ridout & Maybee. solici- 
tors ot va ten ts 
Ridout J G, barrløter 
Chlpmnn WIllis, clv eng 
Snelling & Segswortb, bar. 
General & IIUnlng & In- 
dustrial Co 
Cape Breton ExploratioD 
al and Development 
Mc:llurrlch, HodgIns & 
IIlc:llurrlch, barrs 
Meaney & Co, wnol Inm- 
Bristol, Bayly & Armonr. 
Arnoldi & Johnst('n, bar. 
Lottus J '1', barr 
Corley J W S, harr 
McArthur Bros Co Ltd, 
whol lumber 
Toronto Humane HoClet1 
Foster James, caretkr 
10;; Emergenl'Y Hospital 
109 Rost' Toilet Co 
111 Hulme '1' 'V, cigars 
113 Talt & Co, wood mantds 
Hamilton J J, brsss 
touuder. r 
115 Tbom.on Pnper Co 
117 Tompkins Ð E, printer 
Eaton "'m H, pntr 
117 American Sliver & Brass 
Weeton G lIltg Co, plated 
"'eln.teln Lazarus, tlr 
1m King Wm D 
121 Roy Tree Hotel 
. ArlPlRlde st w In'ersects 
Brush & Co, s e 
125 Cnssldy I N, cigars 
1Z1 American NO'ws AgO'nc1 
120 Seven Sutherland Sisters. 
bnlr tonic 
13] Lee-Collins Co, stencils 
1:13 Amerll'nn Pressing Co 
13."> Fire HRII No 1 
. Temperance st Intenocct. 
1411 Dixon John, cnrrloge mtr 
lr13 Forbes Roofing CII 
1511-61 !\led Council Chambers 
Retail Merchants Assn ot 

78-80 Confederation Life Building 

Weekly Savings Department 
 0 / Allowed on stlms of 20c. 
2 nnd upwarrl"_ 
o '" rite for particulars, 


Oapital One Million Dollars (See Back Cover) Head Office, Temple Annex, Toronto 


Retail lIIerchants' Journal 
hhlg Co 
The Moon (weekly) 
The Retailer \month l 1l 
Trowern E M, marriage 
Canlcul" Chemical Co 
81ngle Tax Assn 
CanadIan Single Taxer 
Direct Lpl'lslatlon Le'lgue 
Charterpd Sten graphic R.- 
porters' Assn 
Callada Crud I' Oil Co 
Urquhart. Urquhart & 
V. ilkle. barrs 
ton John C Co. pUblrs 
York lIlutual Fire Ins Co 
MedIcal Agency of Can 
Eusinps" Alliance. The 
Harris Stanlcy B. barr 
Browne H J, sur...eyor 
Crompton George mas- 
 s Charles W, artist 
Goodp Arthur, art1
Trustees Toronto General 
Burying Grounds 
Oeean Accident and Guar- 
antee Corp 
Blight Walter n, Ins agt 
Dowuey Alex, stpnog 
MPdlcal Rpglstrllhon Uf 
fice, Dr R A Pyne reg 
Collej(e of Physicians &: 
Ont.....lo lIIedical Llbral'J 
Gordon & Fowler. barrs 
lIlapkenzle H G. burr 
Jones J G. barr 
Unwin. Murpby & Esten. 
Pinkerton & Coot,;... barre Hldwell N, barr 
Cook John E. barr 
Smltb Daniel 'l
Thor;Json T C. nn rr 
Rose (,harles. c,uptaker 
. Ricbmond st w Intersect. 
House. s I' 
165 Rear entrances 
167 Brian Roht. shoemkr 
169 Ole p. berhallst 
171 Lyons John J, cigars 
173 Robinson W J. Bhopmkr 
175 l\Iax"ell & Johnson. 
117 King Gerrard A, bicycle 
Store. s,.e 
. . .. . .. ., West Side ......... 
i Lake st Intersects 
Railway crossing 
planade st intprsects 
Tor ColTee & Spl,.e Co 
4 Int,'rnatlonnl Stock Food 
6-8 Barhpr E & Co. printers 
Harris Lltbographlng "0 
Gas SUI)plles and Con- 
<truetlon Co Ltd 
10-12 Verral Storage Co 
14-18 McClary lIlf/; ('D. shll 
20 Bond H E & Co, whol 
clot bing 
22 Toronto Pbarmacal Co 
24-2r. Epknrdt Cnsk!!t Co. un- 
' !';uJlpllp... 
Epknrdt Sliver P:ate Co 
'VnrebOllse, 8 e 
. Front st w Interspptll 
4Ò Gordon, 
Inckay & Co, \I e 
f4 Atkinson Bros. whol fancy 
46 Copkhurn & Reil. wbol 
48 Monlpe D. Son
 & Co. 
mfrs' agts 
fprphants' Bldg 
Canndn Yelllnl( Co 
ftpldln". I'aul & Co. Allk 
l\fni'll,BYIIIR &. Co, wf,oleD;;; 
DI1\ hl"p F' (' & Co Ltd 
wall paper . 
New Idp:t Pattern Co. 
pa pí'r patterns 
'fu,,,ra...e Edward & Co, 
com mers 
AI('xander A A. mfrs' a"t 

Grant Wm M. mfrs agt 
Tbomas L J. stereoscopic 
Montrose Paper Co Ltd 
P:tquet J A. furs 
l'elles H W. mfrB' agt 
Drennen S T, mfrs' agt 
Breen J p. mfrs' agt 
l'aUerson A J. mfrs' agt 
Moore Kalter. mfrs' ngt 
Grant Jnmes A, mfrs' agt 
':?t"ltendorf Fred A, 
Kllhurn's SterposcoplC 
\ïews & Saturn Spope. 
Lester M T & Co. mfrs' 
('Ipmmpr A H, mfrs. ngt 
Cooph H ('. mfrs' agt 
Greenshlplds. LImited, 
whol dry gds 
r.tIlle John. mfrs. IIgt 
LI...lngston Georgt', mfrs' 
Lpp J T ß Co. commn 
Ryrle Pnper Co 
Da ...1'1 J M, stpreoBcop;/" 
Shlngsb3' ?>ffg Co. blank, 
Forster C H, mfrs' al(t 
Carlaw Mnjor J A. office 
Adamq J & ('0. linens 
Sherwin George A, care- 
54 Hnme Cbarles M. tailors. 
riG Bnultpr & ('0. wonlens 
Grpen Jnhn C & Co. whol 
58 Drakp, Hamhlv & Cock- 
hurn. wbol fnpy gds 
Mp('lnnlr & Burns. mfrs 
60 Fishpr Mnrk. Sons & ('u. 
whol wonl1pns 
Turner & Hnmllton. mfrs' 

 F A, mfrs. agt 
84-M f\ropk W R ('0 Ltd. 
who' drv Irds 
. WpIllnlrton At w Infp,.s",.ts 
70 Dlgnum & Monypenny, 
wbol woollens 
72-74 Westwood Building 
Dod< :\fpdlclne ('0 Ltd 
Wpstprn !'fpamshlp Co 
Hllkpr Hlcbard L Co. mfrs' 
E T Corset Co 
Wpstwnod (' H & Co Ltd. 
blnl( tackle 
('Ia"k & Ro<s. mfrs' agts 
Rnnlh Frnnk í'aretkr 
74 Vacant ' 
T6 :\lflr Co, cloth 
78 AI1POpk. Lah,.ht & Wpst. 

t Co Ltd. IIlsbln, 
Cralrl!.F H. mfrs. alrt 
,;nIli1 Bros & Co. 
hutton mr..- 
Ronl!ard (' W & ('0, brok- 
rf'l f"hßr1pQ W 
I!O Ritpl,'p [1.- J?nmsay, coated 
papPI' mfrs 
Hn<khl ThomnQ. mrrs. air! 
JpsQnn Wm & !'1nns. .tppl 
TTut,.hl<on R R & Co, 
whnl wnollpns 
Fln1"lth PappI' Co 
82 M,,'rh"nrl Andrpw. whol 
84 Day!< lir Hpndprson, whol 
86 Gilmnrp E W & Bro. sl'- 
Pa...n" W H & ('0. ('om 
Orr Rnwlnnd. ad, alrt 
 !'1lnt"r J! " & ('0. wbol 
t1r,. l!'{'\()(1!': 
Intprnnt'onal Brokers 
Price Mfl: ('0. pro met! 
00 ('11"..."'"1 P."lnt rn T tll 
Mnlonpy & !'1on. mpr !Irs 

Him's Abrahnm, cartage 
92 'I'orollto En!,:r8,'llIg Co 
Higgins & Saunders. tail- 
94 Wood ValIa nee & Co. 
whol bard\\ are 
96 Ames J H. t1r 
1111 f\;aUonal Club 
 Hotel. B I' 
. KIng st w Intersects 
lail BUIlding 
Molloy Francis J. barber 
"'lines Contract & In- 
,cstlgatlon Co 
Tbompson J & Son. die 
Rllker F 8, architect 
Lnngle3 & Langley. arch- 
IIlchlm A & Co, adv agtll 
Clarke, Bowes & Swabey. 
ba rrs 
Meek Edward, barr 
Robertson J S Co. pub- 
s (monthly) 
Robertson J S Ad,'ertlslng 
National Snuitarlum Assn 
'foronto Paper :\ffg Co 
Ulortlan Pulp & PapCl 
Mills Ltd 
Barber Wm & Bros. paper 
Challes G E. mfrs' a
Mansell C F. mfrs' IIg[ 
Innes John, artist 
Stewart Alexnnder, care- 
110 Dudgeon & Thornton.(lrtrs 
Travel & Recreation 
 A & Co. printers 
Once n Wepk (weekly) 
Economist Ptg & Pub Co 
Economist 'l'he (monthly) 
Ames Walter. macbs 
Reid & Doidge. machine 
type setters 
. Penrl st commencell 
112 Tnylor. Scott & Co. wood- 
112'f., Hose Dnnlpl & Son. 
'JI1'ln ters 
Canndlan Craftsman and 
lIlasonlc Record (mnthly) 
Crnftsman Pub Co 
114 ROl(ers Electric Co 
Llndala James, tlr 
Hpys Thomas & Son, 
116 May Samuel & Co, bU- 
linI'd tnble9 
118 Hoffman-Corr Mfg Co. 
120 Whitworth & Restnll. 
ma ttress mfrs 
122 Tilley Cha I'll's, lea ther 
and findings 
124-126 Bninps & Pecko,'er. 
mfrs' ngts 
('nltpr S & Cooper. bats 
128 Allen & Steward, bkbndrll 
Douglns Bros, printers 
130 Lyon W A Co Ltd. pboto 
132 :\f\lIpn Jobn & Sons 
cycle varts 
I\IpL:,rpn D K. belting 
184 L, on & ;\1 arks. bar sup- 
136 Ho"prs Alexnnder, cigars 
Trehllcock John. cigar 
138 8ing.'r :\If" Co, sew macbs 
140 Golllen Clt3' Hotel 
. Arlplalde 'It w Intersects 
142 Jackson & Co. emp al(cy 
Toronto Employment 
Nat1 Bu
lness E'Ccbange 
Fryers Alhprt E, "arp 
146 Brpnkey P A. cartage 
14ß-I:\4 I'etPrkln C H. mldgs 
. TplUppranpe st Intersecb 
156 Toll'do Computing Scale 
Consolldatpd Stores Co 
New Jobn, real estate 

fie'd A v. 


;) olHE. 
 ,. h



od E RS 
C 0 A L. 
\ !lEAD orflC.& 

TOR ON 'to 

158 Donald Dnncan. barr 
Vander VOOl't M P, barr 
1IlchJnnon W \\', engrayer 
D..mnr \\ alter J, artist 
Rohs Edgar J. mfrs' aat 
160 Bond & Smltb. archs 
Shayer H U, barr 
Ree...e John T. broker 
8enmnn, KNit Co Ltd, 
window blinds 
:\JpAlplne & Little, tlrs 
Fisher John, Son & Co. 
wbol woollens 
1U2 S\\ ift Mrs Ida, bdg 
164 Griffiths-Dixon Co Ltd, 
druggIsts' sundries 
'Warren Bltnmlnous Pay- 
Ing Co 
B C Ad\' Auto-Car Co, 
nd... ngts 
Lennox E J, arch 
166 Crowther James, hnrr 
Defend..r Photo Supply Co 
Kyle Amu<pment Co 
168 Joní's J L Engraving Co 
170 Rohl'rtson Alex. t1r 
Bro\\ n :\Ib
 Janet. drs- 
172 CarrIck A W, baker 
. Richmond st w Intersects 
Temple Rulldlng 
Temple Cigar Store 
184 HO\ erplgn Life Assce Co 
Canadlnn Gunngatbon Co. 
Ltd, pro rued 
186 Irpdnle James. tinsmith 
Hotel, s e 
17:\ Goodwin Josepb 
177 Miles Wm 

. Grnbam, Hugb 1>1 

T (Toronto I. 
land), runs w from Lake 
Shore a.... w of Ward's Point, 
to Chippewa nv, ward 4, 

BEACIIELL, n from opp :>21 
front I' to Eastern av. ward 

. .. .. . ... East Side 
. CPR crossh,g 
Factory, s e 
'" ... '.. West Side 
. CPR crossing 
House, s I' 

BEACOXS'i'IELD A V. n from 
11;;4 Queen w to Dnnda., 
ward G. 
. .. . . . . .. East Side ........, 
Hotel, s I' 
9 Hollyman Mrs A 
11 Doty :\Irs Amandn 
13 :\Iarmlon \"m R 
15 Orr \'fm A 
17 Dearborn Charles C F 
19 Whlteshlp Hobert H 
21 Griner Wm R 
lcR.le Alexander 
 Grundy Mrs Emma 
27 Cburcb Jobn 
29 Knox Thomas H 
31 Quinn Mrs Cecelln 
33 Tuck Elias 
35 Bnrro\\ James 
37 ('nrrp...on 'Irs Sa rab 
39 English Jobn 
41 O'Lpary ;\Irs Ellen 
43 Arnold Henry C 

Delivered to all parts of the City Office 43 ESPLANADE ST. E. 
and Suburbs all year round ' 
Phones Main 86 North 1052 .lAS. FAIR HEAD, - Manager 

North British & Mercantile Insurance Company 
LARGEST FIRE RESERVES Investments in Canada, $7,980,462.49 


re c"llstie d Av. 




.. - d 


) EX1 


4;; Robinson Wm H Jr. pntr 
47 Moloue, 'Ym 
<II! Hlll'gess Ralph W 
51 Smith Kel
53 Tuck Will H 
65 Flemlug .John 
[j7 White Charles 
59 HhH'k Geurge 
111 Wlillumsoll George A 
63 \"ulll,tt Tl10mas X 
6.') Held Wm 
67 WUlkpr Hnhert I 
51) Frpnch Ernest P, bldr 
T1 CUlllphell Albert E 
Stu hIps 
77 :llc:o.'icl1ol ('l1nrles 
. Arll:yle st Intersects 
Hou!'ie. s e 
85 Lh:btfnot Rooert J 
87 Scott George 
89 Humhly John E 
8\J'h Gordnn :llrs EII7.abeth 
111 !lln)'nard Grorge A 
93 .Joh"ston Alpxunder L 
9:> Rlphard"on Thomas 
97 !'1poon.'r Chul'h'" Ii 
IIH Speddlnj( John 
lOJ Rll't,nrdson Arthur S 
Vucunt lot 
. ACton av Intprsect
107 FrAscr Philip 
113 Gnlhrolth Gpor!!:e H Jr 
l1!i Rnnçt('r 'rr
117 Little Miss EII7.A, drsmkr 
1111 "'rlo-bt 'Iutlhpw 
121 Hnrll" Wm H 
12:t ^ 1,,,=Uil f:r.o,""p 
J2:; PI'ntpcost AÎhprt E 
127 ('oon .Jumps F 
J29 limps John 
131 Wilson Ellwnrd 1\1 
 \'\""stwood Louis 
18:; ,r"ll'nJmsnn Herhert H 
137 IIIl11s Thomns 
137'h ('nrmkhnpl D"/!-,ul 
J3!! Forrp
tl'r Gporge A 
141 (
uh'ln Wm J 
143 FOTrp.tpr A nllrew (' 
Fnrrestpr :llIss Elizabeth 
A ,Ir
H!i PArshall Frank 0 
J47 !'1tltt 
HOl1!õ=e. s e 
. :l O l'''<'n7.l" cres cndll 
Honse. s e 
9 !'1ppor Franklin 
1m :llnlr Gporgp C 
1R3 P.rnwn .Jnhn C 
J65 mal'k Hnl'h (' 
167 Do.'"l.. Jumps T. 
)I;n ('oillln!? Wm :II 
171 To\pll Frank (' 
178 Hurvl'v J H 
lal'lIo'nnlll 1\lrs 1\1 gro 
Vacant lots ' 
......... West Side ......... 
Store. s e 
10 Thllldns 'Valtpr W 
14 Mnrtln Wm F 
16 G,'In'lth Gporj(e 
18 Ro)'p F.dwnrd H 
20 Andprson John 
22 !'1mlth JnmpII T 
24 Anthony Jump" 
26 Strong "'Irs A, hdg hse 
28 ('olllns Wasbln/ctnn (1 
TplUpldon :llIss H, nnrse 
SO (,Inrbon IIIrll III ^ 
82 ('olllns !lIrs Orphena M 
84 IIf n rtln Wm 
38 l\1('YPI'
 T &->Im'lrd 
40 Lpnnox Charles W F 
Vacant IotA 

52 DnJrymplc Jume. IS 
54 Uowhn Frunk 
\',Ieant lot
68 H.!I'lis John 
70 H'uper J, seph W 
72 Leltb EldrIdge W 
74 Cr,lig Peter 
. AI'J:
'le st llitersectll 
House, s e 
76 BaneI' 
!Jprnl,r :llIs8 J-:. drsmkr 
71> Velllsoll James H 
8" Wulkl'r :Ill's ::;umh Ii] 
82 Lon
 Gilbert U 
8,1 1\1pvpr6 1\lrll AmpUl! 
8t; Id,:mten Fredt'rlck J 
88 Bunkll '[holUus 
!)o U,ith\oe.ue ("has S. bldr 
00 :l1e:llabon Thomus 
:l11':lI"l1on 'h-s Aunle, gro 
. Afton av Intel'sects 
í'. :; e 
106 !llc:llul'l'by John 
108 Bowman Juhn 1\1 
110 How"\l .J.lmes 
112 Fraser John 
. Cross st commences 
114 I-:lIIott .Jo
Elliott J B. contr 
116 Allcu Charles W 
] 18 Till Tho Ill" " E 
120 !\Inmf.ITII .T,ll1IpII H 
J22 !'1harland Gilbert 
' Louisa 
124 Durton Arthur W 
121> Gray Jaml's 
 :lloslI Jobn A 
130 Fowlpr ('harlplI H 
13:! Acton IIIlss Samh 
134 Rohlnson Thomas G 
"APunt lot 
J38 Hpn !\II'S :llary I 
J40 Mnrtln PpI'cy 
142 :l1..eßnnalrl :llrs Minnie 
144 "'ooluongh Wm \\ 
1,16 Flhgern Id Gpnrgp S 
lnll1oll,lIld Wm J 
I:iO Grlj(j( Dnnenn 
1:;2 Tpskl'v ChArlps H 
1M :llc("ormack J Thomas 
Hill ROj(l'1'1I IIfrs :lIar.'" 
1:;8 ('ruwford Rohprt G 
1M Wads\\'nrtb .John A 
TI:2 "'lIson Pptpr R 
1('>4 (,hn vtpr IIl1ehnel W 
Tallnl'p .Jobn A 
. (,ollahle st commeDces 
168 IIII11l'r J a rnl'S 
Vacant lots 

nF.ATHJ('F) A V, n f,'om Ar. 
thur to nortb of College, 
s"l'nml \\' of Tlellwoods av. 
\\'ar.1 5, 
. .. .. .. " E.."t 81de ......... 
Yal'ant lots 
. Collpgp st Int('\"sects 
 .John H 
177 Lpmon Wm 
17!t J;,-n n
e A 
11'<1 IIPpd Hpnry E 
]';7 Wl'lIs AII",rl. bldr 
11<!1 :lIl'(;o\\nn Wm J. bldr 
1m Hlpgl! John 
TJnfinlshpd houses (4) 
......... 'Vest 
llIe ......... 
2 Da VPV :llrs Selina 
4 IIfpLean Wm J 
1411 H(>loson John, mus tchr 
14:! Dnnlels IIl1s" Jllne 
. ColIl'!:e st Intersects 
1!ltJ Crn\\'fnrd Jnhn 
1!1:! E"nns IIIrs Eliza 
:!Ofj Mlllichnmp Wallnce W 
20<; "a"lpod lIIalcolm 
1 nfiulshee1 houses (4) 

ßEATY A V. n frnm 1500 King 
w to QnpeD w, wurd 6. 
..... .... Enst !'1lde 
38 Emhrep Lllther II' 
3i (,I:u'ke John 
:ID ('Iarke Will 
55 Dnthle G"orge Jr 
f,!\ :llcKp\l John J 
71 Hudson Frederick W 

81 Boyce James G 
8:.1 RIlt!l!'rford J '" 
8;:; :llcE\-o\" Dl'rmot 
8i Thompson IIIrs E G 
.. .. - .... \\" l'st Sille 
Hot1f::e, !IõI p 
2S Clarh Alden D 
:;0 ::;lllith A Nicol 
32 GOd'011 Arthur W 
3t1 rnfini
hed house 
/i0 Oall Gporl'e 
;;2 Wurdll1\\' Thomus D 
62 Graham Rohert II 
G4 ('Iok"v ""Ill J 
74 IIInpG'rpgor Mnrshull 
ï6 "'ehh Up\" Gpo T 
, 150 Church of Epiphany 

An. n from Elm av to n 
of SOllth nrl"p. f1r
t e of 
Glen I'd, wnrd 2. 
... .. .... En.t Side ......... 
13 Osler Edmund B 
Holder John. I' 
,........ W....t 
12 Jamieson Philip 

BEA T"'IO"T HD, 0' from meD 
rd. Ih'st oVo'r thp hl'ld::-e, 
D of South DrIve, ward 2. 
... .. .... Xorth 
idp ......... 
1 '''atts Gporge W 
3 Parsons 'Vm G 
4 Audrews W S 
!') "ï ..-"It 'lul."f>W 
6 Cooper Wnltpr H 
......... !';outh Side ......... 
Not .I1ullt on 

JIJ';UFOHD RD, 11 f,'om 244 
Bloor w to n of Davenport 
rd, ward 4. - 
. .. . . .. " Eu"t SIde ......... 
Hou.e, s e 
1 Rohortson A J 
3 lIIorton Hpnr" I

 Lpa 1\Irs !II Forbel'l 
fa<1d"n Gporl{e F 
9 'll'I alll'hlin T 0 
11 Pprr" Jnmes B 
. Prln,'e Arthur av Inter. 
27 Ronmpr Hpury C 
2!1 :lIAsten Cornelius 
. Lowthcr av Intersects 
House. !?I e 
87 ('nmphPlI Archlbu'd B Jr 
.1':lj(ln nv I'nd>i 
Vapnnt Intll 
93 Cn"plll Riphnrll S 
9!i Wnllncl' Hpv Prof F B 
!17 Fpr",uson 'Irs :lfary 
Fergus H III 
!I!J Pillmmer Frank 
JOI T,nlrllaw (' Sht'ddpn 
1113 DUl'k Ol'nrge H 
105 LAing John B · 
. no.\\,p!l "... pnlls 
HI!! Tremhlc Frederick 
111 Muln .Johñ ;r 
113 Hamlltoll ThomAs H 
115 ('Asspls "'nlter G 
117 !'1mvth Hplll'" T. 
11!! 1'0;'10' .Tohn A C 
. TrAnhy nv ends 
HOl1!'OtP. J:I p. 
121 (,Ia rk Thomus J 
12:1 Klrkpntrll'k Arthur E 
125 Howland 81r Wm P 
127 MeCollnp]] Nl'aven 
12!J Austin IIlrs !'1usnn 
. Bernnrd nv InterseN. 
t-f'WRrt John 1r 
1:t:t Coulthar(l 'II's Tsabella 
 BAln Abrahnm R 
1:t7 Boln .Jnm"Q \" 
1:t!\ !'1"l'nrd S Wondru!l' 
141 Rnlrd Henry N 
D'I vpnport rd Intersects 
Housp. s e 
.. . .. . . .. West Side ......... 
e, s eo 
8 Goollerhum Wm H 
10 Goodprhnm Gporge E 


. PI'ince Arthur a
e, _8 P 
. Lowtber av Intpr9i!ctll 
Honse. s e 
80 Brodigan Emma E 
Brodigan Laura A 
82 PI"PlltiC'" H:I\ hI 
84 IIlnyle Hpnry 
8'; TrIpp John D A 
8S Wnde Henry 
()2 Uoh.'rt\' \\ III K 
98 Lummis Wm D 
100 Foulds ArcLlbn!d 
1n:! Puwls ElhllUlld 
1114 CbattP1".on Alhprt E 
lOG Mulholland Frpdprlck 
110 DO' J.llry Alfr.," '1' 
112 FeAtherston Arthur 101 
114 1IIl'''llluue\'' Wru J 
116 Robprtson . Thomas E 
118 Grppu\\'ood Hnssell 
120 Tlurrll\Vs Acton 
122 Hooth "'m. l'ontr 
12,1 Rohlnson Titus W 
J3A Tlurton Phh,pus II 
138 Lnnd Uohert F. A 
140 Hillips Alp"ander 
152 Pnrker Keville 
. ß,'rnard av Inter
HOllsp. s e 
. Davpnport rd Intersect. 
 Tlrpdln John ;r 
'm< r 
TiO Tlme11ey .John 
J72 C'hllrn
J74 Gln7.p La\\'rence 
House, s e 

BELFORD. n from G T B 
truck to !';mlth, second e of 
Pnpe avo wÏ1rd 1. 
oo....... ]
ust SIde 
1 EA
f\n J3nl(1
3 O'llenl'll John 
... ...... West Side 
Not built OD 
BELT.. e from 1m. IUver t. 
Don Terral'p. wArd 1. 
'" .. .. " Korth !,;ide ......... 
Ifl' Co. s e 
..... .... South !,:Ide ......... 
1 Moylnn Patl'll'k 
9 Tpl'ry EdwllI J 
P !'1onthpl'll Rlchnrd 
13 Gllle.ple :llrs Elizabeth 
15 Fowles Kathanlel 
17 1\fl'F.wl'n Will J 
17% Woods Frl',lerlck 
19 Tomlin Johu W 
21 IIle('lenry G"o"j(e 
23 C'ook !llr" !llary A 
2!i Tavlor Levi 
29 Frpplnnd Isnac 
31 Ueld Uohert 
3:\ H..fTprman Tlmoth, 
1\;; Va"ant 
hprldan Edward 
31) Heddes Robert 

TlELLAIH. n from b'2 Bloor 
w to Yorkvllle nv. ward S. 
. .. ... ... E,ISt SIde ......... 
House. s e 
9 :llurebment Gporge E 
. C'nmh..rIAnll st lut..rsectll 
11 ]
h-pll Frpdprick :II 
la Heskwlth IIIrs 'Iargsret 
15 Flew\\ piling Thomss 
Iurphy Jnmes P 
15 Flp'\'Plllng ThomaR 
19 Smith .Tohn F, pntr 
21 nolohy :llrs :lIar" 
Tlohhy :III.. !If E. drsmkr 
Z! CummIngs :llrs Mary 
2:; Ta nner RIl'hArd 
27 Rol1ertson Thomns B 
2!1 Dunshenth Ritchie 
HOnSE\ s e 
... .. - ... 
'P!Ot Side......... 
e. !i:t e 

 mnck Wm 
. Cnmhprland st Intersect. 
H011f::P. R e 
1" (:nh'in Joseph P 
20 'Wnlilon Jnhn C 
22 !':mlth Andrpw 
:J4 Hprms!pln Louis 

F. McEACHREN, Manager Phone Main 2376 


143 Adelaide St. East Phone Main 2455 





26 Donatt Otto 
[lo,,,,tt :\11', :\1, drsmkr 
Hou.8e, s e 

m';Li.EFAlll A V, 0 from 
eo E'. sl"cood W of Lee 
8\". ,,"unt 1. 
Not ùullt 00 

11I,:1 I.E\ rr,; A V, 0 f!'OlD 42 
Bellevn" 1'1 to College, 
ward -I. 
. . . . . . . "" 
ide .......,. 
2:-) C:lstun Harry E 
:l1 1\.eo t 'l'hay 
:W "nrnicher Rev .1 B 
31 l:ul't, s Charles F 
33 RoS"!; Hua::h 
3;; Bruwu E IrvIng 
3j ('nnuln!'ham "'altcr C 
3:J ('!PIII..nls John 'I 
41 Gellllllell John 'I 
43 ":harp.. .101m E 
45 ChUl'llon :\lrs .1, My gds 
('ùarlton Abraham 
47 Phillips Thomas, bldr 
49 ßakpr >:amnel 
51 Irwin n.eorge 'V 
5:1 Hili \\'11' r: 
:;;; Martin !llr
:;7 (;allnwRv <<'m 
59 8inclalr Roh..rt T 
G1 rlßl'k D W" !!ro 
assRu st lutprsE'('ls 
I):{ (;oo,lh,!! 
Ir. Morgaret 
6;; Hillman Samuel 
61 Glhhnn
 "-m. ,.bopmkr 
Glhhonq .T:tlnp
. putr 
nr:1ham !lIr
 :\Inrl!;aret, r 
F.torp\" Thomn
 H. r 
MRrshall James, r 
(:!I ".lIln" hpl'kpr 0 R 
71 Lpùman BE'njamln 
73 "an l.oon !III'S Evelyn 
73Y, PI'ppE'r Wm T 
7;; "'ood EI1\'\"In W 
77 Fl!;an !lll"hnE'1 


111f\mln, r 
79 HarE' Thomas 
83 I'lm Edw"rll .1 
. O"fo",1 st Inlprsed. 
PrivatI' groun l l" 
f,7 [I"I1..,'np Hospltnl 
!II Moore (,hnrlps I'. phy 
{I:1 :\fac'h,,11 lIpmy T. pby 
!I!1 Hronl!hall Rev A .1 
St Slpphell'
......... ".pst Side ........ 
2 Pnrllv Frank M 
4 GrE'li John 
6 1,'ar"lIlcl' Walter C 
8 Hollinger Jnmes 
10 \"onll
 .1,,,np" D, bldr 
12 Barrett Mrs S 
14 !l:pl<on Josepb 
16 M""nU..n 'l'I,o",as, pntr 
16% Mnrpby Thomas 
11> And..rson Jame. 
20 F.,'plo'
:lO% Keene Cbarles E 
22 Rohertson John L 
24 HIIV Will D 
26 I':wlll
E\\ IlIg MIss M, nnrse 
30 Knox John A 
32 Ho<l
,oll 1"Il'derlck T W 
84 PeteI' Jpsoe 
34'h 1>01ler3' Wm 
311 "'hlt" 'Irs 'Iary A 
38 Smart !\Irs Jane 
42 O'lIrlpo Jnhn 
44 O'Brlen PII1"Id 
46 Gnrde Jobn 
4S "'rl".ht .I,"nps C 
110 Willson Jobn R 
52 Tp,rY II (,I'hprt E 
M D,,'hloon James W 
Pickard Jam"s 
58 Tpmplemnn Josl"ph A 
CO WlIs"n Thnmas U 
68 Hllrst FrE'dprlck 
nssan st Inrprsects 
70 MII"hpll JIID)es 
72 :\IU..hP\1 A S 
76 Rh""'ll !lh. Jane 
78 ('on tip DavId 
80 ('III rk Thomas J 
82 HInd James 

84 MarteH Thnllllls. hlelr 
1--<0: W"l'dl'l1 John 
Hi "'alls Tbomas C 
!l4 It.lllls<leu .1olm A 
. u,..r.'l'd st 10Ier...cts 
Ill'pl'ard :\11''' Anu 
!J8 :\I,lson !llrs Tholllllsioe !'! 
100 Uprhv Wm .1 
102 Tlplon Hil'hard 
104 HII
be{ 81p\\ nrt 
106 1.0n'lock Hellry 
lOS "nrnel' Jamps 
IIlI G.'ant !Ilrs Mary .1 
112 Glh
OD llnrnlllJlls 
114 FI3'nn Josppb 
LewIs ('baril's 
11ij :llorgnll George W 
118 Brines UI'nry 
120 Tpeler P T 
122 [Il:lck !Ills" Jane 
Fire Rail No 8 

I.I.EYtJti: PL. w from 24 
Augnsta a v to ('arlyle, ward 

......... :'('ortb Side ......... 
DenIson sq 
. Bplle,"ue av commences 
House. s eo 
46 Mutton Wm G 
4'1 Bra,'lp,\, John B 
f,O Arniltuge James 
52 Bv..r
 :\Irs Annie S 
Fpnthpr.tonp npo. exp 
54 Burch Edward W 
56 Youllg Will 
58 Jamieson 'Ym 
CO Bowmuu .Ioho ".. 
6:J Schadel Emil 
64 P.n-I. Thomas W 
66 Kpmp Wnllnce 
C8 White Mrs A, I!;ro 
Whitp 'Vm. pntr 
. Leonnrd uv commeoce. 
11011,..(\ s e 
74 HtalkE'r Ahraham .1 
76 WooldrIdge Samuel 
......... Soutb Side .....-.. 
1 Vacant 
3 80mers Hpnr3' B 
5 Willcocks Mrs Annlt 
1 ]o'o"ter !\Its !\IlIry 
9 !IIalns .10111. M 
haw :\11'. !II a 1\' 
13 Rnnllpy (,harles M 
1;; Pas"oe .Iohn 
17 Butlpr Rohprt .1 
19 Ken John R 
21 l'E'pr John A 
23 Pe..kham Alfrpd S 
2;; 1.1' ITUI]Upt Jobn 
27 Kell'\' Mrs Tbpresa 
. Dpnison a" pnds 
29 }'ptpl'kin rharlE's R 
39 Pptprkln Jamps FJ 
41 Pptprkln rharlps R jr 
43 !':"hulI..k Wm C 
45 "'nt..rbollsp Bpnj A 
47 non rill' 'VITI H 
49 l.u..a" A l"xa nder 
51 Davp\, James 
53 Barkpr .JpsoP W 
5;; Fr.nds E 
!l7 >:IIarrow Tbom.. 
59 Kpllv Jamp" M 
61 Anll;'p\\ 
 .1RmeS F 
63 Wnlob John 
67 Anl!;pr MI"h"pl M 
73 FnrrRn"p A rthnr R 
 Iocbepd Ln..blln 
77 Hart Wm R 
7tI Rpl1 !lIrs !llar!!"aret 
fit Hili. Hpnrv, lIa!rv 
87 ('on nor" !\Ii-" Cuth"erlne 

BELI,WOODS AV. n from 768 
Qnppn w to Munslleld av. 
. .. .. .. " East Sid.. ......... 

tore, 8 e 
1 Coysb li'redprlck 
l'el'r Wm H 
5 ('rpher & Rons, marble 
. Crocker av ends 
11 Stewart Jobo 


13 Cotteuden George H 
15 Jt1hllSIJIl 'iohullltl:ol 
11 Arillstroug Hooert 
, "cau t lot 
31 Du\\ uard :\lrs IIlary 
33 Jolley 11 W B 
35 U..,Ù Wm A 
. HoùlUsun st eods 
:n L3"OnS '\'m 
41 1:ll'a JUllles E 
43 St 
Iutthhls' Chnrcb 
75 Lindsey Ju
77 Tyc Frederick W 
j:J Buttrell Wm 
81 81.lnl..y !III'S l\1nrion It 
1>3 Sullhan J..remlab 
8:' Wlnd3'hank John 
I>!! He)Jalh Jabez E 
01 Shelton 
h-s Emma 
93 Thul'Uton J'Jseph 
!Jj "'e;"t..r James H B 
W :\103'lIihan !llrs Nora 
101 Yllhl'y :\llcbacl 
103 Weù"ter George H 
105 JolJn"toue Ww F 
107 Hartholumee 'Ir" A H 
IO:J 8mlt h :\1 rs Cha rlotte E 
111 l'ark..r I
Hllrpell Miss A, drsmkr 
113 Gruv Wm 
. Bell
oods 1'1 ends 
1:!1-33 !l:l'Wl'(lIIIÙe I'lano Co 
13;; Cop Icy Will S 
1:17 1I1c'('alium Wm 
139 'rl'Otter .1 a lUes A 
HI Hnkpr Hcnj C 
143 Richardson Henry T 
145 Murphy Wm l' 
147 Denlllan Arthur C 
H3 an !\Irs Emily 
149 l'enrson Wm T W 
1;:;1 Rrltton :\lrs Theresa 
153 Whlttlllghum J W. potr 
1;:;5 McBr..w3' Wm 
157 Peucey Edwnrd 
1;;9 Haunah Jo
ItH Leo' Mrs I
va D 
1(;3 8trong John 
. Ronp, .\ lùprt E 
167 Corm'''Lk \Irs :\Iary 
160 Coulter CrozIer 
Honsp, s e 
. Al'lhllr st Inters..cts 
17:; Bodily !Ills M, I\ro 
177 Boddv Churled ]<' 
170 TOllliio G,'orge 
lRI Zock Lpopold 
11'3 ChampIon Thomas W S L 
185 Coflln John 
187 Spdnl!; Mrs Charlotte 
189 Goodway ChariI''' 
191 MPI'h..rson Da\'id 
1!13 Thompson James 
1!15 I'owrle David 
l!Ji lkll :\Irs Elizn betb 
. PI3'montb av Intersects 
11)1) Wrl!;ht .1 Ge<>rge 
201 Smith Mrs HnHlet 
2U3 8,,"<Ulp Hnrry 
:!()7 "'urd Smuu!'1 A 
209 J)pacon Will .1 
Deacon John. confy 
211 Parrv Mr" .Inne 
. Bp!lliow Alfred 
21. KIrk ,I "'1ll D 
21!1 Dlùh Walter 
221 m..hter Will H 
:!:!:J Gould John T 
22:> :\lcFnul .Iobn 
227 Malor Rohprt 
:!7!! FItZ!!erRld "m, grocer 
. Trpford pi elllis 
231 Rpnton Fnrl]uhnr 
233 Mpdhnrst Nnthan 
h:H]g'lInpss'f: JnJnes 
:!37 ('ullp
' H T, mus tcbr 
2:19 GardlnPr Rtanley W 
:lH Havmore ('harles 
243 Glx Oscar C 
24:> Rr\ an "'alter W 
247 Moorp Wm 
:l49 O'Ryrne James 
251 Llttlp Mrs Jane 
2:'3 !':tpwart Josepb 
255 Totten Wm .1 L 
257 Symons Jobo 
259 Dnrcb Jamps A 
261 Mnnson James 
Bouse. s e 

West Side ......... 
36-54 lIe.,r entr, 
IHtI ('I... I.,' "Ill 
. Arthnr st Intersepts 
Store. s e 
11\4 Scully IIll's Mary A 
11>8 Heasllnt George 
1110 Crawford Joho 
1!12 Alillu Juhn 
194 Hunl;!lIg IIpury R 
106 GoldrIng Thomas, potr 
. Plymoutb :tV \II
W8 :\lurlon Mrs Lucy E 
200 Mo.e 
Irs Isnhella 
2112 Poole A AIIr"d 
204 Townlev Will H 
206 :\Iorell "Jumps H 
208 Gilmore Jospph 
210 Pepall Geor!;e 
212 '''ellmnnn Edward 
214 McCullou
h Roùert W 
210 lIe..ds .Josepb 
('nmpron Mrs Josepblne 
218 RllIIn!;sl!'v lIIrs Sarnb 
220 8pauuer 'YaltE'r 
222 !':ùpppard Josepb 
221 Bnllh'an John 
22<; Platt John 
228 8tewart Samuel 
0 Bakpr 1II1'9 1
II..o 8 
2"14 !If ,,!Ill II ,III John 
240 Thomp"on Robl'rt 
2-H RnhlPY .Iobo 
2t6 Rhode" Fred 
:l48 Hobson A A. daIry 
250 Tnlton .Iosppb .1 
Mole John W 
2M Willmott lIIr" Al!;ues 
Zõ6 ('1I"lor Gporge A 
Zõ8 WI!!!!''''' Wm 
2r.() RraUhwalte Wm 
262 MUis Gpor
e F 
:!r.r. Bpll Thomns 
268 Anketell George 

from 240 Crawford 10 Shaw. 
ward 15. 
.. . . .. .. Korth Side ......... 
Not bLIlt 00 
......... !':onlh !':Id.. ......... 
1 Mllcl,pnzie :\Ilchael A 
2 Yacant 
3 Colpman Richard H 
. HOllse, s e 

BET,LWOODS PL. w frolll 
 rlar"mont to Bellwooð. 
av, ward 5. 
. . . . . .. .. X ortb Side ......... 
Store, 8 P 
8 RII..\, Robprt G 
12-14 Piano Factory. s e 
......... South Side 
Honse. s p 
S JPfTs Thomas 
Dn' Is Gporgp 

 Lowrey Wm 
7 Harbour "-m .; 

BET.MONT, w from Ollt 
Yonge, ward 3, 
......".. Korlh Side 
2 Gardiner Wm A 
4 Kune Jobn 
r. !':11PppRl"d Ppter 
8 Sbeppurd Wm 
10 FI
IJE'r DaJl'ld Ir 
12 (,holwll1 Mrs E A 
14 GarU..k Gporl/:e 
16 Asbmead Edwin F 
lR Dpp..w .1 Mnrruy 
22 :\Ioore James H 
24-21\ Vacant bouses (2) 
28 Kerr Hpnry 
30 Hra'\' Samuel 
3:l You'nll: Hl'nry 
34 Hammond John 
86 Hunt Thomas 
38 nofT John C 
40 Grant Fran"ls W 
42 Menear Jospph 
44 G\11psplp Gporl!;e 
46 lII
Manus George 
48 Stpwart Hemy 
riO WII"on Mrs Eliza .1 
52 Wrll!;ht ('harles A 

Metallic Ceilings 

Phone Park 800 

Roofing Co., Limited 
Cor. KINC and DUFFERIN 818. 

<tcnfeöeratícn 1ífe 

Canadian Company 




M Flay Walter 
56 II1cConnell Wm M 
58 Hendry Hugh R 
60 Hale '''a tson 
62 COok Henry 
&I Wilton Snmuel 
66 1"rol(le
' :\1rs Martha 
68 Routlllre John 
70 Jncobs Mrs S, drsmkr 
72 Sheppard FrederIck 
74 Derr3' Anson A 
76 Brown Robert 
78 Dowling Wm B 
80 1I10at Alhert W 
82 !IIaglll HoLert J 
84 Ford 1111's Rosanna 
88 Rondeau Joseph 
!IO lIrennnn Frank 
!H Toole3' Brnest J 
96 Bullen ?\liIes 
IJH J efI,'rson "'m 
100 Trueman :\11'8 Rebecca 
102 Madill Robert H 
......... South SIde ......... 
Store. s 0' 
. Sarah sl ('ommences 
'1 Pearce John 
9 lI1atrh..\\"
11 LInes Mrs Luey 
13 Thod3' 1111's 
15 Latl'l'mouille Hvaclnth 
17 Durnls :\Irs Sarah 
19 Lovptt J n mps 
21 Brown John 
2:i Ledin
hllm James 
2õ Lavprty Wm 
27 'l'elman Frank C 
2) Hos" orth Samuel E 
81 Kirk James 
113 Hpster '''m 
. :\lelllurrich st ends 
<la Aged Men's Home 
III Al(pd WoOlpu'" Hnme 
73 Ketrlewell FrederIck 
75 Kettlewell Wm 
Yewman 1111's Grace, r 
Store, S e 

BELSHAW AV, s from 321i 
Wilton nv, ward 2. 
. , . . . . . " Enst SIde ""..... 
Housp, s e 
1 Gorhnm I
dward A 
3 lIIolden Charles B 
5 GIlLert John 
7 Sammie Joseph J 
9 Pym Mrs Elizabeth 
11 Gilroy FrederIck 
13 l'all,,
hau Thomas 
15 Goodfellow Wm 
17 Cr
nBton Wm J 
19 IIlal'kenzle James 
... ..' ... West !'1ide 
House, s e 
2 UsLol'ne Jnmes 
" Eyans ?<ò'oah 
6 Thomson :\Irs Annie 
8 Ethier John ' 
10 ('hapm.lU HarlY 
12 Co
hurn Thorn:ls 
14 Turne3 Henry 
16 Dal'tlt.y Henry 
18 I:oylan :\lIss Catharine 
20 :\Ic'\ïlllalll
22 Hawkins Wm 
24 Robertson Mrs E 

BEItKI';L.EY, n trom the 
ßuy to 215 Carlton. ward 2. 
. . . . . , . " (,;ast Side .,....... 
Fnctory, s e 
. It H crossing 
Itallwuy y"rd 
Gas Co's \Yorks, 8 e 
. I'ront st e Intersect. 
3;; Canada ICollndry Co 
. Klnj( st e Intersects 
Storc. s e 
55 Martin Jobn 
/)7 Elliott Hohprt D 
5!1 CI'a" ford "'m 
01 Vonznben Frank 
03 Wright John 
65 Pethlck Wm 0 
67 Mounce Jnhn 
69 Drlndle John 
71 Ferguson George k: 

73 IIIcEachren Nell D 
75 Word..11 Wm E 
77 Kirk Charles F 
79 Belknap Fl'Unk A, trult 
. Duke st Intersects 
House, 8 e 
89 Beatt
 Adam A. phy 
!l7 Hogers George 
W Rogers Wm 
103 Aggett James 
10;; Bowden Francis A 
107 'raylor Ed"ard 
10!1 lInstlcn M I"S !\I a ud 
111 Cates S :\1 
11:1 :\111I (lh
11;; Farrow Alf"('d A 
117 Moonev Jam(<s 
. Dnche"B st Intersect8 
llU Hom;;'f>. R P 
lckle Adam 
12;) Dnnl'an Joh.) 
1:!7 Grnharu Henry 
12!1 Durna n !IIlss 1Il. drsmkl 
1291/" Oow Will 
131 O'Donohoe Patrick 
1:{:! ThoU1
on Frederick J 
135 Barrett John 
137 f'\nook" Wm 
13!1 Donohoe .Tohn 
HI Linton !\II'" lIlary E 
Graham Thomas H, r 
143 Tn I'll 1'1' John J, r 
HOj!prs :\Irs Jane, r 

torp. s e 
. Qnppn st e In tersect. 
149 Store, s e 
151 ('001'''1' Geor/(p R. plmbT 
153 Rothwpll B, 
l\lcQulllpn 0, blksmlth 
. Rams(<y lane Intersect. 
157 Jl'wl'll Frl'dprlck 
1:;9 1'I'in/(lp Arthur E 
Hil \'nu
l.1aD Gporge 
Ilia Farlpy Wm 
165 De Lnplante Frank 
11\7 Gardiner Jamps 
16!1 Hoyland G Hpnry 
171 :\Iartln !IIlchael .T 
17a T!1nl'k 1111's :\Iartha 
177 Burt ?\1rs Elizabeth T 
17!1 "I'Girr Snmuel 1Il 
11'1 Okp :\Irs 'Ian' J 
lR:. Green 1111's Eiiznbt'th A 
187 Lonsdale Richard 
lR!1 Fognrty Wm J 
1m Bnttprflpld \VOl 
. Sydpnham st Inte"sects 
l!13 Charlie Sin/(, Indry 
19!J Tsral'l
on J'\athan 
201 O'Sullivan !IIichael J 
203 0'8nlll\"n Wm J 
207 Bonaccor"" !'1tellarlo 
200 FIVlm Jamps J 
:!11 (;Ùlard hay 
213 l'lpmlnj( W'm G 
215 Hall SImon 
217 Tomlinson (,hnrles W 
217% 1I0
kl.. :\Irs Elizll 
21!1 Spottlswood Mr1! M A 
221 Cn
h",.n Hichard J. dalr1 
:!:!3 Gnllo"a\' "'uI1P1' L 

3n. Snmupl 
227 Lnng-ton Thomas 
2al OI"I'(>n .T lI..rl...rt 
23:; Cartpr Will A 
23!) mall' Francis, express 
2-11 Dplnne:v John 
243 H,'an Jumes 
247 TilOmpson :\I..s Jane 
24!J 'I,'RI'ld.. .Tohn R 
,l noddy .Tan",s 
2:;5 :\llIler Jo
2;;7 O'Conno,. Mr
2:'9 Poolp Thomns H 




21','1 Smith lIlrs Barbara 
2(;; Paton John 
2Ð!1 1'atlll'k 
I'atrkk Mls
 C f'\. drsmkr 
. Coatsworth Jnne Intersects 
torp. S e 
. Wilton nv Intersccts 

torp. s p 
281 :\ll'lpnn nporj!e !i 
283 Rnrulll Wm C 
2<':" Erh T"rlas 
287 Blal'k James 

289 Wilson Alexander L 
291 Arbuthnot Thomas 
293 :\lcLe:m Jos.eph A 
295 Clark JaLez W 
:W7 Latreruouille John B 
2J!J Wnlker Woltpr J 
301 Wiggins Thomas 
30:1-25 IJulferln School 
327 ""llliams J Frank, couty 
329 Winnett John E 
3:n Hngerman Sinclair 
335 Pearson Rev M L 
337 Fl'lkln Wm 0 
339 Eaj!le 1111's Sal"ah 
341 Mortimer James 
343 Hamilton James 
345 Vacant 
347 !IId.ean HlIl'tor, uphOI 
349 Hawthorn Wm T 
3,'11 lIlac'lilIan IIl1-s l\Unnle 
:1 l\[I'Craw D
:1,,5 1Il1':\lilIan Eyan B 
337 lIumllton Henry J 
a59 lIlunsell Charles 1" 
House. s e 
. nprrl\rd st e Intersect. 
House. s 0' 
363 :\Iplady .Tamps T 
367 Wkkett John 
371 Bnin !\Irs 
Iargaret M 
373 S'1uarey Wm R 
 Hvnes !\Irs Margaret 
Hvnps Jamps P 
377 !\IlInes Jamps H 
37!1 ,Tobnston Albert 
3Rl BolinI'd Arthur 
3R:I ('hrl
tle Wm 
:lR5 Hldl..y James Mcn 
3R7 Oanlpl IIl1-s K F 
 !\Il'Kprrachpr John, bldr 
3!11 Rohertson Miss JessIe 
3!13 !\Iasten Reuben B 
House. s e 
... .... West Side ......... 
Lnmber vard. s e 
. H R crossing 
. Esplanade st e ends 
4 Hpeson ROl'klng Grate 
Rar Co 
6-8 Trelonr, Blasnrord & Co, 
10-12 Tor KnItting Factor1 
Gas Works, s e 
. Front st p Intersects 
46 "acant office 
-I8 Bpher :\Inx 
:;0 Herow John 

Ic:\ally & Towell, tailors 
. lOng st e Intersects 
66 Brandon Cbnrles 
Cronin DennIs P, r 
FIre Hall No <I 
. Dnke st Intersects 
72 Cohen JuUu
74 G"stlnpll'r "rs lIIary 
71; Horfinkcl !IIox 
íH ".rrn,'PTse 'Edwarfl 
1'0 Qn11(11'3' Samuel 
'-:! Dillon James 
84 Hnnt Thomas H 
86 Hnntpr George E 

" Urqul18rt George W 
!Iii l'nrtpr H 
!l2 !\Il'Gnire John 
1)4 Bradlev Normnn S 
!J6 I'prpgrinl' .Tames A 
!l8 Baxtér Charles 
Eldrt.Jgl' Gl'nrge, I' 
102 Dacon "'111 H 
104 nacon lIenry W 
100 'II'nolpln .Tnmes A 
:\lc(:Olpln !\Irs A, \'ocallst 
 1\11'''.l\tel'' Oa\"ld 
110 TJrl]nhnrt Donald 
]]2 L,tlle "'m 
. O;",hess st Intersects 
Honse 9 s e 
11"1 Gral'l\m Rohprt 
120 Forsvth Walter 
122 Hon,!pr Thomas 
124 Ril'hords Frnnds 
126 Hallln.1II :\fJss AnnIe 
12R PPI'rv M.,s Rlrah 
1:\0 ?\fI'Oolpln Wm J 
132 Earlp Frnnklln I" 
Cbnl'ch, s e 
. Qupen st e Interspc1s 
142 8rore, s e 

144 Lotz Henry J 
146 Uo" ell Gl'orge F 
146% Caswell Ww A 
. Ramsey .nne Intersects 
148 Coop PI' lIlrs .\largHret 
150 Fallon John J 
1;;2 lIlcDonald lIlrs Amy 
]:;4 Clark LewIs W 
156 Curran Joseph 
158 Snook John 
II;U Lotz I';d" ard 
1Ð2 (,Iement John H 
164 Farrall J;'rancJs J 
11;6 Green!' Jnw"8 
168 Hydcr J ouls G 
170 :\Iùore James E 
172 1I00l'l' George !-' 
174 ('ooml)(>s l\Ir
176 Ferj!uson Robert G 
178 ('nrran Mrs S.lrah 
180 :llnlr Robert S 
1!-\2 !'r'ott lIlrs Snsa n, gro 
. f'\3'dpnhom st Intersect. 
4 HoLerts Roland 
lR6 !\Ioson lIlrs IIlnrv 
188 ('nrran James D 
iHO H(,llflPr
h's M E, 
102 Mnl!ODP !\II'S E 
,Tackson .Tohn, sho"mkr 
1!14 Carroll Alfl'pd E 
1!1f; ('oultl'r Charles 
19R Da vIes J Ed!:n I' 
200 Cm'I'OIl John 
:!II2 McQuillen O"pn 
:!1\4 "'ntman 1111" Margaret 
20/1 Wood
tock "'1D H 
20R lIlcCaffrey James 
210 Hosar WID J 
212 KnfJ:ht John 
214 !\JI'('ahp !\fJl'hael T 
216 Eddy Danlpl 
21H Walker Wm 
220 rpton !\Irs LydIa 
222 Bodlh' 1111's Sarah 
224 Walsh James 
22() J;tckmnn FI":lnk 
:!:!1' War,] :\Irs lIIary 
2.\0 Stpwnrt .Tamps H 
2::2 Guthrie NathanIel 
:!34 Bingham Harry S 
231; .John.ton I 0'\\ Is N 
'pelley James 
242 I'cnberthy Albl'rt J 
244 BrIght .John 
246 "'Innett "emon 
248 :\lcQulllon John 
2!'iO Storm lIIlss AnnIe E 
.:.! Williams "'esley J 
2;;4 Rogers Wm J 
. Coatswortb lane Intersects 
House, 8 e 
. "'lIton av Interspets 
270 D,lvldson Robert M 
272 :\Iulljucl'n lIIrs Ellen 
274 :lII'Gpe Mrs mlzabeth 
2ï6 :\lcClay James 
27S IIl1tcbell Samuel 
0 Wickens Alhprt lrl 
2 :\1!'1'hall Xen C 
..J '":H:',lnt 
281J Bnlk Wm 
2S8 pogne John 
200 Clu rkp l\Ir" lIIary L 
 Lo" rv Rohert A 
:!!14 nond'Wm. 
:!!I(] Arlllstronj! Frank, bldr 
:!!J8 Burns John J 
:\00 Tomlinson TlJomr.q 
30:! ValUlnsl'n !Ill" EdIth 
3114 Shortt III I'
3tH) Un!!hps James 
308 Wrlj(ht Wm 
!ll0 Onndy lIIl'q Sarah 
312 Graham Rohprt 
:U4 Park Andrew 
316 noyle Oa,'ld 
:ns Pntterson S,lmllel 
320 Strel't Roh(<rt 
Lohlaw :\11" :\1. drsmkr 
\\ 310 John L 
3:!4 Bo" mall Chnrles H 
:-t2f: ROVf1 Alpx.lndr"r 
2R \(,:CnlTrv Jamps H 
3:\0 FI"mlni Wm I
 .loncs .T :1l11('
:134 Trehill cl'k Alhprt E 
3:\1; Hnmllton ".esl(<y J 
3:{8 Hambly 1
,'pdNI,'k p 
340 CO\'h'j!1011 Wm J 

Do You Wish Your Accounts Collected? 


Satisfaction Guaranteed 

No Collectioll No Charge. Phone Main 2979 



mer.Inst. E.E' 1 52.53 Janes Buildings, Toronto 
A.M.. Can. Soe, C,E. 

L.D. TEL. 

Consulting Electrical Engineer 
Oeslen and Construction of' Long Distance Electrical 
Power Transmissions. Municipal Lighting and 
Power Systems. Steam Plant Tests, Etc. 


Birch Av. 


842 O'Connor Wm 
844 Scholey Joseph 
846 Stewart Mrs LllIIas 
348 Honse, s e 
. Gerrn rd st e Intersects 
House. s e 
356 Duubar King G 
358 Rolls Henry J 
860 Westman Miss Mnry A 
362 Doron James 
364 Da\is :\Iagnus S 
366 Brown :l1rs Fannie 
368 Chulles George E 
8iO Smith :\Irs 1sllDei 
3i2 Burn Wm D 
8i4 I.f'eson Rony 
876 Jackes Mrs Kate 
378 Rennie Robert B, rooter 
aRt) Scholey Henrq 
882 Busteed John 
384 Bu.'ry Mrs Cilira 
386 Laproik Dllvid 
388 Blockbul'D Arthur R 
390 Secord Herbert 
House. 8 e 

EERN ARD A V, w trom 126 
Avenue rd to Kendal av, 
then north to Dupont 
ward 4, 
. . .. . .... North Side .... .. .. . 
Heuse. s e 
6 Nicol MIs Jane 
10 Chambers Wm r 
14 I'roctor George F 
18 Piper Edward S 
2'..! Ewart John H 
24 McCarthy Henry B 
26 Glhb I.awrpnce 
28 P,-nse 10spph 
30 McLaughlIn Prot J F 
32 Pnrker E Gnrtly 
34 Phillips Wilson 
36 Kluzlnger Arthur 
38 IIIcKenne\' John J 
40 Smith Robprt 
42 \YI!!morp A HrPl1 !;: 
46 Rolph Alfred J 
48 Dav3' Ed" ard, contr 
50 Thomus Wm 
Honfõtp. s p 
. Bpdford rd Intersects 
58 Flpmlng Frank A 
60 Lptroy A H Frllser 
82 Camphpll Miss E S 
. St George st Intersect. 
. Huron st Intersects 
. \lac1i
on av Intersects 
. Spadlna rd Intersects 
. "'nlmer rd Intersects 
. Kendal av Intersects 
. . , , . . , .. East Side ......... 
l'nllnlshed houses (2) 
.. .. . .... Sou th Side .......-- 
House, s e 
7 Lpslie :llrs :llarlon 
9 Smlly Thomas 
Smlly 0 A, elo
11 Robert C 
13 Booth Gporge 
19 lIIurpby :llrs :\l8rlon 
21 Hall Mrs :\Iartha C 
23 Laughlin Jnmps E 
25 Stewnrt Joseph 0 
2i lIIurray John I. carp 
29 lIIalcolm Augustus G 
31 Tlhh Rpy R Campbell 
33 Ani!prson l
d\Vln E 
811 Lawson Joseph 
37 Bales Joseph 
311 Anderson James E 
Strathy Cpcll. piano tuner 
41 Toylor :llrs Tilly II 
43 Ronnpll W H 111 
411 Young Ralph 1
4i Grpen Charles 
49 Ford H"nry 
51 Fleming Charles E 
Honse. s e 
. Bpdford I'd Interdects 
House, s e 
ã8 O'Hara Henry R 
p. FI P 
. AdmlrÃl rd ends 
r.!I Horspv Alhert 
i1 Robertaon :llrs Jo
7:1 Petprson Frank J 
t Gporj(e st 1I1terRe
. Huron st Intprsects 

. 1I1adlson a v in teraects 
. Spadlna rd intera...'ts 
. "almer rd nteraects 
. Kendul a\ ,ntel'sects 
. .. ..... ".est Side ........ 
Unllnlshed hoases .3) 

BERRYIIIAN, w trom :15 Day. 
en port rd to Hazelton a\'. 
ward 3. 
... .. .. " North Side ......... 
2 Brumby Thomas 
12 Ch"yne Henry G 
14 Sell..l'
 A J, pntr 
16 Hebdon !>Irs Funnle 
II! Palmer John J 
20 WeIr Christie 
22 Catterall Wm 
24 Caldwell Hugh 
26 Newby Joseph 
:.IS !>olcllols Garner 
30 Woods lIlrs Annie 
32 Cunt"ell Wm J 
34 Smith George 
36 Guthell L W 
4U Green Samuel 
42 l<'rn
er Duncan 
44 HaIght Jasper 
46 Gregory Hobert E 
48 !\Imruy Davidson M 
House, 8 e 
.... .. ... South Side ......, 
Store, s e 
1 Shunk Frederick M 
7 Bem'llIe lIlrs Catllerlne 
9 Wortny Jost'ph 
11 Da vis Thomas 
lolIat Hobert 
15 Dechert John 
li 'fucker George 
111 Carter lIlrs Yury A 
:n Freakley Ernest 
2J Hutchison JalBes 
25 Hmce Joseph 
27 Quinlan Patrick 
31 Lu
ty Chades 
33 Bro" n ""m 
35 'l'weedle James 
37 Plowman C W 
31J 1I1eades Gt'Ürge E 
41 Scott George J 
43 Call1bl"idge Joiln J 
4;; Stephen
on Arthur 
n Bolg"r John J 
49 Hooper Frederick C 
Honse, 8 e 

BERTI, n from 52 Richmond 
e to Queen e, ward ð. 
.. .. .. .., 
a..t 81de ...,..... 
1 Hegistl'3' Ufllce 
House. s e 
...... _.. \\",-,;t Side......,.. 
Can Institute, s e 
6 S"ott Jamp
 l.. :'on, contre 
8 Ent to Lod!:" Rooms 
10 British Chemists Co 
12 County Orange Lodge 
14 Lee Wm 
Victoria Hull, s e 
Store, s e 

BEST'S PL. e fl'om a lane 011' 
Unu-e, lln:t W ot Show, 
w.nd II, 
......... North Side.. ....... 
fi6 1"e1'lI"r J 1 
58 Turner Samuel P 
. .. .. .... South Side ..'...... 
52 !I1cKlnney George 
54 Bright Mrs Rose 

BEVERLEY. n fl'om 2i
Queen w to College, ward 4, 
...... '" 1
.lst Side 
1 II III Albert 
R(<ji:an Albert 
3 lI"rn James 
3 Klrchmer :III's 
II Rowe George 
7 IJ yson IIlrs Margaret 
9 Eroley Joseph A 
11 Lpn"hman \Vm 
13 Wright Daniel 
Ro!'s G W, livery, r 
15 I'hplan 1\I1.s !'1nrl1h 

li Sutcilife Henry 
11.1 PUW('l" Jol..1u 
21 Cosj(rlfJe John J 
23 VlllIers !I1lss Sa ruh J 
Wal'l'ington Thomas 
25 Kelly J.,ml's, dUllY 
2!1 Wolker Wm R 
31 .Murrlson Juhn 
33 Moxon Wilbert 
35 Walkey JolIn 
37 Gl'I1l'lu J\lr
311 AIl'xander John 
. Slt'phanle 
t ends 
HOll8e, 8 e 
41 Vennls Edmund J 
43 Hughes Jam,'a G 
4;) Coghlan Christopher 
4i Srigley Daniel 
49 Williamson Robert C 
fil Kent Joseph 
113 Patton !I1rs :\Iurtha 
65 Nursing !IIlsslon The 
. Gl'unge rd ends 
100J ßnllol'!; J:unes )Ii 
l'"rklns Edward 
Stllloway Jamps W W 
e3 Irl.h Charlps S 
12;) Thonrhlll 1\1lss Sophia 
12!J Black :llrs LlIIy, bdg 
131 Jarvis 1\1rs 
. St Putrlck st Intersects 
House, 8 e 
133 ]Utchle Georgp 
Jones "'alter W 
13;; S"addiug I:;dward A 
137 JIIcLPan N..ll 
13!J ('ralg Donnld C 
ampson !IIrs !IIary A 
14;; ßln!,:ham Gporge A 
14i Doran Daniel 
. D' A r"y 
t mtprs(<ct. 
151 Pierce G Fell'!: 
l:i!l Purvis 
Iary A, bdg 
161 O'Brlen Daniel 
11)3 Hnwthorne IIlrs SUMn 
I'rlvute grounds 
li9 Keating Edward H 
. Baldwin st InteJaectll 
lR:i Kraus "'Ira Lottie 
187 Caldwell David 
IS!! Hanlnn r.dwurd 
193 Waste Alphonso D 
:1101],,1 Rphool of :'oluslc 
195 Lowry 'fhomas 
1117 !l11I11I1I
 !IIrs Catherine 
1!J9 Brandon James 
201 SI"'l'rls Bn1"1'v 
203 Ruln"s Chdstopher 

207 Applpgath Jesse 
2O!I Weller Hpllry I. 111 
211 ßnlnps AII'a Amelia 
213 Biggar George C 
215 Roherts :llrs Alida 
217 Qulgl"y 'lI.s Lillian P 
2m Walsh Edward H 
221 Thomaon :llrs Elizabeth 
223 Wet hey Charles H 
22-'> Singer Jaeob 
22i f]f'attv :lllss Elizabeth 
22f1 Wood' SnmllPI 'r 
211 McMaster Robert S F 
 ('arllohan .Jobn 
2'1:; IIInntz ElIgpnp G 
ZJ7 Shlplds Charles 
2:m Rohlnson Wm D 
241 ('ahle Wm 
243 Phillips James 
2411 Kew Wm 
247 R rown George 
Honse, s e 
. , . . . . '.. West Side 
2-4 Storf'. a e 
1:!-14 Crashlpy Thos, exp 
1-1 !'1mlth Rohert F 
Ifl iUt"hell Arthur 
18 Lf'ster Wm 
20-34 E!\Ior & ('0. dl"Ug DlIII 
. Phoehe 
t ('omm.'nce. 
40 hellv IIIrs Xellle 
42 Cnth'prs rharlps 
44 Gemmell Robert 
4f! !'1yn!,:p :llrs Ampllu 
Rlal'!; Mra T. milS tcb, 
48 Norris AI(<xander 
50 Flint Rh'hnrd H 
52 Crispin Wm R 
54 Philip Wm E 
f.r. Harri
 "r. Ellzaheth 

 t \\ 

-:.... - 
;Jð C
y ê ....-:... ' 


"R 0 C J E R 5 , ' 
co A L. 
of- \ltAD oFflt(. 

TOR ON "I' 0 

58 Hili !IIrs JoseplIme 
GO Hplse George 
62 WIlliamson Thomas 
64 Smith 1I1rs Flora 
66 Purland Alfred R 
68 Carleton Wm F 
iO JIIcKague Albert F 
. Sullivan st comWenCet! 
ßuptist Church 
11J11)SOn J'lmes 'f 
78 \Valler Henry T 
80 Lanj(ton 'i'homas 
84 Dpver Wm 
!JO PhIllips Edmund 
96 HOlllj(rave Wm J 
. Grl\nge av commences 
118 Ottpr Col Wm D 
100 LaIrd Alexander 
106 Sl'hool ot the SIsters of tbe 
Prh'ate grounds 
. St Patrick at Intersectll 
Prlvn te j(rounds 
1116 Bpardmore GporS!'e W 
150 Cawtl...a W He.'bert 
. D'Ar":<, st IntpI'sectll 
Private grollnds 
174 Rpordmorp Walter 1> 
Vacant lots 
. Rnldwln st InteI:,.sect. 
186 COllison Duncan 
Prlvotp grounds 
1!14 Gunth.... Ernest F 
196 Kenns David 
I!JR Wlnnptt Hpnry 
200 Ross 'Irs Rote, hdg 
202 II1l'lI1ahon Jobn B 

 Hammond 11I1'S !\Iarla 
. Cp,,11 st Intprapl't
2011 !'1prn!!
p Edward W, ph1 
210 Doron 1111's Belinda 
214 J.:h'l" Wm I' 
216 Kplly George 
2111 Rwahev :'0[1" PJllza A 
220 Innps ':lllss ], drsmkr 
222 IIlppbon I\Irs Anne 
224 Cllrrpv !IIattbpw 
226 Mnllo"rv IIlar
hall ß 
2'>..8 Thompson Chris W 
House. s e 

nII'!'1C'AR'I'H RD, e from Plld 
of Roxborougb e. ward 2- 
..... .... :-Iortb Side.. .. ...,. 
. City limits 
DlIndas Alpx. dairy 
. Rltl'hlp "res commences 
Vn"unt lot.. 
. r.!pn I'd Intersects 
'" \'a"ant honsp 
110 Eyans H Pollman 
!'1nle JlIlIan 
Thomson Alpxanaer 
, .. .. __ _. Routh Side .. -- -- .. , 
. CIt Y limits 


p pboíf

DIxon !'1nmuel. "arf'tkr 
'I'lIp!;pr Rev I ewls ?<. 

flInCH A V. w from 11116 
Yon!!e to rear ot Avcnne rd, 
word 3, 
... .. .. " North Ride. . , . 
2 "'Intpr Hprhert N 
4 Rear entrance 
10 White Jnmf'a 
14 Fnrr Jospph H 

Successo... to LIMITED 

Phones Main 1126 1127 V,.,BLE WRITINQ 




u '::


Birch Av. 

16 Bee Rev \Vm 
18 Sle,,'nrl !l111; Hncnel 
20 81ephen Jam('s 
2:J Fonl "'<IIt('r 
24 Holmes Oa,ld G 
2fi-2s B:IJ.ri
30 Tomlinson !IIanllel 
32 '!'umll1l8un t:eo \V 
34 Cook '1' Arthur 
36 Hod
on nurry F 
38 Olll('v Thomas G 
\'neo'nt lot 
46 V'le:wI 
4S Furlev Jnllles 
r;o Sllea' Samu('1 
[,2 Ilulg' Du"ald J 
00 l\I"ßride Pl'ter 
(;2 l\Iae('y (,11:,,'les 
64 U..s
 }Ira BlIl'n 
61; Cullen Richard 
lõ"! "'urmln!:I"" Charles 
íO Con,lns Hpnrr 
74 ('orpenter Wm R 
76 "....h.kumm Alhprl 
71' !'1hlll Hohert 
HI Shill Hlehard 
82 "'uvlor Churll'a T F 
8(; JlIr'III'ide Arehlhnld 
II'ßrlde )';(Iwal'd 
!In '-I('I:rldp "'m 
!J2 Illlmilion J,lm(,9 Ð 
U4 ('u,.,1 }Ir
 )Iary J 
!III ('ohurn H(',' James 
fiR ('os a Unl...rl 

100 Bnller n..rh(')"1 II 
 Anl\1'('\\ sUo\" 1\1 
112 Hardin/('ås 
11I1I Hnl"'rl 
11(; !\Ipphpna Jamel;J 
onlh Side 
17 \"al'nnt 
W \"a('ant 
21 HIl
",,1I \Vm 

:: I:.h\('rll" \\'nlt"r J 
2;; Glhhons 'Jospph 

í (,Ia 1'1, Frpd('rfr'k 
2!1 ,\1,1" 'Ir
Ahha lIIia
 A L dramkr 
. Gan!':e av pnds 
:11 (:III'on WIIII.1ll1 
83 !'ppne('r \Vm 
itã .1ohnson AJH11"PW 
:{í Hnw" 'Ira Annie 
39 Fonl John 
41 ßrl::rJ!s .10111I 
4:: OX onis n..rl",rt G 
45 n..nahall Arthur J 
8..hool grollnds 
 :\I(ORl'idp .T(1hn 
G9 Bmd,' Tpnenee H 
71 nnll 'Wm D 
nlltb Hnlu>rt J 
75 \)a,'i9 Edwin 

, w f!"Om Dnndas. 
IIrat n of ('onl1nIt, ward 6. 
N'ot built on 

ßISHOp. w from 113 Daven- 
port I'd, ward 3. 
oo .. .. . .. X ortll Side ......... 
}Iollse, s e 
2 \!nd!,:('tt Alexnnder 
-I, Hilh"1"ll A 11",1'1' 
G Hnwes Fl'pderlek J 
,.., lIale H,'njanlln 
10 Fowler Thomas A 
12 \Ynrnpl' Thomas J 
14 1', rr,,11 F.rn('st 
16 J;opffiPl" JIll'S Lonlsa 
18 1'1"Ior lUehnrd 
20 HhlekmOl'(' George J 

24 King Rohert 
26 1I......laon N'((-holas J 
......... !':onth SIrle ......... 
!í I )0\\ "on rrpd..rick C 
7 nO\\ aon '(,homas \V 
9 Lpvpr J3nl('
11 F.lllntt Alldan H 
13 Rollinson GO'or/(e H 
1!1 Ellis John. I'on'r 
19 Hirons .10hn H 
!1 ILirnn' GporJ!e (' 
Z\ F.Ïnhoden 1I1rs Hnnnah 
2. Gllhel'l IIII" Mary 
27 BurJ!pr .loa"pl:i 
:!!\ 'Iadlll Benjnmln 
:11 Johns Edward 


33 A,'ll'aworth Ani'll E 
3;; !liadill Samuel 
37 Ad:llUs \\ III 
3!J Loudon 
Irs Elennor 
41 Conl,,
' John 

ßlS\II1\HCK A V. e from 771) 
Yonge, w:n-d 2. 
.. . .. .... X 01'1'11 SIde ......... 
StOTP, s e 
10 Lewis \IInntgomerle 
12 Vardon .To
l'\lh '1', bldr 
14 FI
'lIn John H 
lR Tn
'Ior Alh('rt 
20 Crown I:nh"rt, pntr 
22 White 
h's L E. drsmkr 
WhIte Thnmns IT 
21 C,'own ]l1J's )Inry 

H Trlmhle Jnmes 
2'1 Hnhertus IIIrs '1"I'le A 
30 S!w\ll\('rd G....rge H 
32 \\'lIkp
 Will H 
34 J},,,'irlsou !\II'S 
3(; He"rd ;\lIs8 S Louise 
38 )[ilIer John 
40 \Vllsou Ahr"h"æ H 
42 Dpnstnup John 
44 Wd!,:ht Bryan 
\Yrl!,:h I )1I s 8 S. drsmkr 
4G F.d\\ nrd
11 onse. s e 
. Park I'd Intersects 
House. s e 
50!,:ford Arthnr I_ 
52 Tn.nt I
rne,t W 
;,4 \I('}"a,' \Ira OXpllie 
56 Prll'p,Orppn Charles 
58 !IIcf; hi.. Will (' 
GO Opfries 
Ira Agnes 
G2 Gnlhmlth Hil'h,.,'d G 
64 (,ha\\ npr Charlpa W 
66 Kenehip .lnbn D 
68 Hlcp \lira FIl\1n:v L 
70 \\'pl1s 
lIsa F.mmn 
72 Khdp R()lwrt n 
H I'rat! ! '
71\ Wood l"homn9 
78 !':\"ke, !'amnpl H 
"" I:nwea ('hnr\('a .] W 
R2 Thol\1
a Hp,' H. ,.t ..rt F 
84 IJnfinished honse 
......... !':nnlh Sirle 
Hotp!. a .. 
!) nt)wn
11 "'llIIs Wm 
15 Hnnls Jesse K 
19 Kpv Wm H 

1 Dir:k'on "'m J, prtr 

27 Ond,worth Thomas 
2!\ !':tin'on )fr' \II..ry 
33 ,,"ormnn \\'m 
35 "'hite Tbnmu8 
Tvtp )Ir
 (jporgln., r 
\\Innlton Collp!:". r e 
. Pa rl, I'd [nte..
Honse. s e 
85 Drownl' He,' Geor!,:
87 CoLJIJ Chnrl"wood Ii' 

ßLACKHt:HN. n f!'Olll Mount- 
atpphpn to GHr:\rd e. 
e of Don Hlvpr. \Vnrd 1. 
. .. .. .... Easl !'Ide ..... oo.. 
1 Pearee HIl'h"l"Il 
3 F('rguson Hohe..t \V 
5 Petry Thomas 
7 Duff 1.......1<...lek 
!) !\nrton .10hn 
11 Hnllev Gpor/(e 
1:{ AIl('lidnrf 
 Emmn F. 
1;; '[a
on II"urv 
17 Ehe..I.' Gndt,:('y 
19 Opntb Gporj(e 

1 }'hilIlJla .Tnr'o" 
2:: )[urphy I'..ank 
. '. " . , " WMt !':ide 
Not built on 

70 Davenport rd. ward 3. 
......... Xorth Side......... 

 Hrnnt .lohn 
4 Hohill
()n lIprhPl't H 
fõ )ll'l'rnp \YII} 
8 ('onley Pntrlek 
10 Plnat';r !'amu,,1 J 

12 \\ hittingtoll F.."derlek 
Store, 8 (' 
. .. .. .. .. 
unlh Sid.. 
N'ot built on 

BLAIR A V. n r"ol\1 \12 Syd- 
enhnm to Wilton av, ward 2. 
. .. .. .... E,\ st :,;ide ., __ . , .. . 
House, s e 
. ('urrie pi commences 
House, s e 
. U('gent av Int('rs'!cts 
House, s e 
Yaeant lots 
p, S e 
. St Onvlrl at Inrersects 
4t Cownn John 
43 Grahnm )Ira ('nth"rlne 
5:\ F.:,'nns Mra Cathenne 
55 MI'CuITY Jamp
57 Thompo;;:on J"nl"
59 O'Donnell )Irs Mary 
61 M IIIson IIn vld 
(1:\'py Thnmns 
(;5 O'Oonnpll \\I..
l.lttb"ws John 
I;!! HiT",..tte F".mk 
11 Jplf('rann Henry T 
T3 "'rlght Hob"rt 
House, s e 
.. ' . . . '. \\ eal Side 
Housp, s e 
2 [\url"v Hiehnrd 
4 Rohprts Jnmes 
1\ }[I'alon Hnll 
I< WIIsnn ]lnlli,,1 
. H,,!,:pnt :Iv Inters('ets 
HOllse. a e 
.!':t David at lutersects 
"neant lot 
41: .Iamea \y"lt..r 
48 no..dnn \Ym 
50 Faulkner Fo..d 
 )frs L(ml
M )In..ka Thnmn
:ifj (:arrntt ""()\\n]"() T 

,I< hin!': (,hnrlp, 
tpt'lp 'Il'
G2 O..lal'oll Dennis 
\'apaut lot 
70 ()ppnsh:lw Al"
72 !':heehnn 
Irs !\Jar:v 
74 Parsons 'IN Lizzie 
HLA KF.. n f,'om nTH trAck, \V of Jonca IV. wnl'd 1. 
. .. .. . .., J';
N'ot hullt on 
......... "par !':I(\e ......... 
On 'Y"HI 
20 ....l1l1l1h (j('OI'2'P I... 
22 Tuvlor 
. On"lthp(< nv luter'lel'II, 
40 !'impson Dri..k ("0 ynrd 

nLAKÐ A V. w from (hrlstle, 
IIrat n nr moor w. word II. 
N'ot built on 

RLF. [.:(' JO':H. n from 1811 
C....lton to Hown..d. ward 2. 
...... ... KIst 
id(' ......... 
SI Petpr's CI1\1I'I'h, s e 
!J Uil'h",'daon Hie-hnrd 
11 Thul1lp
nn ""In 
1:\ II.lhndorf IIenn 
15 Sian ley Geori:e' J 
17 Bplltty Alp,<O\,"lp, 
I!J GI.tlhnlll 
lIss C, d,'smkr 
21 !llcKenzlp \lIrs Sophln 
2:1 N'ohle Wm 
2;; Cnnnon )[r. \lIaggle B 
27 HOlltf'" t' It 
:11 "'"shIll .I"hn ... 
37 Bruce .I"hn 
!) rUpy Edwin 
41 Ih'ues \\'1\1 J 
Gi'aham Thomas H, r 
4;) ('utt8 "'m, artist 
47 (;I'epuwood Wm IT 
4!". Y"nnnr'v:1r .'.lnulo
51 ('hal)l))nn Alf,'pI 

;; WI"t.'.'a John H E 
59 Fnll'l'IOIb }Irs 
G1 ('hn tto" .10s. shoemkr 
r.:; \",'hh .Iohn W 
r.;; N'ol'rl
G7 ßannl.t<'l' Edward 
1m .lnhn.tolt .10hn W 

71 !\I1'ye,' II,""'y I. 
Lalllh Charles W, r 
71'2 ('II'n\lhl'lI O,lul,,1 
7:1 F.lIIs,<,n Harry W 
Bell Ellwal'II, r 
7;) !'mith Ahr:oham B 
77 S('Il11V Hol"'l'l 
7n .1..ffri('
 "'m J 
81 Hawl",v TI"l'h"l't I. 
!O-:: ('1:11'1",' \Ir. )Inry 
R5 f':lY!py H,'v I':.h, "rd C 
ln('don"ld Mra Jane 
f'!) Flo" pr" Alhprt 
{II \'npant 
03 "'Ït!hnm ('ulhher
Jliith J
!Ð Tnlupkin-.; Alhprt 
1U1 Hl'o\\ n AII",rl W 
lillI', Fnl''Ìer Edwin 
111:\ \\'intl'l" (,harles E 
111;) I{lrl, B""!:l111In 
107 Gnlllluip 
lU7". IT PIHI n' Chnrles 
!':torl', H 'p 
. \Vplll'aJI'Y at InlPl'Seetø 

t01'P. s f' 
to!! Hislop .]nmes 
111 !':('ott .I"hll 
113 Tnrnpr Rohert 
Fn!':nn HUJ!h. r 
,,- "",.the )Irs S J 
117 Bnl'fnot ",.. .1 ,,'e 
11!! Adams \\m, hld
1:.!1 Rn\.ps ",\,"pl-.:on 
12:) Fo
.'p.1' Eel" In 
127 H..hlllpttp f' H"nry 
!! S('hoff F.Jgln 
!I' , O'",'il '11', .lnhanna 
:ï PPI','ln Povntz A. mus 
t. hr . 
í J',mlf'c;;.on (1 R. on 
;9 (}:1I'(]nP-l" Chni')ps I'
nll, t:nnlt)'"-:tOlI(, .John 'Ii' 
Ïl1f'lnir "al('olm 
BII('I' J hn F, r 
1-13 !'tnth:"n Will 
1 ,\IIIII'I'\\"a 'h', lanh,,11I1 
. R1pPf'];;:pr 111 ('ofl1 I nence8 
t ..t
1 f.lI......:loII rrhorn'l.s 
1:.1 .1pITp..
on. .Tospph 
 ]T()\\P Hnl\r'rt 
1;;5 Hlllllt Hpnry 
Y"l....:lnt lot 
1;;9 !'il1.1:111 1..hl1 ". 
Hi1 ...\Ili-.:nn Tlt()m:l
1(;3 Po,.t,,1' 0.'1,,,"10 
 AIHl"I'son .John 
11;7 Hallam John 
1B7'.. I':II"I-pl' Alfr",1 \V 
!} Lnlol o Tho1nuR 
líl \Inol''' Jan1Pa R 
f)ono,,"Hn )hoq Jonnnß, r 
173 '1;,I<1I<.tol1 III'l1r:v J 
175 Tll'oom ;\h's 1Ila.'y 
HI'ool\1 Miss Emma, drs 
177 Hm,'s ('h'II"II'S ", photo 
lRl HUllter "'m 
1<:3 Hns" Onl1ald I' 
1R3 ' .i, Pnl'kpr Wm TI 
lR:i [-('rl'J' FI"("llerh";: !
lR;')1/.... Orñv TIirh:Il'.-l H 
I<:í 1'rottpr Will J 
1 '-(J ('onppr \VIII 
1m Hpvllol(ls lIP!1l'y 
l!H 1{, liI-.IUII lI(,nr\. 
ëìlh'..\\1U . 
HJ:\ Hpll !It,.a )lnl',;,,1 
Vtlpant lols 
:!Ul H,lmnHHut M..
203 )1 offa t Thoma.. 11 
20:\ Jlvd(' RpII!nmln 
207 )1;111' John 
20!! !':tpwnl't Dprnarrl 
:!II 1'\.('11\ )t,n-lel H 
213 ('nhpnH .T{)
215 T07-pr }Iatthpw 
2151,(, nrnhnm "-"m .T 
217 IT p
aIn Arthur F. 
219 Hohprtaon 
pl1 \II 
221 !'hel'k A E 
!':tore, s e 
. .. .. . ... We<<t Side 
!':tore, s e 
6 Oe\\ )Ira F.lizn 
8 Croa8 
fra Ellzahpth 
10 Glhaon )lIsa J('"le C 
liss )1 W. mus 
12 ('llrh;U(" .'"rNII'rlck J 

Robert D. Ringham 

Sheet Metal Worker and 
Roofer 23-25 Edward St. 




TEL. MAIN 3724 

STitE, F.TS 

14 Blnkf'ly Jolin n 
16 !'tre,Ullcr :llnrcus 
1b TUl'ne" It,ch,lrd L 
28 Al'llll
h 1\ Hulfurd 
44 Jnl'ksun Domim,'k 0 
lel"lll'ley Will 
4S Hrondwood 
s Julia 
50 Ch.u"ltun JQlm A 
52 l'rltcll.I1'd IIIrs 
Inry .1 
5-! Erh Will II 
56 KOIW James A 
5" Vucnnt 
60 :lloOl'e n.,v "'m 
(ì2 n.ob",on Juhn 
61 McClurc John A 
Gli Kl'I'r :Ill's Jull,1 
. W(<lIpslev st intprsect8 
p, s e 
110 Hodl,lIIson !III'S :llortha 
112 Foote UIi\"er E 
114 JefIen" 
Irs Elizabeth 
11/) C,18IuD,1II Hichard 
118 ('UI'III'\" Edwul"} 
120 Fox "
om D 
122 Da\'Ìdson Hobert 
121 !'.'ott Wm It 
1211 Mills }<'rnncls 
 Long Hnrry 
Impson \\ m 
132 :l11':ll.lster Wm 
13-1 DOI',IE'n lIenl'Y .1 
136 \\"1lson Cbarles, r e 
15/) 'Ic\lonnld :III's EII,.R A 
1;;8 Forstpr ""m A 
160 IIowE's Edward 
 Bnllord :llrs Helen 
16-1 Dnwsun .1 :II. mus tcllr 
100 LukE's :lit's Eunice 
1G8 J)l'ncon E .T. taxidermist 
170 Homell Itobert 
17:! 1';11'" Gordon II 
17-1 Giles Gporge 
17G Gllps Wm 
1.S Wolsb .Tolln, gro 
180 Toylor :llrs :llary n 
 p" nns T1E'rbert M 
184 Suundl'rs Jolin 'V 
wn """tlll1gton .T IInrUey 
 "in low ('lIorlE's .1 
l!H ('rnl;.:: Amll'l''' P 
I!1G !'tp!'lE' W,IItE'r D 
1!J<j DPrnR I"d .T :nnE'S C 
2()1) !\fortin :llrs \IRry A 
202 ()'Xl'lll J)l'nnls 
20-1 ì\loe<lol1nlrl Arl'hlhnl<l 
201; ('ruis(< :llr8 \Inry 
 'l;ohl<' .T,lml's 
214 no"l Hoh!'rt .1 C 
21/J L:I'"s,," :llr
ilh'sJlh" .T:tllu"s 
2'20 lIumos F.!lwnrd 
222 HO\\":lrd Ril'lIa,'d H 
221 IIIj!chN Arthur T 
221\ Pllrkpr Frf'dE'rlck .1 
2..0 Greer .Tnmes 
Store. s e 

IH.EECKEIt PI" e from 1411 
DlE'cckE'r, \\ 0 rd 2, 
......... Xor1h fo\ide 
1 V"ot
on ITa,", ey 
2 {'l'cSSE'lI ,10SE'pl1 

 lIoo('kp LnwrencE' 
4 :llcI{nne (,barles 
..' " " .. ". 
Not built on 

BLEVIXS 1'1" e from 1-13 
Suma<:h, ,,"rd 1. 
" .... .... North Side 
SlorE', s e 
:! Kcoj!!I "'m 
4 <<:ill Thomn" .1 
r; (;Ihhnl'd :llrs Jane 

 Roolle-v .T:n:PfI'r 
1ft Rums" Cbal'lE's 
kll" L:lII\" 
14 r,f''' Is 'Wm À 
1<: S" e
tnnlll :l1I.s JanE' 
1.... 'fhonlp;;,;ol1 .T:lmes H 
:!fI Ynlps I'r...l
rll'k 'V 
22 M!'Adnm "'11) -\ 

-I Flzz(<11 Amos F 
hnnnoD G(1orge T 
28 nInklpy Johll .T 

3tJ BUl'IIng Frederick W 
32 Itlple) 1:11,11'1,,:; 11 
il4 :5ol.el' George A 
il6 U llo I rnnk I' 
3H :5ewdl Geurge 
......... :Sul1tLL :suJe ......... 
:5lol'e s e 
1 \\ I'.gie)' CatllE'rlne E 
3 8tnl1lsl"l1midt ClI.I1'les 
:; Hruln "m .1 
7 liallks Alex,lDdE'r 
\I CloI<:(,.nell Elliot G 
11 GiLLon Tliomus 
Iii Clark ?Irs Emma III 
15 VnUIlOl'lle H,clUll'd 
1. .Tncoh:; Jolin 
HI Ll'Íem re HE'nrq 
21 Clements Andrew 
XI Boland Patrick 
2;) Hnre Augustus 
27 :5aund.,,'s Tl10mns 
211 l<rillllhs Frunk I 
31 Keogl1 Frllnk 
33 Va ,"IS CI1:11'1e9 J 
35 :11111. i'\:IL1U1ll1el 
37 Uacl1 1:d"urd S 

ßI.Oi'\G A V, E' fl'olD Pape av 
to w of lll'ookh'n u, second 
n of (,IlIeen e. ,vul'd J: 
. .. ... .., :\ unl1 :;ldE' ........" 
2 :\Iool'cl'of! Al'tliur 
4 Vougl1t) AlLen E 
6 Blake :III's Ada 1. 
14 Ho)"E'S J;;dmund 
16 lIE',ld James 
11; Hilts Jolin 
20 CUl'I'ie :\ll's Ellzobelh 
22 Gllhel'l .Tolin, conlr 
2-1 Tl1il'sk l'blll'les E, exp 
26 DOllnell:\" LE'slle 
28 Cl'ulg J;'sepl1 ::; 
House, s 
.. .. . ..., :5uutl1 Side ........, 
1 Ensmin
er G \", butter 
7 Foley Tliomas 
\I Hlle) l
olJl'rt W 
11 Cl1l1ndler G"org
, bnker 
13 LE'e 1l.II"I'Y 
:!,;) F'olc). Jobu, contr 
27 Bomfol'd Jumes 

BLOOR EAST, e tl'om 737 
YongE' to S!lel'l1ourne, wnrds 
2 and 3. 
. .. ...... "orth Sille ......".. 
2 Rose V All1prt. T,lIy 
CIE'ments St,lIIle,' II 
6 Hogg It 1,', sign' pntr 
8 SI.enccr :III's Edltl1 
10 HulmE'S Artbur '" 
lcKE'nzle B }<
, plly 
Gallowu)' n l' II. plly 
1-1 Gnllowny HQrbel't P B 
1<> McKenzie Hart E 
18 Carr )lrs Surnh 
20 Goocll Robert 
2-1 WarwIck Guy F 
8,1 !\Ioulton CollE'ge 
""ells IIIrs FI'Rnces B 
('E'ntral !\1E'tli ('!lurcll 
. Park rd commenl'e" 
f>4 Bruce HHhE'rt A, pby 
66 TlioruE' Wm n 
8S en, E'n .lamE's G 
00 81mpson Mrs :lIIII'Y A 
10:! ßrnnk
omE' Holl 
118 WilkE's IIIrs :IIn,.tlla 
13-1 lIul'lIh.lln G lIE'rhE'rt, phy 
144 Kligollr RohE'rl 
.2 I'ult..r :III's Inpz 
164 lTPllllzlllon G,'rhurd 
172 Rpld .Iohn ß 
176 Orr WlIlI,lm H 
180 Ro" ]nnd Tliomns III 
 E.astman Gporgp P 
. HnntlE'Y st IntE'neCls 
18-1 FolIE'tt .1 OSE'ph .1 
188 CRtto Johll 
IP-I AnslE':\' AlfrE'd 

3fj (Treene ".m 
. .. ...".. South Sid" 
1 Gow npor(!e, 'lE'ntlsf 

 Miss .1, nnd"l'wear 
S\"lIohll' Rliortbolld Col- 
7 Brighton T RllmIry {'O 
7 f)ypr (jpo..
p IT 

PoftlE') JoIIIIP" A 
D 8UUtl1l'1'S 
11 ClIe
:;ulII Altbur, I'lItl' 
Alma \\ m, I' 
13 'I.entecoBt AsllIO.1 
13 \\ïl
Oll l'h:-; 
17 Itoherto;on Ale,<;Inder 
1U 2
, 1I1uher 1'. 11\ "1'3' 
2;; Vcl\.ie.::-i Tho1l1.l
2U 1'l'illgle Jobn 
:.:1 I relt .:IIr8 8,lrall J 
33 TI1OI'IIE' Will II 
37 .:Ilur(lu('h \\ III 
3:1 HOllter .M1s
4:; ('o,
idr Jol1n .1, I,by 
4;; Duncun .101111 T, ,"urg 
\Ve",twiu:-;tl'r Pre
r57 Hoone Cliorics 15, contr 
lö;) LUllfol'd l.<l" ,"'d e 
67 ((RIIS :lit's Chua 
GII Elliot! .Tobn Eo pby 
71 I..elalld Alex,md"r H 
Irclalld GtI) ();<;, pby 
. CllUl'ph 
t ellas 
7;; Fenlon Fredel'lck. 1111,. 
81 Wood Thomas R 

;, '..Il':lnt 
87-11:; St p,I11I's eh (Ang) 
I\('pnrd Ml's 1';lIza 
110 Bo\"d Hon Jobn .\ 
12U HûntlE'3' .:III's Ulanclle 
1:\1 Jf'nkills ßellj,lmlu H 
133 \Iac:llurcll\" Arl'bibald 
\Inc:llurcb)' Hel..n, plly 
nous(<, s " 
. Jar\"ls ,t ends 
1::!1 lInrt All'x'lDder S 
14:; StE"'E'lIsun n A, P[]Y 
I;;:; ('Rill< c..1t StllplE'ton 
1:õ9 Clow ',"m 
11;5 H'lI'hnn IIllss Jnn2 
. IIllutky -.:t Il1ff'rs
167 1:" <I G"ofIrl'
171 !'1le!'!;I1/,: ""OJ .T 
fI' .John. pb). 
177 ReM 'Irs "ar\" A H 
I ß03'd Wm T . 
187 ßorrett Itol",rt f' 
I"'!I Bucklnnd \Irs H'lrrlet 
1!13 (',lr'..- Hohprt It 
]!):; nnllt'rt
on Thf'lma
If)f) T1nw{)!"th Gpor
(. li' 
201 (','n" f01'<1 
Irs I
205 Jl(1'1,l'un H G"I'do'l 
207 ="a
mlth John D 

BLOOR WEST. w from 794 
\"ongE' to !'ity limits, wardlil 
3, I, 5 '\lid It 
......... ;<;urth Side......... 
2 Hl'nde Rllhprt J, dE'ntist 
I1"UMW'" E..ncsl J 
Fox F.....iE'rick I 
14 IUcll,ud,on G A, dl'ntlst 
IG D'1 ill .1 ,IIIICS II 
20 Wilson Hobpl't J. phy 
2-1 11'"0""11 }<'I'"dl'ric1, II 
21; Ch..istiE' HobE'rt 
30 1
n ton H Eo d,,"tiBt 
:\2 ""phstE'1' A I'" d.'ntist 
40 Foy .Tobn 
.., Itt II ß, plly 
r,2 Johnson A J. ph}- 
1;2 :llll1l'l' 11.lDiel 
(;1 flonnld Mrs Eli7.obetl1 
6" 8utl\('rlnllfl Mrs II A 
G'i :
lS:-'\(' J n utes 
72 Pnl'sons 11orol.l C. pby 
80 Scnnlon !\I"l'k 
82 IInd/,:son Jobn E 
Hod/,:son IIIlss G, nurse 
. 1\E'lInlr st comml'l"'CS 
8/) Rull Tliomns II 
1)2 PE'RrCV Snn<lpl'son 
100 Torolilo Ortbopedlc Hos- 
108 Robel'tson r.lpw,,.lyn B 
110 .lonE'S Mrs Chnrl,}fte S 
Armstrong Mrs r. S, drs- 
mn kE'r 
112 Easton Rohprt 
oston Miss F, nil'S tCb1 
114 Hell Al!"mnder 
1 IH "nl"lls 
11'< "I\"Iun l\Irs Priscilla r., 
mus tcbr 
120 Fonll<l\er IIIlssE's, d,'
FonlknE'r IIl1sq 

96 KING ST. W. 

Bloor \\ .'


122 1:,lstbmy Wm 
121 Hodge
U Green II \ incE'nt 
" Tnttersall :III's Florence 
1;;-1 Cuok t. eorge 
 VI>.Ull .:IIiss Josl'plline 
1,14, L.1\\sun Lrn..,1 D 
l-!U Fo...te-r l'l1ollias G 
152 Pl'esby Ladies' l:ollE'ge 
Macintyre JIll'S Sopbia 
100 .1 ames Ue\" .: .1 
l"hurel1 of H.eùf'l'lllcr 
. A'elllle I'd COlllmenCeS 
170:5t )Iolllcol'
 8cllool for 
Young Ladies 
182 S.."lldiug II C, plly 
lU:! Clute RogE'r C 
l!H Jubnston .:III's Agnes, bdg 
100 l'nm(JLeli Grnbam C, pb,. 

lu\\ Ht t:eol'ge 
206 UU""11 TlIoll1as A 
2\18 \\ Iisun HoLen 8 
:'j. lll"b.lldl JHlllf'S 
lIa w .1 olm 

3:! Pugll )Irs HacbE'1 

-I: Pen).. George U 
23G Woods .'Ilr

lou). pl"llny JUllll'S 
2,10 Clark Arthnr V 
:!4:! ("reun HoLen C 
. 1\edfurd I'd commences 
24Li l1e)-d..n .:lIb. Uurb,lr:I 
Iea.l :llrs 
Iary A, bdg 
House, s e . 
. St G(<orge st It.tE'rsccts 
House. 8 e 
340 W..slhonl'lIE' Scllool 
Curlette :lII,;s :II, H A 
V,llIus !l1I.s S E, II A 
3:'0 I angmulr \Iattbew 
. Huron st IllIersects 
t I'res Cb 
3!1G I:ndull'lI It D, 1'113' 
4úU .:IIC.-\"ll1l1r lit." :l1"rgnrct 
. :\Indlson u\" co,,<mences 
40:: \I",SPy ArtbUl' L 
408 D"yei' R .1, phy 
410 Clul'kE' .1 T, 1,1Iy 
412 Trotter W C. dentist 
lIlnpl' De, E'rl..y Z. pby 
411< 'l"I101'bul'll ,lalliE's, pby 
. fo;padlnn rl1 commences 
-128 Co\"...'t l\Ir
43-1 \\ allacc Alexon<ler E 
. Walmer I'Ù cnmmE'nces 
462 Sm\ tll Tbomos H 
. ßrlillS\\ick a' illtprsE'cls 
. lIo" Innd o\" COIIIIIIE'nCeS 
. Alhnnv n\ ComlllE'nces 
:;'3;; ;\[1'11001\('11 AIE'x. restr 
:':U.; Brock Alfred. tlOlU. 
540 lInguE' (' H. btchr 
f..t:! IIali JIUl1l'
, ;rputs' turnll 
1\14 Slenn Tbom:ls W, pImbr 
;;4" Mnyo .Tobn W. hoker 
54S 1Inrfoot (;E'o. gro 
1150 (;rE'E'n :llr
 A. dl'Y gds 
Breen J
:1:ï2 H(Jgpr
 I)nyid J. shoes 
5:'4 B.lrtlulII 
 II, dentist 
InglE' "'nltl'r 
Dongluss Holl 
;;;;11 :llo
 f'r Allnn B. dl'lI/,:9 
GXW Tl'I"j;l'fipb Co (br) 
.1I:ltbllr8t st inlE'rsecls 
ã:.s 3t Alhnn's lIotE') 
;;r;o Dnlst .lnm..
 1', woll'hmkr 
572 :\1I1If'hun RE'v Lnllcl'lol 
. Marklloll1 st InlE'rSE'I'tS 
(]OII-t1tn ('rn,s & Co, planing 
. 1'nllllPrston nv IntersE'cl! 
1Jt2 StRnworth Lp\"1. bIcycles 
H:!O n,,,"ll's ClIRrles .1 
1122 ("ol1l'tpnny 
tPphPD II 
H "
.lht'fo1"f1 ""n1 E 
Gall Dutl(<\. "'m '1', pxp 
63-1-3/) 1',I<I<1"n :lfr. F A, gro 
f'fHlf1on r""rpf'lprlPl{ E 
. Euclid a\" IntPrsects 
mH HognD John R, gro 
0 !'eott :\Irs :\Iory 
H42 Furnl\"ol F<1word 
f.-lf! ""pst Roh!'rt , 
648 II.IIlI<1n\" .Tohn E 
(1-'-1 \"11<1 .T:im"
.fi ThomRs Atbol 
Gf12 }>O\nll R P. corpel clDr 
. !\Ionnlng- nv Int..rsE'cls 





::. F

Toronto, Onto (77 Bay St.) Factories: NEWMARKET,ONT. OF ALL KINDS 

w. E. IRONS 1 Adelaide St. East Rubber St 
Formerly THE C. C. YDUNC CO. Phone Main 2895 am ps 


Bl..or Weøt 



Ø64 :McCarron JOI!. wbol btchr 
. Clinton st Intersects 
6W Dlckln Tbos H, gro 
7:10 ButwelI Henry 
:.! Tln
ley James 
724 Ford Jolm A 
Cbldley Miss J, drsmkr 
6 Pentland. Wm, flour 
. CbrlstIe st commenceø 
. Crawford st Intersects 
800 8mltb Mrs E, grocer 
. Sbaw st Intersectø 
856 {;rqubart Jobn 
858 Ide WlIlIs A 
860 MltcbelI Austin 
862 Borland Gilbert 
864 Parker Cbarles S 
. Carling st commences 
876 Welllnger Frederick W 
. Osslngton av Intersects 
Vacant lots 
896 WlIson J G '1', grocer 
898 Scott Hev Wm J 
OCIO Langley Henry S 
002 Lucas George H 
U04 McGaw Sidney 
906 De l'rlest Robert B 
U08 8te\enson Jobn 
910 Zingg Frederick H 
912 Gordon Ale,,<ander C 
914 Benns George F 
916 Brandow Artbur G 
918 Robinson Mrs Elizabeth 
920 Hope George S 
. Preston av commences 
924 StrAcban David, sboemkr 
926 Hop Sing, Indry 
928 CJoone3' Mrs Kate, w'nes 
Clooney John 
R3'an Mlcbael 
UyAn Daniel, contr 
930-32 Berrld
e Richard 
934 Parker Miss Mary 
938 I>ayne- Artbur 
9H Vacant 
. Delaware av Intersects 
St lIIary's Cburch, s e 
9:;0 Emerv \\'IIl. bardware 
968 Foster Richard, shoemkr 
972 Gregson Snmuel, gro 
974 WL;p Fred, btcbr 
97!; Smith Fredprlck J 
Smltb !\lrs A, staty 
978-80 \'arey John B, dry gds 
952 Ste\pnson S B, drugs 
Postuffice (br) 
. DO\"prcol1 rt I'd In tersects 
984 Dnvlps Wm Co Ltd, provs 
91<6 l'larry H E, sewing macb 
088 Drury John. 1'1'0 
' Allnn Wm. barber 
91J2 ('ampbell D 0, confy 
994 Horwood 1111's H, dry gels 
Horwood lIIiss J. rlrsmkr 
!J!IG ('harlic Lum, laundry 
lc(,lpAn Daniel B 
I1ss ('lara, rlnmkr 
1000 Bowen GlIbert H, baker 
1002 Cardwell J A. shoes 
1004 Dum hIe W C, pby 
. \\'estmoreland av com 
1()()() \
hlttaker R E. exp 
1012 HorwoOd JIll'S lIIar3' E 
. Salem av commence. 
:ffi3s Gosnell Geor
e, gro 
1040 Jung Can, Indry 
Iaddocks R, barber 
10:;0 fla w_on \Vm 
. Bartlett av commences 
107" Dovprcourt Twine Mills 
. Hßlnbur
 av commenc... 
ummerfeldt \Vm H C, 
1114 HA\ mond 01" 0'1' 
Irs W, confy 
1128 IIIcKlnnpy John, J(ro 
Chalmers Andrpw, tlr 
. Durr"rln st Intcrsccts 
l1:!O Dul1'prTn Holpl 
11:;" I'nfinlshprl hou"e 
1140 W..alp Wm E. contr 
. Russptt av commences 
llj() !'flulrp John 
Squire John Jr. wbol 
llHr. \\'Ilson .10hn, !(rocer 
IHiS Sheehan fI A. sboemkr 
1170 Kerr J F, pntr 
1172 Dixon W H, btchr 
1174 Kernagban Jobn, gro 

. Brock a v Intersects 
1190 Ramsey AI
. Margueretta st InterBecu 
Unfinished houses (4) 
1218 Stevens Jume8 
1:.!20 La wrenCe E, bardware 
. Emmerson av cummeuces 
. St Clarens av Intersects 
. I.ansdowne a v Intersect. 
1304 Shipman Walter 
1300 Sblpmnn Jnbn T, btchr 
1308 Vacant store 
Brlgden Wm 
1310 Hogg Thomas 
 Daynard Jobn 
1326 Morris Peter 
. Railway crossing 
1372 Dougan David, 1I0rillt 
1412 Becb.ett "Irs Mary J 
. Symington av lutersects 
. Perth av Intersects 
. Hallway crosslne 
1400 Huntley G J, mkt gdnr 
. Dundns st Intersects 
111M Cole Wm 
1562 Ha
erman Ervin 
1568 Felker Frederick 
 Spinks John 
11\84 :\Ic!\amara Jobn 
1500 Roberts Jobn, mkt gdnr 
......... South Side......... 
Store, s e 
11 Henwood J M, phy 
13 MncCllllum Jas M, pby 
15 Rodd3' :\lIss Ellzabetb 
17 Nudel .Mrs Is,\bel 
19 Lander John C 
21 I<'ra wley Dr S I., dentist 
. Balmuto st ends 
2:! Hodgins Tbomas 
Baptist Churcb 
. l'\orth st ends 
Vacant lots 
71 Dutton Benjamin 
73 Pike Jobn 
75 Tilley "Irs JIIary S 
77 Cartwright George A 
711 Brown Edward 
81 TarlJerton Christopher 
1J.cdonell Mrs Isabel 
Anderson l'\orman, pby 
85 Da\"lsun Jobn M 
89 Fltzgprald Mrs Catberlne 
U1 "11110'1' Rev David 
Hooper Jos, contI' 
tiS Jackson Jos A 
95 Starr C L, phy 
. St Thomas st ends 
97 Dent Wm P 
lI'J Lusk Charles 1', pb,y 
101 Stili Edward 
100 Kennpdy Mrs Margaret 
Kennedy Miss I., mus tchr 
107 Adair Mrs 1'larga(et 
109 Hoss :III's Sarab N 
III Cilurcil :III's Elizabetb 
113 Burwasb Rev Natbanlel 
l'rÏ\'ate grounds 
127 Blalkle John L 
131 Bull 
Iary I 
137 l'ugsley John 
143 IIIcCurdy Arthur W 
14.7 Kennedy George 
151 McPhedrnn Alex, Vby 
. Entrance to Queen sPark 

ldster University 

lcMaster Hon Wm (Est 
Tbompson Geo, steward 
University of Toronto Alh- 
letlc Field 
. Devonshire pi ends 
Vacant lots 
319 Tlrick John G 
House. s 0' 
.!;t George st Intersect. 
House, s e 
329 Thorburn J D, ,.IIY 
331 VOj(t Augustus S 
3:J3 'rpmple J Algernon, pby 
34] Portpr Gporge D, pby 
345 Gordon A It. phy 
. Huron st Intersect
403 St Mar!(aret's College 
DIckson George 
. !;pAdlna av enfls 
House, a " 
. Rohprt st pnd,
Trinity IIIpthodlBt Chnre-h 
. IIIl\jor st ends 

459 Leaver Geo, gro 
467 Hooper Co !.td (br), 
Ramsden Mrs Anna M 
469 Slenn J D, cuulr 
471-3 Langsklll James, gro 
Angus JameB 
Hili Mrs Jessie 
475 Hong Lee 
481 Brunswick lIotel 
Falconer RolJert 
. Brunswick av intersect. 
483 Casseday .MIss M Å, 
sta ty 
485 Halgbt Horace, lJarber 
499 Billule J \V, gents' fur- 
501 ßlnnie Mrs A, dry gds 
503 Whyte Alexander K 
505 Street Wm J 
507 Fox Frederick R 
609 Field Wm H, drugs 
. Borden st ends 
511 Musgrave James, I' by 
fil3 Chow nO' 11I1's Aagnt 
fi15 O'Brien 
Irs Mllrf J 
517 "'oon Miss Joanna 
Coppin G W, mus tcbr 
519 Brown Josepb 
fi21 I.eavltt T W II 
1125 Scrivener Mrs I. A 
. Ulster av eud
531 Gillespie L A, j\\'lr 
Harden Charles 
/!33 Cameron I? J, coal 
537 Henry D T, I:JlkslIlltb 
. Llpplneott st ends 
ri39 Urbacb C A, tlorlst 
563 N asmlth Co (br), 
565 Dominion Bank 
. Buthurst st Imei"sccts 
007 Davies Wm Co Lta 
. :llarkham st InterBects 
. l'allller
ton av lutersects 
. Euclid av Intersects 
. lIIannlng av Intersects 
. Clln ton st lutersects 
721 McClelland Jam.." 
n3 Butwell H, lJrlck mfr 
. Lumbton st ends 
. Kent st ends 
. Montrose av ends 
. Crawford at Intersects 
.8haw st Intersects 
851 gills Wm 
855 Qnlnn Miss :\1, gro 
. G"'cns st ends 
I;1i3 Phelan James 
86J Clements Henry 
867 Reid Alexander C 
800 Taylor Albert 
ti71 Hewitt Juhn 
873 lIIajor Wm 
Major 11I1's Jessie, gro 
t'''1 Cork J H, btchr 
. Ossiu
ron av Intersects 
. Concord av ends 
927 Gllks Henry II 
935 Stcvenson 'I' C, 1:1'0 
. Dplaware av Intersects 
971 Stinson J W, coal 
975 Loree George B, bard- 
977 Clapp :II II, boots and 
977'h TwidAle J C, barlJer 
979 McTagj(art & 
real estate 
OS1 Davis I" H, J(ro 
. Doverconrt I'd Intersects 
. Rnsholme I'd eudB 
1IIt:{ I{r;dï:

s E 
1117f, Hhl'phcrd Herhert 
l0í7 Tlrand ClArence, pby 
Miller Wm R 
1070 Fo
ter Fred C 
. Gladstone av ends 
. DuITprlu st Intersects 
. Tlrock 11'1' Intersepts 
. Marl(neretta st Intersects 
. St rInrens st Interspcts 
. Lanrlsdowne av Inter
Moore A H, gro 
. St Hplpn av pnd!! 
131!J Griffin Mrs nl'lrlget 
. Railway crossiniii' 
. Million av commences 

1391 Boland 1\lIchllpl 
1393 Cook S D, grocer 
1403-1-111 Lochrle James, rope 
IInd hlc3'cle !Uf., 
. Symington av IUtersect. 
1423 Locbrle Dllnlel A 
.l'el'th av Inte:-sects 
1457 Bulrd Norman 
Parish JIll'S Leila 
. null way cl'o,
. Dundas st Intersects 
Hutel, s e 
1547 Turp Charles, florist 
. Albambra st ends 
. Indian I'd Intersects 
BOLTON A V n from 800 
Qucpn 0' to Gerrurd 0', ward 
. .. .. .... Ellst SMe .',,'.... 
1 Store. s 0' 
7-9 CanAdian Camera ('0 
15 \\' pston I?rpdprlck " 
23 Wblte George 
25 l\Ipf)erl\1utt Upol'ge 
2\J Pollock Kennetb l' 
35 HI"'"PI' John J 
81) Wllrlham Jospph A 
45 Johnston Jobn 
49 Freeman Fredprlck 
51 Tollnson James 
53 Pl'ltclulI'd Wm J 
55 Glovpr WID J 
Powell 'Mrs I.oulse, norse 
57 Shlpcott Robert J 
59 FAgan Mrs Jennie 
63 !'hpp Geol'j(e H ]1' 
ti7 Hudson Thomas 
71 Powell Wnlter 
81 Lowes Edward jr 
1;3 Clifford Jobn 
85 Fit'",.." .1 :lInps It 
87 Smith lhli:b 
In Smltb John, dairy 
!J3 Lnwrle RolJert 
95 Gard John 
97 Richardson John 
99 Ricbardson Frederick H 
101 Hoopy Frpdprlck A 
103 SllIlpr Wm G 
105 WlIIteside Thoma!! 
107 Caselp FrederIck W 
109-111 Harrl
on Juhn R, gro 
. Cnmmln
s st Intersects 
141 Atkin Thoml\s D 
145 E"ov Jnmes 
1.J!J White Mltcbell 
153 Andrews Wm R 
1,,1) Barnptt Gpor
e A 
163 1II0ITlltt AI..xand..r 
1r.'i Tnvlor John 
'lG7 Brown James H, groc
Dawson James 
169 Smltb George 
171 Zlmmprman (j('orge 
173 Lou
bepd Epbralm K 
175 Brown Jamcs 
177 .TouPs ""In 
179 !;p..kpr Wm 
Iurphy Joseph 
11;:; Martin Wm 
1115 FArley Frpd (', oak.>r 
Farley !\Ilss M, drs:notr 
lR7 Lnkp Jncnh, .Inlry 
189 IIIc('artnpy Thomas 
]!H !,pnle Fr:tnpls H 
If1:! Thomp
on Th"mus 
W9 Gill !\Irs Mnry 
 Fl'lpnd Edwin J 
:?f)"i Hart Jamps A 
207 DU
J(an 'l'homns 
2()fI T.pshp Mrs Mary 
211 !l1..Donnld Alpxanðer 
217 H!chmom] Wm A 
219 HOIlIIi' George B 
2:?1 !;pott Wm H 

 O'Brien .Tonnthnn 
22:; Slokps F.<1wurd P 
227 TI:tnkq Erhv:trd C 

:!!I Hod win .10hn J 
231 'l'rpneold Rlcbard 
2:!:! I1pnt;lp .Tohn 
:.!3!'i Fong (,hnne, Indry 
. First av Intpl'l<I'r.t. 
Tlo\ton Av S"h 
St John.s Pres Cb, s f! 
.. .. .. '.. West Side 
Store. s 0' 
4 M:tqonl" Hnll 
DavIdson Frank 

THOMAS HEVS & SON I Reports on 
of' Ores 

Mining Locations. Assay 
and Metals. and 
Amalgamation Tests 

H. O'HARA & CO., 

. .30.. . 
Toronto St. 

Buy and Sell all kinds of 
Stocks for Clients. 




6 Public Librnry (br) 
8 Rudmnn Wm H, pntr 
I() Kettle VIctor 
I:! Reck"8\ Chnrles 
14 'hillen AI..xan.ler 
11; Jameson Wm E 
18 Thorne George A 
20 Turf'f Thom8s 'V 
22 !llarsball Robert 
:!-l ('ougblin Th(>mn
. ('lark st end
30 Hili Arthur 'V 
32 Hughes Wm J 
34 !\lcCnfTl'py JamE'S 
36 HnIlowes' George 
3S [,iuucan ,TnnH's J 
40 Winn FI'E'derlek W 

 Gloyer Thomas 
"ïnn FI'.'derick W, IIver1 
<< Wlnu Wm H 
46 Grcadv Hm'ry F 
48 Sommers Johñ 
;ill Le Warne "'m 
52 !lloO\'c Arthur 
54 Coyne Mrs Ruth 
62 Pnddon Thomm! C 
St Anne's mC) 
78 lIIaher 11I1's 1IIarin 
80 Hnynps Edwnl'd C 
82 Grnhnm Henderson 
84 flowering !Ill's Charlotte 
86 Fleury Alpxnndel' 
88 Len 
()'u George T 
\10 !llcI ean John 
96 Taylor Alfred 
D8 Yon ens Jnmes 
106 Worters GeorgI' ,... 
108 Gnmett Anthon)" 
110 1'aylor FrE'derlck W 
112 Vallnnt Alfred 
114 Clegg James 
118 Burney Thomas 
. Cumming st intersects 
120 Burney Robert 
134 !\Inrshall Rohert J 
136 DIxon Robert J 
. Elliott st ends 
140 Yn"nut store 
McKInley James 
1-11; Hendersòn Dayld 
.Allen nv ends 
Fire Hall No. 12, James 8 
Asbfield foreman 
1110 Brown Thomas 
162 Hunter Dayld 
Illunt !III'S Caroline, r 
164 "'hlttnker Robert. mus 
166 Gould Thomas 
168 Romley James 
170 Glllnm Alfred 
172 HInder Snmuel 
If(:! Cnsbmore EdwIn J 
-I ('rn wford Gporge l
186 Field Edwnrd 
192 Reeds George B, exp 
194 LangstonI' J J 
Rnptlst Church, !! (' 
. First av Intersects 
2:14 I'hler F.rtwnrd S, gro 
236 Lee Wm H 
238 Spenrs N"ormnn N 
!'ppnrs Hugh, phy 
246 Gould 11I1'S Anna M 

BOND, n from 44 Queen e to 
Gould, ward 3. 
. , , .. .. " East Side .......... 
!lletropolltan Chnrch, S e 
. ShuteI' st Int(,l's..ct8 
St l>fl<'nael's Calh..dral 
79 St IIl1chnel's School 
81 Loretto Convent 
83 Loretto AcndE'my 
Rt Aloy
lus School 
. Wilton nv Intersects 
CongregntionRI Chnrcb 
!Ii !'nul "m. hdg 
II!I :llccban George 'r 
1111 Bnrl!!:bt T J 
 Kerr G('orge G 
105 M
Rrlde Rohert H 
100 )Inllnell Thomas 
111 ThomR!! I_nnc 
11:01 Trant('r Thomas or 
115-121 Hoty Blo>!som Syua- 
Gelrt7.nlf'r lIfnrk!!. cnretkr 
12:{ L
nnox Mr
 C, Ld!!: 

125 Wilson !III'S AnnIe 
137 O'Keete Eugene 
......... West Side 
2 Clnrk Thomas 
4 Alll>!oll John 
(j l'lulto l'hilip 

 ('rump Jobn 
10 De Gnrlllo Frederick 
12 Lewis !III'S Jane 
1-1. BII'lI !Ill'S Sarah 
Iii Bnrcla \ 'Irs Susan 
18-40 St :SUcbael's llospltal 
 Bull Wm 
44 fIo" Ie :III's Sophie 
-1(; B"llller
on Cbarles !II 
48 Fost('r Misses, clr>!mkrø 

l) t
ol"don ArtlJur G 
oJ'(lon )1, pby 
. Sbuter st Inters"cts 
52 1IlcA\oy !llis
 F, bdg 
;i-l ECkley Harry 
60 Barrick Ell J. phY 
66 Vnux Harry E, phy 
70-74 'Iullnn F T, coqtr 
76 Garbutt Mrs Mury 
80 Fole\' Ed" ard 
82 !IIcCarthY Ellns A 
84-86 SnndeÌ'son S M, Jndl')' 
90 Trumpour R J. phy 
92 Grlpton 11I1'S Catherine 
01 Lnu!!:hlin Snmuel H 
. Wilton av Intersect. 
House, S I' 
98 Clnrke Joseph 
IIH) Eaton Josf'ph B 
1()2 Geor!!:e Robert 
104 Hawthorne Mls!\ M J 
106 IIInltby !III'S !IInry. bdg 
10!! IIIcGmth Mrs M, Mil: 
110 ('oady Miss :II, drsmkr 
112 Fntl)lIbarson !IIr>! JRne 
114 Crosby Mrs HlInn"h 
Ill) Germnn Lutheran Ch 
11'> Coad James 
120 Pengllly 1111's H, bdg 
]22 Rrown Mrs Euphemln L 
12-1 Brown AI('xnnder C 
12(; McKinnon J F 
128 !lleehan John, exp 
O.Loughlln MIss E, .drs 
1:!O G<>
nell Edward A 
132 IIIcDonald Mrs Jessie 
134 Rtaunton Luke 
140 Truscott George 

BOOTH A V. n from Ash- 
brIdge's Bay to JemIma, ID- 
tersecting Qu('en I' at 841. 
ward 1. 
. .. .. .... East Side ......... 
 Brough John G 
45 Hogg Jnmes M 
47 Ryan JoLu 
49 Ayre Thomas W 
51 Ranks Ernest 
1i3 Duncan Wm 
1i5 1Ilalllndlne Fredenck C 
57 Pullman John 
59 Rlack 'rhomas !II 
61 Cownn Thomas 
71 Heamlsh George 
73 Reamlsb Thomns 
75 Reid Samuel J 
ï7 Cook Alfl'f.d J 
79 StrRder Arthnr 
81 Parm 1111'11 1
Vacant lots 
87 ('ox Varnish Co 
89 Incb Frederlf'k 
91 CrozIer Jos('ph 
93 Bailey John A 
95 Dilks John W 
97 Sulllvnn !III'S CatherIne 
. F.nstern RV Intersect. 
House, S e 
105 Vacant 
107 Lyford Wm 
100 I'hlf'ld
111 Artburs Wm 
113 Call Rohert G U 
11:5 Hilton Thomas 
117 Gprrm'rt John 
]1!1 !llurdock Rohert 
121 Sl)lIlres Jncob 
:t \...JllIl1plt AlldlOpw 
133 Wldrtlfleld J:rmf's H 

1:\;:; Kin!!: Joseph 
145 Watt>! Wm A 
147 "'atson Charl('s P 
149 McCurtney Andrew C 
151 Pearson Robert 8 
163 01'1' Henry 
165 Teny Cbarles B 
167 Vale Bruce 
100 )lU1'dock Wm D 
lil Swnllow Francis 
li:\ Payne Wm H 
li;:; D1>.on Wm If 
. Que('n st e Intersect. 
81aughter houses 
. r<.atnlie st intel'sects 
22:' Gillespie Wm 
2:11 Shea Peter 
2:0111 Rae Dnvld 
235 TaDlbllng Alfred 
2:\7 Sbler Adam 
2:\9 JI'Lmson !III's Emma 
2-11 Kyle G..orge T 
243 Curle G('orge 
245 VenDels Charles 
:!-I. Weir Hobelt 
2-10 Beall Wm T 
2,,1 Iloblnson Charles W 
2..:! Addy Henry 
2:;5 I
reeland J oslas W 
2ã7 Lnn"aster Jos('ph J 
2;:;9 Hurdy David 
2lil Hayden George A 
2(;3 Cl'11lg George 
2U;:; Stevens Will G 
:w. !llorris Daniel 
...... ... 'Vest Side......... 
ßoat housE>S 
Atbletlc grounds 
. Easteru av Intersecta 
Cricket grounds 
. Queen st e Int('rsect. 
18!! Dorgau DanIel W 
Dorgan :III's G E, dr8mkr 
190 Guest Frederick T 
192 Golay Henry 8 
1\)4 FOley Wm J 
1116 Cbristle Henry 
1!J8 Buckner Char'les 
200 fJ,mlel James 
202 Wlufield Charleø 
204 While Willis t.' 
. Natalie st Int('1'8ect. 
284 McCaffery John 
21)4 Clcland Wm 
2[)6 Trotter Thomas 

nORDEN, n from 3S() Col- 
l('ge to Bloor w, ward '" 
. .. .. .. " East Sldp ......... 
Store. s e 
1 NIcholson FrederIck R 
7 Lowery !III'S Mal')' 
II Sow don :III's L C 
11 Slev('rt John A 
13 ltendman Wm A 
1:; )Ivers 'Vm C 
17 Job Henry H 
l\J Glover Wm 
21 Hf'nton Wm A 
:!:i 1IIImmo Andrew R 
25 Thompson Jos('ph P 
27 Sntherl"nd J H 
29 Ledeatt Mrs UltIma. 
:11 Frn
er John 'V 
:1:1 Wolf" G('orge T 
x:; Harper 1IIrs Sarah 
37 Fel'1'ls George E 
:\!I Fer!!:uson Henry 
41 Sinclair EdwIn' G C 
43 IIl1nl
ter Alfred 
45 1.lnRlI H('nry 
47 We
leY Jobn 
411 :lloodlè !IIlss Anule 
:\1 HRII Geor
e H 
53 BaIrd Daniel 8 
6!; 8pf'nce 1I0hert II' 
57 Little Parker 
59 Colquboun A H U 
111 n:llnh 
 Will J 
63 Lnl,e . Herh('rt 
65 Kenn('dy Byrou LaD 
(;7 1.f'
"lIe Jos.."h 
6!J !\Icnrns Frunk 8 
71 ,Tarnf'!< 'Wm H 
7:1 ('nrran Alfred 
7.. PenrcE' John 8 
ï7 I1lnlll"k 
Irs C ?,I 
711 ',"orth "'m 
81 Rngnrmnu Cnsper 
f;:1 I."'.....ty :llnrtln 

, \ \ 
,) "THE. 
 .. <<'- 
'Ýð C
y . 
. . 

"Q C E R 5 

 1([ A D ()rf'C.


j Clark Herbert A 
87 Yates Will T 
89 Wallace Wm 
fJl Huker Robert A 
11:\ Saulter Wrn J 
9:5 Da\Ïson !III's :\oIary 
97 DavIs Thomas E 
119 Tilomas 
[ark B 
]01 Wood Jnmes H 
103 Waltbam Elfward 
House, 8 e 
. Ulster st In ters('('t. 
House, 8 e 
103% Sloane !III'S Sarah 
Newsome- !IIlss H, mu. 
105 Anueroon !III'S E A 
ItJ7 Todd XIlss !IIary 
Todd !IIlss [sabella L 
109 1'etrle Andrew 
111 Amory Alfred 
11:\ Bennètt Thomas 
11;:; Firth John 0 
117 Leden lIIlchael J 
119 JOlles Wm H 
119% Du yles Chlll'les E 
121 Queen Geor
123 Croft George H 
l'epall Andrew H 
:c!5 Clarke Daniel W 
127 Francis Francl., :lr 
129 Easton fill's Emily 
131 Maxwell !III's Sartlh ]!I 
Maxwell Miss 1!:1Ia, mua 
1:!3 Drake John 
135 Robertson Alexander 
137 Hurt Joseph 
1311 Armour Stlmuel J 
141 Courtney Samuel 
14:1 Norris Charles H 
14:!'h Hayward W W 
145'Bblpmau John E 
147 Bogart }<'red C 
151 Terry FranklaDd 
8tore, s e 
. Harbord st Intersect. 
153 AtkInson Mrs E, couty 
.;; Atkinson Henry 
157 Dalrymple Chårles J 
159 McCracken James 8 
161 Stemmann Alb('rt J 
1(;:\ Clny FrederIck D 
165 Detwiler Rev Noah 
167 Mae
elme Thomas R 
1!i9 HpIer l"bomas. carp 
],1 Eddington Wm 
17:\ Jones Mrs Annie 
17:\'h Williamson Johu W 
175 McGregor 0 p. paper dlr 
German IIIlss ] M, uorse 
177 Cornish Ira A 
179 Wilson Mrs Eliza. 
181 RlIey Robert F 
IS3 Major Robert L 
1f;!; Major Robert. shoemkr 
187 Vaughnn !III'S Eliza 
189 AtkInson !\Irs Elleu 
1In Je
sop Walter 
1!J3 \'\elld RertJam 
1!l5 Varcoe James D, gro 
197 Prlestman George 
1!m Storey Hugh 
2<11 Penn' Fr('rterlck 
2m lIIead Wm H 
207 HlncbcllfTe RenjRmln 
o;;:px av enil... 
20!1 !lillieI' III1
s Ertlth 
211 Wilson Jnmes W 
:na Linch DnYlrt W 
. !'heck Herman A 
217 Hewitt John 

I C E LAKE SIMCOE ICE \ The Lake Simcoe ICE Suppl_y Co. 
Tel. MaIn 8e "AS. FAIRHEAD. Mgr. 

Best Quality All Sizes 
Tel. Main 8e 

North British & Mercantile Insurance Co. 26 Wellington St. E. 
GOOCH 8c. EVANS, Resident Agents Tel. Main 423 




AT $200 BOOT 

Riggest But Value In Canadiil for 
Men and Women_ 

..-T. EA",:ON C



219 Gardner J P 
:!:!l ='t
lgg \Ym H 
:!:!:': Tu.....n iIIe George 
223v" Wright Mrs P III 
225 Thomas Charles A 
22:.v" Beney Wm H 
227 Stanton A\tred 
22!! Gilmour John 
231 Camphell Thomas 

:.> 'HC"nllt 
.235 Hart Charles 
237 Allison J Oscar 
239 Hockhill lIIr
241-5 \'acant yard 
247 lIIcConnell John E 
:::.1 Law )11'8 J::lizaheth 
233 lIenry I, cattle dlr 
237 O'Reilly IIIrs Elizabetb 
25!! Bawden WIll J 
2Gl Bawden Samuel 
2!J3 Smith George 
265 Roulston Andrew 
:!ut! '\ldÜ'ndry Alexander 
Store, s e 
. .. .. . . .. West Side ......... 
Store, s e 
:: Comrie Rohert S 
10 Va, is John 
12 Popham Fred'k J 
14 l
l'h Charles 
16 \Yatson IIlrs Annie 
18 lIIyers John 
:!n Lind
 Hohert H 
22 Hrethour F G 
26 Jenkins Charles 
:!., Wood
 F1'I\nk A 
30 Rupert Ciiaries E 
32 HM'rlson Wm S, phy 
34 Wray IIIrs Mary 
16 Gettum John F 
44 De Geer Mrs Sarab 
4n !lIanly George W 
46 Reid Almon P 
48 TaYlor James R, lintI' 
50 Fewson Alhert E 
;.:! Bergin \Ym 
54 Armstrong Wm G 
511 Jeffery 'l'homas 
GO Stuart James 
. \'ankoughnet st com 
Ii:! Barber IIenry G 
1;.1 Collier Wm M 
ü(J Wllllalll
 It 0 
I:'" Kno
l!1iftl Frank S 
'i0 Thorley )Irs III 
72 Regglñ John 
74 Howard Wm E 
7(J lIIorriee Adam B 
'i8 Rowell John T 
80 Jones John B 
82 Ball Albert E 
84 Wehster Jobn 
86 Elliott IIIrs Mary J 

tl'uud Wm W 
:.:! )1I1rov Andrew 
9G Kent' Walter W 
08 Byrch ',"m P 
1I1ile' \\ mAW 
lU:: Da' le'
 \\om E 
104 Kelly John J 
106 ],'orsyth Mrs Mary A H 
108 Johnston Wilson, exp 
1111 l'hillip
 'Irs Franccs 
112 Moore Vietor J 
]H (
amhle Charles B 
111; :'\"wn",n \Irs Eliza A 
 Woolteoek Charles A 
I:!:! lJunhar lI1rs Winifred 
124 McKInnon Alexander 
126 Clayton Alfred H 
128 Stuart E R 

130 Stuart Wm J 
. Ulster st Intersects 
l:m SlIeehan Patrick 
142 V,nles )Irs lIIargaret 
144 .Iordltll lIen,,' 
141! Howland will E, daIry 
130 IIIeKillop Robert 
15:! Parker Mrs It 
154 Hicks Wm S 
156 Gardhouse James 
Johnston ;\11>-s Ethel, drs- 
158 Rerurd Lewis 
160 )Ie:.\lichael James W 
lü2 Wlnehester Thomas 
Iii... AllgU:-: Fl"l'dl'l'Ìe1\: \Y 
166 Wood James 
1(j8 Denison !III's Eliza 
170 LaurIe .1ustu... A 
172 Collins Zoro III 
174 Sexton Wm R 
lill Whitton Isaiah 
lïtoi Hohf'rt:-;:nn ""m 
]80 Madde" Daniel. bldr 
:) l'mtt Hal''"' ). 
184 Gleason Owen 
186 Oliver 'Wm H 
188 Whlttleton John 
1 :'0 
mi th l'harle
1\':) )IeCauley Robert 
11)4 Darling Charles H 
m6 Robinson A lex. gro 
. Harboi'd >t intersects 
IUS Howe
 Wm, exp 
202 Firth Arthur 
206 Dnnnett James 
208 I,'ollett I:lenzar 
:!10 Roul
ton Thomas 
212 Reynolds H R. dairy 
:!14 lIrumle
 Alhert E 
218 Fisher James A 
220 ThoIllson John S 
Public School 
. Herricl, st eommences 
23(J Hallett Samuel 
238 1I10ngenel Arthur 
240 Hamilton James 
2.t2 Blackmore Wm 
244 Muug-ellel J C, shoemkr 
246 Brnce Edward W 
248 Lang Archihald 
250 Anderson Wm 
2;;2 Patterson Rlehard 
2:>4 Rombon
h Wm R 
:::.(J Rozenhlott Jaeob B 
.8 Green )lIss H 
::1:0 Smith :.\Ir
::(j-! ])ow Wm J 
266 Thomp50n George 
268 Linehan John 
270 1I1agner Edward 
272 Yonng John T 
274 Taylor James, gro 
. Lennox st commences 
27.; Tozer Ephraim 
278 Plant Wm H 
2."'0 l'im John 
282 Mowat Alexander G 
2S4 Goodman Fl'ank B 
286 Churchill Joseph 
2"8 01'1' AIe"<ander 
:::10 Vaw )11'
2!J2 Baldwin Henry W 
294 111111 Rendell 
leholsOD J T 

Ieholson IIlrs M, Indry 
300 Hanham Frank 
304 1I1urray :.\Irs Martha 
308 Halley 1I1aurlce 
310 Stephens :.\Ir
Iargaret J 
312 Lee Ernest W 
314 Carey F Bruce 
Housè. s e 

 A V, s from Gerrard 
e. het Carlaw and Pape avs, 
ward 1. 
Not built on 
BOSWELL AV, w from 96 
Avenue ril to Bedford I'd, 
ward 4. 
. .. . . . ... 
 ortb Side ......... 
House, oS e 
" )Ia("kcnzl" 1111'S Ellen 
111 Fishcr '1i

natt Wm II 
ter.hen R." John W 
16 f'r8wford Abner W 
18 Allan )Ir
Leman 1\lIss Claribel,nnMP 

20 Leman Mrs Jane 
 1-10\\ 31'd H F 
24 Watson !III's Ellen 
26 Brown Ernest \V 
2ð ForSQn James 
30 FIshel' Mrs A E 
34 Go!lwin S
'dney G 
:nj Pla:-õhet t )1i

38 Pearen John E 
40 Jardine George ,B 
Forgrn ve J .llll('
. r 
40% Swinbourne 1I11ss F, drs- 
42 Evans John T 
44 lI1arsh Charles E 
46 Vernon Charles W 
.t" Law80n JolIn 
50 Watson Adam D 
52 Weleh 'thomas 
54 Percy John 
311 )leBrille Charles G 
58 Poole Geol'ge C 
1:11 L'I'lrin Juhn C 
62 Deeks Ciiaries A 
......... South Side ......... 
Stort\ s e 
1 Petrie Gordon !II 
13 h.night )ll's )Iargaret 
Balley lI1iss Minnie, artist 
Ii Parker Charles. bldr 
1(1 lIun )li

 )Iaria E 
23 Caldhick George 
:!3 Hanull'
27 Haney Henry 
29 Galvin John J 
Frier Hobert H 
31 Wilcox John 
 Soper John, 111' 
on \Ym Ii: 


47 IIIartin Albert J 
49 Armstrong \Vm 
51 Wahmrlght George E 
55 Teagle & Son, contI's 
Teagle Edward G 
;'7 :.\Iom"e Thomas lJ 8 
3(1 Sutherland Walter S 
House, s e 

BOULTBEE A V, e from Mac, 
donald to Jones av, first n 
of GTR tracks. ward 1. 
. . . . . .. .. 
 orth Side ......... 
2 Hayes \,,"m 
4 Crocker Wm 
fln t'hcu'les 
12 Hubin
oll Hobert 
14 Charles, grocer 
... .. .... South Side 
Not built on 

BOUSTf;AII A Y. w from 
Ronces,"alles a', 01'1' Dun- 
das to Indl!ln rd. ward 6. 
. .. .. . ... !\ orth Side ......... 
14.1(; Yacant hldg 
HI IJougla
20 Hall \V Joseph 
. Alliambra st commences 
;\tI '1'h01l180n "'m T 
:I:! \\'allac.. Andrew 
34 11.1l1s \Ym. ('ontr 
:m Hall
 Frl'derick ". 
:-m :\lorris John 
46 "-atson Thomas J 
Howard School 
Pierce )Ir
 :.\Ial'"l' :.\1 
76 Ewing Hohert, dålry 
Hahn Gustav 
... ., .... Sonth Side......... 
Vacant lots 
Pierce 1111's !llary II[ 
Vacant lots to ènd 

, n from Ho
av to Danforth !lV, ward 1, 
, .. . . .,. . East Klde 
Cobb George 
.. .. . .. ., ". est Side 
Not built on 

, n from 330 Carl- 



House, s e 

3 Sharratt 1111's Jane 
'i Rnss,,11 )I1's EstlIcr 
I) Chisiiolru Jnmes 
11 lIlath-,- Anstln 
13 Hoss \\-m 
1,. )Iulr Wm 
17 ';illt'
lll(-> Luke 
_ .. . . . . .. "t'
t Sule _.. _ _ .... 
2 Culross Charles 
4 Lepper Arthur 
(; Lewis L A 
8 Wooillev :.\Irs Ann E 
10 Thain ioseph 
12 Thain Jame
Irs Jane. l' 
14 Metgp Alexander 

BRA'IPTO:<<l PL. w from rear 
of Dulferln Drh"ln
 Park to 
4i5 Brock avo ward 6. 
. . .. . .. " Korth Side ......... 

ot bnilt on 
.. . . . .... Son th Side ......... 
1 O'Reilly I,obert 
11 IIanna' Wm II 
13 Price Jackson C 
. Brighton pi ends 
House t s e 

BRAXT. n from 334 King w 
to Farley av, ward 4. 
. .. .. . . .. 'East Side ......... 
Faetory, s e 
17 IIIorrlson :.\Iurdoch 
19 Ramsay Miss IIIary A, 
21 BueKler E B 
23 Alcock 
I a"
25 1I1cDonaid Mrs Cather'De 
J uhll
ton ('harles, r 
Store, s e 
. Adelaide 
t w Intersects 
35 )lol8e Will E. gro 
37 Warren Fred W 'I' 
39 Rlehardson George 
41 Rafferty James 
43 Keeley Wm 
45 ArmstÌ'ong J J 
47 Dawson Thomas 
49 Arnott Henry G 
. Camden st eÌtðs 
51 Cra" ford 1111's Susan 
53 Johnson George C 
55 Howe Dennis 
5i 1\Iar8h Albert J 
61 House, s " 
. .. .. .. .. W l'St Side 
Hotel, s I' 
8 Corrigan 1\lrs IIIary 
10 Boureg,\rd John 'I' 
12 Kinsella Rlehard J 
14 ABen Jame-s 
1(J "'alsh John J 
Glhson Wm J, l' 
18 Pearsall James A 
20 Dunnett P
22 Cawthra Charles 111 
:!-I I.l'" i
 Thomas G 
26 Bird Wm 

\o\ t'.ulwrry John E 
SO Whvte Andrew G 
School, s I' 
. Adelaide st w Intersects 
St Andrew's sq 

BRAXT PL. s from 529 King 
w. ward 4. 
... .. .... East Side 
Store, s e 
1 Col"ert :.\Irs Carrie, bdg 
3 JIIlI Edgar 
5 Forster Wm II 
7 Green Frederick H 
I) Busby John 
11 Y.llldewat..r \\'m N 
13 Wrav John C 
15 Jenn'ings Thomas U 
.. .. . .. .. West Side ......... 
Store, s e 
2 Welsh 1111's Mary 
4 Symons Alfred 
6 Fùchs Ri<'hard 

 1.1\ jn
'tnn :.\Irs AJlee 
:0 f'a meron Frederick 

w. & E. A. BADENACH 

Offices, Nos. 15-17 LEADER LANE 
Telephone Main 2288 
Res.. No. 156 8T. MARY ST. Telephone North 616 


OF .. 

115-117 KING ST. W' J TORONTO 

"The tone of the Heintzman & Co, Piano i. 
delightful, the ela.ticity of action man"ellous. 
every note ringinl{ out in clear. pearly Rnd 
limpid quality, It excels Rny Piano I 
ever used." 

I:.! nll
s l'hal"les 
14 Tunorll CIl.lrles II 
16 Dunlop 
Irs Iga bell.4 
Ir' Charlotte 

UIU,:AU,U.IL\XE. w frum 530 
Y onge to Snrrey pi, "ard 3. 
. . . .. . . " X orth Side ...,..... 
Store, s e 
111 nnl'll Franklin, I" ery 
H Myers Chl'1stopher 
!l; lIlh! 
Irs Blizabeth 
IS War,l John A 
::'-' Wntkins L 
I, lllns tchr 
""atkills, )'liss li, mu. 
__ Moroney Joseph 

-1 (Hn er (;eurge 
26 Mnlholl.mll 
Irs M A 
28 Blight Walter II 
30 h.lncade Robert J 
 Shearer Rev John F 


18tophel:, bldr 
Wilkins 1111's II, ùrsmkr 
58 Morrisun 
lrs Elizabeth 
40 Read David B 
-12 Smith George F 
46 Caito Ch.lrles J 
. St Vincent st Intersectø 
St Ua8il"s 8chool, s e 
St Joscph's Convent, ø e 
.......,. South Side......... 
1 Hntt) Jallles H 
U LilIes H,Lrry 
11 'I.Ltthe\\ s Henry F 
13 Knight Albert E 
lu11l'e :\Irs Imzabeth 
1;; Downey Jo'rellerlck C 
1ï Slack Mrs :\Iary 
1U 'In,"tin Philip 
21 Wilson 1111'S S E 
:.ß Pitlllan John 
Pitlllnn W J. mus tchr 
25 Devine Mrs Anne 
Meyers 11I1'S E 'V, Burse 
:.!'i Th\àl.lI:-ôOll James 
2'.J Cooper 1\1rs lIlary 
31 Lash.1 ohn F 
I, nurse 

1I11Î\ nn )Irs 
13ry A 

;-) SilllS )1i:-:
37 Langtry Rev John 
House, 8 . 
. St Vlucent 6t Interseets 
House, s e 
 Douglas John D 
91 Woods James W 
irs E 
9;; Watkins Edwnrd J 

ßRIGGS AY, s from Taylor. 
first w of Sumach, ward 2, 
. ., .. .. " I::ast SIde _........ 
1 )loore )11'8 Amamla 
3 KilpatrIck Robert G 
5 :<,unb Jallles 
7 Ford Alex III 
tI'pb"1I8 Aillert 
......... "'est 
2 "'ebster .Yarnell 
4 Haney Mrs Emma 
t; ''''Carteu 1:11 \\ .\1'11 J 
8 Lusty Rlcbard 
Irs E 
10 :<wlres 'Vm 
12 IIIcKlnnon Allan A 
1-1 D"'kson 
Irs Margaret 
11; I:isellbarùt J 

BRIGHT, n from 460 King e 
to Queen e, ward 2- 
.. . .. .. " East Side 
Honse. s e 
11 Crute Samuel 
"",s \ 
lêLennan John 
17 l'1"(1
1)\ Ch..rh's 
21 Curran John. exp 
23 Curran Francis J 

;) Hoss J.uues 
27 Thompson James C 

2!1 8eott TholllßS 
31 Paltel' Eplu'inm 
 "unlt>Y l"h.ules 
3;; Cbarters Will .T 
37 Uowman Geor
e B 
39 Gray Joseph 
41 Sproule ""m 
 lIufour Daniel 
House. Q iP 
....... " West Sille 
lIIetbodlst Cb, s e 
10 Sweeney John 
K''(lu;;l) W1I\ 
 King \Irs. 
Iary A 
1-1 Angus Wm 
16 Burrell ChnrJes II 
18 Perkins John, jr 
20 Young James 
22 1IIarks John 
:!4 Curra n \Irs Uridget 
26 Pearson Robert A 
28 Ducban Charles E 
30 Herbert George 
32 Costigan Matthew 
34 Johnston J,)hn 
36 Robinson Charlell 
:IS )Iountrait lïderic 
40 Armstrong Jehu A 
-12 Shangraw E B 
4-1 <<;rhn:-õlJn\\ 
t:meland Wm C 
-1S I1.lllIl0n Thomas 
50 \\ïlli:ul1s JfJ:-.el)b 
House, s e 

 A V, e from 181 
Pape avo ward 1. 
oo....... North SIde......... 
House, s e 
2 Irelnnd Charles 
-I Atkin!'; 
.tr;}h, nurse 

bn Ughlll'SS;\
 \Vm, eontr 
......... South Side ......... 
1 Hackett Joseph 
3 I'it'bdl John X 
5 Yeomalls Rohert 
I!' ('orscadLlen Arthur G 
:!1 .Aluh'pw J.llll('S T 
23 ßro" nrlùge Wm 
23 Ross Mrs Alta \II 

BRIGHTON PL, n !rom Co- 
bourg nv to 13 Brampton 
pl. ward 6. 
Not built OD 

BRITAIN, e from 1;;1 George 
to Sherbourne. ward 2- 
......... North Side.... .. ... 
Coulter & Campbell, s e 
2 ßeck Aaam. cu:ar boxes 
Toronto Plating 'Yorks, 
Wm W Wythe prop 
TOl'hnto lIIachine Tool 
P(,ßsP Furnace Co, r e 
Hheridan !lItg Co, r e 

leLachlan Gasoline En- 
gine Co. I' e 
. Stone Cutter la Intersectø 
Store. s e 
......._. Sonth Side 
nouse, fI e 
9 Tucker Wm 
1.1 Hnrst Ed\\ ard P 
on Arthur 
I. I10ult Gl,(lrge 
Vacant lot 
29 ILlY Thomas 
31 Kelly Jnrues 
3:1 HoYÌan Charles 
nillh'''soJl Charles 
37 Thomp
on Ed Iynrd 
OILl graye yard 
45 Kelly John 
47 Lowe Mrs lIIary 
51 lIIerson "'m 
. Stone Cntter la Intersect. 
;;:: ]toutl.., 'Vru II 
) h..f'(>11J,dl J n nIl'S 
h.plcev 'Ii88 A. drsmkr 
ë. s e 



ßROADVIEW AV, 11 from 
Eastern av to Danforth av, 
 Queen at 112. ward 
. . . . . . . .. KIst 811le ..,...... 
1 Stolle Thomas 
Ii Guest George, whol btcbr 
l'l'i n, te grouuds 
11 Dail,.y ,\ m 
1:$ Taylor S"mucl R 
. )ld'heI'SOll Uobert J 
17 U'Collnor Thomas 
HI Tel'r) ArUmI' 
Pl'ivute gruunds 

7 IIurtoll Frank 

ll H
.III )ll's Eliza 
111 W.,lhelll f;l'ol'gl' 
;!;; Tustin FI"ellerick 
\ acant lots 
51 Anùer
on I.'rank E 
53 \lIf'Avoy ')wt'n J 
55 l\1ltchell Tl10mas 
57 Hlolllan Henry 

I!I ,- ÌHIU'llS l'lJarles H 
61 Fo
ey John 
Vacant lots 
73 I,'uhey \lIlchael 
,. T.llhot 1,' X 
79 l'ett Wm F 
ðl I:unsoll Wlll 

 l"clttl'rson Tbomas G 
85 Hte\\art WID It 
87 Stephenson George B 
. L'."ui"e ',"rn II', roofer 
I'l'lvnte grounds 
StOl"f>. s e 
ueetJ 6t e intersectø 
Store, s e 
100 Juy Thomas L 
111 Hme Samuel 
11\1 Hill Tbomas, daIry 
I'r""ate grounds 
137 Kelley. Uobert 
Kelley 1IIIss E C, drsmkr 
I,-elley 1Il1ss L K. mus 
139 Jupp James W 
HI Care Thomas 
143 Watson Thomas J 
145 Milne Alexander 
147 Irwin 1111's 1Il.\rtha 
Vacallt lots 
. Killtyre av commenceø 
161 Hnmphl'eys 'l'homns S 
11J3 Ihlllliitun Andrew 
Jones \III'S 1IIal'Y, nurse 
165 Scutt 1111's Susannuh 
167 Sheehey 'I'homas J 
160 DomelÌe George T 
171 Mason George J jr 
17\1 1I1acdonald Peter 
lU9 Briekcll George 
221 DefrIes Uobe..t A L 
22iJ Hanna James 
Hanna 1111's 111 J, dairy 
2:11 Pen warden 'Vm J 
:-: Thaekru \ Juhu l
;-. (;rilllleU.Tboll13"S 
(;rinnell 'I' & Son, coal 
. Elliott st Intersects 
:!:;!.Þ Hihle Frank H, grocer 
241 Armstrong George, tlnner 
:: HlIld Wm H 
245 Counter I"l'ed, shoemkl' 
Iiss AnnIe L 
247 Selway David 
Selway \lIlss E, vocalist 
,1 I.eaml'n Uebert G 

;Iã Lord (';eorge 

Þ Hnl'l'i
 ...\IlJl'rt. "Illes 
. Allen av commences 

ti;: )ludller Frelll'l"lck, Krocer 
263 Leamen R G, plmbr 
)laLiLlel' Fl'elll'l'lck, baker 
267 Barrett Wm R 
275 Broallvlew ßoys' InstItute 
Atkinson Chri<topher J 
.1.'lrst ay commellce" 

 ,- .u"aut 
:t:ï:i BC'l'l'il" Thomas 
35ï Green HenrY 
3;;tl )1(l8e
 Fl'Ilnk H, hdware 
. G(,l'l'.lrd st e Intel'8ects 
363 lIIcLean & Van Lo.m, gros 
3G;; Vanhoon Rlcbard 
367 Sneath C H. 1IID, drug. 
l'ostofflcc (bl') 
s 1111'S CarrIe 
369 Boyd W J 
Boyd )Irs E J. dry gds 

Broad view A v . 


371 Gibson JollII W 
373 Gihson Juhn 
neath Charles R, phy 
. SImpson a v pommpnceø 
:; Gnu"ie )11'8 'Iarian 
427 Armstrong Josepn I
42f1 l'nr({('r Rev l'et('r C 
. Victor nv commences 
a P.I
e .John 
441 Lu
an Thomas 
. Langley av commence. 
443 Ynle Robert 
469 A hhey Silas 
. Smith st commen('es 
483 7.a rfass G F, haker 
. Withrow av commences 
50;') nflln
ßV 'Vtll 1.1 
. nnln av commen"ps 
parhhall av commences 
583 Vine 1111's Fmnf'es 

. \\"ri
ht :;:,Ilnuel 
Ga I'dI'll" 
03:1 Ho
arth Thomas 
. Hogurth nv commences 
Vacant house 
rufteltl :"iùllev St C 
. ".twlfrp\ :1'. ('olnmPllces 
. Dearbourne av commences 
.. . .. . ... West Side ......... 
Bnsehall gronnds. s e 
104 Store. s e 
. Queen 8t e Intersect. 
Bank of Comml'l{e, 6 " 
108 8tOl'('. s e 
Dlngmnn's Hall, s e 
1I0 Joll 
lIss P A, drsmkr 

ims Alhert, (luhlr 
110Y, 1IIaddoPit Charles 
112 Roynl Can Blcy('l
11-1 Craven George J 
Craven 1111's I, .dr.mkr 
11R Rrodle Alpxander 
1I8 Davtllson Lee E 
0 Gncker Stephen 111 
122 Thompson Jobn II' 
12-1 Fal'l' Terrence 
120 Havnes John W 
128 HaÏlhurton Jamell 
134 Turner Thomns I' 
Iaf'\lnllan "-m J 
140 Wilson C II 
142 Wilson Thomas 
144 Sparks Robert 
150 Sparks 
Irs AnLe 
. Pnul st ends 
164 Ham Je
166 nrnv lIenrv 8 
lcXellli(' Thomas C 
1.0 Rouse "'allfo,"d J 0 
112 Tnvlor A.thur 
114 Alflson Wm II 
176 Amold Georli:e 
('e :o;.t<<'\\ "I"t C 
p.n 'lu1'I"a,- 1I.llliel 
182 :;:Inger Frnuk 'V 
18-1 In<rram Alhert E 
1:-.1. W..lton \lr. f'.,rnllne 
ton Thomas 
100 See Frnnd8 A 
102 Allpn Rohert 
.mouth Brethren G08- 
pel Hall 
202 Solomon Joshna 
Vacant lots 
224 Free 1\Iethodlst Church 
226 McGovern EcIward A 
22<; Redford John W 

:10 Buckland Alhert J, pntr 
202 Rnme "'niter 
:!:H '('olUlln I'rnl'st A. btchr 

Electro Toronto Brass Manufacturing Co. 
Plating 98-100 LOMBARD ST. PHONE MAIN 814 

gBU.RK E& 
:H 0 RWO 0 D 






. Elliott st Intersects 
\'acant lots 
246 Laurie Donald 
PrivatE' grounds 
2:-'0 Glover IUch.1l"lIson, exp 
2i2 Patter'<on \Ym. tlour 
(hllt-'lull J:unes \V, r 
276 Kennedy IIlfg Co, t.lacklnll 
Kennedv Robert 
280 Hu....ldgè Wrn '1', exp 
28:.! Patterson Wm 

ð,l, Seale Arthur 
li" S. rnus tchr 
286 Wilcock StE'phen J 
288 BarTelt Ch..istopher G 
:!!JO h.nl1" !ton Will J, pntr 
:!H4 f'l1l:'ctIMm IIurry 
Congregational Church 
Iountstephen st ends 
;;o:! ] [pitch rr
lnk S, grocer 
30,1, SJmp
on Robert 
30G Ollvant Henry 
308 Watkln
on George J 
310 Pim Arthur W 
312 S A Ba..racks 
\le{'l"lIaml George 
:{:i-t C"rd"ell James. baker 
;-J'; '[oorp '[r
13ry J 
358 Teer Wm 
360 Srott A, blksmlth 
. GE'rl'tlrd st I' Intnl'sects 
Toronto Jail. s I' 
380 lIlc
llIIan John 
\Yllson Thomas n 
1.0" ry John 
Norris John 
Lonergan Thomas 
RlvE'rslde Park 
Isolntlon HospItal, r e 
712 WhItE' GE'orgE' W, daIry 
742 Dagger FrancIs 
744 WE'st Joseph 
746 lIlacBean Angus 
74R Kh-I<patr-irk \Vm E 
750 RIchards George A 
752 OntE'n Robert, gro 
Browne J A, artisT 

BROADWAY PL. w from 268 
Spadlna av, ward 4. 
. . . .. .. " North SIde 0....... 0 
2 Store. s e 
8 Little Johnston, bkr 
20 H"rrl
!\Iartln John 
22 KylE' Jumes 
:!I> Parkinson David 
21'1 Mark..y John 
30 Hatte;. Thoma!! 
32 AIlE'n Wm 
34 I,E'E' DnnlE'1 F 
3fI GrIffith Mrs Matlldll 
38 Fette.. John 
40 ('fiI'lvlE' FrE'derlck R 
42 Hali Joseph 
44 Srott Wm 
44'h Barkworth ('harlE'S A 
46 Sewell Moos Chrlstlnll 
41; !'paccy Henry 
50 Jones Thomas 
fi2 Wood (,harles A 
54 McCarthy lIlrs Honora 
......... South Side ......... 
Store. s I' 
7 IIlrCauley Martin 
!J Claridge' RIchard E 

BROCK A V, n from 1352 
Queeu w to n of Bloor w, 
wa..d 6. 
o .. .. .... East SIde ......... 
Ortlce, s I' 
5-7 Vacant 
9-11 Dom Wrought Iron 
WhE'E'1 Co 
17 Mcllfullan J. sh(){'mkr 
. Noble st ends 
19 Rol
ton John J 
21 Atkinson Mrs S J 
Atkinson !\Ilss E A, mus 

R Weir "'alloee H 

:i LInfield ;rnmE's 
35 Kinnear Philip 
'I" Carter Herbert 
. 1':n rn hrldge st pnds 

4i Cronkrite HIram 
4!J Clarke Lewis 
51 Charlton \Vm II 
53 !\Ioodey Albert J 
55 U"nnett \Vrn J 
57-I) Hu....lson J A, coal 
65 Eveleigh Wm 
íl illek" Jo"'ph 
85 !\IOl'tson Henry 
87 Hamilton Wm 

it cIT

. Florence st ends 
;{ ('.11\ Ht 'l'hornas 
125 Woods Wm J 
127 Gunn !\Irs Wilhelmina 
129 Duck i
131 Hm.bel' Thomas 
133 Horner Wm 
. Wells Thomas 
137 Edward 
139 Eagleson John 
141 Fleming Alexl\ndpr 
14:{ Clark Harva 
145 Slack Thomas 
Hi J"orshee 'Irs 
149 Malone George 
151 \V,lson John. grn 
. Middleton st ends 
Vacant lots 
. Frankish av ends 
2m Hradl..
 John J, liquors 
205 Roherts Hugh. gro 
:!Oi \\'at
on James. grocer 
:!O!I Tom Ching, Indry 
213 Hughes Samuel 
217 Chambers Edward 
219 Snmmers Alexlinder C 
221 8haver P Bruce 
223 Cusark Thomas 
225 !\Iurray Hugh 
liss E. drsmkr 

. Hili George H 
227'h L1ddlard George, gro 
. !\Iarshall st ends 
229 !\Iarshall Mrs Mary 
233 Hewat Mrs Mary 
:!:I:i !\IePherson Thomas 
237 !\Iontgomery ;{ A 
2:i!J !\IcCausland 
Irs Elizabeth 
. Brockton av endi 
241 !\Ial.shall John, btrhr 
243 Brodie James. shoemkr 

,I,3 Gartner Henry 

-t7 Craig Thomas H 
249 Thompson Samuel II! 
:!:ïl Hogg John 
253 Waugh Christopher 
255 Stone Wm T 
257 Wharton Thomas A 
25!J Adams Walter 
261 Hutchins Wm 
Vacant lots 
Plymouth Br thren Ch 
Store. s I' 
. Dundas st Intersect. 
Store. II Q 
293 Sanderson R G 
295 !\Ioftatt George 
. Atkin av ends 
Vacant Jots 
.l\Iontray st el1ds 
329 Murton J J. whol btchr 
Murton Miss J. mns tchr 
331 Glhson Archibald M 
835 Wood!> CorneU11B. whol 
339 CaIrns John H. plmbl' 
. College st Intersects 
House, s e 
355 Levaelt A. WhOl Dtchr 
357 Ward George 
3:J9 Bishop Edward 
3tH Thurston Angus 
36:\ Dope Ernest 
3/):; Blalne:v James A P 
3(;7 Perkins Sidney C 
. LIndsay av ends 
31>9 Varey Josepl1 J. gro 
37!J "line Theodore 
1 Rhepher,l Louis 
3 ('oulter John 
3H5 Hishon Daniel 
:1<:7 Wllrox Daniel J 
!I W111l'm
 D,,,!d. I!:ro 
:\tll Whetstone Daniel 
. !\Iulr av ends 
393 Whetstone D. gro 
3\17 Booth John J 

3tl9 KnIght George 
401 T..a vers Joseph 
4113 B..ent James 
405 Lloyd Edward 
407 Har..lson Thomas 
4U!J ReddIn Daniel 
'Ill Scott George 
413 B)-thell Reuben 
-tl5 Willett Albert T 
Swallo" 1I1iss 
I E, mus 
417 Stanley Edmund 
419 ßroek James 
1 I:yre John R 
. Chesley av ends 
HÜ Bush Will H 
447 Pretty John. shoemkr 
HtJ \\ïndstone George 
. Cobourg a\ ends 
,l,3ï MeConnell Wm G 
8cott It H 
463 Bnrns Thomas J 
465 Uobertson J A 
467 Tulloch Peter 
4i5 Bernard James 
. Brawpton pi ends 
IIlark"t garden 
5i3 LIghtfoot C. mkt gdnr 
. Bloor st w Int"rsects 
621 Deacon John T 
leCan:J John 8 
i Ryan Wm H 
(21) McDonald Donald 
631 Grogan Mrs Jane 
633 Wlce John 
lIss Nettle, 
63:; Santl:er George 
637 Young John 
!H1 Uoblnson Robert 
643 Stewart James 
647 Portertleld John J W 
649 [Jnke Hermann W 
Ii:;!) Ochenden Henry L 
(j(;3 Jahn AlbIn 
(;115 Bodllington Charles T 
667 Porterfield Mrs G, gro 
Porte..tleld James 
671 Groat Albert S 
673 Tyler Albert E 
6i:; 'l'hompson John S 
677 Moxon Thomas W 
6i9 Seeley Thomas H 
681 Wallace Frank 
\ Howe Ahednego, bldr 
tiS:; Groom John 
689 Catterall John 
601 McCann Felix 
Vacl\nt lots 
,,!It I Butler \Vrn 
i01 Baln James G 
Braden Nathan 
. l'aton st Intersects 
House, 8 e ..r 

.. . .. .... West Side 
Store, s e 
8 Gracey ;fohn J 
10 Wilson Henry H 
 Vavey Wm 
14 Cottier IIlrs Isabella 
. AlJbs st Commences 
House, 8 e 
16 Skinner Wm 
18 Brown Arthur 
:!O Veall IIlrs Eliza 
22 Travers Mrs Amelia 
Crews Mrs Eva. drgmkr 
24 Walker James 
:W Stark John 
28 I
ymnnn Henry 
30 WOl'snop !\Ilss Mar., 
32 Stone Edward C 
Stone Mr. Jane. (1rsmkr 
 Tluko'law Peter 
36 Weller Gustave 
. Maple Grove commences 
Congregutlonal Church 
56 'I'oold 1'homas W 
Todd Miss A B. mus tOhr 
58 !\IrKlnlay Duncan 
c.o FairIes George H 
I;:! Goodchild James 
eaforth nv rnmmE'nces 
G4 Galloway John P 
Gallowa'y 'Iisg Elsie, 
66 8hnw Hugh N J 
68 Thornton George W 
70 !\Iorrlson Nell 

i:J Laughlin John 
74 Garbutt Richard, exp 
louck 80lornon D 
80 Hodge Emanuel B 
lcBl'ide George 
81:1 Hose Wrn B 
. Cunningharn av com 
. Hail",,,y crùssing 
122 :\1eKny Thomas 
13:--,1,0 \'a<,ant Iwuses (2) 
141:1 Thwaites Charles 
,0 Jones John 
152 8kelton Jumes 
. Delaney cres commences 
16-1 It.mUIl 
Irs Agnes 
1 i -t Price Tbornas 
1i6 Dalton Richard 
178 Blatherwick Henry 
1UO Green Andrew W 
HI:l Sha" Jahcz 
1tl,l Vearle Thomas 
Hit; O'
eill Henry 
108 Rautenberg Ùernhardl 
Y neant lots 
. \Vynllbam st commences 
20:- !\Ie
Irs Mary 
214 Thorneloe W C, mus tct 

lH 1"lannel'Y Francis 
218 Holden !\Irs Annie 
:!:l0 Vault AntoIne 

lottr3m rryce 

lottram IIlis!> M,mus tl:lJ 
:!:!-t Lister Thomas 
22S Corp Walter 
230 McLellan Robert G 
232 Kent 
. 8hlrley st commences 
2U Hamrn W V P, contr 
Hamm 1J:rs A P, gro 
236 Stryker Ueuben 
Pugsley !\flss Ray, drømk 
:!38 Vavey Mrs WilhelmIna 
2-10 Gallagher Wm F 
242 Cawthorn Albert R 
:!-t-t Holland James 
2,1,G Booth Rev Wm B 
248 Kemish Wm J 
250 Brownell Allan 
252 Riley Thomas 
2M Arnott George C 
)n Park" John 

;;S Vacant 
:!(j() Kendall Robert 
Vacant lots 
2i4 Warehouse 
:!it\ St Mark's Hall 
:liS Store, s e 
. Dundos st Intersects 
21:ì2 !\Ioroney John, livery 
lIIelhulsh Arthur E. y, 
292 Tor Portralt E 
Hall Joseph T 
298 A bbs Robert, tlorlst 
Vacant lots 
318 Gannon C J, whol btcl 
:{:!() Brimer John 
Iavbee Charles H 
324 Snyder Arthur J 
3211 Dill Wm F 
321> 8eager John 2 :& 
S:iU "'lIson Albert J 
House, s e 
. College st Intersects 
Iacdonald ''Om H 
larl'lott Alfred 
3-tR SmIth John 
3,,0 Brennan .1ames J 
3iO Coulter Miss Mer('le 
3i2 Bready Thomas G 
374 Jarksòn James 
376 WIlliams Wm 
Rusnell Edward J 
378 Martin George 
0 400 Brock A v Sch 
Ialonev John 
410 Newton Edmund D 
44(; Rnll Thomas 
41>ß Kelr John 
468 TraInor "'m 
'lilt Holmes Thomas 
4i:J Rae Alhert C 
474 Graham Thomas 
476 Croshle James 
478 illite hell Samuel 
:-'68 Boland T J, mkt gdnr 
Vacant lots 
. Bloor st w Intersects 
fi18 Vacant 

Guarantee Company of North America 
MEDLAND Be. JONES, Cell'l Agellts, Mail Build;ng, Cor. King and Bay Tel. Main 1067 


ance fOT LESS lIIoney than any other policy. Permit us to prove t
e above to you by sending 
sample policy and rate at your age. Address 18 TORONTO ST., CIty. 

Brunswick Av 



620 Haskett H J 
Rn'<'liss Wm H, contI' 
Iarshall George J 
630 Porteous Henry 
632 Reid James 
63-1 Potter Vn, id 
636 Pratt 
638 Reeyes Anson 
640 Galbraith John 
fl43 Roddinj!'ton Frank J 
f);-.ti I nfinislw.d bou
674 Paull Rey E F 
Brock A v 
lIsslon House 
1I1 Vacant 
6tl'': Clark Richard H 
6!1-l I ouch Wm E 
6\16 Henderson Aqullla J 
b"\JS Mattice Wm 

 A V. w from 112 
Sheridan a1' to Brock aT, 
ward 6. 
,........ North Side........ . 
Vacant lot 
8 Abrabam, junk 
10 l'lnnkett Samuel. contI' 
 Sihley F G, uphol 
Store, s e 
.. . . . ." -" Sou th Side ........, 
Honse, s e 
Vacant lots 
Store, s e 

BROOKE A V (formerly so 
called), now continuation of 
Simpson aY, from Howland 

BROOKFIELD, n from 1032 
Queen w to Humbert aT. 
ward :;. 
. .. .. .. " East Side 
Store, s e 
1-3 Jubil
 Cycle ,,'orks 
Lllhot Will. novelties 
Price Abner R 
7 Berry Thomas 
9 Elliott Robert 
U Jackson John 
13 Stoyer Abraham H 
15 Bard GeorgI! A 
17 lIro" II 
l" U.lchel, hdg 
19 Maguire Edward A 
21 Bayliss H W, mn!! tchr 
23 Jones Herman A 
25 Black Harry 
27 Smith :\lrs Ellen '\! 
:n Wat"'-HI 
lurray B 
53 Griffin John C 
35 Copeland '''m II 
37 O'Leary George 
Iatson John W 
41 Sbepherd Alfred 
-13 b...lIlf' ThnluflS 
45 Carson John 
47 Reid Wm T 
49 Hansch Charles J 
51 J(elly James 
53 Reid James B 
55 Lo\\ ndes Hem'v 
57 Rabey Chas W 
59 1111I Joseph A 
61 Cbrlstie George S 
63 Low Joseph II 
65 Mc('reary Wm 
M"Arthur Mrs M. nurse 
67 '\']I_nn lIonald 'lcL 
......".. "'est Side 
Store, s e 

 Br"" n Charlcs H 
III (,lulI l,aac 
 Wise Mrs Annie 
1-1 Carter 
lIss Sophia 
16 Brown John 
18 Edwal'd Charle!! 
 Ilosier ".m 
2t Dance Mrs Sarah 
26 Stephens James A 
28 Connell John R 
311 Walkcr \\"m F 
32 Dance John 
34 BangeI' Henr)' 
36 Johnson Oliver E 
., Mel'ortland Thomas 

40 Huston James 
42 Simpson 1111's Elizabeth M 
44 Woodall Edward 
46 Radey John 
60 Richardson Wm 
52 I.'roud Francis T 
I:>rtin Louis 
1)6 Cahill Edward 
58 Michie George T 
60 Cassidy 
Irs Mary 
62 Graham John 
64 Eaton B Ryerson 
66 Chapman Owen E 
68 Anderson Thomas 
70 Rattray Mrs Joh3nna 

 AV. n from 1098 
Queen e to Dagmar aT. 
ward 1. 
......... East Side......... 
St Clements (Ang) Ch 
43 Young James 
55 Hinkley John 
;;7 Hrinsmeaà Thomas H 
;;\1 Philpot WID 
cott Frederick W 
7:> IIIcLachlan Hugh J 
1<1 Vac.lOt 
83 Blackmore Arthur 
85 '[oss "'m. amonla mnfr 
!J7 Furey Bryan 0 
103 Frame James 
105 Robln!'On Wm F 
IO"; Atkiu:-,on (
. Cdw.lrds Charles H 
121 Ueid Archihald 
123 )[cCarney Mrs Sarah 
131 Gardner Ernest 
. .. . . . . .. West Side ......... 
Store. s eo 
2 Tyndall George R 
4 Murphy Daniel 
Prl,<,ate grounds 
10 Peckham 'Irs Clarissa 
Vacant Iota 
18 Howarth Richard J 
Vacant lots 
26 Eakins Albert 
30 Howarth John J 
Vacant lot.s 
tn I nfini
h"rl hldl': 
48 Colhy Arthur 
::;0 Blad: Thomas 
52 'Iontgomery G"orge W 
54 f'ltzgel'ald r ouls 
Fitzgeralrl Miss K, drsmkr 
60 Hogarth Thomas J, exp 
WI H:n" R Jnmes 
70 Winters Joseph 
72 O'Brlen Will 
. Bri!!hton av ends 
<:0 ('oll...rl ('harles 
112 Lewis Wm 
120 Tagg'u't Thomas 
12.f Kimhprle,<, Wm H 
126 Ihhetson Wm 
128 Oulton George 
130 Gormle'<' IWhert 
2 Fuller Abraham S 

BROOK)[Or:\'T RD. n from 
Queen e. third e of Kingston 
rd. ward 1 

ot built on 

E. e from 99 
Bathurst. ward 4 
......... North Side.... .. ... 
Houc;:e. s e 
Lumber yard 
" .. __ . no South Side ......... 
House. s e 
3 Bulger Mrs Julia 
13 Vacant 
15 VacaBt 

BUTICE. w from 150 Shaw to 
Dundas. ward 5. 
" .. " .. ".. Korth Side ....."... 
Store, 8 eo 

2 Smith Frederick W 
4 Hall Wm J S 
6 Beasley Mrs Elizabeth 
8 Hosler Mrs Annie 
House, ø e 
. Glyens st Intersects 
Slaughter house 
. Argyle pi commences 
2-1 Hudson 
Irs AWl 
26 Montgomery James 
House, s e 
.. .. .. ... Sou th Side 
House, a e 
1 Cook Frederick 
3 Free James 
5 Douglas John 
7 Squire Jaml'S 
!J 8nllh-an Dennis J 
House, S e 
. :;Ivens 6t intersects 
House, 8 e 
47 Lambert Mrs :\lary 
Store, s e 

S""ICK A V. n from 
35t College to Wells, ward 
.......". East Side......... 
1 McBean's Hall 
Baker George. caretkr 
Felton Clement, locksmIth 
Manning Mrs E. tobacco 

harp Thomas. carp 
Furey James :\1. plmbr 

:lnder"'{ln ):1.s L. drsmkr 
Central Gospel Hall 
3 Hooper Ebenezer. phy 
5 'I,,'hu'l'a' 
Ir. Elizabeth 
7 Winter Fl'I1ncis W 
9 Jubb Mrs :\Iargaret 
11 Hamilton Re,<, Christopher 
1-: ""lllO:.on .T:Jcob 
1;; Wedd John C 
17 Gilpin Wm H 
111 Xiles Cha rles n 
21 Cronyn Renjamln 

3 nulnes
 .Arthur V 
Uymond Bertha. phy 
25 D[nj!'man A W 
2i ""llson Gporgp II 
31 Palmer Wm J 
]la '<'Ies S,<,dney J 
:1:1 Wilson Wm Á 
:i Carey .1ohnston 
:17 Walter 'I., Annie (' II: 
:I!I Hak('\' n.., E,Iward N 
41 !':tewa rt 4.lexander 
4:1 Duthl.. John B 
4:; Galloway Harrv A 
47 S"oft J 'Fairbairn 
49 R,,<,c(' Wm 
:;1 Rovrl John 
53 'llinson (,Iarence 
ßnl John C 
57 Kennedv Lyman A 
5!) "'hltp 'Iv Thoma" 
fl1 ShArp 
vlvester J 
63 Rendl'T Chari... A 
fi:t X{>'t\9."omhp Of'tßviuq 
fl7 Taylor 
lIq" S J. 
6!) Ree"" ('01 Wm 
71 ('o"I..h\1rn IIp,<, Edward 
i:l ",,('onnell Wm G 
';!; M,,
ter Wm F 
77 Lind:,,:n- 'In:. Anns E 
(Iuirf'. "\;ornlnn )[ 
'iVy.. Rowprman 1111's Ros.. 
Bowerman )liss C 'I. mus 
81 An!!er Wm H 
Iott John J 
&'1 J eyee T ouls S 
. Distel' st Intersects 
. Rlltler \I J. grocer 
"7 Ilat"liff .1 B,ron 
,..!I l':Il'r,- .Tnmp
!II Ha]ps James 
pd \\ if'k A Ihfl'rt 
95 Raggs Wm 
H. Hyanl Hf'ru'v :\[ 
99 Gilmour ;Io"eph H 
]01 Williams Wm J 
111:1 (;,'0<< )Irs 
I C 
105 Rerr}" "-m 
Vac:Ïnt lots 
1:!1 Batting \Irs Ellzabpth 
[orri, Nathaniel 
125-:!9 Jon"s Wm C. contI' 
131 Johnston Robert 

,) {HE. 

98 (FiY '( I 


 C 0 A L. 
'f- I1[ADOff l C.t. 


133 Gadsby F W 
13;; Hall Alfred E 
137 Ham Frederick C 
139 Luke Washington I 
H1 Hath\\a) R H, btchr 
. Harbord st Intt!r
H3 Cobb G W. barber 
. Krulllrm h )[rs Emily 
147 Mah Jim. Indry 
H9 Caddell Walter 
l:i1 Farthing Robert 
153 Bentley Wm 
j:W Pur.." )11'
.!1 HrUlis" iek lIall 
161 Foresters' Hall 
16:> ,'acant store 
lIa,ey D L B 
167 StraclÌan James A 
171 Vacant 
1ï3 Bemi
t"r :\IN Susao 
--. Baln Donald 
liT Stevens Geo. jr, florist 
17!1 Ale,<anc1er 'Irs Jessie 
181 Bromle}" John 
183 lIIartin 'Hugh W 
185 Collins John N 
Uii ('orin John L 




197 Broddle Fredl'Tlck 
1!'!1 .Ahlþ()tt nln jcl. Jrrof'er 
. Susse" a '<' Intersects 
201 Clark James 
211:1 Appleton Harry C Y 
20;; Scott Ch
rles W 
2117 IIIc,.lttlc Rohert 
209 CumInes \llrs :\Iarlon 
Iclntosh James. pntr 
21:1 Pearce Thomas H 
215 Kennedy James, florist 
[rs J. drsmkr 
:!1!1 I'ark, Rohert 
:!:!:I A\1,tpn Ale'<,lIIder J 
225 Richardson James 
"a cant lot 
Iorrison "ei! 
:!:I:{ Lang<tal'!' )Irs I. F 
:!:I:i Milne A S. carp 
2.19 'filnfl' GpOI'

I,utf'h ""m D 
243 Atkinson James 1- 

1 . 
n()", 'Yll1 H 
2"" "illÏi,ms Alfred 
2-1i DA'<'iclson Rp1' John 
'. Hill Joseph 
:!-1!' SIi".ht )1..< "artha J 
2:51 Rorlancl "'m. contr 
25:1 ('ooke Geor
:!:-,:ï (;.I1Il\- '\nflrew B 

.i A<hförrl Thomas 
2.';9 Rorlgers Jllmes. dairy 
Hotel. s e 
. Rloor st w Intersects 
Prl,<,ate !!rDlmrlq 
2ïl Sinclair '[rs Alice 
 fH'P'" Fih\.1 nl 
:n7 .hn H.lrnld II 
323 White Hugh 
Vacant lots 
. T owther a,<, Inter
'acant lots 
:1:1:1 '[a!!ee Mrs Emma H 
:{:t:-) )1:111011 J:1II1.f'... ".. 

7 !':tmp.ou Wm .1 
:In Ellton Roh..rt Y 
:lt3 '1,,'llIhon Frank 
!) 'l'lIomp.on "'m I 
lIlith ,\" J 
3f13 Smltb Rollert 
Bï1 r., an< \lorgnn J 
373 Wal..efl"ld 'Irs Elizabeth 

F. J. SMITH4 Qð CO. 

Propertip.s FOR SALE in ALL 
PARTS of City and Suburbs 
16 & 18 ADELAIDE ST. E. 


Insurance, Financial and Estate Ageqts 
Administrators and Trustees 


Brunswick Av. 


......... West Side ......... 
Store, s e 
., (.I.uh....uJl P E. tlt.nt......t 
"ïd,\\..rl' l' Burgess 
GllIi..s ElI\\ "I'll 
:';"ott Fl"l'lIeri..k ". 

liss H E 
Irs I G 
Pal'hl'l' JO
l'plJ C 
Duulngton l\Irs Sarah 
Dunlngton l\Iiss N G.nurse 
..ll"rs Charles 
4n Brown \Ym J 
4'1.. Brougl1all Rev J S 
6 Chapin Ch..ster G 
Cilapin 1I11ss 
Iace. drsmkr 
6n CoIlIng Uev Joseph S 
B Ruddock John 
10 III111JUrn 11I1'S lIIary J 
1:.: U I.IZ..IIJ1'....k Artl1ur .T 
14 Patl'rsou J HarI'Y 
III lIu\\"son 
Irs R A 
18 Wilson George L 

o Aihl'ns 1 H u

.... Watsuu 'Irs Cilariotte 

I1PIIIlt'r.1 H r.. phy 
24 Henderson James H 
26 IIIcArthlll' \Irs 'Iargaret 

 Hullh :\lr!-: Isnhella 
3U P.ltrinrehe lI.Jrold 
3:! Xixon 
Irs Mary J 
34 Conlin 'Irs Julia A 
31; Hay 
Iary E 
38 Taylor Joseph J 
40 Farrell 
Irs Ann 
4:! Uogers Asa C 
4-t Duncan Lytle J 
46 Bartlam Jnmes L 
48 ?\Iord..n N S 
50 Chesher Alfred 
52 Browne 'Ym A 
5-1 Hell!\\ ell Frank H 
56 Cook Wm 
5h \",Iulnt 
60 Fox Wm (; 
62 Tisdall Henry W 
IUI'I'ny Charles B 
66 Llreckenridg-e 
Irs Agnes 
 \Ynrd nohprt A 
70 Brigham IIIrs I 
 l"nx (
eorge E 
74 Hilborn Ell H 
76 lIunnlug Charles W 
78 B,lrd.1\ 
Irs B.Hah 
Barcla'v 'V 1<]. mus tcllr 
8U 1I,Ilne A A. pl1y 
B2 l\Iurray John W 
84 Paterson Mrs F I 
80 III ill a I' Liudsay I", phy 
. Ulster st Intersects 
88 Hatt Thomas W 
1I:.! l'aille Janlc
IJ4 Flynn 
lIss Bertha H 
Flvnn lIIIss J, uurse 
00 Yòrston .T Alfred 
 III" an Hichard T 
100 Wòltz Oeor:!e 
1()()I, 1','I{'l's Arthur E 
102 Benjamin 
Ierilt A 
IIJ4 Keefler !lIrs A ],I V 
100 lIuekv,,]p John E 
lJlnk Frauk ''" 
110 McKay \(Iss 
112 Lackie Wm H 
114 Bastpdo John H 
116 Bowers Abiel S 
l1R 'I orris Wm J 
120 Hnll CvruQ A, bldr 
I:!:! InJ.d('
O'll "9 111 
124 J:lmieson Edward 
I; Hl"ollllPV .1flJn4?s 

 :\[ol"pl..ilCl I:rnpst C 
130 Smith Thomns 
132 Connery Joseph 
134 Pa rtendeu !II rs Harriet 
131; Farwell Frer1erlck 
138 Rpnson Adnm 
140 Hoyd (;f'Hrg
14:! I,. B.llr \\ III F 
144 Pinkney JOQeph, dairy 
141i Atkinson ',"m J, coal 011 
14R Wnlker J H, gro 
. Hnrhord st Intersects 
150 Parkin G W. gro 
152 C'ottanl Jnmes. tlr 
154 Scl1uhart \Vm. htchr 

l1QQ A ],I L 
mus tchr 

I;;G \;10\ cr Albprt IJ 
158 Bambl'ldge !III'S Annie ]It 
100 Adams Charles 
lU:! I'incumhe John L. plmbr 
It;.! Connery Joseph, bldr 
lUG Price Leonard U 
 Hoblnson John T 
II;S \(cArthur Wm L 
172 Hohlnsou JolIn 
IH H:lI(lwln 
ll's Eden 
Jones ::\Irs :\1 .E. nurSe 
17(i Apst"-) Orlulldo G 
1.8 Lumbers 'I'llomas 
180 Bmdsh:lw John H 
l:lc<louald Wm 
1S.J !'cull
' H:ll'l'y C 
HiU Purves rl10mas R 
It-8 I'eutz Philip S 
1!J0 Forhes Wm R. massage 
p..rbes Mrs W R. massage 
1\1:! Hi<eoU T E. mus Ichr 
I!H Pettit Ebenezer T 
I!1U P..nuucl< 
1 rs J al1l

 lnuug George 
lanuel Walter II 
202 ::\lorl'i::;on Jumes N 
. Sussex av interscts 
204 Wmy Alex, grocer 
:!UG Mrs 
I A 
:WH P.lttl,SOIl ::\liss J..\ne 
:!10 l:ol'hl'an Wm 

 Sexton "rill 
:!H Wood Johu A 
:!1U l'l1ul'l'l1l11 Edmund 
:':18 M..Knight 
:!:!O lIur"'
' Johu 
:!:!:.: Carruthers ',"m H 
-I E\ (lrton Mrs Aunie 
:!:!U Huhiuson G H, u(>l1ol 
:!:!8 8tokes Frl'derlck A 
23:! lInk..\\ ell J:I'l'n,'zPl" 
ll's I.; H, nurse 
liss It. uurse 
Ha" SOil ::\11'8 J, nurse 
l\lUllllS J H, llurse 
23G Conner Cm'lton \V 
2aB Lanceley !III'S CaroUne E 
240 Credicott IUchard 
2.J2 Bland Laucelot J, bldr 

ft N


lrs K. drs- 
S 8:1wtell A E F 
U Hohinson J ohu 'I' 
:!;,:! l'alterson Ed\\ard 
:l;-.4: (j-ourlflY 
11i "anghÎ1n Alfred A 
:!UU l'uritan Laundry Co 
tracl1an J A. blksmlth 
Store, s e 
. Bloor st Intersects 
\'acant lols 

:J1j Brock Henrv . 
30\1 J,'nkius 
3Uti Brnmell Walter B 
:IIIS \'1111 Arthur G 
310 Ussher John F C 
312 Watson Joseph 
R14 Lowndes Charles B 
316 Taylur James F 
318 Laird 
(r< J B 
lrs M 
cP. mus 
:1211 Philpott Hcr!...rt C 
3.... (Inul'la,- 
Irs Lottie 
:1:!.J \' a":lnt 
:{:!lI I1....wnp Rohert H 
332 Ashworth George J 
334 Sumner IIIrs Loretta 
lrs Eliza 
3:{B S[mpsl}n Mrs 8nrah J 
3.J0 l'ul1:er Edw:lTd 
3.J:! 1'homp<on '''m S 
:IH I:"ssell E.lwnrd 
R-HI Allen Edw
R Ro::prson Wm 
3;;0 Spence Jl}hn 
Spf'nce !lllss C F. nurse 
3;;2 Marks John W 
 Sun!t.r '\""111 S 
3;;G I1ohon Xorman E 
Vacant lot 
36fì Harris Bm.ton S 
:\GR KJng Arthur 8 
3íO Grpf>II" ood Wm 
 Hal'\"ßl'd HUJnuf'1 II 
Vacant lots 
. Barton av commences 
37S N'lddrle Wm H 

3xn \"all
tolle Lucius :N 

:!I"litinishp(1 IltlUSP 
386 Lloyd Henry II 
390 Cork Samuel E 
:W:! 1'1,,\\'es I W \\', nidI' 
:!!I,I Wills I: Gordou 
::!Jlj Beckett 
,.muel (j 

tO\-pl Alhert I': 
.Jll,I \ acaut 
4l1S \Icllpe ll:Jrry 
4lU \Iasson J:lmes 
 \\'all",r U I1..wle'\' 
<11-1 I.('ar
on )Irs F:lnfIv 
mith IIenr
 T . 
Vacant lot 

BrCH.\X.\". w from 424 
Yonge to Teraulay. ward 3. 
. .. . . .... North Side ......... 
Store, s e 
2 Hanna !':lmuel R 
4 Perrin Richard 
6 Ercckell Arthur 
 Dav 'Wm A 
B f'orritt 
rrs Fatima J 
Porritt lIUss E H. mns 
10 l\Iajor Cecil 
1:<1 To"nlev Wm A 
14 Yorke :\ll"s 
Iack John 
IB Bcarr1en James 
Bearden 1IIIss R A. drB- 
20 Hutchison George 0 
22 Win row IIIrs Mary C 
......... South Side 
1-. Store, s e 
9-11 Store room 
13 CoatI's Lorne 
1;; Tomlinson 
Irs Annie E 
17 Bonner J:lmes 
19 Adams Benjamin. pntr 
AII:ln !\Irs Barhara, I' 
21 rerJrugon Jamf>s 
2:1-2!J "'el.h's bakery 
31 Siuman Wm 
33 Ardlpv Albert P 
nlt"hie F J. l' 
3;; Smith George 
Olhbons P:ltrlck. I' 
:n Lawrence Paul F 
39 Stp,'ens Harry 
a'JI,6 Laird 1111's Jessie 
,11 E\"nns Hf'nr
43 Wehster Wm 
47 Beul:lh Hnll 
Rn<hhrook Hpnry J 
;.l-:-.H Thonlp
on f) \Y Co 
upholstprprs' supplies 

BULWEIl. w from 12 Soho 
to Spadin:l n'\'. w
rd 4. 
.. .. .. '" 1':' orth Side ......... 
Honse. s e 
I.umhpr varr1, s e 
4 Downs Pntrlck 
6 Pedwell Hprhert 

 Bpl'l"\" 1I('nl"\ 
In Fprlllp FI."d"rl"k 
 h_"II'\' l'ntrlck :!! 
H ('utÙ..r Isa:l" 
If! lIIurphy John 
18 Og-r1en Wm 

CI Ilutehis:oll .1ohn 

 Rlnuif' Rolwrt W 
Lydon :\U"hael. r 

ohle Ja('oh 
Manley Wm. r 
:!u (:ro1](> 
2S 1I1t'lkh .10spph 
30 (;oltlsteln J,J('oh 
S"hool !!rollnds 
Rear entrnnce 
-IS l'l"oss!t.,- \\"111 C 
:10 JoplsOIl".1 ohn 
on 'Ir..;, 
rl-l 'YI1!"'on "fhmnng 
. .. . . .. .. South Side . __...... 
House. s e 
1-3 Storehouse 
Pinning mill, I' e 

1:) BpHnett 
1;-)V2 Haill
hottnm )Irc;; IS8- 
hcll.\ n 
17 Jones Amasa R 

Iowat James 
:!1 I ',...Ij!l1toll l'l1arles \\" 
25 Lyous 
I:lrtin J 
27 Scott )Irs Margaret 
Re:lr entrance 
31 'I'avlor Thomas 
, F.Ì,.lllUU 
Irs Eliz:lheth 
37-30 S"ott M E & Co, fac- 
41 Dmke Lewis 
43 Auehlncloss George C 
45 D:lvls S:lmuel 
49 Davies Charles 
;.1,;,;1 \'acant (2) 
Inlone 1111's Rose 
57 Bllnane John 
;;0 11:1,.",,1' Juhn J 
House. s e 

Bl;HXFlr.LD AV. w from 
IOoli Shaw to Osslngtðn a.,. 
ward 5. 
. .. .. . . " North Side ......... 
Vacant lots 

 Whal.'n Will 
Vacant lot 

(I nont.,..,- l'redprlck 

2 H(>itl rl
:!.J Hpid Jospphns 

Ii (':1 rter Daniel 
House, s e 

 Prior ""Y m 
Vacant lot 
Honse. s e 
......... South Side......... 
Vacnnt lots 
33 Keith John C 

Byun" '\ \". n from Chatham 
to Danforth a'\'. 1 e of Les- 
lie. ward 1. 
.. . . . . ... Ea "t Side ...
3 Stone Henry 
ã IlIhhitt (:porg
9 Jobin Alexander 
......... West Side 
Not built on 

C.-\En HOWELL. west from 
head of Simcoe to 161 Mo- 
Caul. ward 4. 
.. .. . . . " 1':' orth Side ... __ . . .. 

lcCa III 8cbool 
Erskine Pres Church 
20 Ellison Wm 
:!2 Yntes Wm R 
24 Barber Thomas W. gro 
. Murr:lY st commences 
1"(,lell:llHl "rs 
28 McCaw Mrs Eliza 
30 ('arpet Cleaning Co 
Corney Hpnrv W 
32 ',"illlams Geor
Prh'ate "rounds 
54 Foley Charles J 
Store. s e 
......... South Side 
Church, s e 
ìmcoe st ends 
Store, s e 
1 T"lgmanu F"rtllnnnil B 
:i lIuntpr "'m L 
5 HI!!lp;" 
(rs Hannah. bdg 
7 P'\'ne Miss Mnrv 

llIith )lr8 Pbnphe. (lrs- 
H nl!t.
 Will n. hl"yele repr 
9'1.. Rilev 
(rs Elizabeth 
11 "I"torl:l Hotel 
. WIIII:lm st endq 
]3 McColl 1111's Sophr<)nin 
15 :\(cLpnn 
[I<s Annie 
Travis :\(Iss Annie, nnrse 
17 Phillips 1I11,,-q Annie M 
[I",'lIn Rohprt 
1!J ('ol1!!hlin :\Irs Helen 
21 &ohool, I' P 
23 Storr 1I11ss Ele,mor 
Htorr lIIiss Samh 
25 Mnnning ,Tames A 
27 Randall Edwin F 
29 D"an Thoma< 
:n Whit.. IIpl1jnmln 
RR ('oomhQ Thomas 
35 Rest Percy E. staty 
37 Coomh" Tho Q . confy 

SherDJan E. Townsend 

Arbitrator and Financial Agent 
Cable Address, M c KINN O N BUlLDIN C 


Circular Stairs, Window Guards, 
Truss Rods, Bolts, Castings, Etc" 
65 to 91 PEARL ST. Phone Main 2748 


Carl tOil. 


CAE It HOWELL PL, now w 
s University av. n of Caer 
Ïlowell, ward 4. 
CALLAN PL, s from 307 Wil- 
ton U'., ward 2. 
. .. .. . . .. I-:ast 
ide ......... 
House, 8 e 
1 Harris Samuel 
2 l'oiutou Hcnry G E 
3 '1'0\\ nsley Geurge 

"llinlle Arthur 
... . . . ... \\ est 
ide .... - ... . 
House, S e 

D.!.U. n from Queen 
w, first w of Sorauren av, 
ward 6. 
. .. . . . . " Ea st Side 
Vacant lots 
7 Salthouse Wm 
9 Cox Harry J 
Vacant lots 
:!1 )!ePIll.r:-õon J\1:..;.eph H C 
2'J Carey 
Irs Anule M 
:.!:-. Gallu\\ el'" Jnbn L 
27 Grant ,,'alker J 
aloi"ton Hobert 
33 G..lhraith Juhu 
35 Bell Albert E 
Beemer Phlllp S 
IUl'ray Thomas W 
evmour )lrs Emma L 
45 Barrv Maurice 
47 Loga'n John (<' 
4U 'I.ltthe"" 

ntton II..rold 
55 Asaka Yarokuro 
57 Clare Mrs :\Iaria 
:it) E;:lldll
e R 
61 Brotchle Daulel W 
63 Ridout 
Ii.s Augusta H 
te" .ut Charles 
67 Ormiston )Irs 8usan 
Harrison Mrs Margaret 
. .. . .. ' .. West Ride ......... 
26 Winchester John 
. Harvard aV commences 
House. s e 

, w from 124 Spa- 
dlna av to Brunt, ward 4. 
. .. . . . ... r; orth Side ......... 
:! H.lII l'Wlip H 
4 Hartford Jouathan 
6 WllIiams Albert D 
8 Tracv Heher S 
10 Avres James W 
12 IÚddick David 
14 1Iell Jllrs :\Iaggle 
16 Laudou George A 
18 Hynds Samuel 
20 Cottrell Wm J 
22 Smith John W 
24 Se'lbrook James 
:!.i 1""lIett Hohert 
 JOl.1es John 
30 ROl'kal\ 
'rederi<-k W 
32 Cooppr RoherJ; A 
34 Morrison 
36 Caldwell Philip 
38 Ford Hugh G 
411 .\,lam, \Irs Jane 
4:! HUg'hN
 Gl'Ul'2'{> T 
44 Mapkenzie .\,'chlbald 
46 Robinson John C 
48 Cobh George II 
110 "'ardman John H, exp 
54 1I1l1 John n 
56 Phlllps Wm 
House. s e 
......... 80uth Side 
et 8 e 
Wood ynrrl 
:; Copeland Erlward 
7 1l.\lUU\ 
9 "'hltehea<l John T 
11 Prln
le :\Irs Sarah 
, .IJIII"tt Hil'hul'll 
17 Hickev D'lnlel 
19 Moore'Rohert III 
Reorganizpd Church or 
Jesus Christ 
25 Garratt James 
27 IIIcTn\ Ish John 
29 Caste n" ....v 
"l1....ul1 \'" In J. r 
;n Tad..r Arthur 
llPrt<i.:nll Uobert y r 
3:1 \by I'r..rlericl< 

3;; Smith Richard A 
37 Hngerty Mrs Bridget 
 JIIpDouagh Hobert 
43 Kirk Frederick A 
llnl111Üll U
47 Amort JalUc
House. s e 

l'A:\IEHOX, n from 400 Queen 
w. to Cameron pi, ward 4 
. . . . . . . .. East Side ......... 
Store, s e 
1 nest Robert '1' 
3 Clark Hobert W 
;; \I..X\\ ell Johu 
ï HO
l'll 8èlll1uel 
U Brody Jo
11 Brown James R 
13 Gould Richard H 
1;; McGill Dougald 
17 Hardy Mrs Is.thella 
19 Freeboru Bruce 
21 Ya ughan :\Irs Ellen 
23 Wilson John B 
:!=-. )Iollabnll James 
3i Kemp Frederick 
:m lJ.II1t'\ Tllolll<lS 
Hurd'lug Charles 
41 Horner Benjamin 
43 Cheftey Hobert, phy 
4;; Yard Edwin 
47 Tboma
 'Irs K.lte 
Hrown Frcd J 
49 Ferg Christian H 
patter Jan)('s 
53 Creelmnn ',"m 
;;;; :\lid<llptOll Hprhert 
57 Eo" d..., J..mes 
59 :\Iulcahv 
61 Chapmån Wm 
1J3 ',"II"'n .\lp'\:,lI\d(>T 
 :\lc1lurnev :\liss Clara 
li7 \\ïuelwl'g 1I.11'ry 
6D McTague 1Ilrs Ann 
71 O'Brien lIIrs Annie E 
. . . . .. . .. "-est Side 
Hotel. s e 
Cameron Hall 
2 Thurlow J.I1I1f'.... 
4 pnrllament 'Vm 
(j Tbomp
on .TClllii'S 
8 Ashfielrl :\Irs Margaret 
Wells Thomas A 
10 Clarke "'m 
12 Ga\ in Jo,eph 
14 :\1011' Wm H 
16 Leach "'m 
18 Holmes Charles E 
Holmes S & Son, stair 
bldrs, r 
Turner Harry W. wood 
turner. r 
20 Crossm:m :\Irs Carollne 
2UJýz Sare John 

:! J":lUeptt :\Irs Robert 
24 I'ike Wm H 
:!(Î Uuhill
on \,,"m 
28 McArthur John 
30 Ðu<lJ;eon !IIrs Elizabeth 
Durlgeon 1\IIss :\1 J. drs- 
:t:1 ..\I"thlll' 
34 StephenQ :\I.s 
36 Cameron George 
3R Hl'Own "'alter 
h"rhro..h \If.crl G 
(....lw.r Ht'l'lH'l't 
-1:! :\111\ hce \Irs H:Iehel 
44 Ma,'ColI npor
e D 
46 ,"orlden Hohert 
48 O'Toole James 

n 'Inrk.. Rlmon 
 ('rpplllUlll Georg-? I
54 Partlow If 0" a rd 
owan Hnc;h 
58 Crammon.l 'II's E D 
(j() Armstrong 
62 m",ett Wm F 
Hlssett :\Ir.. L E, drsmkr 
spur :\1.. Clara,mem- 
Of'lal wreaths 
iO Cr:\mpton Wm 
. Cameron pi commences 

 PL, w from 70 
Cameron to Vanauley, ward 

. . . .. .. .. r\ orth Side ......... 
2 London James N 
......... South Side ......... 
1 Dalbv Wm S 
3 ::iharp :\lrs Emily 
5 Dohle :\Irs Ellzaheth 
7 Licence 
Irs ?IIary E 
9 :\Ioore :\Irs Sarah 
11 Denison Henry 
13 Badger lIIrs Jane 
15 Hnntpr SalDuel 

CAMPBELL AV, n from Wal- 
lace av to city limits, first 
w of Xorthern Railway, 
ward 6. 
. .. .. . '" East Side ......... 
Vacant lots to 253 
,:I :\I<-ßuruie Johu 
Z;;;; Lascelles GeorgI' 
Vacant lots to end 
. .. . . . . .. 'Yest Side ......... 
Vacant lots 
11m \"al'ant 
Ia,'k:. v Arthur .\ 
l.:! Cl'uig- G('{)r
e C 
IS:! Hall Jamps 
{) Fl'\ S.lIlIlll'l 
'O ] ..Il"l".lIlCl-o CIl3rles 

lllith .JulIn 
1!11i, I:dgar 
1!1S Kennp,h- Julm n. bldr 

Utl Ro.H''' f'J'",]prlck 

u:! Furhp

II-l I::d,1is FrancIs A 
i :\lcGo\\.1II Ho!Jert It 
:!(lS :\I<-Callum 
:!If) Gaulp} .John R 

12 Owen.... Hobert 

I-l I :ooo1fel1o\\ :\h'
 Rarah A 

mith :\11" Catherine 
:!lS \lrnnllnond Jolin. hldr 

fi '[('ad )Irs :\Inr\ 

 }[no)..4?l' FranC"l
u }liIul .1o
:,!:t! Ol'iftì.n ThulIln.... n 
. h",-iug' nv iJltpr
3111 (:r()
an .10111I J 
. HoyC'P ny illter,;;,;p('ts 
'-:\pant lots 

''\In..\W A". n from Ash- 
brldge's Bay to city limits, 
crossing Queen e at 1143. 
ward 1. 
. . . . . . . .. East Side ......... 
a :\Ios
 l'hemic...1 :\lfg Co 
17 He} nolds (Irl:\ndo, poultry 
33 Stewart "Ym N 
3;; Connell Thomas 
37 Wariug- -\Ifred 
4;; Chauter Wm 
-Ii I ,) PI' Hobt'rt jr 
51 Dyer Hobert 
Vacant lots 
. Eastern av Intersects 
Vacant lots 
lichael J 
1"7 111...1 nt'rn.II'd. poultr} 
1!Y.J Kilby Daniel 
111 Crighton George W 
113 Harmer Johu 
115 Geddes James L 
11. I:r:lllt ('h:II'lp, A. bldr 
1 Wnsllington Tboma, E 
123 O'Hara l' J. dairy 
133 Johnston Thomas H 
l:ÇI J('lIl1illg
 Chèll"les B 
Vacunt lots 
167 Fog-arty Joseph, t1orist. 
Church, s e 
. Qneen st e Intersects 
Store, s e 
. G T It bridge 
. Gerrard st e Intersects 
lIcHNP. s e 
. Buill 1iI\. Inter
ï Boytl \,,"m. l.'untr 
. Frlzzpll av commences 
Vacant lots to end 
.. _ .. .... ',('st Side ......... 

 C.lllall" LanlH'h Works 
HplHln .Juhn 
8 Cnrtis 'Chrlstopher, pntr 
Vacaut lots 
3f! Fnller Geor
38 Thompson John 
Vacant lot 

72 Connell George 
74 Lowe Albert 
76 Hamilton John J 
i8 Hoger Wm 
80 lIIunn John 
82 Love John 
S-I :\1..c1eau Herbert A R 
86 Lougheed Georl:e H 
House, s e 
. Eastern av Intersects 
Vacant lots 
100 :\litchell Wm E 
10:! H,'ave Alfred 
Private grounds 
108 Fleming Rohert 
114 Wilkins Matthew 
116 Ford Frederick 
Vacant lots 
1:!-1 Timson Burton 
126 Sabin Ed" ard H 
Vacant lots 
134 Cooper Gavin 
Iace George W 
138 Smith David L 
140 Newberry Charles 
H:! Dale Frnnci" 
144 01,1' I Franklin 
14(; Jamle!<On Wm 
148 Brpckl(>s Thomns W 
l:iU .Alu]erson .Jnlll(,
152 Howell 1I1rs Caroline 
tf'pllP'ns Arthur II] 
Inn h..inj!don (;eorge 
Vacaut lots 
If!O I e Roy David J 
Le Rov Chemical !I1tg Co 
16R Rmall,,'ood Wm 
172 Flint George C 
174 Leslie John K 
li6 Rpillholt Wm 
Honse, s e 
. Queen ..t e Intersect.!! 
Vacant lots to end 

C ARLI'\G. u from moor vr 
opp Givens to city limits. 
ward 5. 
... ., .. .. East Side ......... 
House. s e 
1 Hazlett :\II

3 Ellis Thomas W 
17 Gascoyne Thomas 
. . .. . . ... 'Vest Side ......... 
Not built on 
+ Ir<,ne pi commences 
CARLISLE, see Carlyle 
(' \HI Tn
. e from 443 Yonge 
to tbe DOli, wards I, 2 and 
. . . . . .. " r\ orth Side ......... 
Store, s e 
2 Forstcr James 
Forster Eel" in, dentist 
4 :\lar.hnll n",'hel't A. hIdr 
IJ Th"lIl,oll W..It.... 1', phy 
Garvin \\'\11 .1. r 
\1.1IOIlf> Fr('(h>ri('].\:. r 
8tel)blOnS TboIH.l'i E, r 
(,lrg'Hret. r 
I; Hohlin 1-:,11II1Ind 
10 Richardson '1' B. phv 
1:! .Inlle
14 Emory Wm J H, phy 
18 Ogden Uzzle!. phy 
 Burr R__', A Ford\"f'e 
2S Gibson "Irs 111. mÌt'se 
30 Homedl 
I rs Lncv 
Irs M,irgal'pt A 
Bro\\ II 
Upformf'd I'rf's Church, r 
Jnf'k....oll Uoh('rt. r 
32 :\leFarlane Murray. phy 
3-1 AD<I",'son II 11. phy 
:{'i Fotlll'rillJ;h..m .1"lIu 'r,phy 
3'" 'Iorisoll 'U....s 'lul'\F 
40 Skinner E I,elia. phy 
42 M,'UIIIl",'ny Donald, pby 
"la<'lp1lllall 111111".111 

te\\:II't \IN Eli7:Jbeth 
44-6 FrIend
' Church 
.I",It'rson II 
1. e1entlst 

"Hl Jo,,;:('ph 
50 "-atson Archer G 
52 Delll
OIl I1arrv 
\1"\11'011 :\Ir.. Flora MapD, 

lie nves ors nlercan I e gency, Li"1 ited Prevents Loss; Insures Safe Investments 
25 TORONTO ST. Telephone Main 613 Samuel Nesbitt, I\



Standard Life I ASSETS, I D. :


. Charles Hunter 
ASSURANCE CO. of Edmburgh 1$52,000,000 Chief Agent, Ontario 







56 Colleran John J 
60 Greene E Herbert, ph" 
62 Tong & Co, laundry 
Store, s e 
. Church st Intersects 
72 Janes Simeon H 
Pri'\'ate grounds 
S4 l\Ie(>gan I'eter 
90 Scott !III'S Jessie 
. 'lc'lillan st commencell 
98 !IIc
aught Wm K 
100 ITo"itt Wm H, phy 
102 RaIns !\Irs !IIaria 
108 Allen Norman. phy 
Marling OS" aid, pby 
110 \Iartln Ur
House, s e 
. JanIs st Intersects 
Store, s e 
114 Hahlenb'\' Wm 
-1:!/1 rntinl
h..d house 
124 '''eese George A 
126 Jones D Ogden, ph}' 
130 Thomas !II Augustns 
132 Dw'\'er !III'S Florence 
134 Gerliles 1111's lIIatllda 
140 lIIcDonagb George n, phy 
142 Seccombe W. dentist 
144 1Ile)lilhlll 
H(\ Ellis Ch.II'le
1-18 :-;tcHl'1' Edg-ar 
150 Fletcber Benjamin 
152 Ivev Jobn D 
. HOli,ewood av commences 
1M Ohlright & ::\1.lck(>n"ie, 
(lIdl'lu:bt Wm. 
1('>6 Rlacb'ford Hornce r 
11\'\ Rlaehforll Cbarles E 
172 Keitb George 
IIouse, s e 
berbourne st Intersects 
Prhate ground
176 1'01"11 "r A 
".a......n "'m H 
1 78 \II
1 \' 
te"al.t :\Irs ('ath..I'ine 
182 Dimo(>k 1111's Isabella 
..J. HealHtrJ1 C;eorg-e 
1; Turnloull H '1. (lru,,"s 
. Blee(>ker st commences 

t Peter's Cburcb 
198 Ricbardson 
Irs Harriet 

tl'wart \\"altN' F 
. Ontario st Intersects 
200 De" e'\' !III'S L E. grocer 
200V:J ChaÎnhf'fS (jpo E. shoes 
 I1m tl'r .John. haker 
20-1 Craig ThomaQ B 
terllng 'Walter 

os ".,-rn
210 ""ii'on 
Ir' Louise 
)'olln..lh "i
s .T, nurse 
 'I. nurse 
Uo, liP 'lI
s E. ntH'Sf! 
212 FOI:far James E. pby 
214 f:nlder R O. phy 
216 Doan Robert W 

1H ('ont",,,ol'th Enler
rurra'\' F W. dentist 
IT elUle"r,on ,rrs lIIarv J 
222 Holmes .Tohn . 
224 nau,hv U. acet 

 N S, Inus 
hv E L. .1elltlQt 
choflëld Richard 
228 Hume \11'" Ann 
Hume G G. dentist 
Hume ]I[l
s It G D, phy 
230 ßQ"nIN \\"m F. phy 
232 Rrown Frank N W 

234 Parker Samuel 
23li ColLy Alfred 
Anderson \Vm 
238 Alexander 'V H, phy 
240 Sproule 
242 Stephany II, barber 
2H HolJinson H H, dr) gd
Dixon Hill') 
Dixon Mrs Ellen, drsmKr 
246 B) I'on Et!gar A, staty 
248 Balch Wm II. baker 
BeaU\- "-m H 
230 Wblte' Bros, grocers 
Wblte Richard H 
252 Clavton T A. btcbr 
. Par"Ilament st Intersects 
Store, s I' 
2:;4 McLean Alex, contI' 
238 !IIanes Tbomas W 
2GO Brown John 
2HZ Be;::g James G 
264 Beg
 Cbarles G 
266 !\Ioodey Wm J 
2G8 lIIuttou I.'r:lI1k E 
270 Parsons Arthur R 
. 1I1etcaIfe st commences 
House, R e 
271 Oll'\'er !III'S Margaret 
;.!ït; .Johnston )Irs 
2ï8 ,or
ter James IT 
2,,0 Miller Allan F 
282 Van Norman Cbarles C 
li Kennedy Dnniel 
3í!8 Lumber" Henry 
294. Loggie James 
t.j h.err JUllle:i \\9 
:!US Hurst Aubrey 0 
tU.ll t JUllU
. Sack'\'llle st Intersects 
30ð Brick Benjamin, bldr 
3H Tyrrell Edward N 
. Woodley pI commences 
311> Pampbllon Walter 
;;;.!() Sm) Ib ::\Irs 
32.J Fair Cbarles H 
32U Benson W E 
3:!"" \\.est El'ue..t U 
. Bowman st commences 
:':.;0 Cbarlton Peter 
(;Uray Artbur .A 
336 Mulrbead Uobertson 
338 Hotll\\ ell Will E 
340 lngmm Alfred E, pntr 
3.J2 Armstrong Robert 
3H Breckinreld Tbomas 
346 Hoss John 
House, S e 
. Sumach st Intersects 
Rh erdale Park 
......... Soutb Side ......... 
OntarIo Bank, s e 
1 C.II'lton Ch.lmlJers 

\rlll...;:trollg' T11011IßS. phy 
 J, dell 8t 
11.111 Wm H W. dentist 
l'ulIIlllel' ,,- I':, dcntist 
on U O. dentIst 
3 B.II'I'I,,)- )\" L, IIIU, tcbr 
::<l'llUch I: "-. mu, tchr 
)lacB,'iPn -'lIss Julin J,', 
lUllS h:l1r 
lIss Isabella 
\ll'l..l'll:lll )li
s .1l' 
lIIetbodist Cburch 
21 Stark Tbomas H, phy 
23 Higgins David 

.:) ""Illtphnu"'e )Il':'ò 
liss A, mus 
27 S" ann G A. dentist 
IIrullllllond Cbß\.tes S 
2U L'.lmproll ::\It":o:: \Ilunle 
:n lIa,,"I,e ß Ellnor(>, l,by 
37 Brown Price, pby 
39 !IIcIlwraltb K C, {lhy 
41 Warner Albert F. pby 
1:lcF.llhh'n ""Ill A 
. Th"IIIJ1
Ir< I:lizabeth 
47 Vacant 
 !\Iilllchamp G E, ph)" 

\\l"e 'Irs ('.Ith,u'iup 
::;1-;'3 'Bongard '11'''- Emma 
Irs Kate 
57 WllIlamson 
Irs E 
Trow Ch'ules, pby 
59 Crosh\' Alhert B 
fil ::\lnrri::'oll Tholl1as 
Hotel, s e 
+ Cburcb st Intersects 

Store, s e 
67-69 lIIason A D, dentist 
Canadian Shorthand COl. 
Clarke Joseph C 
73 Pettigrew Robert, bicycle 
Bea ton 
 I'll, I' 
75 Beales Wm, bicycle repr 
ïï Ilankln .Tohn S 
79 Barker "'m 
81 I<'enwick Thomas 
S3 Baile) ::\l1's Jos('pbine 
Allen John, pb
85 Arnott I1H
s Scotland 
87 Bothwell Clemens J 
89 Stanlev Robert J 
Sea toti 'liss A, drsmkr 
91 Wrlgbt R, plmbr 
. !\Iutual st end.. 
00 '''Ihnot l\Irs Anna 
1ro Snelgro'\'e C V. dentlst 
107 Jeffrev Andrew 
Housè, s e 
. Jarvis st Intersects 
Old St Andrew's Ch, . e 
117 Dunn Frederick. htchr 
119 Lambert IIlis!> 1\1. conry 
121 -'lcDougall Joseph E 
Allan Gardens 
l1erhonrne st intersects 
CbUl'l'h. s e 
1(\;; Willfone: Emanuel 
167 Hall Harry 
Inhhs 'II" ('atberine 
171 Bruce Rev Dr George 
173 !'<hlell R Telfer, phy 
175 Gibbs Malcolm 
177 Kinnear James 
1711 Angus Wm !II 
. Seaton st ends 
1<'1 Frl'll('h \Ir
11-;;1 \r.,cLachlau Areb ''" 
- ::\1.IPKay 
, M, artist 
185 Hearn "'m 
1R7 Helliwell lilt's Sophln A 
1St! lIarh\ ::\Irs Isahella 
lIarl;) -'Iiss Btbd A. mns 
191 Westman Samuel J 
193 Hancock 'I'homas, conf;, 
Quinte Lnundry 
195 Smart Eli, btcbr 
. Ontario ort Intersects 
1!J7 l\[cFanl Jobn R. pby 
I!)!) (;",lh,1I11 'In:. '[.J.I'
. 201 l'opPland ,'l\\ard 
203 Rlebardson Wm 
20:; McIntosb l\lrs Jennie 
:!07! Alll
209 Barker !\Ilss LillIan 
1\,11'1",1' I"d\\ nl'd 
Oronbvatekha Dr 
:!t 1 Pint> Ì'ohert ..\. pby 
Iueller nl'\ Paul '" 
:!1:ï )[(.'LP.III J :-ttal1l(>, 
. Berkeley 
t ends' 
:!1!1 PIUIlllHC'r n(.,. rl'pderick G 
221 Rohertson Alexander 
:!:!;l h.av l\(I",
225 Brënnan Jobn 
2:!7 Phln .1.Qhn A 
221) Crawford ""m A 
231 Gearing ThomaQ V 
23:1 Tnrner David W 

ã BnYf'l"oft G('orge E 
2:'17 Walker Jobn 
239 Rel'ker 
Iary 8 
2U Thomas .Tulla, pby 
\\' .lIl.lJuahN Al'l hur E 
:!-I3 ()1'1l1...h.{'" H.olwrt P 
:!.J:; ::\11'('011 HI'\ Duncan 
. Parll.lment st Intersects 
Store. s e 
2:;1 Cunmngbam I P. dentlilt 
Jlm(.k,'n Ell" art! J 
235 ""hlte Rohert 
2:ï7 Hon
ton Thoma! 
2:;1) Coben .Tneob S 
:!fil J }:n I... (jeorg-l' R 
2(\3 Waldron John 
2r;:; Cooeh Herlwrt C 

H7 (:If'dhil1 T'tl\\fll"c1 

f;!) ('Iall"'
Ikhnl.l )[ 
:!71 })prmltt (;pur!!p .1 
27!1 And(>r"on MN .JanE' 
275 Cberr.'\' John. horse dlr 
277 Hßr.Jlng :\Ir

7H ('h.'ndf'ninJr Hpl'lnan C 

1 Dunl, George M 
. Dermott pi ends 
28;j Stoddard Willard S 
21>3 Hill George S 
7 Wilson Robert A 
9 lIIcColI Angus B 
2'JI Bradford Wm 
293 Neilson Hugh 
Neilson lIIhs J H, nurse 
297 Vacant 
305 Cooper Robert J 
307 Fensom Jobn jr 
309 Dixon Robert 
311 Butler Edward P 
:113 Frey
eng Edward J 
in:) Frevsen
. Sackvllle st Intersect" 
Iiller Wm ::\1, grocer 
Miller Miss Editb C, mus 
319 Wbker Thomas 
321 1II1l1er James 

;:!3 Treloar Alexander 
 ::<hipley Albert L 
327 Weston George W 
3:!H ',"oolls John H 
331 FIrth Tbomas H 
333 Wilkie 1111's Agnes 
32;-. StolJo 
(rs l\I.u"g.ll"ct A 
. GlITord st ends 
337 J obn,on Nell 
Ap"le.on -'II's A .. 
339 Lo
an Wm J 
341 1II1'Leod .loLn N 
343 Red"ay Edgar H 
:H:i ]Jnle -'Iattbew 
:U7 L)'ons 1I1t.s Elizabeth 
3.J9 B:llkwill Will 
a;;l Scboencben ('om'ad 
Ioran !III's Ann 
355 Martin r.'rank H 
3;;7 Snell Will 
Lt!e Jobn 
339 Gallo" nv Hobert T 
3ta Wade \Ym P 
363 Howden Jolin 
365 Colbert 1111's Agnes 
3ü7 Steen Wm 
369 Wright Wm 
371 Andrews George 
373 Bucbanan James 
ind.lir f:pol'g'(" ....\ 
377 I'routlng Wm 
) '\".ll
h t;pul'J!f' R 
Hlll'e Fred"I'iek 
1 B.lll ('h.1l"II'
 E. confy 
:; Howitt .1 F .\: Son. gros 
. Snmach st Intersects 
385 Mark 
Irs Cbßrlotte 
387 Goodrick Wilber C 
9 Towne 'V Fremont 
I'ott James P 
393 Harris Frank S 
:t!},") Oswllid Cbarles A 
t.\lIton (Hher B 
3119 Lydiatt James 
401 Qnl!':lev .Tames 
403 Barnl''' Charles H 
40;; Brown James J 
Rro\'\'n & Cooper. contI's 
407 Ral'e John F 
409 Rohinson Jesten W 
411 Whitham George H 
413 1I1cClelland I11t.
41;; Jewell ("barle
417 Gorman James 
.J1!1 IIII'kl'\" J)a\ id 
mith' Wnlter G 
42:1 Rvan Jobn J 
-I:!:-, lIot1g-"'on 
lrs 'r.lry 

CARI.YLE. n from 256 Bt 
PatrIck to Bellevue pI, ward 

. .. __ .. .. East Side 
Store, s e 
5 Jones Thomas 
., (at'liflillllill
 n l vet sUllt 
11 Drew John C 
House, s e 
. . . .. . .. . West Side 
2 Rotsford !III'S E II 
6 GI.....n Wm J 
R Nelson John J 
10 Hili Tbomas H 
12 Thomas ]II rs S A 
14 Rcvnolds !\II'S Ma tIIda 
16 Sm'ltb Wm A 




. 78-80 Confederation Life Building PAYABLE HALF.YEARLY 


Capital One Million Dollars (See Back Cover) Head Office, Temple Annex, Toronto 


Centre A v. 


18 Tremble :.\Irs Matilda 
Coke Harry J 

 Johnstone Mrs A, nnn. 
22 Heron Thomas 
. :!.t h...nmure Wm J 
26 Powers Mrs Esther 
Smith Emilie S, mus tchr 
Smith Miss W S, mus tchr 
30 Lillie Frederick W 
32 Penny Wm 
34 White David L 

CAROLIXE A V, n from East- 
ern a v to Queen e. first e of 
Pape av, ward 1. 
, .. .. .... East Side 
Not built on 
. .. .. . . .. West Side 
Vacant lots 
46 McKenna John J 
.t8 O'Bri"n Charle
 E M 
50 "eBrien Thomas H 
52 Hopklngs Edward J 
I'i4 Goddard Wm R 
3U Keillear Will A 
58 Cameron Andrew C 
60 Hughes Frank R 
"itzer Adam \V 
U.t :.\Ie( 'Ielland Lconard P 
Va('ant lots 
8.t Val.. UeorJ:e St J 
86 Whltlam Thomas P 
88 Rpence Ramuel J 
90 Ruttan Jesse W 
92 Brown Joseph 
94 Morris George II 

CARR. w from 58 Estber to w 
of Hackney, ward 4. 
..... .... Xorth Side ..,...... 
Store, s e 
. A lane 
Store, s e 
. Denison av Intersects 
14 House, " e 
Vacant lots 
22 Wooton :.\Irs Ellen 
24 Gee ClIarles E 
38 Wilson :.\lIss Maggie 
40 ('oulll'r Andrew 
House. 8 e 
. H8('kney st Intersect. 
4.t :.\I.lher 1:dward 
46 Irwin John 
 ::\Iorrhwn John 
50 Lnhh 
Irs Catherine 

 Todc1 )II'
54 Langtry George 
56 Martin John 
58 Tooze F \Y 
60 :\Ie X eill Michael 
..... .... South Side ......... 
House, s e 
. Denison av Intersects 
17 Bennett Wm K 
19 Cowan Robert 
::!1 Wel,;b Wm 
25 Knibh
2i Straehle Frederick J 
31 Taylor David 
3;{ Adams ('harll,q 
35 Cortest Joseph 
37 Ballev "m R 
3!1 Wheatle,<, Arthur 
41 Arm4rnu" \Vm R 
Storp. s e
. Hackney st Intersects 
4:'1 Xlcholns Wm F 
45 Kennedv 11I1'S Annie 
49 Da,<,enpòrt Walter S 
;)1 \\ïl1uug-l1hY \VUJ 
55 Cunerty James 

CARROLl,. n from 644 Queen 
e, to Thompson. ward 1. 
. . . .. __ _ _ East Side ......... 
1 (;jmhl"tt Hi,'h, cartage 
11 Barr Raywood 
......... West Side 
Hotel, s e 
10 Hrndl,'} George E 
 Plaut "'"In 
14 Ross Mrs Mar
16 Quarrington John E 

]" :.\Inlcolm Wm 
:!O J olIn,ton 'Irs Ada 

CASIMIR A V, n from 240 St 
Patrick, ward 4. 
. .. .. . . _. East Side ......... 
House, s e 
3 Hubbard John A 
5 Hnrdman Edward 
7 Spence Wm 
9 Gilbert :\Irs lIIargaret 
13 Gibson Robert 
.. .. .. ... \\. est Side ......... 
House, s e 
4 Hedwood JolIn H. contr 
6 Brewer Alhprt E 
8 rettie :\Irs Mary J 
12 Bartlett George W 

CASTLE A V. w from Spadlna 
I'd to Howland nv, first n 
of Lowther 8V. ward 4. 
r\ot built on 

s across the end of Dale 
a\", ward 2. 
..... .. .. East Side ......... 
Jackson Maunsell II - 
..... . ... 'Vest Side ......... 
Vacant lot 
. Dale av ends 
Foster Hon George E 

forms n circle from com- 
mencement of Castle Frank 
av. wards 1 and 2. 
..... .... South Side.. _. ..... 
Simeon JolIn II 
Kemp Albert E 
. .. .. . . " Cast Side ......... 
Kot Imilt on 
........ r;orth SIde ........ 
3 11\ mond .-\1I..n :.\1 
.....:... West Side 
-4 Cnrroll Robert 

CATIIERIXE, w from 130 
Pete I.. "ard 4. 
......... Xorth Side......... 
Honse. B e 
8 Mcintyre Wm R 
111 \\"","k.)('k .\lIen E 
12 1I1ackerrow James 
14 Obernler Wm J 
Obernler :.\I.,s 111, mus tchr 
16 Lepp:ud Snndfol'd 
18 Jackson Mrs Minnie 
20 Rosenthal lIlrs Idn 
......... South Side ._....... 
House, s e 
7 Oshorne \Vm 
dllnidt TlIeodore J 
11 Sprott John 
Irs M. I' 
Fellows John, I' 
13 Wells James 
It! Luno \,hnll J 
!lIncdonald :.\lfg Co, Un 

CA \\"TIIRA SQ. w from 400 
Jar,<,ls. ward 3. 
....... " XortlI Side.... ..... 
House. s e 
(j I1pnl,,} Leopold \\. 
8 Owen Trp\ 01' It 
O"en 'liss (;ladn. nurse 
10 Grupe George . 
12 Horsman A J 
......... Sontl, Side ......... 
nonse, R e 
1 1,'raucls "'m G 
3 ('r"(lk
 :.\Iiss Jane 
5 MaeGllllnn,<, 1111's 'Iarlon 
7 ''''h.lnnon Sirs Jes,le 
9 ""\throw :.\Irs 'Iargaret 
11 Tl'Owell John V 

CECIl.. w from 34 Henry to 
Spadlna av. ward 4. 

... .. ,. .. XortlI Side......... 
Honse, B e 
. B,'verley st Interscctø 
16 Spragge l
 W, phy 
20 Baldwin >'Irs S M 
::!2 Klug Samuel 
24 Delalllere Joseph 111 
2') ',"at son lIIrs Isabe1\a 
. Ross st commences 
28 Bro" n 1II,'s lIIary J 
30 Harris l\lrs MarE 
32 Townsend Sherman E 
:H Cmhtre.. .\.nule 
36 Watts 11I1'S Catharine, bdg 
38 Harker Hobert W 
40 Fraz
 lIlrs Jennie 
42 Guthrie Wm 
. Huron .st intersects 
House, s e 
44 Adnrns AlInn A 
4(; Huchan :.\Irs Helen 
48 Cnrrlck "'m H 
50 Wright Thomas 
Rennett H !II. humorist 
52 Kearns Richard J 
5.t h.elh :Ill's Ellen \V 
56 Collinet :\Il's F, bdg 

'1;' tr l ð

Store, S e 
... .. .... South Side......... 
House, s e 
. Be,<,erley st Intersects 
House, s e 
:!3 Bartll'tt Ueorge R 
Z"i Harman S Bruce 
2i Ryerson C Egerton 
2H I nng \Ynl E 
31 Cassels Hamilton 
33 GausDy George 

:;) Jul1n...ton Jllh1] 
37 Barnhart 1IIrs CatherIne 
!1 :.\1c:.\1i<'hael Alex A 
41 Pipon Charles A 
43 Bolte Auguste 
.t5 Blackley Wm B 
. Huron st Intersects 
5:1 (,Inrk C Day 
53 Wily Arthur 
57 Tisdell Frnncls l' 
Baker Wm H 
511 Baines W Bnncks 
61 Canniff Henry T 

 ('o(lper :II rs l:sther 
. Ltndd lIenr,<, 
t:i (;1.een""od':.\II''' 1: A, bdg 
69 Morton :.\Iiss Rebe"ca 
71 Demnr :.\Irs Elizabeth 
73 Slocum Walter G, bldr 
House. s e 

CENTRE A V, n from A
opp Drill Hall, to ClIe
pi, ward 3. 
u... .... East SIde......... 
1 Lip
itz Louis 
a Hartman 
5 HutclIlnsou !III'S lIIsry 
Skelton :l1Iss Josephine 
7 Simpson 1111's Elizabeth 
!J En"kr :.\Iax 
11 l.eltclIrn,lIl :.\Iorris 
13 Moronev John J 
Ward r;lrs E J. I' 
15 Whalen 1111's Annl... 
t('ill llellj.lmln, r 
17 Greenbnum S.,mu"l 
Thompson lIIrs Annie, r 
19 :.\lcDonald Archibald 
21 Hoffmnn Bernard 
Lyons John J. I' 
Brown Maxwell. I' 
23 lIaberrnan Louis 
Cadcsky Jacoh, I' 
Rosenthal Charles N, r 
2;; \,"arren Alexander 
tnnd.ll'cl FnundrJ" Co 
33 Ccntre A '<' 
35 Downs Thomas 
:1'. Citron Ahel. tlr 

. ,\ einrnuh 'IRx 
U V,IC,II\' 
43 lIIcGIII Benjamin 
45 Rice :\lIss Mary 
4i O'Flynn 1I1r
Belmore :.\Iiss C. drsmkr 
}\elll1or(' 'lIss H, drsmkr 
Harper Joseph. r 
4!1 Cllrter :.\Irs Elizabeth 

 /.\ \ 
, {HE. .. 
 I r:

. ' ; 

OC.E R 5 
Co A L. 
1- 11 tAD ()ff'C.Ç 


51 Bochner :lIax 
53 Bochner Charles 
55 Halyern Solomon 
Uarlinger :.\Irs Sarah, r 
59 Schwartz S..muel 
House, s e 
. Agnes st Intersects 
Store, s e 
61 Flnvell ?\Irs Rachel 
63 Brody Sigmond 
U3 Scher Abrallam 
67 SlInrman Jacoh 
69 lIykes James 
il BI'egman LouIs 
i3 Dalton :.\Irs Bridget 
7:5 rehnesl'no J08el t l1 
77 Snnzone Sah'atore 
House, s e 
. Edwnrd st Intersects 
79 '[eDonald 'II's Annie 
85 Wlllinmson Francis 
87 Skene George 
xU :lln.trungclu Hluseppe 
House, s e 
. Elm st Intersect. 
e, s e 
ill Casciato Pasquale 
Defnlco AntonIo 
113 ClIett I Franl.. 
11;; Tnylllr Alfred 
117 :.\1I,<,lIIe HospIce 
Vncant. I' 
llU UolJ:olI :.\Irs RuclIel 
121 Cohen Benjamin 
Greisman Solomon, r 
121 :.\lcGann "'m 
:llarkue I.ouis, I' 
125 Hnrrls Osceola 
Call1brncio Frank, I' 
127 r;apnpa Felix 
 IHu'(1 Jo-.:eph 
]:U I'olllg-rean Jnmes 
Slllohli Xntmnn, I' 
]33 1I[elclI,or reteI' 
:"'t K.ll;.;.:-::t"l 'lic"hnel 
13i Hamilton 'IN Annie 
tuart :.\11', 'Inggie 
141 Doellnek Ahrnlmm 
Brown 11I1'S Rebecca, r 
143 Healev rntrlck 
145 Healey Wm 
Hi LOll1hurd Frank 
149 lIIe('allum Geor
151 lIh:Cord Alexander 
 HouzeI' Louis 
155 Landsman 
157 :.\Indran I'hlllp G 
159 Roblnsou George 
S\\ltzer .fohn J, I' 
161 Currie Dn,<,ld 
Stone John, I' 
 Collel Joseph 
165 Jifkins F A, btchr 
167 Fraser 11I1'S Augusta, gro 
. Christopher st Intersects 
169 Store. s e 
lïl-lï:j Cohen llenj.unin 
175 I apello John 
Iii Debartalo Frank 
179 Le Bar Edwnrd 
8mlth Helll.'<'. I' 
un lIleDonaold iohn 
183 ('atone LouIs 
Feppetelle r"squallna, r 
185 1'0\\ ell "rs :.\Inrthn 
18i Deas LoulR 
1 'i!l LOllIhartl rrank 
1 !Il Bennett 'Ym 
I!J:I IIPIIl'\ Rnmllel J 
LOlll.!"lu'('() U.o1U'rt. r 
195 Bell Jnmes 
I!J7 Spearmnn '\Irs ('ath 



: Per!:?t
1m te 43 ESPLANADE &T. E. 

Toronto Branch, 26 WELLINGTON ST. EAST 



Centre A v, 



The Ideal Book Có for H ne. 
Library or Office 
Gel Prices and see Siinnples al 

,.-T. EATON C<?,



199 Cannan David 
201 HoJlingsworth George H 
:!03 l'Ul"lll'
o,; Thomas 
:!O:í Ll'l.1l011 James 
207 Welngaten Arthnr 
209 Borsa Gateano 
:!ll J:zzo JU:-;'(Iph 
213 IIIadran Eugene 

._...., West Side 
:! IIl'itchman 'Ianrice 
Brlckwood John. I' 
-I B.l:-;.
 '[au rice 
Kelley Peter, I' 
8 Marks James 
141 l.prl':Iu ,[ i

II10ran PatrIck. I' 
1'ln(.h HpIlr\" r 
Rroolll TllUi
. r 
Long Wm. I' 
ßl'1I Jallle
, I' 
1 ]
14 Hpf'Coh Frl'41 
rc" rick 
rrs Sarah 
18 Bprkowitz Rev Isaac 
20 Ginsberg Josepb 

1 Hlfl!-.!-'Inan Louis 

4 I.inp HernlflD 
21: Stplnberg Morris 
28 Ba
knn Joseph 
30 GalnpQ Jobn 
32 Roe James 
34-3(; Neusbaum Henry, gro 
38 Fitzgerald Wm 
Ranhlp !o1:Jwnel. I' 
Iark, I' 
Capp Jacob, r 
40 Bophncn 'rpndel 
42 Goodman Samnel 
(lPlWP \,"altpr 
46 Rapp Samupl 
 Rhddri<-k James 
50 Harris Lproy 
PrivatI' J!:rounds 
54 Boon John 
:-,ti '1i1l4'l" I
 lor Gf'orge 
Honse, B I' 
. Aj:nps st Intersects 
Store, s I' 
fi-l P(>t(>r
on Ilards 
flll DIP\'
on .Tohn 
flR Japkson John 
70 \'Çeln
tpln !\Irs Fanny 
72 Cornfieltl Andrew 
74 Willis Rohert 
7(; , ;,.bprtlJ!: 
Honse. s I' 
. Edward st Intprsects 

n Hn
,.hwartz Dayld 
00 Fnrl'pll Edwin 
92 'Rnrn.. 1-11'< !'nrah 
94 HortJ
hnw IIfr.. Sarah J 
\11; ,!pffrpv 
liS T.a
ltÅ Tl!n"7.(o 
100 f'ardorono Frnnc\s",o 
III:.! ('onll'lIa 
1021,1, Stnrp rnom 
1(}4 T1:J...Is Fro nl<. s I' 
. Rim st Intersects 
100 Rlorp, s I' 
111" "ullll'hrpy
11n Hl1th.r ('orllf'nU
112 VanJ!:hnn .101111 
114 Rln!nh:Jrilt !,Imon 
116 Polo" It..".... narnett 
118 Ppvnppk Noah 
1:.!1I rrp,lpl"l<'I< 1'..p,1 
122 L,., in.....h' Hf'rUflrd 
Uhpwolt7. .Tnpob, I' 
12-1 R"ltlu(' rrank 

126 Perlmen Joseph 
I:!" Ht'l"n ...T..lcIIL 
130 Greenburg Manuel 
1:12 Fluker George 
134 Carev Patrick 
1I10ntlcano Lenardo. I' 
topher Anthony. 1/ 
136 PODJ,
N L",-j )Io"c
f1.uolluU11l f'b..lrle
, r 
Levinsky 'Wm. I' 
Y ozokovich Philip, I' 
1-1:" tllt'
ln.11I rrob.lnl 
1-1:.: l'ol"'n )Iax 
144-46 Dlnepn 
Il's Annie 
1-18 Oliver Anthony 
1;;0 !'mlth Alpxander 
1:,:,! ='herman Asher 
1:14 Phillips Benjamin B 
Lorensettl Galcomo, I' 
Uller 1111's Fanny 
Hif'hnrcison f'hsrles. r 
138 Atkinson Charles R 
100 Rohinson "'m 
162 Perilla 
1ß4 Izzo Pasquale 
1611 Hili IIIrs Margaret 
168 Perl''' John B 
o H II I. !!:roper 
Burke "'m 
. (,hrlstonher 8t Intersects 
I,:': \I,llth("w.. H..hl A, grocer 

I, gro 
174 Uunt Gem'!!:e 
176 Pellgrlno Brnno 
Hn....s Frank 
178 Zampona ,Tames 
180 Sto"ne Reubpn 
182 Hvan Thomas 
Fogl:ett :III's J, nurse 
rcXnlt.... John 
186 Prlgn Era 
('}lW:lrtz '[orris 

('h" artz ,rark. I' 
tu RI'P!!lnall 
si1. r 
1!J2 James Frank 
I..tta Gluspppe 
1!11I Ersldne Thomas 
198 Grplsman Joseph 
200 'r"'lIIe Gporge A 
2m "'Ihllle HosplPe 
20-1 Walsh :\ÍI"s Bridget 
2011 KpllY John 
20"1 Townie.... Hohert 
210 mack -!\Iaurlce 
212-14 Cohen Louis 

CHAPEL, n from 40 St Jo- 
seph to St !lIm'y. ward 3. 
. .. .. .. .. Ea"t Rille 
prl....a te grou n'Ìs 
. II''' In av ends 
Honge. s I' 
. Inkermnn st ends 
9 Moore Rollin C 
11 Leavens Brnce 
 ] "('III hPl" H('nrv 
15 Worren Wm . 
17 Flynn Daniel 
Honse. s I' 
......... West Side 
HongI'. s I' 
St )lIchael's Coll grounds 

CHARLES, I' from 675 Yonge 
to Janis. "ard 3. 
....... .. r\orth Side......... 
Store, s I' 
Vncant lot 
12 Drake Alexander K 
14 \'an Zant Elias 
II; B.II'.... ('harl("s E 
18 \'1:1'11 Rey John 
20 Da\lson John L, phy 
;\11 V,want 
Prhate grounds 
40 Anderson \l11's Jane 
42 Creighton James H 
4-1 11m II" )I1'
 )IurJ!:aret I, 
40 Hpnderson Charles W 
48 Rlsebrongh John H 
!",U Y.w
 )1f'I-\..\)- nf'or
f' p 
54 Wilkie Thomas J 
56 f;vans !III's Annie 
:;S Cnlt-l1l.IIl (,hnrlf'
Prh'ate grounds 

62 Amps James II 
(j4 Livingston L \II 
tiB Johns-tulIl' I:nhl'l't 
:\Ie Wsh 
I1ss !II L, mus 
Pl'lnIte grounds 
. Chnrch st Interspcts 
"i-l 1.:" .\rt \Yolll.1l1"S ::\lb.sion- 
nr)-- TrnillilIJ: Home, 
)In;. I: Li\ ing-....ton supt 
76 Sharp \III's Charlotte 
Campbell !III'S Mary, I' 
Graham Allam, I' 

oble Charles, I' 
:-11 Barn("
82 Howe Etna D 

t; Hro\\ 11 .\I(,:\.3llder 
88 KlIlalv 
Irg Martha 
90 Bain -James 
IJ-t lIalr" Hohert 
96 \,".111'1'1' 
[j"ses !II Land 
IIouse. s I' 
. '.. .. ... South Side 
Store, s I' 
1 \'an Camp J C 
3-5 Storeroom 
9 Startnp David J 
11 T pworthy Wm T 
racRae 'Donald 
15 Hazza 
17 Fensom Walter A 
19 Gamhle George 
:!3 Eddis "ïlton C 
2;; Da \ IJ,1SDn :\Irs S F 
33 Macdonald John K 
-11 .Iuculls ('Ipllwnt T 
43 Brookman Re.... Wm 
4;;,.ToseJiu Edwin J 
./....pHII \rthur. 'dpntlst 
rosps Fra nk 
49 Murray James, horse IIII' 
51 !lIurray James 
:\3 IIl11lar Joba 
5.') Rllbbs "'m J. architect 
59 Fraser Robert L 
hi(<ll1.. "r
ratllda E 
65 Dob
on Wm E, cigar mIl' 
Honse. s e 
. Church st Intersects 
Honse, S I' 
77 Vlgpon Hllrry 
79 Dockray Thomas D 
] .(J('hr
1 ,. A. IUUS: tchr 
Icl ntosh David T 
8;; Blackburn Frank J 
87 Kell.... HUJ!:h T 
8!1 !'mpille Thomas 

11 I )rnnHllond ::\(r
[i::;;.s II D, 
!13 Pringle Alex R 
n;-t \Yrhu'h )1 i

r E. arllQt 
P7 Patp Wm J 
1I!t (
on('h Frptl II 
101 Camphell Rhprlian 
103 Prov:Jn Alexander 
House. s . 

CHARLOTTE, n from 426 
King w to Adelaide w, ward 
......... Ea"t 
Idp .... ,. ... 
11 O'Longhlln Andrew 
13 Kennedy John 
15 lIfoorlnJ!: GpOl'l!e C 
17 Ward Alhert E 
19 ""Ullamson James 

l Htp\\ fir(1 'Ir.... \Irrrgnret 
23 Barnes Ernest F 
... ...... West Side......... 
Lllmber yard 
. Balsam st commences 
24 O'Farrpll Rohert 
2ß nib
on Wnl R 

la('rlnn.ll(l Harrt" E 
30 Brown 

1. I' from w of 
Byron ay to Greenwood av, 
th:st s of Danforth av, ward 
,........ 1\orth Side......... 
Vacant lots 
. Byron a\ commences 
\'acant lots 
1-1 O"})(llIlthoe P:ltr[ck 

50 Jobin Arthur 
Vacant lot 
3M \lunn \,"m G 
... .. .... South Side 
1 Jobin 
\'acant lots 
49 Renton Thomas 
Vacant lot 
MIller Jame. 

land), n from St Andrew'" 
Cburch, Lake Shore avo 
ward 4. 
......... East Side ............. 
11 \",1("3nt 
ha\\ John R 
... .. . ... West Side 
4 Vacant 
6 Vacant 
8 Luke Wm A 
14 Darlington Wm H 

CHERRY, n from the bar te- 
St Lawrence square, ward 2. 
.... .. ... East Side 
Vacant lots 
. GTH crossing 
GTR yards 
Standard [<'uel Co, S I' 
. 1II11\ st intersects 
House, Ii I' 
41 JpS,S,II[Þlo Cbarlt's E 
43 Bryallt Joseph 
. CPR crossing 
. Tate st commences 
53 Kprfoot Thomas 
5:1 !'h3rp IIIrs Caroline 
57 Ppmber gdwant J 
59 !lloore John 
61 Dunsmore Rlmeon 
63 Edgson Alfred J 
Hotel, s I' 
. Front st I' Interesects 
Store. s p 
81 ßalgue Hpnry J 
83 Beetham JamelJ 
85 !'mlth John ß 
87 "okp
 Gpor!!'e II 

. '[onrp :\[r
Robinson HpDry. I' 
91 Ashwpll 7.apl..rlnh 
rph IlIP 
!13 C..pplnJ!: Hlrnm 
!r; \VO(Jrl.:-:: 
.lIunf'1 II 
119 !':mlth Sidney 
101 Stanlpy \III'S Floranna 
103 KlnJ!:sley Thomas 
. Worts a.... commpnl'ep 
St Lawrpnce Square 
...... ... Wl'St Side ......... 
Don Rowing Clnb Donse 
. GTR crossing 
. 1\11\1 
t Intersects 
House. s I' 
. CPR track 
50 Ravin Thoma" 

.:! Lalondp Aphllle 
:i-l B\ rllu 
rlc-hnel J 
56 F;IJ!:ler Riphard 
.Tunk yard 
. Front 8t I' Intersects 
Va<>ant lots 

tpln Phlllll 
90 lTa:\"wood Charlps R 
Va(.ant lot 

CIIF.RRY AV. w from Indian 
I'd to Hll>:h Park, IIrst n of 
GTR croQslnJ!:, wnrd 6. 
. .. .. .. .. Sorth Side ........, 
House_ .. e 
:! .IOlIP:"' \Ym 
......._. Routh Side 
Sot bnllt on 

CHESLEY A". w from rear 
of Dutrerln DrlYlng Park to 
Brock av. third n of Col- 
lege, ward 6. 


116-130 GEORGE ST. 


s. C. CURRY, Architect 

Telephone Main 1237 




... ...... r;orlh SIde.. ....... 
Xot built on 
......... Suutb Side ......... 
1 Flrtb Wm 
15 Fenton Wm 
19 Fuller H"l1ry W 
House, s e 

CHESTXUT, n from 114 
Queen w to Cbestnut pi, 
ward 3. 
o .. ., " . " Last SIde ......... 
Hotel. s e 
7 1 J Ct"ntl1er :x 
U :\1 u!tiek :\lr
11 !'all(lell C 
1:1 Crole
' :\lrs M 
 James 1'11ihp 
17 Brown :\Ierrltt A, barr 
It' (;u:-;tine 
:!l Sbnnlloll .13lnes 
23 L'l11g Peter 
25 nIe,lns Wm S 
Lumher yard. 11 e 
. Alhert st ellds 
Store, s e 
37 (;..dfrell Charles 
41 !\lack :-!rs hla 
45 Gelber !\loses 
47 Watson Wm 
49 YanO\"f>r Harris 
51 Shlpnl"'r
53 Hon,lman A 
 Ros,'n Harn 
57 TeIch DaTI;' 
. Louisa st ends 
59 Halpern .Ta('oh, btcbr 
61 Hnlp p rn nrv Isaac 
 Strlsfelt M 
 Zipper Da..-Id 
67 ßrf>slln Rev JlIlIus 
69 GrlE'sman hrael 
71 F.n'::E'1 Rymnn 
73 Rrs..-Inlck Jacob, gro 
7fi :\Illler !ol a x 
7i Rlmon (,harles 
.!I Huhrn Jacob 
81 ('obrn Jacob 
83 Gros
er ('barlE's 

;j BrC'-.:lin H
1>7 "'"(I'ntropr' Tl"m 
89 O!shnnf>zkv A. hnrber 
gl f'ledl'nllupin Louis 
93 WlIdrr (,har!rs 
9;; Jackson Alhert C 
97 Starkman Jacob 
!J!J Krllv Jobn 
101 Pndnas<: A hrabam 
103 IIl'as Gllhert A, caterer 
, Tlllhl'r,:: ""m 
107 Rurton I.E'..-I 
109-11 f'vnagol!:\1e 
Relmoll !olendel 
11:1 Hashln .To"pph 
115 r;yros Gustaf E 
Vacant lot 
119 Zipper LOllis 
. Al!:n('s st Intersects 
Store, s e 
12.1 Dran ]lfrs Mary 
, FIII,<go]d I. 
127 Rllhal'k Tsaac 
12!J Strrnland J"osrpb 
l:n (;'.odmall Harrv 
133 Fdmn",lq F.J...vñ A 
135 !ololllNl Cnrlo 
]:r. .John-.:nn 'Irs E 
139 !olandrll GMrl'e 
I(I,,;:-Ölllall H U. grocer 
. F.dward st Intersects 
14:{ n,n('v Tl"m. btcbr 
145 Store. s e 
HousE' of Industry, s e 
. Elm st Intersects 
1M f'tor". s e 
If;:1 l"l\ls :\I,"s S 
1(;:; I'rallch 
167 f'haw Zu('hman 
1(;!! 7.rlhr (;rorj!'r 
1.1 "'"l'lu
tl'!n :\[rs Fannv 
 'Into .T3mp
1iã nnynoto .Tnn1Ps 
177 (':11..0 
.Ih-atnrf? J:rO<"er 
Scbool "rounds 
1M I r...lnok... T ouls 
1,...7 (:..if'
m.lll L 
18!! f'" RrtZ lIIlchael 
1m Winkler V 

193 Clarke George H 
'1,-( '.Irt\ Alltert. r 
195 Townsend !'<iatban1e1 
1m WIIIl,lm" Thomas 
199 Garrick Thomas 
201 De 
oursey Hlchard 

Irs 'l
20:; Gibson Thomas 
:!II. Knowlton Francls J 
::09 J ,Imes Herbert S 
Cooke :\Irs L, drsmkr 
211 Greell George 
213 Sl10wden !oIl'S Sarab 
:!1:i <<'ulll'l1 Fr:lIu"[s 
219 RohlllS0ll Ldward 
. Hayter sl ellds 
Wood ynrd 

:!:-) "-PÌ:-Öl" Lt>H 
huhllan P. grocer 
229 Falls Henry 
231 Howarth Jolm 
233 Beasley Alfred 
23;) Smith Robert J 
'i HitH
:!39 Diamond Wm J 

H Colh)' 'Irs Ellen 
 1-If'lllll'r.;:nn R 
24:; Gilhert Wm C 
2H De,',. James H 
2-11) Gllolllla DOllato, gro 
.1 ,Judo:e :\Irs Julla 
Ayles Will. J, I' 
2:;3 Tumer Charles 
......... "'est SIde ......... 
Osgoode Hall, s e 
Vrill Hall alld Armoury, 
I' . 
. _\rl1H.lllr) st commences 
72-72 1 1 Gre[smnn Henry 
74 Freedmall 1srnel 
76 Leville !'<iathall 
.s L..
..her ,\Lrnham 
NI Wet..<,1 
 Xnhell :\lrs E 

:!'6 U..Uell j,prg !-ouls 
114 Hl'll Jacoh 
8G Blerllh,lUm Louis 
S8 Fillkcl
teln Cbarles 
egall Jacob 
:14 IIritlsh '1 E Cburch 
!lU Bamhrlck Wm 
98 Bro" 11 'Irs Mary 
100 Higgins Wm 
IO:! Shapiro ))a\id 

l1a1>iro :\Ir
 Kate, drsmkr 
104 Barnes JOhll, cabs 
lOfi St.
hhll :\lorris 
J e\Tlsb :\lis
ioll, r 
Pusltz Abraham, r 
110 Gurtlnki<'1 Samson 
112 Browu l\Ianrk't! 
114 Decl1lcK Usta 
116 Greismall Mrs H. jl;ro 
l'asqudle Petrucclo. r 
AlltOlllo !\lark, r 
Stomatt Christy, r 
Roma nelll Louis, r 
Fall<,lII Donato. r 
Antonio Christy. r 
pence Thomas 
120 l'attersoll :\lrs F 
122-4 Somers Charles. gro 
. Aglles st Int<,rsects 
12U 1I0hn Ahraham 
128 Gold Isaac 
tall Prou...k,- 
132 Soltz JÌlcoh 
I:H '\:lInll\('('; JOhll 
136 Rocco D'Angelo, mus tcbr 
Hoc('o Eugellio V'A. mos 
138 Freedmall Israel 
1411 h'HZ Ahraham 
1401h Rahino" lteh Isaac 
143 Gllollna Yillcellzo, jl;ro 
. E.h, fll'd st lntersectø 
]-14 f:lioull.1 \ïnrput. hotel 
146 O'ûrady 
Iartlll J 
 Larai,l 'Irs .\melia 
1;;0 Bailey Rohert 
,2 !olnc('ino f;eorj!'e 
154 LobrRlco Xunzlo, mus tcbr 
1:;6 OllrolsKv Louis 
1;)"" Brown .Tm
11;U Lal1f' 
1U2 Goodman RenJamln 
!\arjo Oholdo. r 
'Iorl'llo .\.ntolne 

164 :\Ieloew Augustus 
Store, 9 e 
. Elm 9t In tersects 
16.; Schollelll H. dmgs 
168 Taggart Wm 
1.0! \\"111. 
172 1-']Yllll JIll'S CatberIne 
1.4 ûurofsky David 
176 Gllolllla Egldlo 
17!:! Prest John 
n Jubn B 
182 Prest Ed" ard 
-I 'il'g(\ UeoLoge 
186 Pmker :\llss J\Iary 
PRrker "Jiss Florence 
188 Stall lev Rohert H 
Vacfint, r 
Hazeltoll JIlrs Della. r 
190 !oIoxl<,y Alldrew G 
l!tU I J P". mall Snllluel 
192 W<,lr Wm 
1:1-1 1.1\ in<, l><rael 
1!16 Lpv; David 
198 Zlmmermall J\Iorrls 
200 !olathews Jos<,ph P 
"-hit" JOhll. r 
202 Patt<,rson Mrs Margaret 
'Icrlin Roh<,rt, 3 
k) P. grocer 
200 :\Iills Jobn 
:!IIS Adams !o[rs Jane 
:!HI ('..lIn Walter 
Billings J os<,pb, r 
212 Etherlev "'"m 
2121h Watsõn Wm 
214 Cart<,r Mrs Edith 
216 Coil Jobn 
Jackson Frederick, r 
218 Fleming- :\Irs Sarah 
Axtrn "Irs Ellen 

H 'J('Lau
hlill James 
:!:!:! Ft-'r
u:-.on C 
224 Cnrson Jam
t; 1\-":0.011 J:Ulles 
. Christopher st commences 
:!:!S '11(,'ill) :\Irs :\1. ,::rocer 
Tlech Joseph. coal 
210 'II'I (;raz;ano. fruit 
:!:I:! Walhcr :\lr. :\1. grocer 
2:!4-36 Damele John 
238 Bell :\Irs Harriet 
210 Barrack Atll 
242 ('unE'O Mrs Anllle, fruits 
\\'l1llams Ernest, r 
Echo Frank. r 

t'lmstinp John 

-If; 1
:uniJlker A 

-.J"\ Bupr 'Îf'tor 
Doyle .Tobn. r 
Roso Frank. I' 
lIIanneli ,Tames r 
250 :\Ioxley Edward 
2:->2 'Wrll!:ht Amos ]/'. g.'O 
2M Dayrv Rohert 
256 S,mtiel Jacob 
2:\8 Ahate .Tohn 
260 )IIo
s Wm H 
262 COllolla :\Ilcbael 
:!ti-.J L.lwl"t-'IHOt o .leNt'ph 
266 J'rn.dna !oll('bnel 
2ü8 Harrison Jobn 

('urf'TXI"T 1'1.. w fn'm 242 
ElizahE'tb to Vnlverslty av. 
ward 3. 
oo....... r;orth Side......... 
Honge. s e 
Rear elltrances 
40 Hodkinson 'Valter 
h"I'J'" fiolwrt .T 
48 !\lasters Alexander G 
Rear E'lltrallces 
.. . . . .... South Side 
House, s e 
1 II, p'"lIl'r ]I
I1IE'1 A 
3 R..rtram David 
House, S eo. 
. Chestllut st ellds 
House, s e 
23 Harris !oIrs Ann 
LOlllIH1rfl 1.I"f"l1prlek. r 
29 Galnror !IIrs Ellen 
lahLlII f'rallk 
House, s e 
. ('rntre a\" ends 
House, " e 
41 Storey J oh n 
mith Wm 

4:; JOll<'
47 lIIeeban J\Irs Mary 
House, s e 

CHICORA AV. w from Ave- 
nue I'd, second n of Daven- 
port. rd. ward 4. 
......... ;s'ortn Side......... 
Yllcant lot 
2 Rebum Edward T 
4 Withrow JOhll A 
6 lIIorrison 1111'S Allnle 

 1'01<' !"I','dp1'ick ]I G 
10 Rowlalld Frank M 
12 Smith Wm E 
:\ldl"stl'1" LllÎ\ atbletlc 
... .. ..". 80uth Side......... 
1 Scott George 
3 Pooler H<,rbert G 
5 'Thompsoll Miss Je6sle 1>1 
7 'Vester,elt Alex P 
9 Tilllll11g JObll B 
11 Gemmel Walter M 
1:; IhlOlle Edward 
17 !olorrlsoll Wm H 
19 !o1.l1 tells Arthur H 
:!l h...rl" Chal"lcs W 

{ ,\lIIl'S Guillot P 
:!:; "ïlllam" AI<,xallder D 
31 Bro" 11 Thomas 
Vacant lots to end 

CHU'l'L\\A AY (Toronto Is- 
1:0 lid). II from 23101 Lake 
SboI'e av, ward 4. 
Royal Canadian Yacb+ 
"<,lId('rhurn F II 
209 Hargraft George II 
210 Vacallt 
211 JRrvls Aemlllus 
212 Vacallt 
214 Vucant 
215 Goad Cbarles E 
217 lIIacKelldrlck Wm G 
219 Vacant 
221 Chadwick Edwaro1 M 
:I \-n('.lnt 
227 Sproule Charles fI 

C'HHISTIE, n rrom 726 Bloor 
.... to city limIts. ward 5. 
.. . . . . .." East SIde .......oo 
Store, s e 
7 Newborn Samuel, wbol 
33 Keyes Thompson 
35 Vacant 
Vacnnt lots 
. Barton av ends 
Vacant lots 
141 Hnrrls John S 
143 Le Grow Wm P 
Vacant lot 
H. PIPPY ].1'\ I 
1-1!1 Hart John J 
1;;1 Hawf'-':' John 
153 Le Grow John C 
l'rlvate grounds 
If;} ßt-'l'k f;t"'I1";.:-t'. exp 
163 Lever Richard 
Iti!t ".oncl (;p()rgp W 
171 CUlldali Hohert J 
173 Hotchkin Ezekiel 
175 Dockeray It W, dairy 
. FolUs a v ellds 
Vncant !ots 
Walmer Rd Baptist Cb 
211 Scott Wm J' 
Vacant lots 
2:19 PrllJ(
e E,I ward 
241 SllIclalr Wm 
SinclaIr Alldrew J' 
24:! Holyoak "m J 
245 Balmrl" Charles F 
247 Hilliard Emest H 
249 WoolUn"s ('Q. htcbr
H',wnrfl (;('nr
. Yarmouth rd l11tersects 
pworth III etb Cb 
2!i!l SI;Dlth Samuel 
2m Xe...,lIr ]lrllry J' 
287 I..ecocQ JObll 
Vacant lots 
. Dupont st l11tersects 
VRcRnt lots TO enQ 

Metallic Ceilings 

Metallic Roofing Co., Limited 
Phone Park 800 Cor. KINC and DUFFERIN STS. 

<t onfeöeratíon 1ífe 

Canadian Company 




West Side 
Vacant lots 
16 Mullin Jol1n 
111 h.elllll'dy J..we
20 Kelcber Wm H 
:':2 Fr.\
er Tl10was E 
:':-1 Cl1urel1ill \\ III 
26 VJrtue Cbarles W 
" aean t lots 
. Blake av commences 
Vueant I

138 Collins \\"m F 
140 Rowntree David 
1-12 )JO\\ um} Jallles 
1-1-1 Tedford Tbomas 
Vacant lot 
. P
ndritb av commenceø 
1-16 \ aeant 
148 Holt TbomllB AI 
V ncant lots 
1;:;4 llellel1.lwucrs James 
156 Gordon Albert 
l;:;S \\ augl1 J o,el,11 
164 Shley Peter 
 Gibson Wm, broom mrr 
I.U "a} IeI' Edwin, grocer 
House, s e 
. Essex st commences 
17t! Hundeocl< H W gro 
178 Hamilton Robe'rt W 
IS? E1Jls Mrs M A, fcy gds 

 Anst III Peter, grocer 
1M Porter Wm J 
Vllcllnt lots 
11J4 Montgomery J H 
:100 Flsl1er A E 
202 Ball Robert 
. GIIl'l1et .IV commences 
2011 Manuel 
:':W Ad.uil' Jol1n 
:':1:.= Attwood Frederick 
214 Aldous Wm 
Vacant lot 
:!1., _bh Henrv J grocer 
lltel1ell \Îrs 'Catberin
"acant lots 
. Yal'1ll0utl1 I'd Intersects 
Vacant lots 
. Melville av commenccs 
Vacant lots 
St Cyprian's Chureh 

"" "lougl1 Tl10mas 
. Dupont 1St Intersects 
Vacant lots 
286 WIlson David 

CHHIS'l'Ol'HER, w from 228 
Cbestnut to Unlv
lt:r av 
ward 3. . 
. '2 . si:ör
, !\sor
h Side .... - . . . . 
Vacant lot 
lU :-:I'!
A yard 
IS Obhinetsk}' Julius. junk 
. Centrp av Intersects 
Store. s e 
26 Hearn Francis 
28 Smith Alexauder 
au )Iurray Rouert M 
Cl1urch, s e 
. . .. ÎÌõüse
 r: Side ......... 
9 Dowson Alfred 
11 '''ll'/J('ntpr GO'orge 
13 Smith Mrs Catl1erine 
15 Leopold Scarrone P 
Store, s e 
. Centre av Intersect.l 
Store, s 
27 Dunlop Wm 
29 Miles Samnel 
House, B e 

CUT'ItCH, n from tile Bay to 
71 Bloor e, crossing King at 
101, \\ard 3, 
. . , .. . ... East Side ......... 
1 Tymon Andrew J 
City Weigh Scales Jobn 
Glanvllle supt . 
Vacant lots 
 Tflr 4'0).1 Stornge Co, W 
I1.lnl.; -'< "0 JlrOI)
Warehouse s e 
.I.'ront st e' Intersects 
Store, s e 

21 Employment Agency 
Lemay David, broker 
Jones Ernest E & Co, 
23 SIp.eman Brew & Maltg Co 
\'.IDce k Co, whol fruit 
Hamilton Tbomas 
Quccn's O\\n Bugle Band 
25.27 JIIcWlIIlam & Everlst, 
whol fruit 
Barker Fred, app1es 
29 Northcote Reginald. brew- 
ers' supplIes 
E\\ ing !; H & Sons, corks 
. Coihorne st intersects 
31 Blllinghurst A J, teas 
31a Imrie, Graham & Harrap 
33 McBride Bros, wbo fruit 
:;:;1, 1'111'11 Mfg Co. clothing 
Specialty ?lUg Co, sliver 
pollsb _ 
Art Embroidery Co, car- 
riage rugs 
Impl'rial J\Ifg Co, 6hlrt 
 D A, whol jwlr 
101ln):: Bros, fc} gds 
3:í Thompson H & ('0, pork 
Clcmes IIros, wl10l rrult 
. King st e Intersects 
('lnll'(Oh I!I"Oll11rlS 
St James' Sunday School 

t .1.lI1l1's' ,'c
Millen Cl1arles E, caretkr 
. AdelaIde st e Intersects 
75 Puhllc Library Bldg 
PUhlle Library, J:>s Baln 
81 lII1'ycr< Bros, warchouse 
Ull J DUg. Illdr
83% HolIday JIll'S H 

:i 'flC'fiut 
s;}1f.J )Ifil'tln John A 
87 lIIeyer Bros, wasb macbs 
. Lombard st Intersl'cts 
'-!I-!Jl Arhllthnot k :Uacmll- 
1.111. prtrs 
93 Oliver Mrs M E, gro 
95 O'Connor Matthew, pntr 
· 07 Stone John J, d) er 
09 Wickett A R, harber 
101 Galloway David, bsker 
Jt-'nhlns ..."- :-50118, In usbes 
105 J obnston J osepb, J.rtr 
. Rlcbmond st e Intprsects 
107-9 !\eweombe Octavius & 
Co, plnnos 
111 Wilson Jobn, shirt mfr 
1'0',11'('(' 'II's I::lizahctl1 
11:1 "ills .lUre,! A. dgars 
115 Phl11;n" F E, pntr 
 ::\lr:-:: ::\lar;!fil'et 
1:!1 'leG.tII! & )1l"Kedlley, 
1:':1 ' , 'leL,'an Alhprt D 
123 Sadlier D & J & Co, bks 
1:!:-;1., :-\h.'J"IlUIIl (' P. tll'Oti:,t 
'1\.l'rln< l-' )1, dental gds 
ettleton J W. gro 
. Queen st e Intersects 
12!! Store, s e 
 Clarke ]
fh\ nrd. rest 
I'll I'pt(' Lce Co. Indrv 
 & (:'f'urtron. tlrs 
133 )[cKennn Chas II, pby 
133% Wells Henry !II . 
13:; Authors & Cox, "rt IImhs 
137 Uren John F. phy 
137 1 1 'l'hompson W II, c
130 HIcks T J" elec supplies 
141-3 L) on N T Glass Co Ltd 
145 Sim & Co. plmbrs 
1II00re Geor:::-e 
% Sim ?Ilrs !\Inry 
147 Webh !III'S Mlna. hdg 
140 Thompson !\Irs Ehz. hdg 
1 Poulton J S. shoemkr 
153 ShE'a & Co. tlrs 
153'h G('ndroD John A 
155-157 Gander J M, plstr 
159 Allen \Væ. tailor 
Bnrlow "'m H 
161 McCutcblon Thomlls 
Goedike Cbarles B 
163-5 Armstrong !III'S E, bdg 
167-fI \'acant Club House 
Elliott House, s (' 

. Sbuter st Intersects 
..ttress Wm, pby 
'"tfaford Arcl1lhllld J 
l'-t ".C'strOlJ Rol)('rt
187 1'Iewes JIll'S E, hdg 
189 Brock lIlrs II JII, bdg 
un Petl'rsOll )lr8 Agnes, bdg 
193 Lougheed Da vld, bdg 
195 Ross Mrs Kate, bdg 
197 Hatch James C 
Hatcb JIll'S Mary. IJdg 
1!1!' ""rph} "'m J 
201 lord Jol1n A 
2()3 Le\\ is George S 
205 Hawkins James, contr 
207 Hong Ree, Indry 
209 Lavin John H 
211 Smltb D L Elect Co 
Smitb D L 

13 (\ll"
, b3rb
215 Henson W N, clg!lrs 
R.llph James 
217-219 Hawley Jobn, provs 
Gregory Wm 
219 ,,'atf Arthur J 
2:21 Crawford .Jnmes 
:: Yarcho\\ )Irs Johnnna,bdg 
225 Lee Cbu 
2:!7 Wallace !lliss I D. slaty 
2211 Squire T W, gro 
. Wilton av Intprsects 
Prh ate grounds 
2-11 Jones lIlrs Margaret G 
2-t:! Enright TIT J, hlJseshoer 
2t5 Cranston John. dairy 
247 Dlon Thomas, 
249 Yonng Mah, Indry 
2;)1-3 Good Jobn & Co, J1:rocers 
Good John 
2!i5 Hawley Jobn 
257 Dancy Henry N, btcbr 
261 Itvcroft Thomns W 

 C'ook ßf'njnnlin 
:!Ii:í. Clfll"he Efl"ul"{l. re!llt 
2fo9 Rose M rs lIIa ry 
27:1 Spooner Frank 
27:1'Æ, Spooner Frank, gro 
275 Rankin Wm. baker 
277 Wilson T, tlr 
:!"'i'!J Tao Chon. ludr\ 
281 Hernon A 1', htcbr 

7 I1amllton Hnrvpy 
,"lllHlt-r J<'c('n,(;nillana BC 
Brll" II ::\In: I
liza J 
Hnrlnnwtb T11011In.S G 
ß.ltlHU":"Í :\Ji
:-- )[:1.f1" 
. Gould st Intersects' 
) Woods G 'I. gro 
2S!)11, Rownan Miss Johnnnn 
2!!1 Forhps Alex. shoemkr 
II!n'h Johnson J S. tlr 
2!J3 Saulter !IIiss !\Iary J 
2!J5 Roy Warren 
Hoy !III'S I'
unlce, hdg 

97 Dnncan 1II1ss Jennie 

..1(. E(lwart1 
:{Ul '[nWQ 
 EIi7U. hdg 
:In:\ Cochranp 
I E 
:\()ï HO'ili Snmnel 
:\lIn Horn{'11 
Irs E '[II V 
311 "'aterson "'m . 
mith ,Joseph 
Cbong Wing, !ndry 
31ã Dennis \\'m F 
:lt7 Adnm Arthm' II 
:{:!l P.lltllle.111 .10hn 
323 Williams Herhert H 
3::?:í Cumnllng!': E J 
:127 Rterling Alhert E 
32!J Hamilton H J. ph.v 
331 !,'rencb !l1I
s I
 C, bdg 
'1:13 !llnson John, hdg 
:;:-I <<a"n...)P\- HohC'rt (' 
7 Fulton' l\1i
,;;; A
841 Andcrson 
Irs Jane 
. Gerrnrd st e Interspcts 
he:-; 'Iiss J. hrIg 
Houo;;e, 8 e 
351 Ronl,e 'Irs M A. bdg 
 )'luntR'1I1l1PJ"Y .lnhn 
355 Rnrnham Albert J, 
IInrnham !l1t.s S, hdg 
:157 Flnnl:::-an !III'S M E, tire 
359 Ro
" John. plmbr 
361 McLeod John. sboemkr 
\1c'Lf'O(l G. nIUe;,;, trbr 
36.'1 Re
 David, baker 
lcGIII st intcrsects 
Honse, s e 
365 )lllynes )Jrs Jane 


' ;:g. 

300 Pickard Will J. exp 
3n 1'ickard Ww 
373 Lung Chong, lndry 
375 LolJalco to. Icbola!!. frnlts 
377 Calrncross J H, carp 
. Anne st Inter
3'i:..t :SltJun J allieS II 
381 Sheppard Cl1arles 
3t<-3 :-5U"..\cban Jumes 
31>;; Uarlaud Ed\\ard 
3S7 Guest W !\, utcbr 
Jllills Robert 
U \\ arc.] Josepb, grocer 
McGuwan Jol1l1 
301 Giles J allles ::!, wInes 
3113 CllLnahan W J A & U. 
. CarleLOn st Intersects 
House, B e 
411 Hugo Mrs Louisa 
-11;; "levo\\ all \\ III 
41;:; McCaskill Mrs Augusta 
-II 7 h.ea[ing )Irs illary 
4111 Bothaw Jawe
1 ::!lllitl1 
4:':3 Gunn Mr
.le, lJag 
. \\ ood st In[er.eets 
42;) McDonagh bll
s M J. hdg 
4:':7 \\ alker !\Irs Ito
4:l1l Ilennle Jol1u 
431 Banks Mrs Eleanor 
43a-4-lli Puulic School 
. Alexander st ll1ten;ectJI 
4-15 Henderson Mi
s Georgina 
4,47 Buchner John L 
4-19 Farley Mr.. Emma 
4;:;1 I'cncock Jawes, pntr 
41>3 !llacKaguc Jawes, contI' 
4;;5 IUce \\ m M 
457 Peardon !III's Rebecca 
459 W ool
ey It H B 
461 !lleAI!>ter lIIis Cecllla 
4tJ3 Elmes 
EIllles :\Irs l>IIlL'garct, ball 
te\ ellS ""m J 
467 Salls SeYlllour E 
4611 HennIng Mrs Janer 
4ï1 l'urki8 I'rcd'!;. J 
473 PelTY )U.s )1 J, drsmkr 
437% Flellling It Arthur 
47;:; Sn}de[' Allan, grocer 
llootl1 Alcx.lIlder G 
. !llalUand st intersects 
4ïï ::!l1erman \\ il.o" W 
41S1 Whatmougl1 Mrs C E 
!\urses' Home 
1I.lllliiton )1i8S JosepDme, 
Ul"00111 ::\1iss ::\l11111ie, nurse 

l1litl1 )lls
 .Tl"Unie, nurse 
JIIurray 1Iliss )1:11', nurse 
O'Connor !lIISS llose, 
4!!::\ lIleCollvey James ,I 
4bã Dollllllge !III's Sopnla 
487 Farqlll1arson WlIl J 
-1ð.tt '-..H.:..lut 
493 Giles !III'S Eliza 
4117 Sl1cpherd !III's JIInry 
499 Spelgl1t Wm B 
507 China Inland Mission 
Helmer Joshun S 
. Wellesley st Intersects 
5U!Þ House, s e 
:;11-[;13 nr311ites Limited 
Granite ljowllng Club 
Granite Curling Clnb 
Burley John, caretkr 
Carrie S}<1nl'Y, steward 
519 Granite Cllrllng and Skat- 
Ing Co Ltd 
PI'1\'nte /(rounds 
fí39 Crawford George S 
. )Inlock nv commenceR 
.1 O"ley AII".rt r., hroker 
ft:;:1 !'lIll1\"Rn 
Irs :>lorn 
;-.:i;-. B.ll'rell ))fillicl 
550 O'Donnell !II C 
5Rl Kells Joseph G 
:;li:\ :-:t('\\ art R L. phy 
HI11l11'1I John. phy 
. Gloucester st Intprs9cts 
563% Podmore )Irs )1 A 
Greenawny lIlinerva, I'by 
r.r.ã Kpwln f:d\vln 
56;)% SUl!I!ahy \Vm A 
"ro7 Wntts EdwRrd 
ó67'h Ulln1ck !llrs FrancE's W 
569 TboID pson lIIiss JIIary 
571 Smltl1 Rev Jol1n 

CEO. R. HARCRAFT, . Ceneral Agent 
Phone Main 251 TORONTO 

GEO. W. 




Phone Main 4508 

l 'r 



573 Pnrker T Y, contI' 
fi75 Williams Chnrles B 
517 JacolJ
 Re, :Solomon 
579 :\lncdonald J:lmes 
5tj;j Grall,Im .\1r
 'lary J 
fib;; :';yh e,Ster G P, pby 
. Isabella st Inter
House, s e 
589 McCutcnoll Miss Nettle 
5\11 Gr3\er 
003 Webb Edward H 
5\1;; Ellerby '1I

', Bemlster IIliss 

UU GrLtlngt'r ""m S 
601 MncNIlli :\Irs 
003 W,'lllCIJ W","wkk 
605 )'lncnamara lIIlcbael J 
607 lIIontgumery R 0 
611 Bayles Tbomas S 
. Cbarles st Intersects 
613 House, s e 
615 :S.llllldcrs 
lIsses. school 
Saunders Miss H 
Saunders 1IIIss Julia 
til I Cicerl Cbarles 
In!! ROlJerts )'lrs Rose 
6:!1 :Sm,th 
Irs )'Iargaret 
623 :McIntosb Anglls 
62J Catbron )Jrs Caroline A 
Prl >"a te J1:rounds 
6:!1 8p.'ers Hugb 
633 Crlngan Alex T 
. Hnyden st Intersects 
Vncant lots 
&1T Fleming James II 
61\! Dowler George Q 
Hawley Josepb 
651 Turner Peter 
Housp. S e- 
......... West Side ......... 
2-8 Greey Wm & J G, m111 
12 Vacnnt 
14-16 Vncant 
18-22 Galbraltò Wm, storage 
Hugbes D W. wool 
IIlnchinery Supply Co, 
wool nm"hy 
Record Foundry & Ma- 
cblne Co 
24 Eaton Bros Brewing Co 
\Varebouse, s e 
. Front st e In t{'rs{'cts 
Goodprbam building 
. W{'!IIngton st e ends 
28 Bank of Toronto. s e 
Hyslop J C, cnretkr 
SO Crlghton & Co. whol tens 
32 Queeu City Chambers 
Scott & Walmsley. UD- 
Queen City Fire Ins Co 
Hand-In-Hand Ins Co 
Fire Ins Exchange Cor. 
pora tlo!!. 
Brltlsb & Foreign Marine 
In<:urnnce Co 
Gen..ral 'Iarlnp Ius Co 
Hand-In-Hand Plnte Glass 
 & Manufacturers. 
In" Co 

lc:\lulklu F E. Ins 
Nntlonal !\lIning & D.. 
velopment Co 
Honnsorn J E. ncct 
Imperial Trnsts Co of 
North Western Securities 
Brownlow. Husband & 
Co, brokers 
Boebm S J, broker 
Natllr;!1 Food Co, prepared 
H"..,-Itl John. mfr". agt 
Fishpr Jobn. mfrs. alrt 
KIng Roht \V & Co, con. 
suiting engs 
Kin/! ('onstructl(ln Co 
Dominion Institute of 
Amnlgamnted Engineer- 
Coh..n .1 & J. wool 
An/!Io-Am Cbemlcnl Corp 
Cnnndian Am Adv Co 
Shnvcnlr IIUg Co, sboe 
dressing mfrs 
Gunning J F J, com mer 
Vlrt,l{' & Co. puhlrs 

Runciman H. Ins appr 
Jollllson )'lIs
cs A amI A, 
A,l.llllSOll Wm, fil'lISt 
VUllllnion Metnphore Co 
l'ul\ 0 :\1fg CO, 
'O\ e pol- 
)'lalcolm J, cnretkr 
Dawsuu Tholll,IS, elev opr 
3-1 CUU,hU,\Il Hutel:';upply l:9 
1(,I\,lIugs 1(uyal TaLlie 
36 Turtle Hall Hotel 

outll George :,; 
. l:olborne st Intersects 
3/> Ciceri l:llarles, produce 
-11J \ acant 
42 Bon Accord Building 
Lambe A R & Son, com 
\m lIat l'rnme )'lfg Co 
44 Detcbon S G, pro mea 
46 :';non It'h & 
ons, wbo! 
lunrg'omery R 0, leatber 
50 Hotel, s e 
. h.lng st e Intersects 
54 Tor Rnilwn:v Office, s e 
;;u t"lsllmore È J, guns 
(',\Ilndian Whlte..,-ear Co 
Toronto )\n, al Brigade 
Sto,'mollt IIUg l:o, pant 
VI elllll;<
 )'1fg Co, Ltd. 
m1'g jwlrs 
_, RUYllcr Henry, mfg jwlr 
"Ii Uweus E W, dress pad" 
60 J>lllillps W R & Co, prtnt- 
. Court st ends 
6:.! Monetnry Times, Trade 
Review and Insurance 
Cbronlcle (weekly) 
!IIon{'tary Times l'rlntlng 
Co of Canada 
64 Rowllnson J H, picture 
66 Wnite & Saville, prtrs' 
68 Swift Cbas & Co. sboes 
70 King Dangerfield 
Campbell It J, pntr 
Cnmphell & Son, artIsts 
72 McDougnll Horace. tess 
74 Bonn James 
.G-7S Home 
a>"llIgs & Loan 
Co, Limited 
80 Foý & Kelly. barrs 
Whelan James 
S2 Druggists' CorporaUonLtd 
eplikos Cbemlcal Co 
Culllugton Walter 
Lake _ Miss Hnrrlet 
84 Hygiene Kola Co 
t-6 l"orclgn &. Canadian Art 
88 Bowey John H, carptkr 
1-2 McDonald A H & Co 
w hol j\Vlry , 
3 Engineering & Contract- 
lllg Co 
4 [J.'rney Jobn L, broker 
Berney (; J, broker 
5-1; Centrnl 
ook Concern 
7 RaJ m(lnd 
Irs Susan 
i! Uny Fred ß 
!J Allin Samuel 
10-Cllrlstie Albert 
11 'litcbell JIll'S Kate 
1:1 Vacant 
la Vacant 
14 Vacnnt 
1;; Vncant 
111 Campbell Colin 
11 Gibbs Leonard 
I/o! Spurrier Albert L 
19 Hrakpr 'Wm 
00 reftler Dr Co pro með 
!!:I Vacant ' 
. Adelaide st Intersects 
94 Store, s e 
9(; Thurston A Stanley 
98 Hamll(on IIltg Co. en. 
/(hl(>ers' suppllP
Radi"nn J F. pmery wbls 
100 flufTprln Ch"mh{'rs 
gyptl:1TI DamIano Co, 
pat medicines 
Grlffltbs Artbnr 

102 Gucst & Co, plmbrs 
lü-1 Bret? Ju"ob, cigars 
100 Asbdown Geo, eating bse 
ordon J \\, eatm!; hse 
te' t'nson II 
I, signa 
ign LeUprs 
utllcrlnlld D, electro pltr 
. Lombard st Intersects 
11-1 Blsboprlc & Co, contI's 
llillun Will L. tinner 
I ctrupole, factory 
116 Scbell Erasmus, gr3 
11" Eh..Iic G. 
Bnrtbnu Peter, I' 
Grundler lIIrs Jobanna, r 
120 "Incdonald l'et{'r, gro 
b"mhrook "h's :';arab 
]22 P{'rrin Wm H &: Co. macl1s 
124 Windsor Hotel 
. I{lcbmond st e Interseds 
121> 8collle )J rs Sarnb. bdg 
ns l'alm{',' .Jonnthnn, harber 
\2 ToU..n l;eurge J, rest 
134 Soutbam T L. blcyt'ies 
136 WIll'nt Frederick 
Store. s e 
. Queen st e Intersects 
Metropolltnn Chnrcb, s e 
. Sbuter st Intersects 
St IIlicbnels Ca tbedral. I' e 
St Jobn's Cbapel 
200 St Michael's l'nlace 
Rollieder Rev F F 
Treacy Rev J P, D D 

llllTaJ UP\" Hugb 
210 Tbompson Henry 
212 Woodbouse J Josepb 
2-11 :';tewart John 
2-1(; Cudnp
:!-IS Atkins )'Irs Louisa 
.0 Arcber Genlo C 
252 Bostwick Cl1nrles W 
254 W!IIlams Isnac V 
256 Rose Cbarles H, gro 
Zi8 Shaw H J, liquors 
200 Stewnrt Jobn, pntr 
2ü2 Curry Isaac, drugs 
. Wilton av Intersects 
26t Aikins H Wilberforce. pby 
2fil; Colemnn David 
268 Hltchlnson Josepb I:! 
270 Hudgln Mrs Lydia, drsm!!:r 
Hudgln H W, mus tcbr 
272 Henderson Fred C 
274 Hepburn Mrs Mary A 
276 Hall Jobn 
278 Flannley Miss J"enDle. 
2"" CurrIe Wm A 
2s2 Smltb John. grainer 
284 Arcber Ed wnrd 
28!1 Evans Alfred 
Iorrls Frank 

Hn Lewis JaDles 
2!!2 Dndley Gilford 
294 Hnmlll Jobn K, bdg 
296 A..mstrong Jobn H 

,x Thompson 1111's Mary E 
300 Harris Josepb E 
302 6 

aft':íd-Stnr Laundrl 
308 Nokes George 
310 Liston Jobn 
312 Pope George W H 
522 Workln/( Boys' Home 
Rmltb Simon G 
. Gould st Intersect. 
St James sq 
Normnl Scbool. s e 
Model Scbool (boys) 
. Gerrard st e Intersect. 
Stor.., .. e 
300 Bell Robert J" 
3!12 Lponard George N 
3.% Chong Hong. Indry 
398 J..edley !IIlss Mary 
400 Incb Alfrpd 
402 GillIhert )'lIss !.Ilnnie 
4()4 Cordingley IIIrs E J 
. McGill st Intersects 
406 l.'1':1I
 Mrs Ellznbetb, shoe- 
408 McCnrtney James. coal 
414 Allan Geor/!e 
41fi J3('k
on Hngb 
418 Bloo" Jnhez. I:rocer 
O Jecks Montngue C. pntr 
. Al1np ..t intersects 
420 lIIeredlth .1o..epb 
422 Mnd/(e Tbomns 

-'J {HE. 
 - ....<<'.- 
96 C
y '( r.....


Od:.'E R 5 ' 
\ C 0 A L. 
'\ Ii E A D Orf\


421 Clnrl, Frcdprlck E 
426 Pllalr 
l..s Eliza 
4:!X '"eitcb Alhert 
434-G Some..set Honse 
. Curlton st Intersects 
4:18 A..mltnge \V H, gro 
41-1 Fo\\ ler Fr:1I1"ls 'V 
446 Ross ).I..s EIi?ahetb 
4-18 MncWillle ).I..s III 
450 Robins Herbert 
4;;:! Cook 
Irs r.llza 
454 Stepb.,us Wm 
f..i nngel'
 :\Irs 1Inry E 
458 DUIID Dnvld A 
460 Keith )'lrs ('ora L, drs- 
464 F..rgusoD Arcblb:ud 
46G Tllompson Robert 
. Wood st Intersects 
4G8 House, s e 
4.0 Wlchs(ln Frederick 
Northern Cong Cburch 
1"-1 ('amphell Petpr 
400 Watt 'lIssltinry A 
494 Hltcb Mrs Charlotte 
. Alexnnder st Intersects 
4[16 Vacant 
4118 Nlcbolson Andrew 
r;oo l.el/(hton Jobn S 
(1()2 Graham Dermatological: 
Moote & Hlgb, dermatol- 
Scott Francis J 
Higb 'liss lIIattie B 
504 ContI's Mrs M
r.06 How M.... Cntberlne J 
008 Pn..ker Hunter 

]O Kewell '\Irs Mary 
512 Conger Mrs Melissa 
:-01-1 Peel 'II''' Tberesa 
516 ChonJ1: 
[a rk. Indry 
Hili Mrs Annie 
1S18 Brown Wm I., gro 
1J0naidson Miss 
Iaggle A 
. Mnltland st Intersects 
Honse, s e 
522 Glbb AJO!xander 
:;:!1 Bonner lIIrs Emily 
5:!f1 Jonps 
Irs Isubella 
528 Ross 
[rs Jpau 
530 I.vnpb IIII''' Alice 
1132 Williams !III'S Mary 
Nurses Home 
('lark Miss Isabel. nurse 
Haugb '!\Ilss lIIaggle,nurse 
Kno" 'lIss Helen, nur"e 
IIldllllan Miss M M,nnrse 
IIInrtln JIll'S IIInry, nurse 
Goldner Miss Bertba. 
l\Ic)'lurtry !\Ilss Margt, 
Cnmeron Mis" A JII, nurse 
lIss H E, nurse 
Helsc Mlos Emma. nurse 
1134 Herding Mrs Jessie 
536 Rlndon !Ill''' Ann 
53S La ..,-rence Oliver 
MO Call1plln Cbarles 
M2 I.nnd Jnmes 
M4 Little 1111's Jnne 
Mil "cDonnld IIIntthew 
M8 Rhl'ppnrd !IIurray, adv 
. Wellesley st Intersects 
ter Jrn 
554 Walkcr Mrs Ellznbetb F 
556 Miller James L 
558 Berklnshaw Edwin T 
560 H W 


Successors to LIMITLD 

TYPEWR ITERS Phones Main 1126, 1127 
Typewriters Rented _ J. J. SEITZ, General Manager 





F. d. SMITH 





 Kt"lllptl1ornf' \Ym 
p"n'\.H)n Alhert 
566 lIIusgrave Uicbard 
;-,1;'" \\ïl:-:Ull ::Ur... 
:'\,0 PP:H'4Wk "-111 - 
;,ï:! P.l
tun 'h'
 AnniE:' C 
57-1 Grllll:lIll James 
riï6 Reott Wm 
fji8 ('01l1':\(1 Louis A 
580 "FIIIi.1Ju
on 'rhom3
 ]rwin 'Iiss Melisa, IJdg 
584 h.e.. Cbuug, Indry 
590 Burlev John 
592 Jopllil g Josepb 
Jflf)lÏll,g' )Ii

 ..' A, n1US 
f>U4 O':\l'lI 
I E, IJdg 
1 louse, s e 
. Glollcester st Inters..cts 
6!JS Kno\\ les ;\Irs \\I 
Pl'h'nte grounds 
cog Col"mall 111's Amanda 
.Isahella st Intersects 
p, s e 
612 Rl..asdell Wm H 
ll's Estber 
618 Gambll' 
ll's 11a hlda 
620 'Ialeollll "'m B 
622 Armour lIIiss Annie 
624 Sto"k IT Edward I{ 
G:!6 Willson Alfred 
. Charles st Intersects 
632 l\'..e<1le 
Irs K, bdg 
C34 Whntmough MIss F, A, 
mcd ..Iect 
Irs ;\Inr
(;36 'l'ucI<<'r "'nIter 
638 Carri<,r 
Irs ]
640 Hachhorn Edwarn (} 
 JI""all "'lIlter G 
644 Griffith Robert J 
. Hayden 'it Intprs{'ets 
 Th4)rpf' em 
6:>0 1I1l'l\.ay Robert 
House, 8 e 

CHURCHILL AV, w from opp 
83 Ossington av to Dover- 
court I'd, wnrd 5 
. . . . . .. .. I\' orth Side ......... 
:! "ol..I\\ .if.! Frederick A 
4 Bcam Audrew 
6 Hatten Alex C 
8 Collins Frank S 
111 'Il'l'ritt Jobn E 
It Wbltlng Jobn E 
16 Burns Robert 
111 l'ater"on Wm 
211 Cbur.'hill ]:.1" ard J 
:!:! i'trobmn) l' Jobn G 

1 YUC'flut 
::1: Little Wm J 
"acnnt lot 
48 IIlallls"n FredN'lck 
50 Fnrlnl Guillermo A 
)<....'Ini Mille Ann mus 
tcbr . 
 Lnngton Tbomas 
54 HnRtwltt Ernest E 
58 WInton Holle.'t II 
 Henry jr 
60 Muir Alexander 
62 Lasber George 
lorrIs 11I1'S \IIarla L 
1;1; 1'II'r('e lIarle
611 8tdffo..<l H 
House, 9 e 
... .. .... Soutb Side ......... 
1 Dewshury \lIrs Mary 
3 Dnle Tbomns 
5 Cralgmyle James M 
7 Wood croft Jobn 
II 8tewnrt Wm 
11 I1ally Jobn 
13 Smitb Alexander H 
15 GrIffin Abram B, confr 
1 i r....neb 
Ian', nurse 
1:<1\\ ard< ];r1ward 
19 Hae Jnmes D 
21 Scboles ÌIIrs Ann J 
23 Ambury George 
House. s e 
. Lnke.-Iew av ends 
House. s Q 
41 1I0nse hulldlng 
'nm Fremont n 
45 nell Frederick J 
4-7 \l(ason Tobias H 
V ncan t lots 

53 Fewtrell Jnmes, bldr 
l'nrk Andrew 
Honse, s e 

CIBOLA A Y (Toronto Island), 
w from centre of Cblppewn 
av to Clnndebove nv, ward 
Not built on 

CIXDElt A V, w from Uti 
\IIontrose av to Crnwford, 
wnrd 5- 
X ot built on 

CITY HALL, n side Queen w, 
lIet James nnd Teraulay. 
ward 3. 
Engine, motor and ventll- 
nUng systew, James 
Bannau, cbief eng 
Ground Floor- 
City Engineer's Depart- 
ment, C H Uust, CE, 
cblef: C L Fellowes. CE, 
Street Commissioner's De- 
p.lrtment, Jobn Jones, 
Medical HenItb Dept, 
Charles Sbenrd, MD, 
CIty Parks Del)t, Jobn 
CbambeJ's, eomnr 
CIty Uellef Office, Ed. 
ward Tnylor, relief offi- 
Deputy Cblef of Pollee's 
office, W E Stuart dep- 
uty cbief 
Police Dept, Staff In- 
spector's office, Dn vld 
Arebilonld Inspector 
Pol\ee ('ourt CI..rk's Dept, 
IeK MorrIson, enlef 
License Department, E C 
Da.-enport Issner of li- 
Clerk of tbe reace. H E 
Irwin, barr, ëblef clk; 
ar Parsons deputy 
Division Con..t ()<'Irst) 
Cle..k's office, A IIlcL 
Howard clk 
FIrst Di.-ision Conrt, A 
\I1eL Howard, clk 
Tentb Division Court. E 
II D\1.:;g-an clk 
Western DivIsion Co_t, E 
H Duggan, elk 
rl1os. stenog- 
rapher nnd Court Ul'ptr 

1l'1r1 Ernest. steno 
lrst Floor- 
City Treasurer's Office, H 
'1' Condy trens, Jobn 
1'a tterson depu ty 
City Auditors' Dept, Wm 
Anderson and Wm W 
Jones nudltors 
CIty Tax CollectIng Dept, 
Samuel Baird, S H \lc- 
Comll, J H PrItcbard, E 
F Husb, Samnel Vnnce, 
'1' R WbltesIde and J D 
\" oods, collectors 
CIty Waterworks Dept, 
JameR \IIcKinlay, chief 
receIver, Jospph Unffan. 
aect. J A Boyd, chief 
City CommIssIoners' Dept, 
Emerson Coatswortb 
commr, Edward Cop- 
ping. hId,:; insp 
City Architect's, Dept, 
Uob!'rt 11<'Callum archl- 
Police Court and offices 
Pollee Conrt. Lt-Col G
'1' Denison police maJ1:!s, 
trate. U E Kingsford 
Pulice Clerk's Offiep, Rob- 
ert McClelland, cblef ell< 

Pol1ce Department nnd 
Heaåquarters, Lt-Col 
Henry J Grasett cblef 
Detectl\"e Dept, Wm Stark 
Di\lsion Court Cham. 
bel's, F III 
Iurson, judge 
Di.-Ision Court (First), 1" 
Io..<on. judge 
County CO\1rt Clerk's Of. 
f1ce, A r; 
lIddleton dep- 
uty clerk 
ConÎlty CO\1rt Cbambers, 
Jolin Win('lwst..r, I:d- 
clll ..tilt) F )1 
Oll ju(],.!es 
xcbequer Court (Admlr- 
alt\" tlh i
ioll). Thomas 
Uo'dl':lns Ju<lJ,:... Jobn 
lh ueeo r.";!i:o;tl"ctr. U 8 

tclll('hou:-ö.p Innr:--hal, 
All'\. UO\\ ney "fljdal re- 
1)(11 t

lll'I"C)J.!:lte ("ourt Ofß(We, 
Jobn Wlncbester ju<1ge 
Joseph 'fnit registrar. E 
N May deputy 
County C..own Attorney, 
H H Dewart atty 
Sberlff's Office (Toronto 
City). Frederick \\Iowat 
shprift', James \V Severe 
Sberift's Office (York Co), 
J If Whldlfi
ld sberlff, 
Alex Sutberland dl'pnty. 
J E Se.-ers bailiff 
('ount,r ('ourt. York Co, 
Jobn \\ïnehe
ter, Ed- 
ward 'lnrgan and F 11 

on jutl!.!es 
Second Floor- 
City Council nnd offIces 
City Clerk's Dept, Wm A 
Llttlejobn cll< 
Registrati,)JJ Office for 
Hlrtbs, :\lnrrla
es nnd 
Deatbs, W A Llttlejobn 
div rl'gistrar 
City Solicitor's Office, J S 
Fullerton counsel, Tbos 
Caswell city solicitor, A 
I.' Lobb and Wm C 
Cblsbolm deputies 
nr\ e,. o.."s office, 
'"llIi...." Sankev ebief 
lIIayor's Office,' George B 
Wilson prlv se
CIty Assl'ssment Dept, U 
J Flemln
 comnr, James 
C l,'orm,m cblef clk, 
James U Hny. Dnnlpl 
Kennedy, F R 1II0rrow, 
Robert Sablston Rnd 
Cbarlps {;nwln. Jobn P 
Mallon, assessors 
'lC"ol Heorge B, è11\: of 
Tblrd Floor- 
Puhllc School Board, W C 
'VII kIn son sec-treas, J L 
Hugbes senIor inspr, W 
F Chnpman junior 
Inspr, C H lHsbop supt 
of bld:::-s, Jolin Tbomp- 
son drill Instructor 
TOl'onto Collegiate Instl. 
tutl' 1I...II'd, III' 11e1'IIul 


County of York Law 
Assu, J S Denison see 
Hnrrls \\Irs Catberln
Allcbureb Thomas, asst 
CouplRnd Tbomas, asst 
Workman Frede..lel<, &sst 
cn retkr 
Bennett George, asst 

CT,AXOr:BOYE A V (Toronto 
holand), n from 2:)8 Lake 

bore av. ward 4. 
, . . . . , .. East Side 
1 W,lllaee 
1..s C 
3 Vncant 
:i \PaC"ant 
. l'ric"p i"n-.-}erick "... 

9 Vacant 
],1 Llcdnt 
]" "'.lSlllith Va,ld R 
17 PetriI' Henry W 
.. .. .. ... W est 
House, " e 
Hose House No 3 

CLAUA. n nom 31 Orford av 
to Oak, ward 2. 
. .. .. .... East :,;1<1e 
1 W.lllaee 11.." C 
:I Ednards Wm J 
:-; :\Io..phy '" m 'I' 
7 Quinton Jobn 
9 Webste.' Colin 
11 Fon IeI' '''aIter G 
.. . . . . ... "pst .. 
:! Allinghn m A \\' 
4 Allingbam )liebael 
\) Kelly 'l'bomas H 
8 Cooper !lobert J 
lU 11cAree Jobn V 
12 Robinson Wm C 
House. s e 

"LARE:\IOX'l', n from 730 
Queen w, to 
Iansfle]d av. 
ward 5. 
. .. . . . . " East Side ......... 
15 tore, s e 
7 Carey Jobn 
9 King lIIict1gel 
'rencb W m J 
'.H"e Jlrs 'tar\ 
. Crocker a v -Intêrsecte 
17 Candler Wm 11 
IH ChinJ.{ Henry H 
21 Leary Thomas 
23 HarrNt 
2.3 Bateman Walter J' 
27 Hudson Cbarles 
:!'J Howe Jobn 
33 Snedden Wm 
Iawhinn{'y Charles l' 
I",.tun Harton B 
 Cbee.. Da vld A 
:m Lan,lJ..ick 11rs 
. Uobinson st intersects 
41 Granery pblllp, gro 
43 Lensk Wm L 
47 Belmore \Irs lIlnrguerlte 
49 Defoa Cbnrles 
51 FIeld George, exp 
5;; :\ ey George J 
;;ï W..ud Frederick 
511 Long James 
ti1 Grnbnm RIcbard E 
tj3 Hhea John C 
6;; Patton Peter 
\'acant lots 
77 IIIcGlade Peter 
ï9 AsblJv Wm 
81 Jennings James 
8:1 Rowlnnd WID 

;. Buehan.lll "Pm 
81 Lawson Da.-Id 
8!! 11('Keown Jobn 
l!l Baxt..r Joseph B 
!J3 Haslam Thom'ls W, bil1r 
!I:i Gregory Mrs Sopbla. gro 
97 I.e., Edwnrd 
99 Ha..rington Jobn '1' 
lUI Thulllll
on I ).l\"hl H 
.. ':: 1),\ "'son III1cba
10;-) X.lg'ft. .Tt'''
'llli.lh J 
lO. '[t"h..a
w .Tu"'PfJb 
109 Hodgins Alfred B 
111 U'
eill Wm E 
113 Laugbton IIIrs Ann 
Lnugbton \\Ilss L. drsmkr 
ill1p:-ö.un _"Pin 
11!1 La \\ rl"wp ['rederlck 
1 Ha \\' (;purge 
3 :\Iyers Artbnr E 
Jllith Bc'n i.lIuln 
I:!. Ha \'r wI n
PIJh n 
129 lI..eve Alfn'd. exp 
131 Wilson AllIert 
l:!:! P.ollsfield Jobn W 
135 H.l\ es 'Irs Ellen 
137 8p:Îldlng Jobn 
139 Garlln Tbomas 
141 We8tlake Wm '1' 
1-1:: .h'hn... "p.tItf'r 
H;; BroomeI' 'Irs Annn \\I L 
147 Batstone Frederick G 




HOME LIFE BUILDINC, 66 and 68 Victoria St. 
Telephone Main 2285 

W. F. DEVER & CO. 


Stock and Bond Brokers 
EStablished 1890 Telephone 4303 Main 




149 Robinson TllomB! 
lã1 8umner 8 8 
1;;3 IIIclntyre George M 
lIlne J.II11es W 
1ã7 Christie James H 
159 Gallowny Alexander R 
II;:! Kelh 
1.1r\ A 
Iii;) )ll'n:lr
ïdnc). G 
161 Little Robert D 
169 Scott 
171 Harper Wm "'I 
173 Lnughton John B 
'Il"h..ay )lrs Annie. nu
I.;; B..own Ha..ry 
177 Jamieson Samuel J 
II!I Wilen" Heb..on 
181 8t p phens John E 
Sto..e, s e 
. Arthu.. st intersects 
l1;ã Whytock P B, btchr 
lb. Wbvtock Peter B 
1!1t WhÌìlley George 
193 Rodden John 
111;; Pulln n "'Irs Alice 
Vncnnt lot 
203 Grll;gs Samuel 
. Plymouth a'
Scbool grounds 
247 Campb('11 James C 
2!!J HUlltel' James III 
231 Davy He..bert W 
2;)3 Young David 
23;; Weston J H 
2;;7 Brown Mrs III 
259 Bnrrl'tt Patrick L 
261 Canessa John. fruit! 
263 Wortlev Frederick 
265 Scott \\"m 
:,!f.U t;uoderbnm Charles 
271 Clto 
273 C..ncknell John J 
:!"i;. Ardito til'llnnio 
277 )Iorrall James 
279 Kellv Wm H 
281 Blnkelcy Harry M 
olnn James 
285 Duffy Owen 
\\ Uill "'m J 
8wuin 'Irs L, grocer 
, -- . . . . .. 'W el\l Side ......... 
Hotel, s e 
6 IIIcConvelle Frnnk 
8 Bradshn w Thomas 
12 Appleton "m 
14 8mlth Anthony 
16 Ring JdCOIJ J 
18 Donnelly Patrick 
. Crocker Bv Intersect! 
:!II Jonl'
 l"red L' 
201h IIIcManus ?Irs NorBh 
22 :;chofiel<] John 
2! Gimson )Irs Clara 
Glmson 'lIss C. drsmkr 

mith JaDll's 
30 "'lIddleton Enoch 
 h....I). Jdm..s J 
:H Wrl;!ht "'m B 
3S "'Iallaney M 1 
. Robinson st rntersects 
-III \\ïIHler ReD 
4:! (:011;:eon (
h.1S Y 
-I! I';heph.'rd A E 
akt-'r George W 
-IS Fernlev Edward 
:10 Brent 6Jnules 
52 Stock fish George 
54 Goodes Horntlo 
5tj Athul"'on H ". 
58 I.Indsey Robert. bldr 
60 Hu
hes John 
62 McAvay James T 
G6 Hnrd 
Irs Ellen 
Hurd Arthur. exp 
68 Dorward Walter 
.! <;1';11I1",- Hie-hnrd 
76 Champ"ïon Alexander 
on .John H, bldr 
"y I>.I,-I'on Andrew .T 
82 ('rowley Timothy J 
8! 'Iurphy John 
86 Mitchell Ellward J 
"" J:.I('v Richard \V 
!ÞO BpnÎlin:.: I'ranl, '" 
 Clark :\[i"hRel 
94 Fallahay David 
96 1I1e-'lnnus Pntl'lck 
98 McDonough Philip M C 
Moody Georj(e. l' 
100 Martin Pntrick, exp 
102 Berry Georj(e T 

10! Holdsworth J A 
106 ntzroy Joseph 
}OS 1',..,..1' Wm H 
no )Iund'\" Kenneth J 
112 ('obenn J.lmt>s 
III Weston lIlrs EmmB M 
lit; ".1\ nt' II U 
US Pic'kuP Thomns 
120 Condie Cam....on 
12! Husscll Rlcllard 
6 Johnston Samuel 
. Bellwoods pi commences 
12t' Grnham Miss A C, gro 
1;:0 Url"jg J(lhn 
1:;2 Aykroyd Maitland 
134 Lewis James 
1:;6 Mont George 
138 Lumber yard 
148 Cox John J 
150 Dempsey Thomas. gro 
 J)a" !":ÜU A' t lair 
lã4 O'Brlen James 
160 Presby Ch :\lIsslon 
1ü2 1IlisslOn Savings Hank 
Hoyles James, l' 
164 lIlcCarron Owen 
I'i'; t'lll.i:....ip John :\1 
1.0 Him er lh'rhl'rt. <,xp 
. Claremont pi comml'nces 
. Arthnr st Intersects 
182 Frnleigh Wm S, MD. 
J84 Jenkins Isanc 
186 Coulter W John 
IbS Hewson Will I. 
J:JO Wllght John J 
J92 "'lcMillan Thomn! 
J!I! 'lc
lill:1lJ WllJ 
191) 'Idfillan John 
If'8 \\"nrling Jnmes A 
200 lIlundy Henry II 

02 Quigley John J 
20! H..lIyer Cllnrles E 
. Plymouth nv Intersects 
2('6 Bittle Will H 
208 Jpnkins Thos 
210 Lamh Hobert 
lcBeth Andrew 
2H "'II' Lachlan John 

1f.j En.'riuglullll James 
218 Williams H R 

II l"urniss Alfred 
222 Foster "'Irs Jane 
224 Swift W John 

:!6 Johuston 'VUl It' 
1..Gaw John H 
230 Joblin John 
232 Frost Isaac 0 

::--1 l"n1ini....h(.d huildlngs 

--1:! ('r.ll
2!! "'Iole Hnrry L, gro 
. 'l'reford pi commences 
Honse. s e 
2!6 '1'ullllcr npnry 
248 Jordan Robert J 
.0 GartlllD Peter 
2;;2 mrd Charles 
25! Green Dorendo 
2:;6 IIolleycombe John 
:!:,"'i (
uurl.1Y J.II11('o;;;, 

C)n Fn'lnk 
:!tH l'inkprton Jam(>'!õ; 
266 Clarke Charles F 
:!t;'''' H.lrnh3rdt I )arc," B 

ïU lIuln1es (;l>()rge \. 

T PL, w from 
170 Clnremont. ward 5. 
:l O":\..m Jame. 
4 fll'nnett WIll G 
6 Hames Johu H 
8 Conroy :\1'1'S :\1argRrl't 
10 FII'U Thomas 
I:! (;allowa\" J
'llnes P 
H h.r.l1l1er'Thomns 
16 Brnmhles Thomas 
18 Kenting 'llchael 
ne-II.ll"Il Frank :II 

n Frnnc-ls Albert 

CE, n from 122 .Wel, 
IIngton w, wnrd 3. 
. .. .. .. " Enst SllIe 
Rear entrance" 
......... West Side 
Fnctory, s e 
Gold Medal Fum :\Ifg Co, 

CLAREXCE SQ, e sIde of 
Spndina av, at the hCRd of 
"ellington 1\", wdl'd 1. 
. .. .. .. " X orth Side ......... 
1 G..aham "'11I H, phy 
:! 1 uuu
 ".111 A. ..trUst 
3 Braulld \Ym D 
4 .Tncl,soll :\1iss :\Iargarct 
;:--) H\ "nl' J.lll1l'S H 
.; Hielly John B 
7 Xiblock Julin 'l' 
S ] Hek...nn (
9 Moore John 
Richa1'<1s David 
10 Hill 'li

I,lrv E 
11 Robertson I..mald M 
I:! <"lOt.) k 'Ir,;;; rrnul"es 
13 "'lcLeall 
I1's J.'ssle 
J4 r:1'O" n .Tohn 
15 Fisher W.JIl 
16 Chalmers 1111's Agne! 
. .. .. .... South Sille ....,.... 
17 :\lcI\:eclllan "'m J 
elloYe "'Iiss :\Inrlel 
19 Will,inson DanIel 
20 DI'foe Daniel M 

t Hollie) Hugh 
22 1IIcCartney James 
lc'laholl j;harles 
:!-I Hl.tltliek -\1I11rew 
::!;) GraillgPI" Charles A 
211 \Ioore ;rohn K 

2" \lead 
::tI Garvin Jnmes 

CLARK, e from 2ã Grant to 
Bolton ny, ward 1. 
. .. . .. . . . Korth Side ......... 
House, 8 e 
Vacant lots 
. Howle av commences 
e, s e 
1I'Collnell Wm G 
34 Hohonev Patrick 
House. 's I' 

. ... . .... South SIde ......... 
Private grounds 
11 ""pwhIlQ- 'Irs Eliza 
13 l\uthall Salllnel 
1;; FUze John G 
17 RlooIDPr 1111's LillIe 
21 Wnlpole James P 
23 Benson John "'I 
2; ßoothb
. (
p()rgû A 
33 Parm Charles 
3:i Grnh:lI11 Hohert 
37 \VII]!, .Tohn 

CI.ARK C'RER. n from GTR 
In renr of 68 I
dwln BV. 
ward 6. 
. .. . . . . " East Side 
[itchell Walter 
3 Frost Ed" In 
;; <:R' in "'m Side 

 ot built on 

('J .\SI';IC A V, w frnm 308 
Enron to Spadina BV. 
ward 4. 
.. "iiõ

h Side. -....... 
2 Stratton V.m C 
4 "'eldon 'l'lIomas A 
6 lIIcLeod 
orman M 
8 ('amp Lewis C 
10 Pnton Peter F 
I:! \I,ln\'
 (,harles A 
14 Hawley D Roblin 
ohle lIIrs Emma 
J8 Hnll John 
20 Alexandl'r Joseph 
House. 9 e 
......... South Side 
House. s e 
1 E\\nrt John 
3 St CIRlr l\orval A 
";,'holfielrt T C 
5 BnUUe Wm 
7 fllIlI..r J nhn 
9 Gale J Wm 
11 Christie LpsUe G 
13 Yauj:han Rohert C 
\-Rllj:han lIohl'rt S jr 

1;; Camphell Lrnest A 
17 Youllg Hobert 
l!J Christi.. Wm 
21 Ln"\' Albert E 
23 SlIIitll ?oIl'S Anllie 
House, s e 

CLA881C PL, runs e from 301 
Huron, wnrd 4. 
.. . . . . ... X orth Side ......... 
House, s e 
"acan t lot 
4 SIllItIl :\Irs 
6 Beat) John S 
8 )Sutt George 
.... . . ... South Side 
House, s e 
1 Gregory Josepll 
3 Laidlaw Wm 
5 Crysler 
orman D 
ï HII"ton G\'o,'ge 11 
Bnxton "'USB Kntle, dn- 
9 WI'I,b :\lrs Sarah 

CLIFFURD. w from 277 NI' 
agara to Str,lchan av. 
ward 5. 
. .. " l\ orth Side ......... 
l'rh',lte grounds 
Brewery. I' e 
. 8tanley tel' intersects 
Vacnnt lots 
10 Uuniels John 
I:! AI(,,
3ndl"r John 
I! Ilanieis \land 
If) Cuoli I ).l\-id 
18 Dnnllillg "'ID II 
20 Allan \\ m 
22 Banks Herbert H 
21 Veitch Alex:lllder 
:!Ij lluoth Ul'ur
28 Creber George H 
30 'l'a}-Ior Hell1'Y A 
:! :\1(1)":-;\.." Tboln.u.: 
34 Glad,en Wm J, exp 
:U; H",II) l'h.Il'les 
38 "'I a rsllnll "'II's Martha 
40 Kennedy Alexallder 
42 Ross Henry 
44 Hill Frellerlck W 
Hons p . s e 
. .. . . .. .. South Side ......... 
House, s e 
. Stanley tel' Intersect. 
Vacant lots 
. Stafford st ends 
House. s e 
3 Cbrlstle Wm C 
5 "'ll'Intosll "'alter 
7 Williams Edward J 
. Wellington In ends 
9 lIInrshnll Thomas L 
13 lIIa1'shall 
lrs 1IInry 

TOX. n from 40 Mans, 
field av tn city limits. 
ward 5. 
. . . . . .... East Side ......... 
Store. 8 e 
1 U":\laUev Jolin 
Vacant 'Iots 
11 Ford \Irs Mary, gro 
. Henderson nv Intersect! 
} J Ou(..... 
lrs L'hl'i
DIIl'llan John A 
21 Frnser "'m, qunntlty sur, 
23 1

ìeO\lrs Elizabeth 
25 "'Ial;ull"e Samnel 
Montgomery !IIiss B, drs, 
27 De La Hook" James A 
29 ''" eltolJ n"IU'" It 
:11 HUlbolJ "-11\ ". 
33 "'lcAlpln Nell 
:;ã Linn Jnmes 

tn..('. 8 f? 
45 Topp Frederick G 
. Collcge st In tersects 
Store. s e 
4!1 L.>,. Hnp. 1n<lry 
63 "Iann l",'('d .T 

. Hunt \\'11\ J 
. Courtney pi commence! 
59 Oak II':>" Frederick 
61 l\kllolsolJ hldr 



Losses Paid Since Organization over $ 

Fi re and 



Money to Loan. Estates Managed, 57 VICTORIA S T . I 
Real Estate Bought and Sold 




63 Tomlin Wm R 
. TUJ'l1IJUII Alex.lIlder 
67 Patterson Wm 
00 lIammonll Edward W 
71 t}
lI11hle Ueorge 
73 Stinson Wm 
7:-t Velll
on AIexnnder 
77 Dewey James T 
7!1 JIllke' Uichard 
:-1 'Iurris He, John T 
88 Dixon George E 
8:; )lcFaul .1 n. phy 
1'-õ Lakc John :\1 
89 NIghtingale Wm 
91 Smallwood George 
93 Smallwood :\liss E 
Small\\ool! )liss B 
95 Smallwood Charles 
97 Smallwood Will 
Small wood Bros, contrs 
99 Smith :\Irs I oulsa 
101 Saunders EWE 
lOa Brooks John 
, Webb :\Irs \\Iary E 
}O"i r:ll'getf'l' George H 
115 Nixon 1111's :\lnr" 
ll'i H.wdall Charll's E 
119 \\IeDonald George S 
McDonald Miss M S, drs- 
1:!1 L
gg-e Colin H 
123 Hadley Thomas 
125 :\Iathewson Hobert W 
127 Ogden :\lrs Adeline 
1W JlIcGulre John W 
131 Atkll>son Arthur E 
133 Bro\\ nEW 
135 Hand Edward J 
137 natton .John 
13!J lIelblll George E 
141 Saunders Joseph H 
148 Clinton 5t School 
159 Dewett Hlchard 
161 lien nett James 
It.:.! l"arker George _ 
165 Fewson D M 
UI7 B1umbergh Louis 
169 Anderson George A 
171 Bruce Wm 
173 Phillips Jnllns 
17:; SI<inner 1111's Ja,le 
177 Hutchison James 
179 Adams Robert .J 
181 Turner John 
183 Turner George 
185 Campbell Alexander 
187 Smith Henry J 
189 Yacant 
191 Brash James 
193 MacMillan John C 
195 Bailey Wm 
197 Grlbhle George A 
1!J!! Hutcheson Thomas H 
201 Paddon Mrs Margaret 
:!O:! Lohol'f' :\Irs Etta 
20;; ('ordell Samnel 
207 Ferguson lIIrs Elizabeth 
Doole E C T, bldr 
209 Adams Thomns, ilkI' 
211 Saunders John, exp 
:n:! Aitlwn Thomas 
21Ci Woods James W 
2"1.7 Jelrs Isaoc 
219 Hussey B W 
221 Robinson EdwIn, roofer 
223 Joedlcke Charles 
225 Well' Robert S 
227 Hamlv lIIrs Ann 
229 Lightfoot Wm 
2.11 Hamly Jnmes E 
233 Dunham Chm'les H 
23:; Wh
 rock Wm, btchr 

 Harbord st ends 
23, Sp1:1Il !III's lIIary A 
239 !II ayes Charles 
241 Ford John J 
243 Hurst Walter 
245 Holme Paul. contI' 
247 Lalster James 
249 Rrodprlck A A 
2:;1 Garrett George A 
253 Bennptt Arthnr J 
2:;5 Fle!!1 Wm IT 
:!:-.1 ßoyp!"' Snmuel D 
.!1 ",,('n\11 "'m T. contI' 

lcCnul "'m E, contI' 

1 Forwnrd Wm 
263 Jes<op Wm 
2G5 Bolitho 1111's Phoebe 

G7 1,01 I' Andrew 

:!tö:1 Ball John 5 
2ïl Turner John 
2'i3 Sinclair George 
275 1'0ll,\I'd Jnml's 
277 Well' Jobn C 
::'i!J Bavlngton George W 
1 SindI' Wm 
2.Sa Cuthbertson Hugh 
:!8:; GrUHn David .H 
2$7 Ford Wm J 
2S!J Perry Albert E 
:![)1 Cox Cllarles 
2!\3 lIIcK..y Hugh 
29;; Williams N M 
Iontgomel"" John W 
299 Gill Alexnn'der S 
aOl Huck Wm 
303 III') ant .1 uspph 
Yncant lots 
321 Hendry H F 
Dodds Hug-liE 
323 1! 01' I,ot 
325 Smith S...lvester 
32, Pringle 'Edward G 
32t1 Dyce Ale"ander 
34.1 Eldon Rohert H 
345 Adams Dnvld S 
347 Burton George 
3-1t1 :\lcCallum Frank 
Vacant lols 
. Bloor st w Intersect9 
V"cnnt lots 
:n:\ 1I0wden Charles W 
3'i7 Hnmmond H H 
381 Falvev Daniel 
383 Ash Thomas, blchr 
\íl<'nnt lots 
. BaJ:t!1!l av Intersect:!l 
Va"ant lots 
481 Hawlinson Hpnry, exp 
483 Yates George W. pxp 
:!f.\7 !II under 1II rs E 1II 
489 Parton RiI'hard 
493 I ovpday J n mps 
495 Ha wken Chas S 
Private groundg 
503 Wan' Gporge 
505 Long Rohert 
orris Wm 
50!1 McLeod F1"ederi
511 Sharp Thomas 
613 Sharp Frank 
fi15 Jolliffe :\Irs Eliza 
JolIIl'f'e (,harles, contI' 
517 Keay Adam S 
. Follls a v Intersects 
Vacant lots 
531 !Alrter Wm 
ð:!3 Froud III 1'a lit \, gro 
5:\:; ElIlott Edmnnd 
537 Russell Wm 
53t1 Hardman Wm H 

...... .." West Side 
:I Slore. s . 
4 CnhllI 'l'homas 
6 T:lylor Henry 
8 Atkinson John H 
10 Hollinger James 
Brady John 
Fee James 
\Vaterson George 
12 Delaney John 
14 Hollinger Ho hert \V, gro 
. Henderson av Intersect. 
1(; McEwan John 
18 Browning Charles 
20 Gardinpr lIIrs Marla 
22 Yake DanIel .1 
24 \\Ilchell Frank J 
26 WolkeI' Wm S 
28 Cloherty lIIartln 
30 Carbert .Joseph, phy 
32 carter Chns, harber 
. Gore st commences 
Vncant lots 
. ('ollegp st Intprsects 
50 Fraleigh Wm S. ph,. 
52 !\Ioore Alexnnder S 
Belh..] I'hurch 
66 Gmnmprson A W 
VRf"ml lots 
76 Beal Wm F 
78 Campl",11 
trs Groce 
82 Samuplson John 
S\1 Long Geo S. pntr 
88 "'ool1'.y F.rlw.ll'd H 
90-100 M,'lhodlst Chur('h 
In:! Wphh Calleph \V 
104 ".lIIiamson Gporge N 

Ion l'a

adal James E 
108 Hnll Nehon 
110 HnU H.'rbert F 
It:! Howerby He, Alhert T 
114 Hped Moses II 
116 "ightingale John 
:\1.lUllIlt'I' John, I' 
118 Hay Alexander 
I2l1 \I:1cdonllld Honald 
1:!2 lIa I'On Gporge 
I2l Smith Andrew 
121; :\lcLean :\Irs Elizabeth 
128 lIIawhinnpy wm 
};.)tI J 1l111Cfin John 
1:12 Patterson Frank 
I:H "h. Peter R 
1:11; BeaM Amos A 
138 Grandin John, plstr 
140 Harvpy H 
142 lI1edland Wm G 
144 !\IeJ{onald T A, grocer 
146 Wordell WID, honse mover 
14!< .Iohnston H Addison 
152 Walker Wm J 
1:>4 Broek t'h.lrles _ 
l:Þli Hnslt.ings 11rs M J, grocer 
IS Thomllson Robert 
160 Nicholls Thomas E 
Rawlinson Hpnry G 
IG2 Hleer St<'l,hen, gro 
IIH Jory Frank H 
IGG Cuff Rohert C 
11;8 Wilson Wm 
1,0 1':II'klnson \Vm H 
172 Jennings John. broker 
lIIcFarlane John 
Ií4 Wood F E G 
lõ!'; C.llupbell Nicol 
1,8 Brend :\Irs Ii: A, gro 
Hreud George W 
. Evan! av commences 
18U Ullrper Jolin E 
Harper lIIrs M, gro 
1102 Lattimer George L 
Ib6 Tedford James 
1ij8 Moulton Daniel 
100 Bell Joseph R 
192 Bnker Thomas G 
1U4 Hevls Alfred 
196 Craggs .1 Herbert 
Craggs E L. daIr" 
198 TaUJIrt Ilohert 

rull11 John C 
 Hopper John T, gro 
206 Roe:;el Wm 
211M Hewitt George 
210 Hedges Joseph G 
212 Gore Robert 
:':14 Benl Wm E 
216 Little John 1\1 
218 Holmes Mrs Jt'ann" 
2:'.'2 Sil ,-ester E C 

:!-t l:dg31" James 
2'.lG !\IcI.'arland James C 
2:28 Haslett Thomas J 
2::0 Hussey James 
232 Low Arthur R 
234 Silverthorne Newman 
236 Perchard John F 
:.::{!; :\1 eU regor .1 1', dalr" 
210 !lfitchell John H 
212 !louse John L 
24-1 Inglis Wnlter F 
24G Butler Alfred 
24R Butler G.>orge 
250 Camplln lIIrs E J 
2;'2 IUsllwortll Mrs H, dr!mkr 
2M Iredale James 
2:;6 Iredale 'l'homas B 
2.)8 :\Ialn Richard J 
21;0 W1"lght Wm J 
262 Butler John R 
2G4 Garrptt George S C 
2"6 Rralthwalle Joseph 
21.8 Heffron James J 
:!ÕO Paget George A 
272 !logers Geo M. pntr 
274 Pn rker !III's Ann 
271; ('ull\Hellr) .1 
:l,S Yn('ant 
2HO Wood !III's Ellen 
282 Sih]py & Son, npholø 
Slh]py Edward 

J.\-t lIicIH'r:".on nlnncnr 

M !\I"Cully Wm 
2"<: Phillips (,h"lps 
290 Twlnlnx Thomo! 
'''fir-ont lots 
3:10 Bowden .1 W 

2 Barnes T G L 

Voennt lots 
. Clinton pI commences 
Vocaut lots 
. Bloor st w Intersects 
Store, s I' 
372 Bell Ohadlah 
8711 Singleton Mrs !II 
Private grounds 
3b:! Chendle B G. cattle dlr 
Prlvnte grounds 
S88 Jlfkins \V L. whol htchr 
Vacant lots 
48(1 ;\Iar:;hall John 
. Barton av Intersects 
Vacant lots 
400 Crowhurst G D, doll''' 
Crowhurst W H. dalr" 
4!1:! ('odner Ulchard H 
494 Denniston .1 E 
496 Enright Cornelius 
4mi Lcggatt John H 
500 Woodhouse Wm 
50'.! Schell '[rs Eliza .1 
Vacant lots 
1508 W,.rson Gporge 
512 Barnes Walter K 
. Follis av intprsect! 
Private grounds 
filII Moore George 
518 Npate (,harlp! 
52-1 Henry Charles 
526 I'Irtl'll' Alhert W, exp 
528 MIIII'r Thomas 
ri:m Cook John P 
532 Rowett Wm 
534 Dempster James 
Vacant lots 
580 ('oIl' Alfred T 
Vacant lots to end 

CLINTON PL. w from 8IíO 
Clinton, ward 5. 
.. " . .. . . . North Side .."...... 
Vacant lots 
...." .... South Side......... 
Vncant lot 
. 1 Martin John E 
3 Pldgpon James J 
5 SnolV Wm .1 
7 Moore Samuel 
\J Anthony George H 
11 Rpld James 
13 Wray Samnel 
15 Butwell nenjamln 

CLOSE A V, n from GTH to 
Queen w, first w of Dunn 
av. ward 6. 
. . " .. . . ". Enst Side "........ 
1 Harrison M,"s Sarah 
8 Fisher Mrs Bessie A 
:> Cadenhead Alexander 
7 Mol' Jomes W 
11 Manson James 
13 Prpsant Charles F 
I:; Bonlsteel Philip J 
17 Vacant 
21 Yonng Rev Egerton B 
Vncant lot 
27 Reader Alhert W 
2\J Porh'r Frederick R 
Home for Incnrnblee, r e 
Vøcant lots 
915 Godfrey Rev Robert 
97 Mayfield Alfred 
99 Smith Alfred T 
hnrp John 
In:! Hpll David R 
1(1;; r-;ldridge :\lIss A, grocer 
10!1 Vacllnt 
111 Tbom""ll John M 
h!re Caleb 
Honse, s e 
. King st w Interøectll 
(,hurch, s p 
137-141 Holy Family School 
143 Sh..w Herhert A 
145 Smith Jumes 
151 Hnrper Edward 
1:;3 \\ illlnm."n Robert J 
lri5 Hrayley Miss C M, !chl 
Hi7 ('orev F Truman 
159 Rrad"y Francis A 
11\1 Eaton Roh..rt W 
H;:{ Hohprt" John D 
11\5 I'hlsholm Wm C 
11\7 Hatch Arthnr P' 
16.'1 Soml'rvllle MI.s M..r" 
Somenllle !llIss 



H. O'HARA &: CO., 30 Toronto Street 
Carry stocks on Margins. Special Attention Given to Unlisted Stocks. 

Vacant Iota 
lS1 Ahmanson Robert J 
183 Barrett George 
185 Dixon Wm J 
1b7 Adams \Irs Ellzaheth 
189 Irving James R 
191 Hunter Jam& R 
1113 Earl Wm 
1\1;; )lcConnell Alexander C 
199 Matthews Harry E 
201 Mearns Rohert, ftorl8t 
207 Bailey George 
209 McDonald Caleh S 
209',2 Beattie Wm A 
211 Fielding Thoma8 
211% Armstrong George 
213 Parsons Wm G 
......... West Side 
House, s e 
6 Gilmore J'oseph 
1:\ 'Werner Ezra E 
10 Bailey Wm 
12 Crocker Henry T 
14 Duff Thomas A 
16 Mlcks Wm J 
18 Rupert Mrs Agnes 
20 Mlngay Frank G 
22 Robinson Mrs Jane 
Vacant lot8 
30 Keeler Percy A 
82 Pearsall BenjOln1n 
34 HOlden Wm J 
36 Knox Ambrose A 
40 Dean Robert W 
42 Waddell Alexander 
f4 Scheibe George T 
Vacant lots 
58 Floody Edward 
60 Rosser Harry l' 
62 Mulheron Thomns H 
64 Evanson Mrs Snsan 
66 Watson Geo C, bldr 
68 Rm...ry J Gordon 
70 Scripture Thomas N 
72 Harris Louis M 
74 Martin Harry G 
76 Neff Arthnr C 
80 Simpson Henry 
82 l<'rench Sbeldon Y 
84 Cook James A 
86 'Westren John. jr 
Queen Victoria School 
Hon8e. 8 " 
. King st w Intersect. 
b Stephenson John 
1311 Andrews Charles H 
132 Stewart James C 
1::14 McBean James, contr 
136 Reeson Robert 
138 Neilson John 
142 Hunter Thomaø 
144 Harris Andrew D 
1<W Whitehead James N 
1/;(1 !'tock Wm 
162 Arland Wm H 
164 Rallpy Charles L 
1116 Goodfellow James 
168 Barrington Joseph W 
170 Miller Thomas \V 
CollegIate Institute, r e 
20ß Lows Wm 
2011 )lcElrov Wm H 

1O ROgers "Edward A 
:!1:! Hnl!R' George 

H 'ealp Ambrose J 
{'olleglate Rink, s e 

CLú:s'Y AV, wand n, from 
opp 41 Rosedale, ward 2. 
.. . Nortb and East Sides... 
, 'Ioore ',"m H 

I BreC'kenridl/:e Jamer C 

 f )!'õ]pr nordon 
:1;; Caswell Tbomas 
:n T"nflnlshed house 
. Crescent rd Intl!i'sects 
4!1 :-'"rtbwav Jobn 
51 Kerr \Irs Jane M 
... .Sonth and West Sides.... 
411 ("h"rnp IIpnrv C 
42 Hamilton wni A 
(;rantha11l Arthnr \1 
. Crescent rd Intersects 

COATSWORTH, s from 457 
King e, wmd 2. 
... ". " . ". Eao:t Side 
1 Store, s .. 

3 Gauthier Telesphore 
Ii Renaud Felix 
7 Tillen Charles 
9 Burns t.:harles 
11 McGinnis Charles 
13 Hyland Thomas 
15 Brown Cbarles H 
17 8te\enson James 
19 McNevin Jobn 
......... West Side 
2 House, s e 
4 Magee Charles 
6 Murphy Wm 
8 Baker $amueJ 
10 Caldwell Wm 
12 Palmer J'ohn 
H Golden James 
16 Corbellle Theodore 
IS Waring Albert 
2U Smith Johnson 

from 277 Ontario to Parlia- 
ment. ward 2. 
. . .. . . ... North Side ......... 
Not built on 
......... South Side......... 
3 Wagg Wm 
11 Russell Charles 

COBOURG A V, w from rear 
of Dul1'erln Driving Park to 
Brock av, fourth n of Col- 
lege. ward 6. 
..... .... North Side.. __..... 
2 8harp' John 
4 Hynes JIi Edward 
10 McClure James 
12 Crosier Mrs Mary 
. Brighton 'III commences 
House. II e 
. . . . .. ... South Side ......... 
7 Leh1&,h Hiram 
!I Hunt 'Wm 
11 Badams John W 
13 Bullen Albert B 

COLROHNE 1 e trom 61 Yonge 
to West 1> arket, ward 3. 
. . . .. .. .. North Side ......... 
4 Traders' Bank Bldg, s e 
6 )Ierchants' Tailoring Co 
1:\ eoe Commission Co, pdce 
6-8 Nordhelmer Piano & 
Music Co Ltd. r e 
10-16 Murray W A & Co. r e 
. Ylctorla st commences 
18-30 King Edward Hotel. r e 
32 Edmanson, Bates & CO,pro 
lIance :utg Co, skirt 
34 Mprchauts' Counter 
Check Book Co 
36 Hayhoe R B & Co. teas 
38 Connon Wm, Ins 
Ottawa Fire ln9 Co 
Canad1an Fire Ins Co 
. Leader lane Intersect!! 
40 Fulton Jewel Mfg Co 
-Il"h Canada Watch Case Co 
Barnard P B, mfrs' agt 
42 I\lagara Falls Concentrat- 
ing eo 
44 Dewdney A H & Bros, 
mf&, jwlrs 
46 Orford 
Ifg Co. gros' 
Willard Dr MedIcine Co. 
Stevens Mfg Co. plmbrs. 
4.8 Ozone Co of Tor. pro med 
60 McLaren J C Belting Co 
MacArthur A D, mfrs' 
8tandard Ideal Sanitary 
Ideal Mfg Co 
Star Iron Co 
52 O'Reilly W J & Co, 8tor- 
0" J(pllly C'a
in/( Co, saus- 
al/:e ca_ln/(s 
M Imperial Extract Co 
Bright 'I' G & ('0, wines 
ara Falls Wine Co 
56 Vacant 


58 Canadian Specialty Co, 
grocers' sundries 
Pollwka Emil & Co, mfrs. 
60 AII
on & Alison. whol 
Alison Thomas. office 
60% Toronto Howlng Club 
-Boyce Frank 
Store, II e 
. Church st Intersects 
62 Ferrier & Co. produce 
64 McVean F & Co, vinegar 
Fegan & SUpe, com mers 
Baltimore Oyster Co 
Imperial )lfg Co. sblrts 
64th Bamford Jos, commIs- 
66 Ash II J, fruit 
68 Vacant 
70 Smith & Carmlcbael, pro- 
72 Standard Vinegar Co Ltd 
74 King, Darrell, Walker Co 
Ltd. whol produce 
76 Jame
 F '1' Co Ltd, whol 
78 Williams & Son, pickles 
Stronach & Son. commis- 
Barlo\\ :\Irs )Iary J 
SO Kimpton Chas, whol fruit 
82 Husband Bros & Co. fruit 
84 Coutts J & Co. fruit 
Andre\\ s George, provs 
86 Store. ø e 
......... South Sld
Trust Building, s e 
11 Bremer A H & Co 
toilet specialties 
Rowan John J. whol shoes 
Kemp & Keltb, prtrs 
Moore Bros, prtrs 
Blackly Wm Co, Ltd, dry 
13 Crown Whltewear Co Ltd 
I;) Vacant 
17 Brunet Peter, barber 
Hankin Court 
19 Canadian Grocers Ltd 
Western Brokerage Co 
Warehouse, s e 
. Scott st ends 
21 Store. s e 
21'h Relche-r F A, rest 
23 '"acant 
25 Mcintyre, Son & Co. 
whol dry goods 
27 Vacant 
29 Alpha Cbemlcal Co 
31 Stormont Hot
Toronto Specialty Co, 
33 Jackson Suspender Co. 
Bethune & Harrison, mrs' 
Castle Blend Tea Co 
35 Lochore Alex. tlr 
37 Coulter J J, whol liquors 
39 Steele Bros, cigars 
41 Atteaux D)-estutl' & Cbem. 
Ical Co Ltd 
43 Lyman, Knox & Clarkson 
. Lend..r lane Intersects 
Ltd, whol drugs 
45 Long Albert E, paper box 
:'<.atlonal Sweeper Co 
47 Bolte A, brewers. sup- 
4!1 K'r;tÌedy Hardware Co 
r;l MacLaren A F Imperial 
53 Cnllen. Johnson & Co, 
plmlJrs' o:upplles 
;;:; '1IIlmrn '1' Co Ltd, pro 
tl7-61 Hotel. s e 
. Church st Intersects 
Store. ø e 
63 Standard Oy_ter Co 
65 Racon Wm H. cartage 
67-71 Copp, Clark Co, mfg 
73 Peters Herbert. corn mer 




" THE. IÞ' -E'- 
-- ,. .. .. 

e C
_. '-' ..- 




 C 0 A L. 



75-77 McLean J A Produce Co 
79 Fox Bros Co, provs 
81 Barrett Wm R. produce 
811 Toronto Poultry & Pro- 
duce Co 

COI.IXA, n trom 950 Easter. 
av, ward 1. 
Not built on 

COLLAHIE. w from 166 Bea- 

eA.d av to Gladstone avo 
......... l\orth Side......... 
House. . e 
6 Balmer George 1J' 
8 Hugbes Walter 
10 Shepard Mrs Henrietta 
12 Clarke Geor&,
14 Ward Jerrold I 
16 Field George 
18 Prescott Charles F 

O )Iudford Herbert 
22 Cochrane Jamps M 
24 Johnson George 
26 Flight Gertrnde 
28 Hart Cbarles E 
80 Wilson .Joseph J' 
32 Alexander John H 
34 Simpson Miss 1', drsmkr 
SO Robson Wm E 
38 Trimble Wm 
......... South Side ......... 
House. s " 
3 Yeo John 
I) Goodhall Alexander 
7 Michael John, contr 
9 Hili Wm E 
11 Ward Sherwell 
13 Rogers John 
It1 Osterhout Herbert 0 
17 Addison 1IIrs Mary J 
19 Kent Wm M 
21 Perry 'Wm H 
23 Grogan Wm 
25 Row..n James F 
27 Attridge Edw3rd 
:l!J (;..een John H 
31 Cbadwlck John J' 
'ood Joseph 
35 Watt Frl"derlck 
37 Webster Fred E 

COI.LEGE. w from 448 Yonge 
to w of Indian rd. wards 3, 
4. 5 and 6. 
, . . .. .... North SIde ..... _ .. _ 
2 Oddfellows' Hall Bldg 
Bayne Vincent. janltM 
I 0 0 F Hall and lodge 
Ground 11001'- 
Robertson Mrs J, work 
1-2 Berry Mls
S Hendershot Miss Laura 
K, artist 
4-5 Ross John F, dentist 
:1 Can Rallwav Ynstruc- 
tion Instltilt
10 Harpel' Wm E 
]I R
:I"ne Vincent 
12-13-14 Plummer Miss E 
Y;; Ward I_ahella L & Co. 
16 X,a va tory 

For p L S I THY the LAKE SIMCOE ICE Supply Co. Limited 

ã6 Jas. Fai rhead, Mgr. N:







Tel. Fttain 423 




.1... U1I ....... r 

 -r r Sc 
or (,_.......e use 

'510 YONG

17 Morrison Lewis N 
18 Stoner Miss Lillie G 
:lU Smitl1 Mis
 E JII, drs- 
21 Abbott E C, dentist 
22-2'3 Foster George B. 
24 Morrison Lewis N 
23-26 Currie T A, dentl8t 
21 Shanklin Miss E B F, 
Christian scientist 
28-29 Gibson Mrs Rðse, 
3U Earl Miss E, drsmkr. 
 Wm G 
Olh er P A, mus tchr 
31 McKoy Mrs Georgina. 
t:hristtan Scientist 
32 Yue'Hlt 
33 Hendershott Miss L R. 
eblna pntr 
34 Oldfield A G, mus tchr 
Cutter G W, caretkr 
4-6 Robertson !\Irs J, ladles' 
8 Howard '11ss Elizabeth. 
10 Doran G E, tire mfr 
12 '1'l1om<:on H 4, tailor 
18 Ardagh Arthur 
26 Capon F J, dentist 
28 Ball George L, dentist 
40 l'ulmer L Lorun, phy 
00 Aikins W H B, phy 
54 IIIcLaughlln H G, dentist 
(it; B
lunger Jo,eph, aect 
Belanger lide J A, drs- 
1\8 Wiley Mls8 Charlott
60 Pefil'son Nathaniel, dent- 
Pearson Chnrles E, dent- 
62 Barnhnrdt Wm 
I, phy 
66 Hyerson G Sterling, phy 
74 Wilson John 
71i l\""nll )Ir, )Iury A 
ullh-an )\j" )1. drsml.r 
80 Wilson J\1rs Annie 
82 G..nntham IIIrs lIIellnd!! 
!;4 Yalla..y )Irs Agnes 
8ß Goldie Wm, phy 
. Elizabeth st lntersects 
7.lon Cong Ch 
110 Cook Edgar M, pl1y 
1\2 Smith G B, phy 
00 Willmott J n & W E. 
den tlsts 
Willmott J Brnnston 
100 Prlm..ose Alex, phy 
102 Peters G A, surg 
110 Tor Bible Train 8chool 
)lcXleol Rev John 
112 Starr F N G. surgeon 
116 Henry Mrs Louisa 
. F.nt to Queen's Park 
142 Worts IIIrs Mary 
. University cres commence.q 
lrs Emily 
108 Leaeh Hugh 
200 Cosby Mrs Clnra 
. St st commen"('8 
2W Perkins Edward J 
:!:llö "d,,,nna Charles. phy 
'Ie Kenna H P, dentist 
:!:\" Beehe Frederick W 
240 Kilner Charles L 
24:! Suckling Isaac 
. Huron st Intersects 
244-2:;2 Graef' Ho'pltal 
21ö:! "aedowell !\n.s Barhara 
2ß4 Ferguson John. phy 
Ih ""rn Gideon, phy 
Arnott John P 

Broadway 11eth Ch 
. Spadina uv inte..sects 
21O!i Can Hank of Comme..ce 
270 Tangpnt Cvele & Elec l:o 
272 Hicl<Inan John. gro 
274 A venue Chnmbers 
MeClenry Thompson, real 
1 B..ethou.. F G, dentist 
2-3 Peacoek R !\l. dentist 
4 Western Business Col- 
I) Bro\\ n Miss fI 111 
6 Gooding Thomas J 
7 Goodfellow )11ss H. 
mus tehr 
8 J unor Miss C, nrtIst 
!J Hill Wm G, carethr 
10 Smythe Mrs AlIce I 
11 Neild Mi
1, drsmk.. 
12 Mathieson S C, mus 
13 CrUikshank M..s Eu- 
genia J. artist 
Lawrence Mrs Myra 
14 Yaeaut 
15 Hein..lcb Mrs M H, 
mus tchr 
Heinrich Miss Fran- 
ziska, mus tchr 
16 Bernard Mrs Jessie 
17 C..ewe HRlry S 
Alley 1\lrs Amelio 
18-20 Lodge ..oom 
1\1 Pllliug IIIlss Jennie 
21 Wright Jolin 
22 !\Iillle )1Iss )1 D, mus 

lllne )lrs Lena, mus 
23-24 WIlliams Miss Annie 
Pl1lpps Miss Aimee 
30 Hutton George 
31 Sm) th 
liss Allee I 
276 Joss & Co. ha..dware 
278 flryce Alpx, dal..y 
280 Branch Post Office 
110m Exp Co (b..) 
Rnmsden J A, stationery 
Wynu Miss Gertrude, 
)Iarr )lrs Ann 
282 Mlles A W, undertkr 
leKerrlghan J. lIo..lst 
286 N'"wlove F H, staty 
l'nrkin J 'V, photo 
288 Wrlght 1I1rs E P, elgnrs 
Rvder Louis G, barber 
290 "'->llker Stnnley, furrier 
Mapes James A 
292 Newton Charles. shoes 
294 Hro\\-n G A, ..estr 
2911 Swiss Stenm Laund..y (b..) Am Dyeing Co Cb,') 
Raynor Allan 
298 1\lIeldethwnlte F W. 
:'100 MeGI1I J D, undertkr 
ao:.> '1'"'......11<1 Hn!;h_ htehr 
. Rohe..t st comm"ncp" 
304 Pnrvls A M. millinery 
:-;01; (;"" "'alt"r H. htchr 
308 KcIly John, tIr 
:no 1.nndoll (' 'I". pnt.. 
 Henry. conry 
314 Redienn F..ank J 
Redlean 1I1..s S, fey gds 
316 TYl"l'ell !\leh'ln. barher 
318 Wicks T H, jwlr 
:::!u FroJ,.:"ley Tbo
. hnlter 
Reid Cha..les 
322 Palmer Cha..les. staty 
324 (,ha..d E W. ha('(lwnre 
32fÖ Jlender
on G 'V. drugs 
. lIIajor st commpllee8 
330 Shields 1\Iiss Aglles 
Sands Thomas R, tIr 
342 Alpha Bieyele 1.lvery 
1.unan David J 
844-46 Sykes Wm J. gro 
348 Kllner '1' B. fiour 
350 Freemnn Frank G. btcbr 
-;-I'" Public> l.i}..1"nry Branch 
. flrnuswlck n v commellCp8 
E5G Thomj1!õ5on C
. gros 
3;;11 C'h"ng G'IOI. Indry 
360 Wiekwn.... C B, barbel 
3r.2 1.apatulkolT Aaron. tI.. 
Lapatlllkol'f' !I1lss L, Ger- 
lunn tp:lchN" 

364 )leLaeblan J F, sho"s 
366 Tucl,er )l..s E, provs 
Tucker "'nlte.. 
::f;''' Iluo.:!-õl') T A. nphol 
370 Edwards Thomas, eonfy 
3701h Cooke Cla..ence W 
.ll'rett (j II. hi('"ÇcJes 
tolle [lnniel, 
:174 Hurlls )lr
 Jane, bdg 
376 H..idglanol (' R. g..o 
378 Currie Wm. taIlor 
380 Xieboison Fredk, provs 
. Borden st comrucnc"s 

 (On" Pll f" H. drugs 
1\84 Habart F..ed. htcbr 
386 Hampton H J, teas 
ass H ile
 J & )1. fcy goods 
300 Tasker Jonathan, caterer 
!I:! Fru...:er Rohert A 
3\16 Pi..ritte Fred W, phy 
. Ulste.. av ('ommences 
C'h..lst Chureh 
T.lpplncott st Intersccts 
414 Masou A..thu.. 
4111 Cowles Mrs Emma 
422 !II" 1."od 0 B, p..lnt"r 
424 MacMillan Mrs Amy. 
(;ill F..eder1"k W 
-I:!U Allen fI.. T H. dru/(s 
G N W Tel Co Ihr) 
(' P R ('o'
 Tel (hr) 
428-30"h Edwin baker 
432 I..vlng "'m, shoes 
434 Hoope.. Jonathnn. dry gds 
436 Reynolds H R, bnrher 
438 White Abraham, gro 
Ietropolltan Rnnk, T B 
Cla..k m"r 
. st Inters.'cts 
P..e-sbytcrlnn Chllrch 
4r.8 ('IonsI' Elins. phy 
470-72 Gilpin-Field Co, drugs 
Roadl1ouse Hubprt S 
. !lIarkham st interspcts 
474 !lIoU J J. ha..dwar" 
4.11 Peterson Mrs S C. clgn..s 
4.8 Yeek Sing, Indry 
. Pnlmerston av Intersects 
Baptist Chnreh 
Va"ant lots 
.gnelld nv Intersects 
Vncnnt lots 
. Manning av Intersects 
5(;8 nrl
or Jobn. gro 

,70 flawn &,btchrs 
580 Johnston F & e". coal 
f'urry Georg-e, shoemkr 
586 HolTmnn James H, barber 

 (.n:o:pv 'Irs G 
I. conf"f' 
500 Gibhll1'd G E, d..ngs . 
Post office (brnnch) 
5001h Glbba..d 1111's 
 C lIenn- 
tOlie J 'V, "lmker 
"nil' .Iohn F 
;-)!t-! Lee Hor., Indry 
('rnwle,' Arthur J 
. Clinton - 
t Int"rsects 
591i Fraleigh D.. Will S 
!iUS !lId:n" Charles A. phy 
V nean t lots 
GlO Na
lUyth Alexander 
. Beatrice st commences 
. Montrose nv commences 
. Crawford st Intersects 
. Shaw st Inte..sects 
. Givens st Intersects 
810 Rogers & Snider, gros 
812 Sp..y Albert J, btchr 
814 Legge Ernest A, drugs 
Green Hnrvev 
822 McCullough \V J, g..o 
f'24 n.,.' nor )Ia tlhew, blelr 
Rnynor JIIrs E, mlnr 
1;26 (,hisholm W G, btch.. 
r..lgar Jolin 
832 Davies 'VIII Co, IJrovs 
. Osslngton av Intersects 
834 Brown gphrnhn, g..o 
Vaennt lots 
N'II I.'H'I<: lI"n..-, & !';on, hldrs 
. Con
ord a v commenccs 
Yae'll1t lots 
. !),,!awa..(' nv eommences 
!l3-1 flarrlmrton l' G. plmbr 
936 Radclltl'e Dnvld, gro 
: rph(Jlnp
on J A. dru,::rs 
. Dove.."oll..t ..d Intersects 

Vncant lots 
956 Searlett Hobert A 
Private grounds 
. Rusholme I'd intersects 
Honse, II e 
Vacant lots 
.8nveloek st commences 
111-1:: \\ 0011 Will. bid.. 
 Hl'eson )Irs Jnne 
. Gladstone nv Intersects 
Vncallt lots 
Hons.'. s e 
. Dnl1'erln st Intersects 
Vacant lots 
. Sherld'll1 av intersects 
IS (;Liles Cha.-Ie
 J, pntr 
llr.O 'Voods !III'S Snsan 
1162 Seay Caleb G 
Scay Wellington C 
III>! II.u,:'ht "'11I A F 
1166 Cla..k Charles W 
l1'ÖS Hnrns )lrs Helen 
1172 Brown H"bert B 
1174 (, Andrew 
1176 C..enloek 
1178 Peer James T 
llSO 1I1cI.enn John B 
:'> l'.'ek !\lIss Ida E 
1186 C'realoek Stephen J 
. fI..oek nv Intersects 
Vncant lots 
. Margueretta st Inte..sects 
123:! "..reer !\lrs J. grocer 
Conno.. John )1 
1234 Bawden Wm J, dairy 
12:{6 Rnlnes Samuel 
1238 lIerde.. Rlehnrd 
1240 1I100rhouse George 
1242 Orrotrex Christopher 
1244 McGeough D II 
1246 Emery Thomas. mus tchr 
Emery 1I11ss Eliza, drs- 
1248 !\Io..oney John 
Vneant lots 
. St Clarens st Intersects 
Vncant lot8 
1278 Sanderson Rohe..t H 
Rona.. Presby Chureh 
. Lansdowne nv Intersects 
Not oppn for two hlocks 
. av Inter
Vnennt lots 
. L:rnd av eommenc"s 
Yneant lots 
. Roncesvalles av Intersectll 
Vacant lots 
__. .. .. __ South Side 
Store, " e 
1 (
iII Will F 
3 "'ebster A E, dentist 
Ir" !lIa..gnret 
5 Ande..son J N. phy 
7 MeKeown Waltp.., phy 
9 Ha..rlngton E A, denUst 
11 Sand"..son John 
pJ O h 9 ntp grounds 
31 flish"p !';t..aehan Sehool 
WhUe, caretkr 
. Teranlny st ends 
Gar..att A H, phy 
Va....ant Jots 
. Laplnnte nv ends 
Host' ror Sick f'hIld..en 
Dn vl(l!õ:.on Doul{las, see 
Brent L C. supt 
. gllzabelh st Intersects 
Vaeant lots 
83 Fo..ster Mr9 'Mnrtha 
Forstl'r John W L 
S:; Ph'nr)' F.."dp..l"k E 
S7 Sweet Henjnmln L 
!J3 U"ynl College of Dental 
Jones T fl. janitor 
99 Swankey Blcyele Club 
10:\ Somerville Herbert n 
105 G,-av !Ills. Jane 
107 Hosl;ln Richard 
109 Arnoldi Mrs Agnes 
1 11 ""..
e ". l'itman 
115 J<'letcher Robe..t A 
117 f:,P\FI1l01lf 'Ir
Seymonr 1I11ss '1', mns tchr 
H1l1 hpl'ful'd 
 H. '\'"0- 
119 Lyneh" 
121 HllIam Geor"e 
12.'1 Hnywa..d Ell/(ar R n 
12:; ()
lp.. lIon Fenther.ton 

Instituted ill the Reign of Queen Anne, A.D. 1714 

w. & A. E. BADENAOH. General A&,ents 
Telephones: Office, Main 2288 Res., North 516 




King St. W. 





Concord A v. 









133 Vacant 
. lini\"t'rslty nv ends 
135-7 Tor Con'er\"atory of 
lc, Edward l?lsher 
musical director 
Toronto ConscC\ atory Schl 
of Litcrature nud Ex- 
pl'esslou. 'Irs Iuez ;\/Ich- 
olson-Cutler. prin 
141 Wilson Wm 
143 Simpson H E. photo 
14;; Yonng W A. phy 
Jennings Jame8 
( Jonrnal of Medt 
pin.. and Surgery 
149 Toronto Technlcnl School 
Horwood A!exander G 
Darwin John, janitor 
];;9 Wilson Wm J. pby 
lô1 Stnpey C E. phy 
16'1 McDonald Thomas 
165 Todd Jnmes A. phy 
. !.IcCaul st ends 
167 Powell Newton A, phy 
169 Patterson Mrs !\Iartha 
171 Thistle W B, phy 
17'1 TllOmpson Alfred E S 
175 HarMs Samuel 
Currie C J, phy 
177 Baylv Miss E, nurse 
Barwick I11lss !\I C, nurse 
Bayly Edward 
1711 ('oomh" }'Irs Emma 
181 Roadhouse }'1rs Sarah 
183 Ghent D Albl'rt 
Davis Miss Lelia A, phy 
18:; Thorn Charles A 
187 IIIcIntyre A D. dentist 
. Heury "t end" 
]!:-I,I French :\Irs Ella 
191 Rohlnson :\Irs Christina 

 Sriglev !II,'s III J 
19:; woodhouse 'Irs E 
1!17 ('urrle John 
1!1!1 E,aus L Hnmllton, phy 

1 Pratt Frnnk 111 
203 Smith A A. dentist 
207 Davldsun Alpx. phy 
. Beverlcy 
t ends 
211 ('awthm Henry 
. Ross st ends 
22:1 Alison Thomas 
229 Wnnder Wm :\1, dentist 
233 Meacham & Co. drugs 
Ferrier Gporge 'V 
2:{;; Hili & Parl"n
on. grocers 
2:{7 lIa, Idson J B. htchr 
Browne Rohert H 
. Huron st InterseCTs 
239 ('arveth G H. phy 
Lindsay },Ilss Alicia M, 
2-13 (;aplee Alhert 
249 Sage M J 
M'<'tropolltan School of 
Dancing Ltd . 
:!:il-:;3 Frazec Storage 
('arta;::.> Co Ltd 
2.)j Jcnnvn )Irs A"llß. 
257 Sher;.att 1111's Snsan 
Culvl"I"well Miss Anno.. 
!\ Hamilton }'tlss N. drsmkr 
261 Ryerson E Stanley. phy 
2r.3 Alison Matthew ß 
BanI" s I' 
. Spadlnn nv Intersects 
Storc, s I' 
2fo7-!) Steward mock 
('on:::-er COOl] ('0 (hr) 
Ward Wm A. marriage 
A Richardson S A 
1-4 11111I.' A, "pntlst 
5 Johnstone J F, musIc 
(; Patl'iarchc l' H. e]ec 
7 II
 Fe]" In r:: 
8 XOl'dhelmel' AIbcl't 
9-10 Thomson George, 
11 J\O\\ f>\" \\ psI,,\" S 
1:! Harhêr Hniwrf: IT 
!,ell('f> .Tamcs D 
1-1 Uohlin .T ohq C 
]:. Thom!õ:on Georgp 
lr. BrineR Jo'pph 
17 r,ouden \Irs Ellen 


18 Wright W, caretkr 
Chl'isti,1lI Brethren 
Stewal'd's Hall 
2'n Wl'lgl1t Wru, tlr 
 Asquith JOlm, shoemkr 
275 Readman H K blcyc!es 
2'17 Davle8 C &: Co. pntrs 
lol"ritt ''" & Son, music 
281 Acheson Wm H, tlr 
:':bi! Lancnster & Lowes, ]adles' 
285 Bush M E, "1'0 
:':'>7 Yacant 
289 Kee Sing, Indl'Y 
2!11 Lnlon Cafe, :\Irs A Wigle 
2t)3 Sutton H. 
295 Falrgl'ieve :\1fg Co, tin. 
Falrgl'le\"e Al'phlbald 
303 Snlmon Lumber ('0 
307 M ort'ow Robert, dy"r 
309 Smith S '1', boot black 
311 I'orrls Joseph, jwIr 
31i! :';ingp Lee. ludry 
U,'er80n Erdn 
31:) Yncant 
321 Keefer Edwin. dentist 
323 Hendrick A C. phy 
Hanson :\Irs Louisa 
325 Adams J F, <]entlst 
Adams Miss Lillie 0, 
a rUst 
327 Malloch W J 0, phy 
3:!9 Hill G E. dentist 
331-33 Ellis Harry. undertkr 
1:1Ii8 'II's Sarah J 
335 Moyer Harvey :\1 
3351-2 Delany Thos. teau 
337 Moss Sigismund S 
343 DaIhy George E. coal 
Da]hy Miss J\1, elocution- 
. Augusta av ends 
345 Wallis George, pImbr 
347 Cook James & Son, butter 
Cook James - 
S4!1 Good James, ]ndry 
351 IIIcNelce John, sew mach 
353 ßIumbergh 
athan, plmbr 
I=-) Coru\\ nil G. sl10emkr 
maker . 
..." Riddell Thomas 
St Stephen's Ch reading 
room. r 
St Stephen's Chnrch. s I' 
. Bellevue a vends 
Fire Hall No 8, s I' 
381 Christian Workers :\U"slon 
Fisher Hev George E 
391 Fuller 'I' mchal'd 



403 Spol'!'ord George 
. Lippincott st intersccts 
4O!1 CIenry John F. gro 
411-13 Baxtpr Gpor:;re. china 
415 Allen J R. upholsterer 
41ï Sproule Hobt T. btchr 
Allen James R 
419 Low J T W, harness 
Tierney }'Irs I
. dr
421 Hnrrnd('n A]fl'ed.crockery 
Davies 'Vm Co (br) pl'OVS 
. Bath urst st Intersects Schoo]. s I' 
. College p] commcnces 
457 Price Arthur. htchr 
4.,g-r.1 Loblaw T 1", gro 
46:1 Honev r.dward S, tlr 
-It;:; Wong I
oo: Indry 
467 mtchie H A Cycle 'Co 
Patton Edward J 
It'''-t'r,lll Cbarles, exp 
469 Dale :\Irs C. confy 
Booth Percy 
471 I'lal'l"on F Arno]d. phy 
.. 'Inrhh.llll st inters('cls 
. Palmcrston Q\ Intersects 
. I"ucli.1 a, intersects 
. :\Iannlng n v Intersects 
59:-'; (
l.ea \ es 1Vrn. gro 
:;9:; Top!, I" G, htchr 
. Clinton st intersects 
. Gmce st ends 
.1:eatrl<,,, av ends 
. lIIontl'ose av Intersects 
. Cl'a\\ ford st Inter"ects 
. Sha w st Intersects 
. GI\"ens st Intersects 
.Osslngton av Inters"cts 

833 Will, George, real est 

3=-1 Ht'nderson Allen, bnrber 
837 Duck Lee, lndry 
. lIovel'court rd intersects 
. Husholme rd Intersects 
. G]adstone av Intersects 
. Dul'!'erln st Intersects 
Store, s I' 
1113 lIIcGinnls Robert 8 
1115 Wha]cv John A 
1117 Tl1oms(ln CharIeR J 
1119 Breakey Mrs Annie 
11:':1 .refIrev Francis 
1123 Young !.II'S 
. Sheridan a v Intersects 
ll,.j Basham Harold Y 
. Brock av Intersects 
1213 H.lrrlson Mrs Eliza 
1215 Fletcher A G A, phy 
1217 "an De Water R W 
1219 Craig John 

: Green "'m J 
. :\Iargueretta st Intersects 
12;)3 },Ialcolm R H 
lIouse, s e 
. St Clal'ens av Intersects 
,"ncllnt lots 
1239 glrick Charles G 
,;] Brnnel Alfred 
1263 Brown Thomas W 
12ti;; Griffin Peter 
Vacant lots to end 

College, ward 5. 
. .. .. .. " East Side 
School yard 
......... West Side 
Store. II Q 
2 Chase James H 

nom 4.57 

COJ,LIER, I' from 807 Yonge 
to east ot Pnl'k I'd, ward 2. 
. .. .. . . " loi orth Side ......... 
Honsfl'. Q. 
2 Heyward Edwin. exp 
6 Taylor Robert 
8 Taylor Edgar 
. Severn lane commooces 
10 Nichol John F 
14 Dwan Michael J 
16 Liudow Mrs Charlotte 
18 Smallman Gcorge 
20 Abbott Edward 
lIIcFarland J W, mus tchr 
22 McDongall Hcctor 
tel)henson :\Irs Alice M 
21; Barrett Jamcs 

 )lusgrn'.e l\Irs Susanna 
ao Hewlett James 
. Ueynolds st commences 
3:': Honau Anson G 
:14 Uobins Samuel 
u Jones :\lrs Jane 
38 Campbell Mrs R A 
40 Bethnne I11lss Jnn" 
42 Coles Walter H 
H Xe\\ton Prank H 
Greene Miss C H, nnrlle 
46 Dobson 1111's Sarah .4. 
. Park I'd Intersect9 
52 Wookey II1rs Charlotte 
WOOkey :\10..8 III, mUll 
(;4 Stewart ?ill'S Emily 

,f; (;eale Charles H 
:;8 Black Mcs I1lary 
r.0 Lewis Albert T 
62 íf llle y Charles 
(H Icba rds J :Hill'S 
66 Boulter Hoory C 
fo8 Armstrong FI'f>derIcl, W 
ïO Brown Alexander 
72 Bro" Jl George 

s ECnssle L 
.. . . . '" South Sid" ......... 
1-3 StOI'P, s I' 
7 Broohs :\Irs Ellen 
B Tor
iq & Co. cnrpø 
Torgls :\Irs 
TonÚ" Alfred 
13 Rusb George 
1:0 ,""cnnt 
17 Fic
phen James 
Holmes II e-11fY, r 
21 Brown Charles W 
:!.'I Curtis Wm 
25 Coombs John 
2!) Hoclgcrs John 

33 White Harry R, hOele trDr 
35 Boothe Albert E 
37 Tow Wm J 
89 Lyon Napoleon T 
41 Murphy Alex R 
4:! lIIurphy Archibald J R 
. Park rd Int"rsects 
49 Laughlin R<>bert J 

,1 Seibert II1rs Annie 
53 Robinson G Hnnter 
55 Mortimer Tbomas 
57 Junkin George H 
59 Aggett John '1' 
61 Booth Wm E 
68 Bell Mrs Mary 
65 Rankin James 
67 Austin Adam 
69 Ro bertson II1r" I 
ï1 Moore lIliss Mary 
73 Thomns Francl8 111 
75 Smith Archibald W 
71 Sheppard John 
79 Bartlett Wm 
81 Tarr Stambury R 
83 Heighton John P 
85 Calger Charles 

COLUMBUS, w from OPI! 889 
SOl'auren av, ward 6. 
......... North Side......... 
(I Dixon John 
10 Jelllman T W 
McGlade Da\"ld S 
12 Ryan John J 
14 Crookenden Rohert P 
16 Wilkinson George 
18 Bilton George N 
26 Duern Wallace J 
28 Sedgwick Roderick F 
30 Watt Alexander 
3:1 Dul'!' Andrew 
34 Adamson Wm 
36 Hoftle John 
OII\-er Percy D 
......... South Side ......... 
Not built on 

IERCIAL. w from 54 
Jarvis to w ot Francis. wllrd 
.. . .. . ... ;\/ orth Side ......... 
Hotel. s " 
. Francis st Intersects 
Store. II I' 
12-16 Weller Jas. livery 
......... South SId" ......... 
Hote], 8 I' 
. Francis "t Intersect8 
Bnl'ber shop, s I' 
Rear entrances 

CO;\/CORD A V, n from 860 
College to Bloor w. ward 

ast Side ......... 
House. s e 
1 Singer Allred W 
3 Bentty Sam-uel 
5 SlnA'er Albert L 
11 !\icholson Albert D 
Vacant lots 
3:0 }'Ieen Wm 
lcConneli John 
3\1 Cnr",' Thomas F 
41 l'alsic)' John 
4:! Vacant 
4:0 Pollar,1 AUA'ustus 
47 )llIIo
- .Tooeph 

g BUR K E& 
:H 0 RWO 0 D 




Concord A v. 


49 Massie James 
Massie Mrs S. vocaU.t 
51 ""elch Henry 
53 Vacant 
55 Vacant 
57 Gillson Jobn W 
511 Mitchell 'Tbomas 
School grounds 
. Hewson st intersect. 
.....acant lots 
101 Barkel' Alfred F 
Vacant lots 
115 Sbarp George W 
111 Nichols Aillert B 
119 Rose Hua-h 
Vacant Iota 
191 Bennett Wm 
193 McCully Jobn W 
195 Ward Michael 
1117 Se" ell Edward 
l\JII r-;icholson Frederick L 
201 Whaley Wm .I 
203 Smyth Miss 15 N 
. Hepbourne st intersects 
Vacant lot 
213 Anson Harvey 
Bowen Mrs Ill. nurse 
215 Armour Mrs Marla 
217 Wbeadon Edward 
2111 Drury 'Vm 
221 Kennedy Mrs Brlda-et 
223 Collbary Tbomas 
225 Miller .I ames P 
227 Atkins Louis W 
229 Nelson Robert 
231 Hussey James III 
2:J3 McGinnis Wm 
235 Davey Wm 
237 Da vey Harry 
239 Steane F W 
243 Waruer Geora-e ID 
247 Jennings Jos 
Vacant lots 
257 Lucas James C 
263 Dunn Edward 
26S Vacant 
267 Hunt Wm 
269 HoreU Alfred 
271 Clough IUchard 
275 Strudwick Wm 
277 Barnett Mrs Lucy 
Gregory Mrs Hattie 
279 Cummings S E. lIhoemkr 
Vacant Iota 
......... West Side..... .... 
Vacant lots 
12 Robinson Wm 
It Vacant 
16 Stone James 
Stone Miss A M, mm 
18 Vacant 
:!O H:l\lIand Wm 
22 Rea Mrs Mary 
24 SLnden Wm 1 
26 Everlst Frank :lr 
Vacant lots 
84 Wrigley Wm C 
36 Deeth Harvey 
:JM Deetb T .I, contr 
Unflnlsbed bouse 
46 Vacant 
72 Dean Jobn G 
74 Arcber David 1 
76 Smyth .James F 
78 Bettle Fredrlclt R 
80 Dill Wm S 
82 Plummer Wm T 
House, s e 
. Dewson st Intersects 
House, s e 
84 Likens Charles H 
86 Campbell Dnld 
H8 Gordon Aillert 
00 Lundy Wallace 
112 Lowry David 
!Ii Sinclair Donald L 
118 Colby Frank 
Vacant lots 
184 Bawden Samuel A 
186 Clark Jobn E 
188 Skelcher Wm 0 
190 Bunker Amos 
192 Laurence Henry A 
1W Adam lames S 
196 Eagan James Y 
198 Rundle Wm G 
200 Auchlncloss Alexander 
202 Riches Charles H 
. Hepbourne at Intersect. 

Concord a v Gospel Hall 
222 Vatcher Ell 
1.oung Wm 
224 Moultbrop Allison B 
226 Hammett Wm G 
Vacaut lots 
246 Fawcett John .I 
248 McTaggart Wellington 0 
230 Hepburn Robert 
2M Smltb Sbelley A, a-ro 
258 Martin Wm G 
260 O'Connor Jobn 
2ð2 Crelgbton Hev Wm B 
2M ). oung Edmond T 
Vacant lots 
CONDUIT, w from Dundas to 
clty limits, tblrd n of Bloor 
w, ward 6. 
Not built on 

CONSTANCE, w from Ronce. 
valles av to Sunnyside avo 
second s of Howard Park avo 
ward 6. 
Not built on 

COOLMINE A V. n from 324 
Dundas to St Anne's rd, 
ward 6. 
......... East Side.... ..... 
House, 8 e 
Cí Cassidy Isaac 
7 Logan John 
9 Elloral Frank 
11 Lawrie James 
18 Stephens Harry H 
15 Rollinson Hiram R 
. A lane 
17 Ford Henry 1 
19 Webb Isaac 
21 Boyle David 
23 Smith Alfred 
25 Harris Wm .I 
27 Smltb Wm 
20 Forbes John 
31 Cherry Wm 
Orphans' Home. r e 
......... West Side......... 
8 Kirkpatrick Geora-e B 
Morris Mrs Frances 
Private grounds 
84 'l'lIston Oeo W S 
86 Shantz Allan B 
38 Mackenzie Alexander 
40 McDougall Wm .I 
42 Bickell George 
Vacant lots 
Cí2 Lydon lames C, muc tchr 
54 Phillips Ernest .I 
Vacaut lot 
62 Hulckble Robert 
64 Wensley lame C 
66 Vanderboef John B 
68 Cooper Henry 
70 Jobnson Rlcbard A 
72 Battye Thomas 

COHNW ALL, e from 157 
River to tbe Don, ward 1. 
. ... .... North Side 
House, s e 
8 Stratton Alfred 
10 Strattou Jobn 
12 Hornbrook Frank 
14 Sprung Frank P 
16 Ed\\ards Wm N 
18 Klu
 ('harles H 
20 Elkle Hugo 
22 Taylor Thomas 
24 Evans Jobn 
26 Hogue Adrian 
28 Harding Richard ;J 
30 Fox Henry E, artist 
82 Cattle Robert C 
Vacant Jot 
38 IÆhelle Jo&eph 
40 Glenn Patrick 
42 Labelle Emile 
H !'mlth Wm 
46 Forrest Louis 
48 Felllon Jospph 
M Stevenson Wm .I 
. .. .. . ... South Side ......... 
1 Clarke Jobn G S 
5 Mackie Alexander T 
T \Vaillen Alfred 
9 Nelson Robert 

91,2 Finlay Thomas 
11 Hoberts Edward W 
U% Seaman Edward 
13 Henule Mrs Mary E 
13 'Valkpr Charles 
17 Lafontaine Alphonse 
19 Beck John 
21 Brookmyres Wm 
23 Peterman Samuel H 
25 Lafontaine Mrs Delvlna 
21 Ashe Henry 
29 Lock Wm C 
31 Johason 'rho mas 
33 Lafontalne Mrs Emily 
35 Maynnrd Jobn C 
37 Urr Jobn 
39 Little James 
41 Nesbit Alexander 

COTTINGHAM. w from 1118 
Yonge to city limits, wards 
8 and '1'. 
.... .... North Hide 
4 Russell Wm .I 
18 Denham James 
20 Dodds John .I 
22 Crawford Alex H 
Carmichael Nell 
Crawford M McL, phy 
. Gange av commences 
26 Gana-e Mrs Ellzabetb 
8U Smltb James 
3:1 Woolnough John J 
84 Davis Wm 
36 Davis Evan 
Public KI&..u. 
ro Gillespie Jonathan 
52 GrlWt John 
M Brooks Jobn 
56 Hackett Mrs Eliza 1 
58 Truax George H 
6U 1I1cKeriben Robert 
62 Ferris Stephen T 
Vacant lots 
. Avenue rd Intersects 
House. s e 
176 Smltb Mrs M T 
178 Lea Joseph 
180 Hudson Usrnr M 
182 Ross Charles S 
184 Peters Mrs Elizabeth 1 
186 Turner Thomaa H 
188 Rowland Mrs AIWe 
Vacant lots 
194 Jeffrey Charles II' 
196 Capewell Herbert 
198 J,;\ ans Wm .I 
200 Vance James 
20,1 Stewart Jobn 
206 Hutcblnson James II' 
208 Taylor George C 
210 Lovell Robert .I 
212 Schnelle Frederick 
214 Crossin Albert L 
216 Peace John 
. Rathnelly av Intersects 
Unl!ulsbed houses (lIj 
2,1,2 Hamilton Wm 
244 McBride Wm .I 
2,1,6 Watson Yrs Eilzaùeth 
248 MlIlIurn Hobert L 
230 Read Mrs Roxanna 
2;;2 Danks Arthur l'; 
234 Dinsmore Arthur J 
256 Wright Frederick 
2;;8 Thomson George 
.. . . . . .., Sou th Side ......... 
Dominion Bank, s e 
. Crown st commences 
ó Cuttell James, prtr 
PrI\"ate grouuds 
11 Argue Mrs 
l' l' H Depot 
C P H freight sheds 
41-45 Breen 11 L, grain 
47-69 Standard Fuel Co 
7:;-81 Toronto Pottery Co 
83 Lewis Walter 
85 Coles ]<'rederlck W H 

lIss L, l' 
87 Dawson Edwnrd 
1'7 ' , IIIcGce Patrick 
I:(IJ 'I'ait Wm 
tll "'rlght McKenzie 
!.5 Cro\\ 11 George B 
II!! Lvnn Robpl't 
101 WIlliams George 
103 EdIngton James A 

105 Jennings Henry 
107 Ashley Basett 
109 McIntosh P & Son, mill- 
Vacant lots 
. Avenue rd Intersects 
House, s e 
177 Hall worth John B 
1.79 Queneau Mrs Jane 
181 Anderson Edward H 
1/;3 Johuston Wm 
185 Davis Bidwell N 
187 Mnckenzle James H 
181\-91 l;nl!nished houses 
. Ratbnelly av Intersects 
House, 8 e 
223 Spearman" Wm 
225 Sneddon Wm 
Vacant lots to end 
COl;RT, e from 13 Toronto to 
Church, ward 3. 
o . . . . . ... N ortb Slde ........ 0 
2-4 Toronto Mortgage Co 
6 Ambulance, Mounted Po- 
lice nnd Patrol Waa-on 
8-10 Police Station No I, 
Jobn Hall Inspector 
14 Scbol!pld Rlcbard. ptg 
18 Jnckes & Jackes. borrs 
Biggar-Samuel Ltd, pblrs 
CaWldlan Engineer 
Canadian ;Journal of Fab- 
Pulp and Paper Magazine 
Beaton A H, barr 
......... Soutb Side ......... 
1 York Chambers. s e 
3 Young & Co, teaa 
Grant Artbur L, assayer.r 
Tbe Grant Laboratory 
11-7 Nasmlth Co, l' e 
9 Consolidated Electric CO 
11 Steep Embossing Co 
13 Warehousp, l' e 
Restauraut, l' e 
15 Coulter .I Co, :lwly calle 
Store. s e 

COURTNEY PI,. e from 5ð 
Clinton. ward ó. 
1 Brown Charles W 
2 McFarlane James H 

COWAN AV. n from 0 T J1 to 
1311 Queen w, ward 6. 
. .. . . . . " East Side ........ 0 
Vacant lots 
. Huxley st Intersects 
Vacant lot 
7 Macey Wm ;J 
9 Sewell Stcpnen 
11 Vacnnt 
13 McAlIlster loseph II' 
Vacant lots 
23 Weir Frederick T 
27 Gould Joshua M 
29 Stephens Frank T 
31 Nesbitt Samuel J 
33 Langmuir Frank H 
35 Hethrlngton Jobn A 
37 Ross Georl:'e 
39 Dnnlel .I W 
41 Peaker Kennetb 
43 I"oote James B 
45 Stewart Wm ;J 
47 Wesley Charles 
49 I{lrhy Christopher 
Klrhy Miss LIllian M 
mus tchr 
:;1 Green Herman 
H3 ,,"p!eb Arthur H 
85 Langstaff Fronk 
87 McKecbnle Fronk It 
89 Folwell Philip C 
!It Cooper Arthur B 
93 I!reckon G('or
Icrntcheon Mrs Charlott. 
97 McNair Mrs Susan .I 
99 BrN'kpnrld:;:e 1111'S E 1 
101 I!roddy Jamps .
10:1 rade Rev Rohert 
105 Somerville Robert 

Quarantee Company of North America 
MEDLAND & .JONES, Cell'l Agellb, Mail Building, Cor. King and Bay Tel. Main 1067 



The Lowest Rates. The Highest 
Guarantees. The Best Policies 




10i' t:aJlinger George 
109 CruIkshank J H 
Vacant lots 
11i' Br
rs Anna M 
119 t:oodings Harry 
121 Munro J Alex.mller 
123 Symons Wm 
 Cooke C A, dentist 
Tuthill John V 
Quick John E 
. KIng st w Intersectli 
V ncant lots 
141 Orr Rowland B. ...11y 
14U Wilcox Han'ey M 
Gordon Mrs M. phy 
151 Tulloch Jesse, bldr 
153 Brown Charles 
155 Corcoran James 
151 Pow&" Joøepli 
150 Bohne Wm 
163 Hendry Andrew 
165 Anderson Walker W 
Ifòi' lieU Henry C 
169 Saunders James A 
House, 8 e 
elhoul'lle nv ends 
House, 8 e 
183 Abel Herman 
1 f.

191 Hamilton John H 
193 Inglis John L 
HI:; WrIght 
Irs Clara 
St Mnrk's Chnrch 
2Oi' Bell Telephone Co Ltd 
Munro Donald. r 
Wood yard, s e 
......... 'Vest SIde......... 
Vacant lots 
. Huxley st Intersects 
House, 8 e 
Vncant lots 
.1.'renton ter commences 
14 Abernethy ArchIbald 
16 Ewnrt Jnmes 
18 Scott Wm H 
20 Slemln Charles 
:!:1 La\\son John 
24 Dodds John 
2G Martin 
SO Douglas Chnrlcs 0 
32 Sinclair John 
Vacant lots 
50 Ball Ernest S 
62 Smith Arthur L 
54 Scott Wm. bldr 
5G Knott Charles G 
68 Gadsby James 0 
80 McKague Hugh 
62 Hell\well Alfred A 
64 Hall\gan Thomas 
6U Smith John S 
Vacant lots 
86 Rutherford Peter 
88 Rothaermel J E. contr 
Vacant lots 
98 Cassell Henry 
100 McKnv Peter T 
102 Sutherland Alexander 
104 Ar/:,Ies Ueginald F 
lOG Wilson Frcderlck A 
108 Almas Henry 
110 Jewell Frank G 
Vacant lots 
. King st w InterSf'cts 
House, s e 
Private !1;rounds 
146 Doran 'Ym W 
14'< l'ntton John 
150 King Robert S 
,:! Arnold George 
154 Skene Mrs Eleanor E 
15G C"lder John 
,8 Clark Wm A 
160 Morton Mrs Chnrl'Jtte h 
162 Hall 
Irs Johanna 
164 .1e" ell Alhert N 
; Bailey Fn'derlck W 
110 Bloxham Mrs Annie 
172 Grant Kenneth 
174 Hendf'rson Charles 
1711 lIutcher Wm P 
118 Cooper FrederIck E 
180 Pringle George A 
182,88 Presbyterlnn Church 
1911 Parker George 
1!1:! "'i1son Ch,u)('s J 
194 Day Richard J 
196 Kyle John 
198 Cameron 1II1ss '\nnle 

200 Stevens Edward A 
202 Redmond James M 
20-1 Carter Joseph !II 
208 Jnckson S.unuel 
210 Everett 3'ohn 
Curling RInk 
Fire Hall No 15 
Police station, s e 

COXWELL A V, n from opp 
1609 Queen e to city limIts, 
ward 1. 
. .. .. .... En st Side ......... 
Not built on 
......... West Side......... 
14 WIlliams Mrs Sarah 

CRAWFORD, n from near 
1000 King w to Bloor. war(! 
......... East 81de ......... 
lIInssey-Harrls Co, :rnrd 
. Defoe st Intersects 
Vncant lots 
69 Harris Thomas R 
71 Rogers 
Irs Annie 
73 Garden John C 
Vacant lot 
91 Jones Andnw 
93 ClIet'r 
rs Jane 
95 Meehan John D 
91 Gallaher Robert C 
1)9 Hutchison Robert 
Vncant lots 
. Quepn st w Intersect. 
Store. B " 
College grounds 
119 lIIetcalfe Alfred 
Private grounds 
18.'1 Findley Thomas 
185 Hay Robert 
181 Smyth lIIrs S H 
IS!) Henry Mrs Ellen 
193 Clark John 
195 1II0rgan 1.lrs Clara 
191 Tnylor Charles 
203 V'-nlker Alfred r 
205 Creller Hiram 
201 Atkinson Wm T 
Atkinson Wm E, artist 
213 Scott Wm L 
Scott Miss E S. vocalist 
215 TIll EdwIn 
Vacnnt lot 
:!19 Creenan Thomas L 
s F 10\:. L.1US 
221 Schulte 'Irs Eleanor 
223 Snowhall Frederick 
2:!:'i )Iacorquodale Duncan S 
221 DeGruchy Charles H 
Vacant lot 
241 Wheler George 
Bellwoods Park 
. Arthur st Interse
Vn{'fillt lots 
269 Aldridge John. contr 
271 Owen Ernest H 
Vacnnt lots 
279 Selwood Chnrlps 
1 Dunlop Wm W 
28ï )lotIntt .1ohn 
289 Schofield Alfrt'd J 
291 Dunlop Wm 
293 Rees Edwnrd 
Vacant lots 
2í\9 Ellis George R 
301 l{o!!'prs J ollathan 

03 AndrpwR Herhprt ß 

 Gilpin Jnmes 
305 Jal"dlne !\IJ's 10lary C 
307 ,"plson 
311!1 Hupprt Ch..rlt's H 
311 Weston Walter 
lacKfi\' .10hn 
al:'i r.rodpr;'el; n S 
:n7 )lllrdoc\t )Ialcolm D 
819 Church Henrv W 
321 Forhcs 'Irs .innet 
32.'1 Gorman David 
Vacant lots 
333 Calvert Joseph H 
335 Needham Harry. contr 
3:19 Hal'J...r F .J. artist 
Vacant lots 

4:'i Carsta Irs J Stewart 

-I7 8on\t.1'
('orgp A 
Va('ant lots 
361 Harkins John A 

Vacant lots 
. Cinder av ends. 
38. Urquhart Henry P 
389 SinclaIr John 
891 Atkin Frank F 
393 Gillett Alfred C 
39;; Mills Wm 
891 lIIcElIroe Owen 
3!:-,1 )Ict:uire V.-m 
401 Humherstone Mrs Susan 
403 lIIagner 1II1lfred F 
405 lludson George 
. Sully cres Intersect. 
Vacant lots 
. College st Intersect9 
515 Berry Frederick J 

,17 Bennt'tt 
Irs Sarah 
519 Boothroyd Friend 
521 Frost George B 
r>2.3 Kelso Alex R 
r>25 Courtney Thomas F 
:127 rearc'V ",Vm 
529 Stalllèy John 
531 Clark Vim 
Vacant lots 
631 DlIIon John U 
5:39 Reece .'homns 
541 La Roy Eugene 
643 Sklrvlng John 
545 Peaker Charles 
Vacant lots 
5:;3 )Iarch Mrs Annie 
555 Jones James 
561 Morrison John 
5lòtl \lclIO" ell Robert 
1>03 ('rnlg James 
liO;; :'\Im John 
Iõ;;:; Faraght'r "'m. bldr 
f;:;7 Rr()ad 'Vm 
6:;\1 Stewart Alpxander 
6íö1 Tra,-ers '" rrederlck 
, Bates John '" 
6Gi' Coulman Ed"ard P 
Vacant lot 
fi71 Cann Frnnk 
673 Rrown Thomns 
675 Edgar David 
617 Asquith John 
619 Dunbnr John J 
681 Ball Samuel (! 
683 Wood John C 
Vacant lot 
691 Haviland Somnel 
69d Bnlley Charles 
113 'I('Ke",o;le James 
. ., _ .. .. _ W pst Side -... - .... 
)Iassev-Harrls Co's yard 
. Defoe - st Intex"l-cts 
Public School 
Craw11)rd St Meth Ch 

; Price Arthnr E 
 Chaut!pr John A 
100 Wright Peter A 
. Queen st w intersects 
House, 8 e 
Lpa,lIey E & ('0. tannery, 
. Logie pI commences 
10S )Ioffatt Rohert 
nO Ja('ksoll Joseph S 
112 Barber Edw3l"d, dentlst 
11-1 )1('lIoIl3Id Alexander 
116 Rohson Wm H 
('unllingllam Vim F 
118 Hodges George L 
122 1II0rris Chnrles 
124 Wilson Charles 
1:.!6 Fleming Thomas C 
128 StpWßl't A R, wood dlr 
130 Hassal'd Rev W E 
132 Dennison Mrs Fanny 
134 S('ott Walter 
136 Hurd Henry E 
138 J.o,'P Charles J 
H" Ahlett J.)slma H 
Incdonald Charles L 
1H 1>111111 Arthur 'Y 
1-16 M'lvbee Ellsworth 
148 !llofratt John 
1;;11 "a('[\nt 
1;;2 McChesney Isunc 
l:i-l ('of'hrall 'Irs .Ada 
1511 Orr Robert J 
1:'i<; Fisher Thomns 
IfiO )!cIntosh Hugh F 
162 WillIams LIonel E 
16-t Shipman George 
166 Barker "-"bert 
Smlley Mrs Agnes, mus 
W..; Lnhel
ky Sigmond 

. "THE. .. ,. <<'- 
;/1:> EItY 
 ( "
:'.., . 

S'tt> If.

 C 0 A L. 

 !lEAD orflC.t. 

7'0 RON 1 0 

170 Gallagher lIIrs lIIar:r A 
113 Haynes Edwin 
114 Lowry Wm 1l 
116 Cole Mrs Elizabeth 
. Lobb av commences 
1711 Hunnisett Fmnk 
Vacant lot 
192 Klnnenr Wm. cattle dlr 
194 Fidler Walter 'I 
198 Brown Wm T 
roo ParkhlIl Wm 
202 CO" an 1I1t.s I.'rances A 
Vacant lot 
208 Lemon Wm E 
210 Gordon John 
212 Cnnnlngham Wm C 
214 Halligan Sylvester 
216 Finlay J oscpb 
220 Duncan Wm 
222 Johnston Andrew 
hss I 111. mDS 
224 DavIs Jo.seph l{ 
226 l\IcNalr Alexander K 
Private grounds 
2.12 Lake Wm H 
2:.14 Price Frederick 
236 Simpson lIIrs Ann 
Simpson 1II1ss l\I I, Ilrsmkr 
:l.1b John<ton He\ ,. 0 
2-10 Tuthill C J 
House. 8 e 
. ArtIl\l1' st iuter
Vacant lots 
262 Kerneghau Adam 
2(;-1 Hinton George n 
:!t.ü PIll' tl'r 
Iiss Carrie 
268 Stubbs Harry IJ 
210 Kennedy James 
2i2 McComb Samuel H 
2i6 Russell John W 
278 Russell John 
280 lIIeredith Charles H 
:!"2 'lere,lIth Henry T 
:!"-t Atll..lslan B,\rton 
:!"6 Braime Thomas E 
Vacant lots 
29-l Tate Rol:}ert F 
Vncant lot 
3t1:! Imrie nohert 
:1(\4 "'heler Alhert H 
;If)/Õ Humse\' Wm H 
-. Harrlsön st commen
Vacnnt lots 
3:12 lIard:v Will n 
3:14 Cln:vson Alfred 
33" II<.il ..\le,nuder 'V 
338 Saungnn I'rank I, 
a-10 L:l' Au/:,u,1 F 
Vacant lots 
341; "(uld
 "raucis H 
358 House Edward G 
rllfiIllSh,,<! houses (6) 
Vacant lots 
38'.! Gravdon John 
:!S4 ßurkell l{ B. dairy 
:186 Rra IIdon AI<";:l1>d.'r 
" :-;ar/.:<'nt ("hnrles P 
3\\0 Rla('k .1os"ph A 
392 Rohertson DavId E 
icb..hl< Fll"anl 
3!JfJ De Grucllv !llrs Kathleen 
3\'1' Li\'ingstoli" Ila\'ld G 
400 ReI! I.'rpderlck 
-tll:! Ja, an Henry G 
40-t Rpll Wm J 
. Sully cres Intersec:
Vncnnt lot9 
. College st Inter
Vncnnt lot
538 Hutson Rlchnrd 
5-t0 Galliers Rohert 

F. J. SMITH 4 4ðCO. 

Special Attention given to Man- 
agement of I!;states Prompt Return. 
16 & 18 Adelaide St. E. 

Plate Glass INSURANCE 
and Plate Glass 

Lloyds Plate Class Insurance Co. and 
The Queen City Plate Class and ft1irror Co. 
NO.3 TORONTO ST. Limited 



Vacant lots 
7H T.i
 lor \\ m J M 
716 llishol'rlC Henry 
. Bloor st w intersects 
Vacant lots 
720 Suddaby Mrs Sarah 

'l' ltD, e trom Yongc 
to South Drive, Jir
t s 
ot ltoxborongh av, ward 2. 
. ... .... North Side " 
2 Wallace James H 
4 Dingham Cbas D 
I> Kell) Henry G 
12 Sherrard Henry A 
16 Stokes Wm 
24 Mordsou Charles E 
26 MeLeod Charies 
32 I\1('Gaw 'I'homas D 
34 Ednmlltls Cbarles 
3G Kerì' Wm A H 
38 Frauds Gwyn L 
42 Green R H 
50 Osborne J Ewart 
.Onuy av Interseets 
6U \Vrij.:"lIt Alfred 
64 Hall Alfred 
Gt; Lutmished bouse 
74 Wilmott Walter E 
78 Rolph Frank 
80 Han-ey Artbm' 
84 Davies Robert H 
88 Ruiter Arthnr F 
10ü "orris Cbarles C 
110 Da,'ison Hobert C 
112 Lulilli
hed hOllse 
Inrr.n' Parker 
118 Hea .\ Ed" arli 
. Seorth rd intersects 
V aean t lots 
142 Morris Massey 
Morris Miss Ethel, mus 
146 Roill... I.'ralll, \V 
CII.,mbers Ed" in, l' 
14M '" .ie.lllt 
162 Jllnkln James F 
166 Mnrray Wm T 
. Lomport 'IV commences 
178 Ramsey James G 
UiXOll 'Ii...s A L, nurse 
180 Hall Mark 
......... South Sld
Vacant lots 
21 Plllehin I(obert 
2:\ )Iilburll Tbomas E 
27 Bonltbee W Mnlock 
29 'l'owII.end Charles J 
35 Boulthee A, architect 
Boultbee Horatk> C 
e, s e 
. Cluny av Intersects 
House, 8 e 
61 Penty Jobll W 
71 .\nl!
trom Arendt 
7X {'hapln Frank B 
. Rosedale rd ends 
s:l {' nhlll
ht.t) hou
8õ Ellis FItz.1l1ell M 
87 Ro" ell r;;ewton \V 
81) Page & Co, contrs 
Page Walter 
 ÙH\ nshoruugh LouIsa 
. Park rd ends 
. S(',ll'th nl illtt'rsl'cts 
14:\ Thoml)Soll Bo> ce 
149 Turnbull John 
151 Holllnrake Tbomas A 
1:>:1 l"nfinlshpd house 
165 Junkin Robert 
171 Kilmer G('()rge H 
175 Parsons Silas R 
181 Brown TAlbert 
185 Silaw Wm H 

CROCKER AV. w from e ot 
1;; Cl,lrpJnont to Bellwoods 
av. ward 5. 
.... .... NPrth Side .. 
2 Johnston \Vm B 
4 Bradley John 
6 '101'0111'\- 'Irs Sarah 
House, . s e 
. Claremont ot Intersects 
I> Store. s e 
10 'lcGarrhde Mrs M 
12 Frcdpnburj.:" Hiram J 
14 O'Connor Mourlce 

16 Jllkes Cbarles 
18 !t1ackeand David 
22 Mitchell Ira A 
24 Ford Edward 
House, s e 
.. _ .. .... Sonth Side......... 
3 Turner \\om J 
Vacant lots 
House, s e 
. Claremont st Intersects 
House, s e 
11 Hind James W 
13 Ðoolittle Charles E 
15 Palmer LevI 
17 Luud Richard 
IS :\lc)lurra) Frederick G 
23 Gibson James R 
2;; :\Iorrlson Marlon 
lilne Uo

29 Vacant 

CROSS, w trom 114 Bæcon. 
field av to Gladstone av, 
ward 1\, 
.... .... North Side.. 
House, s e 
G Itlce }<'rederlck J 
8 Taylor Wm A 
10 Lod,hart Albert R 
12 Johnston Arthur 
14 Jac\lues Wm T 
. .. .. . . .. Sonth Side ....:.... 
Hnuse a _ e 
5 Davidson Samuel 
7 Medtorth Charles J 
9 Packer Altred 
11 I
yre George J, pntr 


:5:r gro 
11 Craig David J 

CROWr\, strom 5 Cotting- 
ham, wBrd 3. 
. . .. _ _ _ _. E.I st Side ....... '_'_ 
Rear entrances 
. . .. _ _ _ _ _ 'West Side ......... 
House. " .. 
:I Bcrrv John 
.. Dalll;,ls Walter F 
6 Johnston Robert M 

CUMBERLAND, w trom 826 
Yonge to Avenue I'd, ward a. 
. ... _... r;;orth Side .. 
2 Hull Richard W 
12 Rowell Wm F 
18 Glanville John 
20 Gleasoll Tbomas 
Ia('\ .ounell :\lIss Eliza- 
2t Howard "-m L 
26 Pearson Mrs Ma'tgaret 
28 Carter Georl2:e H 
:10 Finla \ son Wm J 
32 Freer' J'Imes, contr 
34 Bond John ;r 
36 Reck Thomas 
40 Merritt A W 
..2 Rrishln Henry 
44 McGregor Henry 
46 ('1'0"" Levi A 
4S "'hitehouse Edward 
50 Cross John 
fi2 Hodgins Rohert J 
54 Ross Mrs Sarah 
fi6 Hurst James 
567'.. Hudson Mrs Annie 
58 Fewster Mrs Ellzabetb 
6(1 'I it('hpll Ale,< 
 (;nrbeart FrancIs 
1ò4 I'a.lw.lllnder J 
fôlô IIrullt George 
G8 J\1('/ntosh \\'m A 
711 f)'
l'ill "Iellael 
72 H.las John C 
lIIlth J\1rs :llatIIda A 
76 Dcrsey Wm 
78 Urton Mrs Ann 
80 Addlso" .10hll II 
82 Smitb George C, pntr 
84 Stacey \Vm u 
86 .rurner Edward 
I>S Cilaplin F 
!)(; 1101',111 .Toseph R, gro 
. Rellalr st Intersects 
!IS (''IoUe Mrs A E 


100 Arlmthuot 
lIss Helen 
102 Sinclair James 
l'nrl.e1' Mrs Mlllicent 
lOG ) oung Fred W 
IllS I'lekett Ld" ard J 
110 Spring Thomas H 
112 1- o;;gptt \,"m T 
114 Maycock Jobn II 
116 Wood Hobert jr 
118 'Wood Hobert 
120 Wayte Robert, contr 
Waytl' Miss M, drsmkr 
122 nl'wlev Isaac S 
124 Randåll Wm H 
li \rood 80111Uci 
I'llars Hobert L 
134 Tbomas 1111'S S 
138 Hutcblnson Mrs M 
140 Crook George 
142 Seagram Arthur W 
Uti .10llirfe George II 
148 SmelIie David jr 
150 'l'reeby John 
t..'al" 8allluel (j 
>4 Carson John H 
156 Thomson John H 
158 Hamilton Mrs Isabella M 
160 l'bavmau WIll 
1M Thompson Mrs Ann J 
166 TowII Wm 
Private gronnds 
House. s e 
. .. .. .. _. South Side 
Store. 8 e 
3-;; Cuml.>crland liall 
7 Hazelton Jo!!Cph 
!) Creese Jill's Lucy 
11 Wblte }<'rnnc!s T 
13 Allen 1.1rs Elizabeth 
17 l.r.l1l1ger CllIlstopher H 
23 Hichun!s Philip 
25 Arno Harry }<' 
27 Kerr Thomas A 
2U StlIllson ""m A 
31 Irvine Mrs Cather:ne M 
33 Murpby Jeremiah 
3;) SIIlltb Herbert 
37 L:lozier Audrew 
39 Fuller Samuel 
41 Grace Patrick 
-13 Htl\\es W Þ' 
47 Baucl,bam Frederick 
-Iii (;.I.>b J.lllJ('S H 
;;1 'l'hompson :.\11'11 Margaret 
63 Tolllver Mrs Josephiue 
hy Tl1ullltlS, r 
\\'ood Wulter. l' 
;;;; Larkin Wm 
57 Ho"land Juhn 
59 Pamal Louis G 
61 'I'yte George 
63 Storey Natban 
65 Tyler Charles E 
67 J.u",-Is JUllles E 
71 McNeil ThoIllas 
73 Toulmin Mrs Anne 
75 Cbapman Edgar 
77 Mills l'rice 
79 Castles John 
HI Bootll ,J ohn }<' 
83 Macdonald Mrs Mary 

::; l'\.IUglioll Charles H 
87 \Vortby Hobert P 

U Fln
91 Worthy John 
\13 SutclllIe )Irs J 
. Bellalr st Intersects 
Ii. Blad, \Vm, grocer 
99 Evans George B 
101 Pltfield George G 
103 Mlillgan \<'rederlck 
10;; Lytle James 
107 Townsend Wm B 
109 Hlcbords James 
111 Elnor Herbert 
11:'1 Uevlne Mrs Mary A 
115 Worthington Edmund 
117 Keating Peter 
119 Bland Geo
121 R.,ymer Henry W 
123 Scott Tbomas J 
1:!:> Gr.\IIt Itobel't Y 
127 AdkiLS Miss Mattie 
l:!U Ec.h\ 
lnl", :\lr
131 Caffrey Mrs Mary 
133 Briggs Henry A 
13;; T"mblyn \Vplllngton W 
137 Hardinge G M 
l:m \Vaters James 
141 Rohinson John J 

Sherman E. Townsend 

H3 Cantwell Wm 
145 Steele John C 
H7 )Iu;;ulre John 
H!J 1
lIIott Jospph 
151 Hntcbl
on Hobert 
1;;:'1 Blilch Juhn \'" 
1:>:> Bp..kman Hobert 
157 Glen!ster George T 
Private grounds 
16;; \\ ilImot :III's Eliza 
l'II\"ate grounds 
183 Wallace John 
11>;; I'arkps John 
House, 8 e 

CUMMI"GS, e from w of Bnl- 
ton av, bet llH and 120, to 
Wardell, ward 1. 
.... .... r\orth Side .. ...... 
Store, s .. 
. Bo;ton av Inter@eets 
10 Stockwcll James 
Private grouuds 
18 Findlay James A. 
20 O'Rellly Tbomos E 
22 r..fcDc:mald Jobn. gm 
 f "rdlngl) Hichard 
. De Grassl st !ntersectl 
Snnday School 
. . .. - . -.. South Side "........ 
Vacant lots 
. Bolton av Intenc
Store, s e 
13-17 Tldby Wm B, baker 
Store, s e 
. De Grassl st Int......ects 
House, s e 
35 Crldland I"rank F 
31i )Ioss John 
45 Deniord Richard S 
47 Tbompson John H 
4!1 Tnmer !\Iyles 
51 Newall Tbomos 

CT'NNlì'iGHA!\I A V, \V trom 
86 Brock av, war.1 6. 
.... _... North Side .. ...... 
12 McLachlan John ß 
Private grounds 
20 McLachlon John II 
... .. .... South Side 
Bouse, s e 
7 l...nlel5 \Il'xander 
U KIlO\\ Iton John 
11 Aldrich Wm It 
15 Cornock Hpnrv 
17 Abercrombie Wm 
lU )!annlng Alhert E 
25 McQuillen James 

CURRIE PL, e trom Blair ay. 
first n of Sydenham, ward 2. 
. ... .... r;;orth Side .. '..... 
1 Evans :\Irs Abl.>ey S 
2 Booth Vavid 
3 TIerney Patrick 
4 Henderson Cbarll'g B 
5 Smitb :III's Isabella 
... --.-.. South Side 
Rear entrances 

CURZON, n trom 1192 Queen 
e to Myrtle av, ward 1. 
... .. .. - _ East Sl<le ... __. . _. 
House, s 
23 Maunder Luther M 
43 Ramsden Albert 
Tierney Terrence 
41 Hnddlpton Alfred W 
51 Gorringe WIll R 
55 Shephard Alfred 
CI\ thollc Church, I' e 
. Doel 
v Intersect. 
Private grounds 
139 Norton Peter 
HI Corter Joseph 
St Jospph CUCI SchMI 
155 Holland Terrence 
I'rivate grounds 
163 'Wilds Mrs Johonna 
Publlc School, s e 
. Sproatt av Intersects 
"acant IJts to end 
.... _ .. _. West Side 
Store, s e 
2 "aldr...- Charles, produce 

Publio Aocountant, Auditor and Assignee 


McGREGOR & McINTYRE, LIMITED Fire Escapes, Sidewal
 Doors, Etc. 
65 to 91 PEARL ST. Phone Main 2748 




20 Costello Thomas 
 Pollard Charles 
24 Wood Wolter 
Vllt'ont lot 
30 McDowell Wm W 
32 Burns Da, id 
44 HlIl'lpy George W 
66 Holland P, whol btcbr 
76 Boyd Isaac 
10-1 ("ullill I' (', IIIkt gdnr 
120 !'olnn J. whol btcbr 
132 McGee Jobn 
. DOl'I a... IIItersects 
Ufì Wpst Wm D. mkt gd!lf 
. Sproatt av IIIterspcts 
Vacant lots to end 

1(19 Ellzabetb, ward a. 
.... . _.. Nortb Side ., ...... 
Sto,..:, " .. 
......... Soutb Side ......... 
3 Roiling Frederick 
I) Wblte Wm 
7 Bowman Aarol) 
9 Campbell Jobn 
House. " . 

CYPRESS, n from Front I' to 
Eastern nv. first w of tbe 
Don, ward 1. 
.. . .. .... East Side ......... 
1-21 Wickett & Craig, tan. 
." .. __.. West Side ......... 
12 Wickett & Craig, store. 

CZAR, w from 728 Yonge to 
Queen's Park, ward 3. 
. ... .... !' o
th Side .. ...... 
2 Store, s e 
21,(, West Louis J 
4 -Parhp8 )Irs Louisa C 
41,i, Steele Arthur G 
6-Mclunes 'liss K, drsmkr 
6 1 , Kindree "'m 
8 Gordon Henry 
Gordon "1I8s Maud, mus 
10 Clarke Nelson, elect 
101,(, Walker Haymond 

 Williams Grabam 

 McLean Thomas 
14 Ely Mrs Henrietta 
It; Coul,lII "m H 
. Balmuto' 
t commencetl 
11:1 )Ittchell )Irs \'Ida .M 
Jamieson Miss E J. nurse 
20 Redick George A 
22 Hppton Hobprt 
24 Patterson Wm A 
28 Thornton Mrs Sarah 
2" FairlJRirn Ite,' Robert 
30 Thompson Alex !t1 
32 Stpen Ephroim 
84 Fraser \lIss E H S 
36 )lcCallulII Peter 
38 Boag R
4U Uonges , harles 
42 Ward "'m 0 
44 Horan Josepb 
46 "lcCurr:.- James 
41; Ramhridl':p :\liss h A. mus 
Bamhridge George T 
orth st intersect
M Roouey 
56 Vame) Henn 
58 Ross John A 
60 Toews Peter 
62 Jackson Edwin .. 
64 Pearl Jobn 
Gtò Fairbairn Wm H 
68 McBrad... Louis V 
72 Van Màlder James 
74 Moylan Mrs Penelope 
76 Scott !'athaniel K 
78 Smith Charles 
. St Thoma
t "ornmen.
80 MackIe Ah'xanrl"r 
82 Stoddart M rs IIIarv 
Stoddart Miss Eila. dr8- 
84 Elliott George A 
86 l'oyne John 
88 Rohlns Harold E 

00 I'ul'ler Thomas 
92 O'!'eill Mrs Lina 
94 Carmichapl Frederkk 
. .. .. .. __ South Side ......... 
Store. a '" 
3 Borron Robert 
5 Hackett :lIlsses, drsmkrs 
liss J aIle 
7 Mosple... Cltarle>; 
9 Back \Vm R 
11 Arnot Jamps W 
13 Farrow Wm 
. St Nlcbolas st pnds 
Ii Jobnston Jobn J 
19 O'Uriscoll 
:!1 Hint'" \\ m B 
:!3 Parkpr Wm H 
25 Wray Thom"3, cnT(' 
Wray :\1i
8 E, ,jr

7 :\lnrri:"ull ".nl J 
29 Palmer Gpol'ge 
81 Carr Geor
33 Bray Wm T 
35 MitchI'll Mrs Cbrlstlna 
37 Carr Benj'lInin I' 
:\!I \lcClplland Hobprt 
41 Knott J W. Dnt1' 
43 Jaynes Artbur 
Watson Frpderlck 
45 Dunn lIl1's Sarah E 
. Nortb st Intersee
House. s e 
65 Hor1'lson Jobn 
57 COrtiSS08 Hpnry A 
59 Bpare Rohert 
61 Hornlhrook Jobn 'r 
63 Clowes Chorles \V 
w Scott Wm T 
Gï Grant Charlps S 
t;!J )lcCachprn Donald 
ï1 )Ior
on "irs Jessie 
73 Hall IIIrs Ellzbetb 
75 Jones IIIrs Clara 
7ï Durns James W 
7() Hillyard Mrs lIIarinda 
Hillyard )liss Carrif! L. 
81 Stpphenson Freder!ck C 
83 Mackpnzle Mrs Lucie 
85 Cooper lIIiss :\1 A 
Gordon IIllss Sarah, nunI' 

DAGIIIAR AV, I' from :tear 
235 Pape av to Jones IIY. 
ward 1. 
. ... .... ""ortb Side .. 
32 Jamps Clarkson W 
34 Humpbreys John R 
36 Bulley Sumuel 
Vamnt lots 
4:! Bolton \Vm 
66 Jonl'S Edward 
Jones IIIrs 111 I:ro 
68 Gillingham i(Irs III A 
70 Jago Ricbard F 
72 Tpmpprton Cbarlee R 
74 Jennings Cbarlps 
16 \" acan t 
84 Love Thomas 
. . . .. . '" Soutll Side 
Vacont lots 
. Brool<lyn av ends 
51 Smlt
61 1'ort.'r .\I'thur, expres. 
65 Clemett Jamps 
75 Shield
 Thomas Ir 
77 Nichol
on "'m . 
ïl) :5hnrke.. John 
83 DuIry \Irs 
ar7 0\ 
!J3 Moni Giaccomo. gro 

UALÐ AV, I' from Glen I'll 
to Castle Frank av, first n 
of Howard, ward 2, 
.... .... Nortb Side 
2 Darling Robert 
4 Scott James 
Vacant lot 
8 Gray Robert III 
10 Kent John G 
Vacant lots 
. Powell st commence. 
Vacant lots 

6 Ù1ckhart Rpg(nald R 
. Maple ov ends 
Vacant lots 

. Nanton cres commpncetl 
Vacant lots 
. Hawthorne av commences 
House. B e 
......... :5olllh Side ......... 
1 Croft JohJl 
I) Allan Miss III I 
9 Hodgins l'rank E, K C 
15 Glithero Charles 
21 1I0
kin Jobn, K (' 
. M('Kpnzle av commencps 

DALHOUSIE, n from 72 
Queen I' to Gerrord e, 
ward 3. 
. .. .. .... East Side 
Factory. 8 e 
17 Hong Samuel J 
lIainps Thomas 
19 Wm J 
noss Frank H 
21 Cornfield Samuel 
:l:\ White J o
ppb H 
25 Rowe IIIrs Catherine 
21 Cory George W 
:l!J ] lohoney 
:n \lcCon"p, Patrick 
33 Weir IIIrs Eleanor 
-rt's Samupl V l' 
37 Lumley Miss Mary A 
:II) Whitt' )lrR \largaret 
") Turner 'Ym 
Ioorp :\Ir
House. Q 
. Shutcr st Intersects 
House, s e 
SlmtIng Rink, r 1'_ 
91 Clark Thomas 
House, s I' 
. Wilton av Interspcts 
House. s e 
125 !,psbltt Wm 
12ï Adams Isaac 
129 McCafferv Wm J 
l:n Halsle.. Hiram 
133 Doylp' Patrick J 
135 Wallace Gporge H 
137 LaH)lp Richard 
141 Marl<s Edward R 
145 Smith James, Ind1'Y 
147-151 O'Kppfe 11'1' Hou_ 
. Gould st [ntpr8pct. 
House. s t!' 
181 O'Kpefp's stables 
189 M..Xamnra Jobn J 
l1lith PhilIp I. 
193 Bltschy Wm 
]!t:-) (;raug-er U .A 
Hlï (I'L"an' )Irs :\1 
1!J9 Downpÿ Patrick III 
:!01 ;<<'p" bold Alfred 
20:t For
1"th 'Vn1 
205 Gow;.r Wm B 
2Qï Quealey Thomas 
2071/, Cnmphell Rodprlck H 
2O!I R[chard
on Gporg-e 
211 Wpathprlpy Will L 
213 Brptt Wm H 
215 Crawford Robert J 
:!1 ï LUt)p Chrlstopber 
House. B ø 
.. .. __ . .. West Side ......... 
Store. a f) 
12 \' acant 
Rear entranC'es 
18 Payne Wm 
26 Rear entrance 
28.30 Down ThulO.IS & Co. 
hrass founders 
Toronto Automobile \Itlr 
Rear pntrances 
Hotel, s I' 
. Shuter st Intl'l'se"IS 
Stables and rear en- 
B4 Clark Thomas 
Honse. s e 
. Wilton av mt'''
Private grounrIs 
140 To" nip} \\'m 
. Gould st Inter
Ifj\"j, TUuo,; .Tnme
Titus 'Irs Lucy, mus tcbr 
House. S Q- 
lïO Rrool<e D O"borne 
172 Armour Arcblbald 

174 Smedley IIIrs Emma, bda 
lïU GlossL,() Ezra 

DANFORTH A\' (no:tb limit), 
e from ßroadview av to 
east limit. ward 1. 
oo .. .... '" orth Side .. ...... 
orton John. hlksmlth 
Plask[tt H. caniag'! bldr 
. Brown Henry F 
U Fors
-th James 
Vacant lots 
Danfortb Hali 
. Ellel'bpck st comml'nces 
40 Playtpr Bros. mkt gdnro 
Playter Albert E 
Playter WID. E 
130 Robinson Harry M 
1:!:l I'la, ter J obn I. 
\'ac;mt lots 
. '\Vhltney 
t commenC'es 
Vacant lots 
. Logan av inter
Carwardine A R, mkt 
. Moscow av comme!lC'es 
332 !,Icholson Jobn 
338 Walker Rp1 W W 
. Pap I' av Intersects 
Frankland Henry R 
370 Skirrow James I. 
420 Warwick Wm 
. LangIord av 
4ïll S!ppth John. exp 
. Le
llp st commpnces 
Preston Bros. mkt gdnr. 
. .. .. .. __ South Side ......... 
2ï )lamara Herhert 
37 Shall's John H 
45 Camphpll Robert A 

.ï )Icl"ad,-en Rev Allan L 
. Bowden 
t pnds 
131 Orford Frpdprlck 
Vacant lots 
303 Bpp
lp.. :\Irs Ruth 
. Logan' a v Intersects 
Vacant lots 
. Fenwick av ends 
Vacant lots 
. Corlaw av ends 
343 IIUlls MrQ Priscilla 
. Popp av Inte1'se.,ts 
3113 MIlI
 John H. :nkt gdnr 
405 Sparkhall G. wlt.,1 btehr 
Sparkhall :\Iark, ml<t 
407 Harps Thomos 
417 O'Donohoe Wm 
. Jonp
 av ends 
461 Aggett John, mkt godnr 
523 Reed II E, mkt gdnr 
. Byron av ends 
613 Rlhh:.- Jnmps W 
615 Rvañ James 
. Gi.penwood a" ends 

D'ARCY. w from OPD 153 
McCaul to SpnJln:l aY, 
ward 4. 
. __. .... 1\orth Sid'! .. 
2 Edgar IIIrs Jennie 
4 Waid l\Irs 'Iary 
cott :\Irs \lary 
8 Kp ll... Thomas 
10 K[ng Mrs ßl'id",..t! :\Ibs('
. dr
14 :\tenton \'\'m 
16 \lpnton ".m. hldr 
:\Ipnton John, artist 
18 :\Ipnton Patrick 
"pnton :\Ii

 K, drs'.1kr 
20 Campbell R M 
:!:! COUI-!;'hlill James T 
24 Olivier Henry G 
2t; Fra
pr )Irs E. drsmkr 
28 CoyI'll Alfrpd. carp 
3U Whltphpad Wm 
32 Wanty Wm, bldr 
34 Drake Hprhe:t 
36 Stepltpn Ja"1P
38 Doul:las Rohp1't 
42 Mackinnon Wm D 
44 Sauer Gporge 
46 Rain John 
48 Young John 
House. s e 
. Bp...erlpy st Interse

e Investors' lV(ercantile Agency, li"1 ited 
25 TORONTO ST. Telephone Main 613 

Prevents loss; Insures Safe Investmenta 
Samuel NesbJ O tt Pre
ident t10nd 
, 1<lan .ging-Direcror 

Standard Life I ASSETS I D. M. McGOUN 
, Manager for Canada 
ASSURANCE CO. of Edinburgh I 552,000,000 Cha;




D' Arcy. 

68 Burton Lady Elizabeth 
80 Thompson Samuel II 
H4 Hambly George W 
86 Cowan Mrs Letsy E 
88 Zryd Gustave 
90 Strong Mrs Marlon J 
92 Laishley L<mson C 
94 Haskins Frederic. H 
96 Thompson Joseph A 
II!! Blck Wm 
100 Sparling J H 
102 Carr Maxwell 
106 McCall Dugald 
108 SImpson Mrs Annie 
UO Root Wallace 
112 Murphy John 
Sullivan Miss B, drsmkr 
. Huron st Interseets 
114 Swalsland Alfred 
116 Hogle John A 
U8 Keyes Miss J, Itrsmkr 
Keyes .!fiss F. drsmkr 
120 Heck AlbQrt 
122 Montgomery DO!llel 
124 Harver George A 
126 Corrldan }l!ss Norah 
128 Hines Wm 
130 IIId:all Andrew 
132 Young James 
134 McGill Wm H 
Corney Alfred L. r 
136 McBreartv John 
128 Buckle Wm 
t40 Cameron John 
Henderson John, r 
House. B Ii! 
.....-... South S1dto ......... 
1 Parkes Charles M 
3 O'Hearn James J 
5 Moriarty Mrs Mary 
7 O'Toole Mich
d J 
9 Dempsey Andrew 
11 McKenna Charles M 
13 Garrett John 
15 Findlay Wm H. .Jolr" 
19 Street Richard H 
21 Farewell Arthur W 
23 0" en R S & Son, piano 
Owen Richard S 

IFS A 0, mUll 
25 Maxwell John 
27 Owens John 
29 Sinclair James 
31 Holford John. wntr 
33 Crotty Patrick J 
35 Craig John S 
37 Holmes Mrs Isabel 
SO Langley Joseph 
House, s e 
. Beverley Bt Interseetll 
House. 8 Ii! 
87 Johnson Samllel 
69 Hargreaves Wm A 
71 Wright Alexan,l'o!r A 
73 Purse Wm J 
75 Burns Mrs Sarah J 
77 Kenney John H 
79 Bywater Jose
81 Walters J H, e'[p 
8:1 Welch Alfred 
85 IIIcBrlde Mrs IIonnllh 
87 Smith John S 
89 Gorrle John A. pntr 
91 Eagen Mrs Jennie 
93 Barton Wm H 
95 O'Donoghue Daulel :1 
117 Wilson Frederick 
99 McMillan Thomas 
101 Giblin Mrs Kate 
103 Davidson John W 
tM Walls IIIrs Jessl
107 Seale James 
Todd Davidson, bl,]r 
. Huron 9t Intersects 
10!l Worth Cleophas 
111 Camph ø ll Joseph 
111 'h 
I c B rl<J e Edgar 
113 l\IcKnltr Mrs Jane 
U5 Lyons Charles 
117 Rpllly John 
U9 !o1('Nlchol Joseph 
121 Davies John H 
123 White Alex S 
12.''; Bell Edward G 
127 Leader Johnson Ir 
129 McMahon Patrick 
131 Lowe J James 
133 Goo<Jwln ',"m R 
13/) Wilson Thomas 

137 Dann Christopher 
139 Carter Alfred 

DARLING A V. n from r of 

r2'liarlo to r of Howard. 
. .... --.. East Side ......... 
House. s e 
17 Ashton J"oseph J 
19 Edwards T W 
21 Richmond Christopher :1 
23 Darby Wm G 
25 Dllmbleton Wm H 
27 Blenkhorn Wm II 
29 Farquhar R B 
31 Taplin George 
33 Thompson J J 
39 Blaclde J"omes R 
41 Smith Albert 
43 Gre\ y Joseph 
45 Williams Mrs EJlen 
47 To) lor Frank 
49 Wicks Thomas 
51 SChl'1I George 
63 Vu Mar
sq Charles 
55 )Iason George D 
57 Ling Albl'rt E 
:'!I Spanton James W 
61 Forsyth Jamea 
63 Gardiner Peter 
6õ Jackson E<Jword H 
67 Morley E 
69 AU<ey Wm 
-- , . - ... _ \\' est Sld
2 Shepherd George 
4 Ward Fredl'rlck EJ 
6 Uichards Albert 
10 8mlthson George A 
House. r e 
18 Longley George A 
20 Roun<J Alhert E 
22 Snell DanIel 
24 Mevrlck Wm 
:lti mèhard lIenry 
28 Robins Richard 
30 Oakley Richard 
40 Walsh Somuel 
Vacant lots 
48 Douglas James 
IíO Howe Amos 
. Darling pI commencu 
54 Kplly J"ohn 
56 Laird Thomas 
5S Ward Richard 
60 Morris J"ohn 
62 Re&,an Dennis 

DARI,ING PL, w from fi4 
Darling av, near Ontario and 
Howard, ward 2, 
. ... .... North Side.. ..... 
Vacant lot 
......... South SIde ......... 
2 Kplly John 

DAVENPORT PL, e from 138 
Davenport rd, ward 3. 
. ... .... North Side .. ...... 
30 Davis Mrs Anna M 
34 Burgess Gporge V 
36 Sheppard 
Irs J"one 
38 Carman Alfred S 
40 Blake Mrs Elsie 
4:! ('uIVl'1"\\,<,1I John T 
44 Stroyan James C 
46 Hessey Wm B 
48 Suthe
nd Edword 
liO Andprson John 
52 Thomson Wm 
54 Bell Wm A 
56 Onyon John T 
5M Carman Fr
' . .. _. !'outh 
Ide ......... 
I. Boyneø Cuarlea 
111 Cummer Samuel S 
21 Spence Wm 
23 Kennedy 
2:; R
i<J George 
ZT Fletcher Henr:v 
37 8hpppard Jamës 
Hotel, a e 

DAVENPORT RD, wand now 
trom 884 Y onge to c1tJ' lim- 
Its, wards 3 and 4. 


.... .... North Side .. ...... 
Church. .. II 
14 101cLorl'n John 
16 Hibbert Wm 
Vacant lot 
20 Curran Patrick 
22 C1ancy Mrs Catherine 
24 Davis Frl'derlck W 

tj Hoeks Terrence 
House, 8 fit' 
. IIJcMorrich st commencell 
32 Tremaine J B. furn 
lIIanhire Miss A J, drllmkr 
34 Brown Robert 
31; Brunt 'Vm 
3M )'atrlck Mrs Sarah 
4:1 "acant 
44 Chatterly Wm 
Vacant lot 
48 Conacher Hplljawln 
50 Gleeson Edward 
Vacont lots 
. Blockmore In commences 
70 Hall Wm, produce 
i:! Barnet James 
76 Brooks Rob..rt J 
7b :\


r lIIrs Elizabeth. 
80 Bannermnn D J. dalr" 
82 Johnston F W, groc 
Kt Louie Charles, Ind..,. 
. 1I1cAlpine st ends 
8S Vacant 
00 Dowson Walter J bkr 
92 England Herbert' 
96 Vunll 'Vm A 
1I1-I.10fJ Dunn W A Lumber 
Co Ltd, planing mill 
Booth & Co, contrs 
108 Ga&,on John P 
110 Sweeney Mrs C 
lIt: Gaston "'m 
122 Whiske
 George H 
124 Vacant store 
. Belmont st ends 
126 Prince Wm 
130 Nelson Frank 
138 Davenport Hotel 
. Davenport pi rommences 
142 Varnell J E, btchr 
. Nortb View ter commencell 
144 Spring James A 
148 Kirkpatrick Miss M S 
'1t lor 
154 Dutton Frederick 
.fÖ I;arnett "'m 
168 Senior Charles 
170 r.\

tln Mrs Ann1e D, art- 
172 Thomson T C 
174 I:<lworth
' Henr:f 
180 ItIrk Mrs B 
182 Do
las J R 
184 Stevenson J 
186 Smedley Charles 
188 Corman Wm A 
100 Wiley Wm E 
192 Dunnllijl.' II H 
194 Statten J" lIIarr 
19ti )'ear
p Henry E 
204 For"'er Charles H 
:!IW; Storehouse 
:!OS Il'e Yow. Indry 
:!1O.212 )'pars John T, gro 
. A venue rd Intersects 
Store, s e 
220 Ellis Wm A 
224 Halley )1 rs Susan 
226 Peden Archibald 
::40 h.irby Richard G 
242 Ball Wm H 
244 Breen 1I1rs Mary 

 246 Mackay Mrs Donaldlna 
Conley F' J", exp 
258 Coulter John 
:lfõfl J\icholl Samuel 
262 Swanson Olof 
264 HpnleJ' Wm 
266 Wheeler J"ohn 
268 Lapp)n 1\1rs Rebecca 
270 Davies Enoch W 
276 Hees George H. &n & (.0. 
window shade mf11l 
Vacant lot 
21:>:1 Graham John 
284 McDowell Robert 
286 Fleming J J 
288 Wiles Arthur 
. Bedford rd Intersects 

Vacant lots 
308 McDowell R. hlksmlth 
Private grounds 
328 Lenhart C, basl<et mkr 
:!30 Whpble Fred J 
332 Bryce Thomas A 
834 Smith Re\ Wm EJ 
Bradle)' 'Vm. r 
. Dupont st intersectll 
. CPR crossing 
. .. .. . ... South Side ....... 
Store. II .. 
17 Middleton Harry 
19 Marshall IIIrs :\I. 
21 Smith Tho

23 Thomas Thom
s J 
2ð Love Mrs 'Inry A 
:l1 Amos IUchard 
Amos )lIss Edna, drsmkr 
29 Owen Charles 

\ t':<:

rth Harry 
35 Stanton R dairy 
37 Thomson M!'s Margar
39-43 North gn1 Cil lJall 
45 BalleJ' F J; 
411 Rohlnson D, gro 
. Ketch'1m 
v ,'nds 
Jesse Ket'

7, FItzgerald Samuel 
79 Macey ùe.1Tg
81 Wblmse:t ,"har;es 'I' 
Ia<lill Wm 
85 Hale J"ohn A 
87 Smith J"ames W 
89 Rolls Alfl'
Iacey Wm, shoemkr 
.'Jil Garlick George 
.'J5 Shunk F 
I, confy 

 Berryman st commen;!e. 
9, lIrulllle
' Thomas, provs 
99 Montgom
('. IJto;.!tr 
101 Armstrong R. sho
10;; John
ton Charles 
Vacant lot 
. Bishop st commenee. 
113 J ollow Henry 
119 West Mrs Jone A 
121 Palmer Wm 
123 Buck James 
125 Sbeppard Fred
127 Easby George 
129 Cartwright George 
131 Hewitson Harry M 
133 Williamson Wm, gro 
. New st commences 
13/)-7 West Chas A. gro 
Private grounds 
147 Clegg Charles, barber 
Vacant lots 
179 Yates Joseph 
181 Atchison WorthJ' 
183 Hamilton & Bradshaw, 
Bradshaw Charles A 
187 Gibbs Joel 
189 Yewman Fredk. shoemkr 
ha \\ T & Co, groll 
. Hozelton av ends 
195 PaUn John H. florist 
Private grounds 
205 Fullerton A W 
207 Carroll J"ohn J 
209 Britnell Edward 
211 Page John J. excavator 
213 '-acant 
Canada Bowling & La,,", 
Tennis Club, s e 
219 King Chu, Indry 
Store. s e 
. Avenue rd Intersectll 
Store. s e 
2:l3 'lcGan'
v John 
225 Booth J"òseph G 
227 We
t Alhert C F 
229 Correll Wm 
231 Grpenwood Christopher 
3 Pole Frederick F 
2311 MarshaIl Alexander 
237 Atkinson Edwin J 
2.'111 Hogg W F 
241 Hogg Robert F 
 Allen Charles C 
245 Johnstone Mrs Jane 
241 Ross Mrs J"ulla, drsml:r 
Vacant lOts 
. Rpdfol"! ,"/1 pnrt
2S.'J I;rel'n Fred W 
Private ",rounds 
30::; Le\\ Is Frederick 




78-80 Confederation Life Building 65c. and 



Capital One Million Dollars (See Back Cover) Head Office. Temple Annex. Toronto 

S07 Wallis '!\1I
s A L. gro 
Barnett ;John 
Barnett Mrs Mary, ms- 
lIss Fannie, mus 
321 Carter Charles H 
329 Lewis Thomas 
343 Wilton Richard 
31)5 Lewis Bros, InKt gdnrs 
Lewis Mrs 
Iary G 
Lewis Miss Mabel, nurse 
3111-6:1 Thompson Henry, exp 
Vacont :lltØ 
311 Scott .Tam'
s I 
381 Scott ;J'IlUl'S T. 1(1'0 
. Dupont st Intersects 
Vacant lots 
. CPR ('r"..ln.c 

DA VIES A V, u from 618 
Queen e to Matl\o1.a, ward L 
, . . .. .. .. East 
Ide ......... 
Store. s e 
. Thompson st rommencetl 
Borthwick Bakiug Co Ltd 
13-15 Stone H S Premier 
Carriage Co 
27-31 Premier Carriage Co 
31 Walford ;John 
33 McDonald ours ;susan 
35 Hili ;John 
31 Lackey 
Irs Margaret 
39 Graham Adam 
... ... ... West Side 
Not built on 

.'m 23 
Dunedin to Leslie, wInd 1. 
.... .... North Side 
House, B e 
12 Martin Albert ;J 
14 Welllugs George 
.. . .. .... South Side ......... 
Not built on 

DEAN, n from 294 Wilton av. 
word a. 
. . . .. .. .. East Side ......... 
Ston'. s .. 
1 Patterson Robert A 
3 Coone ;James 
5 Freeland F 
1 Woodcock George M 
9 Galvin Patrick 
11 L...nn Andrew ;J 
13 Harper ;James 
15 Pinel (::>or,,<, F' 
11 Dempsey Patrlc{l: J 
......... West Side 
House. " " 
2 Gray Roh('rt 
2'h "add..11 F W 
4 Ir..lnnd J'J
"ph I,' 
6 Snell Rohert E 
8 Wilkinson Henry S 
10 Lo..... Thomas A 
12 Bredannaz Louis 
14 Dnvldson Wm 
16 Ebach Frank 

 V, e froUl 
Broadvlew av 10 H.)wden, 
IIrst s of Jlanf.,rth I1V. 
ward 1- 
.... .... North Sidp .. ...... 
Woods C:eo .1, h'dr 
Forster Edward A 
rnllnlshed houses (2) 
. .. .. .... S"uth Side ......... 
Not !mllt < n 

30 Mdlullen ;John 
32 Brown Oliver 
34 Collier lienry 
36 Caddell Samuel, exp 
38 Allen Mrs Sarah 
40 ;Jones Frederick G 
42 De...aney ,!lImed 
44 McGrath WID 
46 Edw",'18 ,\'alter W A 
48 O'Re'lly Jf'lm J 
IíO Brodte t 'orn"IIo13 J 
52 O'Hanl.'... Neil 
M Mitcheli Benjamln 
56 Ir...lng John F 
58 Marshman Thomas J 
fi8Ih Badger Isaac 
6O'McCord Mrs Margaret 
1;0". l'owerø James 
(;2 Hnnter Richard ;J 
64 Hobbs Thomas 
66 Mitchell Wm E 
68 reorce "'m ;J 
íU Couner. John 
12 Guest Thomas 
74 Quealey ;John 
í6 Kelly Walter P 
í/o! Fanning Jamea 
bU Gilpin John 
82 Grady Wm 
b'} Henry James 
Store, s e 
. Niagara st Intersect. 
Bouse, S Ii! 
86 Ker HenI'7 
Stanley Park 
. Stonley ter Intersecr. 
152 Newman Wm G 
1M Kellrns }lIss Letitia 
House, s I' 
. StaIrord st Inter
. Wellington lane Int.,rllecb 
1';8 Brov.n Hugh P 
110 Ad,ams David A 
lí2 Cnssldy ?ill'S Esther 
. Strachan av Intersect. 
I10l Hous... s e 
. Mossey st Intersects 
House, s e 
Vacant lots 
. Crawford st Intersects 
School. s e 
. Vacant lots to end 
......... South Side......... 
1 White Walter G 
3 Burgess John S 
5 ;Jeffries Henry E 
'i Burns 
Hou8e. a " 
. Tecumseth st Inter.ect. 
ÍI House. s I' 
11 Ballle Adam, exp 
13 McLeod Nell A 
15 Christie :\Irs Mar&;aret 
lí Kelly Michael 
19 McCarty Mrs Mary 
21 "hlttaker Henrv 
23 Hinton Albert e 
25 Mullard Samuel H 
21 Adams Mrs Bridget 
:!!J Henry Patrick 
31 Buchanan 
33 Boyd Archibald 
8Ii Trenwlth George A 
31 Kellv Edward 
3!J A wde ;John- 
41 Andrew Charles 
43 Minion John N 

 Leahy .111 
47 Ellis Mrs Mary 
Lumber yard 
65 Tnylor Wnlter 
School grounds 
. Klagara st Intersectll 
81 Store. s I' 
89 Morrison ;John. exp 
91 Walsh 1Ilicbnei 
93 Spencer Charles 
91 Avlett ;John R 
99 Åvlett Thomas 
101 Sü Michael ;J 
. Walnut av ends 
Stan lev Park 
. Sranley tel' Intersed. 
1;,1 'Iorrlson 'Irs :\Iargaret 
153 Hammer Louis 
Houøe, s e 
. Stafford st Intersects 
155 Sharman Ell 
159 Chamhers .Tobn '''' 
161 Dunlop Joseph 


163 Taylor Christopher 
165 Cowie Alva 
Store, c e 
. Strachan av intersects 
House, s e 
. Massey st Intersects 
Lumber yards 

DEFRIES, n from 18 Raden 
hurst to :\lark, ward 1. 
. .. .. .... East Side ......... 
1 Durston Wm 
fi-9 American Chicle Co 
.0....... "'est 
iol(' ........ 0 
House, S e 
2 Lev. is Hohert ;J A 
-1 Morden Wm C 
14 Cassidy Patrick 
16 McClure Roùert 

DeGRASSI, n from 822 Queen 
I' to Gerrard 1', ward 1. 
o .. .. .. " East Side ......... 
Railway grounds 
3.7 Grinnell '1' & Son. coal 
13 McKeown ;Jesse 
lí Collard Charles 
21 Hull Mrs Victoria 
23 Cridland ;\Irs Annie 
25 Buckler Frederick 
21 Farrell Mrs ;Julin 
31 Bamford ;Joseph 
33 Smith Wm S 
31 Leslie ;John 
39 E...ans George 
41 Orrett ;Joshua 
4;:; Orrett John 
47 Vare). Edgar 
49 O'Connor ;James 
;! r-r

l::: Á
59 Blncette ;Joseph 
61 Priestly Thomas 
63 "ïlJby Mrs Jenlpher 
65 Johnston Samuel 
61 I:;chledel Jacob M 
69 Roberts Thomas 
71 :\lcLeon Archlhald G 
73 Kingston Paol 
í5 Ste...enson "'m 
71 Trotter Mrs '\Iargaret 
85 Taylor Mrs Minnie 
93 Holland T. whol btchr 
95 Btchrs' yds and sheds 
101 Whlchello George H 
103 Fenwick Wm H. exl' 
105 Bowden ;John W 
101 Smith Alùert ;J 
1l!J Talbot Frank 
. Cumming st Intersec:ts 
Vacant lots 
131 Brown Mrs Margaret 
139 Brown Thomas F 
145 Smith Arthur 
141 Cotton :\Irs Sarah 
149 Potter Benjaml.n 
n1 Goldring IUchard H 
151 Beadle Wm 
Openshaw 'Irs Martha. r 
lI1edcalf :\Irs 
arah, r 
159 Harvey ?IIrs Mary 
165 Cox Charles 
161 Dow'well Wm 
lr.!! Winford Frederick 
171 Oakley James H 
113 Tolhurst :\Irs Ellzabetb 
117 Hirons Edward 
Vacnnt lot 
\ Williams Walter 
185 Cowles Geor
e W 
189 Lan::stone John 
WI FJlis Henrv P 
193 Hone... James 
Vacañt lot 
20:; Rolph Joslnh 
20!\ Aun&'er Edmond H 
e Charles 
Tennis grounds 
. First av Intersecta 
Vacant lots 
241 '"acant 
Rtore, s .. 
.. .. . .... West Side 
Store. s e 
8 Jones ;James 
10 Lawlor ;John 



 (. , 

,THE. .,.' ....or- 



.."'R 0 CUE. Po. 5 

o CO A L. 
*" \I [AD off'C.


12 Ro
s Geor&;e :\1 
14 Herrmann ChRl'les ID 
16 Wilson Charles 
18 Chestnut ;James 
20 "'atson "'m E 
22 Wiswell Walter M 
24 Riley Peter 
26 Poole ;James 0 
28 Hogg Thomas 
30 Crump ;Joseph 
 Swift Samuel 
36 Bewley Dovld 
38 Fitton George 
40 Lee Frederick T, exp 
42 De Podesta Wm 
46 Blake ;John W 
52 Buckley Tbomss M 
54 Spencer Edward J 
56 Buchanan Mrs Sara 
58 Van Loan Leslie W 
 Hamilton Malcolm 
60 Fitton Lionel 
62 Davidson Frederick 
Vacant lots 
12 Rlondell ;John 
76 Roberts Edward J 
Vacant lots 
 Setchfield Wm J 
Vacant lots 
110 Gerred Edward 
Gerred Miss Ada. dnmkr 
Vacant lots 
00 Gibbons Fred A 
98 Roach Henry 
100 Linn Andrew 
102 Bennett ;James 
104 McGrath James W 
106 Dryden Albert H 
Vacant lot 
110 Cummln
112 Calvert ;James W 
114 Cosey Wm 
Casey Mr.. Esther, gro 
. Cnmmlng st Interøects 
PrI...ate J{rounds 
124 Ste...ens Henry 
126 Corbett David 
Vacant lot 
13R Ellis Rudolph P 
140 Hod
e Wm 
142 Apted Rtephen ;J 
144 Torry Alhert E 
lolS Carter C A, pntr 
152 f'hapman Hf'nry 
1511 Rond 
Irs Charlotte .A. 
162 Losee Anguli 
líO WII.on f'harles 
lí2 Constable ;James 
174 Pearce ;John H 
180 Hogg Edward A 
182 Making" GeorJ:e 
184 Gilbert Rev John D 
1\10 :\lcGlbbon Peter 
HIS Teef Wm H D 
200 &lItchell Rohert 

O:J Caron Thomas 
:!().t Joslin Wm 
:!f)(; Hayes Harry 
:?OS Batkln ;John 
210 GrelJ>; GPOr
(' n 
2]2 Whltehen<1 Thomas 
2H Hili Wm 
Vacant lots 
2 Pn.s!':morf' 
220l Bond .T A, pntr 
226 Jones Mrs Polly 
228 Sherwin .Tohn 
230 Cooper Wm G, gro 
. First av Intersects 
Public school, r I' 
Store. s I' 

DEFOE. ". fr'J:n M,'Donneôl 
sq to Shnw. wnnl I'i. 
. '" .... Korth Side .. ...... 
Rogers C Ii: S"ns Co. s e 
. Tecumselh 
t Intersecta 
Store-, s I' 
8 Ingoldshy Tbadd@us 
12 Irvin WljJter 
Vacant lots 
18 Cooper Peter 
20 Brent ;James 
22 Emmett 
Irs Kate 
24 Eshy "'Ill ;J 
2f) Stoln Wm A 
28 Fitzgerald Mrs B E 
Delivered to all paN! of the City Office 43 ESPLANADE ST. E. 
and Suburb! all year round ' 
Phones Main 86 NONh 1052 "AS. FAIRHEAD, - Manager 

North British & Mercantile Insurance Company 
LARGEST FIRE RESERVES Investments in Canada, $7,980,462.49 


Delaney Cres. 


For Family use. Nothing better 011 
any price than our 
. ..12100 
<ìuarameed tor Five Years 


EY CUES wand n 
from 164 Brock av to 
Wyndham, ward 6. 
, .. . .. . " r\ ortb Side .."...... 
6 Williamson Joseph 
8 \\"Ullamson Gcol'gc 
10 Ho
 d James A 
12 Halls Robert J 
14 :\I\lI'ph
16 Rich Walter 
. Mechanics av commenc.. 
Ib Woolnough J W 
Vacant luts 
32 8hlelds Thuma.. 
36 HartIl<'tt John, contr 
.. . . . .... East Side ."....."" 
Vacant lots 
52 Seage Frederick J 
House, s e 
......... South Side......... 
'S McEachern Donald D 
5 Lynn Wm G 
7 Hefner Wm 
P Morrissey David 
11 Couture Peter 
13 Hails ;\Irs :\Iary 
19 W
st John 
Prl...ate 6:rounds 
27 1I.l\ es Robert J 
29 Hutchins James W 
31 :\lcCann James 
33 Laforce H Achille 
......... West SI<\e 
85 Hall Thomas 
37 Gammage Silas 
3\,1 Dans Daniel L 
41 Hall V,m 
43 Peer l'innc D 
45 Tabl> Frederick C 
47 Carter ""m 
40 \'erral Hull..rt 
51 Isherwood Wm 
65 Carey Fra'lcls 
Store. a . 

DELAWARE AV. n from Col- 
lege to Cl'H, Ilrst I' of DOT- 
ercourt I'd, ward 5. 
. .. .. .... East Side ."....... 
Vacant lots 
7 Morris Arthur C 
9 F1'iz"ell A II 
11 A'l"ison George 
13 Corl>ett I';phl'ahn 
15 WOOlley :\lrs 8arah 
Va,'nnt lots 
79 De Gruchy John 
bl lJu ...ille Hcrhert L 
b5 lIut!'on IImT} 
87 Bradshnw Wm 
b9 :\1..Doug-nll Horace 
\lelJougall li jr, mus tchr 
91 Jamps Thomas n 
97 !\Inckenzle Mrs Euphemia 
. Dewson sl Inlersel!ts 
House, s e 
105 :Musson Charles J 
107 Matthews II I, 
109 Ferguson D J 
Fergusou J Herbert. ph)" 
III :\I:u'<hall Juhn G 
113 "w'k" orth La" rence 
115 \Vel><ter Gporge J 
117 Wallaee James G 
119 Galla"h..r Ernest 
121 rufinished house 
, Chadwick ('harles W 
127 1 ntinished house 
Vacant lots 
165 Leake Albert II 

Vacant lots 
181 Lawl'enc.. Wrn C 
Vncant lots 
House. 9 I' 
. Hepbourne st Intersectll 
Vncant lots 
:l:!:! Haney Luther 
22;; Calhoun "m A 
Vncant ]ols 
235 Rundle Wm J, dairy 
2:!1 Briclmell Charles 
2-1;; Wray Walter II 
247 :\Iorgan D J 
2-1!J Kent HI" E 
 Horwood Robert, np 
:l;;, Barrett John, baker 
Vacant lots 
, I{oss James T 
273 Bowerman F D, contI' 
275 Bucl<l"y 'l'Îlomas 
Vacan t lols 
. Bloor st w Interseets 
House. s I' 
:l":1 Sharpe John 

b5 Gilchrist Wm 
287 Wll90n Churles E 
289 Lindsay David 
. Vacant lots 
295 Wrl
ht Mrs C 
2:17 DevinO' Walter II 
299 Le Drew Wm K 
. Northumberland st Inter- 
305 ('arlyle Wm 
Vacant lot 
rnftnlshed houses 
3{i5 8andford Henr} 
3(;7 Gate Arthur 
Private grounds 
385 Pollwl<:1 Emil 
3t13 Parkhill Albert E 
. \\'elden 'Vm 
:m7 Yacant 
:Wil Jew..1l Samuel J 
401 Jacl'
on Herbert E 
-1113 :\lacl1onald Hector 
penl'..r "-alter 
407 Stor..r James T 
rnfinished houses 
437 Lindsay David 
439 Cooper Charles 
Vac"nt lots 
477 Wash brook Wm 
479 Goodman M Paul 
;; :\Iol'ratt James 
483 Con hoy '1' E 
487 p..trle James 
489 HolnU's Charles I
491 White George C 
f93 Fryers Mrs Hannah 
49;; Bell Wm H, gro 
Vacunt lots 
. Hallam 9t Intersects 
Vncaut lots 
l'nfinlshed houses 
527 lto
e :\Iiss E 
ucst Miss M, caterer 
52!! Hoblnson Forest 
:>3:1 "'atls Arthur A 
!J Fligg George W 
\'acant lots 
557 Smith Miss Flor..nce 
5:>!1 HII'd James 
Vacant lots 
r,fj!) Vacant 
1173 Stewart George 
57;; Smart !>II'S S A, nurse 
577 Parl,er Herhert C 
1i7!) Pa]m..r George R 
:.1'1 \'arcoe Jospph A 
....".... 'West Side ......... 
Vacant lots 
14 Turner Wm 
16 Canavan John ß 
20 Ciinkenbroomer C E 
('ott \Ym 
!5cott Walter E 

-I Chisholm 'Ym G 
Vacant lots 
36 Parkinson M 
38 McBride Richard H 
40 Cocl,lIurn M J 
42 ('ockburn A James 
Vacant ]Ot9 
b2 \\"inu :\Iarshall R 
84 Hngh..s na\'ld A 
>-Ij Heath James 8 
Ijnfinishpd house 
9:l lian cy James A 
98 Van r\ostrnnd G J 


. Dewson st Intersects 
Vacant lot 
1114 Day Wm It 
Vacant lots 
1110 Martin Wm H 
1(12 Jennlugs Stephen 
IIH Alcxander John A 
H;6 Armstrong John A 
168 Colhv Walter 
170 Syl...ëster W J 
Vacant lots 
. H..pbolll'ne st Intersect. 
House, s I' 
212 McLeod NormaD 
21-1 Graham Henry 
216 McKee John R 
Vacant lots 
236 Thompson :\Irs Marlon 
Vacant lols 
244 Forester Jospph H 
2-16 LpÎyenhag..n Carl 
2-1S Firth Mrs Eliza 
2;;0 :\Iounl Frederick C 
2;;2 White 0, artist 

=-)4 (joodnlan F J, contr 
2:>6 Tr..l..a\en Fred J 
2;;8 \-ardon :\Iaurlce 
::110 Estpn Hurry L 
21;2 Hlnghum Re, R V 
:lU-I :\Ic('urdv Da...ld 
ichols' :\Irs Agnes 
rntinlshed house 
276 Johnson B<..jamln L 
\'a('unt lots 
. Bloor st " Intersects 
Churf'b grounds 
Elt Mary's (Ang) Church 
282 Hart H"v Anthony 
Vacant lot 
2!1-1 Horwood .10hn C D 
. Nortbumberland st Inter, 
Honse. fI e 
Ya('unt lots 
æzo Mawson Charles 
!I!-I-328 Curlyle \"Ill. bnker 
3110 'Lnllnished house 
332 Leech H S 
384 Dalton 'Vm n 
3.'!6 Barker Fl'edl'l'Îck 
338 Gawley JanH's M 
3-10 Porteous Henry 
342 Fe" SOn John 
Vacant lot 
'-'!nderhurg Andr
w J 
348 Dale George 
:\;;\1 Cropper Alh..rt 
3..2 flryson 
352J,i, Brendon Ward W 
,-I 'r;\ ans John \\- 
3[>6 Brown Wm H 
:>,,=)8 Tn
l\.er .T ospph ß 
800 1IInnn John 
364 Goodman Mrs Martha 
366 Wright George T 
3fo8 "'lIson I
3iO Murphy J:nnes J 
372 Gourley :\h-s Caroline 
374 Jory Wm 
Vnl'ant lots 
3tH Rlul'k l;..orge H 
. Shanly st commences 
\':\C'l1It lots 
408 Renrt. Geor
(" I'" 
410 Hryson Edward 
412 "-al'rl'n FI'edel'll'k W 
414 Wm 
416 flaxter John 
Vacant lots 
446 Ph vilis .1:lInps 
448 Ru'ckley (;porge l' 
4;;2 \Ioffatt Richard 
4;;8 l\!l'('allulll .101m 
 Hastinl2:s James 
4(;.1 McGo"an John 
4116 CI'O\\ I' 1"lpmlngton 
468 Waltner !\Irs U..becca 
470 Long Wm J 
Vacant Ims 
47S Vacaut 
41'0 Price John 
Vacant lots 
4t\O Fryprs A E, contI' 
Va('ant lots 
. Hallam st Intersects 
Vacant lots 
6 Rus
ell 1;:<1wln 
1i40 Jackson Thomas 
548 Jones John C 
652 CUing George 

554 Coope John 
556 Muldoon James 
:;;;1> Ta} lor Albert 
ó62 Rol>lnson Thomas W, bldr 
Uohlns()n .1 '1', picture 
Vacant lots 
57-1 Crane John 
680 Clutworthy Alfred 
582 BaldwIn James 
586 Gooderham Charlæ 

DÐNISON AV, n from 484 
Qneen w to Bellevue PI. 
, .. .. " ,.. Ea..t Side ......... 
Store. s I' 
1 Lodge rooms 
3 Jacol>s Edward, carp 
7 rsher 1111's Mary, Invalid 
9 Wilkinson J E. tlr 
13 Puccini Ahramo, bkr 
1;; Wallace John 
17 Hale Miss Carol E 
lIale 1I11ss Hattie M 
. Woolsley st IDtersects 
19 Moore John 
21 8wltzer J W 
23 Murphy 1111's Julia 
25 Carmichael Donald 
27 Curley Mrs Eliza 
:t9 Alexander ChariI''' 
31 Forbes Wm 
33 Harrison Robert 
:I;; :\Iacl, l'atrIek 
37 Burns John 
39 Deverall Charles 
41 Brown J H C. paper bncr 
43 Wooton Mrs Nellie E 
45 Ferguson J Stuart 
. Carr st Intersects 
47 Torpy Mrs M, gro 
Vacunt lot 
;;3 I"i'lrk Rob
55 1IIoore Robert E 
57 O'Rourke Franels 

,9 Dodds 
Irs Eleanor B 
61 Waldon J Herhert 
63 Messen!:er George C 
tj;j :-;haw Henry 
G7 Gilpin lUchard S 
71 McBride John H 
n BcdI'll Gporge C 
75 Keeler Jobn 0 
77 Lobb Richard 
79 Platt John '1' 
81 Beatt.r James 
t;;'i :\Ic('artpr \\-m 

7 Armstrong \Vm 
91 Dell George 111 
93 Leadlay Edward 
. Gl'ange av Intersectll 
95 Ross John F 
97 Hoyle Jamps 
WI }'U\\ er James '1' 
1m Tilling Rohert W 
105 Kennedy Frederick W 
107 Gibson Wm !l 
100 Laidlaw Wm F 
111 Sinclair Dunpan N 
Banfield James 
113 Thornton Mrs Elisabeth 
115 Hoare 1111's Ellzabetb 
117 Jamieson Herbert J 
11!) Smith Ernest E 
121 Taylor Leonard H 
123 Youn!: Stpwart 
12ã ,,"otter 1111's Annie 
. St Patrlek st inlersects 
Store, s e 
129 IIlanlv :\Irs :\largaret J 
131 McKinnon I'\ell 
1:1:1 Kelly Edmund 
1:\;; :\lcGee Edward 
137 Dermodv John 
13\J !leW "icholas R 
141 Ashfield Will F 
147 Jones 1;11'8 Rebecca K 
119 Graham Georl!:e 
1;;1 1'01101'1. Gporg
1;;3 :-\tarr..tte :\1I9S Bella J 
Stan'ette Miss Lillian :M 
155 McK..nzle 1\Irs Ellen 
1;;7 :\lItcheli George H 
.. .. . .... West Side .... 
Store, ø Go 
:l Struthers Lincoln H 

McEachren's Dyeing, Cleaning 
and Repairing Establishment 
93 BAY, cor. KING 'Phone MaIn 2tJ76 

Our Prlce& 
are the 

Suits Sponged and Pressed, $1.00 
Suits Pressed, .50 
Pants Pressed, .15 


lIl1er Chorles W 
8 Christian Worllers' Ck 
10 HutchIson Da'\"ld 
12 Hattey Charles 
'Vest Pres Chur
. 'Voolsle... st Intersects 
20 Porter Joseph 
22 Elliott .Tohn 
Vacant lot 
26 Howey S:lmuel C 
28 Wrl!(ht Mrs lIIary 
Read Frederick, r 
Dunn Th011las 
30 Broughton Daniel X 
"n Colin 
34 (juick Wm J 
36 M,nk lIIrs Anna 
3S-4-I 1 a wrence George, bkr 
46 Huddleston J H 
48 Copp Henry J 
. Carr st Intersects 
50 Carroll Joseph, bldr 
 'Varnf> \VJU J 
Warne C W. artist 
54 Sheppard Hobert 
56 Johnston lIlr.. Jane 
58 Hamlyn John H, bldr 
60 Smith Wru H 
62 Hamlyn John H 
66 Herbert Peter J 
Walton Charles A. r 
70 Cozens .Tr-.eph G 
Da... Ed,,'- A 8. r 
70Y., A'lexander Wm J 
7Z Clark Wm 
Clark !\Irs H. drsmkr 
74 Cummins !\Ilss Johanna 
1I1cCIusky John 
76 Williamson C W 
80 1,'arranc(' Jome,. 
86 Sheehy Mrs CatherIne 
88 KlIpp'ert Adam J 
00 Summers George 
Rolls John G 
112 8hrlmpton John 
114 Hoffman 1I1rs Lydia 
. Gronge ov Intcrsects 
96 Crowlev lInchnel. I(ro 
001,(, BerrfnJ;:er Gporge 
98 Fulton Wm J 
IISv., Haines "-m H 
100 "-hlteacre Samuel 
102 BurJ{ess Wm J 
104 Harding Robert n 
106 Fowler John A 
108 Cole Wm S 
UO O'Brien Chnrles F 
112 McGuane Frank 
U4 Meaney Thomas 
116 Long Charles 
118 Kls('hel f'rederlck W 
120 Weiss Lonls 
122 Raker Thomas J 
124 Leake Mrs Alice H, bkr 


128 Mason' James M 
130 Llndsnv John 
132 Smith' F.rnest S 
134 Frederick 
136 Ke'lIv Wm 
138 Row'en (,harles W 
140 Sharpe Wm 
House, s I' 

 SQ, w from 48 
Bta av to Bellevue sv, 
word 4. 
... .. _ .. 
orth Side,........ 
2 Goss George 
4 Johnston Fred W 
6 !\Iarrer Adolph 
8 Hudson Rohert H 
10 Carson 1;rlah 
12 Burroughes Herbert n 
14 Cochenour 1I1rs !\I A 
16 WIlliams 
nss M Evelyn 
18 Beavis Joon C 
20 Caire'\" Daniel 
'Vac:Înt lots 
26 Durham Charles B 
Durham :\Ilss M, drsmkr 
.... . .... South Side ......... 
Denison Pork 

DEnBY. I' from 69 Parliament 
to Erin. w8rd 2. 

Phone Main 2466 




. .. ...... Xorth Side......... 
House. s I' 
6 Feeney Patrick 
8 Hellan Herbert 
. ........ South Side......... 
Brewery. s I' 
25 Geddes "'11\ J 

IOTT PL. n from 28 
Spruce to Cnrlton. ward 2. 
...,..... Eost Side 
House, s I' 
.. .. . .... W pst Shle 
House. s e 
2 Flynn John 
4 Allen W I. 
6 S.llter Logie 
10 Salter Wm 
Balfour John, r 
12 Searr Arthur D 
14 Smith Wm B 
16 Lawrence Joshua 
House, s I' 

HoskIn a... to Bloor w. first 
I' of St George, ward 4, 
Not built on 

DEWSOX. w from 244 Os' 
Ington av to Havelock. 
wards 5 and 6 
......... Xorth Side......... 
30 \'acl\nt 
82 Smith Wm 
34 Talt Mrs Bella 
80 Wilson Charles I. 
42 McClure ilis Isabella, Bch 
. ('oueol'd av Intersects 
44 Cummings :\ll's Emily 
46 Holt George E 
50 Mackenzie George G 
. Delawore av Intersects 
"neaut IOt8 to end 
......... South Sial' ......... 
Store, s e 
Dewson St Scbool 
. Concord av Intersects 
43 Towers George B 
Hoose. s I' 
. TI..lnware av Interse('ts 
House. s I' 
Vncant lots to end 

DICKENS AV, I' from Logan 
av to Corlnw nv. Il1l1t s of 
G T R. ward 1. 
Not hullt On 

DIVISION. w from oPI' 221 
luron to Spadlna nv. word 
.... .... North Side .. ...... 
2 Rohertson Mrs Mary 
4 Hagjrnrt Daniel A 
Haggart 1I1rs C, drsmkr 
6 G<>urlay David 
8 Stewart Andrew J 
10 Charlebois Jospph C 
12 Danl,,1 Wm F 
14 Meredith Wm H 
18 Waddell John 
20 Tu('ker James 
22 Burns Jas K. contr 
24 Bundv Alfred C 
26 Johm:ton "'m D 
28 WrlJ{ht Robert J 
30 Brasier John 
32 Gront Edmund A, hldr 
Buchanan 1I1rs M V, 
34 Warne lIIrA E A 
3fì Jm'ce Wollace J 
38 Perry Richard S 
40 lIHln John 
House. 8 
. .. .. .... South SIde 
House. 8 e 
13 Bo" erhank John 
lcKeozle Danlèl M 
17 Bannermon Robert 
19 Campton Mrs \Iargaret 

Metallic Ceilings 


21 Little Hobert 
23 Yellow lees Thomas 
House, . Ii! 

DOEL A'", I' from Jonell av 
to Leslie, first n of Queen 
e. wllrd 1. 
.... .... North Side .. ...... 
Pri...ote gl'ouuds 
. Curzon st Intersects 
30 Wagstnff Wm 
46 Hopkins John A 
. .. .. .... South Side ......... 
1 Cook Robert 
9 Worley Wm 
House. s e 
. Curzon st Interllects 
31 McLl\ughl1n Joseph M 

DOMIXION, w from Dufferln 
to Dunn av, first n of the 
lake, word 6, 
.... .... North Side .. ...... 
Vacant lots 
. Fort Roullle st Intel'spcts 
Vacant lots 
. Tyndall n'\" Intersects 
16 Kennedy David 
. Sp..ncer a v Interspct
80 Watson Mrs Ellen 
88 'Vacant 
... .. .... South Side 
Xot built on 

DON ESPLAN'ADF:. n along 
the w s of the Don Rh'er, 
from Eastern n'\" to Win- 
chester st, ward 1. 
Railway trncks nnd rear 
72 Peacock & Cartan, tan 
74-78 Atlantic Soap IInd 011 
Co LId 
86 Pur'\"ls J M. fiour 
:5ablston R A, horse 
. King st Intersects 
McColl lIros & Co, var- 
nish and paint 

DORA A V, W from 226 St 
Helen av to G T R, ward 6, 
.... .... North Side .. ...... 
Not bnilt on 
.. - . .. ... South Side ......... 
House. s I' 
9 IUordan Jeremiah 
11 UYlln 1I1rs Mary 
13 Phillips Henry 
15 \Iulhern John 

DORSET, n from 248 Wel- 
I1ngton w to King w, first 
w of Simcoe, ward 4. 
. ., , . . , " East Side ......... 
Honse, s e 
11 Hastlnl!:'s Wm E 
13 Cox Albert 
15 Farish 
17 Somer'\"lIIc 1I11ss M 
Wal1/1ce J o,eph 
19 Whltehend John 
21 Price Ernest 
211/ 2 Booth Edwnrd 
23 Hozack Luke 
2:> Trowesdale Thomas W 
27-2!1 Mc\lahon & Co, 6 I' 
31 Harris Miss Mary 
Store. s I' 
... .. .... West Side......... 
18-22 Foctory, 8 I' 
2t Ruse John 
26 Chamberlain Clark 
28 Myers Robert 
:m Osborne 
ll's Ellen 
. Robertson la commences 
Saw works, S e 

bet Rortlett ov aud West- 
moreland nv, n of Shanly. s 
of Hallam. ward 6. 
Not built on 

DLlvercourt Rd. 


DO"EUCOURT RD, n from 
Armonr to clt, limits. cro.s- 
Ing Queen at 1M. wards 5 
and ß. 
. .. .. . . " Enst :5lde ......... 
V ncan t IOt8 
47 Betzner 'Vm H 
49 Johosoll Benjamin C 
.ïl l\lin Jul.1l1 
53 Lo't\ ens Jumps 
:;;; "al1j:"h Hobcrt A 
57 (jUlnll John 
'acant lot 
97 GrinE'!' Wm B 
99 Hunter Wm G 
101 Maleolmson .Tohn F 
YlIlCA Building, s I' 
Mission Hall, s e 
. Queen 8t w Intersect. 
Store, s e 
111 Earlv Wm, hdg 
113 ""Klunpy George 
115 Hn.sall Hlchard 
117 Brewes Samuel J 
lcCullough Wm A 
121 Hunter 1I1rs Rebecca 
123 Child Aaron 
 Cossldy Frank 
Cassidy T F, artist 
127 McLenn Thomns J 
12'J Drew John 
131 Archer 
Irs L :\1 
3 Chapman John 
135 ArmstronJ;: Robert J 
137 Shaw Wm S 
139 Cam"rot! (,hal'l.'q 
HI O'D"nnel1 !olrs Ellzobeth 
lcholas :\Irs E, mUll tehr 
145 Goodoll James M 
147 Gollagher Edword () 
149 "'01"1' IBcharrl 
ulUmpn-lIIe \Vm 
153 Skelley J J, hlchr 
. Humhert a'\" ends 
155 Currie & Crawford, dll.1l'Y 
Currie Jonathan 
Crawford Jnmes 
151 Wesbl'oom \Irs Mary 
159 Murray \\Ilss J, norse 
Hit Rlalr HlIl(h It 
1(;3 Beattv James 
BeaUÿ Mrs E A, dr8mkr 
163 Mallke... '\'m J 
11\7 Tllcker' Amhrose M 
169 Finn Patrick 
171 Sweetman Osborne E 
178 Cutler 1I1rs Elizabeth 
Cutler :\lIss Emily, nune 
17;; !'plnk Walter U 
119 "cLauchlan Arthur 
('lark Tla,ld W 
181 Jack John J, gro 
. ArJ{...le st intersects 
1!-:1 Dempster J & T. l1ako>r. 
Dempster Thomas 
1!-7 \)pmU1ery 1I1r
189 Barker GPOrge A 
191 Smith Georg" J 
mlth Mrs rolliI' A 
Smith Mis. AliiI'. drsmkr 
20:\ \\I"Cammon Robert 
205 Millward John F 
207 Keshlt Wm E 
200 Smith St:1hlpr, htcbr 
Garhut Emerson 
. Foxle:v st eudq 
211 Codllilj! Mnrtln A 
213 Clarll Charles W 
215 Rrown Ri"hard 
217 HeIllker Rohert M 
219 Fro 
er GeorJ{e 
2'.!1 Bllrk A ('Iaude 
 Roach \lkh.1el J 
"2;; Penrf<'e WRiter F 

7' Unnldn 4.1hpl't. 0 "c 
LefnC'sl<l H"nI Y 
 Ingleby Wm T. bldr 
231 Steen Charles b 
233 \Ip('rnne, :llrs Snrab 
Ir. '" E. mus 
tCbr . 
24:\ H"nd"rson F.lmes 
241-9 Hearn n1ehnrd. phy 
2'\1 1Ilaleolm.on John C 
253 ArmstrollJ{ .T W. dentIst 
235 Brooks Henry n 
263 WIt"hnll .'(, 8011, hldrs 
Wltchal1 ChrIstopher C 
2fì9 Harrison 
Irs F.l1en 
275 Hughes Arthur J 

Metallic Roofing Co., Limited 
Phone Park 800 Cor. KINC and DUFFERIN 818. 

<to nfeöeratío.n 1tfe 

A 80UND 
Canadian Company 


Dovercourt Rd. 


279 Hullen George 
2Ml Burt-Gerrans Jame. T 
Oakley Miss li, dr, n.l[r 
House, s e 
. Dundas st Intersectll 
Store, s e 
297 King Ed"ard L 
2!J!J Macpherson Itev Hugb A 
SOl 8mltb Oswald 
S03 Davis Gl'Orge F 
305 Spence HuglJ 
Goodwortb Mrs M, nnrlle 
307 Scott Robert M 
. Harrison st endll 
Old Orchard Rink. ø e 
33:; Lawr G
837 Hudle Wm 
839 Gl'een Chnrles H 
341 Quirk Fredel"l
" F 
Hayner Sam..tcl, pnlr 
3f3 Scott Adam W 
345 Wood 
Irs "my .
347 I,oft Frederick 0 
840 Greenwood Arthur S 
S51 Beal FrederlcK 
353 Stewart Don.1'd I. 
. Churchill av ends 
855 Ivory John J 
357 8tewart Alr,'ed E 
359 DuC!, Wm b 
361 Hubbert Benjamin A 
363 Porteous Wm A 
365 Corcoran Wm A 
367 Rush Joseph S 
369 Da" son" hltm '!e 
371 Gardiner James 
373 Corbett Wm 
Vacant lots 
. Shannon st ends 
411 Vacant 
415 Wright Alfred 
Vacant lots 
. College st Intersect. 
441 Thompson's Hhll 
PrIce W G, dn.tlst 
448 Thornton ì'>I 
s M, {on
445 !\Iatthews ],' W Co, under- 
takers (br) 
Me]mer John H 
41\3 Rlchl'S Frederic!, S, phy 
457 Le Uoy Edmund B 
461 Peake Thomas J L 
463 Weldon Robert V 
466 Craig Wm J 
467 Payne Wm H 
469 Lindsay Mrs Janet 
471 Robson John 
473 Law Wm H 
47:; Dodds 'Irs Eliza J 
477 Butchart Augustus 
1í03 Clarry J::red A 
505 Miller Peter R 
Miller Miss M M.mus tchr 
1í07 Bo" er Thomas T 
r>15 Thompson JAlbert 
Vacant lots 
. Dewson st Intersectll 
Vacnnt lots 
639 Maybee J Edward 
641 Hutchison George 
643 Garrett Brough 
645 Stowe Howard 
647 Smith Wm S 
557 8cott Daniel 
575 r\ormnn Thomas 
577 Powell Harrison 
579 \\"ra, Chnrles 
581 Dutr' Donald W 
659 Thompson Hnrry P 
661 Bedford Rev Alfred 
663 Kerr Wm 
665 Carruthers Rev Samoe. 
667 Kerr Thomas. phy 
. Hephuurne st Intersects 
Vacant lots 
687 Menzies Richard T 
Jones Miss Rebeccn. d.... 
Vacant lots 
695 Humphreys F J, Oorlst 
697 Vacant 
Vaca!!t lots 
Centennln] Meth Cb 
Vacant lots 
7"&9 !\Ialle, Jam('
l\IcLE'an Fred E. dentist 
Rlchnrdson HEW, dent- 
741 Klon !llrs Elizabeth 

Store, s e 
. Bloor st w Intersects 
Store, 8 e 
763 Flannery M Edward 
765 Parker Arthur H 
767-9 Brown John E. btchr 
Hlraln Isaac 
Hollis Wm J 
Vacant lots 
. Northumberland st Inter- 
Vacant lotll 
805 Hughes Benjamin 
809 Bradley Snmuel A 
811 Yates Walter E 
818 Dobbin Charles J 
815 Curtis Colin McK 
In7 Hnm Mrs Jane 
In9 Trimble Robert 
Vacnnt lots 
825 Griffith George H 
827 Kidney Robert W 
829 Bur]ey Benjamin 
8:n lIlcArthur John H 
830 Cowan Wm H 
841 Cameron Benjamin 
!;4 7 Turner Percy 
Vncnnt lots 
. Shanly 8t Intersectø 
Vacant lots 
981 PrIce Louis 
937 Holmes John H 
Vacant lots 
947 Fnhey John 
Vacnnt lots 
955 Houle Henry 
957 Fnllerton Robert II' 
Vncnnt lots 
. Hallam st Intersectø 
Vacant IotA 
1031 Tnrner John 
......... West Sld
Glnss Worl,s, s e 
. Armour st Intersectll 
Vncant lots 
60 8heldrlcl, Harold B 
62 Balle..- Luther 
64 Shaw Miss Alice 
66 Hu
h('s Samuel D 
68 TIghe Wm 
70 Blette Joseph 
72 Hnrdy Wm L 
Vacant lots 
98 Herod Wm C 
100 Dodds John 
OfficE', s e 
. Queen lit w Interllects 

tore, s e 
106 Gl'Uham T H, dentist 
Nash John 1\1 
110 Gill John. dairy 
112 Barbour James W, contr 
114 MacArthnr Donald 
111\ Heg
le Wm r. phy 
120 Power Willoughby 
122 Thompson John J 
124 Jones John L 
126 Forster Alexander 
128 Alexander !IIrs Annie B 
130 Cooke Edwin H 
1:12 Comock Wm 
134 Atkinson Harry 
136 A]exander John 
1:1'" Wilkes !IIrs Snrah 
140 Campbell Mrs C E 
H:! Flint Benjamin G 
144 Shaw James P 
Barber Mrs A. drsmkr 
Iournnt Charles 
148 McCaus]and John A 
McCausland M J. drsmkr 
150 Stewart Wm A 
152 Putt Wm F 
154 Bllllnghurst Alfred J 
156 Gallagher Wm 
15R Cresl Alfred 
160 P]axton John A 
162 Tristram 
1I"s M, drsmkr 
Trl!'\tram Georg
, mu_ 
164 Mackie loll's Sarah 
lr.6 Emmett Hem"v 
16f.< hamm Frederick W 
170 Rlakeman Thomas 
172 Boyle A R. phy 
Boyle Mrs Anna F, mus 
174 Matson Harry W 
176 Stephenson Mrs Annie 

178 Arnott Wm W 
180 Chapmall Joshua B 
182 Smuck James W, phy 
McClung MLss Lizzie, dn- 
. Argyle st intersects 
Baptist Church. s e 
194 A wde Hobert 
100 Cowie Jobn 
198 Wills Casper 
200 Hewitt John 
2U2 Cork Emmanuel Kroeer 
204 Feeny Joseph H' 
Baynes Edmund 
206 Porteous Wm 
Pepper Miss Susan. dn- 

os Conron Wm 
210 Hartmann Albert P 
212 Galvin Mn Jan. 
214 Guy Mrs Mary 
Private grounds 
218 Blundall Enoch 
22U Pember Wm T 
222 Carroll James J. 
. McKenzie cres commenc.. 
224 Lynd Wm 
'nd Mr
 Ida E, pby 
226 Gilchrist John C 
228 Hend George 
2:10 Armstrong Simon 
Wylie Thomas, dentllt 
2.32 Phillips Juhn 
234 McDonald Lauchlln T 
236 Marsland Mrs lIlargaret 
238 Purtle Martin 
240 G<>urlle Herhert W 
242 Jamieson "'alter II' 
244 Fureman Andrew 0 
246 Hutt James W 
248 Gray Edward 
250 Allward Fred J 
2ti2 Auger Mrs Catherine A 
:L64 Urummond Thomas 'A 
270 Mills Miss Fanny 
274 Morgan Mrs E M A 
Private grounds 
284 Woods Frederick 
Woods T Ambrose 
Store, s e 
. Dundas st Intersect. 
Church, s e 
300 Whale Robert 
302 Ross Percy II' 
304 Van Horn Ch8l'les 
806 Graham John J 
308 MpGuire Albert T 
310 Blllter David J 
312 Pearce Hobert A 
:n4 Harrinl!:ton Amos 
316 Eckardt Arthur 
318 Bulman Robert 
320 Portch Albert E 
322 Van Winckle Jacob 
824 Prest Ambrose J 
Private grounds- 
344 Protestant Orphnn's Home 
Miss K E Deacon ma- 
. St Anne's rd commenceø 

yden Villa 
Denison Lt-Col Geo T 
410 Milligan Lt-Col W J L 
. College st intersects 
Vncant lots 
470 Wills George 
472 Meredith Wm E 
Vac:mt lots 
4110 Hunter RQ.bert 
4!J:! Mansell Wm 
4(14 Lpltch Lauchlln 
498 Teeter lIll's Amelln 
5()(1 Williams Percy B 
504 Hlacklock John C 
5011 Vacant 
508 Cole Edward 
610 Richards Fred W 
V apan t lots 
518 Scott Wm 0, phy 
520 Petersen Adolph 
Vncant lot 
528 Holme Eric W H 
530 I'a rks ". m J 
Vacnnt lots 
. Dew80n st Intersects 
fiSH Vacant 
640 Grant Robert, contr 
644 Vacant 
Vacant lot!! 
614 Galhralth Francls 

624 rhompson WI>. OOl'l.t 
626 Herbect Walter J, bldr 
628 Barrows Walter 
Vncnnt lots 
. Hepbourne st Intersect. 
Vacant lots 
. Bloor st w intersects 
752 Mann George R 
760 8t1nson James 
Day's StO<'k Food Co 
762 Stinson John W 
764 Loach Wm 
766 Klwell James W 
768 O'Reilly Wm, blkømlth 
Presbyterian Church 
. r\orthnmberlnnd st Inter- 
Vacant lot 
71i:! Greenhead "'m 
Vacant lots 
792 MackIe Patrick A 
7114 Hard George 
796 Knight Caleb 
7118 Matthews Thomas 
800 LIllie Benjamin 
802 Pugsley Urban 
804 Henderson Mrs M A 
806 Woolner Isaac 
808 Mackie Alexander G 
Vncnnt lots 
824 Poole Ell, gro 
830 Clegg Benjamin 
Vacant lots 
840 White Samuel J 
842 Pyatt Wm G 
844 May Wm 
846 HawkhlRstone Robert 
848 :\llles Wm H 
850 Sproule ThomBII J 
852 Sharpe John 
854 Heard Thomas B, gro 
. Rhanly st Interse;cts 
Vacant lots 



nfr:J[ßnder W 
1130 Bone Samuel 
954 Forrest Charles 
956 Harcourt Miss Rose 
Vacant lots 
970 (,Inrke Robert J 
1J72 Thompson Wm J 
Vacant lots 
ß78 Hammer Pan I 
980 Boyd James 
!l82 Simpson John 
984 Atchison Mr
986 Price Mrs Eva 
988 Cnvan .Tohn 
(IHO Yates Walter 
992 Prll'p Edwnrd 
9!J4 Wickert Wm 
tl!1(; Walton Charles 110[ 
998 Bracl<ley Jas. grocer 
. Hallam st Intersects 
HOllse. s e 
Vacu.t .... 
1026 Snyder Cyrus 
Vacant lots 
1054 Busby Joshua 
Vnpnnt lot" 
1064 Ralnsford MI!IB Grett& 
. Van Horne st Intersectll 
House. ø e 

DO\YLI1'\G A V. n from the 
lake to 1487 Queen w. ward 
. . . . . . . .. East Side ......... 
Private grounds 
. Lnhurnam nv ends 
21 Vickers "'m W 
. Empress cres ends 
. G T It cros,ln
67 Waller George H 
69 Walker Joseph J 
71 Zock John J 
73 ('ohen Maurlee 
79 Lee Wm T J 
Vncant lots 
97 CromRr Mrs Barbara 
99 Dockrill Wm T 
Vacant lots 
10.'1 E,'erlst Frank 
109 Beatty )Irs Sarnh 
111 Woolverton Delos 
115 Latimer J08eph A 
117 Coryell Charles S 
119 Anthes Helll'
' W 

The Imperial Mercantile Agency 

Collect Accounts of all Kinds. No Collection 
No Charge. Phone Main 2979 and we will 
caH and see you. Best Local References 


A.M.. Amer. Inst. E.E, I 52-53 Janes Buildi n g s Toronto 
A.1I1., Can. Soc. C.E. , J 

L.D. TEL. 

Consulting Electrical Engineer 
Design and Construction of' Steam and Electrical 
Power Plante. Special Attention Civen to Industrial 
po_r AppIiGat.'one. Teete, Reporte. Valuation.. 

. King st w inter.ecUl 
House. s e 
Vacant lots 
li3 Brown John F 
145 Whitaker Charla H 
147 Holtby Ambrose W 
149 Speirs James J 
151 Yerner Thomas H 
153 RobInson Benjamin K 
15:S Parker E Y, stamp dlr 
157 Merrifield L L 
159 Sherman Wilson H 
161 Spencer John M 
16ð McKellar Mrs Sarah J 
. Leopold st ends 
House. s e 
163 Doherty Michael P 
167 Cumming Wm G 
169 Wallace Edwin B 
171 Kirby John C 
 ",orman Thomas 
17;; Peterkin James F 
. Laxton a'\" commences 
179 Robinson Alfred 
11'1 Walker Wm 
183 Clarke Christopher H 
IS;; :\lcCausland V,m M 
187 :\lc:\lIchael Peter 
Masonic Hall 
J aeque Leslie, csretkr 
Alpha Lodge No 384 
Zeta Lodge No 410 
Antiquity R A C No 91 
... .., ... West Side ......... 
20 Cook Herman H 
2O'Æ, Williams Robert 0 
. G T R crossing 
00 Baldwin Mrs Francetl IÐ 
98 Peck Wellington J 
100 Cole 01'111 A 
114 Patteson Thos C 
PrIvate gronnds 
. King st w Intersects 
Vacant lots 
138 R('ynolds George N 
140 Edmanson Wm J 
142 WrI
ht Henry 
Vacant lots 
148 Reburn Wm G 
150 Bryon Rev Bernard 
152 Evans Robert 
158 Gerald Charl('s 
160 Hsrrls GeorJ:e F R 
162 Soper Frederick G 
164 Hardin/{ Charles V 
161; Kane Mrs Jesse 
IG8 !llockld Alexander A 
170 McCarthy Wm H 
172 Davidson John J 
174 Tennant FrancIs N 
176 Laidlaw Robert 

DOWr-;'EY LANE, n from 46 
Louisa to Allee, ward 3. 
. . . 0 . . ... Enst Side 
House, 8 e 
. ..... ... West Side 
House, s e 
2 Ranceer Henry 
6 Stewart Wm 
10 Johnston Mrs Ann 
Rear entranc('s 

DRAPER, n from 478 Front 
w to Wellington pi, ward 4, 
o .. .. . 0 " Enst Side ......... 
Honse, s e 
1 Lindsay Wesley 
11,f, Rolley Samuel 
3 Amsbary :\Irs Nancy J 
5 Rell John L 
7 Pocock George 
9 Singer Henry 
11 Leach Warren S 
13 McCaig Samuel 
15 Wall<er 'l'homas 
Walker Miss Sarah. mus 
17 Galbraith James 
19 Burns Jamæ 
21 Bromen Wm 
23 Vacant 
25 Watt Mrs Angnsta M 
27 Andrews Harris 
:!ll Webster Henry F 
House. s e 

...... ... West Ride 
2 Tunali Thomas 
2'. \. erlty George 
4 McCarty John 
4'f.o Frl1!l' Charles 
I; Tra} nor James 
8 Wrenniek Frederick 
10 Howard Fernando 
:c! Williams Hiram 
14 Burleigh James H 
16 Easton Robert 
18 Angus Alexander 
20 Holmes Alfred 

 Morison Albert B 
24 Arnold James 
:W :\Iartln Mrs Frances 
2S 8mlth Joseph 
30 Karn Frederick E 
32 Walsh Richard B 
House. s e 

DRESDEN AV, e from Car- 
law a'\" to Pape av, second 
s of Danforth av, ward 1. 
. .. '.. ... r-;'orth Side 0........ 
Not built on 
. . . .. ... ,South Side ......... 
47 Townsend Frroerlck W 

DRUMMOND PL, n from 328 
Adelaide w, ward 4. 
. . .. . .. .. East Side 
House, 8 e 
1 8te"art Wm L 
3 Dill Henry 
5 Wood Edward 
7 Currie James 
9 Anderson Miss Cella 
11 'Walker Wm 
13 Vacant 
15 Williams George 
......... West Side 
House, s e 
2 Lougheed Wm 
4 Clancy Wm P 
I; Campbell George 
8 Hatwood Columbus 
10 Rohertson Wm 
12 Tegert Otto E 
14 Powell Frank 
11; McIntyre Hector 
18 Green John 

DUCHESS. e from 115 Jar- 
vis to Parliament, ward 2. 
o ... .... North SIde .. ...... 
2 Store, s e 
6 !llcTlernall Ambrose, gro 
8 Duggan John 
Duggan John p. exp 
10-12 Dmgan B
s. carriage 
14 McDonald Mrs Ellen 
Thomas John C. l' 
18 Corbridge J, horseshoer 
26 Hodgson T, vet surg 
Johnston Albert 
. George st Intersects 
30 Store, s e 
34 Gilbert Charles W 
Ii :\I('olas Joseph 
38 Tyner Wm E 
-10 Huffman Joseph 
42 Hartman Henry 
4-1 :\Iara James 
46 Jackson John 
48 Duft'y Thomas 
50 CO" an I\lrs Ida, bdg 
Ainsworth Alphonso, poul. 
try dealer 
62 Mohoney :\Irs Bridget 
5-1 Pearce James 
56 Ryan :\lIchael J 
58 Harrington I\1rs Jane 
60 Piper :\Irs F 
62 Hickey :\Irs Julia 
64 Sullvan I\lIcbael 

nlll\ all :\Irs l\1ar'\" 
Elliott John . 
'-.lnd('w,lter "'red G 
Knox Church Mission 
. Stone Cutter la eommencetl 
82 Dillon John 
Store. s e 
. Sherbourne st Intersects 
90 Shone I\lrs Rose 



U2 O'Donnell l\1aurlce 
ill Cerre I\1rs Celanlce 
U6 linker Albert J 
U!! lrl>rdon James 
. McFarren's la commencell 
100 Hickey l\1ichoel 
102 Harrison I\Irs Margaret 
104 McMinn James 
Thompson Francis 
100 Fa} Adson L 
118 Phillips Wm R 
120 Doley Wm 
122 Day John 
124 Gibson Wm 
1:!6 Dornan James 
1:50 lloyd John 
132 Well' Wm A 
13-1 Clark Duncan 
136 Moõre Frederick 
1:51i Henderson I\1rs Letitia 
140 &!aman Thomas 
142 Crawlev Thomas 
144 Newell I\1rs Jane 
146 Gladstone Alexander 
148 Gunn Alexonder 
150 Veale Samnel P 
.:! O'Hourke Mrs Mary 
1 :... Ilou:5e, s e 
. Ontario st Intersectll 
Store, s e 
100 Farley Patrick 
162 Henderson Alex 
164 Gordon Hugh 
166 Macdonald J A, dairy 
Vacant lots 
174 Sinclair Wm 
176 Reeks John H 
176\11 Snead Wm 
17,,'ì'ardee Mrs Mary A 
180 Colhurn Edward 0 
182 r-;'oble John 
. Berkeley st Intersectll 
184 Pudsey Mrs Mary 
186 Robson Mrs Jonet 
1!!8 Sa wdon George 
190 Dolese Nicholas 
190'Æ, Dickenson Wm 
192 McDonald John 
194 Smith Donald 
106 Fnrdley Wm 
IllS !llcIn1.! re Alexander 
200 HawkPy I\1rs Mary 
:!O:! Long George ",. 
20-1 :\Uller :\Irs Frances 
Fink John C, l' 
206 Armstrong I\1rs Ann 
Giffin Charles, r 
210 Store, s e 
o . . . .. . .. Soutb Side ...... 
3 Store. s e 
f. 8traehle !Irs Jane 
7 Mitchener John H 
9 Cronin I\1lss l\1argaret 
11 Kelly Philip 
13 Truesdale Henry D 
TllOma O John 
15 Loyer FelIx 
. George st Intersects 
23 Kearney Joseph 
31 Simmons George 
O'Connor John 
Rlchford Patrick, l' 
33 l,oone\' James 
S5 7 l\1cGùrn John, exp 
39 Vacant 
41 Vacant 
43-5 Vacant (2) 
47 Graham George 
49 Walls I\1lchael 
al Hun!'tI(''V .:\Irs 
53 Hamilton Archibald 
55 Lewis Henry 
57 Corley l\1rs Ann 
59 Clark George 
fìl Harrington Donlel 
G:! Duffy Patrl('k 
r.ï (
al1ogher ThomlJój J 
f,9 Lohlt7.kv Wm 
71 Mc:\lul1ën Patrick 
73 Lvnch Jeremlnh 
75 Rteple Peter 

\\ ('('11('1- :\Iichae1 J 
i7 Foley I1ilss Catherine 
79 Doffv James 
81 C,lrroll John. cab owner 
Hotel, II e 
. Sherhourne st Intersects 
Rlacksmlth shop. s e 
95 Harman Horry D 



Þ f.!" 
, THE..
' "".....- 
;) ð"'C
 ' .. . 
Ql. r... -- -,. \ 

't.."R 0 c' E P. 5 

 CO A L. 
'" II [A D off l (.(. 


115-10;) Kormann Brewery Lt4 
John S Kormann mler 
103 Schaefer J\Irs Elizabetb 
107 Casey John 
109 Kramer Mrs Anna 
111 Enright JamE'S 
113 Wheeler Thomas 
115 Col'\"ille Wm K 
117 Kelntz Carl 
119 Gunther Hen
121 Ward Samuel 
12:í Glen Albert 
127 I-nuder Andrew K 
129 ""arlng James 
131 Lubar G Albert 
133-41 Gendron Mfg Co The. 
baby carriages 
. Ontario st Intersects 
 Seemann l\1artln 
1-15 Fry Amos A 
153 I\1l1ner Wm J 
15;; Ppnnylej!lon Alhel'l 
157 WJlson James 
159 Nealon Mrs Marla 
161 Renlson John 
16.1 Martin James 
1611 Thlrsk Mrs Elizabeth. 
Thlrsk I\1lss VIolet, dB- 
167 L'Henreux Edward L 
House. fII Q 
. Berkeley lit Intersects 
House, s e 
1"7 8cott James P & Co, IIcrap 
193 We
t Daniel 
19i?, Hayes 1\1, cab owner 
Ill, lIIawhlnney Wm 
199 O'Brien John 
:!OI I\:ennedy Andrew 
2O"J Pearsall Samuel 
1I0use, s e 

DrFFERIN. n from the lake 
to city limits, Intersectlnc 
Queen w at subway, ward 6, 
. . , . . . . .. East Side ......... 
Exhibition Park 
Chambers John 
Lightfoot Wm J 
. G T R crossing 
Vacant lots 
.U Je\olls H Sidney 
161 Brown Henry R D 
Vacnnt lots 
2.13 Wonlngton Henry 
237 Thetford Wm H 
CIt'\" nurseries 
. Khi
 st w IntersN'tø 
I1letallie Roofln
 ('0. II e 
2\13 Graham ",all Works. H 8 
Howland. Sons & Co. 
319 Hall Coal Co 
lIIann Coal Co 
Mololley John & C:I, blllld- 
ers' supplies 
(' P R 7nl'ds 
. Qlleen st w snhwny 
 J\ll'J,l'nn 1111's Ellen 
417 Fox Robert 
Honsp, s e 
.I"'el ov en<1. 
41!1 \YoOI] JI...s 1,'''"lIle " 
4:!1 Tlcbell Ann 111 
4:!:1 :\td(ee IÁlrne H 
42;; J.e ner Rll'hard, jr 
4:?7 Hunt Jnmes 
4211 (,hotpr Thom09 H 
431 Armstrong George 
-133 Doyle James 
Store, s e 

8ucceøsortl to LIMITED 

Phones Main 1126 1127 VISIBLE WRITING 








. Alma nv ends 
House, s e 
House, s e 
. "'''lel'loo av ends 
HOHSf', s e 
H01lsP, s e 
. Trofalgnr av ends 
1501 Cumm[nl2: James, shoemkr 
;t:!l H..II Georg-e H 
á:.!:: ".ntkins l:dward 
52;; Lester Wm 
521 F.mcry Johu T 
f.:!t) ThoD180n IJlncoln 
5:11 Rharmnn H...nry 
533 Keut Wm H 
. Hnl'd \. I-'rpd..r[ck C 
531 TomlÎn T.homas 
Vncant lots 
5;;9 Harford Wm II' 
1161 nall James W 
563 Byan George II' 
5115 Parks Matthew 
5111 RlncklOl'k Robert H 
[.ml L.... Dav[d 
513 Barrett Joseph 
615 Grar..y 1111'S Catherine 
617 Powprs David F, 
679 Blyth A[ex C, bldr 
581 Klrhy M J, exp 
51'3 HaInes Dan[e[ S 
"i85 McGrath r..ter 
:;87 BeattIe John J 
589 Bnrlow Jnmes 
691 lII\J1'phy Richard, plstr 
Vacnnt lots 
5!19 McDermott Wm :J 
1101 Shnckel Wm G 
t;(l3 Cart..r George 
1105 P..nch Gporge 
flÛ7 W[th..r"1::1' Wm C 
609 Hnnter Mrs 'I1:l\'garet, 12:1'0 
611 Stork Roe W .. 
613 Bird J"ohn 
Vacant 'ots 
. Dundas st [ntl'rsec1s 
Yacant lots 
f;t Anne's (Anl2:) Churcb 
661 f;[,ev Rev J, E 
663 Hop'e Frederick B 
66:> Armstrong George H 
IH1 Wehb Gl'orJ{e W 
U1;; Pud[fin Wm 
';77 Filcv Thomas 
pun George T 
rnhn[sh..d house 
.....!I Corhrane Jnmes M 
mil ('ummin
s (,harles 
 Huehn Henry 
fi!)=-ï erfiug Oporg-e 
B!11 J\ Duncan J" 
mm Umllfin (,harles H 
1"nfin[sh..d houses (4) 
711 Wce GlIhert 
713 IIIrs J\I 
. ('olll'
e st [ntersp('18 
731 Jlit('hman J"oh!! 
7a:! Hru} Mal('()lm 
737 K[rby Wm J", coal 011 
Pr[vot.. gronnds 
.:; :\lcDprmott :\Irs P M 
7á7 Nottinglwm J"obn J 
. Lln<1sny av Interscds 
Pr[vnte groun<1s 
. Sylvnn nv ...nõs 
Vacnnt lots 
. Lawlor nv ends 
Vornnt lots 
. Fairmont av ends 
Vn('nnr lots 
981 H[nlon Walter 
Vn('ant iots 
. n(.phonru" st endq 
001 Glenfield Hpnry 
A 0 J.' Hall 
Yn('nnt lots 
. nloor st w [nter".."ts 
Rtorl'. " e 
W13 !\IrKlnnpy ,John 
Vn""nt lotq 
1045 Avis Walter H 
"II('ant lots 
1061 Marshall Gcorge H 
Va('ant lotq 
W7:1 ('nmp-nll "'m E 
11177 "a
pr :\Irq Rose 
111"1 nlJ(l
on ('harles 
108.3 Anderson H, pntr 
Ill:! \Yarp_b[ Bprnord 
Vacant lots 
1127 (,hri
(['1D Mrq E. gro 

. :-\hanly st enol8 
112D Nugent Dan[el J", fruits 
1131 Vacant 
1133 Coxon Robert T 
IH1 Smallr[<1!:"e Wm F 
Vllcont lots 
1171 Gr..enly Mrs Dorothy 
Greenly M[ss Esther, drs- 
1173 Foster Richard 
117:; rnfinished house 
1187 O'Brien Potr[ck 
Vncant lot9 
. Jlallam st ends 
VII cant lots 
1261 Huntley Ch!lrles 1 
1277 Lawrence Rohert J 
1:!\1l Chl1\man Wm 
1:!\l7 Foster Wm 
12DD Vacant 
1301 Phillips Thomas 
130:; Hpnrdon Mr- Mlltllda 
1307 Whitp.s[des Evans 
1309 Lalley Alfred 
1311 .Johnstone :\Irs Sophia T 
1313 :\liIano J"oseph 
1315 WolkeI' Samuel, bldr 
1317 ('lark Wm 
Y a('an t lot 
. Van Horne st ends 
. C r R crossing 
West Side ......... 
- .. . Ü
Ìlnishpd honsps (4) 
., G T R crossing 
196 Gwynne M[ss Annie 
Vacant Jots 
218 LeIgh Charles 
:!:!(I (,liffor<1 G..orge 
:!2:! Lon
 Charles S 
:!:!-I I'plr[.. Hllrry D 
:!:!r. Blake Samuel L 
2:!S 'Ioore Allan A 

Iorris ('tarence 
232 VII ('ant 
:!:H "ïlk[nson J"ames W 
2:!(; (Iray "'m 
2:!R Rdl..ak :\Inrtln 
2-10 Grnham .John D 
242 Fnce Ol1v..r J" 
244 Home (,hRrles :\1 
246 Bertram J"ohn H 
2-18 J"ones J"ohn 
2:;11 "'pst Richard. bldr 
Kennedy Thomas 
2;;2 Wanless John 
2:;'! Weh8t..r John P 
2110[.. Gllhert 
Iatthpws :\Irs Isnhelln 
264 'la('Gowan R Cleaves 
Rtaeey George E 
. KIng .t w Intersects 

;;" ;'i:omas J, ..xp 
'l!\O !\I('Dònnld Mrs F. bac 
292 Blapk Ramuel 
-I Hnntpr Robert H 
2!\(; Wr[J!'ht :\Irs Let[tla, bdg 
300 rJn..rln Adolph 
I'prrv Wm, l' 
:!n:! :\[r:\iïlln "'m 
30r. RIII[r Edwnr!l 
30R Harwood Wm 
:nn Bol
s('au Pierre 
:n:! 8\'kes .John 
:nlj 8iltherlan<1 
:ns 1'0.8 G..orge G 
:123 Kplly John 
 Whlmbev Fred W 
:12(; (,ookson Frank S 
:128 p'pnnett \Irs Mnry 
:1:111 (Irllham Rohert 
:t:t! II:1
nn (;('{)r
e A 
33-1 Holland J"ames 
3:11; O'Donn..lI PatrIe!, J 
338 Smith loll's Margaret E 
. :\Ielbourne av commenc"l1 
340-7f! Dom Rad[alor Co 
. ()llPen st w snbwn7 
3!IO Kni
ht ,Irs ('nrr[e 
:I!I:! ('lIrr[e 'Irs 1\1 
:tH-! I..lw!':on James 
396 Willlnms Wm H 
398 Fri..nd JObn W 
400 O'nr[pn 1Il1ehap[ 
403 Hor" ood F W 
Toronto Hardware Mfg CO 
41S :\Iilne Wm 
Vacant lots 
478 LRngley John C 
-ISO o-npl1\y J"ohn 

482 B[llIng Robert A 
484 Billing Charles U 
-186 D!rch Edward 
488 Sa, ill Georg.. 
490 Gill J"oseph W 
 Henderson 'Vm 
Henderson 1111's 1', bkr 
. Florence st commences 
494 Hurst :\Jrs F. gro 
Hurst Thomns 
496 Hilrsf B 
4\18 Hurst Wm A 
500 1\leron Isaac J" 
602-4 Hall George, fruits 
508 WJIllams J"oseph, btchr 
512 Richards J"ames R 
514 R[chordSon Peter 
616 Wilson Samuel II' 
Private g,'ounds 
5211 White Thomos 
. Gordon st commences 
5:!8 Young Albert M 
530 Wensley George A 
532 Sp..nce Wm J" 
534 MeLellan Dan[el S 
536 Ramer Lewis 
538 Gooderhom George IÐ 
540 Peters Frank J" 
á4:! Fr..pman Alfred 
M-I Shepard Edmond 
Sh..pard :\Irs C E, drsmkr 
546 Duggan Mrs Margaret 
548 Arnott Wm, bldr 
M4 Schofield Horry 
. Bank st commences 
55S Qu[nn Martin J 
5GS ('rottle J"ames J" 
572 Kennett J"oseph 
636 GJashy W R. blksmltl1 
Beasley & Co, broommkrs 
Shop. s e 
. Dundas st [nt..rsects 
Store, s e 
6-10 Denison Charles J, 
646 Walker J"ames B 
VII('ant lots 
. F[sher st commences 
Vncnnt lots 
678 Smith Wm H, bldr 
..wton Wm 
mlth Patr[ek 
684 Ray Hugh 
61'6 Kelman Gporge 1\1 
688 McGill Nell 
(;!I(I IJpp[,s Charl..s H 
602 Whetstone Thomas 
14 O'('onnor J..remlah 
lõ!ltj I'ortpr :\Irs E M, &,ro 
. Moutray st commence!! 
Vncant lots 
.1" Ew[n
 John. dairy 
720 Holbourn Squire W 
722 O'",'iII Wm. bdg 
72-1 Hill Percy E, gro 
. Collpgp st Intersects 
Vacnnt lots 
746 Jnmi""on !III's J"ane 
7-18 Marbh... George 
750 Douglås John D 
7:;2 D'I\-[<I
.. :llrs AnnIe 
754 Hast[ngs An<Jrew 
7:>6 :\1('Cormiek Peler ;r 
. L[J](I
"y aV Intersects 
Private grounds 
. :\Iu[r 11\' commences 
,'ncont lots 
80-1-80 Dnfl'er[n R[<J[ng and 
Drh Ing Park Assn 
804 Rudd Wm G, horse tra[n..r 
bSit "'at
on "-m 
882 Dwan DenJs 
Vornnt lots 
 H..dmon Ralph W 
!1:l1I Hall Alh..rt 
!122 Killa,'kev Thomas 
!\2-1 flal,er Georg'e 1\1 
92r. Rea tty n..m"y 
U2S .JOy('... HRrry 
mo Griffin :llrs R:Jrah 
!J:12 'X1
htlnI!'Rle Stephen 
!\:!6 J\[ghlln/(ale Joseph 
938 De Fore-st Stephen S 
Vacant lots 
. moor st w Intersects 
Hot..I, s e 
0 Vacant 
10:!-I Boulter F W. fruit 
1O:!r. 'I('Kny IJu::h 

Baxter Robert D 
10-10 Bla"k 
1044 Godk[n Uobt L 
10-16 Thompson George 
Yacant lots 
10;;8 Deegan Mlehael J 
1064 Brown Syl\'ester, Dour 
Brown \III'S Jda, drsmkr 
1068 Thompson Uobert 
Vacant lot9 
1114 Albert ?lIrs Emily 
1138 Anna Joseph 
Vacant lots 
1152 Horton John 
Horton Mrs Ann, gro 
Vocant lots 
. Wallace av commences 
Vacant lots 
. Armstrong av commences 
 D\ er Charles 
?lianly George W, btchr 
Vacant lots 
pp[n Patrick 
Vneant lots 
. 1I11I1icent st commences 
Vacant lots 
1:/06 Ea,tman Joseph 
. Lapp[n av commences 
1:!:J\J Derrett Sidney 
Market gardens 
1292 Corcoran M & J", mkt 
1322 Phlllimore Arthur 
Market gardens 
1336 Kirkey John J" 
. CPR crossing 

DUKE, e from 7i Jarv[s to 
1'llrllament. ward :!_ 
.... .... North Side . _ ....._ 
Store, s e 
leElroy Bros, livery 
:llcElroy J T, vet surg 
16 Skinner Thomall 
18 Mitl'hell Mrs i'Jizabeth 
:!0-22 NasmHh (;0 wagon shed 
24 LUllllJhier l'eter 
. George st Intersccts 
28-4:! De Ja Salle Instltote 
/Separute School Board 
St Joseph's lll&,h SchOOl 
44 Goodwin Mrs Eliza 
!\l}'el's 1I1rs Elizabeth 
Key Wm H, b[scult dlr 
6 Fensom Ele\ator Co 
Ltll, George II FeDllOm 
58 Woodhous.. J"ohn 
60 Murphy Wm J 
(,2 Woolidge Walter J 
1;-1 Stinson Will H 
6(>-76 Du[,e St Pub Sch 
78 Stagg George 
81) Salll Lee. Indry 
82 Peth[c[, James 
l'ethie[, :\Irs A, drsmkr 
. Sherbourne st intersects 
84 Knox Mrs J"ane 
Cole James 
86 Ruehl J"ohn 
bS 1I1urkie Wm 
W lierris Jo
9'..1 VllIlers Wru 
D-I Porter Robert 
9-1% Cron[, 'Irs Mary E, bdg 
tm leaman :\Irs E G. bdg hse 
D8 Doherty John 
10(1 \ neant 
to:! :\Iedler J"ohn P 
10-1 Arnot 1'etel' 
108 I'nrk Jnmes 
110 (;plinu, L:d" ard B 
112 MeGol[lln ?Ill's J"ane 
114 Shambrook Harry 
116 J\ortham Wm B 
111' AII.1II l'aper Box Co 
118-122 Tor Woollen Machin- 
ery Co 
124 Barehanl Wm H & Sons, 
hox mfrs 
Barehord Wm IT 
12(j Terry :\Irs :llnry E 
l:.!S Grf"en J3mes 
130 Hooker :\I1ss Jone, bdg 
1:12 Brown :I[rs Ann[e 
13-1 Wllcv John W 
136 Cox 'Sm"ah M 
l:!H Lewis Henry 

P . C I · d I W k Established 18&& Phone Main 
loneer avanlze ron or S Robert D. Ringham 



TEL. MAIN 3724 

96 KING ST. W. 




Lewis ).Irs 13 L, flower 
140 'acant store 
. Ontario st intersects 
 Johnston 1111's C, &,1'0 
Johnston George 
144 Sheppard Wm C 
146 Dugg,m Mrs Catherine 
148 F1) nn Thomas S 
150 Hutchinson Mrs Marl 
J 0) Alfred, l' 
Clark Rohert A, l' 
Grindon Freder,ck, l' 
:\lasson Mrs E, l' 
1M Densmore John 
Thomas Mrs Mary A 
GI1I Geor&,e H 
G1II Mrs Phoebe A. drs- 
Mulhall Miss Kate 
Funstin H,chard 
156-62 Standard Tin Works 
Walker John. sash wel&,ht 
East End Bowling Alley 
Sheppard Jacob, storace 
House, s e 
t. Berkelev st Intersects 
172 Cole Charles C, plstr 
17-1 See Stewart 
176 Fo&,&, Jonn 
178 Martin J<'rederlck 
1bO Talt John 
LumDer yard 
188 Davidson Walter & Co, 
House, s I' 
...,..... South Side ......... 
1 Store, s I' 
3 Warehouse 
11 Doyle Mrs Mar&,aret 
13 Tumlin Geor&,e C, sale 
House, s e 
. George st Intersects 
15-45 Christie, Brown & Co. 
biscuit mfr. 
. Frederick st ends 
4. \\ ard David 
51 GlUis Wm 

3 Gillispie JohlI 
5;) Shipp Charles F 
57 Tasker n ]<' 
61 Beckett Edward E 
63 Gorrie Samnel 
ti;) I'ear :\lrs Elizabeth 
W1IIer John 
House, s e 
. Sherbourne st Intersects 
íl Chl)'burn 'Irs Sarah E 
75 Lewis John, cartage agt 
81 Sutton Samuel 
. "'hlte's pi commence. 
1,3 Corle)' :\lrs Ann 
f,!J Smith Wm 
91 Whitfield John 
93 Gunn John 
95 Atehison Wm 
97 McCrea Mrs JonI' 
99 Kelly Mrs Bridget 
. Princess st ends 
1(11 Cruise John 
10:i loung 'Ym 
1m O'Brien David 
107 Hughes Joseph 
10!} Reeves \\'m J 
111 Axcell Al thur E 
113 Wilson Henry 
House, s e 
. Ontario 
t Intersects 
House, s e 
127 Boylan Potrlck 
1z.:J :\lcGlnn John 
131 M('Callum John 
1;\3 l:imith Wm J 
135-51 Borchard & Co Ltd, 
packing C3se mfrs 
159 Fire HolI, s I' 
. Berkeley st Intersec:s 
House. S D 
171-17;) Storehouses 
179 Russell ,T3mes R 
1 Coburn Josiah 
183 Rrodbury Jobn 
Corrlage works, 

DUX BAR RD. n from Elm av, 
to Soutb Drive. first I' of 
Sherbourne, ward 2, 
. .. .. .... East !';Ide .' __ ., ... 
House, s e 

3 Alexnnder Da,ld ". 
5 Hoss ::5umuel 
7 Lyon G('orge S 
9 Cox Arthur 
11 'lcE"en John A 
13 :\asmith John 
19 Robin Vavasor 
21 Harrison J W F, mus tchr 
23 G" vnne \Vm D 
29 McClaln R Watson 
;n l'udger Harris H 
. .. . .. '" West Side ..... 
2 Vacant 
10 Christie Thomns 
16 Nerllch Emil 
22 Montgomer)' Robert J 
24 Holmes George W 
26 Gllnn Edmond 
28 Hovwood Jomes 
30 lIIoiratt Wm 
34 Phillips Frederick E 
36 Langton Hugh H 
38 Herbert Frederick H 

CAX. n from King w. 
bet Simcoe ond John, to 
Queen w, ward 4 
.. .. .. ... East Side ..... ... 
Canada Printing Ink Co 
. Pearl st intersects 
eannda Paint Co 
. AdelaJde st I' Intersects 
Store. S Q 
17 Feader Louis 
. r\elson 8t Intersrcts 

;) '-ac8nt 
. Richmond st w Intersect. 
House, s I' 
Store, s I' 
... ...... "'e-st Side ......... 
Warehouse-, s e 
. I'parl st Intersects 
Telfer Mfg Co, paper 
Osborne James F, pntr 
Stewart A J Ltd, contrs 
. Adelaide st w Intersects 
House. s e 
House, s e 
. Nelson st Intersect. 
20 Birch Charles 
22 Rooney Thomas 
House, s e 
. Richmond st w Interø('Cts 
Honse, s I' 
38 Ye-oman Geo E & eo, tur. 
40 !':mnll Mrs Jennie 
Store, s e 

DUNDAS, n trom lOOt Qneen 
w to Arthur. thence n w to 
city limits, words 5 and 6. 
..... .... East Side ......... 
Bank, s I' 
3-5 Hall R. sec hd gds 
Hall Thomas, exp 
7 Pike Frank, baI'ber 
Pike Charles 
II :\lix D J, produce 
11 Gilbreath H & Co, fuel 
17 '1'mcey James, shoemkr 
. Rehecca st ends 
29 Thompson W W 
33 McKinney Benjamin 
, Clark "'m 

Ioots Henry 
35% Hogon W J, pickle mfr 
:\lnnl"v John 
87 Merclèr Octave, fnmer 
39 Toronto Cabinet Co 
!':hea 'l'homas 
41 Rohlnson \Vm 
Hill Thomas, cabt mkr 
43 Muerl'le C A, photo 
45 BlIl'ke Robert H 
47 '''arren 'III's C, art flow- 
Warren Geor&,e 
40 Hnll George- J, gro 
. Rrnf'e .t ends 
51 Duke Wm, shoemkr 
11:; Tlron Jame
55 Pltto('k Walter 
57 Hn re !llrs R confv 
!"I!t "-llIißnl
oD Ed \\ ard 
lrs S E, 
61 W('lsford Wm 

63 Green Miss Flora M 
65 Dillon Luke 
U7 Jollnston Geor&,e 
Johnston !Ill's A, drsmkr 
69 Bond James, tlr 
lrs E, Indry 
71 IIlelhulsh John 
73 HIe, Ins James 
Blevins ).Irs E, grocer 
73'2 Church ot God 
h.idd Robert L 
75 Pendrel John, hardware 
77 Johnson 
lrs A E, Indry 
7!J Perkins Henry, confy 
83 MCConvey P, cattle 
87 Bills Ste,pllen H 
89 Fernley Charles R 
IJl Trimble George 
95 Bedson Mrs Alice 
117 Arnett JoseplI, pntr 
119 Clendinning Mrs C, lad- 
Ies' wear 
Scott Robert 
1U1 Da,ey Andrew, gro 
. Argyle st Intersects 
103 Hunt 
Irs M L, crockel'J 
10;; Payne '1' E. hlcyclp livery 
107 Lum Yee, Indry 
109 Haywood F G, harber 
111 Hunt Wm C. bicYcles 
Hunt Frederick E 
113 Dowrlc James, dairy 
115 Hudgin Albert, &,1'0 
Post Office (br) 
Chlllman John, l' 
117 Naul!:ts & Co, Indry sup. 
Naul!:ts Wm H 
Naul!:ts Miss F, mus tchr 
125 Davis W H. slloemkr 
Yeates R \\' & Co, pntrs 
127 Jones Mrs M, 11'1'0 
Ginty Robert, l' 
).I('l'reary Richard, l' 
133 Reilly Edward 
137-39 Bell Wm L. coal 
141 Charlie Wah, Indry 
143 Baker John, contI' 
151 f'zerwln.kl Louis, cattle 
Hayes Patrick 
. Halton >It ends 
1:;5 Hales & Dunlop, confrs 
Hales Alfred L 
157 H::wkes F B, plmbr 
159 Hftmblyn S, locksmith 
161 Brown J L, prtr 
163 Keen George, pntr 
1<<35 Douglas Dnvld, hal'Dess 
167 Brynnt R J. mus dlr 
lUll Hurd :\Irs :\Iary. stat l' 
Hurd Albert J 
171 Bennett Arthur. uphol 
Belfry Wm H 
173 Sweetland Levi. leather 
175 Brennon J J, pntr 
177 Robb IjllglI. dry goods 
Dickeson Miss F, mn
l711 Williamson John, sew 
:\Ietropolltan Bank (Dun. 
das st hranch) 
. Junc Arthur & Osslngton 
. .. ... Northeost Side ...... 
1I1eth ChUl'ch and Sebool 
211i Queen City Laundry 
Blackstone Fred J 
218 Shakespeare 1111's J, gro 
220 Carroll Jomes, c1&,ars 
Brock 1111's \lary 
222 Osslngton Holl 

:!:! 6 Dernp
ter Jaml!s, baker 
.4 Paquil Stanle)' 
. J n1<evlew 3V commences 
2.,6 Hunter Moses, flour 
:!;;S \'acant 
2(;0 Finkle 'Irs M, cftrtage 
262 Eaton H W, /rro 
2fõ-l LaslIer Bloke H, plmbr 
:!'i'i Hllrt" "'I A F. tailor 

r.S W,'lsford Alhert J 
270 Sheppard Jnmes 
272 Pollard F H, barher 
27-t !;tuhh. "'m 
:!7r. La France John R. grocer 
:!78 Lonerenn :\1I
1. dry 
Lonergnn :\lIchael 

-6 Stewart Wm W, coal 
288 Savnge n'm, shoemkr 

2!'O Vacant 
:!!)4 W,lIker 
lrs Sarah 
2'J6 Wing Charlie, Indl'Y 
2,18 Dolan Patrick J, btchr 
. Dovercourt I'd intersects 
Chalmers Pres Church 
 Hornb) r W, dairy 
. Coolmme av commences 
. Husholme rd commences 
. Gladstone av Intersects 
456 Breckon Richard, nurser)' 
4.i:! Cooper Seth E, Ins 
4tH ero" foot Wm L 
46tj Leace Philip 
468 Galioway Geor&,e 
4.0 Teedy ).III' hal'l 
. Dulfenn st Intersects 
490 Sampson T 
, dru&,s 
1112 Sansom Frederick, gro 
Byshe Henry 
514 WUHtts T Â, Incubator. 
516 Clouston John, roofer 
[.llj Jameson J 1', stat l' 
520 Finley Miss G, grocer 
11101'1'1' John W, exp 
532-4G Hankin &; Co, lumber 
!\Illes Mrs Ann J, 
Toronto Casket Co. coffin 
mfr,,- l' 
M8-50 Burns E R Saw Co 
. Sheridan av Intersects 
5:;2 Xlxon Atchison, flour 
1154 Chantler JIll'S M M, 1(1'0 
5;;6 Wroy &: 
lorgan, plmbrs 
560 Clarke R 
57G Johnson ]<' v, tailor 
:>78 lIeager John R 
Seager Mrs :\1 A, tailor 
1\84 Parker Benjamin 
588 Thompson James I D 
Thompson IIIlss \V, mus 
1594-!J8 Taylor Thomas. fruits 
Taylor Miss Sarah, conI)' 
City Pound, No 3 
6(4 Davies 'Vm Co, provs 
. Brock av intersects 
612 Ellard H E, tlr 
1114 Hern Mrs T. confy 
616 Abhs Thomas. btchr 
Cooper Da,ld, l' 
6:aJ Abbs TlIomas 
GU Leynck Wm B 
G28 Waugh Wm, whol btcltr 
. M3rgupretta st commences 
648 Smith Benj, whol btchr 
. St Clarens st Intersects 
678 Cnrroll James 
680 Woods lIIiss Mory A 
694 Crealock Wm, cattle dlr 
:\lcClelland Thomas 
Black Samuel 
702 Wilson C D, gro 
Bro" n James 
Poole 'Ym J 
704 Smith Albert 
lIlcGlnnls J W. harbi!r 
706 nussell G A, rest 
708-10 lIIotton & Co, hotel 
!\Iotton Thomas 
Caldwell Albert E 
. Lansdowne av Intersect. 
712 Mollon John. s e 
. St Helen flV commences 
. Bri<lj;e over rollwoy 
78S 92 'Iatthews Bros, Ltd 
plonlng mill 
!\I('Rride Peter, l' 
. Brid<!es over railway 
808 Monkman Jnmes A 
810 Gilpin Thomas 
822 Pool<- John R 
824 Burns Thomas 

2f) "Imms Wm 
828 Hortln "'m D 
\':\('ant lots 
S:Õ(Õ Weston Mrs Margaret 
8r.2 Drlseoll D. whol btcllr 
8.2 O'Donohoe J P, mkt gdnr 
. l\Iorrow 3V commences 
R74 'Iorrow Frnncls B 

ïf; 'furrow AloT'slllC;; F 
87R Gllrov John' 
"":! Hunter James P, 11'1'0 
Vacant lots 
912 Boyd Dft\"ld. groeer 
. Golden flV commences 
Vacant lots 
. Ritchie >IV commenCM 

Hi&,h Grade Vault, School and Office Furniture 
TORONTO. ONT. (77 Bay St.) Factories: NEWMARKET. ONT. 



ÝõiíNG CO. 
1 Adelaide St. East P;:'
E 2895 




Vacant Iota 
1006 Stretton Wut H, bl4r 
Gostlln Walter 
Vacant store 
1008 McMaster Edward 
1036 Lightfoot Arthur, florbt 
Market cardens 
. Bloor st w Intersects 
Market &,ardens 
. Vincent st ends 
1142 Bennett Joseph E 
1150 Mackay Wm E, florbt 
. Soho av Intersects 
1242 Butchart James W, contr 
. CPR tracks 
. .. . . .. .. West Side ......... 
2 nero Ylncent T, hotel 
4 Hager S A & Son, lum- 
6-8 Public Llhrar,. (br) 
Hamilton Mrs Emil)' A 
10 Fire Hall :No 9 
12 Water Works office 
Adamson George J, mngr 
Comoratlon )'ard 
2!! Talbot Moses 
32 Cllnkunbroomer MI811 M, 
84 Cllnkunllroomer Jame. II 
86-40 Cotts John, coal, flour 

 McEvoy Joseph 
&4 McBurney Mrs Mary A 
Aboott John 0 
4f1 Beall Mra Elizabeth 
48 Ricketts Wm 
fiO McPhee John W 
U Hou&,hton James 
M Caswell Samuel 
116 Harris Thomu 
IS MllcKenzle George 
ðO Hindle George L 
112 Blakel)' Mrs Snsanna, bd&, 
64 Rutled&,e Robert 
66 Newton James A 
68 Benson John 
70 Campbell Miss M, drsmkr 
70'1.. Urquhart Wm 
72 Sherlock James, plmbr 
76 Ontario Tallorln&, Co 
1IIassen James 
78 Gerow Wm W, bldr 
Gerow W E, mnslc dlr 
80 Savage George, dairy 
82 Ferguson Alex, &,.0 
. Humbert av commences 
84 Meyers H C, artist 
86 Giles J W, narber 
Schneider J Wesley 
88 Aikins A D, bkr 
00 Bletsoe Thos, btchr 
Bletsoe Miss L. mus tchr 
92 Watson Wm M, plmbr 
94 Godwin Joseph &,ro 
96 Ashdown J, wlliow ware 
118 Briggs Edgar L 
100 Malloy FrancIs J 
102 Galvin James H 
104 Lewis Wm 
Lewis Mrs Lydia, grocer 
100 Cottrell A E, plmbr 
108 Hood Mrs I, grocer 
110 Coulson Wm 
Coulson Mrs A, provs 
112 Naylor George 
114-116 King James H, liquors 
. Argyle st Intersecta 
11/; Hughes W A, grocer 
Hughes Miss E, mus tchr 
122 M('Glnn Arthur, btchr 
126 Chad\\lck Mrs Mar)'. 
128 Summers Mrs F B, drs- 
130 Martin & Co. taJlors 
M3rtln Caesar A 
132 Lindsay Wm J, ahoes 
Godfrey 1111's E, drsmkr 
134 Galbraith John, &,ro 
136 Prichard Hy C, dry gda 
138 Johnstone Jamps W. hkr 
140-2 Prichard Hardware Co 
Mlck & Woods, tln.smlths. 
McLean John 
144 Pasqrnore Richard, gro 
14S-50 Passmore Sam_ htchr 
152 Godfrey F L, stat)' 
1M Horton Barry G, drugs 
. Foxley st commences 
156 ('ole T W, gro 

158 Butchart D F. tlr 
160 Stewart Miss Annie, &,ro 
162 Dickeson Frederick. jwlr 
170 Warner Maurice W 
Miller Joseph 
1í4 Hawley Joseph 
182 George Won&" Indry 
184 Lancaster James 
186 Graham Nicholas 
188 G\1Iard IIIrs Grnce, htchr 
GUiard Wm 
100 Hearn Alfred, baker 
192 lIamùly M C F, grocer 
. Rol)'at st commence. 
194 Hitchman E F, barher 
Thuresson Mrs Mary A 
196 Pearson S E, dentist 
Wright George H 
l!JfJ Stuart ""m 
200 Spaulding WCRle)', dress 
202 Bruce Mrs Jane 
204 Sanderson GeorKe. &,ro 
206 Penn31 I<'rederlck, Cro 
20fJ McCann Geo A. drop 
...... Southwest Side ...... 
209 Laker W J, dentist 
211 Vaeant 
225-7 Cleghorn Alex, tailor 
229 Brodie Bros. shoemkra 
Brodie Mra Margaret 
Brodie Alexander M 
231 Rankin Archlùald C 
Sellers Miss H, drsmkr 
243 1IIoùerly Wm W 
247 Mackrell Henry 
. Grove av ends 
267 Tully Mrs M, drsmkr 
26!J Tucker E & S, staty 
:I.'uck"r 1111's Bethesda 
Tucker Miss Ermine 
271 Ferris F J, gro 
285 Verral Mra Annie 
287 Clark Miss Catherine 
801 Collett M A, dru&,s 
Rowan Richard, vnT 
. DovercoUl't rd Interaects 
S03 Woods Grocery Co 
30;;-7 Woods 'r A, liquors 
30!J Scott It M & Sons. real 
McIlroy James 
32õ Llliey Mrs Marla, florist 
33!J Davis Louis E 
341 Hayner Samuel, pntr 
343 Dempster Wm J. bkr 
349 Boyle & Llùby, bottlers 
861 Burns Alexander 

 Llsgar st ends 
363 Lightfoot Thomas 
. Beaconsflela av ends 
419 Macdonell Mrs Pan line R 
4:!7 \"acant 
. Gladstone av Intersects 
447 Bradfield & Co. &,rocers 
44!J Crawford Wm H. btchr 
465 Yake Jaeob, jwlr 
467 Schlemmer Cbarles 
471 Klrùy Wm J 
McCracken Robert A 
473 Armstron&, Wm S 
475 McCracken Joseph A 
. Erie st commences 
. Dul!:erln st Intersects 
493-499 Cyclone Woven Wire 
Fence Co 
503 Collard Joseph 
513 Smith Edwin W 
547 Brockton Club House 
. Sl1erldan av Intersects 
557 Johnson It n, tlr 
=->:11} :"I,<on A W, barber 
561 Mickus George, blksmIth 
56/\ Plumù Mrs E M. confy 
,,1;7 Chum:, Indry 
M!I Ryan "'m 
571 Hopper Frank. confy 
573 Jonp
 :\Irs Emily G, &,ro 
Lockhart Alexander 
575 I!rockton Hardware Co 
l'pacock George 
1'>77 Wallace \ndrew, dry gds 
l\"orthrop James 
581 Cameron J K. fruit 
f,1-3 Quon Sun, Indrv 
585 Caplin Joseph, dry gds 
5R7 Lell(hton Thomas, I(ro 
 Stafford T J, cigars 
589 Benwell J W, sew machS 

001 Jackman Samuel p. bar- 
Mayo Robert 
5!J3 Cowan James J 
695 Dolan Mrs S, btchr 
697 Htll'l'ett G & Co, hardware 
Williams Mrs Sarah J 
Cairns James 
1>99 Stirrett A p, drugs 
I'>!J!J Andrew Wm H, druga 
. Brock av intersects 
601 Fltzpatl'lck Thos, &,1'0 
Brockton P 0 
fI03 Vacant 
607 Sturtridge John. shoes 
Slndley Wm, jr, tinsmith 
62õ McConn-ell Mra Ellzaheth 
McConnell John H, pby 
62!J Densmore F S, sew macha 
631 Henderson Mrs S. conly 
633 Williams Henry, btchr 
Williams Thomas 
63õ Scythes Bros, shoes 
Scythes George, bldr 
637 !ò)qulre Wm E, &,ro 
Matthews Geor&,e 
643 Barber Peter, btchr 
647 Tully Peter 
653 McArthur Mrs Mary A 
655 Campbell Robert, coD%J' 
Cameron John 
657 Blackburn & Co, crOll 
Blackùurn Mrs Emma 
Ebb8&,e HorlLce 
. St Clarens st Intersects 
Fire Hall No 13 
ltoùert Thompson, fore- 
. Lansdowne av Intersects 
School, s e 
. Bridge over raJlwa)' 
809 Taylor John 
. Brld&,e over rnUway 
. Sorauren av ends 
Vacant lots 
. Lynd av ends 
. Howard Park av com 
Street car sheds 

s P:
!J67 Ferguson Hugh 
!J69 Hlack Charles H 
971 Bl"ookland Wm 
973 Higgins John 
Vacant lofs 
. Junc Bonst"ad and Ron- 
cesvalles avs 
Vacant Iota 
109!! I"owler Richard 
1101 Pines Hotel 
. Bloor st w Intersects 
Vacant lots 
1113 Graham IIlrs C. gro 
Graham J08, btchr 
1117 Andrews Ell C 
. Edna av commences 
Vacant lots 
. Soho av Intersects 
Vacant lots 
. ('ondult st commences 
. Birtle st eommenceø 
Turner J S, bldr 
1333 ShIelds Wm, mkt gdnr 

vr:"EDIN. n from Shndell 
av to Baird avo flrBt e of 
Jones av, ward 1. 
. .. .. . . " East Side _........ 
House. a e 
. Dawson av commence. 
23 Devoy P J, &,ro 
2" Rose James 
2T Hanson .fohn H 
29 Chapple James 
31 Montgomery Charles A 
!3 Moorcroft Thomas 
. .. .., ... West Side 
4 Reed Wm B 
II David John 
8 Hughes Henry 

DUNN A V. n from the lake 
to 1347 Queen w, ward 6. 
. . . .. .... East Side ......... 
1 I'latt Arthur T 
. Dominion st ends 
Vacant lots 
35 Shannon James N 

37 Ford Thomas J 
89 Smith George 
41 Paterson Mrs Hannah 
. Empress cres Intersects 
House, s e 
57 l'hllllps Edward 
59 Dower George W 
. GTR cl'Ossln&, 
63 Odell Leslle 
65 Hath\\ ay 1<' G. btchr 
. Huxley st Intersects 
Store, s e 
83 Irving L Homfray 
Vacant lots 
103 Roùerts Percy 
V IIcant lots 
121 Arnott G W Campbell 
127 Hook Thomas 
133 Carlaw Major J A 
137 Hall Major Wm B 
139 Wilkie Rev John 
141 11unroe Edwin S 
143 Kimpton Charles 
145 Hyder Joseph W 
147 Downey Alexander 
149 Acres Charles R 
1111 Parkdale Church School 
Middleton Misa Ethel 
153 Robinson Wm P 
155 Leishman Wm H 
157 IIlacrae Mrs Maud 
1511 Hancock Wm J 
161 Brown 1ames E 
163 Lawson Wm 
Methodist Church, s e 
. Kin&, at w Intersects 
Vacant lots 
189 Arnold Thaddeus 8 
1111 Sloan Wm, phy 
193 McSweeny Edward 
l!Já Buck Mrs R BeattT 
197 Burt Aaron H 
201 Downey Thomas, bldr 
203 Hogers Joseph 
205 Turpin James 
Vacant lots 
'17 Oll\'er Mrs Mary III 
219 Tredger JOhn 
221 Jarrott John E 
225 '!'l"ele3Ven Rev R J 
227 May Wm H 
229 Tueker Henry, roofer 
2:11 Tanner Frederick W 
233 Gl'Il!:eth Ell 
WUkin Miss L, dramkr 
237 Bethell Frank B 
239 Shaw Edward S 
241 Rothwell Thomas H 
243 Thompson Thomas A 
245 EUiott T W, engraver 
247 Bramwell James 
249 Kemp Jesse 
Vacant lots 
2.'\7 Leech Rev George 
259 Har1ison James A 
:!65 Eland Edwin E, ca.rp 
Hou&e. 8 e 
Store, a e 
... ...... West Side......... 
Vacant lots 
. Starr av commences 
House, 8 e 
46 IIIonkhouse Geol!:rey 
II10nkhouse Bertram L 
52 Wilkie Wm 
54 \"eltch ""m 
. Empress cres Intersects 
House, 8 e 
. GTR crossing 
. Hnxley st Intersects 
66 Willcock Mrs Charlotte 
68 Martin Roùert 
70 Watson Wm J 
72 Jones Mrs Ada 
74 Hlseh '\Irs France. 
Vacant Jots 
84 Rradshaw Isaac D 
86 Hardy Henry R 
1J3 Pink Roùert 
\18 Jackson Ernest 
100 Scott Wm C 
130 Home for Incuraùlea 
(almonI' (,harles, phy 
141\ Johnson Frederick W 
 Whitaker George A 
154 RobInson Mrs E E 
151\ Rmallpeice Hem'y E 
}('.o Rain "llll 
162 Essery \Vm H, hldr 
Essery G W, pntr 

THOMAS HEYS & SON I Assay and Analytical Laboratory 
Technical Chemists 114 BAY STREET Phone Main 1889 

Paints, Wines 
Tan Extracts 
Medical Prep. 

H O'HARA & CO Brokers and Financial Agents, 


Eastern A v. 


164 LIttle Andrew J 
114 Woods James D 
House, s e 
. hlng st " Intersects 
Y acan l lots 
ISS Harris James 
190 i:;mlth Gilbert A 
19'..! Fish 
rs Catherine 
Fish W A. phy 
194 Ht John Joseph W 
19(; Last Henry l\1 
198 '''atson David, contI' 
2112 Ptltchett J:noch. dairy 
2U'" Challenger W 
:.!08 )IcKee Wm 
2W Belth Wm 
21" Crichton James 
2:!1) 8cott Wm A 
:!'.!'" l'enwlck James W 
2.21. Bellinger Peter 
:':28 Stevens Holmes C. bIdr 
Ste...ens Henry C. bid l' 
232 8utherlanrl Henrv 
231i 'Iackay Re\ Robert l' 
:':"'0 :\Iartin :\lrs Sarah J 
:':"'2-2:;'" 1'arkda Ie I'res Ch 
2:;6 Brock Ivor E 
2:tS Hunter James 

O Dickie Edwin 

3 Lloyd Frank E 
Honse, s I' 

DUPOXT. w from opp 251 
Avenue I'd to w of Christie 
wards 4 and 5. ' 
. ... ... . Korth Side .. 
Honse, 8 e 
6 Bro" njohn Harry 
8 Heal Charles 
10 FlemIng A Grant 
 Hrù\\ n James 
14 IJook Thomas 
IG Roche Wm 
, '
aac George C 
:!O Janles. stone f'ontr 
LUllnlshed bldgs (2) 
66 Clark Ldmund J 
6S Gardner Harry 1.' 
MaguIre "m. coal 
. na...enport I'd Intersectø 
Vacant lots 
114 Trigge .\rthur St L 
11ti Arg-Ies Artimr E 
118 Austin John F 
120 Stead John G 
122 ('roucher John G 
12'" Crichton Alexander 
126 Joselln James S 
128 Cox John 
. !':padin:1 I'd Intersectø 
130 RIchardson Wm J 
198 Ohen Fr.lDcls A 
210 Smith Egbert A 
214 Houston Richard 

.(I Bn
'\\ t'r Thomas 
. Howland av Intersects 
. Alban
' a\ Intersects 
. Bathurst st Intersect8 
Store. s e 
338 Congcr Coal Co 
3-1... WeLb John 
350 Nicholson John 
352 McPhee David 
Vacant lots 
362 '\fcLaren :\Irs Annie 
3M Black John 
366 Hylton Edward W 
366 1 , Kichols Charles 
Vllcant lot8 
36S King Arthur B 
. Palmerston av Intersects 
Vacant lots 
386 DavIes Edward 
38R Andrews Edward 
300 Addison Rev Arthur P 
3GO% Holdge Wm H 
3!12 Holdge RI
hard J 
394 Holdge John R 
39ß 'Holdge John 
:!U8 Rack Will G 
Va('nnt lot 
404 Jordan Charles 
Mcintyre Andrew, l' 
'"OC811t lots 
41:.1 RobIn Robert 
414 Elliott Ell 
... .. .... South Side 
C'hnreh. . e 
II Gowens John 

7 Moore '\Irs Bessie 
9 :.lacdonald Alexander 
11 Woodley Horace, contr 
P1"Iyate grounds 
. Bedford 1'<1 ends 
U;, Holt 'Irs Fannv 
t\ï Darrach Jobn . 
. Da...enport I'd InterøeetR 
j!J Cut!" eugene 
1>1 Hi;;inbotham George 
1>:J :-;in<' :\II'
Vacant lots 
. St George st ends 
House. s I' 
. Huron st ends 
. :\Iadl
on ay ends 
., :-;padina a\' Intersects 
. \\ .llmer I'd Intersects 
. hen,lal n \ Intersects 
U(-,U8l', S eo 
. Hernard a\ ends 
e, s e 
2:;0 ('ross Daniel 
nnt lots 
. Ho\\ land a v IDtersects 
e, s e 
2ï:; Walter Ostln II 
2S1 Crnil< :\lr
2ð:; TrollopI' Henry 
. AILnny nY intersects 
Vacant lots 
. Batburst st Intersects 
=-'tort;>. s e 
:; Smitb Geor!;e T 
33ï Andrews Edward 
3:19 Gnard James. contI' 
3"'1 Swnnton RoLert 
. Morkham st ends 
351 Petrie Alexander, contI' 
:-I:-I :-;'ke]...t;>\ ThnnUl
:{;.ï Dennis Henry 
3GJ Hutlnnd Frederick 
. Palmerston av intersect8 
3ïï Tucker Wm F 

ït. Uurrougl1
ford Albert T 
kl\Ols AlLert 
Colbourne Andrew 
3K: "acant 
3m Elli. \\ arren 
3:I:J ('ook :\[rs Catherine 
305 Ca rter Thomas J 
397 Holmes :.lathew 
3W Xorman Ezekiel 
4111 CO\\ an Da \ Id 
,to;J '1'bomp"on John J 
405 Drover David 
411ï ThOln"on Robert H 
400 Harris Edward W 
s <<; eorJre 
Vacnnt lots to - end 

EARL, I' from foot of Hllnt- 

('y to :;26 Sherbourne. ward 
. . . , , .. _, Xorth SIde ......... 
:! "hitI' ArtlJUr \" 
4 John.ton Rohert I. 
6 Alley Henry R 

 J )owkel"'Ç' B 
10 ('npon Wm Ë 
12 Hall wm H 
14 ?>Ieldrum )Irs M D 
1ß 1"leldln
18 Thompson Wm J 
20 Bell Thomas 
22 Anderson George 
24 Cnmph"l1 W F 
Ha" )I1
s :\1. nurse 
('nmphell :\lIsH 
[. nur... 
2fI .Jeffrey lIIrs :\Iary 8 
28 Preston John 
!to Wi('ken
 'Ym E 
!J2 ?\f('lntosh Adam K 
34 Strong James G 
Strong Miss )Iaud. mus 
36 DoLson Wm 
38 Trow Albert E 
Bonse. s e 
. .. .. .... South Side 
St John's Grove 
C!Jurch, s e 

EARNBRIDGE. w from rY 

k to 45 Brock av. ward 
.... .... North Side .. ...... 
S Bell Harry G 

10 Purvis :\Irs Eliza J 
12 Grahnm Wm J 
14 lIuck George E 
16 CnmpLell :\lIss Margaret 
IS J:llfrey James 
:!V 11..nderson '''m 

 ( 11.he t.:Iïurles M 
2'" Brll
' Thomas I. 
House, s e 
... .. .... South Side 
House, S e 
9 BOllIger :\In Uhew J 
11 1II:lln'prlze Charles 
13 \1ttchell "m A 
1:) Hodg..r Wm 
Ii Farrell RoLert 
1!1 l'ollard Adolphus 
House, s e 

EASrEltX AV, I' from 93 
TrimlY to Queen e. ward.s 
1 oInd 2. 
. . ,. .... Kortb Side .. 
llollse, s e 
6 :\Iorrisey :\lrs Ellen 
b \'1'1' Thomas A 
10 \1cLean Johu 
12 lh.gen John 
14 Shurt HoLert 
lU l;" u thler Edouard 
. Gilead pi commences 
tI"UIlg )Jrs 1.;, grø 
Arlll:.::trvug' Heury 
:"\1 H.1t ri
 H..n1'\ H 
 \ ucant . 
2'" Prtce :\Irs ElizaLetn 
h :\I1's lIlary E. l' 
!,"ogelmnD F'l'nncis, r 
Breen Thomas J. l' 
2' 1'1'1'1' "m 
32 I'hillips James B 
34 Westcott Thomas L 
38 Burns Halph A, Ice 
. Sackville st commences 
S"ckville st scbool. s e 
72 :\It:('la
' D..vld 
74 IIlcDowell Wm A 
jG :\lcCalIrey Joseph ß 
78 Harton Edwnrd J 
Borton :\ll's Huth, dairy 
:drldge John, baker 
8:: 11ull Wm 11 
84 Bannister Joseph 
86 Slnclmr Al'chlLald 
88 Sbea lIIurtogh 
Harrett F A, brewera' 
supplies l' 
) En;:-lish George A 
F..eney P.ltrlck, l' 
I(nlght Henry T, l' 
U2 A(hms 'J"homns 
H'" :-;mlth Francis G 
!!ti Fra
er :\1 rs Ch1'Ïstlna 
!'" Hhll.,
House. s I' 
. SIID1ncb st commence8 
IV2 :\Iur"ay Charles V 
]'H lIolt Frederick 
106 Thomson Andrew", 
110 Gal" Tbomas 
112 Gordon Wm J 
] H l'uchncll "'alter H 
iteadman 11I1'S Electa 
h'\eDS Chnrles 
I:!'" Cook George 
126 Bnlley George 
. WIlIl.,mson pi commences 
1:!'i 'licant 
130 Forhes :\I1's Agnes 
I:J2 Elphlck Frederick 
13'" Dove Wm 
13S 8lsle) Joseph 
140 l
ardner :\Irs Jessie 
142 :\l('Donald James A 
. S('hruldt pi commence8 
IH Hp'rosiers !\Iaxlme 
B6 Apple Geor
148 'Thompson Edward 
152 Bnpti
t III1'slon Hall 
CaLII' Henry, l' 
1,,1> Falordenn ]'aac 
.H Kellhar Denis 
162 Trempe Geor
1G4 Gill Jo
eph W 
166 Pett 'Wilfred, dairy 
. St Lawrence st com- 
Lumber yards 


 .. ,

 I (



 HEAD ornc;t 

1'O,RON't O 

200 BOI'Ler A'phalt Paving Co 
Curtis John H. l' 
Lnidhl" H &- Co, planln
mill, l' 
Mulrheod Andrew. fac- 
tory. l' 
Globe Oil Co. l' 
McColl A B & 
o. val" 
nlsh. l' 
Beaune E J, fur dresser, r 
212 :\lunn Coal Co (br) 
. DOli Esplanade com- 
. CPR crossing 
2]-1 :\,It:Henry Henry J 
. Belt line crossing 
. Don Lrulge 
Sunlight Park 
. Broad\lew av commences 
House, s e 
Vacant lots 
. Lewis st commences 
Vacant lot 
36:.! Dull 11I1'S Emma 
'acant lots 
. Saulter st commences 
. GTR crossing 
Vacant lots 
. Strange st commences 
400 Tbe .fames Hobertson Co. 
factory, J E Itowe aupt 
408 Spink Wightman 
Vacant lots 
. :\IcGee st commences 
House, 8 e 
Private grounds 
. Booth av Intersects 
46:.! Brown Lewis 
466 Clements Robert W 
468 Johnston Alexander M 
,&jO Foote Arthur 
472 Parry Richard 
Vacant lots 
. Logan a \ In tersects 
Vacant lots 
"'9'" Jobnston A. Llcycle 
400 Gillman Wm F 
Vacant lots 
50!' Ayre Charles, hotel 
. :\Iorse st Intersects 
510 Stewart Wm N 
51:! Stirling A F A. gro 
514 Coulter John J 
IIlG Garner Wm 
518 I(nl/:ht Thomas S 
. Carlaw av Intersects 
Vacont lots 
. Hew3rd av commences 
"acnnt lots 
594 Pollard J W 
. Pope av commenceR 
Vacant lots 
610 Thompson Wm H 
Ice house 
Vacant lots 
. Caroline av commenceR 
Nursery grounds 
. Leslie st Intersects 
Vacant lot8 
Hou!;e. 8 I' 
. Loin/: st Intel'Sect8 
Vacant lots 
882 wheat Wm, mkt gdnr 
4 Cook John 
Vncant lot 
. Knox av Intersect. 
S'lr. !':hlpmnn .To'"ph 
!I02 ?>[arsh Leonard 
908 McMullen Jome. 
!JlO Pennock Wm 
!J1:! Ford Wm 
IJ'.!O Spence Joseph 


Tel. Main 8e 

The Lake Simcoe ICE Supply CO. 

Best Quality All Biz" 
Tel. Main eaa 


North British & Mercantile Insurance Co. 26 Wellington St. E. 
GOOCH A EVANS. ResEdent Agents Tel. Main 423 


Eastern Av. 



For In J' and Oll Pleasure. 
AI iement 
nd Recreatll 
A Complete Departmer-'I .and Right 
Lp-tc j,ue. Call and see It 

.....T. EATON C


1)22 Mooney Joseph 
latlH?WS Esrn ß 
!J20 Blenkhorn John W 
'3 l"ress Maxie 
IJ:lO Cox Frederick W 
IJ:I:! Andrews Wm 
034 Pickering Henry J 
936 Plckel'in
 Henry J Jr 
Vacant lots 
. Colina st commences 
PW Groves Walter 
on James 
1000 Randall James, whol 
. .. .. .... South Side ......... 
House, s e 

 Asber J3mes 
1) Cumming Abner 
Gunn Thomas 
11 Riley Samuel 
James Bertie M 
13 Mann Wm C 
Bradley John 
Uí :l:tA
g W.
 Carl1e J 
17 Robinson HeDl'Y 
Ulbson Hubert 
IV Ste\\ art "m 
Wilson George. I' 
. Eastern pi commences 
21 Nicholson Wm 
2:1 Burns Mrs Mary 
25 Kennedy La \\ rence 
29 Holland Fred W 
81 Price James 
33 Cornell Frederick G 
35 Taylor Mrs Ellen 
37 Fortier Charles L 
39 Murphy Mrs Catherine 
41 Cummings John n 
4:1 Connell Mrs Ma
45 Wrlcht John W 
47 Murrav Albert 
49 Lee Thomas 
51 Kerrigan Jobn 

3 \Iclnernev James 
55 Gilmore 1011's Katherine 
57 Hurley Edward J 
511 pavne James A 
151 Sheehan Thomas 
()3 Kennedy Thomas 
. Cberry st ends 
St IÆwrence sq 
. 'Vorts av ends 
12.'J Stone Daniel 
125 Hraham Kelghtler 
127 "I'urnev James 
12:1 !,Ioan "Da, Id 
131-37 Hartshorn Stewart Co. 
shade rollers 
1811 HIlliard Wm J 
141 Stein Mrs Annie 
148 Spencer Fred 
141\ Ml!lar !\Irs Charlotte, 
MiliaI' Walter 
. Water st endB 
Wm Da,les Co, r. stables 
169 O'ßrlen James II 
171 Oakpu Johr 
173 Middleton James 
. Woolley Philip 
lï7 Uorrlng John C 
. Vine st ends 
Vacant lot 
IS1 Ro\\e Wm 
If':! Rrown Timothy 
II':' Castle n Wm 
187 Bourque Edgar 
!I O'J,parv Bernard 
1!1l 'Iatthpws lIIrs E E 
1!J:I Fillatrau Alfred 

19;) Dryden Andrew 
HJ7 Small Will R 
. Be.\chell st ends 
199-209 Clarke & Clarke,leathr 
. CPR crossing 
. Cypress st ends 
City Crematory 
. Don bridge 
I,ever Bros Ltd. soap mfrs 
Sunhght Soap. Lever Bros 
Gooderham & Worte. cat. 
tle lIyres 
. GTR crossing 
Standard Gun Club 
477 Platt Ge<>rge D 
. Booth av Intersects 
483 Quinn Wm. exp 
Vacant lot 
. Logan nv Intersects 
,Ill;; 'l'a
 lor John E 
. Morse st Intersects 
1113 Cousins Fred W, oU 
515 Shepp3rd Frederick 
á19 Crowther George 
523 Felstead John 
525 Bowers Charles 
ó27 Greenaway Thom'-s 
Vacant lots 
fi33 Bromfield George 
535 Watson Henry 
637 Tbompson Mrs Mnrgaret 
fi3!) Keeler Joseph S 
. Carlaw av Intersects 
5\13-99 L:mkln Robt. mkt Idnr 
\;01 Foote Henry jr 
003 Russell I'"rancls 
605 Reardon Edward 
609 Popplewell Benson 
613-617 Clarke A R & CO,glove 
623 Cosllul'D Bros. mkt gar- 
. Leslie st Intersects 
. I ain!! sf Intersects 
873 Macdonald Duncan A 
8ï5 Vacant 
/>"7 l'incb Charles H 
. Kno" av Intersects 
911 fllllln
s Robert J 
Hllllngs :\llss A, QrsmKr 
913 Stone Henry H 
m;; Jobnston H Oscar 

;;a I)ougherty Wm 
\15;; Hudson James 
1077 Co;ernan Charles 
1117 IIlcClellnnd lIlrs Mary A, 
mkt gdnr 
Woodbine Club Honse, ø e 

 PL. s from 21 
Eastern av. ward 2. 
. . . .. .. " East Side ......... 
House. s e 
1 Parrlngton Joseph 
2 Hayward Thomas 
8 Surrell Edward 
4 Smith Richard 
5 !lIcC3be lIIrs lIIary 
(\ Uloucester Alfred 
7 Reynolds George 
tJ Bruton Henry 
....,... West Side 
Not built on 

 PL, e from 219 Bath- 
urst. ward 4. 
. ... .... North Side .. 
House. s e 
6 Curran John 
8 Taylor Herb"rt W 
10 Noble John 
Cnmeron Hugh III. I' 
12 Curtin James 
14 !\ Iblett Maurice 
16 IIlc:\lnrra:\" !III's Barbara 
18 McKellar Mrs Mary 
I(\eller Petpr. I' 
20 Steacy Fred A 
22 Heise G Luther 
24 Uyerson :\Irs Annie 
26 Foul"ton James 
28 'Voodward James A 
30 Pengelly Wm 
House, s e 
... .. .... Sonth Side......... 
House, s e 

5 Hickey Patrick J 
7 :\JiIlan James 
11 Blythe Jobn 
13 Flook :\Irs Mary A 
1:5 Ford John 
17 Parkes Thomas 
19 Sindell John T 
21 Steadman :\1rs Mary 
23 Flnnall IIIl's )Iary 
Flnnall Miss C. drsmkr 
25 Gibbins IInrry 
:.!7 Ulhllens Josel,h 

EDGEDALE RD. n from 511 
Howard, ward 2. 
. .. .. . .. . East Side .. __ " . .. . 
1 Rutherford Samnel J 
3 Jenkins Wm H 
5 Somerset "'m B 
7 l\1eyer George W 
9 De3n E Sterling 
11 '-a cant 

EDITH AV. w from Frank- 
lin to Edwin av. second s of 
CPR. ward 6. 
.... .,". North Side .. ...... 
Carlton P3rk 
... .. . ... South Side ......... 
5 Terry Mrs Sarah 
7 Curtin ltollert 
!J ,,'3re John J 
11 Xewton Thomas 
13 Roberts Frederick 
n Mc'Iaster David A 
1Ï-19 Bond John S 
:.!5 Candy James 

EDXA AV, w from Dundaø 
to city limits, first n of 
Bloor w. ward 6. 
Xot built on 

EDWARD, w from 322 Yon.e 
to University. ward 3. 
.... .... North Side .. ...... 
2 Reid Samuel G 
4 Geddes Wm 
6 Barrett Mrs Sarah 
8 Farrow C U, blksmltli 
Banks Mrs M3ry A 
10 Letscbe John 
12 .Elliott )J rs Mary 
14 lIerg 1111 s Annie 
16 Burns James 
18 ,'ebller Samuel 
20 Shumer Louis 
22 Lipsitz Samnel 
24 Duugbty JIll'S Mary J 
26 Sheridan Terrance 
lIlc:\laltin Wolter 
28 Rollinson Jobn 
30 Bucksteln :\Jorris 
32 lIrydon Stephen F 
34 Dager Joseph N 
36 Carr Mrs !\lary A 
;Uurrlson George 
38 Birnbaum Harry 
40 Groper Mrs Ida 
4:! Fmnk Benj3mln 
44 :-;.\uol :\10ses 
46 l'astel'n.\ck Charles 
4S Simpson MI'S Mary J 
;;U Xelson Frank 
1\2 Unnstedler Mrs Bridget 
54 Swift Gej.'rge 
56 Biggar !\JIss Sophia. drllo 
Ross John, r 
1\8 Ross Wm G 
60 Tanner Joseph 
66 Douglas Jomes 
68 Grlesman Moses 
70 Uobertson Mrs Rose 
7:! Robinson Peter 
74 I...e Won Hon, Indry 
. Teraulay st Intersects 
7û-bCl Cronan 
Irs E 'A. gra 
82 'l'.\ylor F....derlck. dairy 
84 Hunter James 
House. " e 
. Barnaby pi comme1,1ces 
&; Jewish Young Men s Pro- 
gressive Club 
90 Talesco James 
92 Bennett Rollert A 

!H Jackman !III'S Mary 
96 McBrldc It J, coal 
. Elizabeth st Intersects 
House of Industry 
Store, s e 
. ClIestnut st Intersectø 
IHJ Hotel. s e 
120 llrugger Abraham 
 Landsherg Abraham 
122 Dandle 1111's lIlargaret 
124-28 B3rller T W, coal 
130 O'Leary Charles 
1<14 McDonald Mrs AnnIe, cro 
. Centre ay Intersects 
138 u.vl Joseph 
140 Gains Mrs Lavinia 
IIouse, s e 
.. . .. .... Soutb Side ......... 
1 DavIdson James 
3 Workshop 
5 Colllns Thomas. carp 
7 Logan Charles 
Cowley !\Uss Eliza. I' 
!I lIartiett Hobert 
11 Segel Wm 
1:1 BariJer )Irs Annie 
Hnghes Artbur J. I' 
Bush John. I' 
15 Tauuer Fred 
17 Jodrell :\Jrs Cella 
HI-:!1 Guodman C & Co